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The Smallest Box Possible

The Smallest Box Possible

By Jason Robinson
The Smallest Box Possible is an intimate, unvarnished look at small business and entrepreneurism hosted by Jason Robinson. Jason is the Founder of Free Radical Labs, a marketing and merchandising company specializing in creating secondary streams of income for content creators. The Smallest Box Possible seeks to educate and inspire entrepreneurs. Whether you are an aspiring business owner or seasoned veteran, our conversations hope to keep you focused on incorporating and maintaining successful behaviors.

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Why You Need a Web Professional featuring Nick Turner

The Smallest Box Possible

Our Process: Ordering Screenprinted T-Shirts
So you're ready to order some shirts?  Jason walks you through the process that @FreeRadicalLabs uses to set their clients up to success.  We will have some pertinent questions though...  Before you order t-shirts for you business or organization, give us about 26 minutes of your time so we can give you the benefit of our experience.  We probably have questions you didn't even think were important and could make or break your project (or budget).
February 25, 2021
Failure May Not Be An Option...but It's a Possibility
What do you do when you get knocked down in business?  Surely, you are not planning to fail, but if 2020 taught us anything its that the best laid plans can fall apart.  Sometimes it takes an honest, dispassionate look at what went wrong to improve.  You can spend all of your money on continuous improvement experts or you can ask yourself some basic questions, make some real and lasting improvements and move on to the next little surprise waiting on you.  Small business owners tend to be passionate about their work - don't let that passion stand in the way of preventing mistakes from happening or learning from them when they do.
February 19, 2021
First Impressions: Email Addresses featuring Nick Turner
Nick's back and we are talking about how important a professional email address is to establish a professional rapport.  If you are offering any professional service, you need to have a professional email address - that is something that does not end in a commonly available free email platform.  You can integrate your email into an existing free email platform, but what the potential customer needs to see is an email address from your company.  We also touch on phone numbers and how a certain segment of the population simply will not answer the phone if they do not recognize the area code.  If you happen to have a phone number from somewhere else in the country, you may want to look into a VOIP option that provides a number local to you.
February 13, 2021
Expect a Comma - What A Good Graphic Artist Will Cost AND Why featuring Daniel Flores
Many entrepreneurs balk at the notion of spending over a thousand dollars to hire a graphic artist for their business.  They let the visceral feeling of spending money override the investment they are making in their businesses visual presentation.  We sit down with world-class, Atlanta-based graphic designer Daniel Flores and talk about what you should be getting for your investment.  Daniel and Jason break down some simple terms you may here with regard to artwork for your business as well as what can go wrong if you don't listen to a professional. You can follow Daniel @DELTATANGOMIKE on all social media.
February 05, 2021
2020 Year In Review Part 2: Surf the Digital Wave (or Get Crushed by It)
As we continue to dissect what went wrong in 2020, we take a moment to understand the lessons learned in the digital space.  E-commerce companies raked in billions of dollars in revenue by being able to pivot quickly into contactless service.  They honestly didn't have much to do to execute it flawlessly - this should have been a warning to business who were caught up in doing things "the way we've always done it."  Jason talks about how digital growth in terms of web presence, electronic payments and remote scheduling were key to success in 2020 and will continue to be important.
January 30, 2021
2020 Year in Review Part 1: Banking Relationships
Jason discusses 2020 from the aspect of financial relationships with vendors and financial institutions.  Too many businesses missed out on financial assistance because they did not have pre-existing relationships with financial institutions.  This could have been for many different reasons but ultimately if banks (and the government) did not know you existed, you simply were not able to secure financial help during the COVID pandemic.
January 26, 2021
Why You Need a Web Professional featuring Nick Turner
Nick from GarderLoop is my guest today as we discuss why your business needs a website.  2020 taught businesses some hard lessons, one of them being that becoming tech-savvy is an essential key to surviving during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.  In this light-hearted discussion we talk about costs, responsibilities and alternatives to full-fledged websites for your business.
January 13, 2021
Toys vs Tools
Episode 2: Toys vs Tools Jason discusses the choices that business owners need to make when it comes to differentiating between a consumer toy and a professional tool that they may need to use in their business.  He discusses the pros and cons of attempting to save a little money on a major purchase by going with a less expensive piece of equipment that is designed for consumer use versus paying more for an industrial or commercial machine. Music by JosepMonter from Pixabay
December 07, 2020
The Smallest Box Possible
Who doesn't love talking about shipping and freight costs?  Shipping in the Smallest Box Possible is really a mindset about preparedness for starting and the continual improvement necessary to maintain a small business.
December 04, 2020
The Prologue
We all have a backstory.  This is mine.
December 03, 2020