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SixThirtyThree - seek first God's kingdom

SixThirtyThree - seek first God's kingdom

By Sixthirtythree
My Podcasts are for those who want to EXPLORE faith in Jesus Christ or are already FOLLOW-ers of Jesus or perhaps LEAD others in following Christ.
Short podcasts for busy people!
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Jesus the Christ and the parable of Eden lost and regained
I don’t think we often really take in the incredible privilege of the call that is on our lives and the challenge of living it out that exists. we who are called christians, have an opportunity and responsibility to live very differently from the way of the world. The world is the wasteland of a lack of God's love, presence and power. We, the people of God, - his representatives - are the vehicles for making these available again. The choice before humanity is to live connected to God- the true source of life, love, power, presence, care, goodness, provision. Or to live disconnected from all these. Listen with me as we discover that now it’s our turn to re-present that same God and that Redeemer, The Christ, seen in Jesus the man. I hope you enjoy the episode! Blessings, Philip
October 20, 2020
Circumstances, circumstances, circumstances!
The circumstances we face sometimes can be good, bad or ugly! It has always been that way. When they are good, we get along fine, but when they turn bad or ugly we can sometimes struggle, lose hope and faith can take a nose-dive. How can we navigate the bad and ugly times? Where do we find God in them? Some of our Bible heroes faced similar bad or ugly circumstances and we can learn  a lot from considering their experience. In this podcast we look at Esther and 3 young men in Babylon. I hope this helps. Blessings. Philip
October 7, 2020
LEAD: Good News affects the whole person
As christian ministers and leaders, we need to understand how deeply the effects of our salvation touches every need in people's lives, every evil in our world, and how spirit, soul and body are impacted. So often it appears we look for souls to be saved, rather than the whole person. Let’s not be content with just saving souls, but also be pursuing healing, freedom and opening up the Kingdom of the Heavens May this message encourage us all to make the Good News the power of God unto full salvation Blessings, Philip
September 30, 2020
LEAD don't strive
For those of us in any form of christian leadership, we know that deep down we often sense feelings of inadequacy. Whilst the apostle Paul writes: "Aim for perfection" (2Corinthians 13.11) if we are not careful that can lead us into pursuing perfectionism. But don't let perfectionism rob you of seeking more for your life and ministry. We have to examine ourselves in christian leadership, or the spirit of this world will infect us and render us ineffective and unrecognisable as servants of Jesus Christ. I hope this podcast encourages you to pursue the real purpose of christian leadership, modelled on the Lord Jesus Himself. Be blessed, Philip
September 23, 2020
LEAD:When God Says Move
Stephen the great evangelist of the early church stood to speak at this trial before he was martyred by stoning. He recounts the long history of the Jewish people and demonstrates how God moved people on, time and again! He seems to be making the point that the past, significant and important though it is, is not a place to dwell. So what about us and the Church today? What about the churches and ministries we lead? Will we move when God says, “Move”?  It is these questions I consider in this podcast. May it encourage and stir us in God’s church to be on the move with Him.   Blessings, Philip
September 2, 2020
EXPLORE-Live a New Life
Live a new life! It sounds good, and many people like the idea of new starts. Newness, change is something we like – sometimes! “Live a new life” was a phrase  I came across recently in the Bible and it got me thinking. If we were exploring faith in Jesus Christ what might we think when we encounter a phrase like this. It begs the questions: "How do I live a new life? What does it even mean? How could I do that?" Well these are the questions I try to explore in this podcast. I hope it helps and encourages you. Blessings, Philip
August 26, 2020
FOLLOW Series Sitting and Walking
Do you ever think of yourself as sitting so close to Almighty God that you are in His shadow? Well, that is the Bible’s picture for us. But, you may say, life is so busy, I am rushing from this thing to the next so much that I haven’t time to sit in his shadow, to rest or to meditate. We all know that bad news comes and impacts our lives; we fail at things we wanted to succeed at, and sense intense disappointment, even doubting our own ability and identity. It is at times like this that so many of us need a resting place. And the Bible shows us, that it is found in God, under His shadow; through a close relationship with Him. I hope this podcast helps you, especially if you are having a hard time at present, or know someone who is. Thanks for listening. Blessings, Philip For more visit:
August 19, 2020
FOLLOW - Psalms of Lament and Expressions of Faith
Following on from my previous podcast "At Times We Need To Lament" here is a short extract from my recent message for our church, continuing and developing this theme. Lament, sadness or discouragement don't mean we lack faith, simply that we are going through a difficult time. These come to all of us. But there is  a biblical way of facing these times. Here I use Psalm 13 to help us navigate those challenging periods in ways that express our faith in our good God and Father. Hoping this helps and encourages you. Blessings, Philip
August 12, 2020
FOLLOW: At Times We Need To Lament
Sometimes Life hurts! The COVID-19 pandemic has been like that for many. When we read the Psalms, we find the experiences of life clearly portrayed in all their glory and greatness, their grit and gruesomeness. God’s people knew all too clearly that life isn’t always what you think it should be. Sometimes It goes wrong; it hurts; it’s unfair; it’s confusing But Psalms isn’t the only place we discover this. Read Job or Jeremiah and particularly his poetic heart-cry in Lamentations. I’d like to take you into Lamentations and look at this incredibly painful lament and where the prophet finds God in it all I hope this will help you when life hurts! Blessings Philip
August 5, 2020
FOLLOW - God Will Find A Way
Today, just a short devotional podcast. Sometimes situations just get on top of us don’t they? And as christians we can find ourselves feeling like we are letting God down?  The we put ourselves down and can even tell ourselves God won’t have time for us until we get sorted out and pull ourselves together. You know, this is far from the truth, and in our better moments we probably know that. But still it can feel like that inside. I think the writer of some of the Psalms knew this feeling too When I am overwhelmed, you alone know the way I should turn. I pray to you, O Lord. I say, “You are my place of refuge. Hear my cry, for I am very low. Psalm 142 My prayer, as you listen to this short message is that when you are feeling overwhelmed, you will discover that God will find a way to bring you through, and love you back to health and wholeness. Blessings, Philip
July 29, 2020
LEAD: Wound Up or Run Down?
These past months through the COVID Crisis have been challenging for just about everyone. Many people have struggled with emotional and mental health, physical health, fear of getting sick or loved ones becoming poorly, bereavement as loved ones succumbed to the virus. It has taken its toll on everyone, right across the world.  We have seen written large across our world the struggles that often exist, if only under the surface much of the time: the struggle to cope and survive in a challenging and changing world So what are the challenges for christian leaders – of churches or other ministries? What is the price of success – or its meaning in a christian ministry context? And who sets that agenda? Let’s look at Jesus, in John’s Gospel and see how he coped with the challenges. And what we can learn for ourselves! Hope this helps. Blessings, Philip
July 22, 2020
FOLLOW: How To Get Holy!
Christians have sometimes made holiness unattractive, because it has become about what they do and don’t do. And, as a result, have sometimes made  too obvious the idea that christians are better than anyone else. But that isn't the case! God values us all the same Holiness is an internal and an external journey; a visible and invisible development. What that looks like and how that happens is the focus of this podcast Hope this helps! Blessings, Philip htttps:// 
July 15, 2020
FOLLOW: Leanness Eats Fatness!
Don't you find some days feel more "christian" than others. There are ups and downs in your experience as a christian aren't there? I'm not sure it is intended to be normal, but it certainly is the experience of many! You see leanness eats fatness!  Or to put it another way, the bad days seem to eclipse the good days so  easily.  But, I think God has another way for us. In fact, I think he sees us differently! Fortunately we have Joseph, Pharaoh, his cow dream  and Paul the Apostle, to help  us find a way through this. Enjoy as you listen. God bless you Philip - from SixThirtyThree
July 8, 2020
EXPLORE: Discover Christ
Today I want to explore what it means to find – or discover – Jesus Christ. Some people may feel they already have. Others may be searching, wondering or just curious. Let me tell you about one of the first people to find Jesus Christ, look at his story a little with you and try to tease out some things we can perhaps discover for ourselves. Let me introduce you to Andrew Enjoy! Blessings, Philip
July 1, 2020
LEAD: Fruit, Gifts and Graces
Here’s a question. Are we missing something crucial regarding what Jesus has made available for the growth, development and effectiveness of His Church? I want to consider three elements of the work of Christ in our own lives and those of our people. We need the fruit of the Spirit to develop the character of Jesus in His people. We also need the Gifts of the Spirit to manifest the power of Jesus to the world around us; to bring the Kingdom of Heaven effectively to earth. But we also deeply need the five graces of Christ at work in the whole of His Church to equip it to impact a world that is lost and estranged from him. Hope this helps you. Blessings Philip
June 29, 2020
If you are a christian listening to this, then, probably, like me, you've seen many people make professions of faith and then sadly seen little evidence of them continuing in the journey. So then how do we think about a profession of faith, and how should we be seeking to present the Good News? How can we help people enter into the power of a changed life? It’s supernatural!  Enjoy the message!  Blessings, Philip
June 16, 2020
EXPLORE: Christianity's F-Words!
EXPLORE: A new occasional series for people exploring faith in Jesus Christ For people who are wondering what it means to believe in Jesus Christ, there are a few key words to consider. There are four that begin with "F" - and this podcast explores them. So if you are, or are thinking of, exploring faith, let me take the journey with you. Blessings Philip
June 10, 2020
LEAD: Leading in Uncertainty
In a time like the one we are in, we can make all sorts of decisions about how we do church, what is required of us and what God’s people should be doing. But unless those decisions come out of time in the presence of God we risk getting ourselves completely outside of His will for our lives, our ministries and leading our people out of presumption – assuming we know what is right to do. Leading and living in uncertainty requires even more time in God’s presence. Let’s prioritise that even more! Blessings, Philip
June 8, 2020
FOLLOW: Growing in Wisdom!
We are all used to being "wise after the event", but is this what being wise is about? Surely being wise before the event would be better!  Wisdom is not so we can answer the world, or so we appear clever in the eyes of others. It's not so we have better answers or clearer arguments than others either. The Bible has a lot to say about wisdom and where is it available from. It is far more about the nature of our relationship with God than we might think too. Listen, enjoy and be encouraged.  Blessings, Philip
May 30, 2020
FOLLOW: Living in an Upside-Down World
The world we live in feels a strange place so much of the time. We can even feel like it's against everything we believe in. So how do we approach the "strangeness"? How do we live in today's world? Is there a perspective that can help keep us sane and and focused on living as a christian today? Listen, and hear what God has to say to us on this!  Blessings. Philip 
May 27, 2020
FOLLOW: Come! The Call To Discipleship
Jesus said to his first followers, "Come". But it isn't all he said. Admittedly it is the primary call, but there is so much more. Explore this with me in this podcast and see what Jesus is calling YOU to! Blessings Philip
May 24, 2020
FOLLOW: Sufficient?
I remember once listening to someone who, frankly, made me feel inadequate as a Christian. Ever felt that way? Well, how do we deal with that feeling: reject it, refuse it, or appraise it and see what God has to say? Here's my take on what the Bible has to say about it! Philip
May 23, 2020
LEAD: Introducing five-fold ministry
The apostle Paul writes to the Ephesian Church about teh gifts that Jesus gave to teh church for building it up: apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers. What do these mean, and how are we to even start to go about this, without them becoming titles representing people with power and authority?  In particular, could these be gifts given to the whole church, not just a few "special" people? Philip
May 23, 2020
FOLLOW: Scared about getting it wrong?
Sometimes we worry about getting God's will wrong, missing it, and therefore being outside of his purposes. Do we need to worry about that? Or has God got it covered? This podcast will help you discover the truth.
May 20, 2020
EXPLORE: What does it mean to follow Jesus?
There are no short-cuts in following Jesus. It is first and foremost a relationship with another person. Then there is more - always more! As we "hang out" with him we discover just what this fascinating man is about, how he thinks and acts, talks and walks. But there is a growth cycle in following him. This podcast examines that cycle. Enjoy! God bless you Philip
May 19, 2020
Six.thirtythree Podcast Trailer
Welcome to six.thirtythree podcasts exploring what it means to "Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness" in today's world. Podcasts for individual christians and those leading others to follow Jesus. Short podcasts for busy people! Philip Fell
May 17, 2020