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By Jason Wade
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Jason talks with Colin Billings, Founder/CEO of Orro, the first truly responsive home lighting system.
Jason Wade Interviews Colin Billings. Colin is the founder and CEO of Orro, the first truly responsive home lighting system that integrates with all your devices at home so you can conveniently control everything in one place. Colin previously worked as VP of Product at Stitcher where he led the team from the founding days to exit when the company was acquired by Deezer, the world’s second largest subscription music service. Colin has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of San Francisco, a JD from UC Hasting, and his Bachelor’s in Political Science from UCLA.
February 22, 2019
Jason Wade, Smart Home Show Talks w/ Vinny Lobdell - President + Founder of Intellipure & PURE Globa
Jason Wade of Smart Home Show Talks With Vinny Lobdell - President and Founder of Intellipure & PURE Global Show Links: Questions and topics covered: Tell us about yourself and the mission of your company. Why is air quality important to homeowners?    Health and Wellness is converging into the IoT space as people are looking out for their health more. Please tell us more about what you are doing to cater to people who are looking to create a healthy home or work environment? Can we envision a home of the future being able to optimize the indoor air environment?   What are some of the big projects you are currently working on? How do you stack up against some of the other well know air quality brands out there? What healthy home trends do you see emerging? What are some of the science based results of cleaning your air with a high quality air cleaning system? Thanks! -jason Jason Wade Host of Podcast Founder, & 321.946.5569
December 15, 2018
Interview with Mark from Atmos
Jason from Orlando Smart Homes / Smart Home Talk interviews Mark from Atmos Home - a Florida SmartHome company making everything work together in an easy and natural way.
October 7, 2017
Smart Home Talk News - 7/30
Jason Wade from let's the beat drop in all the Smart Home Talk News from Wink, Will I.Am, Tesla, IKEA, and more.
July 31, 2017
Part 1 - 7/25 Smart Home Talk
Orlando Smart Homes meetup featuring Phil Kean Design Studios, Tesla and Insteon
July 29, 2017
SmartHome Theme Song
Orlando Smart Homes #ThemeSong
July 14, 2017
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