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Slay and Shine Self-Care, Spirituality, & Empowerment

Slay and Shine Self-Care, Spirituality, & Empowerment

By Clem Lafrades
Create inner peace, stress release, spirituality, self-care, soul-care, personal power, and emotional health. Every week you'll hear stories of inspiration from my guests and I to encourage your own personal journey inward. Plus, a soothing singing bowl sound bath meditation to re-calibrate your energy and connect you to your Higher Self.

Bliss, Blessings, and Miracles!
Clemence Lafrades
Sound Healing Energy Practitioner and
Self-Care Life Empowerment Coach
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De-colonizing and De-constructing Your Religion
Have the last few years of Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate led you to examine how much of your life has been influenced by colonization and patriarchy?  For me it's led me to getting in touch with ancestors, my Mother Land, and realizing that the only reason we believe our ancestors were barbaric devil worshipers is because we were conditioned and terrorized by our colonizers who forced us to convert.  I am still a Jesus (Yeshua) follower, but studying my ancestral roots has led me to become more fully accepting of myself and my ancestors spiritual practices which revolved around the worship of God.  Once we fully accept and love ourselves, we are able to seek within for our soul's truth and be led by our hearts to escape this programming. For Full Moon and New Moon Sound Bath Meditations go to
May 17, 2022
Inner Engineering by Sadhguru book chat with Nikyla Maria
'Inner Engineering, A Yogi's Guide To Joy' book chat with Self-Mastery expert  @Nikyla Maria  and podcast host of Self-Mastery, Bitch!  This book is the foundation of all she does to support her clients and her co-founded accredited Healing School (which I will soon graduate from).  Very insightful & enlightening read, highly recommended!  Book covers the aspects of Body, Mind, and Energy in the creation of Joy.   Also includes excellent explanations of yoga, devotion, and bliss.   Contact Guest here:  Contact Host here: See website for Full Moon and New Moon Sound Bath Meditation and Journal prompt
May 11, 2022
Mind Control is Modern Day Slavery
What if the real reason we are told Meditation is demonic and evil is because 'They' don't want us to go deep within our own selves, into the Temple of the Holy Ghost.  Because if we do, we will access our Divine gifts, powers, and finally have true Free Will.  They need us to be in fear, dependent, & controlled so they continue to gain earthly power and money. Next Full Moon Zoom Meditation gathering is March 18th.   Sign up on $17
March 10, 2022
Book Chat: The True Story of Jesus and His Wife Mary Magdalena with Amber Rose
I asked my friend Amber "What are you reading right now?  I'll read it and let's chat about it on my podcast."  When she told me the title, I was seriously triggered and scared of what other people (especially old church friends) will think of me for reading this.  I wanted to take my podcast invite back or tell her to pick another book.  So glad I read this channeled book and allowed myself to be open to another beautiful message of the life of Jesus Christ which includes feminine energy.  5 mins Sound Bath Meditation at the end.  Book your Spiritual Self-Care coaching & energy healing session on
February 23, 2022
Get Full Of Yourself!
Do you feel triggered when someone says you're full of yourself?  Do you feel triggered to dismiss or belittle someone you think is full of themselves?  Let's discuss the benefits of being FULL OF YOURSELF and how this could prevent you from getting into dangerous toxic co-dependent relationships. 5 mins Sound Bath Meditation at the end. Book your Spiritual Self-Care coaching & energy healing session on
February 07, 2022
The Future of Love book chat with Candice Box
What would happen if you removed the constraints, expectations, limitations, and labels off of yourself and relationships you have with others?  You'd be set free to create any form of love that feels aligned and good for your soul.  Are you longing for joy, love, passion?  Let's discuss The Future of Love, the power of the soul in intimate relationships by Daphne Rose Kingma with Conscious Relationship Coach Candice Box. . 5 mins Sound Bath Meditation at the end. Book your Spiritual Self-Care coaching & energy healing session on
January 30, 2022
Frequency Check- Create More From Love
I'm SO grateful to you all for supporting this show!  It's my 46th birthday and it was a great gift to wake up to see how many listens the show is up to.  Let's take a frequency check of your current state, be aware of what vibration you are manifesting your reality with.  A temperature check creates awareness and is the first step towards a conscious shift change. 5 mins Sound Bath Meditation at the end. Book your Spiritual Self-Care coaching & energy healing session on
January 24, 2022
The God Solution- Book Chat w/Jennifer Eby
The God Solution:  The Power of Pure Love by Neale Donald Walsh Join us for a girlfriend chat about this profound thought provoking book recently written during the pandemic which is so relevant to life and our world today.  After millennia's of so many different spiritual practices & religions, why do we still have sickness, disease, poverty, hunger, and racism.. is the earth just cursed & the devil is out to get us so there's nothing we can do?  We're taking God out of the box of limitations to answer the questions:  What is God to you?  -and-  If you became the COO of a new religion, what would it be like? 5 mins Sound Bath Meditation at the end. Book your Spiritual Self-Care coaching & energy healing session on
January 17, 2022
Love Me or Leave Me, You Decide.
I've been quietly in hiding, too afraid to show up. But my soul has been nudging me… so let's restart this show but first, let's get re-acquainted and let you decide if we are a good match. If the topics of self-care, self-love, remembering your divinity, and your supernatural powers interests you.  At the end of each episode is a 5 min Sound Healing Meditation. 5 mins Sound Bath Meditation at the end. Book your Spiritual Self-Care coaching & energy healing session on
December 25, 2021
Aura Soleil- Renaissance High Priestess & Spiritual Advisor
Growing up a PK (Pastor's Kid) not shunned for exploring tools, techniques, and methods to deepen her own personal spiritual connection and healing with God, The Almighty Source Creator within.  We talk about releasing stored trauma in the connective tissues through yoga, balancing our Divine Masculine & Feminine, and representation in Meditation with R&B Hip Hop Meditation which can be more relatable and effective to those new to the practice. Aura Soleil: Clemence Lafrades:
June 06, 2021
What Are Light Workers and How to Protect Yourself
Are you a Light Worker?  In this episode we discuss what a Light Worker is and how to protect yourself. Connect with me for more discussions on Clubhouse and Instagram as @SlayandShine
May 04, 2021
What is Singing Bowls Sound Bath Therapy?
What are singing bowls & Sound Baths?  What is Sound Therapy? Here's a quick intro! For nightly Sound Bath meditations during the quarantine, join us in the FB group Victorious Lives.
April 15, 2020
A Closet Edit is Self-Care & Empowerment with Tannya Bernadette
Tannya Bernadette was such a fun and light hearted interview.  She signed a lease at 21 years old and birthed The Closet Edit, a company helping men and women curate a functional and fashionable style through all of life's seasons and transitions.  She recently gave birth to her first baby girl and gave tips on how to feel empowered in the changing body and being confident with your style. Video version on Slay and Shine IGTV/Instagram or Clem and Alfred YouTube.
March 29, 2020
"How To Raise Your Vibration During Corona" Podcast
We are feeling it.  What is important is that we learn to identify what it is that we feel so we can honor ourselves during this time, communicate better with others, and really analyze the root fears that Corona is triggering so that we may heal that.  Listen in and lets raise our vibration together.    Sound Baths and Singing Bowl Energy Healing Follow Slay and Shine on Instagram for IGTV episodes
March 17, 2020
Flow: Be. Do. Have. With Susan Palmer Wood.
How to get unstuck, release trapped emotions, and get empowered to make choices for your highest and best good. Susan Palmer Wood is a mindset coach that teaches her clients how to become powered by purpose. Learn more about how she changes lives on
February 17, 2020
The Cure To Decision Anxiety
Confused about which direction to take in life?  Here's how to make the right decision at the right time in the midst of decision anxiety. Self-care is making the right choice that feels good to you.  Standing up for that choice is empowerment.
February 09, 2020
Stephanie Murphy- Find the Life in You
Stephanie surprised me when she died her hair blue.  I didn't know that was in her, she works in corporate and is on the planning board for St. Jude's local fundraising committee.  Hear how that & her morning mantra "I am open to every and all good thing the Universe brings me" has empowered her in life to know start her own business gathering women together to: Find the Life in You. First event Saturday, Feb. 29th 10:30am at Universal Standard 1:1 Studio.
February 02, 2020
Friendships, a form of self-care & empowerment
Did you craft a Vision Board for 2020?  Awesome!  It's important to dream & visualize what you want to acquire & achieve.  But did you evaluate your friendships?  Because relationships affect us energetically, emotionally, and affect our life experiences, evaluating them deserves the time to do so.  Hear my tips on defining the friend qualities that can enrich your life in 2020.  
January 22, 2020
Renessa Strong- Heading The Call
Most people would wait for a 'logical' time to uproot their family or not do it at all because most become so rooted that moving seems impossible. Blended family of 6, real estate business, and film school, listen to the Slay & Shine Podcast to hear how Renessa prioritizes her self-care through it all or watch on IGTV.
November 13, 2019
Impress Yourself, Your Opinion is the Only One That Matters
I noticed a few triggers rise up in me when my daughter prepared for homecoming and through my journal time I discovered why I wish I changed my response to my 16 year old who asked for my opinion.  It only matters that you think.  Do you feel beautiful?
October 09, 2019
Kim Bao- Trauma To Triumph
From Fitness to Finance to Fighter. Hear how this single mom of 2 quit her job, became an online entrepreneur, and her lessons from the boxing ring to settle in her body, relieve stress in her shoulders, and usher in peace.
September 29, 2019
Mitzi Cole- The Cookie Technique and Taking a Leap
Hear how Mitzi's struggle with her health and the love of her children led her to create The Cookie Technique and teach it internationally. Then after divorce, a single mom's burning desire to build a legacy for her children. Listen to her heart for women's self-confidence that led her to recently open The Providencia Pond Retreat in Issaquah, WA to help build women's dreams and run her own retreat. This episode will tug on your heart strings, maybe make your eyes water, but it will definitely inspire you to take risks and make the leap.
May 31, 2018
Becca Jae- Styling Your Image & Confidence
Can your passion be a REAL business or job? Are you waiting for a sign to step into your calling? Listen to how this entrepreneur with Fibromyalgia shows up as her full version of herself managing her self/health care, feeding her self-confidence, and helping her clients build their personal image. Embrace your unique personal style to empower your confidence. Show up fully to create the happiness, success, and business you want. Show up to all your important occasions the best version of you, no more minimizing who you are in a crowd of people. Attract the people, connections, relationships, and partnerships you want. A fashion stylist lends a professional hand to put your best foot forward and help define your authentic style.
May 24, 2018
The Ambra Life- 5k Instagram following to 31.4K in a year
An east coast transplant to the Seattle/Tacoma area, married, 3 kids, a day job at a branding and marketing firm, with a side hustle as a content creator and beauty influencer. Hear how she grew her YouTube following to 14k, her instagram to 31.4k, and how you can apply these marketing tips towards your own company and business success.
May 17, 2018
It Won't Be Pretty, But Do It
Walk it out, not walk away. Life lesson from Wanderlust.
August 12, 2017