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EP 3 - What Makes You Trigger Happy?

An episode of Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy

By Desirae Ofori
The Sincerely, Mrs. Mommy Podcast is an extension of, a Mom Lifestyle blog dedicated to sharing tips, advice, and inspirational stories for the modern mom. We aim to inspire mom's to be confident and thrive in every role she leads. With Desirae Ofori as your host and special guests, we'll have authentic conversations on current blog posts and other Mom Life topics. Tune in, enjoy and remember to share this with your Mom Tribe!
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EP 5 - Why You Need to Take a Break and Follow Your Ideas
Today I'm sharing my life changing and mindset shifting experience at the 2019 Hey Girl Hey Retreat. I'm also talking about the value of Mom's and caregivers getting away and why you need to follow through with the ideas that come to your mind. Check out the blog for the list and links to Coach Tia Crockett (host of the retreat) and the special guests from the retreat.
February 5, 2019
Ep 4 - The Meaning of True Love in Marriage
Today's episode features my Grandmother, Mildred Greer as she speaks about her 65 year marriage and what it took to keep her vows up to the very end with my Grandfather, who recently passed away. It is a transparent, old school, yet relevant testimony that you'll want to hear. She talks to wives AND husbands. Reminder to check out the blog for the following blog posts that were mentioned: Grandma Knows Best - Wisdom for Life by Mildred Greer | Prayers for the Broken Marriage | Married Life - Water Your Own Grass
January 7, 2019
EP 3 - What Makes You Trigger Happy?
Today it's all about understanding your triggers & how they can affect your mental health and perceptions. There's even some valuable tips for you to try! I'm also sharing a little update on what I've been doing since my Postpartum Depression diagnosis. Remember to check out the blog and share the blog and podcast with your Mom Tribe! Blog Posts mentioned: * Our Successful Coparenting Story * How to Live a Rich and Meaningful Lifestyle * Postpartum Depression: The Truth and Struggle
December 17, 2018
EP 2 - The Grateful Mom Boss
Today we're talking about gratitude! This past weekend we celebrated 30,000 views on the blog & I'm so grateful! In today's episode we get into why we should celebrate small victories, what the working mom and mom's at home really have in common, learning how to grant yourself more grace as a mom, and how to add more gratitude to your daily life. You can check out this week's blog post and others on Follow us on Instagram & Facebook @SincerelyMrsMommy Thanks for sharing! Sincerely, Desirae
November 21, 2018
EP 1 - Postpartum Depression: The Truth & Struggle
Welcome to the first episode of SincerelyMrsMommy (SMM) the Podcast! In this episode I'm doing a quick intro of who I am, and doing a recap with deeper insight regarding the blog post Postpartum Depression: The Truth & Struggle. I talk about experiencing depression and anxiety during my pregnancy and even why I cancelled my big babyshower. In this episode I also mentioned a couple of blog posts for you to check out. 1. Prayers for the Broken Marriage 2. Mom Boss Diaries: I'm Pregnant Now What Visit the blog at Thanks again for tuning in and sharing with your Mom friends! Sincerely, Desirae
November 5, 2018
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