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Slash Me Baby One More Time

Slash Me Baby One More Time

By Slash Me Baby One More Time
Mandy and Cory are teaming up for Slash Me Baby One More Time. They bring their love for slasher films and true crime for a new combination. One week they break down a slasher film, the next week the discuss a famous serial killer. Sit back and enjoy
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Episode 6: Clifford Olson

Slash Me Baby One More Time

Episode 6: Clifford Olson
Mandy and Cory sit down to discuss Canadian serial Killer Clifford Olson.  Not only do we cover his crimes, but the fact he got paid by authorities to give the locations of the body's.  We also discuss movie sequels, the MCU vs DCU, and much much more.  Sit back and enjoy episode 6
September 20, 2020
Episode 5: The Slumber Party Massacre
this week Mandy and Cory break down the cult classic slasher The Slumber Part Massacre.  We also discuss women in horror films, the MCU vs the DCU favorite bad slashers.  Loving movies from childhood even though they stink now and more.  Sit back and enjoy
September 13, 2020
Episode 4: The Golden State Killer
Mandy and Cory are back with the serial killer treatment.  On this episode we discuss The Golden State Killer, Joseph James DeAngelo.  We discuss how he had more nicknames than Apollo Creed, his shoplifting habits, and more.  We also break down how the late Michelle McNamara helped catch him.  Other topics include: Did Mandy watch Moving Violations, Satanic Panic, Rocktober, and much more.  Sit back and enjoy
September 5, 2020
Episode 3: The Burning
Mandy and Cory are back and this time they are discussing the summer camp slasher film, The Burning.  Not only do we dive deep into the plot, but we ask the question, why are all the campers in their 40's.  Plus Cory spends a lot of time trying to convince Mandy to watch the 80's comedy classic Moving Violations.  Sit back and enjoy!
August 29, 2020
Episode 2: The Night Stalker
Mandy and Cory are back and this time they are talking a real life serial killer.  The Night Stalker.  The self professed Satanist who terrorized LA from 1984-1985 before being caught by a vigilante style mob.  Sit back and get ready.
August 22, 2020
Episode 1: Ghostface Killer aka Scream
Mandy from The PIECast and Cory G from the Movie Graveyard are here with the first episode of the slasher movies/real serial killer podcast, Slash Me Baby One More Time!  On this first episode get to know us a bit as we cover this week's film,  the classic slasher Scream!  Sit back and enjoy.
August 12, 2020