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Sketchbook Audio

Sketchbook Audio

By Ryan "Sketch"
I am an automotive designer but people are always asking me, "what does that mean"? And, how do you "design" a car? My favorite question, though, is what makes "good" design? This podcast will answer all of those questions and more as we talk about the latest in automotive trends, major car shows like NAIAS and SEMA, and what influences these designs. Every now and again, I'll talk product design too. So come on, check out an episode or two and let's take this journey together!
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2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Revealed! And lets go to the Movies!
The 2022 Outlander is finally out of the proverbial box (thanks to Amazon Live) and we get our first full look at the inside and outside of the family-friendly crossover.  Why is this a big thing for MItsu? What does it share with Nissan? How much will it cost? These are the questions I will get you the answers too and more! OK, Movie time people! A switch and change of pace from cars for a moment because for awhile, most people in the world have not had the ability to go to movie theaters to catch the latest releases. Even now that most states and countries are allowing theaters to be open, people aren't flocking to them like the good ol' days. So how are we to catch the latest releases?  HBOMax and Disney+ are two options, so lets take a look at what's coming out in the very near future!
February 17, 2021
Electrification for the people! And some serious performance vehicles
President Joe Biden is looking to replace the entire fleet of storm troopers, I mean federal vehicles, with Electric ones built right here in the US! Which vehicles do you think he will choose? A fleet of ridiculously expensive Teslas? Maybe an army of Chevy Bolts...cute little things.  Speaking of Tesla, the Model S and Model X FINALLY got refreshed and they look pretty good! Love that Yoke steering wheel. A bunch of new cars were recently revealed including the refreshed mini 2 door and 4 door hardtop and convertible lineup; Hyundai showed off a Tuscon N-Line for Europe (forbidden fruit) and Nissan is poised to show off 2 new vehicles (likely the Pathfinder and Frontier)  But ya gotta give a listen to get all the details! Follow me on Instagram @ Sketchbook_Audio  Follow @IDrawCo for all of the IDRAWCars books you could possibly want Follow @Autoblog for more in-depth details on the cars I talk about. 
January 29, 2021
What do you guys think about electric cars? Are they stupid? Should the be the new norm? Would you buy one?  Stick around and get all of the shocking news (yeah, I said that) about the latest and greatest in electrified cars.  P.s. thats not an electric Fiat 500 burning in the background of this week's episode art, but, it could be. 
January 14, 2021
Cars Cars Cars and More cars! Jeep, Electric Cars and How about that Hyundai and Kia lineup?
Gonna add a better description here later. But here are the highlights Jeep Grand Cherokee L Mustang Mach E Electric Cars Go!
January 8, 2021
Lets talk Movies! Oh, and Best Batmobile, ever!
This is going to be a fun episode for everyone, I think.  Ive enlisted the help of a good friend of mine, Anthony, to join the show and share his opinions about upcoming movies for 2021, and what the pandemic has done to the movie industry.  Covid be DAMNED but 2021 might be a beacon of hope for many.  Lastly, because I always talk about cars, Anthony and I will argue about which Batmobile was the best Batmobile, ever.   P.s. When both of us are in the same room, our filter's go out the door (but we kept our facemasks on!) and therefore, this episode is listed as explicit. Sorry Kiddos, but maybe ask your parents to listen to this one! 
December 11, 2020
Sadly, the Automotive industry is quiet these days
While the automotive industry is laying low (except, did you see that the Ram 1500 TRX just won Motor Trend's Truck of the Year aware?!), I'm trying to find more content for everyone both through my podcast AND through my youtube channel (see below for links). That said, lets shift gears over to art and what you SHOULD be doing right now. If you are serious about becoming a designer or creative artist of any type, you NEED to be on and At both of these sites, you can essentially create a portfolio full of projects that you can share your process/progress and then get feedback from other artists. You can even apply for jobs, right through the site, using an uploaded resume and your portfolio from either site.  Lastly, Id certainly appreciate a follow and a like (or two) on my youtube channel which is:   On my youtube channel, you will find new vehicle reviews and simple how-to videos for doing quick repairs or upgrades in your car. Everything from chaning air filters to replacing halogen bulbs with LEDs! So go check out Artstation and Behance and get to work on your creativity!  And be sure to check out my youtube channel!
December 4, 2020
Getting back into it during the PANDEMIC!! Whats happened to Car shows?!
Welcome back everyone! I know it has been a long time since I last had an episode but Im back for good! Had to get things sorted out with my day job and finding a good time slot to get a consistent, new episode up each week for my listeners. Well I am back and this week I will be talking about SEMA and the LA Autoshow...that never happened! Well, sort of.  Lots of awesome cars revealed over the last 2 or 3 weeks and while I wont be breaking every one of them down, I will touch on some key points and highlights. Oh, and definitely check out the Honda N-one because it has this really cool interior feature that I think ALL cars should have.   And dont mind my cat...hes just curious.  Check outs: InkTank on instagram and LinkedIn and IDRAW on instagram Daney__C on instagram and youtube: for some great styling tips and tricks Also, for a GREAT Sci-fi/fantasy/mythology book to read, check out "Gift of the Shaper" and the sequel, "Awaken the Three" by D.L. Jennings ( I did the cover-art for book 2!!!!)  Available here on Amazon
November 23, 2020
"My goodness, What a MASSIVE Mouth you have" Said the little girl to the new BMW M3/M4; VW has a new IDea (ID4) and we talk car shows....what car shows?
BMW wasted little to no time bringing their (unloved and heavily criticized) big-mouth grilles to more of their lineup, but this time, the M3 and M4 are taking advantage of what I assume is a whole lot of air-intake.   VW shows off the second ID model, the ID4 and guess what?! You can reserve one RIGHT NOW for $100.... just not in the gold they showed or in awd... or in a GTi/R variant. Sad face.  But on the brightside, its pretty awesome looking and quite potent for something its size.  The range is, well, acceptable for right now.  Especially consider VW is the brand that recently got slammed for passing too much gas, er, i mean for dumping too many pollutants into the atmosphere.  Ah whatever, they are trying to fix it!  And frankly, I am on board with the ID4. 
September 23, 2020
Hot Fresh and Sexy Designs !
On this episode of Sketchbook Audio, we take a look at some of the freshest designs from Hundai, Jeep and Nissan Hyundai Tucson's latest design iteration (Gen5) is absolutely stunning. Polarizing at times but fresh and well done. Nissan hits us, after waiting almost 12 years, with a NEW Z-CAR!!! Finally, we can all rest knowing that Nissan is STILL ALIVE and cares about us car enthusiasts. And guess what? you can have it with a stick!! Jeep is back and BIGGER than ever with a fresh take on a classic - the Grand Wagoneer!  This thing is monstrous as it sits on a Ram 1500 (DT) chassis/platform. And its price tag will reflect its big, elegant design - upwards of 100k Lastly, Lets talk IDrawCars and covid mask practices.  Why? Because i truly care about my listeners.  All that and more on this weeks episode of Sketchbook Audio~
September 16, 2020
How do we get through this? What has inspired us and what will we inspire in the future?
Today, Sketchbook Audio takes a look back at the art of our past and reflects on the Civil Rights Movement and the artists that came out of it or even lived it.  They shared with the world their sense of love and compassion, but sometimes, their sense of fear, hurt, anger, suffering etc.  In a dramatic culmination of 400 years (of slavery and persecution), these artists inspired a generation, whom inspired another generation and continue to do so.  Yet, here we are in 2020 and although we claim to have equal rights among men and women, black and white, the reality is, thats not true.  And we have all seen what cruelties are still plaguing our nation, and the disgusting ways (some) police are treating the good people of this country.  So, how do we reflect on that? How do we transcend from the darkness and pain that is discrimination and racism?  I suggest we look to the artists of our past, and be the artists of the present and future that continue the mission of inspiring love and compassion for one another. Whatever your skill is, or maybe you haven't quite figured out what that talent or skill is.  I hope Sketchbook Audio can ignite in you a fire that burns bright and carries on to do many great things.  I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to some of my favorite fellow artists on Instagram so please give them a follow, or at least check out their work.  I'm honored to be friends with some of them, and am always in awe when i see new work go up on their feed.  Lastly, how about that BMW 4 series grille? LOVE IT? or HATE IT?  I'm on the fence right now, but i give credit where credit is due and to BMW, glad you tried something new. Now we just leave it up to the sales numbers to determine whether or not BMW will keep it the way  it is and maybe spread that massive dual-kidney grille to other products, or keep it smaller.  Only time will tell. 
June 7, 2020
Let me take a moment to talk about whats happening in this world
I was going to talk about "happier" things today but i felt it wasn't the right time to rejoice in anything when there is so much hurt in the world (and specifically the US) right now. Warning** this is an emotional episode and I may say some things that some people may disagree with.   I tried to keep this as civil as possible, but my honesty is out there for the world to hear. #BlackLivesMatter  And Sketchbook Audio stands with you.
June 4, 2020
Interview with a Word Artist - D.L. Jennings - Author of Gift of the Shaper
Today is a big day and a very awesome day...EPIC, some might say.  Why? Because today I have with me on the show USAF Master Sergeant, Author and friend, D.L. Jennings.  Now, that might not be a name you've heard about YET, but trust me, you will.   Jennings has already released book one in the Highglades series (its looking to be a trilogy!) and he has just announced his 2nd book in the series, Awaken the Three.  This book is available now for pre-order on as well as Barnes and Nobles and it will officially be available in stores on August 11.   Jennings shares with us a little bit of his history, his motivations for becoming an author, a bit about the first and second book (SPOILER FREE) and even shares some of his thoughts on where he wants this series to go in the future. I've asked Jennings some interesting questions and you too can ask him some of your own.  Just shoot me a message here on or over at the Instagram page Sketchbook_audio and i'll make sure he answers them! Get ready for a fun interview
May 23, 2020
The automotive world is alive with the glory of.... TEASERS! And I go and get tested for Covid-19
hey everyone check this! GMC brings us new teasers and info about the #hummer, Acura teases the 2021 TLX with a twin turbo V6, Agusta shows off their newest Street bike (lots of carbon fiber!) and Nissan celebrates its GT-R with the ItalDesign 50. oh and uh, I had to get tested for covid 19. check out this video and get all the juicy details! #automotive #automotivenews #cars #podcast #design #genesisG80 #nissanGTR50
May 20, 2020
AUTO REVEALS ARE BACK!! And im covering them both here and on Instagram! Also, looks like i'll be quarantined grrrrr
Today marked the first day that the Big Three Automakers in Detroit, as well as some other locations, got back to work and started producing cars again.  However, though people were rockin and ready to roll some fresh metal down those stamping lines and piece together the vehicles you all are (not) demanding right now, they are doing it at a snails pace.  Covid be damned! but thats not stopping the auto industry from at least trying to get things back to normal...whatever that is anymore. But Toyota was apparently wasnt ready to let Covid-19 ruin their monday so they decided to reveal not 1, but 2 new vehicles - the 2021 Venza and Sienna along with each one of their respective trim levels (so really thats like 6 new vehicles).  Ford is pushing back pretty much all of their new vehicle release dates (by anywhere from 2-4 months) - they arent the only ones either Dyson revealed their dream-in-a-dumpster car and its not at all what you were thinking it would look like - you know, a vacuum cleaner with 4 wheels?  Last but not least, some news of a different color - I have to be quarantined because i may have come into contact with one of the infected (jeeze it starting to sound too much like a zombie film).  Also, this weekend, i have a special guest! But, you'll have to listen to this weeks episode to find out who!!
May 19, 2020
Dont Call it a Comeback - Its just Quarantine life
Hey everyone, its your host, Ryan Sketch! I hope you are all well and safe, and hopefully, not going crazy yet in this #quarantinelife.  I want to start off by saying i apologize for being so distant (social distancing not needed via podcasts!) - the world has been moving a bit slow and because of that, so has my podcast.   That said, i was thinking about how i got into Art as a lifestyle and career path and it really got me thinking about the basics of it all. What are the key tools you need for success, and what are the key elements to any good design.  I wont spoil it in writing, so go ahead and give this episode a listen.  Before next weekend, i will have a lot of helpful tips posted on the instagram account Sketchbook_Audio so give it a quick look-see.  Get your sketchbooks out and grab a drink, cause im back baby!
May 10, 2020
The 1975 and Everything Else! (#DreamHack2020, PSA/FCA, My PT cruiser Crush and artistic inspiration)
The 1975 is an amazing band.  I just needed to say that.  If you havent listened to them, you need to.  Whatever music you are in to, im sure they have something that will strike your fancy. So i went to my first VideoGameCon!! DreamHack2020 was lit AF and i loved every minute of it - but i wish i actually competed in something!  Did you know PSA merged with FCA?  Whats with all of these acronyms anyways? What happened to actual names?! I love the PT Cruiser.  IM sure you probably hate it.  But thats ok because it prevailed and the DreamCruisers are historical! Lastly, where do you find your inspiration for what ever you are designing?  Look out your window? Read a good book? See a fresh movie? Maybe it was just listening to the 1975! haha.  
February 24, 2020
Chicago autoshow 2020 and a big reveal from Fox and Jeep. Man I love a good secret!
Its autoshow season and we are kicking it off this year surprisingly, at Chicago and not detroit (that's coming in june). Somw serious reveals this year are coming including some major game players in the SUV/CUV categories. Most importantly, though, is a secret project I've been keeping from everyone for almost 9 months... but you'll have to listen to find out what it is!
February 7, 2020
Good Design - Tesla Cyber Truck, Eco-Minded Shoes and a Mopar 2020 Wrangler?
So the age of Cyber-Punk may be upon us and the harbinger of this movement is none other than Elon Musk.  But is the Cyber truck "Good Design"? Hear my take on that and also some back story to the Fisker Ocean - a vehicle that promises to be vegan, and good for our planet.   Seeing Blue?  FCA's parts and tuning arm, MOPAR, is scheduled to reveal a (Blue) Moparized Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.  Now, this could be a limited edition model that will, in some way, come with the Mopar Tubular frame doors, or, it could be just Mopar showing us what a wrangler could look like, if you dive deep enough into their parts catalog for the Wrangler.  Lastly, eco-friendly shoes are all the rage! And im going to get in line for Adida's new MIAMI colorway, made from recycled plastic found in the ocean and on beaches. 
January 27, 2020
Welcome Home Sketchbook Audio!
Im Back and better than ever!  Ive decided to move the video portion of this podcast over to the Instagram page, Sketchbook_Audio and do that in sync with this podcast.  Hopefully it works out well for everyone! On this episode, ive got a lot to talk about, but it'll basically be a "whats to come" in the near future on upcoming episodes.   Im going to hit hot topics like retro designs (Corvette, Mustang, Bronco etc), Color theory and the importance of not just offering people all black interiors, and in the next coming episodes, shoes and fashion design! Im BACK! So, LETS DO THIS!
January 19, 2020
TOKYO AUTO SHOW 2019 Happened and i have the low-down on some of the more interesting designs
While i wasnt personally at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Show, i did spend a lot of time online watching the live reveals and checking out all of the pictures of some of the more interesting and creative designs/concepts.  Included in that list and also on this episode are: Nissan Ariya Daihatsu WakuWaku Suzuki Waku SPO Toyota e-Racer and a bunch more!  Check it all out on Sketchbook_Audio as well as on my youtube channel - Ryan Sketch
November 3, 2019
Hey guys, Ryan Sketch here and I am super excited about this episode because you can see the full video/live stream review I did of this book on Sketchbook_Audio instagram page.   This book, IDrawCars is, as the kids say these days, LIT! Best bang for your buck when it comes to tools of the trade and it makes for a perfect travel companion!   Go check out and buy yourself a copy or two! Take some pictures of your practice work and post them to your instagram page and then give me a shoutout!  Last but not least, someone leaked some footage of the Ford Bronco startup screen and new Badge!! This vehicle is going to be HUGE For Ford because it'll (Hopefully) give them a fighting chance against RAM and Jeep.  Listen, i love the wrangler, but maybe its time for the king to take a seat....or at least move over a bit!
October 16, 2019
Frankfurt International Autoshow Show/Saloon!!! And how about some cool new tech from instagram?!
Hey friends and fellow designers, did you know that the IAA /Frankfurt international auto show occurred this week? Did you miss all of the excitement? Well fear NOT ! I will be talking about my favorite vehicles from this years show including the Honda E, some really sexy Audi's including an autonomous offroader! SAY WHAT?! Oh, and Lamborghini finally made a hybrid... no, hell hath not freezeth over, but electrification is real and its hitting the streets hard! I found some interesting tech on instagram and i wanted to share that with head over to the Sketchbook_Audio Insta page and see what im talking about!
September 14, 2019
IM BAAACCCKKK! Bigger, Better than ever! AND now on Youtube!
Sketchbook Audio is now streaming on Youtube! So check it all out here on (download the android or apple app) and/or you can find me on youtube.  Just search Sketchbook Audio or Ryan Sketch  Its been a rough couple of months, but i managed to pull through.  Ultimately, i got some place i really wanted to be and working for a great company, Fox Shocks in Sunny San Diego! Yes, it still means a whales Vag@#$   So after my brief story telling, lets discuss some awesome wagons that are headed our way. Thats right, the AUDI RS6 AVANT IS COMING TO THE USA!!!!   My distaste for the word "Coupe" Being bastardized on lifted sedan/crossovers Lastly, im taking my 2019 RAV4 Adventure out to OTAY Lake tomorrow afternoon for some light off-roading and some incredible scenery! 
August 31, 2019
I've been gone for quite some time but now is the time for a righteous come back!
We've got quite a bit to talk about in the coming days all of which have to do with my relocation from Detroit Michigan to San Diego. But for now, let's talk about the 2019 Toyota rav 4 adventure model and some really badd a** sport coupes that I will never be able to afford
July 15, 2019
Wheels, Hatchbacks - WHY YOU NO LOVE THEM USA??, and the Dodge Stealth and Mitsubishi 3000GT Cars of my dreams
Wheels - Aston Martin has a new, sexy special edition DBS out called the DBS Superleggera "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and the wheels ARE EPIC! So lets talk about.... WHEELS!  Specifically directional wheels.  Ralph Gilles hates 'em, but its a trend thats picking up more and more rapidly as electrification becomes more mainstream Hatchbacks and Hot Hatches -  Apparently, and this is news to me, the USA HATES them.  Why? Probably because they are too busy sucking down all of the Crossover and SUV bullshit the inudstry keeps shoving down their throats.  Well thats fine and all, but lets take a moment to appreciate the oddball BMW X2 as a sporty hatchback, and then remember that we still have the GTI and Golf-R....but its not enough!  Oh and, i think Jeep should offer a Compass Trackhawk........ yeah, i said it. Stealth and 3000GT/GTO - these are the twins that made my dreams wet as a young man.  And im STILL drooling over them.  Active Aero, Active Exhaust, AWD and ALL WHEEL STEERING???? in 1991 (through 1999)  Thats bonkers! But good luck finding a GOOD used one with low miles for anything under 30k.  OK lets be honest, good luck finding one period in good condition.   Side note, Toyota is offering NEW Body parts for the MKIII and MKIV Supras!  Yes, you read that right, NEW.  As in, fresh off the (Stamping) press, warrantied and everything else that comes with the word NEW from an OEM. 
May 22, 2019
Sad day here at Sketchbook Audio - But, the show MUST GO ON!
Passing of a friend - My good friend Rick past away a couple nights ago.  He will be missed.  But he left behind a legacy and a story, of being good to one another.  Cosplay - Well, looks like i'll  be suiting up as the Joker and Captain Deadpool at this years Motor City Comic Con in Novi (This weekend, May 17th-19th) Thoughtful and SMART Design - 2020 Kia Soul, 2020 Kia Telluride and 2019 Volvo XC40
May 13, 2019
the weird, but very sexy and competitive, BMW X2
Listen, the automotive industry isnt always "Lit" so in the mean time, i need to entertain you all with some reviews on some cars, products, and even architecture I come across in my daily.  Thats OK though, right?!  Of course it is! because i promise i wont bore you with reviews on the Yugo or the Pinto or anything else as sad as that..... actually, that could be a fun episode - "Top ten WORST/UGLIEST auto designs in history" hmmmm. Next week, be sure to tune in as we dive into our cell phones.... past present and future designs.   Lets do this!
May 1, 2019
Get ready for a LONG but Special Episode- Transformers, Endgame, DC Cinematic Universe and MORE!
Ok so i finally was able to get my buddy Anthony onto the show (hes super important and a busy mo-fo) and he has quite a bit to say about Transformers (toys and movies) and some things to say about the MCU (including End Game - will Ant Man Defeat the Mad Titan by crawling into his buthole????!!!) and the DCU (Which i have a few things to say myself). Then we are going to discuss other things and you are going to love every minute of it!  This isnt really design related today, but, its just some of the stuff that inspires me and keeps me going. Hey, YOU! yes you, my fellow listeners... Have you seen Batman Vs. Superman? Did you love or hate it? Either way, id love to know about it! So, shoot me a message here on Anchor, or leave me a message/tag me in a post on Instagram - @Sketchbook_Audio If you HAVE seen batman V Superman, well, yours truly blows up... quite literally!
April 26, 2019
Lets talk SHOES!!! Bomb Scare at St. Patricks Cathedral?! and Buick has got my heart strings!`
Nike, along with Puma and Adidas do some pretty bad-ass colabs with other artists, sports teams, automotive companies, etc.  I found one recently that just blew me away and needless to say, im smitten by the colors and the tech of the Acronym designed,  Air Presto Mid x Acronym.   Oh and, while i was in NYC last week, someone tried to blow up St. Patrick's Cathedral!!!!! WTF?!  Whats with people trying to blow up something that is essentially a sanctuary and is, by definition, to be a place that DOESNT get attacked?  And its such an amazing piece of architecture.  Grrrr Lastly, Buick is (possibly) bringing two knew vehicles to the States and im really geeked about one of them.  Check out the Sketchbook_Audio Instagram page and follow along ! Its like a picture book for my podcast!
April 23, 2019
NYIAS; Jalopnik Hosted our 16th Sketchbattl; Nike Store NYC
So the New York International Auto Show is happening right now and Sketchbook Audio was (somehow) given a pair of press passes and freedom to roam the halls of the Javits Convention Center and look at cars. Really cool cars, some boring cars and then 20 million dollars worth of super and hyper cars!  But before we ever got to do any of that, Jalopnik (the infamous automobile-enthusiast website that isnt afraid to tell it like it is, offend some people about their precious toyota corolla and then bring you the latest and greatest of the auto and tech industries, was kind enough to host the Middlecott Sketch Battle in their HQ - which BTW, was ridiculously hard to find.... mostly because NYC has crazy complicated addresses to some of their buildings and offices and google maps hasnt quite figured it out.   Lastly, in the next coming weeks because there arent many new car designs to talk about, we will get into some classics that im awfully fond of, and SHOES!!! Ladies, you heard that right, i said shoes! Well this segment will really apply to anyone because we all have to wear them.  But there are some incredible breakthroughs happening in the fashion world, ESPECIALLY with shoes and, well frankly, i about died when i went to the NIKE store downtown Manhattan, across from the St. Patrick's Cathedral.  No seriously, i almost died! Some dude tried blowing it up just moments before we arrived.  There were dozens of SWAT team members surrounding the place.  Very Epic.  
April 20, 2019
New Movies for 2019; Disney Reboot - WHY?@#!; BumbleBee Makes Transformers fun again; and NYC next week!!
Hey guys and gals! Thanks for tuning in to Sketchbook Audio.  Be sure to follow along on the instagram page, Sketchbook_Audio for pictures and a place for you to leave me comments and suggestions.   Todays episode, im going to shift gears a bit (haha, get it?) and talk about some movies coming out this year, for better or for worse.  Oh and to spoil Avengers: Endgame, the hulk shrinks down to the size of a neutron, goes into Thanos' butt and then makes his way to his brain, where he totally HULKS OUT and causes Thanos' head to explode!!! BOOOM!! Anyways, thats not what really happens, but it would be cool if it did.  I also want to discuss Disney reboots....they were bound to happen, but did ANYONE ask for them? NOPE.  Oh well.  Bumble Bee was a pretty good transformers movie that made me feel young again (and no, Michael Bay did not ruin, i mean, Direct this one). Nissan is refreshing the Juke to version 2.0 .... but maybe not for the US.  LAME!!!  Lastly, i'll be in NYC next week....keep listening to find out why. OH! and check the instagram page too for the flyer wink wink! Thanks for being a listener. Whether this is your first time, 10th time or last time, without you this show would be nothing.  I do need to ask a small favor though.... could you please be a monthly supporter of this podcast?  Dont worry, the money isnt going to me so that i can buy a nice new car.  The money is going to some charitable places that do a lot of good in the world.  And we need more good!!  Donate 1 Dollar or 10; can be monthly, or just one time.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! (BTW We are now on Season 2 - each season will be 1 year long.)
April 10, 2019
What kind of Artist are you? Do you need some how-to's or some inspiration ?
Over the years, i have collected dozens of books on how-to draw just about anything, how to be a better animator or actor, and just a crap ton of inspiration from movies, video games and some amazing artists.  Follow me on Instagram @ Sketchbook_Audio and i'll show ya what i have and hopefully it helps you as it did me!
April 3, 2019
Product design is so important for society....heres why. Oh, and we have more coupe crossovers coming....brace yourselves!!
sometimes we take certain tools and products for granted. And other times we just dont have what we really need to get a job done safely and efficiently.  This is why product design is so key and vital! also, Porsche has something you really should check out. Its the 2020 Cayenne coupe.  i know i know, enough with the SUVs but seriously, this thing is hot.   oh and did you know a charger widebody exists? well it does and its coming very very soon.
March 21, 2019
ive been talking about it for weeks now and it is finally upon us! the 2019 Geneva International Motorshow (GIMS) and boy is it HOT!  So many beautiful concepts and new production cars coming down the pipeline, i dont know what to do with myself.   So, lets talk about some of them and see what really makes them what they are...which is freaking awesome.  Hope you guys and gals are enjoying the music because ive got a huge playlist that im super stoked to share with everyone!
March 5, 2019
The Geneva motor show and helpful hints on character and concept design
Not a lot going on right now fellow sketch book er's But what I can tell you is the Geneva motor show is next week and your host is super geeked. And for all of my listeners who are curious about character in concept design for video games comic books movies you name it, I have a lot of helpful resources to share with you
February 27, 2019
Geneva Motor Show And Why Are We (Americans) So Deprived of Fun Cars?
Geneva motors show is just around the corner, and Ford took away the only American Hot hatch we have.... So, why not give us an Escape ST? Oh and check out the Citroen Ami One on Sketchbook_Audio on instagram!!! Fun little guy
February 21, 2019
I GOT MY FIRST MESSAGE! Lets Talk Wagons and some stuff!
My buddy Anthony left me my first message and he had some questions.  But before i get to that, i want to talk about my love for wagons.  And then i'll answer some questions from Anthony about Character Design, Comic books, sleek cars etc.  Oh, And British Racing green looks great on any car. Period.  
February 13, 2019
Chicago Auto show and BIG GRILLES
  Lets talk about the big 3 and their BIG GRILLES! Why so much chrome and wheres the color breakup?   Also, Nissan Rogue sport surprises with "new" look but same old BORING BLACK INTERIOR and no "Sportiness" to be found inside or in the engine. 
February 9, 2019
Political crap; Resident Evil 2 remake?!; 2020 Renault Clio & a Top-Secret Mitsu EV
Why is it so hard to have nice, fun, affordable compact cars/hatchbacks in the US? Well, mostly cause of politics; The 2020 Renault Clio and Driver-centric interior design; Mitsubishi is set to announce a new crossover concept...yes, ANOTHER concept.  Just make one of them already!  Oh, and its super cold outside, so, stay inside and listen to my podcasts!
January 30, 2019
NAIAS 2019, Amazon's robo-revolution; the FIRST TRUE SUV and more!
I was at NAIAS this year and it was....ok.  But they have monkeys, apparently! Other hot topics include my new podcasting gear, amazon has a new delivery method for Seattle and check out the Geely FY11....its sexy.
January 24, 2019
Tuesday Preview - NAIAS 2019
Im sorry ive been missing for so long, life has really taken too many turns for me recently. But im not going to let that stop me from enjoying my time with you guys and gals! I promise to continue bringing you the content you crave when it comes to automotive, product, architectural and fashion design.  So heres a brief run-down on what to expect for tuesday: Coverage of NASAIS 2019 and my experience at the 15th Middlecott Sketchbattle! (psst, i didnt make it very far haha.  )
January 21, 2019
Good Design and Designing for your Customer; 1957 Fiat 500 @ MoMA!
We've discussed this before but I was reminded about good design and designing for the customer when I went to this new chill coffee house in Hudson, Ohio called Heartwood: Coffee Roasters. Very West Coast. My question was, how would you design a car for the people that come to this coffee house? What would it look and feel like? Lastly, MoMa is showing off the 1957 Fiat 500 at its Value Of Good Design Exhibition (in NYC) this coming spring. Why? Because its truly an Icon of Design! Prove me wrong! lol
December 15, 2018
Why production cars don't look like their concept counterparts
Have you ever wondered why you never see really crazy concept car designs on the road? Have you ever asked yourself how comes this production car doesn't look like the concept car I saw at the auto show? I've got the answers for you so let's dive into it. Be sure to check out my Instagram page for pictures related to this episode
October 19, 2018
Back into the swing of things - Hyundai Nexo, VW LED lights and early dodge sport car concepts
Hey guys I'm sorry I've been out for so long but thanks for checking out this episode. Today I'm discussing alternative fuel vehicles (Hyundai nexo), VWs fancy new LED lighting that's customizable and can save lives and lastly, Conceot cars from Dodge that should be around right now! Remember, follow sketchbook_audio for all the pics related to today's show.
October 17, 2018
Our first Guest, Chris Corrado; sketchbattle at SEMA and the solution to sedans
Our first Guest, Chris Corrado; sketchbattle at SEMA and the solution to sedans
September 27, 2018
Peugeot E Legend...OMG
Today I wanted to go through DE legend concept that was recently revealed and all I have to say is this car is a masterpiece and I hope you guys agree. Take a listen to this episode as I give you as many details about the car as possible and give you my opinion on the vehicle as a whole
September 21, 2018
Kia Proceed and Mercedes chance to acquire younger buyers with an electric Bubble
Check out my Instagram page sketchbook_audio for pictures and details of what's on today's episode !
September 13, 2018
Sweet new exotic rides from this weekends luxury outings
Check out Sketchbook_audio on Instagram for more details and stay tuned for Thursdays episode when I go into further detail on each new car.
August 27, 2018
Part 1 of Sweet new rides exotic edition)
This 1st part of a 2 part series I'm going to let you in on some of the details of 4 new exotic cars that were shown at the quail and pebble beach recently. On Thursday I will go deeper into design details of each car and if you guys post any questions on my Instagram page I will follow up with those as well . Sketchbook_audio on Instagram
August 27, 2018
Sunday Funday and the Iconic Woodward Dream cruise
Have you ever been to the Woodward Dream cruise? Did you go this year? Any favorite memories you have from your first time cruising? What do you want to know about the WWDC? and lastly, I'm accepting donations that will go to good causes, and help me make this podcast a bit more professional!
August 19, 2018
Hot wheels 50th anniversary tour and a big surprise
Ryan sketch here and I am down at the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary tour in Dearborn Michigan checking out some amazing custom rides and getting my picture taken in my Abarth 500 in front of a lifesized Hot Wheels packaging backdrop Check out all of the amazing pictures on my Instagram. Oh and now I can get paid to podcast through Anchor! Check out my Instagram to find out how
August 11, 2018
Crowdsource designing, 3D printers and places to go for inspiration
You guys HAVE to check out launch forth and Local motors and get in on the competitions they have. Great way to gain experience and exposure. 3d printers- where they are now and where we are headed Places to go to meditate, draw and get inspiration.
August 9, 2018
Mahindra, AEV and the extensive process in bringing a concept to production
Did you know know Jeep sold the rights to the 1941 Willys body to Mahindra? Did you know Mahindra has built said design for modern day consumption? Jeep has something to say about that. And we talk purpose built Wranglers for off-roading and camping/hiking...which is what I'll be doing in a Few weeks. Lastly, development of a car doesnt happen over night...or in a year...or 2. Sometimes it takes 5 years or more. I explain why.
August 3, 2018
2019 Toyota C-HR, Retrofuturism and the iconic Wrangler
I have all the latest details on the 2019 C-HR and Corolla hatchback! Check out my Instagram page Sketchbook_Audio for pics and details! Also. What is retrofuturism? And why is the wrangler JL so expensive ??
July 24, 2018
San Francisco treats and Mini Coopers
Follow up on my journey to San Francisco last week and when I came home, I got to test drive some new mini coopers. Listen to my take on the reimagined mini.
July 17, 2018
sketchbattle San Francisco
I wish I could bring you all here to San Francisco because not only are the people pretty chill but the design game is HOTTTT! beautiful new, modern and trendy buildings and housing going industry is booming and the cars here are in some ways rare but sexy!! Check out my Instagram page for some fun pics of my journey and also check out Middlecott Sketchbattle's page on Instagram for pics of the contestants and all of our work.
July 11, 2018
What is Good Design Pt-1
Today is going to be part 1 of a 3 part series where we discuss "Good Design" . Today's episode is a quick fly-by of the topic and we will go more in depth the following weeks.
July 5, 2018
Design Theory- shoes and the Sydney opera house
What do shoes and cars have in common? Well, in the modern world, a lot! And how about the Sydney opera house and it's crazy pavilions? Yeah, we can use that in car design too. Last but not least, #notmyeclipse is trending. But why? And does it even matter?
June 26, 2018
Electric cars, furniture and cars, in how I became a car designer
Let's talk about the jaguar I pace, the Mercedes EQ, the Tesla Model X, furniture, and how I chose to become a car designer
June 19, 2018
Trump scares the American auto industry, what inspired designers and autonomy, oh my!
Where is this country going to when Trump cuts trade ties with, well, everyone?! Things that designers draw inspiration from in nature, and Autonomous cars are coming, but is it too soon? Oh and check out Byton, faraday future and Lucid!
June 13, 2018
What's in a sketch?
Lets talk about good design, how to present your work without being there, subjective vs. Objective art, color theory and then finish up with some FCA updates.
June 5, 2018
Reflections on FCA's five year plan
Just a quick overview of FCAs five year plan announced over the last 2 days. You can read the full details (and fact check me) on or Tune in each week on Tuesdays and you can now follow SketchbookAudio on Twitter and Instagram Sketchbook_audio
June 3, 2018
FCA's 5 year plan and what to do about rising fuel prices
A bitter sweet day where I discuss departing Hilton head South Carolina leaving back to my home in Detroit Michigan as well as gaining some insight on fiahed Chrysler's 5 year plan just announced today and lastly if your prices are still rising what are we going to do about the lack of fuel efficient small vehicles? Do we continue to make small crossovers or do we put our faith in small cars like fiat
June 1, 2018
The Strange and the Funky vehicles of Hilton head island
Today's episode, I discuss some odd vehicles on Hilton head island. I've given some history behind them and where they are now. Lastly, I discuss purpose-built and what that means in the automotive industry today and why I think too many automakers are slacking in that division.
May 29, 2018
Recalls, Rolls Royce makes a $325,000 Safari-mobile for Nicholas Cage, and what's your civic flavor?
Let's talk about recalls- whose to blame and why you must get them fixed ASAP; Would Nick Cage drive the Cullinan? I think so; and the 2018 Honda Civic is the same size as the Accord, but has 2 more flavors (coupe and hatch)
May 22, 2018
Random thoughts on my drive home
A little bit of whatever is running through my head at the moment. Including, but not limited to, deadpool 2, bad drivers, the F-word and the Toyota C-HR
May 18, 2018
So you want to be a designer like me...
A brief background of my life and how I became a designer. And then a few pointers on how to keep things moving in your search for that dream design job. It's not going to be an easy path. But hey, nothing good ever comes easy.
May 8, 2018
Late night revelations- 2019 Ram truck
Got a chance to spend some quality time in several of Rams latest offerings and holy crap...its true what they said about the 6 hammers. It's like, Thor's hammer, only better. Sorry Mjolnir
May 3, 2018
Episode 4: The American Sedan is dead; fashion sense and Easter eggs
Today I talk about the death of the American sedan and what that means for the US. Next, my neighbor has a Tesla model 3 and I LOVE it, but it's missing something; people ask me if fashion goes with cars and I say yes!; lastly, Easter eggs and why Jeep does so well with them.
May 1, 2018
Ultimate Luxury Performance Electrics and Architectural influences
On today's episode of Sketchbook audio we dive into the Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept, the rumored Mitsubishi Lancer (Crossover??) Revival and what do car designers learn from architecture?
April 24, 2018
Day One- Kicking Tires
So I woke up this morning absolutely stoked to begin my journey with this podcast thing and while I'm a little nervous, I have a good feeling that this could be something great...or st least a lot of fun for my listeners. I dont have a title yet for the show, still spit ballin some ideas on the wall but hey, some people dont even have a name for their newborn baby until like months after its born. So I feel confident things will go nicely. Basically what will happen on this show is a lot of talk about cars. But not so about the performance numbers. Instead, since I'm a car designer and have a lot of friends in this industry, we are going to rent and rave about any given cars design elements. I'll give some background on anything from corollas to ferraris and the Dodge Demon, while taking on requests and insight from my listeners and those who join me on this show. Hilarity will ensue and we will all just have fun. No politics, no bullshit, just cars, gear heads and motorsports. Most
April 10, 2018