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Small Things Considered

Small Things Considered

By Adam "J.R." Stoffel

JR and Gary consider small things, or maybe big things that could be small. Or small things that could be big. Our goal is to ask more questions than answer them. to probe what our listeners requests, and what we find in the wild. It may be amusing, funny, sarcastic, maudlin or dire, or anywhere in-between. the one goal is to entertain. Join two long term friends exploring the world around them, and join in on the conversation. Nothing is too small to be included: Music, Arts, Politics, Religion, Society-at-large: they are all small things. Don't sweat the small stuff. Let us do it for you.
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#2: Are All Men CREATED Equal?
#2: Are All Men CREATED Equal?
In the second episode of Small Things Considered JR and Gary explain why you might find them weirdly credible to consider small things. Small things such as penises, people that run red lights, and our Declaration of Independence. Small Things Considered Podcast | Facebook
December 06, 2022
#1: What's in a Name?
#1: What's in a Name?
In the premier episode of Small Things Considered, JR and Gary consider how this podcast came to be, and how it's going to work. What small things will be considered? How'd they come up with the name? What's the theme song going to be? And more. Then the guys consider an acre of land. Is an acre of land a small thing, or a big thing? Kind of depends on whether or not you have to mow it, doesn't it? We'd love to consider your small thing on future episode, to join in the discussion, check out our Facebook group here: Wikipedia page on the acre: JR's other podcast, Three Things With JR can be found here: ToBe Fare's website:
November 22, 2022
Trailer 1
Trailer 1
Needed something to upload as our first episode, so here you go
November 11, 2022