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Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids - Learning Made Fun!

Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids - Learning Made Fun!

By Smarty Pants Magazine For Kids
Sandie lee engages kids on a wide range of topics using fun facts, music, sound effects, and interviews with unique characters! We also showcase original fiction...just for more fun!
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Hey! That Bug's a Lady!

Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids - Learning Made Fun!

Not Just a Sleepy Sloth
Our favorite kid narrator, Pranamya, is back. Today, she is reading a fun and informative poem about our sleepy friend, the sloth for International Sloth Day celebrated every year on October 20th.
November 29, 2021
Turkey Roll
When the Thanksgiving turkey rolls out the door, listen to how Ava and Eli solve the dilemma. This fun story is written by Melissa G. Christensen. Narration by Jeffrey Grant.
November 23, 2021
It's an Appalachian Thanksgiving
Check out this fun poem read by Miss Bonnie B. about what happens when the family is coming for dinner and there's no turkey! We even have a free pdf for fun activities related to this poem;
November 15, 2021
Dax and the Monster
Listen to this fun story written by Brandi-Ann Uyemura. When Dax is visited by a monster one night, things go very wrong for the lovable duo.
November 10, 2021
A Brief History About the Sandwich
Listen to Sandie lee as she discusses some fun facts about the history of the sandwich!
November 4, 2021
Miss Bonnie B. Talks Turkey
Join Miss Bonnie B. as she takes us through some fun facts about the turkey. Gobble Gobble Gobble
October 17, 2021
The Witches Dance (A Halloween Poem)
Listen to this spooky poem written by, Roseanne B. Frank.
October 13, 2021
Fun Facts About Pigs
Let's take a trip to Fopdoodle Farm where Miss Bonnie B. talks about one of her favorite animals, the pig. We might even hear from Jed, her prized pig, and Henrietta (that pesky chicken).
October 11, 2021
Learn About Pumpkins With Miss Bonnie B.
We have Miss Bonnie B. from Fopdoodle Farm here today to discuss pumpkins. Sit and take a listen! She's funtastic!
October 9, 2021
Weird Wacky Sports
Tired of regular sports? Then check out these weird, wacky sports that are sure to have you cheering for more!
October 3, 2021
The Blarney Castle
Come explore this fun castle with Pranamya (our favorite kid narrator).
September 15, 2021
Let's Celebrate Kids and Pets
Listen to our kid narrator, Pranamya, as she gives us some helpful tips on keeping our best furry (feathery and scaly) pals happy and healthy.
September 14, 2021
Fun Facts About Chickens
Join Miss Bonnie B. as she discusses her favorite barnyard pal, the chicken.
September 2, 2021
The Terrible T-Rex
Let's discover some cool facts about the T-Rex with Sandie lee and Professor Proissant.
August 29, 2021
My Life as a Lizard (by Iggy Iguana)
Join Iggy the Iguana and Sandie lee as they discover some fun facts about this amazing reptile.
August 28, 2021
Why Do Cats Purr?
Sandie lee and Professor Proissant talk to us about why cats do and do not purr.
August 26, 2021
When Animals Get Together, Their Names Are Odd
Discover what groups of animals are called - it's super-cool!
August 25, 2021
Weird, Wonderful...Pets?
Learn about some unusual pets with our kid narrator, Pranamya!
August 21, 2021
Humdinger Hummingbird Facts
What's all the "hum" about? We have some super-cool facts on the world's smallest birds.
August 20, 2021
The Queen is Coming! The Queen is Coming!
What was it like to entertain royalty? Find out in this fact-filled podcast.
August 13, 2021
Could a Pigeon Be Man's Best Friend?
Take a "flight" through the amazing world of the pigeon.
August 11, 2021
Water is Liquid Life - Don't Leave Home Without It!
Let's learn about the important role water plays in our bodies.
August 9, 2021
Fun Facts About Butterflies
Let's discover some cool facts about this amazing little critter! For more fun facts visit;
July 30, 2021
When Is a Fly Not a Fly?
Let's discover some fun facts about the fly!
May 25, 2021
Delightful Delaney Detective & the Case of the Missing Teeth
When nine-year-old Delaney gets her new alliterative name from her teacher and a spy kit from her favorite aunt, she is determined to figure out where her neighbor, Mr. Grouchy Grizzle Grump's, teeth have gone! For more stories and fun facts, check out
May 22, 2021
Let's Go Swan Upping With the Queen!
Discover a centuries-old tradition that involves counting the Mute Swan species on the Thames River in England!
May 20, 2021
The Big Red Thing!
What is this strange object that has Georgie and Petie working so hard? Find out in this fiction story titled, The Big Red Thing! Want to hear more audio fiction? Check out our site;
May 15, 2021
A Tale About a Tail...The Rabbit
Let's learn some fun facts about the rabbit's tail!
May 12, 2021
The Art of...Balloons?
Let's discover some fun facts about the Art of Balloons!
May 11, 2021
What Are You Wearing!
Let's take a look back at some odd clothing you may not know (and probably don't want to ever wear).
May 9, 2021
Crown for a Queen
What happens when a naughty Princess becomes Queen? Find out in this fictional story, Crown for a Queen, written by Jo Carol Hebert.
May 8, 2021
Discover Bubble Gum!
February 5th was Bubble Gum Day! However, there's still some 'bubble-icious' facts to learn about this 'chewy' treat!
May 6, 2021
The Immune System
Let's discover how our immune system works - it's like a King in his castle!
May 5, 2021
Look Out! That Plant is Loaded!
Let's discover some fascinating ways some common plants defend themselves against predators. 
April 30, 2021
Top Reasons Why Dogs Are Humans BFF
Discover the top ten reasons why dogs are humans best friend - #10 will surprise you!
April 27, 2021
Five Mind-Blowing Food Facts
Listen to Sandie lee and a special guest discover some mind-blowing facts about common foods like peanut butter, Skittles, potatoes, bananas and chocolate.
April 25, 2021
The Elephant That Crossed the Bridge
Learn about Andrew Carnegie and a brave elephant that crossed a bridge.  http://www,
April 23, 2021
Fun Frogology Facts
Let's discover some fascinating "frogology" facts.
April 21, 2021
Are You "Bugged" by Bugs
Don't let those pesky insects "bug" you! Check out these fun facts about insects and bugs (there is a difference).
April 17, 2021
"Tasty" Tongue Facts
Let's discover some fun facts about our tongues!
April 14, 2021
Hard-Hitters of the Animal World
Let's take a look at just some of the powerful punches, crazy kicks, and stupendous strikes with the hard-hitters of the animal world.
April 13, 2021
Let's Discover the Blue Footed Booby Bird
Fun facts about an amazing blue-footed bird.
April 8, 2021
Let's Learn About the Beaver
Discover some fun facts on this furry mammal!
April 7, 2021
A Tale About the Squirrel's Tail!
Let's discover the fascinating facts about the furry squirrel's tail! Learn more facts about squirrels at;
April 5, 2021
Hey! That Bug's a Lady!
Let's discover some fun facts about the Ladybug!
April 1, 2021
The Sarcastic Fringehead - Not a 'Funny' Fish
Let's "dive" into some fascinating facts about a fearless fish!
March 31, 2021
Let's Discover Some 'Bubbleience'
What fun facts lie within the ordinary soap bubble? Check it out!
March 30, 2021
We've Gone Squirrely!
Let's learn about that fascinating rodent, the squirrel.
March 26, 2021
You Are Just a "Glow Off!"
Let's learn about bioluminescence in the world around us. For more fun facts, visit;
March 25, 2021
Fun Facts About Firefighters
Let's discover some "hot" facts on this "cool" profession.
March 23, 2021
Let's Investigate Popcorn!
Have you every wondered about popcorn? We have some "popping" facts for you today!
March 22, 2021
The Come-Back Toy
Let's learn some fun facts about the Yo-Yo!
March 20, 2021
The Art of Disguise
Let's explore some cool critters that know how to stay hidden! Check out for more cool facts and free fun things to do!
March 16, 2021
Goodnight, Luna Moth
Let's learn about the Luna Moth! For more fun facts visit;
March 14, 2021
One Wacky Woodpecker
Let's learn about the Pileated Woodpecker.  Click the link for more fun facts;
March 11, 2021
Just the Hairy Facts!
Let's learn about hair!
March 10, 2021
I'm a Tortoise Not a Turtle!
Tiberius Tortoise stops by to talk with Sandie lee about the differences between a Forest Tortoise and those other guys. Check out Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids at; for more fun facts!
March 8, 2021
Hold Your Nose! This is One Stinky Flower!
The Titum Arum (aka the Corpse Flower) is full of fascinating facts and "funk." Let's discover more about this Asian floral.
March 6, 2021
Dazzling Dancing Animals - Let's Bust a Move!
Some critters can really get down and boogie. Check out these amazing Dazzling Dancing Animals!
March 5, 2021
Who Is the World's Oldest Living Land Animal?
This episode is also available as a blog post:
March 4, 2021