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The Slowbrow Show

The Slowbrow Show

By Anneli Olander Berglund
The Slowbrow Show explore the artist world focusing mainly on female artists, artist parents, and people who experience various life changes clashing with the fresh coolness of artlife. Fear not! I will also hand out useful techniques for various styles and helpful advice from inspiring artists and curators.

Do you have a question for me or my guests? Email me at or record a voice message using the free Anchor app.

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The who, The Why
The Slowbrow Show host special short episode. Find out the who and they why's of the Slowbrow show. Also, got a question? Want me to do an interview with YOU or someone you know? Email me at
May 25, 2018
Johanna Öst, the artist from Seaside coming out of her shell
What do you get when you mix a lowbrow artist with infinite inner worlds and this humble podcaster in need of coffee? Find out in this episode of the Slowbrow Show (also: how social fobia can become a powerful motivation to keep doing art). I seem to have fits of giggles every five minutes, I'm sorry guys.
April 16, 2018
Eric Nakamura, the Giant Robot Underdog of Los Angeles
In this episode of the Slowbrow Show we meet the founder of GR2 gallery and Giant Robot who share his insights about artists and galleries and the work required to go where you want to go. Truly inspiring! Enjoy!
April 03, 2018
Resurrected: Linnea Strid, part pop realist painter, part unicorn mother
Meet Swedish pop realist painter Linnea Strid and learn how dark years turned into an exhibition in California and why unicorns can be spotted wintertime in Swedish forests.
March 22, 2018
\u000ASLOWBROW episode 1
Lowbrow art and parenthood, can we do it? Also I give you my best art tip originally by Lars Lerin, tried it and loved it! And what would Picasso think of Instagram? My first episode! Pardon my Swenglish! / Anneli Olander Berglund
March 08, 2018