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The 6th Fest Podcast

The 6th Fest Podcast

By Nate
The Sixth Festival is a brand new climate change festival gathering, illuminating, and activating people around the greatest issue we have ever faced. A fringe festival with events and participants of all kinds: dancing, panels...we spotlight and uplift what people already do so that everyone can see how they can get involved, wherever and whoever they are.

The podcast is two series: "Walk the Walk," a thru-hikers' podcast; and "In the Field" about people who study and work in any capacity relating to climate--finance, migration, wildlife, and more. We also post the audio of past events.
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In the Field - Episode One - Alyssa Johnson, student Wildlife Biologist
In the first episode of In the Field, a show with people who study and work in the thousand parts there are to the climate crisis, we sit down with Alyssa Johnson, wildlife biology honors major at Purdue University. I have to say thank you to Alyssa for how vulnerable she got and for taking us on a very personal journey, from her struggles with health to the coyotes who used to echo her music and the other co-inhabiters of the earth she has committed her life to. Truly an inspiration. **We apologize for the poor quality and volume. We are a brand new festival without experience, tools, or funding...and I just didn't get the mic close enough.** Wildlife Biology at Purdue Find out more about her program. Check out and support the Indianapolis Zoo. Music "The Bumrush" by Jabbawockeez Check out other cool shit and end the silence on the climate crisis by going to: Festival site.
April 28, 2021
Walk the Walk - Episode One
This is the first ever episode of The Sixth Festival's podcast! In this episode of Walk the Walk, a thru-hiker's climate change series, we sit down with three dope as hell LGBTQIA+ hikers about their experiences on and off trail.  Early - @madeof.starstuff Diva - @thewildcolor Mr. President - @mrpresidenthikes, Hiker's Blog Sit down with people who have walked the country's longest trails, spending months outside at a time, living on minimal resources and streams away from society, being nearer the earth, and themselves. 
April 26, 2021