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SMALL BUT MIGHTY: The Niche Lawyer Podcast

SMALL BUT MIGHTY: The Niche Lawyer Podcast

By Megan Hargroder
Welcome to Small but Mighty! Every other week, we feature a solo or small firm attorney doing big things within a specific niche, and how those niches empower them to greatness.

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"You Learn Over Time" - Port St. Lucie Immigration Lawyer Olivia Cummings on Starting Your Own Firm
In this episode, Megan sits down with Port St. Lucie attorney Olivia Cummings to discuss Olivia's path of starting her own firm. She discusses some of the types of cases her firm sees, as well as how her parents' immigration helps inform her of her clients' struggles and frustration. Olivia also provides some advice for lawyers seeking to go out on their own and found their own business. 
June 23, 2022
"What Sets You Apart is a Strength, Not a Weakness" - New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Aubrey Harris on Victim Advocacy
In this episode, Megan talks with New Orleans criminal defense attorney Aubrey Harris. Aubrey focuses her practice on low-level criminal cases, and spends about 50% of her time also participating in victim advocacy. Much of her work revolves around human trafficking and helping victims of this difficult system get the resources and the defense they need to change their lives. Aubrey also spends much of her time partnering with The Covenant House - particularly for their annual "sleep-out," which allows attendees to raise money to combat homelessness ( Aubrey's advice to young attorneys just starting out in the legal field: Don't take every case that comes your way. Figure out what you're passionate about and use what sets you apart to your advantage.
May 26, 2022
"Hot Tips and Tools for the Client Journey" - Vermont Personal Injury Attorney Drew Palcsik on Situating People Where They Are in the Process
In this episode, Megan sits down with Vermont personal injury attorney Drew Palcsik of Champlain Valley Law. Drew is a dedicated attorney committed to helping his clients both through the legal journey, and by making the process as painless as possible. That's why he streamlines all different kinds of processes to help keep people up-to-date throughout every step of their case. He's tested and implemented all kinds of tools, ranging from self-scheduling resources to Zoom calls (before the pandemic!) and video updates about their case - and he's lucky to have found an assistant who shares those same goals. At the end of the day, Drew cares about the emotional, financial, and practical state of his clients and how he can meet them where they are.
March 17, 2022
"Keeping the Wheels Turning" - Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney Chris Shows on Getting Through the Tough Times
In this episode, Megan sits down with Baton Rouge personal injury attorney Chris Shows. In addition to being a biker who helps other motorcyclists through personal injury cases, Chris also had to take some time off from his practice when he was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer in 2016. His discussion with Megan covers the power of kindness, the importance of finding a team you can trust, and the tentative relief that comes with coming back to work after such a life-changing experience. Chris also provides some advice to young lawyers looking for the best way to get into the business: experience over money. Listen today.
February 17, 2022
"Don't Spin Your Wheels - Find a Niche" - Idaho Business Attorney Tom Walker on Business Succession Planning, Affirmations, and Niching
In this episode, Megan meets with Idaho business attorney Tom Walker to discuss the many ways to take care of your business - and yourself. Tom explains the importance of a business succession plan, as well as the importance of finding a niche for your business (or law firm). Tom explains that niching is one way to avoid burnout or stress during your career. Another way that Tom takes care of himself is through his daily affirmations. Want to learn more? Listen today!
November 04, 2021
"Do a Great Job for that First Client" - Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney Max Hiltner on Truly Caring About Your Work
In this episode, Megan sits down with Ohio criminal defense lawyer Max Hiltner. Max has an impressive resume and a thriving private practice at only 34 years old. The secret, as he tells Megan, is to love what you're doing, and to care about each client you have. Max tells Megan what the media gets wrong about giving people a second chance, and offers a few words of advice to any young attorney (or attorney of any age!) seeking to start their own business and go out on their own: do a great job for that first client. Listen today!
September 30, 2021
"Small Steps Make Big Movements When You Add Them All Together" - Louisiana Business Attorney Andrew Legrand on Business Law, Risk Assessment & Automation!
In this episode, Megan has a riveting discussion with New Orleans business attorney Andrew Legrand, founder of The Spera Law Group. Andrew explains how his firm developed a package method to provide in-house counsel-style legal services to local businesses of many types and sizes. His firm has also recently developed a new risk assessment tool on the Spera Law website that helps businesses and Spera clients understand what they're getting themselves into. Learn more about Andrew and his firm at and check out this episode today!
September 16, 2021
“Everything After That is Just Production” - Texas Appellate Attorney Todd Smith on Making a Legal Podcast
In this episode, Megan sits down with appellate lawyer Todd Smith to talk about his podcast, the Texas Appellate Law Podcast, and what this project has done for Todd's career. In a funny turn of events, Megan actually encouraged Todd not to pursue making a podcast back in the day -- and now here he is, as a guest on Megan's! The two discuss the production aspects of a podcast and funding, as well as how to know whether legal podcasting is right for you. You can listen to Todd's podcast at and contact Todd and his co-host on Twitter at @dtoddsmith.  Check out this episode today!
September 02, 2021
"Giving to Others is How You Receive" - New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney Daryl A. Gray on Giving Back to the Community
In this episode, Megan talks with personal injury attorney Daryl A. Gray about his firm, Wright Gray, and their initiatives in the New Orleans community. In addition to various scholarships and drives they host, Wright Gray has an entire wing of their firm -- Wright Gray Gives -- devoted to service. Daryl also discusses his radio show and how his values have led him to pursuing these endeavors through his firm. Give it a listen today!
August 19, 2021
"Just Getting Through It Together" - Oregon Attorney-Mediator Julie Gentili Armbrust on Divorce Mediation
In this episode, Megan interviews attorney-mediator Julie Gentili Armbrust about the little-known world of divorce mediation. Hear Julie talk about what surprises her clients most about divorce mediation and why she chose to list her fees on her website (typically a no-no in the legal world). She also discusses her own divorce and how she was able to use her divorce mediation skills to make that process as painless as she could. Listen today!
August 05, 2021
"Sometimes the Low-Hanging Fruit is Keeping You Down" - El Paso Attorney Clark Harmonson on Medical Malpractice
In this episode, Megan interviews attorney Clark Harmonson about his niche: personal injury and medical malpractice. Harmonson is strictly dedicated to helping good people recover from bad injuries. He talks about some examples of cases he's fought that involved patient neglect and overworking. Their discussion also touches on how COVID-19 changed the way cases pre-Covid have evolved and also the emotional impact that Harmonson feels dealing with these types of cases.
July 22, 2021