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Sit With Snit

Sit With Snit

By Hannah Snitcovski
Formally known as Bless Up Dress Up, Sit With Snit, is a community for women to discuss current topics and ways to elevate them to something more. Created by Hannah Snitcovski, Hannah has been active on Instagram as an influential figure to those looking to grow spiritually and in all aspects of life. Her motto is to "elevate the physical to something spiritual." She has created a podcast, Sit With Snit, where she discusses current events, latest fads, and more to navigate life and Sit With the challenges facing millennials.
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Sitting With Joy
 This week on the SIt WIth Snit podcast, we will be sitting with my dear friend Izzy Sakhaie as we explore what joy means to us and how it plays its role in the Jewish holiday of Purim. Purim is usually my favorite holiday; the depth of revealing the hidden secrets within ourselves and the world always struck a chord with me. However, Purim last year was the benchmark that began this new phase of life called the "Pandemic" and it was when I closed a chapter of my life. Without knowing it, Purim 2020 would be the last time I would see many of my close friends for the foreseeable future and my former Upper West Side lifestyle for sunny Miami. It brings up a lot for me and Izzy and I are excited to make space for us to discuss the meaning of this holiday, what joy is, and how we can distinguish doubt within ourselves. So, are you ready to sit with joy?
February 25, 2021
Sitting With Courage
On this week's episode of the Sit With Snit podcast, we will be sitting with Alex Abel Segal, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Chai On Life magazine, an online publication for the passionate Jewish woman. Alex holds editorial experience in publications such as Seventeen Magazine to StyleWatch & People. For the young professional who aims to live the quintessential Manhattan experience, Alex is your ideal mentor. What made me respect Alex, even more was how she embraced her innate desire to connect to her spiritual identity, which is no easy task. Putting the glamorous and independent city lifestyle on hold, Alex would soon find herself in Israel. There, she met her husband and shortly after moved across the world to Moscow, Russia, where she would later live and start her family. Rather than divorcing herself from her past and her G-d given talents, she elevated them. By creating a means where Jewish women can share their experiences, show up as thought leaders, and ultimately inspire others alike, Chai on Life was born.  So if you've been sitting on an idea for far too long or feel that maybe it's just a passion project, look no further. So, are you ready to sit with courage?
February 10, 2021
Sitting With Diet Culture
On this week's episode of the Sit With Snit podcast, we will be sitting with Sami Sage, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Betches Media. Host for The Betches Sup, Morning Announcements, and Diet Starts Tomorrow podcasts. We decided to transition our Instagram DM relationship behind the mic for a meaningful discussion, one surrounding a phenomenon in our society that hits home for both of us. Dieting is very common in American culture. Almost half of all Americans have tried to lose weight in the past 12 months (the rate is higher among women), studies show. Diet culture focuses on body image, claiming one will be happier if they are thinner, often setting impossible or unattainable goals. Hardly anyone speaks about the aftermath of serving "perfection" on an unattainable platter (no pun intended.) Sami's bravery in sharing part of her story with us gives me the strength to start sharing mine. I'm ready to open the door from my past with love and acceptance; are you prepared to sit with snit?
January 13, 2021
Sitting With Transformation
We, as human beings, are ever-evolving creatures. We also happen to be creatures of habit; we like when things stay the same because, well, they are predictable. But, that sameness is the antithesis of why we are here. We are meant to elevate ourselves, level up always, and take our potential greatness into actuality. With that in mind, I present to you the new and re-branded Sit With Snit Podcast, where we will be elevating the physical, one topic at a time. On this mini-sode, you will hear about the trajectory of my own transformative experiences that have brought me to this exact moment, with you, on the other side of this podcast. So without further a do, are you ready to sit with transformation?
December 23, 2020
Sitting WIth Therapy & Change
Welcome back to the Sit With It podcast. In this week's episode, we're going to bring 2020 home. This year has unquestionably been a new standard for us all. The last few weeks of 2020 are upon us, and many of us may be recounting and reflecting on what we've made of this unprecedented year. Sit back as my dear friend and mentor Aliza Shapiro LCSW adds her flare to this larger conversation by addressing that we as humans are holistic people. We are not only one thing or another. Tune in as she and I discuss how integrating new aspects into our lives in a healthy way is essential. Because if you're trying to be someone completely different, the world is missing out on who you've been destined to be. 
December 9, 2020
Sitting With Your Journey
On this episode of the Sit With It podcast, we'll be sitting with LA-based designer and artist Kim Kyne as she reflects upon moments during her spiritual awakening. The importance of authenticity is integral in every type of journey. We both kept echoing as we dug deeper. "I have to constantly re-identify myself to myself, deactivate my own standards, my own convictions about what I'm doing and why." Singer/songwriter Nina Simone eloquently puts the importance of constant self-communication. This is my and Kim's check-in. Are you ready to sit with us?
November 26, 2020
Sitting With Liza Sakhaie
Meet Liza Sakhaie; the impressive and stylish innovator who after leaving her dream job at Bloomingdales at the brink of the Corona pandemic, allowed the space for her own venture to come forth and shine. Founder and CEO of The Reflective, a community for the modern career-driven professionals, dedicated mothers, and fearless female leaders, Liza along with her team of trailblazing fashion reporters, breaks the assumed stereotypes around modesty. On this episode of the Sit With It podcast, we'll be discussing what it was like for this Manhattan raised, Persian queen to become more spiritually connected to her Judaism while studying at NYU's Stern School of Business, how her continued love for Fashion has transcended what she thought were her limitations and ultimately, the beauty that can be fostered when we let go and trust the process of our lives. Without further ado, I'm Hannah and you're listening to the Sit With It podcast.
November 11, 2020
Sitting With Snit
  Can you imagine a world where you can differentiate between what’s real and what’s not, have meaningful moments without indulging and create joy with others? Why yes, it’s real and very much a part of reality, if you will it to be. Welcome to the Sit With It Podcast where we come together fusing physicality and spirituality. And no, we haven’t all mastered the balance but you’ll be hearing from guest speakers all working in different fields, choosing to find meaning in their everyday lives. It’s a choice we’re given and if you dare bravely, we can choose to elevate the physical, together.
November 1, 2020
Sit With It Trailer
Meet Hannah Snitcovski, founder of Bless Up Dress Up, a community for the modern women who strives to elevate the physical. Hannah's journey started with fashion and dressing modestly. Over time she has grown her account to reach others who feel the same way and want to grow. With the world and year 2020, Hannah has been inspired to take her work to the next level.  Introducing Sit With It, a podcast that gives us a second - deep breath- just to sit with everything that comes at us through Instagram, News, and life's challenges. On this podcast, she will be Sitting with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and close friends to discuss all things life, spirituality, business, and more! Enjoy! 
October 14, 2020