Wild Orgasmic Wisdom

The Second Episode: Tarot Step by Step with Marianne Costa

An episode of Wild Orgasmic Wisdom

By Kimberly Bodet
Quantum Priestess, Kimberly Bodet, explores with her guests the infinite web of consciousness underlying all dimensions through a wide variety of subjects.

The Third Episode: Owning Your Vibe with Joe Patitucci
I talk with healer, artist, and creator of DataGarden, MidiSprout, and PlantsFM, Joe Patitucci, about making music with plants,  what plant-human collaboration means for the future of our planet, and how we can all stay grounded and grow towards the light. 
May 19, 2019
The Second Episode: Tarot Step by Step with Marianne Costa
I speak with author, writer, actress, tarot teacher and French translator, Marianne Costa about the origins of tarot. We discuss tarot as a game, tarot as a playmate, tarot as a field of energy, and tarot as a teacher of life and death.
May 4, 2019
The First Episode: Navigating the Liminal Space with Bakara Wintner
I speak with author, tarot reader, and intuitive Bakara Wintner about magic, mental health, and navigating the liminal spaces we encounter, either consciously or unconsciously, during the course of life.
April 22, 2019
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