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Awsten + Travis’ Slumber Party

Awsten + Travis’ Slumber Party

By Awsten + Travis, the good boys
Awsten Knight (of Waterparks) and Travis Riddle (of nothing) lovingly read and review sweet bedtime stories in the form of Waterparks fanfiction.
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Awsten + Travis get naked, try out a cool new voice for Travis, and make a plan for Awsten's untimely demise.
June 17, 2020
311: The Halloween Episode (Guest: Zakk Autrey)
Awsten + Travis figure out Awsten's aesthetic for the next era, are driven to madness by Jawn, and cry genuine tears.
June 10, 2020
310: Archive Of My Own
Awsten + Travis breathe heavily, make plans to pound the devil's soda, and explain the intricacies of lube.
May 27, 2020
309: Awssie Five-Knives
Awsten + Travis rate scintillating summer creams, play with more and more knives, and try to navigate Awsten through a meltdown.
May 20, 2020
308: Blinded by the Mud
Awsten + Travis make a bold artistic decision, nearly pass out, and rate the stories without any biases at all.
May 13, 2020
307: This Isn't Good (Guest: Joel Madden)
Awsten + Travis make the gravest error of their lives, get Waterparks dropped by their management, and secure a record deal for Travis.
May 6, 2020
306: Kissing at Warped Tour (Guest: Kellin Quinn)
Awsten + Travis give a lesson in using AO3, are interrupted by a child, and find out which band members their guest would date.
April 29, 2020
305: Go To Church (Guest: Elijah Daniel)
Awsten + Travis try to become hosts of the Wattpad Awards, discuss the McDonald's lore (again?), and blame Luke Hemmings for the way Awsten is.
April 22, 2020
304: DJ Wattpad (Guest: Joe Ragosta)
Awsten + Travis reveal that the podcast is scripted, mythbust Awsten's pubic hair, and revise the story they're reading.
April 15, 2020
303: God Can't Hear This
Awsten + Travis fail to understand geometry, block Jawn, and do a rockstar pose.
April 8, 2020
302: Electric Chair for Travis (Guest: De'Wayne Jackson)
Awsten + Travis start rumors, uncover that Jordan Peele is a fan of the show, and workshop their Jawn voice.
April 1, 2020
301: The Thick of the Fic
Awsten + Travis plan the next few seasons, start a local band, and cross a new line.
March 25, 2020
210: Rich Pervert
Awsten + Travis wonder whether the devil is coming for them, browse the Bodybuilding forums, and let out "a whorish moan."
January 24, 2019
209: Happy Ending (Guest: Gracie Knight)
Awsten + Travis welcome their plan B guest, exchange DMs with Drake on iTunes, and supplement a story with adlibs.
January 17, 2019
208: The Worst Episode
Awsten + Travis create new podcasts for their friends, get a massage from Jawn, and reach a new milestone for the show.
January 10, 2019
207: Awsten Goes to Hell (Guest: Geoff Wigington)
Awsten + Travis try to regain their stans, learn about their bodies, and veto reading a story for the first time ever.
January 3, 2019
206: Making Mudcakes
Awsten & Travis try to find a better voice for Travis, acquire a multitude of sponsors, and learn about the history of Homies toys.
December 20, 2018
205: Venti Feet (Guest: Carter Hardin)
Awsten + Travis lose a battle against allergies, spread misinformation, and learn someone's name.
December 13, 2018
204: Suck Them Fingers
Awsten + Travis ponder their cursed existence, challenge the cowards in Hollywood, and make plans together.
December 6, 2018
203: A Sex Idea (Guest: Joe Ragosta)
Awsten + Travis trash the website their entire show is centered around, perform an impeccable Otto impression, and determine that Awsten is in fact not a twink.
November 29, 2018
202: Fart Boys: Episode 3 (Guest: Otto Wood)
Awsten + Travis give their fanbase a name, reveal the title of the next Waterparks album, and imagine Travis naked.
November 15, 2018
201: We’re Very Humble
Awsten + Travis try to overcome illiteracy, discuss famous animals, and peruse Michael Cera's IMDB page.
November 8, 2018
110: This Whole Podcast Was a Bad Idea
Awsten + Travis hunker down for the finale, discuss their experiences with enemas, and look to the future.
March 20, 2018
109: A Review of Entertainment
Awsten + Travis explain the title of their show, get spooked, and wish they got more spooked.
March 13, 2018
108: Sweating (Guest: Anonymous)
Awsten + Travis talk like a baby, try to calm their guest down, and censor half the episode.
March 6, 2018
Awsten + Travis appreciate attention to detail, schedule a date, and learn about the art of seduction.
February 27, 2018
106: This Is Passion (Guest: Jawn Rocha)
Awsten + Travis chastise their guest, reassess their views on childhood favorites, and chastise their guest.
February 20, 2018
105: Clams
Awsten + Travis discuss the Made in America tour, absorb a shocking revelation, and explore the Felony Steve mythos. 
February 13, 2018
104: Bringing the Slams
Awsten + Travis attempt to silence an insatiable hound, talk with a dear friend on the phone, and change the topic of the podcast.
February 6, 2018
103: Sellout
Awsten + Travis ponder the potential downfall of Waterparks, discuss the coziness of dumpsters, and debate Oxford comma usage.
January 30, 2018
102: A Boy’s Nose
Awsten & Travis try to take criticism in stride, get tricked by a story, and yell a lot.
January 23, 2018
101: This is Not Fanfiction
Awsten + Travis welcome listeners to their slumber party, thank Al Gore, and discuss what to do if your car breaks down.
January 16, 2018