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By Kirill Zubovsky
Weekly summary of the best podcasts on the internet, brought to you by Plus, occasional bonus segments on excitements, challenges, lessons and joys from the startup world.
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The Portal, The Mob, Advice vs. Encouragement, History of Smash Notes, Photography and what makes the perfect picture - July 31, 2019
Thank you for subscribing to Smash Notes. In this week’s episode: - The story of how a mob forced one entrepreneur on a path of lifetime profitability - Why Science is in danger and how to fix it - The story of how Smash Notes was born - Hiten Shah and Steli Efti advice on giving advice - Christopher Michel on what it takes to capture the perfect image If you have not heard Smash Notes guest segment from last week, check out Stewart Alsop III and his take on a conversation with Peter Thiel. Huge thanks to Donald DeSantis for providing music for this week's episode. In 2018 Donald drove out of NYC with his backcountry skis and a guitar, headed for the Canadian Rockies. He did not know how to play, but with a little help from his friends, Donald started writing, recording and sharing songs with friends. In this episode, you hear his single called Hollywood. You can follow @donalddesantis on Instagram to stay on top of his music. Good night, and good luck! Please subscribe. ~Kirill (@kirillzubovsky) p.s. Do you do probiotics? Great! Do your gut a favor and check out Jetson.
July 31, 2019
Stewart Alsop III explores the life in Silicon Valley through a conversation between Peter Thiel and Eric Weinstein - July 26, 2019
Today's Smash Notes is brought to you by Stewart Alsop III. He is the host of Crazy Wisdom podcast where he explores creativity, stress and spirituality. Stewart grew up in Silicon Valley but found it too much of a bubble, so he left to explore the world outside. In this episode he explores the past, the present and the future of the Silicon Valley through a conversation between Peter Thiel and Eric Weinstein, as well as a short segment from Stewart's own podcast. Take a listen, see what you think, and if you'd like please continue the conversation with Stewart. All links below: Crazy Wisdom on Smash Notes & Crazy Wisdom on iTunes Eric Weinstein interview with Peter Thiel on Smash Notes Find Stewart Alsop III on Smash Notes to see what other podcasts he's contributed to, or follow him on Twitter @StewartalsopIII.  As always, if you are not yet a subscribe to Smash Notes Weekly, this is your chance. Subscribe, it's free.
July 26, 2019
My dad wrote a porno, startups and happiness, teaching kids about consent. - July 19, 2019
Thank you for subscribing to Smash Notes weekly.  You can find all the segments mentioned in this episode right here - Smash Notes - Top Podcasts for 2019 - Week 29

  ~ In this episode ~ * Why are people searching for porno and landing on Smash Notes? Turns out, there is a podcast called "My Dad Wrote A Porno" and it is hilarious. You have to listen to this week's episode of the Smash Notes podcast to get the juicy audio bites, but the gist is this - someone's dad wrote a really bad porn script and self-published it. The script is so awful, it's hilarious. Jamie, the son of a 60-year-old "movie" writer made a podcast about it.

 * Will starting a company make you happy? Aline Lerner is the founder of and she came on the Indie Hacker podcast to talk about her journey. Although startups can be hard and unpredictable, she said that at least it's a great distraction from feeling existentially purposeless.

 * How long does it take to build a business? To each their own, but the founder of The Broke Backpacker spent nearly 10 years traveling the world until he took his business seriously and went from making $1,000 a month to over $200k every month. When there is a will, there is a way.

 * How do you teach third-graders about consent? You don't! Just kidding. It turns out kids are curious for all kinds of knowledge and they are capable of discussing topics beyond what you might think is their limit. Although consent is typically associated with sex, it's not actually about sex, but a relationship between individuals and everyone's personal level of comfort. If you can find a way to discuss an otherwise taboo topic on an appropriate level, kids resonate and engage.

 * Speaking of which, how can you engage a kid who otherwise doesn't want to learn? Easier that it might sound. The key is to use the concept of "cold calling." Take a look at this week's segments for an explanation of what it is, and how to use it the right way - Smash Notes - Top Podcasts for 2019 - Week 29 Notable links: Multi-millionaire at 27. What I learned. Sahil Lavingia on the meaning of life and everything Submittable raises Series B AD: Would you like to live forever? JETSON is a probiotic company that claims to give you superpowers. If you want to give it a try, get your $10 for free.
July 19, 2019
Existential dread, screen time, drugs and venture capital - July 10, 2019
Thank you for subscribing to Smash Notes podcast. This week's episode is one of the best to date. Here is what's included.   Happiness: Sahil Lavingia is the founder of Gumroad, a company that helps creatives make money from their passion. Sahil has gone from being the second employee at Pinterest, to being featured on Forbes 30 Under 30, to living in a small town in Utah with a failing startup and fading glory in hands. All of that has taught him a thing or two about life, and the universe.  Conclusion? Life is a series of distractions from existential dread.   Startups: Jonathan Sposato is a Seattle-based entrepreneur, and the only founder to have ever sold two companies to Google. He has been a local investor and leader for a number of years, and at one point decided he would only be investing in women entrepreneurs. What makes women entrepreneurs so special? Related: How do you get the best deals in venture capital?   Education & Parenting: How much screen time is too much for your kids? There has been a lot of articles lately talking about screen time, how awful it is for the kids, and how rich people actually don't let their kids do any of it. But, one successful millionaire has a very different view. David Heinemeier Hansson thinks it's okay to let kids have as much screen time, as they want. He might be right, what do you think?   Health and Fitness: Did you know cigarettes are really bad for you? Yup, cigarettes give you cancer! But did you know that  coffee can kill you too?  Please don't try this at home. It won't be good for my subscriber statistics. If you are not subscribed to the Smash Notes Weekly, subscribe today and you'll be the first to get all the new segments, every Monday. Liked this episode? Tell your friends, and give us a 5-star. Love, Kirill
July 11, 2019
Vaccines and Healthcare in America - July 1, 2019
In this episode of Smash Notes I am focusing on healthcare, and primarily the cost of care, and how anti-vaccination groups are putting us all in danger. Sounds interesting, come along for the ride! Urgent Care or a Hospital, where should you go? Imagine yourself working with a table saw, a sharp circular blade spinning in the middle. You push a piece of wood through, yawn, and the next thing you know the blade is launched deep into your bone. Yayks!  This is the story from a podcast called “An arm and a leg,” where a woodworker ended up in an emergency room due to a nary accident. Take a listen and find out about American healthcare, and how hospitals and patients are getting creative to pay the bills. How much does your healthcare cost? If you have healthcare, it might be easy to ignore the problems in the system, but did you know that you might be paying a 10x premium, comparing your neighbors. Ted Daily covers an episode where a team called up a bunch of hospitals and found out that not all hospitals, charge the same. Got healthcare, do you? Awesome, if you got healthcare, but that doesn’t mean you will get service. According to another episode of Ted, patients on Medicare could be in big trouble. Some offices refuse to see them, or delay the visits by months. Luckily, at least one doctor has figured out a way. Should children really be vaccinated? Just listen to this story about the world before vaccines, and see for yourself? Also in this episode, answer to whether vaccines are safe, how they work, and more. What’s the problem with people who chose not to vaccinate? TLDR, they may just kill everyone. The good news is, vaccines are very-very-very safe, so there’s hope. That’s it folks, this is it for today. If you are not putting Smash Notes in your ears yet, please subscribe to the podcast. Till next time!
July 3, 2019
Melinda Gates on the future. Justin Kan on startups and happiness. Sahil Lavingia and Bryce Roberts on living in Utah. - June 17, 2019
Thank you for subscribing to Smash Notes weekly, your one stop shop to learn something new. In this update, you will hear about living in the future, being a startup founder, life under Mormon influence, and tips on growing a podcast audience.  🎇 A quick shout out to Below The Line for crossing 10,000 downloads! James Beshara is doing a great job using Smash Notes to promote his podcast, and it shows.  Now, this week's summaries. What is the world going to look like in 2030?  Melinda Gates helps to answer this question, citing that each UN country has already provided a list of desires, and all we have to do is work on finding them a solution.   Would a billion dollars make you happy? Justin Kan is a successful startup founder with a ton of experience under his belt. Although some amount of money is better than none, Justin claims that money will not make you happy.  On the other hand, being a startup founder is tremendously rewarding.   What's it like to uproot yourself from San Francisco and to move to a small town in Utah? Sahil Lavingia tells his story on Below The Line. Life in a rural town comes with its challenges, and its rewards. Take a look at the whole episode for the summary of Sahil's experience. It's rather good! Also, hear what Bryce Roberts, a venture capitalist from Utah, has to say about living in the Salt Lake City.   How can I grow listener numbers for my podcast? Ah yes, my fellow podcast hosts, growing  a podcast audience isn't easy, but the host of Disrupting Japan has a few points for all of us. That's it, short and sweet, but lots of good content. If once a week is not enough podcasts for you, please follow @SmashNotes on twitter and you will see more frequent updates, like the ones below. Follow along, subscribe, or send me your fan mail. I would love to hear from you. ~ Kirill Zubovsky
June 19, 2019
Machine learning, Education, Constitution and Startups. - June 10, 2019
Thank you for subscribing to Smash Notes weekly. Every update is a little different. If you see something you particularly like, please let me know. Click to see all the top choices for this week in one place. What is in this update? In no particular order:   Business: Why would a multi billion dollar business be suing a small coffee shop, and what does it cost to defend yourself from a frivolous lawsuit? Startups: Working on an idea, are you? What should you validate first? Ryan Hoover from Product Hunt shares his wisdom. It ain't easy. History: What's the big deal with the Second Amendment? Should we all have a gun already? Adam Conover started a new podcast called "Factually!" and on this episode he's invited a guest to talk about the Constitution, gun rights, and other fun history  things. Education: How do you educate your kids if you are a Billionaire? Josh Dahn, the head of Ad Astra, the school founded by Elon Musk, talks about their approach to creative teaching. It's fascinating, and I would almost work for Space X just to have my kids go there, almost. Machine Learning: Microsoft is tired of paying big bucks for data processing and is looking into new ways to do machine learning. They are calling it "Machine Teaching." What is it and why is it so much better?
June 11, 2019
Science, Stress, Long Distance Running, Startups and Small Business. - May 27, 2019
Smash Notes update for week 22 of 2019, in no particular order.   Business: Have you heard of a company called One Month? They are a Y Combinator company that sells  coding courses, with the aim to go from zero to completion in just one month. Here co-founder Chris answers a question on How do you price a product, subscription vs. one time pay? If you are running an online business or are thinking of doing a code school, he's got a good point.   Science: Bill Nye the Science Guy has a new podcast, called Science Rules? To be honest, I wanted to like it, but I am not a fan yet. It is very entertaining, but it also lacks in the scientific part, a lot. That said, he did have an important answer to question - Do you have to be smart to understand science?   Education: If you follow tech scene, you might know that Geoff Ralston has been promoted to the President of Y Combinator. Geoff came to my podcast about a year ago and had some fun stories to share. He is very focused on educational startups, and we talked a lot about the future of education and technology. Here's his insight on Stress and IQ. If you have children who are taking tests, you might want to hear this.   Entrepreneurship: Abby Walker is a solo entrepreneur who is choosing to run her company by herself. No employees, no problems! I thought it was a very refreshing take on business in the time when "Unicorn Startups" are dominating the press.    Health and Fitness: Some of you may know that I love running and have switched from road to trail running in the past couple of year. Scott Jurek is kind of a hero in ultra running world, and he's also the author of a book called "Eat & Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness." If you like running, or considering being vegan, you should check out this book, it's very good. Scott came on my friend's podcast to talk about running, and setting a record time on Appalachian Trail. Do you lose your mind during long ultra races?
May 28, 2019
May 20, 2019 - Can you drink your own pee?
Should you drink your own pee? How does pooping work? When is a good time to give up on your startup? What advice to give as a mentor? What does coffee have to do with strong opinions on the internet? All of that, in this episode of Smash Notes. If you have suggestions on what should go into the next episode, please email or find us on twitter @SmashNotes.
May 20, 2019
May 13, 2019 - Weekly summary of the best podcasts on the internet
This week's episode of Smash Notes features serious science, health, entrepreneurship and money. Listen and you will find out why sleep is actually extremely important for your body, why Melinda Gates nearly quit Microsoft, how a tiny startup is saving our planet and more. At the end of the episode you will also get to hear a music piece by Cade Legat. If you are into Dance & EDM, you just might digg it. Take a listen and enjoy!
May 14, 2019
May 6, 2019 - Weekly summary of the best podcasts on the internet
In this episode we have the story of Justin Kan drowning in the Pacific Ocean, Chamath Palihapitiya telling his investors that he's not a slave, Lambda School founder Austen Allred sharing his story on going from broke to woke in one simple Kickstarter, the startup boy Naval Ravikant sharing his wisdom on wealth, and more.
May 6, 2019
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April 30, 2019
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