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Episode #1: Future of Farming w/ Pomai Weigert

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By Christina Laney Mitre
Welcome to Smart Living Hawaii’s Podcast where we discuss Smart Homes & Technology, Sustainability, Healthy Lifestyles (Food/Fitness/Well-Being) and Smart Business. Check us out at:, follow us on Instagram @smart_living_hawaii or LIKE us on Facebook @smartlivinghawaii #SmartHomes #SmartEco #SmartHealth #SmartBusiness
Episode #13: A Talk Story w/ Wendy Loh...Aeroponics, Blue Zones, Tower Gardens & More!
Today's talk story is with Wendy Loh, a sustainable leader here in Hawaii, pioneering the Tower Garden and Aeroponics; solutions to local food production in our urban core.  We will also dabble into her career path, family and mission in life which touches on Hawaii's Blue Zone Project, healthy meals and traveling the world with a cause.   After operating Kona Paradise Candies for the past 20 years, Wendy Loh is now retired into a business that allows her to travel to many parts of the world as she promotes stewarding your body the way God intended for us all going PLANT STRONG towards optimal health. While making Hawaii smile with her chocolates, Wendy represented 12 Board of Director positions serving in every way. As she is retired from chocolate making and her fund raising company, she has chosen to represent 4 of the 12 boards actively. She now is the first National Marketing Director for the state of Hawaii for the Juice Plus Company and leads over 300 distributors towards Prevention and Wellness. Extending into promoting and growing sustainable produce and vegetables, Wendy also represents the Tower Garden and encourages all of Hawaii to step up to growing chemical free vegetables for our future generations. She responsible for bringing over 1000 Tower Gardens to this state to promote residential and urban farming. “Every Lanai Should Have a Tower Garden!” Proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Cassandra and Angela, Wendy loves spending her time cooking healthy meals, surfing and traveling as she shares God’s light with everyone. Delivering bibles and wheelchairs with Joni Earecksen Tada and creating events to raise millions of dollars for those in need in Hawaii as well as building homes for the orphans of Uganda. I have been groomed to travel the world and to look after God’s children as well as the people of Hawaii. Hosting a show entitled “Taking Your Health Back” Wendy gets to promote “Health” in many ways. Not just nutritionally, but emotionally, spiritually and financially. Health is what you make it. Now let’s take it back and work towards wellness.   Wendy Loh | | 808.429.8777 |   Other businesses mentioned: Hawaii Blue Zone Project | Tower Garden  Smart Living Hawaii at:  Instagram: @smart_living_hawaii  Facebook: @SmartLivingHawaii 
May 14, 2019
Episode #12: A Talk Story w/ John Leong, CEO of Pono Pacific & Kupu Hawaii...Preserving Hawaii's Ecosystems
Today we will continue our Sustainable Leaders series and have a Talk Story with John Leong, the CEO of Pono Pacific, LLC and the non-profit, Kupu. These two businesses focus on preserving, protecting and restoring Hawaii’s precious ecosystems. We plan to tackle both businesses, how they work together, the different programs they have and the reach, collaboration and partnerships they have made over the past 15 plus years.  John Leong’s passion for creating a more resilient Hawai‘i is the inspiration and foundation for his ground-breaking work and accomplishments. As an environmental entrepreneur, Leong has helped to develop Hawai‘i’s green jobs industry, increasing conservation awareness and creating career opportunities in natural resource management and sustainability. After graduating from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 2000, Leong founded Pono Pacific Land Management, LLC, a conservation and land management services company. Pono Pacific is the only comprehensive, private natural resource management company in Hawai‘i, which today impacts nearly 40,000 acres annually throughout the state. Striving to continually innovate the company and its services, Leong has bridged Pono Pacific’s long-term conservation management goals with revenue-generating sustainability projects in renewable energy, reforestation and food production. In 2007, Leong co-founded non-profit organization Kupu, to cultivate positive environmental impact by focusing on developing Hawai‘i’s next generation of environmental stewards and community leaders. Kupu’s youth conservation and sustainability programs provide environmental and cultural education and experiences, as well as personal and professional development opportunities. Over the past decade, Kupu has helped to engage nearly 3,500 program participants statewide, many who have since established successful education and career pathways in conservation and sustainability. Through its programs and partnerships, Kupu has generated a total of more than $80 million in economic impact for the state, with a 1 to 3.4 cost-to-benefit ratio. Leong serves on several boards such as the YMCA of Honolulu, Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs (HIPA), Lambda Alpha International (LAI), and Trust For Public Land. | (808) 628-7400 ‏ | | | 677 Ala Moana Boulevard, Suite 1200, Honolulu, HI 96813 Instagram: @ponopacific and @kupuhawaii | Facebook: @PonoPacific and @Kupuhawaii Other businesses mentioned in this podcast: | | |  | Smart Living Hawaii at:  Instagram: @smart_living_hawaii  Facebook: @SmartLivingHawaii 
April 30, 2019
Episode #11: A Talk Story w/ Alea Bridge Executive Director, Phil Acosta on Hawaii's Homeless Hurdles
Today we will continue our Sustainable Leaders series and have a Talk Story with Phil Acosta, the Executive Director at Alea Bridge as we zero in on the Homeless Epidemic here in Hawaii. We plan to understand the Homeless situation, learn about what’s working and how we can solve some of these homeless hurdles. Some may be wondering how this is related to sustainability, well for those of you who don’t know, one of Hawaii’s sustainable sectors is Housing, Affordable Housing at that. The Homeless struggles we face as a state is something we must address for Hawaii’s Future and its people. Phil is currently the Executive Director of ALEA Bridge, an emerging Non-Profit agency providing homeless services on Oahu. Along with his sister and 2 brothers, they have built up the organization from 2 unpaid volunteers 3 years ago, now with an Operations staff of 13, a Leadership Team of 20, and a volunteer base of over 200 people. They are now looking to expand their Outreach services and Housing programs to reach more people, especially in rural areas that have historically been under-served for many years. One of their big initiatives is the Wahiawa HoM Program, a collaborative, community-based initiative with a focus on Central Oahu, North Shore, and portions of Koolauloa, and Leeward Oahu, to address the homeless, health, and housing issues that is impacting the residents of these communities.     Phil was an IT Project Manager for several years prior to ALEA Bridge, working on various enterprise projects with the State Department of Human Services and the US Department of Defense. Prior to that, he spent 10 years with the Department of Education. He and his wife just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. They have 15-year old twin girls. One will be an incoming Senior at Mid-Pacific Institute, and another who is gearing up for college!  Phil and his family work tirelessly, day-in and day-out to provide amazing services for those without a home. Their big hearts touch the lives of those who lose hope and with that love, Phil and his team are able to save people at their bottoms and bring them back to a place they can call home. Phil Acosta: | 808-379-2532 | | 935 California Ave., Suite#: A7-37 Wahiawa, HI 96786  LinkedIn: Click Here Instagram: @the_aleabridge  Additional links and contact info from the podcast: Ulupono Initiative:  GoFarm Hawaii:  Kokua Kalihi Valley/Ho'oulu 'Aina | Kanoa O'Connor ( |  HomeAid Hawaii | Nani Medeiros ( |  You can reach Smart Living Hawaii at:  Instagram: @smart_living_hawaii Facebook: @SmartLivingHawaii  All purple highlights are clickable links.
April 15, 2019
Episode #10: A Talk Story w/ Matthew Lynch, Sustainability Director at UH
Today we will have a Talk Story with Matthew Lynch, the Director of Sustainability Initiatives at the University of Hawaii.  There are so many directions I could take this podcast because Matt is truly a wealth of knowledge and knows a lot about all the different sectors of sustainability due to his past experience and his current position at UH. So I decided to tackle: Matthew's entry into Sustainability, Schooling for the World of Sustainability, Hawaii Green Growth, Aloha+ Challenge, UN's Local2030Hub, Farming, Agriculture and Permaculture...all in an hour! Matthew Kamakani Lynch has worked in a broad range of community-based sustainable development projects from Laos to Mongolia to Vanuatu, from building rural community resilience through farmer trainings, to sustainable economic development, to catalyzing institutional change through policy work and collaborative leadership.  Matt's talent for energizing communities and individuals has re-humanized urban and institutional systems in the developing and developed worlds, and works towards restoring & regenerating the ecological systems upon which these social systems depend.  Matthew currently serves as the Director of Sustainability Initiatives for the ten campuses of the University of Hawaii. He is also founder of of the Honolulu based nonprofit Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design, and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Kahumana Organic Farm and Hawaii Green Growth.  LinkedIn:  Email:  You can reach Smart Living Hawaii at:  Instagram: @smart_living_hawaii Facebook: @SmartLivingHawaii  All purple highlights are clickable links.
April 8, 2019
Episode #9: A Talk Story w/ Mike Fairall, Hawaii's Sustainable Builder
Today we will Talk Story with Mike Fairall, a sustainable builder who truly lives out his mission within his work, family and community. We will tackle the life of Mike Fairall and dabble in: Sustainable Building, LEED Certifications, Farming, Permaculture and Affordable Housing. Mike Fairall:  Having worked in the construction industry for over 15 years in nearly every aspect of residential building and commercial retro-fitting, Mr. Fairall has developed a keen sense for project efficiency; ensuring project goals are met on time, target and budget. Combining that with a streamlined approach to sustainable building and development, yields a successful project with increased energy efficiency, unparalleled understanding for environmental practices, improved indoor air quality and occupancy health, as well as the appropriate allocation of resources and most importantly consumer education. Education and awareness is critical to improving quality within the construction industry and helps to promote smarter greener building strategies on a more developed scale.  Founder of Mokulua High Performance Building; Mike continues to have a direct presence in the industry by driving the company’s vision and founding principle of promoting and creating affordable sustainable living one house at a time. As such, he was appointed the building industry expert and representative, to the Photovoltaic Working Group and Energy sub-committee for the State of Hawaii under Senator Mike Gabbard.   At both the State and National level he continues to push for more refined construction practices via legislation that promote energy efficiency and incenitves to build/develop more sustainably. As a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Energy and Green Building Committee, he proudly represents Hawaii's residnetial construction industry, enhancing the growth and awareness of energy efficient green building.  Mokulua High Performance Builders:   You can reach Smart Living Hawaii at:  Instagram: @smart_living_hawaii Facebook: @SmartLivingHawaii 
April 1, 2019
Episode #8: A Talk Story w/ Evolution Biologist, Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris
Today's talk story highlights: Evolution Biology, Circular Economy, 5G Wireless, Is It Safe? and the 100 Resilient Cities Initiative.  In the past year, I have read about these, listened to podcasts, watched YouTube videos & Netflix shows to learn as much as I can to catch up with the Sustainable Movement locally and globally.  For those doing the same or just starting out, this podcast with Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris will be very educational.  My goal for this talk story was to address these topics so those "green" to green could grasp the complex thought, theories and advances people are making in the world of sustainability.  We will also dive deeper into the hurdles we are facing with our Sustainable Initiatives and address some potential solutions for our future. Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris is an internationally known evolution biologist, futurist, author, business consultant and speaker. Citizen of the USA and Greece, she lives in Spain, where she works with Mallorca Goes Green toward sustainable local economy.  Fellow of the World Business Academy and member of the World Wisdom Council, her post-doctoral fellowship tenure was at the American Museum of Natural History in New York; she taught at MIT and the University of Massachusetts, was a UN Consultant on indigenous peoples, a science writer for the NOVA-HORIZON TV series, taught in a sustainable business MBA program and organized the Hokkaido Foundations of Science Symposium in 2008 and another in Kuala Lumpur in 2009. Her books include EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution, A Walk Through Time: from Stardust to Us and Biology Revisioned, w. Willis Harman.   Dr. Sahtouris ever updates her model for a living universe integrating physics, biology and spirituality. She sees solutions to our social and economic crises in the evolution of Earth's ecosystems and works passionately for the health and well-being of our global family.  Her venues have included top government agencies in Australia, New Zealand, Brasil and the Netherlands, The World Bank, UN, UNESCO, EPA, Digital Earth Society, Boeing, Siemens, Tokyo Dome Stadium, Sao Paulo's leading business schools, State of the World Forums (NY & San Francisco), First Rand Bank Group S.Africa, World Parliament of Religions, and many more.    Website: email:  Helpful links: 5G Explained here at two different websites:  or Evolution Biology:  You can reach Smart Living Hawaii at:  Instagram: @smart_living_hawaii Facebook: @SmartLivingHawaii 
March 19, 2019
Episode #7: A Talk Story w/ Hawaii's Cultural Sustainability Planner, Kumu Ramsay Taum
Sustainability is the new buzz word lately but as we are all learning, it means something different to each person. Today's podcast is brought to you by GC Media Hawaii and a big mahalo to all the great work they are doing on our videos! Here in Hawaii, the Sustainable Initiative has officially been defined based off of the needs from our people and our land. We are here today with Kumu Ramsay Taum, a Cultural Sustainable Planner for Hawaii to discuss the importance of our culture from our past to our present. How we can learn from our past and blend it with our future, for our future. We will also cover Hawaii’s Sustainable Initiatives and the steps we are taking as a state and community. Kumu Ramsay Taum is founder and President of the Life Enhancement Institute of the Pacific and Cultural Sustainability Planner at PBR Hawaii & Associates. Mentored and trained by respected Hawaiian elders, he is a practitioner of several Native Hawaiian practices including ho’oponopono, lomi haha, and Kaihewalu Lua. Kumu Ramsay is a sought-after keynote speaker, cultural resource, lecturer, trainer and facilitator. He was awarded the 2013 Peace Day Hawai‘i Peace Maker of the Year in recognition of his lifetime career advocating the spirit of Aloha around the world, in fields of ecology, business, communications, economic development and Hawaiian culture. His work in promoting sustainable place based, and Hawaiian cultural stewardship principles and practices is acknowledged locally, nationally and internationally. Ramsay was awarded the 2008 East West Centers Leadership Certificate Program’s Transformational Leadership in Sustainability, and the Hawai’i Home + Remodeling, HONOLULU & Hawai’i Business magazines’ “Who’s Keeping Hawai’i Green” 2008 Individual Educator Honoree. Visit Kumu Ramsay Taum at: Instagram: @ramsaytaum  or find him on Facebook!  For more information about our sponsor GC Media Hawaii: Instagram: @GCmediahawaii or You can also reach Smart Living Hawaii at:  Instagram: @smart_living_hawaii Facebook: @SmartLivingHawaii
February 24, 2019
Episode #6: Future of Solar and Smart Home Integration
Today's podcast is brought to by Holu Energy and is focused on the future of solar, energy storage and smart home integration within our energy sources. Hawaii has sun year-round and with companies like Holu Energy and EnSync Energy Systems we are being able to utilize solar energy by storing, measuring, monitoring, predicting and controlling it. Listen in as we discuss these innovative platforms, smart homes and where solar is headed in Hawaii! Visit Holu Energy at for more information on solar storage or contact us at You can also find us on Instagram: @smart_living_hawaii or Facebook: @SmartLivingHawaii
January 25, 2019
Episode #5: What You Don't Know About Our Oceans
Today’s podcast is brought to you by Bento Homes here in Hawaii and we will be discussing some of the most controversial topics within keeping our oceans clean. Our guest today is Kahi Pacarro, the Executive Director and one of the founders of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. He is here to share more about what many don’t know but should know about our oceans. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii is focused on awakening volunteers at their cleanups that the items being removed off of our coastlines are the same items many of us use in our everyday lives. They emphasize that if all we ever do is clean beaches, that’s all we will ever do. The true solution is in stopping the debris from ever being created in the first place. Creating an experience that shocks the volunteer into this recognition is a powerful and proven way towards the change most of us need to make. Checkout their website for more info: .
November 5, 2018
Episode #4: Trending Fitness Crazes & Workouts
Today’s podcast is brought to you by Bento Homes here in Hawaii and we will be covering the new Fitness Crazes and what is trending. We have a lineup of guests today: Ryan Alexander Martin, Head Coach of Kakaako Orange Theory, Max Hannemann, Yoga Sculpt Instructor at Core Power Yoga and Jono Blodgett, Obstacle Course Specialist…aka Spartan Race Coach and Personal Trainer. These three amazing fitness coaches will share with us their workouts, why they are taking off across the world and how they differ from each other. Please checkout and follow these fitness gurus and if you haven't had a chance to try out one of their workouts, pay them a visit and get your workout on! Their Instagram handles... Ryan: @rythecoach Max: @maxhannemann Jono: @jonobhi
October 22, 2018
Episode #3: Affordable Housing and Development
This podcast focuses on Hawaii's Affordable Housing, the housing shortage and development. We welcomed Phillip Hasha the CEO and President of the Redmont Group to come and chat with us about making Hawaii more affordable and dealing with the housing shortage. Phillip is also on the Hawaii Community Development Authority board and the Affordable Housing Rental Task Force. They are all working together with the state to come up with solutions for Hawaii's future. The Redmont Group is a full-service real estate firm. A team of in-house professionals who specialize in all aspects of real estate. All divisions [design, build, manage, and invest] are integrated to ensure you understand how individual decisions affect the overall life-cycle of your asset. Checkout the Redmont Group at:
October 8, 2018
Episode #2: Bento Homes ADUs & Revolusun's Smart Home
Today’s podcast will be covering Bento Homes ADUs & Revolusun's Smart Home Innovation Center. Our guests are Dan Rapoport with Bento Homes Hawaii and Eric Carlson with Revolusun. Dan Rapoport is the Design Director of Bento Homes here in Hawaii and focuses on architecture and design with a graduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University, School of Architecture. We also have Eric Carlson, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Revolusun Smart Home. Bento Homes are fully furnished, turnkey smart home ADUs. Also capitalize on green innovations, building with the latest sustainable materials & partnering with Revolusun for solar power & water heating options. Furnishings are designed for maximum versatility & optimizing square footage. An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a complete home w/ kitchen, bathroom & sleeping facilities, built on a single-family lot separate from a primary dwelling. Visit Bento Homes at: & Revolusun's Innovation Center at:
September 23, 2018
Episode #1: Future of Farming w/ Pomai Weigert
The very first podcast of Smart Living Hawaii is centered around Farming here in Hawaii. Our guest today is Pomai Weigert w/ GoFarm Hawaii and we will walk you through Hawaii's farming industry from the past to our future. How the ancient Hawaiians lived off the land, to the plantation workers, commercial farming and helping Hawaii become self-sustaining through farming initiatives today. GoFarm Hawaii has grown to become one of the largest and most successful beginning farmer development programs in the Nation. In 2012, the University of Hawaii discussed the need for a new kind of beginning farmer training program – one that had a science-based curriculum, included rigorous hands-on & business training and was open to all willing adults. A program that would prepare those who were interested in becoming a farmer with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to contribute to Hawaii’s food security and economy as production farmers. Check them out:
August 22, 2018
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