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Skincare Anarchy

Skincare Anarchy

By Ekta et al.
Join Ekta as she discusses skincare trends, social issues, and myths around skincare and beauty culture. Join the discussion on Instagram @skincareanarchy!

(Not legal or medical advice, all views expressed are non-legal and non-medical opinions)
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Dr Ben Johnson, founder of OSMOSIS skincare

Skincare Anarchy

Dr Ben Johnson, founder of OSMOSIS skincare

Skincare Anarchy

E.300: Fragrance 101 Ft. Marisa Auciello + CEW featured us!
Join us for our 300th episode and the launch of our brand new series, FRAGRANCE FRIDAYS! The aim for this series is to approach the world of scents and perfumes from a fundamental perspective and learn the nitty gritty of what makes our favorite scents the key to our self care routines!
May 21, 2022
E.299: Greek Grapes May Be The Glow Getters For Obtaining “Santorini Summer” Skin Ft. KORRES
Join us as we interview the master mind behind the Greek Apothecary inspired, cult favorite skincare line, KORRES. Founder Lena Philippou shares age old traditions and the secrets of Greek Beauty that have led to her team’s most recent breakthrough discovery: Santorini Grapes and their Skin Perfecting Potential. Listen to Lena discuss not only the Greek Beauty rituals that have contributed to the success of KORRES but also how the brand has. and is still, paving the path to merging sophisticated chemistry with inspired innovation for timeless products rooted in transitional medicine and discovery.
May 17, 2022
E.298: Why Personalized Skin Care Is The New Wave Ft. Sajani Barot PharmD, MBA
Join us as we talk with Sajani Barot, founder of The Skin Consult. Sajani dives deep into the problems consumers face when approaching the plethora of skincare options on the market and discusses the immense potential of offering customized options as not only a form of optimizing skin care but also offering a more sustainable approach and option for consumers who want to target specific concerns or focus on preventative measures for their skin.
May 15, 2022
E.297: Sunscreen (SPF) Selections For Summer Months Ft. Chris Birchby, Founder of COOLA
Join Ekta as she interviews the founder of the cult favorite SPF brand, COOLA. Chris Birchby has been a pioneer in this space long before all of the skincare companies at rated pumping out spf options. Tune in to hear his story of creating a brand, working within regulations set by the FDA and bringing products to consumers that are aimed at providing quality without compromising the essentials of good skin health: protection.
May 12, 2022
E.296: The Science Behind Healthy Hair Ft. OLAPLEX
Join Ekta as she sits down with the national trainer for the industry standard hair care line, OLAPLEX, Danielle Frank. Danielle walks us through all of the products Olaplex offers and explains the logic behind the science of good hair days every day!
May 09, 2022
E.295: Skin Routines That Hollywood Stars Are Crazy For Ft. Angela Caglia
“My skincare philosophy is based on nourishing your lipid barrier, less is more when it comes to products, and only use the world’s best ingredients when formulating. My ethos is represented in each product in my assortment. I also bring my 26 years’ experience working directly on skin, that’s over 20,000 faces, so I have an acute understanding of what works. Plus, when you consider my clients are some of the most discerning and recognizable faces in the world, there is no margin for error. “ - Angela
May 09, 2022
E.294: Finding Trust Worthy Skin Care For All Seasons Ft. Good Faith Co-Founders
In this episode, GOOD FAITH SKINCARE Co-Founders, and Best Friends, Katie and Michelle share their journey of creating a brand that goes beyond what the eye can see when it comes to skin health. Good Faith is a line dedicated to taking care of people from both the inside and out via their tried and true approach to fully integrated wellness.
May 06, 2022
E.293: Redefining Luxury Skin Care W/Out Compromising The Science Ft. Emma Lewisham
Emma Lewisham has packed a lot into her 37 years of experience. She's studied business in Barcelona, sits on the board of a charitable trust, and has been actively involved in womens advocacy for over a decade across organisations including Zonta International and Global Women. Tune in to learn how Emma is redefining the Luxury Skincare Space without cutting corners when it comes to the science, quality and even sustainability of high end products.
May 05, 2022
E.291: Why We Should All Go See Skilled Estheticians, Not Only Dermatologists Ft. Sarah Akram
As a board licensed Master Esthetician, Sarah is one of the most sought after skincare specialists on the East Coast. With a roster of loyal A-list clients, Sarah was able to build a successful business in both New York City and Washington, D.C., where she was born and raised. After years of splitting her time between two cities, Sarah decided to lay down roots in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia to open up her own skincare boutique in 2015. Fortunate to have been mentored by world-renowned skincare experts early in her career, Sarah is thrilled to offer the most effective, cutting-edge skincare at her boutique. With a team of highly skilled Master Estheticians, and exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s best product lines, Sarah delivers an all-natural path to anti-aging skincare.
May 02, 2022
E.292: Why Goat Milk Is the Next Skincare Super Ingredient ft. Co-Founders of BEEKMAN 1802
Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge are the Co-Founders of Beekman 1802. Ridge began his career as a physician at Mt. Sinai in New York City and later launched the Health & Wellness division of Martha Stewart Omnimedia, where he served as Vice President. Kilmer-Purcell was previously an award-winning advertising executive and New York Times bestselling author of three books. The pair founded Beekman 1802 in 2008 after purchasing the historic Beekman farm in Sharon Springs, NY, where they rescued 100 goats and started making goat milk soaps. Over the years, Beekman 1802 has grown from a single soap company into the fastest growing goat milk skincare company. The brand debuted on HSN and QVC in 2018 and 2019 respectively to rave reviews and launched its Clinically Kind® skincare range for sensitive skin in Ulta Beauty in 2020. In December 2021, Eurazeo Brand acquired the majority stake of the brand.
May 01, 2022
E.290: Aesthetics 101- Everything We Need To Know About Facials, Lasers and More ft. Amy Peterson
In this episode we interview the Medical Aesthetics Guru herself, Amy Peterson. Amy shares her immense knowledge in the area of laser treatments and what we all should be considering when approaching the realm of medical vs non medical aestheticians. Amy breaks down the basic information around using devices such as lasers and the aspects that make a facial worth the money and commitment. Amy’s approach and her science backed approach has been acclaimed industry wide and she shares all in this exclusive interview!
April 29, 2022
E.289: The Science Behind Clean and Clinical Grade Skincare Ft. Dr Koo
In this episode we interview Dr Michele Koo, Founder of Private Practice by Dr Koo. Tune in to learn how clinical grade skin care does not mean that we must sacrifice clean ingredients and how Dr Koo has taken this principle to create one of the most sophisticated and effective skin health brands on the market.
April 26, 2022
E.288: making sophisticated summer scents accessible Ft Sparti Scents
Sparti Scents evolved from a 15-year friendship and a desire to create a new voice and vision for the fragrance and beauty category. After interviewing hundreds of fragrance fans from around the world, award-winning entrepreneurs and executives Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas set out to revolutionize the way consumers use, love and wear fragrance.Their vision: to re-think new forms of fragrance, new delivery systems and new experiences to make fragrance a part of your every day lifestyle and routine. The Fashion Group International recently honored Abby and Caroline at the ”Rising Star” awards ceremony as finalists in the beauty entrepreneur category for 2019 - 2021 and now 2022.
April 26, 2022
E.287: Everything we need to know about sunscreen and SPF Ft. EltaMD
In this episode we interview the brand ambassador for the cult favorite sunscreen brand, EltaMD-Echo Sandburg. Tune is to learn about what sets EltaMD apart in the world of sunscreen options and how we can all prepare for the summer months to come by buying proper sunscreen products rather than cutting corners with other brands that are “science washing” this niche of skin health.
April 22, 2022
E.286: Understanding the balance between science & natural skincare ft Noelle S. Of True Botanicals
Noelle Simons, facial therapist for the iconic line, True Botanicals, shares insight into what it means to be a brand focused on clean products without compromising science and innovation. Join us for a deep dive into the vision of this iconic skincare line as we chat with their star facial therapist
April 20, 2022
E.285: Understanding and Managing Rosacea ft Jan Marini
Join us for episode 2 of 5 of Jan Marini’s exclusive masterclass on everything skin health! In this episode Jan answers fundamental questions surrounding Rosacea and how to not only identify and differentiate it from other skin conditions but also how to approach treatment of this skin condition that inflicts stress on the lives of millions of people everyday.
April 11, 2022
E.284: Managing and understanding acne ft Jan Marini- MASTERCLASS SERIES
Join us for the first episode in a 5 part series as we discuss the science of skin health with this first episode focused on acne, with the brilliant Jan Marini.
April 08, 2022
E.283: Re-Discovering the power of the perfect Nude Lipstick ft. Bina Khan
Join Ekta as she interviews Bina, Co-Founder of Just B Cosmetics and learns about the fundamentals of the perfect nude lipstick and what that means for women on a global level in terms of self esteem, self empowerment and true inclusivity. Bina shares her journey of creating her universal shades and the personal visions she had while crafting her highly anticipated line.
April 07, 2022
E.281: Finding your perfect foundation+skincare in 1 product- a new approach ft. Nita S.
When Life Gives You Lemons 🍋 is a brand that believes we don’t need to compromise good skin health for our favorite makeup look! Join Ekta as she interviews Nita who is the founder of this revolutionary brand and discusses the journey of bringing her vision to life.
April 04, 2022
E.280: Cultivating clean beauty habits without compromising results ft. Jill Rowe
Jill Rowe is a multi-passionate and serial entrepreneur who has several startups under her belt including running her own Southern Food restaurant that she created from concept to cooking. Her career began after being discovered shortly after starting college by the famous model turned model agency owner, Wilhelmina. Jill lived and modeled around the world, working with some of the best in the business: Herb Ritts, David Bailey, and Sante D'Orazio to name a few. She then followed her passion for all things cultural by working in the art world at two prestigious contemporary art galleries in NYC. Jill also spent time working in feature film production before starting her first business, The Kitchen, a southern food restaurant in Upstate NY, where she was head chef and baker. After several successful years, she sold her share to her business partner and returned to NY landing at the beloved Danny Meyer flagship restaurant, Union Square Cafe, where she became Assistant General Manager, and received a first-level Sommelier certification. Jill brings all of her passion, skills and knowledge to her role as the co-founder of the organic skincare & wellness brand Cultivate Apothecary: cultivated, formulated and bottled at Stonegate Farm in the Hudson Valley, where she lives. 
March 31, 2022
E.279: Finding the BEST matches for skin and makeup using NakedPoppy’s algorithm ft. Jaleh Bisharat
In the age of endless product options, NakedPoppy aims to streamline the process of finding what fits us the “best” based on their quiz based analysis of the important factors that determine the products we NEED AND Want!
March 24, 2022
E.278: How to cleanse your face with a cloth product ft. Face Halo Founder Lizzy Pike
Join us for a discussion on the engineering Whind the revolutionary textile products by Face Halo. Lizzy offers insight into the science of cleansing and common mistakes that she identified to fill the white space around the first step of self and skin care.
March 24, 2022
Does Blue Light cause cancer? Read our new paper to find out!
Tune in to hear about our latest medical journal publication on if blue light is worth adding on extra sunscreen and also if it leads to melanoma skin cancers! For even more science of skin, make sure to check out Dr Dennis Gross’s Masterclass on all things skin by going to and look under the “community tab” to sign up!! Slots limited so sign up asap! Xoxo
March 22, 2022
E.276: Venture Capital for Beauty Brands 101 and tips for founders and entrepreneurs ft Rachel Brink
Rachel ten Brink is the General Partner and Founder of Red Bike Capital, a seed stage fund based in NY that invests in founders that are improving lives and powering the economy, particularly around FinTech, Commerce Infrastructure and Consumer. Rachel is a Data Driven, Product Obsessed Investor, Founder, and Board Member, and a Top Latinx in Tech leader. Rachel was the co-founder and CMO of Scentbird, a Y-Combinator backed fragrance subscription service that raised $29M in venture funding. As a founder, Rachel led Growth, Brand and Business Development, scaling the company to over 500,000 subscribers. Before this, she spent 20 years building billion dollar global brands at Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Gillette, and L’Oreal. She is a mentor at Techstars and Y Combinator. She is one less than 100 Latinas to have ever raised over $1M in VC funding, and part of the 0.01% of Latina Women that are GPs in Venture.
March 21, 2022
E.275: Clean Skincare created by a leading architect and Breast Cancer Warrior ft Alina Mehrle
Join Ekta as she interviews Alina Mehrle, Founder of the brand new skincare line AMEŌN and also a breast cancer warrior. Alina shares her inspirational journey to discovering the power of truly clean products and everything that led up to her creating a brand for anyone who needs safe and efficacious products. Alina discusses the journey through cancer treatment and how it radically alters the normal skin balance and how these changes helped her craft a truly curated collection of products without cutting corners in quality and innovation. Aside from being an inspiration, Alina is also a trained architect with an eye for design and has applied this foundation to Ameōn’s creative packaging design and product functionality.
March 19, 2022
E.274: Dr Dennis Gross introduced us to his BRAND NEW retinol line, and explains his iconic peels
Dennis Gross M.D., F.A.A.D. Board-certified dermatologist and dermatological surgeon Dennis Gross, M.D., founded his practice in 1990 after completing his residency at the New York University Medical Center. With a deep interest in skin that is healthy as well as beautiful, Dr. Gross has executed extensive research at prestigious institutes, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering, on melanoma. His research on skin cancer has been published in multiple peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Experimental Medicine and Journal of Medical Microbiology. Dr. Gross’ affiliations have included the Skin Cancer Foundation, American Cancer Society, as well as the American Academy of Dermatology, the Society for Dermatological Surgery and Oncology, the American Medical Association, and the New York Dermatology Society. Dr. Gross is a leader in cosmetic dermatological procedures, providing access to cutting-edge technology that provides exceptional results. He is passionate about achieving symmetry and balance in the faces of his patients and customizes his technique for all his treatments, allowing him to suit all of his patients’ needs and desires. He takes a subtle approach to fillers, believing that the most naturally enhanced appearance is one that can be achieved in stages. Dr. Gross created his award-winning product line, Dr. Dennis Gross SkincareTM, in 2002. He and his skincare expertise have been featured in publications including The New York Times Magazine, Elle, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, in addition to guest appearances on The Today Show, CNN, and The Early Show. Dr. Gross is a native New Yorker. He resides in Manhattan with his wife and business partner, Carrie, and their four children.
March 17, 2022
The Ukraine crisis & its impact on Russian Beauty Founders, featuring Maria Karr of Rumore
Amongst the chaos of the Ukraine bombings, many brands on a multi industry level have been impacted by prejudice, hate and presumptions of consumers. Join Ekta as she interviews Maria Karr who is the owner of a Russian Beauty supply store about how the changing political climate has impacted not only her own business but the businesses she represents from all over the world.
March 13, 2022
Jessica Cruel, Editor in Chief of allure Magazine
Jessica Cruel, Editor in Chief, Allure Jessica Cruel is the editor-in-chief of Allure, where she leads the development of multi-platform editorial content for print, digital and video platforms, including the Readers' Choice Awards and Best of Beauty Awards franchises. Cruel also consults on brand projects including the Allure Podcast, Allure Beauty Box subscription program, and the Allure Store. Cruel joined Allure in 2019, first as features director and, more recently, served as the title’s content director. As content director, Cruel spearheaded The Melanin Edit, a new Allure platform exploring all things relating to Black beauty, skincare and wellness. Prior to joining Allure, Jessica served as deputy beauty director at Refinery29, and has also held editorial roles at SELF, and Popsugar. Throughout her decade-long career in the beauty media industry, she has extended her experience to hosting podcasts, speaking at events and appearing in live television segments. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in multimedia journalism and sociology. She is a proud graduate of Albany High School as valedictorian and served as Miss Albany High School. Jessica currently resides in Newark, New Jersey.
March 11, 2022
We helped find a new drug target that helps shrink skin cancer tumors!
Tune in to hear how EKTA’s most recent research sparked a journey to discovering a breakthrough drug target that has been shown to help shrink skin tumors when it is blocked by pharmaceutically engineered molecules that block the protein known as AQUAPORIN 3 (AQP3) !
March 11, 2022
“Our mission was to create a brand with a purpose and we wanted to surprise people with as many positive messages as possible. We didn’t want to just talk about a beauty product itself but how the product will give our customers an experience which is enjoyable, lovely, surprising and memorable so that it will stick in their minds in a very positive way. Happy customers will always want to use and buy a product again and will share their positive experience with their friends. For us it’s the most fulfilling way of building an authentic brand and awareness.From day one it was important for us how our brand looks like on Instagram as well as on other social media and sales channels like Amazon, how people review our products, what influencers and most importantly our community would say about our brand and its values. Seeing our customers smile just makes us smile, too. Authenticity and spreading positivity is as important to us as product quality. We always aimed for something much deeper in our brand value system, in the DIY beauty products we offer, in the good course we’re supporting with our feel good female fragrance line (LOVE AND KINDNESS PROJECT foundation) as well as who we get on board of our diverse team. Sharing beauty & positivity makes us love what we do and we strongly believe that females around the world simply love and appreciate when a positive message comes with their beauty product. It simply makes a difference .”
March 09, 2022
Carlos Timiraos, US GM for FOREO
Carlos chats all things beauty tech and the true innovation behind every product made by FOREO , the iconic beauty care tool brand on the market. From the technology to the ethos of the brand, Carlos shares the unique approach FOREO has towards self care and how the brand is always forward facing in terms of bringing their consumers the best of engineering and science rather than marketing hype.
March 06, 2022
Simone Oliver, Global Editor In Chief of Refinery29
SIMONE OLIVER | Global Editor In Chief, Refinery29 Simone Oliver is the Global Editor-In-Chief of Refinery29, the leading media and entertainment destination focused on women and underrepresented voices. As Global Editor-In-Chief at Refinery29, now part of Vice Media Group, Simone is responsible for identifying and building impact-minded, insight-driven content and partnerships that speak to this powerful generation of women through the lens of culture, identity, and lifestyle. A cultural tastemaker and passionate content creator, Oliver has a wealth of experience in publishing. Prior to Refinery29, she spent thirteen years in various editorial and strategy posts at the New York Times, served as Digital Director at Allure and most recently on the Global Media Partnerships Team at Facebook and Instagram, where she led collaborations with magazines and lifestyle publishers. Oliver also serves as an adjunct professor at Syracuse University’s Newhouse in New York journalism, teaching Social Platforms, Processes and Perspectives. She is a proud graduate of Howard University and lives in Brooklyn with her husband, young daughter and son.
March 04, 2022
Sébastien Tardif, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of Veil Cosmetics
Celebrity makeup artist Sébastien Tardif’s work has taken him to New York, London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo and beyond. For more than 25 years, he has led innovation for many global luxury brands, and has beautified celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Nelly Furtado, Jane Fonda, Olivia Palermo and Glen Close to name a few. He has led makeup direction for more than 100 fashion week shows in New York and internationally, and his signature illuminated makeup has appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle magazines and more. He is the creator of Veil Cosmetics, renowned for its textural superiority, and a cult favorite amongst beauty experts and professionals.
March 02, 2022
Nicola Elliott, Founder of NEOM Organics
After spending seven years working 60 hour weeks as a journalist, Nicola felt the stressful pace and noticed her friends' rising stress levels, lack of sleep, energy and low mood too. She loved her job… BUT boy did she feel it! So, she kick started her wellbeing, trained as an aromatherapist and created effective pure blends. First was Tranquility for her sister who was having trouble sleeping. Then came Real Luxury to help her own anxiety and stress (it’s still in her wellbeing toolkit today). Then she created the Feel Refreshed blend for her husband (who played lots of sports) and needed an energy boost. Every product NEOM creates not only works on your wellbeing, it also smells amazing too.
February 28, 2022
Terri Vinson, Author, keynote speaker, Australian Scientist and Founder of Synergie Skin
“I’ve always had a passion for the science behind beauty. We all have the right to look our very best at every age. I’m on a mission to cut through what’s science versus hype and help everyone achieve their best skin.” – Terri Vinson Terri Vinson is dedicated to helping people feel empowered, informed and confident when it comes to their skincare choices. As the founder and formulator of Australian based global skincare company, Synergie Skin, she formulates her own line of active cosmeceuticals and intelligent mineral makeup all in accordance to her trademarked ‘Clean Science’ philosophy. Having built the vertically integrated business from the ground up, she has worked tirelessly to create safe and ethical products aimed to protect, change, and nurture the skin for long-term results and optimal dermal health. In a market that’s often fraught with false buzzwords and questionable ingredients, Terri’s unique ‘Clean Science’ philosophy arms you with enough scientific insight and confidence to identify which products truly work and why, so you can decide for yourself what’s best for your skin. Terri holds a Bachelor of Science (Immunology & Microbiology), a post-graduate Diploma of Formulating Chemistry, a Diploma of Education (Biology & Senior Science) and is a member of the ASCC (Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists). She is a world-recognised formulator, a lecturer in the field of cosmetic science, and the author of ‘Skinformation: A Clean Science Guide to Beautiful Skin’. When she hangs up her lab coat, Terri is a proud mother of two. On her days off, you’ll find her painting oils on canvas or in the kitchen concocting healthy food and smoothie recipes.
February 27, 2022
RE(set): We got Hacked BUT…the Show Must go on, and it is.
Listen in on how Instagram may be setting up small businesses for failure by providing a “smoke and mirrors” approach to handling their customer service practices. You’re listening to Skincare Anarchy, a library of insights from full length interviews with the trend makers of tomorrows viral visions- this is your host Ekta and it is Tuesday, the 22nd of the second month of 2022. After 1.5 years of daily work, Ekta lost her work, money and time that was put into building a proper, non padded Instagram presence in a matter of seconds. What does this tell us about the business ethics of monopolizing our leading social platforms? Should we exercise our rights as consumers to demand for independent and intelligent protocols that actually WORK when you hit “submit” rather than give you fake errors and “user not found” dummy messages. “Looks can be deceiving but their influence rests of an understanding of their irrelevance. “
February 23, 2022
Joshua Onysko, Founder and CEO of PANGEA Brands
Joshua Onysko is the award-winning entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Pangea. For over 20 years, Joshua has guided Pangea in developing sustainable, plant-based body and skincare products, culminating in the latest product launches in 2021 featuring plastic-free packaging. Pangea’s formulas combine powerful, bioactive ingredients from nature with the power of science for products that are highly efficacious and nourishing. And Joshua has traveled to over 50 regions worldwide to find and cultivate relationships with organic farmers, who themselves are committed to “5-star”care for the people and the environments that produce their products. Joshua is on a deep-rooted mission to provide consumers a choice to purchase their favorite products without plastic, and hopes to continue to inspire change for others to follow suit within the beauty industry.
February 20, 2022
Daniel Isaacs, Research Director for Medik8 Skincare
Daniel Isaacs is the Director of Research at Medik8 - one of the UK’s fastest growing skincare companies loved by industry professionals, beauty editors and skincare enthusiasts. Daniel has always been fascinated by science and studied chemistry at the University of Leeds. He later joined his brother Elliot’s company, Medik8, as a product formulator in the research and development department. He now heads up the department and leads a large team of biochemists, formulators and packaging specialists, who are constantly driving innovation in the skin care arena. During his career, Daniel has developed over 80 unique formulations. He is an industry expert in sunscreens and pigmentation and is the inventor of two patents in skin brightening. He is also the innovator behind Medik8’s renowned H.E.O. smart hydration technologies. His knowledge and expertise is regularly called upon by the world’s media, with him being featured in Vogue, Forbes, The Telegraph, The Times and more.
February 14, 2022
Yewande Masi, Cosmetic Chemist and Founder of ORNAMI Skincare
Yewande is the founder of Ornami Skincare, a black-owned, toxin-free skin and body care line that Was born from the love and Support Of friends and family after a breakUp. Yewande founded Ornami on the idea that sometimes finding happiness is a process of elimination. She wanted to design luxurious, toxin-free ingredients that encouraged women to take the time to care for themselves as a daily ritual.
February 11, 2022
Tammy Fender, Founder and Industry Veteran
Tammy is a seasoned veteran when it comes to all things skin health and wellness. In this exclusive interview Tammy takes a deep dive into what years of studying the skin, and understanding non traditional approaches to self care, has allowed her to create through her curated brand. Tammy shares great insight into the intersection of skincare and self care and the importance of positive energy practices when approaching our health and wellness.   yn3VF2Qh2bRmYXCwPgYs
February 06, 2022
RE: The Rise of Male Beauty
Join Rob and Ekta for their first episode of the new series, REST! This episode centers around the need to provide the male consumer a more relatable experience in the Beauty industry by providing equality in terms of educational resources geared towards Men and easy to digest facts that allow the average male consumer to feel confident in the space of self care and skin health. yn3VF2Qh2bRmYXCwPgYs
February 06, 2022
Mario Dedivanovic, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder/CEO of Makeup by Mario
Master Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic is one of the most renowned and influential celebrity makeup artists in the world. From education and social media to innovation, Mario is a visionary and pioneer at the leading edge of the industry. Sought after for his artistry, passion, and attention to detail, Mario specializes in creating a flawless face, helping draw out the best version of a woman’s natural complexion and features. Mario has popularized makeup techniques and ignited viral trends in the digital age that have inspired and altered the beauty landscape over the past decade.
February 03, 2022
Dr Muneeb Shah, DO (Doctorly) Exclusive Interview
Ekta interviews YouTube’s favorite Derm: Dr Muneeb Shah. Dr Shah provides insight into what consumers want to understand and how he approaches content creation that can reach the most amount of people and answer the everyday questions. Tune in to listen to Dr Shah’s opinions about: 1. does it matter what fucking finger you apply eye cream with.? 2. Do retinols cause birth defects when women use them in pregnancy? 3. What is the “proper way” of cleansing the face? Is there a proper way? 4. What’s your favorite derm “nerd” topic to talk on? We all have one ☝🏽 as drs 5. With all the lies out there, how did you grow your social media accounts? Share some tips for fellow derm creators 6. What’s the top list of products you have in mind right now?
February 01, 2022
Vanessa Coppola APN-C FNP-BC, celebrity professional interview
Vanessa Coppola, APN-C, FNP-BC Vanessa is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner, who specializes in non-surgical facial aesthetics and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. Vanessa developed a love of aesthetics at an early age when she first discovered the transformational power of makeup and the interplay of shadow and light. She began to study facial anatomy and was an avid follower of facial beauty analysis, including the work of Dr. Stephen Marquardt and the applications of the Golden Ratio in anatomy, art, and nature. Her interests later led to her work with intellectually and developmentally disabled children, many of whom suffer from genetic disorders and craniofacial anomalies. Vanessa has a sincere appreciation for facial anatomy, harmony, and balance as they translate to structure and symmetry. Her goal is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result, while celebrating the individual nuances that make each of us wonderfully unique. Vanessa had studied aesthetics from Florida to New York and beyond. She has had the pleasure to participate in learning opportunities with world-renowned aesthetic experts such as cosmetic dermatologist and UK Ambassador Dr. Raj Aquilla, famed anatomist and plastic surgeon Dr. Matt Stefanelli of Paris and Dubai, and the internationally famous Julia Horne, RN. Vanessa is constantly studying and learning the latest evidence-based techniques and procedures. She genuinely believes that learning never ends and will always be an active and foundational element to her practice. Vanessa received her Master of Science degree from Georgetown University Sigma Theta Tau and is currently a Doctoral candidate at Yale University. She is also a YSN 2019-2020 Gruber Foundation Fellowship Scholar. Vanessa holds advanced certifications in Neurotoxins, Dermal Filers, Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Technologies, PDO Thread Lifts, Sculptra, Platelet Rich Plasma Autologous Biologics and Regenerative Medicine. Vanessa is the founder of “Beauty for Autism”, an ambassador program designed to promote social awareness for children and adults with Autism and special needs. In her downtime, she enjoys boating with her husband and spending time with her daughter and two stepdaughters.
January 30, 2022
Chloe Metzger, Deputy Beauty Director - COSMOPOLITAN
Chloe Metzger is the deputy beauty director at Cosmopolitan, where she oversees the editorial content and growth strategy of the skin, makeup, and hair space on digital. She brings nearly a decade of beauty expertise from working with brands like Allure, Marie Claire, Health, and StyleCaster, and fosters a lifelong skincare obsession, thanks to the strand of DNA that blessed her with persistent keratosis pilaris and hormonal acne. She genuinely enjoys parsing through skincare studies while watching TV, and haranguing her dermatologist friends for their thoughts on the latest “breakthroughs.” When she’s not pretending to be a dermatologist, you can find Chloe performing improv comedy around New York City and writing short stories for literary journals.
January 28, 2022
Dr Sam Bunting, Dermatologist and founder of Dr Sam’s Skincare
Dr Sam Bunting is the founder of the DR SAM BUNTING + ASSOCIATES, 41 Harley Street clinic, and her eponymous brand, Dr Sam's. She's widely considered to be a beauty insider’s best-kept secret. She’s passionate about making expert skincare advice more accessible and helping women understand that a visit to her office is not just for troublesome skin conditions. Through her media and TV work, as a presenter on TLC’s Extreme Beauty Disasters, Dr Sam helps demystify the beauty arena with her no-nonsense approach to skin.
January 27, 2022
Jessica Richards, Founder of SHEN Beauty
Beauty expert and entrepreneur, Jessica Richards, is the powerhouse behind Brooklyn’s premier beauty destination, SHEN Beauty. After graduating from FIT, Richards worked as a stylist for VOGUE and Moda Operandi before transitioning to her passion project - connecting consumers to products that fuel beauty. Richards saw the unique opportunity in the clean beauty space, as the store would be the first of its kind in the metropolitan area that offered a quintessentially cool, curated range of effective, niche and luxury beauty products. SHEN Beauty opened its doors in 2010 in Cobble Hill. “When I first opened the doors to SHEN Beauty, I wanted to bring beauty to Brooklyn, or rather create Brooklyn beauty from what I understood about the area and my neighbors, and what they wanted and what inspired them.” Considered a pioneer in the evolution of beauty retail, Jessica’s keen sense of curation is the secret to how she has successfully launched over 70 brands at SHEN Beauty, including ILIA, Kosås, Lanolips, Haoma, Pai Skincare, Ellis Brooklyn, Vintner's Daughter, Aurelia and May Lindstrom. Richards’ passion is connecting consumers to products that fuel beauty – both inside and out. Prior to opening SHEN Beauty, Jessica has had a seasoned career cultivating beauty and wellness brands to their fullest potential. From the early stages of her career at Lucky Magazine working hand in hand with Eva Chen as the magazine’s brand curator to then becoming the Senior Beauty Buyer starting Free People Beauty, Jessica has always had a keen eye for bringing unique wellness brands to the forefront. Thanks to her success with SHEN Beauty, Jessica continues to serve as a consultant for wellness brands across the globe. Additionally, Jessica has spoken at several national panels such as the Indie Beauty Expo, Founder Made, and CEW. Due to the buzz surrounding SHEN Beauty, Richards was hand selected by goop founder Gwenyth Paltorow to grow their wellness division. The category is booming and often mentioned as having the potential for becoming the next trillion dollar industry.
January 22, 2022
Carlos Barreto, Founder of CLEVERMAN
In addition to being the founder of a brilliant Male Beauty Brand, CLEVERMAN, Carlos is an international marketing professional with extensive product and brand-building management experience in the US, and across several geographies. In this episode, Carlos discusses the emerging topics surrounding the tailoring of Beauty Brands for Men and his insights into the pros and cons currently present in the industry. Carlie also dives into his logic behind creating Cleverman from the look to the nitty gritty of product formulation.
January 21, 2022
Elle Smith, Miss USA 2021
Elle Smith, Crowned Miss USA 2021 and represented USA in the 70th Miss Universe (2021), discusses her journey through pageantry and the changes that come with the lifestyle of training for such competitive events like the Miss USA pageant and then on the global level. Elle also shares her makeup must haves and skincare saviors!
January 17, 2022
Oliver Zak & Selom Agbitor, co-founders of Mad Rabbit- Skincare for Tatoos
Selom Agbitor Bio: As an immigrant, Selom has been striving for the American Dream and Mad Rabbit has helped that become a reality. In founding Mad Rabbit he was able to empower himself and write his own American Dream. Since moving to the United States as a young boy, he has always wanted to build a brand and community that serves as a thought-leader and change agent in the skincare industry. He is driven by the constant reminder of progression and empowerment with something seemingly simple, like a tattoo balm cooked-up in a college apartment. Mad Rabbit has allowed him to tell his story and exemplifies that anything is possible. Oliver Zak Bio Oliver has always been an entrepreneur at heart and an analytical creative with high ambitions. After getting his first tattoo he saw a gap in the tattoo aftercare space, and the lack of natural, organic skincare that specifically was designed for tattooed skin. Inspired by his father’s own entrepreneurial spirit and mother’s apothecary experience, Mad Rabbit was born initially as a single product side hustle while in college, but has turned into a full time dream. Now as the full time CEO, Oliver focuses his time on product development, sustainability, partnerships, and cultivating a community- beyond the product but a lifestyle which is so critical to the success of the brand. He is so excited to partner with his team to pioneer a new vision for tattoo skincare.
January 14, 2022
Maxwell Stock, Founder and CEO of EPICUTIS
Epicutis offers science-based skincare that treats skin health (not just “age”) with small-batch formulations and complete transparency. The brand was created by the team of scientists at Signum Biosciences, a well-respected biopharmaceutical company led by Dr. Jeffry Stock at Princeton University. The company has been developing and supplying innovative ingredients to the skincare industry for several decades, and with the launch of their own skincare brand, they are looking to change the cosmetic industry for the better.
January 13, 2022
Lori Taylor Davis, Global Lead Pro Makeup Artist for SMASHBOX Cosmetics- NEW RELEASE EXCLUSIVE
For 20+ years, makeup artist Lori Taylor Davis has been turning heads with her beachy, bronzy signature look. “It’s perfected, glowy skin,” says Taylor Davis. “A little of this. A little of that. I don’t overthink it.” This California-casual cool girl draws inspo from her beloved hometown of L.A., where hyper-creative culture collides with breathtaking natural beauty. Mix that with an early affinity for her grandmother’s vanity table—a playground of blush, lashes and wigs—and you’ll understand why the “beauty junkie” gene runs deep in Taylor Davis’s DNA. Taylor Davis serves as the Global Pro Artist Lead for the camera-ready Smashbox Cosmetics, which was also born and bred in L.A. When she’s not forecasting the latest beauty trends, Taylor Davis is sharing her timeless tips through Facebook Live, on-air at HSN and behind the scenes at the MTV Video Music Awards. Taylor Davis has worked with everyone from Sandra Bullock and Bruno Mars to Rosario Dawson and Paris Hilton. Her work and go-to glam hacks have been featured around the world in WWD, Elle, More and Brides magazines. She’s appeared on “Extra,” “Good Day LA,” and—no joke—was even asked to put lipstick on a live llama (who, thanks to Taylor Davis, finally found her perfect nude).
January 12, 2022
Alicia Grande, Founder and CEO of Grande Cosmetics
With a lifelong passion for beauty, Alicia Grande founded Grande Cosmetics in 2008 as the first “functional cosmetics” makeup brand. Alicia’s road to beauty success was navigated early on as she worked in beauty retail as a teen, and later began her own radio show, “The Health Buzz,” on which she interviewed top beauty experts and doctors about trends and innovations. Those innovations are what inspired her next big beauty adventure, the founding of Grande Cosmetics and the highly-coveted and award-winning product that started it all; GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum, as a solution to some of today’s top beauty challenges. Today, Alicia is the CEO at the helm of Grande Cosmetics’ thriving business that has expanded into multiple categories, including best-selling, beauty-enhancing formulas that help promote healthy, vital lashes, brows, lips and hair. Her female-founded brand employs a diverse staff of women of all ages and backgrounds to help keep Grande Cosmetics’ assortment of functional cosmetics robust, fun, and inclusive. And the industry has rewarded her for her hard work with Grande Cosmetics winning significant beauty awards from leading publications NewBeauty, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar.
January 09, 2022
Brilliance of Beauty Exclusive Interview : Gina Lucania
Gina is an industry veteran and trailblazer with over 15 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industries. In this episode Gina offers key advice to young professionals that want to climb high in the beauty industry and discusses the glass ceilings that exist for women in the corporate world. Gina also offers her perspective on how aspiring professionals should approach their career paths in the intensely competitive world of beauty and also discusses her role at alo and the path that has led to it. Ekta and Gina also take a deep dive into the discuss current state of events around the nation wide resignations and how this should be approached from the perspective of all professionals within the beauty industry.
January 06, 2022
Lindsey Martin, Founder of Kiramoon Skincare
As a busy software executive working long nights and weekends in Austin TX, Lindsey Martin learned to truly cherish the 5 minutes she had with her skincare routine each day. When she realized that the branding and packaging of her favorite products didn't align with the magic feeling they evoked, she knew something was missing in the industry and her idea for Kiramoon was born. Kiramoon makes skincare and beauty accessories that are as cute as they are effective. We believe that skincare should be fun, and that self-love is essential. We want our customers to celebrate the 5 minutes they spend doing their skincare routine, and we think the packaging, product names, ingredients and brand ethos matter in shaping that experience. We are more than great skincare formulas: we create joy in self-care.
January 04, 2022
Dr Alexiades, MD PhD (boss level), Founder of Macrene Actives
Dr. Macrene Alexiades holds three Harvard degrees, a BA in Biology, an MD and a PhD in Genetics; 25+ year research background; and runs her own esteemed Park Avenue private practice in dermatology and laser surgery, a research clinic, and a lab focusing on anti-aging skin care, acne, skin cancer, and lasers. She is an artist and sculptor and uses injectables to achieve a natural look in her patients. M.D., Ph.D. received her three degrees from Harvard University: a B.A. from Harvard University, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and awarded the Fay Prize, the highest undergraduate honor; a M.D. from Harvard Medical School, and a Ph.D. in Geneticsfrom Harvard University. She is Associate Clinical Professor at Yale University and Adjunct Professor at Sigros Hospital, University of Athens. She was a Fulbright Scholar with a research award year in Europe. At Harvard, she excelled in portrait art and sculpture, but ultimately chose medicine and science, and was profiled in The New York Times and Vogue for her artistic skills in dermatology, injections and lasers. In medical school, she was honored with the Harvard Medical School Dean’s Report and the Paul Dudley White Award. In graduate school, she received grants from the National Institutes of Health, National Eye Institute and Radcliffe College. As Chief Dermatology Resident at New York University School of Medicine, she was awarded the Husik Prize. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and American Society for Laser Medicine (ASLMS) and Surgery and a Goldman Circle Member. She has achieved the rare status of Double Board-Certification in Dermatology in the European Union as well as the U.S. She is a Castle Connolly Top Doctor, New York Magazine Top Doctor and featured in numerous Who's Who awards. She serves on numerous medical boards, conducts FDA clinical trials for Allergan and research for Lancome among many other pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. She recently was awarded the Richard E. Fitzpatrick Award, the top laser prize for her research at ASLMS. She is Assistant Editor for the journal Dermatologic Surgery and Senior Associate Editor for the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, and Editor & Reviewer for over 15 journals, including The New England Journal of Medicine, JAAD, JAMA Dermatology, Journal of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery, Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, British Journal of Dermatology and the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. She has served as Chair of Research for the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Guest Editor-in-Chief of the Annual Laser Issue for the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, and has been extensively biographed in Who’s Who and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award and Industry Leaders Award..
January 01, 2022
Science of Skin: Niacinamide explained
Answering the key questions around Skincare’s top ingredient: Niacinamide.
December 21, 2021
Melissa Obeid, Founder of La Fervance Skincare
Use ANARCHY15 for 15% off at Www.LAFERVANCE.COM——————————————————————————————Melissa’s love affair with France was ignited whilst studying at The Paris Fashion Institute in the 90’s. She worked with the biggest names in the fashion world extending these experiences to senior fashion roles back in Australia, followed by a stellar career in high-level arts management. Melissa’s passion for clean beauty led her to initiate the development and commercialisation of a suite of Australian Made, 100% natural beauty products created under Proprietary brands sold nationwide. This was an Australian first. “Whilst obtaining a 99.9% natural formulation is a positive achievement, my mind immediately went to ‘what will it take to make it 100%’? Achieving this was a huge challenge, but it was worth every second.” – Melissa During this time Melissa recognised a void for impeccably presented, high-performance, 100% natural skincare products developed within an eco-friendly framework. “There can be no ambiguity with COSMOS certification, as they oversee every minute detail of the entire cycle of creation and production, ensuring it adheres to their standards for excellence in natural and ethical product development and packaging.” – Melissa Seeking absolute perfection, Melissa relocated to France with her husband and their children to collaborate with the global leaders in cosmetic science and active ingredients of 100% natural origin and 100% natural skin care for clean beauty. These experts were excitedly drawn to the integrity of the project and Melissa’s sheer determination to make it succeed. After three years of intense research, development and extensive testing, LA FERVANCE was born. “Perfection is our benchmark. We strive for nothing less than the best within every aspect of the LA FERVANCE brand offering. Of course, this is constantly evolving with new discoveries and innovation – hence our best must always be better.” – Melissa
December 19, 2021
Neha Oberoi, Professional Editorial Photographer and Founder of Neha Studios
Neha is a NYC based beauty and fashion photographer. Her style is inspired by femininity and allure. She enjoys creating classic imagery in a world full of fleeting trends. Her career in photography began after leaving an unfulfilling profession in the corporate world in pursuit of a creatively driven and artistic life of purpose. Her approach to image making is rooted in storytelling, connection & emotional exploration. Creative desire and passion have helped her continue to grow, learn and deliver successful projects to a diverse range of clients. EKTA’s Note : Neha is one of the few women I’ve met since I came here to the amazing United States of America, that I feel really gets it in life, in her art, etc. she’s amazingly talented and her photography reflects her dynamic, kind and honest personality. She’s a master of her craft in the finest form. It was an honor interviewing her.
December 18, 2021
Hyram Yarbro, Celebrity influencer & co-founder of Selfless by Hyram skincare
Hyram Yarbro, widely known as “Skin Care by Hyram,” is an American skincare expert and digital creator. Dubbed “The Gen-Z Whisperer” by the New York Times, Hyram quickly shot to fame in 2020 through his viral videos on TikTok – growing from 100,000 followers to 6 million in just 4 months. Best known for his videos giving brutally honest brand reviews, critiquing celebrity skincare routines, reacting to his follower’s skin transformation videos, and now his very own global skincare brand, Hyram has established himself as an authoritative figure in the beauty space. With a combined following of over 12 million, Hyram is a trusted, go-to source for his wealth of knowledge of the skincare industry. Known for his affordable product recommendations, brands quickly began to take notice of the “Hyram approved” stamp of approval and has since become one of the most sought-after players in the skincare space. Hyram’s primary goal continues to be empowering his viewers through skincare education, positivity and a sense of social responsibility. He has emerged as an advocate for sustainability and mental health, applying his knowledge of skincare and his personal story of struggles and triumphs to help uplift his followers and find more sustainable practices within the industry. In June 2021, Hyram released his own skincare line, Selfless by Hyram, with 5 SKUs. The line, powered by the Inkey List, focuses on effective ingredients while making social change with each product sold through partnerships with Rainforest Trust and Thirst Project. Selfless by Hyram is sold nationwide in the US DTC and via Sephora’s brick-and-mortar stores, as well as in over 30 countries globally. Hyram is currently based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
December 15, 2021
Happy Holidays Family and Friends
Thank you so much for your kindness, your time and every speck of energy you have gifted our way. We are so thankful to our community and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming 😈😇🥰😉
December 14, 2021
Allison Moss, Founder of type:A Skincare
Allison Moss has 22 years of prior marketing and management experience working with some of the biggest beauty companies in the business. But her passion for wanting to bring cleaner, safer beauty & personal care products to market brought her to where she is today, Founder & CEO of Type:A Brands. Since launching Type:A Brands three years ago, Allison has created award-winning, non-toxic, high-performance body care items. Allison has led the company to develop an impactful foundation and immense growth. This includes the hero product, a game-changing aluminum-free deodorant, being awarded a patent for it’s exclusive sweat-activated technology that delivers best-in-class odor and wetness protection. Type:A Brands is a certified B Corporation, carbon neutral, cruelty free, woman-owned and all products are made in the USA.The brand’s commitment to making a difference through the business has recently garnered actress, activist and clean beauty enthusiast Sophia Bush as an investor. Type:A Brands has gained a well-respected reputation in the industry winning multiple beauty awards from top publications such as Health, SELF and Women’s Health and has developed incredible retailer reach, with Type:A products being sold at CredoBeauty, Whole Foods (California), HEB, Bed Bath & Beyond, Thrive Market, and many more. With all this, Allison has stayed true to her word and mission and continues to strive to be better, do better and offer others better in the beauty industry.
December 14, 2021
Melanie Simon, Founder of ZIIP Beauty
Go to and use “ANARCHY30” for 30% off! Melanie Simon is a licensed electrical esthetician whose talent has lead countless recognizable names to seek out her specialized skincare services. Having studied innovative skin techniques and electrical treatment techniques in Paris, New York, Dubai, and Los Angeles, Melanie has taken her passion and created her coveted nano current facials, for which she has received worldwide recognition and gained the trust and loyalty of her clients. Her sole focus is a dedication to the benefits of low level electrical current applied to the skin. She has been featured in nearly every nationally distributed beauty and lifestyle outlets for her one-of-a-kind electrical facials. In 2015 with her childhood friend and Silicon Valley mechanical engineer, she co-founded ZIIP in order for customers not only get the most groundbreaking facial tool that provides professional facials on demand, but also they get a personal, virtual, Electrical Esthetician, to teach and support them through the process. Simon created the ZIIP as a way of sharing her knowledge with the world and connecting to them via technology. Once the device is purchased and the app (new app launched Oct 2021) is downloaded at no extra cost, the user has access to the most advanced at-home professional grade offerings, including 7 targeted treatments, 7 full facials and 4 long term treatment plans.
December 10, 2021
Darya Rzaca and Aneta Zuraw, Atelier Beauté Spa
Atelier Beauté co-founders Darya Rzaca and Aneta Zuraw have a combined two decades of experience in skin aesthetics providing customers with the best in results driven skincare. Would love to set you up with a treatment if you’re interested? The best friend duo and highly trained estheticians opened the luxurious, modern, wellness destination in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. They use high-quality products including Biologique Recherche and Environ and advanced technologies like Cynosure, Skin Instant Lab, and Visio Lab. Atelier Beauté is also the only location in Brooklyn offering Biologique Recherche’s My Beauty DNA for a personalized, scientific analysis of your skin. Other popular services include hydrafacials, work out facials, microneedling, plasma pen, brow and eyelash treatments, and the newest tempsure laser.
December 10, 2021
Shea Marie, Founder of The Feelist
Over the past decade, entrepreneur and creative director Shea Marie has developed a devoted following of millions, and her position as one of the world’s top influencers has landed her jobs with the largest beauty, health, wellness and fashion brands. From her own devoted social media following, to Same, her best-selling brand of luxury swim and resort wear, Shea continuously proves to be successful in all her endeavors. High profile collaborations with prestigious brands and publications have positioned Shea as a highly sought after creative and thought leader in her industry. Shea first entered the world of clean beauty after discovering her own sensitivities to many of the harmful ingredients contained in skincare and wellness products. Her position in the industry has allowed her to try nearly every product, treatment and beauty/health offering on the market. Her initial interest in plant-based skincare came about as she searched for a more holistic and natural approach to her wellness routine. But navigating the “natural” landscape was tricky, most products seemed small batch and untrustworthy, with no branding or reliable history. “They were the type of products I hid away in my medicine cabinet.” Said Marie. (Far far away from the beautiful #shelfie photos that frequent her social media accounts.) “But they were working. It really was CBD specifically that made me believe in the power of plant-based wellness and skincare.” Shea knew that if she was looking for beautiful trustworthy products in the space, others would be too and set out to build a brand whose mission is to create clean and functional products that truly make you feel like your best self.
December 07, 2021
Dr Amir Karam, Double Board certified, facial plastic, reconstructive, and otolaryngology Surgeon
Dr. Karam, double board-certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and American Board of Otolaryngology (head/neck surgery) and one of the top plastic surgeons in San Diego, is driven by the genuine desire to improve his patients’ lives through transformative procedures that are both cosmetically and functionally enhancing. He is the creator of Karam MD.Tune in to learn about the details around plastic surgery procedures and to gain insight into the integration of research and clinical medicine for the optimal treatment and Maintinence of skin health. #skincare #plasticsurgery
December 04, 2021
Leila Kashani Manshoory, Founder & CEO of alleyoop Beauty
(SKINCAREANARCHY15 for 15% off on———————Leila Kashani Manshoory is the Founder & CEO of Alleyoop, a brand whose mission is to simplify and bring joy to your world - beginning with your makeup bag. Alleyoop creates efficient, multifunctional beauty & skincare essentials that are easy to use and cut the clutter in your everyday life. Leila is obsessed with making things efficient, rebelling against products that don’t do enough. She’s brought together her marketing and product development background from companies like MGA Entertainment, Nike, Sorel, and Columbia, and from her first-hand experience of being a do-it-all, on-the-go woman who refuses to settle for what the beauty industry has set as the status quo.
December 02, 2021
Ama Kwarteng, Beauty Editor for The Coveteur
As the beauty editor at Coveteur, Ama Kwarteng is responsible for overseeing beauty and wellness content for the brand. She works with creative voices from a variety of backgrounds to bring new and diverse perspectives to the brand. Prior to Coveteur, Ama was the associate beauty editor at Cosmopolitan. She graduated from Barnard College, and in her free time, she enjoys reading fiction submissions for Story Magazine, watching Ohio State football, and reminding people to wear sunscreen.
November 30, 2021
Sahar Rohani, Co-Founder of SOSHE Beauty
Use Code ANARCHY30 at checkout for 30% off!! ———————————————————————————————SOSHE Beauty Co-Founder, Sahar Rohani, shares the incredible vision and inspired dedication behind the brand’s first launch: Refillable Mascara. Sahar goes into the ethos of the sustainability driven, technology forward line and shares immense insight into the true white space in the emerging areas of the beauty industry (clean beauty, sustainability, accessibility) without compromising product quality and integrity. Sahar has an educational background in both science and technology and with the combined efforts of her other two co-founders, SOSHE is offering consumers a new way to look at the science and necessity of being mindful about product shelf life, usage and waste. The brand takes a 360 approach as they embark on this journey of making beauty a truly innovative space that gives consumers choices rather than finite options. Sahar shares her passion for the entire beauty and wellness industry and the ignites conversation around topics related to taking a deeper dive, and more thorough approach of creating products that fit everyone’s lifestyle.
November 28, 2021
Skincare Hygiene: Best Practices
Skincare Hygiene Never place dropper DIRECTLY onto skin Why? Enterobacter, Klebsiella, Escherichia coli, and Proteus spp. are the predominant Gram-negative organisms found on the skin. Most bacteria that are listed here grow in a moist environment. Therefore, logic dictates that when you apply a dropper directly to the skin and pick up even one or two of these bacteria on the tip and then put that same dropper back into your skincare vial, the likelihood of them contaminating and multiplying in the mixture is high. Most skincare e products contain ingredients like natural sugars or glycerin and even water which are all mediums that can grow these gram negative rods. However, these are not the only bacteria found on skin. Depending on the location and environment of the skin’s micro environment, various pathogens are prominent in different areas. Some of the most common concerns that can arise due to poor skincare hygiene are: Acne Contact dermatitis Bacterial rashes Breakdown of the immune barrier leading to opportunistic infections by viruses or fungi So what should you do to practice better skincare hygiene? Use your dropper to dispense desired amount of product directly into your palm, making sure to not make contact directly with skin. Also, cleaning the dropper tip with a sterile alcohol wipe is not a bad idea (DO NOT RINSE UNDER TAP WATER). Allow the dropper to air dry (5-10 seconds) and reinsert into vial. Skin health is a very tricky area of science and with an increasing awareness of the micro biome, it is important to understand how bacteria grow and function. Also, do not share skincare with friends and others to help avoid the spread of any contact related reactions. It’s just like makeup- sharing lipsticks is looked down upon and so should sharing droppers. We all have a unique micro biome working to protect our skin and therefore it is important to utilize these common safety measures to ensure and also rule out any causes of certain skin pathologies like contact dermatitis or a rash. This also helps provide more information for your dermatologist if something goes wrong so that they know you’ve been practicing good hygiene habits and can avoid redundancies in patient history.
November 27, 2021
Pauline and Johnny Paterson, Co-Founders of Dr.PAWPAW
Dr.PAWPAW was created back in 2013 when Johnny and Pauline’s daughter was diagnosed with eczema. It was then that the need for a natural alternative to the normal steroid prescription creams turned a want into a must. The husband and wife duo decided to create a multipurpose balm that could be used on lips, skin and hair. Both Johnny and Pauline envisioned a range of products that would help families everyday, an affordable product that all the family could use - from Grandmas to new born babies. Dr.PAWPAW has a range of staple products found not only in Johnny and Pauline’s bathroom, but in millions of bathrooms globally
November 26, 2021
Jill Manoff, Editor In Chief of GLOSSY
Jill Manoff is the editor-in-chief of Glossy, which explores the transformation of the fashion, luxury, beauty and retail industries through the lens of digital and technology. She oversees the editorial content and growth strategy of the media brand, launched in May 2016. Manoff joined Glossy from Mode Media, where she was the editor of starting in July 2015. Prior to that, she was the editor of searsStyle and head copywriter in Sears’ apparel division. She spent the start of her career in St. Louis as the fashion editor of Alive magazine, the fashion director and co-founder of Saint Louis Fashion Week, and a freelance fashion stylist, working for brands including Anheuser-Busch and Caleres.
November 24, 2021
Tom Allison, Co-Founder of CeraVe
Since it was founded in 2005, CeraVe has grown a fiercely loyal following on social media and beyond, while remaining committed to its foundational principles of providing therapeutic skincare for all by offering efficacious, reasonably priced products developed with dermatologists. CeraVe has also been at the forefront of the expansion of its namesake ingredient, ceramides, into a mainstream skincare must-have in recent years.
November 21, 2021
Karen Chambers, Executive VP of Impala Inc./IMAN Cosmetics and CEW Board Member
Karen A. Chambers is a senior executive, business strategist, writer, editor and diversity and inclusion advocate. She is a contributing coauthor of the book Beauty Stories from Around the World published by the Makeup Museum and has been a career, travel, and lifestyle contributor to Black Enterprise and Black Elegance magazines. She is currently Executive Vice President of IMAN Cosmetics, a global pioneer in beauty for Women of Color and is on the Board of Governors of CEW (Cosmetics Executive Women), where she serves on the Taskforce for Advancing Women of Color. Ms. Chambers has held several executive positions in the health, beauty, and consumer goods, advising industry leaders such as Iman, Patti LaBelle and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her industry credits include beauty awards from Allure, People, Essence and O Magazines for her contributions to multicultural product innovation. She lectures nationally at universities and conferences and serves as an international brand advisor to corporate and nonprofit organizations. Ms. Chambers earned her BA in Communication from Rutgers University's Douglass College, she holds a Certification in Fostering Inclusion & Diversity from Yale School of Management, and she is a graduate of Landmark Education. With a commitment to holistic wellbeing, she is also an ordained interfaith minister certified in Reiki, Huna Healing, and Integrative Energetic Therapy. Her greatest passion is advancing the impact of women’s leadership and multicultural education and equity.
November 19, 2021
Dr Howard Sobel, NYC TOP Dermatologist, Pioneer in Skin Health, and Founder of SOBEL SKIN RX
A pioneer in dermatology, Dr. Howard Sobel has been recognized by New York Magazine and Castle Connolly’s Guide as one of the best dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons for 21 consecutive years. He is also the Founder and Director of Sobel Skin, New York’s premier aesthetic dermatology center and medi-spa in Manhattan. Dr. Sobel’s artistic approach to cosmetic dermatology combines modern technology with over 30 years of experience in skin care. His Sobel Skin practice provides the latest advancements in dermatology, dermatologic cosmetic surgery and progressive face and body treatments all provided in the luxurious Park Avenue setting of his state-of-the-art skin center. Among the first dermatologists to perform Liposuction under local anesthesia, he is the physician who popularized “micro-liposuction” for patients looking to sculpt their physique in small areas that cannot be exercised away. Dr. Sobel is also regarded as a skilled master at enhancing and sculpting his patient’s profile with a combination of techniques to create visible, lasting results with little to no downtown. Dubbed the “Master of Botox”, his “Trifecta Face Lift” uses a combination of Botox, fillers, and laser to brighten and refine the skin, lift, tone and erase fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, and dull skin. Before founding the clean-clinical Sobel Skin Rx collection, he created DDF, the first dermatologist- developed OTC skincare line sold to Proctor and Gamble in 2007. Today, the award-winning Sobel Skin Rx clean-clinical collection takes clean scientifically proven anti-aging ingredients, increases their strength to maximum levels and puts them in a revolutionary SD100 delivery system that allows for optimal penetration without irritation. Dr. Sobel is a member of several medical Societies and Organizations including the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, American Society of Lipsuction Surgery, N.Y. State Society of Dermatology, and other groups. He has been quoted as an expert in national media including The Today Show, 48 Hours, CNN, CBS, ABC and NBC News, Allure, Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, etc.
November 18, 2021
Carolyn Yachanin, Founder of Copina Co.
SKINCAREANARCHY gets users 20% off their first order. "I believe in the healing power of plants and the alignment of internal health and true beauty. I started my company Copina Co. to share nature's most potent and powerful plant botanicals with all and to further the conversation around plant-based solutions in our lives. The thing that inspired me to start Copina Co. was my own experience with years of acne and gut health issues as well as with the harsh medications that never cured them. Finally healing my body through herbal and holistic medicine taught me about the healing power of plants and how our skin health and internal health are intertwined. I sought the help of herbalists to find plant-based and vegan alternatives to typical collagen supplements after seeing how prevalent these animal-derived products were on the market and knowing that plants could provide a sustainable solution. Our products work by using plant botanicals that help support your body's own natural collagen production for lasting hair, skin, and nail benefits - all without the use of animal products. I've always believed that in order for healthy or sustainable alternatives to stick, they have to be fun, easy, and enjoyable. That's why I built my products around our community's daily routines and added our collagen-supporting botanicals to delicious lattes, creamers, and hot cocoas. Starting my business has been the most challenging, but also the most rewarding experience of my life. The fact that this is just the beginning excites and inspires me."
November 17, 2021
Krista Bennett DeMaio, Top Freelance Writer and Founder of LI Beauty Scene
Krista B. DeMaio returns for EKTA’s birthday special episode to share insights on her view of the ever evolving beauty industry and shares her new passion project, Long Island Beauty Scene where she is on a mission to highlight the indie brands and small businesses that are truly creating their own beauty movement in the LI area. Krista is a top writer and former editor in the industry and has decades worth of experience writing for top publications such as Oprah Daily, Allure, InStyle, amongst many others. Krista also offers key career advice for all new and aspiring writers in the beauty industry and discusses the transition the publication sector is undergoing from print to digital, amongst other emerging topics in this space.
November 15, 2021
Science of Skin: Retinols and Skin Health
A literature review of the true potential of retinol products and if we all need them in our skincare routine.
November 14, 2021
Sarah Uslan, Professional Makeup Artist and Founder of LULA skincare
Training under makeup artist Bobbi Brown in New York in the early 2000s, Sarah learned the importance of prioritizing skin. Her career brought her to Los Angeles as a celebrity and editorial makeup artist, and it was here her emphasis on beautiful, nourished skin continued to unfold. When Sarah couldn’t find the right products, she began blending her own creations - ones that worked great on their own or layered beautifully with makeup. From cultivating a calming ritual before a client’s big moment, to being a busy mom, she craved beautiful formulas that were easy to use. Borrowing the best of nature, her very own balms and botanical oils came together, and now we get to share LULA with you. LULA is named after Sarah’s daughter, Tallulah, as a reminder to care not just for what matters today, but what matters tomorrow.
November 12, 2021
Dr Beth and Elianna Goldstein, co-founders of Get Mr Skincare
“In 2018, my father was treated for skin cancer. Unfortunately, he was not alone. He was one of 30 million Americans who are currently skin cancer survivors. And by 2040, Melanoma, the most severe form of skin cancer, will be the number one cancer among men. That's why I partnered with my mother, a dermatologist of 30 years, to start Get Mr. She knew, like every dermatologist knows, that for these statistics to change meaningfully, men need to start applying sunscreen like they brushed their teeth, Every Damn Day®. The problem was, most sunscreens, well, you know...they were too greasy, or the ingredients would irritate their eyes. Or worst of all, they would show up white in their beard. Plus, most of the products used chemicals like oxybenzone or avobenzone, ones that the FDA no longer considered 100% GRAS (generally recognized as safe).” -Elianna Goldstein
November 11, 2021
The Dirty Truth About Clean Brands- Panel Discussion
This panel is to educate consumers, Industry leaders and anyone in the space of what is marketed as “clean beauty” - Join us as we speak to 3 leading brands in this niche of the skincare and wellness industry and how their approach to safety, consumerism, sustainability, science forward formulations, and transparency play a role in creating a cross-disciplinary understanding of the umbrella term we refer to as “CLEAN.” Panelists include representatives from the brands Terasana, OLIKA, and Pipette.
November 07, 2021
Laura Geller, Beauty Industry Icon and creator of Laura Geller Beauty
Laura Geller is an iconic figure and personality in the beauty industry and has been a top selling entrepreneur on QVC for 25 years. Her work has not only inspired women to feel beautiful on the outside but has given options to many women who didn’t know where to start when it came to makeup or enhancing their natural beauty. Laura’s vision and industry altering contributions have paved the way for so many brands to create products inspired by her original vision. Laura is not only an entrepreneur but a legendary makeup artist and guru who has inspired generations of makeup artists, professional or non. Her insights on this episode truly shine a light on the simple yet fundamental pillars of “true” beauty and how important it is to always stay true to one’s vision and goal. She is more than just an iconic beauty industry veteran but also a teacher, educator and role model for anyone who has been touched by her amazing personality or her amazing products. We hope you enjoy this exclusive interview with the one and only, Laura Geller.
November 06, 2021
Simran Kalra, Founder of HALDI
Haldi is the new e-commerce platform and store designed to de-clutter the skincare world. Taking a unique customer-centric approach, the Haldi experience begins with the products already on people’s bathroom shelves, acting as a guide to help them ditch any offenders. The brand encourages people to continue utilizing the clean products they already own and love. After completing the Haldi skin survey, they recommend and sell the best in beauty to fill the gaps within the Haldi user’s routine. Born out of founder and CEO Simran Kalra’s own personal skincare journey, Haldi uses a hybrid of tech algorithms and human knowledge to analyze their users skin types, budgets, and current skincare regimens. From this, they curate a personal store with products that are most efficacious based on each individual. Haldi is Clean-For-You, ensuring the ingredients are not just clean but will work for unique skin needs, preferences and values. Partnering with over two dozen cult-favorite brands and beauty products, Haldi is a human-forward, technology enabled experience revolutionizing beauty. For more information, please visit
November 05, 2021
Kate Talbot, Social Media Marketing Expert, Author, and former FORBES Women Contributor
Kate is a freelance content marketer, author, and entrepreneur who helps businesses scale using social media. She has contributed regularly to Forbes and Social Media Examiner on the Creator Economy. Kate’s been featured on CNN, Nasdaq, NPR, BBC, NBC News, CNBC, Huffington Post, VentureBeat and named an Instagram Marketing Expert from Foundr Magazine and Social Media Examiner. Kate also wrote a best-selling book, "Oh Snap! You Can Use Snapchat for Business" which IBM named their 'Book of the Month.' Kate’s strong understanding of the digital landscape comes from scaling startups in the digital space and running social media for Virgin America, Kiva, and top venture capital firms. Our guest is also a millennial marketing post-graduate lecturer at Ireland's Digital Marketing Institute and social media expert witness.
November 02, 2021
Kyoko Getz and Shannon Britt, Co-Founders of OLURA Skincare
A highly sought-after celebrity aesthetician, Kyoko has developed products and facial protocols for a number of luxury skincare lines before joining Olura to design our product line and create protocols for our clients. —————————————————————Recognized as an expert in beauty tools, Shannon has developed award winning skincare devices for numerous global beauty brands prior to developing the Eno™ for Olura.
November 01, 2021
Julie Chameberlain, Global General Manager of SweetSpot Labs
Julie Chamberlain is the General Manager for the feminine care line. Sweet Spot Labs. Sweet Spot Labs creates clinically-proven products that cater to this delicate area and support your overall wellness. SweetSpot Labs is rooted in fearlessness and built on innovation. From eco-friendly packaging to clean ingredients that actually work, the line is a science forward and innovative leader in making feminine care “normal” to not only practice but also talk about!
October 30, 2021
Kate Somerville, Founder of KATE SOMERVILLE Skincare and Maggie Lin, Co-Founder of Foster Nation
Kate Somerville, a trailblazing brand in the world of prestige skincare, has been healing skin and transforming lives for over two decades. With these core values in mind, the brand announces a long-term partnership with Foster Nation, an organization empowering foster youth aging out of the system to become the nation’s future leaders through career mentorship. With 1 in 5 children growing up in a home impacted by alcohol and drug addiction, brand founder Kate Somerville knows firsthand the challenges young people face when one or both parents are unable to care for the family. “Having grown up in a chaotic environment as a kid, I didn’t know what choices were available to me,” said Somerville. “Life felt out of control until I had a mentor change my life who allowed me to see that I was in control of my own destiny. I am thrilled that we are beginning this long- term partnership with Foster Nation and my hope is that we will make an important impact on the lives and futures of the inspiring youth in their program that are aging out the system. Together, we will give them a chance to defy impossible.” The skincare brand is pledging $100,000 to Foster Nation annually, which includes their 'Defy Impossible' scholarship program awarding five recipients per year the opportunity to attend esthetics school to pursue careers as licensed aestheticians. Entries are officially open and candidates interested in a career in beauty are to submit a 5-minute video on how a career in beauty will change their lives. Each winner will be awarded a $10,000 scholarship to esthetician school to cover the cost of full tuition hours and supplies. Kate Somerville and Foster Nation are partnering with Beauty Changes Lives ( to implement the scholarship program and ensure its success. Kate Somerville’s team of Skin Health Experts will also offer mentorship and training opportunities at the Kate Somerville Skincare Clinic in Los Angeles. About Kate Somerville: Maggie Lin, founder of Foster Nation, with Kate Somerville For media inquiries, please contact: Steven Chong PR Director, Kate Somerville Mary Li Paul Wilmot Communications Kate Somerville and Foster Nation officially kickoff their partnership beginning August 3rd, 2021. To celebrate the partnership, the brand will be launching an online bundle featuring the hero products ExfoliKate Cleanser & Exfoliate + Intensive Duo (SRP $88, value $128) on, with 10% of sales donated by Kate Somerville to Foster Nation. Kate Somerville Skincare lives, breathes, and embodies the intersection of clinical skincare and prestige beauty. The brand’s targeted treatments and products originate from the transformative results created for clients in the Skin Health Clinic on Melrose in Los Angeles. As a company, Kate Somerville takes pride in using high- powered, efficacious ingredients actively balanced to deliver visible results without irritation or downtime. Whether treating a VIP client in the clinic or delivering results from the comfort of home through her prestige product line, Kate truly believes that everyone deserves beautiful skin and promises to help you get there.
October 27, 2021
Ada Polla, CEO of Alchimie Forever Skincare
The eldest of the four Polla sisters (all of whom are involved in some way or another with the family business of beauty), Ada left her native home in Switzerland in 1995 to attend Harvard University, where she graduated Magna cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in art history. While her passion for art history expresses itself in her contemporary art collection, her career path went the way of business. She earned her MBA at Georgetown McDonough School of Business, where she fell in love with the DC area. During her senior year of business school, she wrote her thesis on bringing her family’s skincare line from Switzerland (Ada’s father is Geneva based dermatologist, Dr. Luigi L. Polla) to the US. In 2004, that thesis became a reality with the official launch of Alchimie Forever, clean-ical (clean formulations, clinical results), vegan, dermatologist formulated skin + body care with Swiss roots. The line has since expanded to include 17 SKUs (including fan favorite, Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask), ranging $25-$99, as well as four travel-sized items of the top-sellers, is sold nationwide amazon, Dermstore, Walgreens and more around the world and remains completely family-funded and owned.
October 24, 2021