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Implementation Science for Educators

Implementation Science for Educators

By SISEP - State Implementation Scale-Up of Evidenced-based Practices
Have you ever wondered why a new program or practice never seemed to achieve the outcomes your team had hoped for? What was missing? Resources? Training? Support? Join the team from SISEP (State Implementation and Scale-Up of Evidenced-based Practices) each week for a quick Implementation Science tip to get you back on track!
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Episode 31: Colorado and Using Implementation Science as a Way of Work
Did you know that SISEP III is in year 5!  We are celebrating our states by sharing their stories.  This week we have Rebecca Knighton, MTSS Specialist, and Adam Collins, State-Wide Bullying Prevention Manager and MTSS Specialist, with the Colorado Department of Education.  They share their experiences of embedding implementation science into their way of work, the focus on Multi-Tiered System of Support, and how they onboard new staff.
June 16, 2022
Episode 30: Utilizing Implementation Science to Evaluate the Use of ESSER Funds
Part II: Sophia Farmer, Implementation Specialist with NIRN & SISEP, returns as our host this week to continue her conversation with Jack Schwarz, project lead at the Region 7 Comprehensive Center.  Together, the two of them dive into a conversation on how states and districts have been utilizing their ESSER funds over the last three years and how implementation science strategies and resources can assist in evaluating what the funds were spent on. Region 7 Comprehensive Center
May 26, 2022
Episode 29: Revisiting the Hexagon Tool & ESSER Funds
Sophia Farmer, Implementation Specialist with NIRN & SISEP, returns as our host this week.  Joining her is Jack Schwarz, project lead at the Region 7 Comprehensive Center.  Together, the two of them dive into a conversation on how states and districts have been utilizing their ESSER funds over the last three years and how the Hexagon Tool and other implementation science strategies and resources can assist in evaluating what the funds were spent on. Edunomics: Hexagon Tool: Region 7 Comprehensive Center:
May 19, 2022
Episode 28: Core Competencies & Guiding Principles
Dr. Caryn S. Ward joins us this week to share the background and rationale behind the Implementation Support Practitioner Core Competencies.  We also discuss the guiding principles that Implementation Support Practitioners can build into their day-to-day work.  Supporting Documents: Implementation Support Practitioner Profile A Practice Guide to Supporting Implementation NIRN Virtual Event: Implementation Support Practitioner Core Competencies Virtual Series
April 28, 2022
Episode 27: Introducing the Effective Implementation Cohort
This week, we introduce two of NIRNs newest team members, Yolanda Perkins and Stephanie Kennedy.  Both are Implementation Specialists for the Effective Implementation Cohort (EIC).  They share the project's purpose, their work with service providers and districts to implement a High-Quality Middle-Level Math Curriculum, and lessons learned.   For more information on EIC, visit: You will find all of the resources and tools on the site mentioned in the podcast!
April 21, 2022
Trailer: Season 2
The SISEP Center is excited to kick off season 2 of our podcast "Implementation Science for Educators."  Listen in to hear the highlights of the up-and-coming episodes!!
April 13, 2022
Tip 26: The Hexagon Tool from a Regional Perspective
Kathleen Ryan Jackson joins us again as guest host to interview Mark Helton, Math Consultant, and Laura Smith, Educational Consultant, with the Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative.  Their conversation goes into detail about how the regional agency supported the local school districts with utilizing the Hexagon Tool, what they learned from the process, and how they could improve services. For more information, visit: The Hexagon Tool Co-Creation of Kentucky's Usable Innovation:  A How-To-Guide
February 22, 2022
Tip 25: Hexagon Tool & Practicing the Pause
Join us for this week's conversation with Amy Wassmann, Social-Emotional Learning Consultant with the Michigan Department of Education, and Dr. Rebecca Hasson, Associate Professor of Movement Science at the University of Michigan. Our two guests share how they have used implementation science to address the equity gaps in implementing the InPact at School program and how the Hexagon Tool was used as part of the selection process with local schools. This pair is passionate, and the conversation is inspirational! #practicethepause SISEP February Blog: Hexagon Tool - Lessons Learned
February 17, 2022
Tip 24: Reflections (Part III)
Dr. Angela Preston joins us again from the North Carolina Department of Education as our guest host this week.  She will be interviewing Veronica Sullivan from the Kentucky Department of Education, Todd Langager from the San Diego County Department of Education, and Jennifer Gonzales from the Colorado Department of Education.  Each interview shares insights, stories, and reflections on their journey through implementation. January SISEP Blog: Reflecting on Your Implementation Journey To view the full interviews check out the SISEP YouTube Channel!
February 02, 2022
Tip 23: Reflections (Part II)
In this week's podcast, we have two separate interviews.  Our first interview is with Dr. Kim St. Martin, Assistant Director of the MI MTSS Technical Assistance Center, and Dr. Steve Goodman, Director of the MI MTSS Technical Assistance Center.  The second interview is with the State Transformation Specialists from the Michigan Department of Education, Elizabeth Newell, and Arminda Westra.  Both interviews will reflect on our guests' challenges and celebrations with implementation science. Active Implementation Hub: SISEP January Blog:  Reflecting on Your Implementation Journey
January 24, 2022
Tip 22: Reflections (Part I)
From Colorado to Michigan, Minnesota, and Kentucky, listen to the reflections and advice on states who have been heavily involved with implementation science for several years. In this episode, we have a star-studded guest list! Dr. Angela Preston from the North Carolina Department of Education joins me as co-host. We interviewed Ellen Nacik and Garret Petrie from the Minnesota Department of Education, Dr. Kent McIntosh from the Center on PBIS, and Dr. Jennifer Coffey from the Office of Special Education Programs. We dive into successes, challenges, and advice in implementation. SISEP YouTube Channel: SISEP January eNote: SISEP January Blog:
January 12, 2022
Tip 21: Field Experience with Linked Teams
This week we are sharing an interview with Elizabeth Newell, State Transformation Assistant Administrator with the Michigan Department of Education.  Liz provides detailed examples of how linked teams have benefited the implementation work of the department.  She also shares external and internal challenges and successes of teaming structures. Effective Teams Blog: Active Implementation Hub:
December 09, 2021
Tip 20: Communication and Stakeholders within Implementation Teams
This is our second installment in the conversation with Dr. Kim St. Martin, Assistant Director of the MITSS TA Center, and Dr. Caryn S. Ward, Director of NIRN.  The discussion continues with implementation teams and how they can ensure stakeholder and teacher voice and effective communication between linked teams. For more information on building implementation teams visit the Active Implementation Hub:
December 01, 2021
Tip 19: Defining the Functions of an Implementation Team
This week, Dr. Caryn Ward, Director of NIRN, and Dr. Kim St. Martin from the MiMTSS Technical Assistance Center join our podcast to discuss implementation teams.  They break down the functions of an implementation team, explain the difference between a leadership team and an implementation team, and how to manage ALL of your teams! For more information on implementation teams visit the Active Implementation Hub:
November 18, 2021
Tip 18: Fidelity and the Kentucky Mathematics Innovation Tool
This week is the final installment in our series of three for Kentucky's journey with fidelity measurements.  Kathleen Ryan-Jackson continues her conversation Duane Williams, math consultant with the Greater Louisville Education Cooperative and teacher Angela Dilts-Pollack joins them.  Angela is a a 6th grade math teacher and teacher lead at Farnsley Middle School in Jefferson County Public Schools.  As teacher lead, she leads their 6th grade PLCs and she conducts peer observations and provides feedback and coaching to her teacher colleagues. She is an active member of the Building Implementation Team.  They discuss the use of data collecting with the Kentucky Mathematics InnovationTool (KMIT).  The KMIT was developed by a team with mat expertise and diverse perspectives, such as math trainers, coaches, and researchers in Kentucky. To learn more about the implementation science work in Kentucky visit:
November 10, 2021
Tip 17: Fidelity - The OTISS & KMIT Journey in Kentucky
Last week we spoke with Denise Bailey from SESC in Kentucky, who uses the OTISS in Madison County Public Schools who serves over 11,000 students. Today Duane Williams and Amanda Waldroup will join Denise and Kathleen. Duane is a math consultant with Greater Louisville Educational Cooperative. He will talk about how he supports teachers in Jefferson County Public Schools, one of the largest school districts in the US, serving over 96,000 students with more than 130 languages spoken. Amanda is the Assistant Director in the Division of IDEA Implementation and Preschool at the Kentucky Department of Education. SISEP Blog:  Observational Tool for Instructional Supports and Systems: Empowering Teachers as Instructional Leaders
November 04, 2021
Tip 16: Utilizing OTISS as a Fidelity Measurement
In this episode of Implementation Science for Educators, Kathleen Ryan-Jackson is our guest host from the SISEP Team.  She interviews Denise Bailey, a consultant with South-East/South-Central Educational Cooperative in Kentucky.  The conversation details how Kentucky began utilizing the Observation Tool for Instructional Support and Systems (OTISS). For more information on OTISS, please email:
October 19, 2021
Tip 15: Fidelity and Adaptations
This week, Sophia Farmer, Implementation Specialist with the SISEP Team, provides some tips and guidance around adaptations to innovations.  The conversation covers what fidelity is, when and how to adapt, and how COVID brought the need for adaptations to the forefront of implementation science work. For more information on Fidelity Measurements, visit the Active Implementation Hub - Module 7
October 14, 2021
Tip 14: Defining Roles within District Implementation
We are excited to bring you a snippet of our interview with Dr. Kim St. Martin, Assistant Director of the Michigan MTSS TA Center.  While our interview focused on the integrated and compensatory nature of the Implementation Drivers, Dr. Martin explains how Leadership plays an important role.   To hear more of the interview, head on over to the SISEP Video YouTube Channel and check out the Integrated and Compensatory playlist.
September 09, 2021
Tip 13: The Role of Leadership in Implementation
Jennifer Gonzales, State Transformation Specialist with the Colorado Department of Education, joins us once again!  This time we are discussing the role leadership plays in implementation and some advice for new leaders. Do you want to learn more about cultivating leadership?  Check our NEW learning module on the Active Implementation Hub.
September 02, 2021
Tip 12: Cultivating Leadership and Champions
Are you interested in sustainable change?  One way is through the cultivation of leaders and champions through implementation.  Join Collin McColskey-Leary for this week's tip on defining and supporting leadership. Active Implementation Hub: Follow us on Twitter: SISEP Center @sisepcenter NIRN @impscience
August 26, 2021
Tip 11: Integrating Implementation and Improvement Science
Collin McColskey-Leary, an Implementation Specialist with NIRN & SISEP, provides this week's tip on integrating Implementation and Improvement Science.  For more information on this topic, check out the following brief: "Integrating Improvement and Implementation Sciences to Enhance Educational Outcomes" Co-Authors:  Collin McColskey-Leary & Brian Garman-McClaine
August 19, 2021
Tip 10: Implementation Core Competencies
Correy Watkins is one of the newest Implementation Specialists to join NIRN and SISEP.  Check out his thoughts on how all Implementation Support Practitioners can utilize the Implementation Core Competencies in their work every day. For more information on the ISP Profile and the Practicing Guide for Supporting Implementation check out the following site:
August 10, 2021
Tip 9: Sustainability and PBIS with Kent McIntosh Ph.D.
This week, Dr. Angela Preston interviews Dr. Kent McIntosh on what factors have made PBIS sustainable.  For the full interview series, check out the SISEP Video YouTube Channel:
July 15, 2021
Tip 8: Sustainability with Dale Cusumano Ph.D.
Sustainability, something we all strive for with implementation.  Dr. Dale Cusumano provides this week's five-minute tip on how to achieve sustainability by taking the right actions from day one. Recommended Supplemental Reading:
July 08, 2021
Tip 7: Competency Drivers with Sophia
This week's 5-minute tip is provided by Sophia Farmer, Implementation Specialist with SISEP.  She provides some suggestions on utilizing the Competency Drivers and suggests the following resource:
June 30, 2021
Tip 6: Competency Drivers with Dr. Jennifer Coffey
We are all busy planning for the 21-22 school year.  As part of that planning, it is a good time to revisit the Competency Drivers.  In this week's 5 minutes...ok 7-minute tip we have Jennifer Coffey Ph.D. from the Office of Special Education Programs sharing some insights on the drivers and the importance of fidelity.
June 24, 2021
Tip 5: Michigan Celebrates Busting through Barriers
Elizabeth Newell, State Transformation Assistant Administrator for the Michigan Department of Education, explains some initial barriers they faced with implementation science.  She goes on to explain solving those challenges actually resulted in the work she is most proud of.
June 16, 2021
Tip 4: Experiences from the Kentucky Department of Education
For today's 5-minute tip, Amanda Waldroup, Assistant Director, Division of IDEA Implementation and Preschool for the Kentucky Department of Education, provides some of the team's experiences when focusing on mathematics.  
June 15, 2021
Tip 3: Advice from Colorado
#statesforum2021 is this week!  To celebrate the work of SISEP's partnering states, each this week we will be sharing a story, advice, or challenges overcome in implementation science.  Today, Jennifer Gonzales, State Transformation Specialist for the Colorado Department of Education shares advice to those new in implementation science.
June 14, 2021
Tip 2: Stakeholder Engagement
Implementation Specialist, Sophia Farmer, is back at it again this week with your five-minute implementation science tip.  Join Sophia for her thoughts on how to engage stakeholders in the implementation process.  To access the graphic and resources, she mentions, visit the Active Implementation Science Hub below:
June 08, 2021
Tip 1: Hexagon Tool & Recovery Funds
Join Sophia Farmer, Implementation Specialist for SISEP Center, for a quick tip on how to use the Hexagon Tool to ensure your new practice or program being purchased with recovery funds is a good fit for your district.
May 25, 2021