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By Sloydcast
Conversations with greenwoodworkers, spoon carvers, bowl turners, tool makers and craftspeople from around the world.
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Episode 02 - Amy Leake aka Woodmungler


Episode 09 — Reid Schwartz
Join us fo this information packed chat with the maestro of metal, Reid Schwartz. We learn about his journey from art school to cabinet shop and his passion for metal working that was sparked early on, the video of a Russian ladle carver that blew his mind, his experience learning to make birch bark canoes, and the slew of friends, figures, and mentors who inspired him along the way. Reid is a fantastic storyteller and shares insights into what drives him and his approach to tool making and craft, plus we get a bit more technical at the end for those wishing to take a deeper plunge. Follow us on instagram Share the show! FOLLOW REID Mentions from the episode: Tim Manney César's Canoe Wood Tools Jean-José Tritz Tool Making for Woodworkers
March 17, 2021
Episode 08 — Mike Abbott
Join us for a lovely chat with the Godfather of Green Woodworking in the UK, none other than Mike Abbott. We hear about Mike's journey to the craft starting in the early 1980's and the long winding road that led him to establishing Living Woods Training in 1985. He shares countless stories of all the folks he has met along the way, inspiring, guiding, and encouraging him to forge ahead preserving and passing on dying skills and traditions. It's a recount of 30+ years building a green woodworking movement, teaching hundreds of students , and establishing a far flung legacy. We really enjoyed our chat with Mike and are excited to capture and share his story. Enjoy! Follow us on instagram Share the show! FOLLOW MIKE  Youtube and now, Instagram! Mentions from the episode: Tamsin Abbott Nick Gibbs Quercus Magazine Woodland Crafts in Britain by Herbert Edlin St Fagans National Museum of History Traditional Spooncarving in Wales by Gwyndaf Breese Welsh Stick Chairs by John Brown Drew Langsner Jack Hill Dave Sawyer Stuart King Don Weber Jennie Alexander Mike Abbott’s transhumance Veritas Tapered Tenon Cutter The Lumber Horse Daniel Mack Owen Jones Nick Abbott
February 21, 2021
Episode 07 — Owen Thomas
Join us for this in-depth conversation with bowl turner, spoon carver, and all-around crafty fellow, Owen Thomas. He shares his journey from commercial woodworker to sloyd craftsman over the past decade—we learn about the initial exposure that sparked his interest, his time learning from Mike Abbott, apprenticing with Barn the Spoon, and creating a livelihood as a green woodworker. We got into his unique approach to spoon carving, his passion for the pole lathe, and his venture into increasing his production of turned objects using a Japanese-style electric lathe. This chat covers a lot of ground and gives you insight into Owen's passion for his craft. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Follow us on instagram Share the show! FOLLOW OWEN Mentions from the episode: Mike Abbott Ben Orford Robin Wood Barn the Spoon
January 24, 2021
Episode 06 — Yoav Elkayam
Enjoy this chat with the inimitable Yoav Elkayam. He shares the story of his journey into green woodworking and pole lathe turning and all of the places, experiences, and people that helped him along the way. We get into some of the nitty gritty of making a living as a craftsperson in the modern age, the challenges and benefits of social media, his life at Brookhouse Woods—where he, his partner, and daughter live in an off-grid cabin—and a whole slue of tangential subjects. We also delve into some of the details of end grain pole lathe turning, tools of the trade, pole lathe hook making, wood finishes, and so on. It was a real treat to get this chance to speak with Yoav and for him to share so much! Follow us on instagram FOLLOW YOAV Mentions from the episode: Brookhouse Woods Spoonfest Mike Abbott Robin Wood Jane Mickelborough Sharif Adams Adam Hawker
December 25, 2020
Episode 05 — Jögge Sundqvist
We are excited to share this conversation with the godfather of sloyd, Jögge Sundqvist. We learn about his upbringing with his father, the rightfully celebrated Willie Sundqvist, his journey from rockstar to sloyd master, how his alter ego Surolle came to life, the ethnology of the term sloyd and it’s ancient colloquial roots, what his life is like as a professional craftsman, and much more! It was a joy and honor to have this time to chat with him and we hope you all enjoy it! Follow us on instagram FOLLOW JÖGGE Jögge and Willie's Books Slöjd in Wood Swedish Carving Techniques Mentions from the episode: Documentary about Willie Sundqvist: The Spoon, The Bowl, The Knife Wille Sundqvist and Bill Coperthwaite Slöjd  Fellowship Beth Moen  Magnus Sundelin Björn Svantesson Anja Sundberg
December 19, 2020
Episode 04 — Jarrod Dahl
Enjoy this chat with green woodworker extraordinaire Jarrod Dahl. We talk about his journey into green woodworking, how he helped propel spoon carving with his Scandinavian influence, pioneered pole lathe turning in the US, his foray in Japanese traditional wood turning techniques and how his philosophy and trajectory have changed over the years. It's a snippet of the breadth of Jarrod's experience and wisdom, with lots of details for all skill levels. We'll definitely be having Jarrod back in the future to discuss all that we didn't have time to get into with this episode! Follow us on instagram FOLLOW JARROD Youtube Mentions from the episode: Tom Dengler Fred Livesay Milan Spoon Gathering Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture Tomio Imaru Jarrod's Japanese Lathe: here and here Videos about urushi laquer: one, two, three Jarrod's Japan Travels: Japan! The Three Week Craft Adventure Urushi Lacquer Japan - Gifu and Urushi Japan - Kobe and Miki City Japan - Kyoto and Takayama VALUE FOR VALUE If you enjoy Sloydcast, please show us some love by subscribing  wherever you listen to podcasts, share the show, and leave a rating and  review on your favorite podcast app. Every bit helps spread the word and  the sloyd!
October 31, 2020
Episode 03 - Barn The Spoon
Join us for this month’s episode where we chat with the one and only, Barn The Spoon. This was a lovely chat where we covered a lot of ground and got to know a lot more about Barn’s journey as a greenwood worker and spoon carver. From his first taste of wood working with a lathe in his parent’s garage, to walking around and carving spoons as a traveling spoon peddler, to his infamous London spoon shop, and much more. We get to hear about Barn’s philosophy, what inspires him and fuels his passion for his work. Many know and love Barn, and we truly enjoyed having some time to get to know him and share it with you all. Follow us on instagram FOLLOW BARN Instagram Green Wood Guild Spoon Club Mentions from this episode: Tim Sanderson Tom Hepworth Ben Law’s handmade home River Cottage Mike Abbott Say it with Wood Grain and Knot Adrian Lloyd Anna Casserly Adam Hawker Sams Spoons Nic Westermann VALUE FOR VALUE If you enjoy Sloydcast, please show us some love by subscribing  wherever you listen to podcasts, share the show, and leave a rating and  review on your favorite podcast app. Every bit helps spread the word and  the sloyd!
September 18, 2020
Episode 02 - Amy Leake aka Woodmungler
Enjoy this chat with spoon carver, pole lathe turner and all around crafty woman, Amy Leake. You may know her as Woodmungler on facebook and Instragram, and we learn why that is. We also learn about her path to green woodworking, what inspires her, and about the techniques she uses to make her wares. Not to mention, we learn what mudlarking is, what a brooch is, and get context for what it's like to be a green woodworking who lives in a seaside English village. She is humble and gracious with her knowledge which makes for an enjoyable conversation. Follow us on instagram FOLLOW AMY Instagram  Amy on the cover of Spoonesaurus magazine:  Mentions from the episode: Algirdo Juškevičiaus—comb maker and green woodworker in Lithuania: Algirdo amatai Fritiof Runhall Ted Sandling London Mudlark VALUE FOR VALUE If you enjoy Sloydcast, please show us some love by subscribing wherever you listen to podcasts, share the show, and leave a rating and review on your favorite podcast app. Every bit helps spread the word and the sloyd! 
August 13, 2020
Episode 01 - Matty Whittaker
We have a lovely chat with blacksmith, toolmaker and pole lathe turner Matty Whittaker. We dive deep into the lifestyle of a small-holder in rural England, Matty's long journey into the world of green woodworking, managing a woodland, and the philosophy that fuels him. We also touch on the more technical, getting a peek into Matty's tool making process and work space. Overall, a lovely chat! Follow us on instagram Follow Matty on Instagram: Matty's Toolmaking Video: Forging a bowl lathe hook for nesting bowls VALUE FOR VALUE If you enjoy Sloydcast, please show us some love by subscribing  wherever you listen to podcasts, share the show, and leave a rating and  review on your favorite podcast app. Every bit helps spread the word and  the sloyd!
July 23, 2020
Episode 00 — Mark Angelini & Mike Hanna
In this inaugural episode we introduce our hosts Mark Angelini and Mike Hanna, how they got into sloyd and green woodworking, what their plans are for this podcast, and share a little bit about their own lives.
June 18, 2020