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Sip and Listen Podcast 🍾🥂

Sip and Listen Podcast 🍾🥂

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From the clever minds behind
Marketing Money Mindset comes the podcast meant to inspire, provoke and cause others to collaborate Sip and Listen! Sip and Listen Podcast
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Ep. 94 Badass Meets Spiritual Goddess

Sip and Listen Podcast 🍾🥂

Branding with Beth
Get the Branding you want with Beth!
February 22, 2020
Ep. 145 Money Talk with JP Jay Anthony - Tatum Financial
From the clever minds behind Marketing Money Mindset comes the podcast meant to inspire, provoke and cause others to collaborate while taking action. Welcome to: "Sip and Listen" the podcast you've been looking for. With your hosts: Carrie Keller, Christina Wertz and Elisa Lane.
October 2, 2019
Ep. 143 Psychic Reading
A psychic look into past, present and future. A spiritual guide with Crystal and Holly. Looking for answers to life’s pressing questions...from love to career find your intended pathway. Listen to glimpse into a session reading as Carrie and Elisa open their hearts and minds on air. Psychic readings and chakra balancing Specializing in reuniting lovers, answers all life questions, removes negativity to for better life living and aligns chakras for a smoother path for more info please call (632) 522-1067
September 17, 2019
Dr Carla Gibson of Abundant Health Arizona can help.
Are fatigue and overwhelm stealing your joy? Are you successful but you feel all used up? Dr Carla Gibson of Abundant Health Arizona can help. Through a series of gentle chiropractic adjustments to balance body, mind and spirit, you will be restored and ready to enjoy your life!  Call 480-771-1700 today to schedule your free optimal health scan and regain your health, vitality and wellness with ease!
September 16, 2019
Ep. 142 Developing Geeks with Megan Good and Matthew Makovic
Get the behind the scenes of websites and real estate solutions from the pros. From doing it yourself to best practices when hiring a pro, today’s guests will have you looking your best for the maximum profit. Megan Good is the founder of Geeked Out Media. She has been building websites and doing graphic design for over 16 years. She worked for a number of years in the Real Estate Development arena - helping with projects from Freeman Farms to Merchant Square in the Chandler & Queen Creek Area. Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions with 20 years in real estate development as a builder and realtor. Custom homes, flipping, apartment and land development. Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions, Iron Door Construction General Contracting,
September 10, 2019
Ep. 141 Birthing Support with Lora Fiala
Meet Lora Fiala! She is the owner of Birth with Knowledge, where she gets to serve her clients as a childbirth educator and doula. Involved in Launching a new collective of birth workers; doulas, childbirth educators, and photographers to ensure support and ease for clients. She has dedicated her life and business to help people learn the best tools and information to have the best birth possible. She fell in love with birth in 2015 and became certified as a Bradley Method Instructor. She would often refer to the studies from Evidence Based Birth®, where Rebecca Dekker, a nurse with her Ph.D., brought together the most relevant and current information to the general public in a way that was easy to understand to help parents make the best decisions they could. Lora is also currently working towards doula certification through Birth Arts International, to be able to support the parents whom she has built trust with through classes. Aside from birth, she is a mama to two amazing boys and has an amazing husband and support system to allow her to show up for students and clients. She has lived in the East Valley her whole life apart from her college years at NAU in Flagstaff, where she studied education.
September 4, 2019
Ep. 140 Liar Liar...Getting to the truth with Leonard Zingg and Michelle James
Learn the ins and outs of the polygraph and hypnosis in the world of crime. Is it in our nature to lie or do we really want to be honest? And how do we differentiate between the two? L. D. “Len” Zingg is a former army paratrooper and retired police lieutenant who served more than 27 years with the Phoenix police department. He has conducted over 10,000 polygraph examinations for the police department as well as hypnosis for victims and witnesses to enhance their recall of events. Len also owned and operated a private polygraph and hypnosis business. After retiring from the police department in 1990, he spent more than three years as Director of Operations for an organization charged with revitalization of Downtown Phoenix. He has authored four novels, a poem book and two children’s books. He and his wife, Lois Ann, presently reside in a retirement community in North Phoenix.
August 28, 2019
Ep. 139 The Power of People with Tina Huber, Cynthia Bowkley & Brooke Walker
Gather the monkeys, unicorns and squirrels for this pak-full episode of Sip and Listen. Learn what it takes to stay connected and encourage others to grow. Join the conversation and guidance from the coach, the Life Architect and the Mad Scientist. Tina Huber- The dynamic “Looney-Lunicorn” behind the world of MadPax. The world is dynamic and your backpack should be no different. Your pack should scream fast and fresh, funky and where did you get that? MadPax is for you! From top to bottom, inside and out, all the way around. Grab it, ground it and rock it! But what are MadPax? (for those who ask that is…) MadPax represents the evolution of the backpack. We rock 3D backpacks and accessories that are two parts funk, a pound of punk and a dash of double dare. So take a bite! Brooke Walker is a life architect who instills new habits into people so they can build an undefeatable mind. She earned her Psychology Degree Summa Cum Laude, in 2012. She is a public speaker. The founder of 100 Years of Bliss, a science and research based program that excels people's growth through habits and mind training. A wholistic program that addresses several key areas of your life, mindset, nutrition, fitness, relationships, career, and your finances. Her background in psychology, law, finance and medical have given her unique perspective that made customizing a ground up emotional program a perfect fit. She uses emotional intelligence, NLP and other habit forming methods to train and rewire, so you can achieve goals. Cynthia D. Bowkley is the President/Owner of Cynthia Bowkley Coaching, an international coaching company which utilizes the Newfield Network’s Ontological Coaching approach. Cynthia is also trained as an intermediate level Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. This body-centered coaching and trauma therapy approach helps Cynthia assist her clients, from the courtroom to the boardroom, with managing their stress, overwhelm, and burnout. Cynthia is an international coach and speaker and regularly hosts workshops and seminars. She often presents at the Arizona Public Defender Association on attorney ethics, stress reduction, and how to practice happy. Cynthia also hosts a monthly happy hour for stressed-out, overwhelmed and burned out professional women and an attorney support group. Cynthia has been a practicing litigator since 2003, when she became licensed to practice law in Arizona. Cynthia’s legal experience includes over fifteen years of juvenile and criminal practice, which began with her first job as a Maricopa County Attorney. She is the owner of the Law Offices of Cynthia D. Bowkley, PLLC, where she handles juvenile delinquency and dependency cases, guardianships, termination of parental rights, juvenile emancipation cases, and adoptions. She has practiced law in Maricopa and in Yavapai counties in Arizona and in Colorado.
August 21, 2019
Ep. 138 The Rings of Money with Laurie Sherman
Caution: May cause extreme laughter.... Get to the truth behind money with this "funancial" $ episode. A hard lesson on instant gratification, Why Waiting makes sense and the celebration when it comes to planning for retirement. Laurie worked in the semiconductor industry for 27 years in both Ca and AZ; is a licensed Realtor for nearly 25 years and recently promoted as the Regional Vice President of Five Rings Financial-Arizona, one of the leading financial services companies in Arizona that specifically focuses on working with everyday Middle Americans. She believes in always doing the right thing by her clients and putting their needs and priorities above all else! Laurie specializes in developing lifetime income streams that ensure no one will ever outlive from their retirement nest egg, or be placed in a position to have to spend every last dime of their hard earned retirement/savings in the case of a critical, chronic, terminal illness or critical injury. (Life insurance you don’t have to die to use) Additionally, most of her clients and her get to build personal relationships that she’s proud to say became friendships. How cool is that? As a Facilitator and Agent of Five Rings Financial-Arizona, Laurie has access to numerous carriers and products that offer Living Benefits and Lifetime Income all having the upside potential of the market with absolutely no downside risk. She works with a team of leaders who over the past 35 years, has helped thousands of families like yours become financially educated and help them develop achievable goals for their financial future, by bringing top tier financial tools, previously reserved for the wealthy, to everyday families she serves. She earned her Second Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, is an avid racquetball player, motorcycle enthusiast, stand-up paddle boarder and really enjoys water skiing. Laurie loves to live life to the fullest, enjoys a robust belly laugh and believing that if what she is doing is not fun, then it’s not worth doing! Laurie has a wonderfully supportive family that enables her to shine and love what she does. She has an amazing husband of 18 years, Bill, 3 wonderful children, Tony, Brandon and Eric, all boys or should she say men now, and 6 adorable grandchildren. Laurie developed and runs Wine, Women and Wealth a very successful networking group for women whose vision is to educate and encourage all women to become comfortable with the basic concepts of money and personal finance. By building a community of women who desire to expand their knowledge about money and building wealth. She specializes in creating opportunities, income, security, wealth, tax reduction strategies, retirement savings preservation and legacy planning. Laurie Sherman, Regional Vice President 480-586-4235
August 14, 2019
Ep. 137 Policies & Procedures - the New HR with Joni Hibdon
Human Resources is a must have for every successful organization. Find the right formula of communication with a dash of authentic schmoozing. Learn how leadership and responsibility create a culture for success and opportunity. Joan Hibdon (also known as Joni) is the principal owner of jdhInsights, LLC. She provides coaching, consulting and learning services focused on cultivating leadership excellence and creating extraordinary employee experiences. Aligning human performance with business strategies is the essence of Joan’s commitment in working with organizations. Cultivating cultures where people thrive is her passion. Joan’s approach to coaching is tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals she works with. This includes navigating through complex situations, accountability, and goal attainment. In her practice, Joan leverages a variety of assessments to co-design a comprehensive development plan with clients focused in reaching and sustaining their goals. Joan is certified in utilizing several assessments and is a certified coach through Coaches Training Institute and the International Coaching Federation. Professional Experience Joan has over 20 years as a human resources leader responsible for leading all facets of human resources in a variety of global organizations. Her background, experience and expertise with global leadership development, change management, organizational effectiveness, culture development, mergers and acquisitions, human capital strategy, and foundational people experiences ensures confidence and credibility with her clients. She has built a solid reputation of being a trusted advisor and valuable business partner earned across diverse and global industries including financial, food services, software and telecommunications. A Personal View A native of Colorado, Joan now resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband. When not running her business, Joan is a singer-songwriter-performer and enjoys hiking, backpacking, cycling, paddleboarding and yoga. Joan loves traveling for business and to connect with her daughters, other family and friends. To relax, Joan and her husband escape to Southern California to sail their boat. Goddess Gifts • Creates connections and builds relationships with humans and ideas • Authenticity and ruthless compassion • Curiosity • Continuous learner • Commitment • Ability to ‘dance’ with and ‘see’ others • Is present, listens to and hears what is shared • Holds space for others and helps people feel safe • No judgment • Boundary hunter • Is joyful and grateful • Strategic • Allows things to ‘unfold’ as they will (or natural procrastinator – smile)
August 7, 2019
Ep. 136 Sneaky IG Marketing with Chaz Van de Motter from Elite Marketing Studios
From growth hacks to designed momentum, Chaz give us an inside look at marketing in today’s world. Join as the conversation develops fast with insider tips from one of the best. -Co-Founder Elite Marketing Studios -Has worked with 300+ personal brands and small businesses -Has gained over 1.2 million followers for clients on social media -Launching Social Media Tool SocialCycle.
July 31, 2019
Ep. 127 RTT Calming the Monkey Mind - Rapid Transformational Therapy with Laura Turiano
 Have you heard of “RTT” (Rapid Transformational Therapy) and are you curious if it can work for you? Join the crew of Sip and Listen as we uncover the mystery and learn about the difference it can make. In this episode Laura shares her journey and passion for helping people remove the subconscious barriers that are preventing them from achieving anything they want in life. From healing anxiety, to infertility, to finding your life's purpose, RTT can be used in various ways. Laura is an RTT therapist with a Master’s Degree in Counseling. She has worked with clients on a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship issues, and phobias. When Laura discovered RTT she knew that this was the answer she had been looking for to help people by providing a fast turnaround to personal change. While traditional talk therapy can be helpful, she was frustrated with the amount of time required to make a difference. With RTT the results are so much faster and permanent. Having healed herself of depression in her 20’s through several years of therapy, she is now thrilled to offer this new method to create change in the lives of others. 
July 25, 2019
Ep. 135 Snap, Secure & Support with Rachel Benyola
She invented a what?!? A collapsible, stylish helmet?!? Join us today while we interview a young woman who made the cover of Forbes 30 under 30. Rachel Benyola shares what inspired her to create KOVA Helmets, her self care practices and the new, exciting unfoldings of her love life. Rachel Benyola, CEO and founder of Kova was recognized as a Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 leader for building Kova, a brand of foldable and stylish safety helmets for biking, scootering and other outdoor activities. She grew this idea into a multi-million dollar valuation in less than two years. Using a patented, game-changing helmet design that folds flat and retains its safety integrity, she won several business competitions and secured funding to develop her invention. In addition to receiving Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 award in Manufacturing and Industry, Rachel was named one of the nine innovators of the year by Smithsonian Magazine, young entrepreneur of the year by Drexel University, and Kova as one of the top 10 hottest Philadelphia emerging ventures. Rachel was also on Drexel University’s annual 2018 top 40 Under 40 leaders list. Rachel speaks candidly on leadership, the entrepreneurial mindset, and innovation at maker community events, Forbes, MENSA, women’s leadership organizations, and several universities across the US. 
July 24, 2019
Ep. 134 From Ashes to Answers with Linda Spellman
 Enter into a world of energy, light and love. Meet Linda Spellman from Light of the Phoenix, in this episode Linda shares her gift for all to hear. Listen as we leave you believing and enlightened. Accepting gifts and allowing the messages from beyond to help and to heal. Linda Spellman has worked in Marketing for ~20 years heading various Marketing functions for companies like Carter's/OshKosh B'Gosh, Restoration Hardware, Home Depot and Hickory Farms. She has an MBA and has been a regular speaker at industry conferences for years. But this is different. This is personal. Now she's speaking for an entirely different reason. To help people. 3 years ago she was a VP of Marketing for a $3 Billion company living a successful life. But one night changed everything. She was sexually assaulted, got Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and her life as she knew it imploded. But the life that was waiting for her was more than she could have imagined. 
July 17, 2019
Ep. 133 Keeping it Real with Beth Griffith
 Take a listen to the real marketing world with Beth as we take a shameless look at operating a successful business. Regardless of the ups and downs, creating freedom can be simple. From personality to personality knowing yourself does make a huge difference. Beth Griffith is a business owner with businesses across three different industries. She runs a Membership program called The Revolution of Winning that specializes in helping business owners to get more done by using gamification. She's used her strategies to help clients to accomplish increasing their business revenue dramatically in 90 days. 
July 10, 2019
Ep. 128 Dream into Reality with Artist Gilat Ben-Dor And Teresa Young
 In this episode of Sip and Listen our hosts gather together as Christina Wertz calls in from Philly, Carrie Keller takes the media approach and Elisa Lane keeps adding more Sparks. Join us as we dig-in to the “Dreams that lead us to Reality”. Can being surrounded by art and beauty actually improve people’s lives? What can threaten creativity, or inhibit it? What should people watch out for if they are really trying to live more creatively? Gilat Ben-Dor is a contemporary artist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her colorful work reflects her life philosophy of beauty, passion, and joyful living. Although an artist since childhood, Ben- Dor has pursued a number of passions before becoming a full-time artist, from founding a wine academy, to teaching in Japan and in U.S. colleges, and becoming a 3-time author, speaker, and success coach. Having lived on 4 continents, her passions also include extensive travel, dining adventures, and multi-cultural exploration. Artistically, Ben-Dor’s focus is on rich color, embellishment, and themes including music, society, and natural elements. She works in three primary media: hand-painted silk, watercolor, and high-texture acrylic canvases. Ben-Dor obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, and studied fresco painting at L'Istituto Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy. She has also lived and studied artistic techniques in Japan and Israel. Her works have been exhibited and collected internationally. Find Gilat Ben-Dor on Facebook (Page: Gilat Ben-Dor Fine Art), Etsy (Shop: GilatSilkArt), or online at Contact directly at: or (602)373-5800. Teresa Young is a hairstylist and extension specialist of 20+ years who is making major waves in the beauty industry with her brilliant app idea, True Konnect. Teresa will uncover the reality of a stylist moving to a different state and having to rebuild a clientele from scratch, the importance of niching down and finding the right clients for you, and the moment of inspiration that brought True Konnect to life! Tune in to listen to Teresa's story now! 
July 5, 2019
Ep. 132 Confidence in Flight - Todd Spitzer and Granison Shines
 Todd Spitzer and Granison Shines, takes us on a journey of verbal and nonverbal communication while we discuss best ways to take flight. Mr. Todd Spitzer has been involved with aviation since 1999. As a FAA Licensed Part 121 Dispatcher, Mr. Spitzer worked in the System Operations Control Center for both Skyway Airlines and America West Airlines, holding joint 50/50 responsibility with the Captain for the safety and flight planning of over 100 flights per day. Currently the CEO / Founder of ION JETS, based in Scottsdale, AZ, provides access to over 5000 aircraft worldwide to its members within a 4 hour notice. Mr. Spritzer's aviation career was preceded by an extensive public service background as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. Staying true to his roots, Mr. Spitzer has assisted in rescue efforts with 9/11, hurricanes Katrina and Harvey. Mr. Spitzer maintains involvement in various EMS and Fire related charities and in January 2020 will be launching, a 501c3, with the mission to provide financial assistance to first responders for PTSD therapy. "You are ALWAYS communicating whether you’re speaking or not...!" - Granison Shines Mr. Granison Shines is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer, and Coaching professional at Seduire International – a business, mindset, training and coaching company. He works specifically with mission-driven organizations who want to increase productivity and profitability and with entrepreneurs who want to create a highly profitable business doing what they love. He does this by teaching Communication Confidence, Leadership Confidence (with his 42 different Leadership skills) & Body Language Communication to his clients. He helps his clients develop and master limitless confidence in their ability to successfully communicate & lead others. Also, his methods help increase productivity, boost employee morale, and positions his client’s companies for growth. Granison has also developed a proprietary methodology called the Communication Confidence Blueprint. The blueprint leverages 6 Transformational Modalities, 12 Areas of Confidence and 42 Leadership Skills he uses to teach mastery in his proven concepts of Communication and Confidence. Granison "G" Shines - Speaker, Trainer, & Communication Confidence Specialist / Coach 
July 3, 2019
Ep. 131 Surprise Date Challenge with Dana Lam & Marty Kupper
 Can surprise dates be the answer to staying together and keeping things interesting? In this episode of Sip and Listen the ladies discover the difference that Surprise Date Challenge can make in the game of life and love. The Surprise Date Challenge was created to invoke creativity and inspiration in love and relationships by turning the commonplace into extraordinary. Too often, people find themselves in a familiar rut of doing the same mundane activities and searching for that elusive spark that keeps relationships fresh and vibrant. The Surprise Date Challenge is committed to sharing activities and events that ignite the spark, eliminate the mundane, and add adventure, love, and purpose to relationships, whether they are new or 20 years strong. “The Surprise Date Challenge: Be the Happiest Couple You Know” – Book Rooted in mystery and adventure, the book is a guide to planning surprise dates over the course of three months. Written by Surprise Date Challenge owners and real life couple Dana Lam and Martin Kupper, the 82-page publication is filled with challenge steps to help the planner move from intention to action. The 12 months of surprise date ideas includes a proclamation at the end of the book to commit to the challenge. In the book, Dana Lam and Marty Kupper detail why date activities are essential for relationships through discussing their unique path to discovering and cultivating the concept. Couples who have accomplished the challenge themselves also disclose how it has influenced their relationship. The Surprise Date Challenge is intended to inspire couples at all stages to put love at the forefront. The book is available in paperback and hardcover at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Date Concierge Packages Date of the Month Club • Monthly Date Idea • Date Invitation • Conversation Starter Questions to Connect • Gift Idea • First Month – FREE *Only available in Phoenix area Flirt VIP Club • One Custom Date Plan • Instructions on How to Execute the Date • Text Alert Reminders • Text Messaging with Your Date Concierge • Conversation Starter Questions to Connect • Gift Idea • First Month – FREE Head Over Heels – Exclusive Membership • Unlimited Custom Date and Weekend Getaway Plans • Text Alert Reminders • Text Messaging with Your Date Concierge • On-call Service • Conversation Starter Questions to Connect • Gift Ideas • Assistance with Romantic Gestures • First Month – FREE Dana Lam - Growing up in Cottonwood, Arizona Dana dreamed of the big city. While her small town roots ground her, since leaving rural Arizona she has traveled to more than 30 Countries and is always planning her next trip to feed her wanderlust. Dana is a busy mom of two kids, author and co-founder of the Surprise Date Challenge. Marty Kupper - is a coach and consultant. He’s passionate about making an impact in peoples’ lives and loves being a connector of relationships that ignite passion, purpose and possibility. He is also the author and co-founder of the Surprise Date Challenge. 
June 26, 2019
Ep. 130 Barefoot, Raw and Playing in the Garden with Terra Rose Ganem
 Join us as we Sip, Listen and dig deep into ways of impacting the world while we discover new ways to reconnect with nature, ourselves and our community. Dedicated to helping people create a life of freedom, Terra Rose Ganem uses the platform of social entrepreneurship as an avenue to unleash her dreams to the world, serve her community and do it from a place of total alignment with her soul. She leverages the powerful life and business lessons being an entrepreneur offers to help others reconnect to their authentic inner power through energy medicine and brilliance alive nutrition. She is highly intuitive and uses this gift to greatly shorten the distance between those she works with and their success in fully realigning with their souls truth and purpose. Her methodologies create confidence in their natural skills and build on their existing inner strengths. At, Terra shares the lessons, experiences, and tools she has to help you ignite and cultivate your authentic inner power, living from a place of joy and flow to make your biggest dreams a reality. Additionally, she may be the world’s biggest fan of alliteration, walking around barefoot and raw chocolate. She loves all things adventurous/outdoors, thought-provoking conversations about the multiverse and playing in the garden. 
June 19, 2019
Do you dream of having long, luxurious hair? Call Christina Wertz the Beauty Maker
Do you dream of having long, luxurious hair? Now that dream can be reality with the help of Christina Wertz's expertise in beaded Hair Extensions. Christina, owner of Haven Salon Healing in Scottsdale, wants you to feel sexy and confident again, no matter what your age—Whether you’re looking for instagram-worthy mermaid hair, or you want the thickness back that you used to have, these extensions are the safest and highest quality on the market today. Christina blends them perfectly into your hair, so you can style it up, down, straight, wavy. Painless, easy and affordable. Call to book your free consultation today with beauty maker Christina at 480-788-8880.
June 14, 2019
Ep. 129 Q&A with Elisa Lane, Christina Wertz and Carrie Keller
 Pop the champagne while you sip and listen to this fun interactive episode meant to give you move insights and lessons from behind the mics of Sip and Listen. Sponsored by: Limewear Promotions, Haven Salon Healing and the Elen Sparks Agency 
June 12, 2019
Elen Sparks Agency - Sparks Sessions
Did you fall out of love with your marketing? Are you ready to reconnect with your audience and grow beyond your own limitations? Get to the Elen Sparks Agency and demand a Sparks Session right away. Spark Sessions are tailored just for you, the busy growing business owner looking to bring the Sparks back. (and that's Elen with only one" L" for the love your marketing)
June 3, 2019
Welcome our new co-host Carrie Keller
From the clever minds behind Marketing Money Mindset comes the podcast meant to inspire, provoke and cause others to collaborate while taking action. Welcome to: "Sip and Listen" the podcast you've been looking for. With your hosts: Carrie Keller, Christina Wertz and Elisa Lane.
May 27, 2019
Ep. 126 Steamy Vagina Chronicles with Ashley Emery
 Imagine sitting on a pine box which releases steam into your vagina customized with herbs specific to help heal emotional and physical traumas from your past. Ashley Emery, owner of Wholesome Haven is a Vaginal Steaming Facilitator, providing women with empowerment and healing through this ancient method that is now being brought back around. A certified vaginal steam facilitator. Steaming gave Amy her life back and a new sense of personal empowerment after her own struggles and pain with gynecological issues. Her purpose is now to help others with vaginal trauma know they are not alone by creating a safe space for healing. 
May 22, 2019
Ep. 125 Waiting and CityFam with Rob Kowalski and friends
 Rob Kowalski author of the “Why Waiting Works” joins the Sip and Listen Podcast crew today to discuss Why waiting for sex works and how a supportive community like “CityFam” can make all the difference. Listen for the Bonus: surprising Q&A call-ins and what’s happening next. Rob Kowalski is a self-proclaimed reformed bad boy. Once the biggest stripper and nightclub promoter in his hometown of Baltimore, MD; he had a radical life-changing encounter with Jesus and turned his life around. Rob's life of excess taught him many lessons about what does and doesn’t work, and why. His mess has become his message. CEO and Founder of CityFam, a Baltimore- based non-profit organization that advocates for the power of community to transform an individual, a city, and even the whole world. Author of Why Waiting Works, the most practical book that's ever been written on waiting to have sex until marriage. It deconstructs the myths and misconceptions about the often misunderstood but vital to understand subject and is helping readers across the world develop a strategy for finding love while avoiding the common mistakes made by many when it comes to dating. This Show is sponsored by: Limewear Promotions, Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions with (Luxe Real Estate Group) & Next Level Business Concepts Group Next Level Air Podcast Hosted by Christina Wertz, Jennifer Carmen Rojas & Elisa Lane #sipandlistenpodcast 
May 15, 2019
Next Level Business Concepts Group May 2019
Get the know what can do do you.
May 9, 2019
Ep. 124 Grounded in the Moment with guest Amy Bankoff and Nicholas Janni
 Amy and Nicolas join us today, Nicolas dialing in from the UK, to share their vision for a more connected world. Theres a possibility for us to shift from "absence" with daily practices that allow for more fulfillment, innovation and creativity in life. Listen for the moment. 
May 8, 2019
Ep. 123 Roadmaps that Turn & Flow with Sherry Anshara ~ Unlock Your Internal Healing Code Event
 Today Elisa, Christina and Robin talk about improvising, "jumping in the mustang” and the conversation turns as they drive the bumps out of dating. Then, Sherry Anshara calls in to roll out the new Skinny Dip Business Spotlight, sharing herself, her business and her upcoming event with us as a Medical Intuitive ~ Unlocking Your Internal Healing Code: Your Cellular Memory on June 15th, 2019 9am-1pm Meet Dr. Jon Murphy and Sherry Anshara , Medical Intuitive, as they collaborate to share with you cutting edge techniques for healing. In this premiere event, you will learn tools and techniques to clear the underlying causes of illness and pain. In this seminar: • Your Cellular Memory is the key to your healing • Your Cellular Memorization creates your pain • Your words create your illness or support your health You will see live demonstrations. As you access your internal healing code, you can and will resolve the root causes of your pain. Through this transformational process from your inside to your outside world, you become healthier and happier in all aspects of your life. Below is a link to the event and remember to use your sipandlistenpodcast discount code. 
May 1, 2019
Ep. 122 The Ugly Truth, Imagination and Mindset with guests Sam Shah and Gerry Watkins
 Get to know how to use your imagination for good and why persistence is so important. Sam and Gerry join us and theres such synergy in this episode. Sam assists single guys in the dating field to uncover their greatness without changing their identity. And Gerry helps entrepreneurs uncover their natural genius and utilize imaginations to achieve dreams and success. 
April 24, 2019
Ep. 121 Culture and Heart of Community with Seth Wells
 Seth Wells, community and team builder, shares his journey of being an entrepreneur and his love of evolving his knowledge and passing it to others. From the importance of doing the dishes to growing into 60 locations in the next 5 years, get to know this community because its going somewhere! 
April 17, 2019
Ep. 120 Fix It List It SOLD with Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions Matt Makovic
 This week on Sip and Listen Podcast Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions from (Luxe Real Estate Group) joins us in studio with the keys to maximizing home value, what’s so critical about the inspection period and what mistakes to avoid when buying and selling your home. Sponsored by Limewear Promotions, Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions from (Luxe Real Estate Group) & Next Level Business Concepts Group - With your hosts: Christina Wertz, Jennifer Carmen Rojas & Elisa Lane #sipandlistenpodcast 
April 10, 2019
Ep. 119 Next Level 5 - Robert Buchanan II, Sergio Ordaz Sr, Jimmy Rios, Bobby R. Lucero, John C. Hurt Jr
 The conversation continues with the Next Level Business Concepts Group. On this episode we launch into why working with a team is best, how important life insurance really is and what’s “Next Level Air Podcast”. Sponsored by Limewear, Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions from (Luxe Real Estate Group) & Next Level Business Concepts Group - With your hosts: Christina Wertz, Jennifer Carmen Rojas & Elisa Lane 
April 3, 2019
“Okay Suzanna”...
"Next Level Air Podcast - Coming this Friday, April 5th at 4pm - Join the 5 Gents and “Lover of all things Marketing” Elisa Lane at the Next Level!"
April 1, 2019
Ep. 118 Unlock Doors with Purpose with Lisa Ristow owner of The Lisa Ristow Group
 Today on Sip and Listen Podcast get to know a tri-state licensed real estate agent for more than 20 years, Lisa Ristow is the owner of The Ristow Group in Arizona. With small town roots, Ristow combines her traditional values with cutting edge professionalism. Sponsored by Limewear Promotions, Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions from (Luxe Real Estate Group) & Next Level Business Concepts Group - With your hosts: Christina Wertz, Jennifer Carmen Rojas & Elisa Lane 
March 27, 2019
Create a Lifestyle Worth Living and Glide to the Next Level.
“Next Level Air Podcast" is dedicated to people who take things to the Next Level in Life. The ones who want to make a difference and leave the world better than before. Buckle up and join us for conversations worth expanding and enter the lifestyle most only dream of. Allow us to entertain, guide and provoke deep thinking while you travel to the places and countries you dare to dream of. Live exceptionally and may the Sky be your only Limit. Ready for Take Off....
March 20, 2019
Create a Lifestyle Worth Living and Glide to the Next Level 🎙🛩🎧
"Next Level Air Podcast" is dedicated to people who take things to the Next Level in Life. The ones who want to make a difference and leave the world better than before. Buckle up and join us for conversations worth expanding and enter the lifestyle most only dream of. Allow us to entertain, guide and provoke deep thinking while you travel to the places and countries you dare to dream of. Live exceptionally and may the Sky be your only Limit. Ready for Take Off....
March 20, 2019
Next Level Air Podcast - Create a Lifestyle Worth Living and Glide to the Next Level 🛩🎙
"Next Level Air Podcast" is dedicated to people who take things to the Next Level in Life. The ones who want to make a difference and leave the world better than before. Buckle up and join us for conversations worth expanding and enter the lifestyle most only dream of. Allow us to entertain, guide and provoke deep thinking while you travel to the places and countries you dare to dream of. Live exceptionally and may the Sky be your only Limit. Ready for Take Off....
March 20, 2019
Ep. 117 Fill Your Bucket with guest Stephanie Orr from CasaCares.Org - SEL4US movement
 Today on Sip and Listen we have the honor of introducing Stephanie Orr, named Executive Director of the Casa Center for Positive Social Change in 1988. Stephanie is described as a visionary with unstoppable energy. In 1998,​ she was named one of the 50 most powerful people in Arizona by Phoenix magazine.​ Stephanie has held numerous leadership positions in Arizona. She was appointed by both​ Governor Symington and Governor Hull to Chair the AZ Governor’s Commission on​ Violence against Women from 1995–2000. She also formed the Arizona Sexual Assault​ Coalition now known as Arizona Sexual Assault Network. She has served as member of​ Arizona Voices for Victims, Arizona Employers against Domestic Violence, Maricopa​ Association of Governments of Domestic Violence Council (MAG), Arizona Department​ of Public Safety Advisory Council, and the Arizona STOP Violence Team. Sponsored by Limewear, Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions Luxe Real Estate Group & Next Level Business Concepts Group. With your hosts Jennifer Carmen Rojas, Christina Wertz & Elisa Lane #sipandlistenpodcast 
March 20, 2019
Ep. 116 From Noodles to the Man List with Emi Kirschner
 Today on Sip and Listen meet Emi Kirschner, Investor, serial entrepreneur, coach and international speaker, Emi Kirschner, masterfully combines her deep intuitive abilities with her analytical sense to help creative entrepreneurs and visionary leaders build businesses that make impact while doubling revenue. #sipandlistenpodcast Sponsored by Limewear, Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions & Next Level Business Concepts Group www.NLBCGroup Hosted by Christina Wertz, Jennifer Carmen Rojas & Elisa Lane 
March 13, 2019
Sip and Listen Podcast Introduction
Sip and Listen Podcast Introduction
March 11, 2019
Next Level Business Concepts Group... stop chasing your Cats and Dogs tails
Next Level Business Concepts Group where we 'Invest in People, and Fund Their Dreams'. We help you with personal and business loans, credit enhancement, investments, insurance, and so much more, so you don't have to keep chasing your financial tail all the time.
March 11, 2019
Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions
Are you selling or buying a home and it needs upgrading or repairs? Get free contracting services when you buy or sell a home with Matthew Makovic Real Estate Solutions. Put expertise to work for you - Matthew is a licensed general contractor and licensed real estate agent with Luxe Real Estate Group! Drop the hassels and maximize your value with this unique 2 for 1 service. Check out fix it list it or call 520-465-4640 today!
March 11, 2019
Limewear for all your promotional needs and tee shirts!
Limewear Promotions - logo tee shirts and more
March 7, 2019
Ep. 115 A New Meaning to IT: With Steve Miksta
 Steve Miksta joins us today to share his solution he created to help large businesses streamline their systems in a way that is easy, efficient and saves time, therefore allowing the company to thrive at a higher level. His company Oppty works with mortgage companies currently and looking to expand into HR, financial services and other companies whose goal is to expand exponentially. 
March 6, 2019
Ep. 114 Wholesale VS Retail “Haute Wears” with Ariana Vazquez & Gary Fenn
 Get the “Haute Wears” of business from the Promotional & Couture Fashion World! With our guests Gary Fenn owner of Limewear and Ariana Vazquez owner of Wet Haute Couture. Sponsored by Next Level Business Concepts Group and hosted by Christina Wertz, Jennifer Carmen Rojas and Elisa Lane 
February 27, 2019
Ep. 113 Merger to Next Level with John Hurt and Sergio Ordaz Sr.
 John Hurt returns with Sergio Ordaz to discuss the Next Level merger and teaches up how the affiliate program is creating freedom and wealth. Sponsored by 
February 20, 2019
Ep. 112 Beauty Up with Jordan Kee and Katie Lynn White from Real Beauty Bosses
 Jordan Kee and Katie Lynn White from Real Beauty Bosses share the movement they've started of helping stylists stop trading their hands and time for money. From getting their business behind the chair booming, to capturing and packaging their story as content to share with others, these entrepreneurs are committed to growing as many people as possible in the beauty industry. 
February 13, 2019
Ep. 111 Alternative Custom Coupling - featuring Poly Anna
 Enter the world of "Custom Coupling" as Poly Anna joins the show today as we explore her insights on alternative formats for relationships. From the freedom of self sexuality in swinging to the transparent communication polyamory includes. Poly Anna is a stand that you can have the relationship of your dreams! Poly Anna is a podcaster and sex subculture ally. She believes conversations and making connections have the power to build bridges between communities and redefine normal providing for a brighter and more inclusive society for all. She is a bisexual, polyamorous, sex positive woman who explores human sexuality, love, life, and relationships with her audience in two weekly podcasts, Sexploration with Poly Anna on Tuesdays, and The After Chat with Poly Anna on Thursdays. You can find out more by visiting her website Sponsored by the Rios Financial Group dedicated to financial literacy and education to the underserved, to empower and enrich the lives of their clients. 
February 6, 2019
Ep. 110 The Rios Path to Credit Success - featuring John Hurt & Jimmy Rios
 Join the Rios Financial Group on this podcast as we exploring credit sweeps, true business growth and powerful structures. 
January 30, 2019
Ep. 109 Love Energy Frequency - with guest Tom Johnson
 Tom Johnson joins us and shares his vision of being one who utilizes energetic shifting modalities to create an environment for people to thrive in. From childhood trauma to athletic performance to alleviating pains, you'll learn how Tom can disappear barriers in your life within as little as one session. 
January 23, 2019
Ep. 108 eBay Hustle and Peace with Greg Freeman and Alison Daniels
 Greg and Alison are rockstars at buying and selling and share their own perspectives on their WHY and visions behind their businesses. Hear insights on how YOU could make a buying and selling business extremely profitable and fulfilling for yourself. 
January 16, 2019
Ep. 107 Serial Entrepreneur - Pat Petrini and Dan VanderVen
 Listen in while 4 entrepreneurs discuss the pitfalls, adventures and the discipline it takes to make it all work. From real estate to CBD to trash can cleaning and everything in between. With out guests Dan VanderVen and Pat Petrini. You'll be inspired, taking actions and Loving Life! 
January 9, 2019
Ep. 106 Cheers to Collaborating with Christina Wertz, Rob Actis, Jennifer Rojas, Valeri James and Elisa Lane
 Happy New Year! Discover new perspectives on the benefits of collaborating with others rather than trying to "do life" all by yourself. Shift your mindset, shift your life. How to allow others to contribute to you by getting your ego out of the way. Wrapping up the year and creating a powerful 2019. 
January 2, 2019
Ep. 105 Did and Done ~ Best of 2018 Hosted by Jennifer Rojas, Christina Wertz and Elisa Lane
 Did and Done ~ Best of 2018 Hosted by Jennifer Rojas, Christina Wertz and Elisa Lane 
December 26, 2018
Ep. 104 Hot Mess to Hell Yes - Stacy Robertson "Warning Explicit Language"
 Stacy Robertson is a badass professional coach with a fire for helping people embrace the suck and reclaim their lives! Owner of her bold style will empower you to take a look at your shit, own it and show up for yourself like the badass that you are so you can increase both your health AND wealth! Get ready for an unfiltered and exciting conversation 
December 19, 2018
Ep. 103 Rob in Action
Rob Actis decided at 4 years old that he wanted to speak to the world. Now, 50 years later, not only has he accomplished being a radio personality and successful commercial voice actor, but also he is leading a movement that gets people motivated to take action in their lives. Rob’s experiences and triumphs are a testament to that. One example is when he traveled to Hawaii to overcome a debilitating fear of heights by taking action and booking a helicopter tour in Hawaii. Read the story in Chapter Two! Today, Rob relishes in facing fears head on, overcoming them, and inspiring others to do the same.. Rob’s new book, The Law of Action shows the incredible results you can get when you take the time to intentionally Decide, Plan, and Act in your life. It starts out with an emotional roller coaster story about the time he almost lost his daughter in an unusual medical emergency. Before the chapter ends, Rob also shares about his own medical situation that almost took his life because he didn’t take action soon enough. Rob is passionate about sharing The Law of Action with the world. His intention is to help people see they are not only worthy of greatness, but also capable of breaking down ANY task into manageable steps.
December 12, 2018
Ep. 102 My Community Project
Mortgage Loan Specialist Aaron Kerscher at C2 Financial Corporation tells all about My Community Project, the FREE Home Buyers Grant that gives up to $6,500. A NON-Repayable, NON-Governmental, Grant available to any Community Professional and their Spouse/Partner
December 5, 2018
Ep. 101 Mindful Divorce
Michelle Buonincontri is a Certified Financial Planner and tax preparer specializing in Divorce Financial Planning as a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst). Mediator and a Collaborative Neutral Michelle has worked in Financial Services for over 20, is the founder of Being Mindful in Divorce in AZ, and is committed to the economic empowerment of families.
November 28, 2018
Ep. 100 Awakening the world to wellness
Our guest Dr. Jack Wolfson is the author of “The Paleo Cardiologist, the natural way to heart health” and owner of Wolfson Integrative Cardiology in Paradise Valley, AZ. He and his wife, Chiropractic physician and Paleo lifestyler Dr. Heather Wolfson, bring incredible passion into the work they do to educate the world about holistic wellness. The Wolfson’s live and breathe what they preach and have made it their mission to speak out and expose the truth behind many of the lies and misinformation the public is brainwashed to believe when it comes to our health.
November 21, 2018
Ep. 99 Speak Up
Everyone has a story. In that story are powerful experiences which define many aspects of our life. There is a place for those who looking to share their story to inspire or inform others. That place is DebX. Deb Shapiro is a professional speaking coach who has made it her commitment to provide the stage to for others to share their powerful stories to inspire and inform others. Having recently completed the third DebX event at a sold out Tempe Center of The Arts, Deb has introduced over 40 stories to over 1500 people and impacted thousands of lives in the process. Let’s talk about these stories, Deb’s motivation, and the impact this experience has had on those who have participated in the DebX program.
November 14, 2018
Ep. 98 Healing Head to Toe
In this episode of Sip and Listen Cody Egan, Director and Physical Therapist from 360 Physical Therapy shares some alternative ways to heal your body from head to toe. From “Dry Needling” to the “Graston Technique” and everything in between. Cody Egan is a Physical Therapist and Director of the 360 Physical Therapy office located in Queen Creek. He treats patients with musculoskeletal issues from head to toe along with Parkinson's Disease, concussions, vertigo and more.
November 7, 2018
Ep. 97 Raw Purpose
If you have ever wondered what purpose driven looks and feels like, you will want to listen to this interview. Wise well beyond her years, Kalei Gordon, 21 year old Founder and CEO of, has aligned with her life purpose in order to educate the world about pet health and make feeding a raw food diet affordable and hassle free - she delivers right to your door! #sipandlistenpodcast Brought you by the collaborate Sip and Listen Podcast team: Lisa and Chris Lupo, Valeri James, David Cooke, Jennifer Rojas and Elisa Lane.
October 31, 2018
Ep. 96 Talk To Me
This week Co-Hosts David Cooke and Jennifer Rojas take us on a communication ride on the search for real connection with returning guest Jenn Kaye. Listen to how skipping "gears" can leave others lost in communication. Brought to you by the collaborate Sip and Listen Podcast team: Lisa and Chris Lupo, Valeri James, David Cooke, Jennifer Rojas and Elisa Lane.
October 24, 2018
Ep. 95 Energy Speaks
An incredible show with Holistic Guide Reginald McKiver. We are talking about the unique work he does to guide people through massive breakthroughs around health, finances, relationships, business and more. This collaborative podcast is hosted by Lisa Lupo, Chris Lupo, Elisa Lane, David Cooke, Valeri James and Jennifer Carmen Rojas! #sipandlistenpodcast
October 17, 2018
Ep. 94 Badass Meets Spiritual Goddess
This week we will be sitting down with our beautiful friend Priya Kalra for what sure to be a juicy conversation! When I think of this woman what comes to mind is badass meets spiritual goddess! Inspiration gone next level 🙌🏽💯 This collaborative podcast is hosted by David Cooke, Chris Lupo, Lisa Lupo, Elisa Lane, Valeri James and Jennifer Carmen Rojas #sipandlistenpodcast
October 10, 2018
Ep. 93 There's No Place like Home
Do you Dream of owning your own home, and wonder what are the necessary steps to do so? Today we explore the world of home sweet some with our guests Dawn Johnson and Kevin Lambe. Learn how to make sure your credit is in great shape, know what you need in order to obtain a loan, and finally choose that perfect home you can start making memories in. Sip and Listen while we take you down the yellow brick road of adventure and the American dream of home ownership! Join us for this podcast with our hosts, David Cooke, Chris Lupo, Lisa Lupo, Elisa Lane, Valeri James and Jennifer Carmen Rojas #sipandlistenpodcast
October 3, 2018
Ep. 92 Change is Change
This week on Sip and Listen The Transformative Adventure continues... “Change is Change” We have all heard or said this once or twice in our lifetime. Many of us avoid change at all costs. Usually we don’t engage in change until a life event forces us into it. Instead of choosing it, change chose us. This podcast is all about positive personal transformation... Embracing the opportunity to moving ourselves forward toward something we seek or desire while finding confidence and joy in the process. Join us for this podcast with our co-hosts, David Cooke, Chris Lupo Lisa Lupo, Elisa Lane, Valeri James and Jennifer Carmen Rojas as we... Share their inspirational change journeys, Discuss their lessons and accomplishments, plus how they navigate others through their own transformational paths. #sipandlistenpodcast
September 26, 2018
Ep. 91 "Parenting and Listening - Changing the Conversation"
Parenting is a challenge. In today's world, the struggle to get our children to listen to us, to do what we want, and stay out of trouble is very real. What if there was a different way to connect with our children? What if there was a way for us to be heard and understood by them? Good new, there is. The answer lies in changing the conversation, Today's podcast brings together two parents sharing their powerful insights on communicating from a place of love and how this changes everything. Also joining them is an adult child sharing his story, how despite the adversity and struggles in his life with substance abuse, his relationship with his Dad was healed and his own, personal life has been transformed when the conversation changed. Join is for this insightful,powerful conversation this Tuesday, September 18 from 9:00 - 10:00AM on Sip and Listen. It will shift your communication behaviors. About our guests: ShaRon Rea, Whole Family Coaching: Once you meet ShaRon, you know she is a passionate woman on a serious mission to make the world a better place. So get ready to be loved unconditionally! ShaRon is the founder of No Judgment. Just Love.®, the global movement inspiring us all to live together in peace, with kindness and respect…one courageous action at a time. As Family Coach and owner of The Whole Family Coaching, ShaRon is in the business of working with people, so they can experience the joys of family life without all the drama. Brandon Cooke, Musician and Storyteller: Brandon has been on a journey. Ten years with a heroin addiction and two years in long term recovery, doing the hard work on himself to get there. Brandon has a message of healing for those who are struggling with broken and damaged relationships, particularly for parents from the eyes of a child and young adult. His compelling message brings clarity to complex parent-child interactions and experiences. With you Co-hosts: David Cooke, Jennifer Carmen Rojas, Chris Lupo, Lisa Lupo, Valeri James, & Elisa Lane
September 19, 2018
Ep. 90 The Lies behind Work Life Balance
Bryce Cleveland is Back! Time to take action while you “Sip and Listen”Today we bring you “sip and listen” our newest podcast dedicated to inspire, provoke conversation and leave you with powerful Actions to take! Hosted and created by Lisa Lupo Elisa Lane David Cooke Chris Lupo Valeri James Jennifer Carmen Rojas. Listen & take Action! #sipandlistenpodcast
September 12, 2018
Ep. 89 Hera League
Today we bring you “sip and listen” our newest podcast dedicated to inspire, provoke conversation and leave you with powerful Actions to take! Hosted and created by Lisa Lupo Elisa Lane David Cooke Chris Lupo Valeri James Jennifer Carmen Rojas With our guests: Sponsor and returning guest: Shatha Barbour from Hera Hub Phoenix and first time guest Paula A. Sumner-Walker from Junior League. Get ready to listen, discuss and discover the power behind making a difference and leaving a positive impact around us. Listen & take Action! #sipandlistenodcast
September 6, 2018