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The Smallworld's Podcast

The Smallworld's Podcast

By Smallworld
Hello! My name is Smallworld, your host and captain on this adventure to the world of lifestyle and reality where topics are picked and brought to our unmoved table to give you nothing but what you sought for and what you see on each podcast episode, so join me on this ride that never ends.
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Here's another episode of Monday's motivation to take you as you journey into the week. So listen you just might learn something 🙂
April 18, 2022
Every Monday Smallworld takes his listeners on a journey to MOTIVATION land to get them up and standing feeling fresh and fulfilled for the new week. If it's lifestyle, it's Smallworld.
April 11, 2022
Monday Motivation
Every Monday Smallworld drop words that get you started for the week leaving you not only fulfilled but fresh and natural. Join him as he takes you on an adventure in the world of motivation and self improvement.
March 28, 2022
In this episode, we give you latest songs and singles from Nigerian artist and songwriters. To get your songs on the show just send us a message on WhatsApp @07089451625. This is more than a lifestyle!.
December 04, 2021
The upcoming zone
In this episode we play songs from upcoming artist and talk about their impact and the message behind the song. In this episode upcoming artist are recognized and respected for creating beautiful piece of words that forms a wonderful sound/song. So watch out for @Dee, Dublizz, Bobby Dee also a song from Cheque and also Ruger. It's a lifestyle so join in.
December 03, 2021
Social distancing
Did you get affected by the covid-19 pandemic? How did you feel let me know what you feel about the whole situation. And don't forget to send us a message @iamsmallpod on Instagram and also drop an email on
August 31, 2021
Sing along with Smallworld
Every Friday Smallworld's gives you the best music for you to relax after the long week work and you can choose your favorite songs to be played on show. Just send a message to 07089451625 ( The song and the artiste) and your song will be delivered. Happy weekend💯💯🤭🤭
May 14, 2021
Which way Nigeria
In this episode, I talk about the current issue we are facing and try to talk to us about it giving advice on how to go through it. So listen to the voice that connects with your mind.
May 06, 2021
The School Saga trailer
I am starting a new project called THE SCHOOL SAGA, and the theme is PROMOTING EDUCATION THROUGH PODCASTING where I interview students from different level and departments to tell us about their course of study and impact others with knowledge about it. So please don't miss it.
April 23, 2021
Fear and anxiety part 1
On this episode we talk about fear and anxiety informing us about what they are and their signs, symptoms and notes to take on them when they occur.
March 28, 2021
How to make a difference
Many people really don't know how to make a difference and this has been a major disadvantage to their existence. This episode helps them to think once more and motivate them along this track.
March 24, 2021