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Smile Real Talks

By Joseph Paul Smile
Smile Real Talks is focused on helping you discover more about yourself, grow and transform your world through Business, Health, Mindset & Relationship talks.
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Ep17 SRT - How to Grow & Monetize Your Brand on Social Media

Smile Real Talks

Ep25 SRT - How to Write Newsletters in less than 20mins
What You'll Learn: How Liz made over $7000 in 3 months through Newsletters How Newsletters really works Mistakes you are making in your own newsletter How to get Content ideas for your Newsletter Step by step guide on how to write Newsletters in less than 20mins Free Gift from Liz to all SRT Audience LINKS... SRT Natural Food Stuff - SRT Content & Marketing Services - _________ Liz is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in email marketing. She helps bloggers and other online-biz folk package up their magic and turn it into emails that convert with her 3-step framework, the Email Staircase. When Liz isn’t thinking about email marketing, she likes to run (yes, for fun), and hang at her local beach in Destin, FL. CONNECT WITH LIZ WILCOX... Website: htpps:// Instagram: Facebook: >>>
July 4, 2021
Ep24 SRT - How to Boost Sales through Case Study Marketing
What You'll Learn: What Case Study Marketing really is. The difference between Testimonials & Case Study Marketing. 7 Step frame-work on How to Craft a Compelling case study. A practical Case Study done. Free Massive Gift from Anfernee. LINKS... Gift from our Guest (Anfernee): SRT Natural Food Stuff - SRT Content & Marketing Services - Anfernee Chansamooth is a content strategist, writer, and speaker. He’s the Director of Simple Creative Marketing, a company known for creating authentic, engaging content that drives leads and sales for fast-growing course creators, services, and software businesses. He’s worked with leading brands such as Bean Ninjas and Hub Australia. Anf has appeared on Network Ten Australia and presented at TEDxTelstraSydney. He’s been featured in top publications such as Forbes, Inc, Anthill Magazine, and Huffington Post. He’s also a contributor to The Good Men Project and hosts the Authentic Influence podcast. In 2012, Anfernee launched Design For Change Laos - a volunteer-driven program in schools that empowered 200 students to speak up and take action to create positive change in their local communities. Anf loves to travel and explore the roads less travelled in life, relationship, business, and sustainable living with his amazing wife Cindy. Together, they launched Remote Business Summit 2019. Anf calls Sydney, Australia home. CONNECT WITH ANFERNEE... Linkedin: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:
June 25, 2021
Ep23 SRT - How to Make More Sales Without Being Salesy
What You'll Learn: How Jorgie got into Sales (her amazing backstory - 30 years experience) Some of her biggest challenge when she first started out. The connection and difference between sales and marketing. How to practically close sales and the conditions to being a good non-salesy sales person. How to determine a prospect's personality type and the psychology attached to it. How to overcome rejections (No's) from prospects. Properly using scripts during a sales call. Allowing your team to understand and leverage closing calls. Sales and Copywriters/Content Marketers collaboration system. Jorgie sang at the end of the podcast and thought us how to cook chicken stir fry in 30 seconds. Links: SRT Natural Food Stuff - SRT Content & Marketing Services - About Jorgie Franks: Jorgie Franks has been in sales and leadership for over 20 years which includes, territory management, cold calls, call center, knocking on doors, retail sales, and sales management. Jorgie worked with companies like Samsung (Territory Management), Coca-Cola, Microsoft, BARBIZON Modeling (National Touring Speaker/SpokesModel), Jared The Galleria of Jewelry, Victoria Secret, and for almost 2 years served at Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce as Director of Membership. Jorgie is the owner of Jorgie Inc. JFB Consulting is a subsidiary of (dba) Jorgie Inc. Jorgie serves as president of Kiwanis Club of Greater Brandon and loves attending church at Lakewood Community Church of God. How to Connect with Jorgie: Facebook: Instagram: Email:
May 28, 2021
Ep22 - 7 FREE Ways To Grow Your Social Media for Profit
What You'll Learn: Jen's personal journey and how she got into Social Media and helping Businesses. Her biggest challenge when she first started out. What Social Media is to businesses. 7 Ways to grow your social media for profits (service or product). Jen's food eating routine as a business owner Her coaching program and how you can reach her (all in the show notes). ...Links:  SRT Natural Food Stuff - SRT Content & Marketing Services - Bio Jen McKee is the founder of Kee Hart Marketing, a social media marketing agency. She focuses on growing an organic social presence, running paid social media ads, and creating content for business owners to manage their social media on their own. Jen founded Kee Hart Marketing in 2018 as a side hustle and has built it up to a 6-figure business. Jen is married with 2 kids. Her favorite social media platform is Tik Tok or Clubhouse, and she loves doing CrossFit 3x a week. Social Media Links Website Link
May 8, 2021
Ep 21 - How to Gain Control Over Your Mind & Emotion
What You'll Learn: Henry's personal journey and how he got into Mindset Coaching and Kickboxing. His biggest challenge when he first started out. The nexus between the mind and emotion. Practical ways of gaining control over one's mind and emotion. What mediation really is. How food affects one's mind and emotion. Music sample to listen to during meditation from YouTube - Relaxing Music for Stress Relief. Calm Celtic Music for Meditation, Healing Therapy, Sleep, Yoga ( ...Links: SRT Natural Food Stuff - SRT Content & Marketing Services - About T. Henry Macpherson: Henry is a 28 year old Professional and he lives in Oslo, Norway. He is a Professional Kickboxer in Norway, and he works as a Mindset Coach also. As he like to say, "I am so Lucky to say that I love what I do, and would not change it for anything!" You can connect with him via: Facebook Group: - Fighters Mentality Instagram: – Instagram MacFighter Website:
April 28, 2021
Ep20 SRT - How to Create Videos as a Course Creator.
What You'll Learn: Noah's personal journey and how he got into video marketing and creation. Noah's biggest challenge when he first started out. Difference between video marketing and video production. Best simple to complex equipment for video creation (link to all the equipment here - Step-by-step guide on How To Create a Videos Course from scratch to finish (Link to the full course - About Noah Mittman: Noah Mittman is the Founder & CEO of Snowman Films. He is a full-time filmmaker, video coach, family man, and entrepreneur. He helps course creators STOP Waiting and START Creating their video courses. Follow his journey to help every course creator to not just survive but thrive. He believe that video is the most effective way to deliver a message and he is on a mission to bring the best out of you through your video content. He knows that you are already great and he wants the world to see you and your message even more effectively. You are one video away from changing the course of your business and your life. Connect with Noah Mittman for your trainings and coaching: Facebook: Facebook Group: Instagram: Linkedin: YouTube: Website:
September 26, 2020
Ep19 SRT - 5 Ways to Boost Your Relationship with Emotional Intelligence.
The EQ Assessment (added on Jan. 25, 2021) - What You'll Learn: Linna's amazing back story and how she got into coaching with her sister, helping multiple Entrepreneurs. Linna's biggest challenge when they first started out. What Emotional Intelligence is. The 5 Ways to boost your relationship using emotional intelligence. The most painful aspect of overcoming and building an emotional intelligence. Linna shares her experience. Mistakes made by most people in business relationship. 7 Categories of emotions - anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, shame, joy, love. How to overcome 'giving up spirit' as a business owner About Linna Hoang: Linna is the co-founder of a coaching company called Goal + Glow that she runs with her sister. Their mission is to help driven entrepreneurs and leaders grow in their career, business and personal life through Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessments. She is a EQ certified practitioner and has helped over 50 leaders and individuals within different levels of an organization through assessments and leadership coaching. She is passionate about coaching and loves seeing the transformations of her clients. When she's not coaching, she loves spending time with her family including 2 young rowdy boys! Connect with Linna for EQ Coaching: Website - Facebook - Goal + Glow (Join our Community) IG - @goalandglow YouTube - Goal and Glow with Linna & Jenn Twitter - goalandglow
August 25, 2020
Ep18 SRT - 5 Organic Methods of Getting Clients
What you'll learn: Ruth's personal journey and how she got into Social Media. Her biggest challenge when she first started out. Ruth talks a bit about her last course prepared to help Entrepreneurs 'Get High Paying Clients Without Any Ads'. The 5 Organic methods of getting clients. Quick tips and guide on how she grew her own business. Ruth's daily inspiration. One advice from Ruth to those struggling with getting clients. About Ruth and How to reach her: Ruth E. Wilson is a Group Coaching Strategist and Business Coach focused on helping coaching and entrepreneurs on leveraging the power of group coaching in order to reach out to their ideal clients and be able to scale their business. Email - Instagram - Youtube -
August 22, 2020
Ep17 SRT - How to Grow & Monetize Your Brand on Social Media
What You'll Learn: Tina's personal journey and how she got into Social Media. Tina's biggest challenge when you first started out. True meaning of branding (it's kind of misunderstood to mean just logo, colors, site etc). How to clearly monetize any brand. Quick tips or guide on how Tina grew her own business. Tina's daily inspiration. Tina's advice for those struggling with their brand. A Gift for you - JOIN - Free 5 Day Challenge: Kick-Start Your Course: About Tina Dahmen: Tina Dahmen is an online business coach who helps coaches and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to gain more influence in their space. She helps influencers to scale their online presence through creating digital products so they can serve more people, make more money and have more free time in their lives. She is also the founder of The Biz Heroes. The Biz Heroes is an online community for entrepreneurs who are ready to develop themselves and their business in a fun way. Members of this community are always up for taking on a new challenge in order to level up their life & business. Links: Work with Tina - Websites - Social Media
August 20, 2020
Ep16 SRT - Attraction Marketing & Automation.
Welcome to Episode 16 - Attraction Marketing & Automation with Michael Ellis. You Will Learn: Michael's personal journey and how he became a Marketer.  Michael's biggest challenge when he first started out. Michael's definition of marketing and advertising. What attraction marketing is and the step by step guide on how to leverage it - the processes and systems that need to be built to make this happen. Step by step guide on how Micheal grew his own business. Michael's daily inspiration. Michael's One advice for starting out and struggling Entrepreneurs. About Michael Ellis: Michael helps coaches and consultants increase leads and sales organically using mainly Facebook so they can get started without paying for AD's. He tests the methods and strategies so others don't have to waste their time doing the wrong tactics. Above all else marketing is a relationship game. Website Link: Social Media Links:
July 28, 2020
Ep15 SRT - The Covid-19 Vaccine and the Ingredients
What You Will Learn: Jaclyn Dunne's Personal Story and experience with vaccine. About the Virus. About the lies of Covid-19 About how to stay safe. Final Thoughts and advise for those that don't believe the corruption attached to the Covid-19 About Jaclyn Dunne: Jaclyn left the corporate world behind in 2010 after realising life is too short not to follow your passion. As a nutritionist, hypnotherapist, holistic health coach with the world renowned CHEK institute AND a best selling author. She has an infinite knowledge in her field. She is hugely passionate about assisting her clients in achieving a healthy mind and body and is consistent in her efforts and results. Social Media Links Facebook: Mind and body detox Facebook: Mind Body Miracle Community Instagram: Iamjaclyndunne Website Link PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND IN YOUR QUESTIONS - Facebook
July 27, 2020
Ep14 SRT - Actionable Systems for Onboarding Clients - SmileRealTalks PODCAST
A lot of people are having issues with onboarding clients, they maybe go learn a skill like Graphic Design, Social Media, Web Design or Web Development but the problem remains; 'where can they get their clients and how can they build a system they can use to onboard clients'. You Will Learn: How Oxana onboarded her first client. Her biggest challenge when she first started out. Her daily inspiration. Step by step guide on how she onboard's clients consistently -  some amazing actionable tips. Step by step guide on how she grew her own business. Free gift: 10 Ways to Market Your Professional Services, About Oxana: Oxana Romanyuk is founder and CEO of Remote Rockstars® that offers high-end online business management and professional virtual assistant services to visionary entrepreneurs, industry experts, and coaches. Oxana works with her home-grown team of rockstar account managers and virtual assistants, helping entrepreneurs systematize and grow their businesses. Oxana is a certified Online Business Manager and a proud member of the International Association of Online Business Managers and Association of Virtual Assistants. She’s trained countless virtual assistants and has helped multiple entrepreneurs grow their businesses, reach more people, and impact the world. Socials:
July 21, 2020
Ep13 SRT - Overcoming Depression Through Healthy Living with Jendayi A. Stafford SmileRealTalks PODCAST
Today's Topic: Overcoming Depression Through Healthy Living with Jendayi A. Stafford. Today's topic is something that a lot of teenagers, young and old adults have suffered. Depression can lead to every other kind of disease possible plus unexpected disease or infection can as well lead people to depression. I practically know what it means for one to be depressed - I have been there. But for today, it's not about me nor my knowledge on this matter. It is about Jendayi transforming experience from when she was in the US Navy until now. Listen to her victory story. What you are going to learn... The true meaning of depression and what it truly means to be depressed. Signs of light and chronic depression. Difference between and anxiety and depression. Discovering your motivation and methods of pulling down depression. Practical exercise routines and habits that can help you overcome depression. More about Jendayi's amazing coaching program. A free Digital Copy of Jendayi's Mental Wellness book that would help you overcome depression. Grab your Free Copy here: The Password is: SMILE2020 About:  Jendayi A. Stafford is the owner of Mission Counseling & Consulting, LLC. She is an influential published author and holistic whole-body care coach who enjoys enriching the lives of others. She is highly sought after for her expertise in getting people from point A to point Z with the combination of her professional experience, online courses, books, workshops, and other resources. Jendayi understands the importance of collaboration within communities, and that they thrive when all parts work interdependently. She has a passion for consulting with businesses and non-profits in helping them develop programs that allow them to give back to the youth and to their community. She has developed programs for over 20 organizations, including restaurants, non-profits, and the United States military.  Jendayi holds a certification as a pharmacy technician, as well as a certification as a child and adolescent trauma professional. She is also a child mental health specialist. Jendayi earned a masters in psychology with an emphasis on marriage and family therapy, a masters in organizational leadership, and a graduate certificate in human resource management from Brandman University and a masters in philosophy from Walden University. She is currently working on her dissertation for her Ph.D. in developmental psychology program at Walden University.  -------- Social Media:        ~Facebook: @JendayiAStafford      ~Instagram: @dcbaby_valady      ~LinkedIn: @JendayiAStafford      ~Twitter: @JendayiStafford Contact Info:      ~
April 17, 2020
Ep12 SRT - 5 Strategies To Build A Successful Business Relationship with Marie Mason - SmileRealTalks PODCAST
Today's Topic: 5 Strategies To Build A Successful Business Relationship with Marie Mason In this podcast, we covered several sections on how to have a successful business relationship. What you are going to learn... 5 strategies to build a successful business relationship. 5 practical action tips to build a great business network. 5 tips on defining your role in a business relationship. 5 strategies to defuse conflict resolution. 5 tips on what you should not do in a business relationship. The goal for this podcast is to help you foster successful business relationships. Here is something to keep in mind, treat others as you want to be treated, with respect, and you will create some amazing relationships. In order to develop trust with a person, you need to show them that your clients have value. Let your clients know that their vision is possible. Then create a strategy to help them achieve their vision. When you show people that you care about making their vision a reality they will be begging to work with you. Marie Mason is a business strategy coach. She works with coaches, speakers and business owners. She has a heart-centered approach to working with her clients in helping them turn their vision into realities. Marie can help you sort your ideas that are in your head and put them down on a simple action plan. She has an amazing no-judgement policy in effect with her clients. Her awesome goal is to meet you at your needs and help you achieve your goals. The best way to schedule a call with Marie Mason is to go to her calendar and see what time will match with her East Coast, USA, hours. Her calendar is: On Facebook: Marie Mason ----- Discover Yourself, Grow and Transform Your World with... Smile Real Talks.
March 28, 2020
Ep11 SRT - The Neurological Power Of Music with Rosanna Monachello - Smile Real Talks PODCAST
Today's Topic: The Neurological Power Of Music with Rosanna Monachello. Music connects to your mind and your entire body system. It boosts your thoughts and helps your activity each day. What you are going to learn... Meaning of Neurology and how it connects to music. How music affects your physical health and how to leverage it better. The general effect of music neurologically. How Rosanna touches people via her singing - her secret tips on how she improves her voice and keep it healthy. The effect of music on the TRIFECTA - Communitas, Ecstasis, and Catharsis. The number one thing that has helped Rossanna overcome and be where she is today. Rosanna's special gift to you... Click here Rosanna Monachello has a passion for singing and songwriting. She has been singing since a teenager. She has performed at various different venues over the years ranging from business events, charity events, in pubs and hotels. She entered the X factor auditions twice and got rejected both times. But you can’t keep a passionate and determined singer down long. She loves collaborating with other vocalists and has most recently joined forces with three other singers and looks forward to some great collaborations in 2020. She believes in the transformative power of music to heal hearts and that is what drives her to continue to sing for others. Links to connect to Rossanna... On Facebook: Website: ----- Discover Yourself, Grow and Transform Your World with... Smile Real Talks.
March 18, 2020
Ep10 SRT - Body & Mind Fitness - Helen Knight - Smile Real Talks PODCAST.
Today's Topic: Body & Mind Fitness with Helen Knight - Smile Real Talks PODCAST. People want to be fit but it is just obvious that they only take fitness seriously when they want to lose weight or if it was recommended to them by the doctor. So, in this podcast, you are going to learn... What it really means to be fit. Some physical fitness activities for busy people in order to boost their fitness. Does working out mean doing what I just like doing my own way? Your eating habits and how it affects your mind and body fitness. How your emotions depend on your body and mind fitness. Helen's amazing coaching program. Why everyone should learn martial arts. Click here... Helen's outstanding mantra. Links: On LinkedIn: On Facebook: On Instagram: Website: Email: ----- Discover Yourself, Grow and Transform Your World with... Smile Real Talks.
March 12, 2020
Ep9 SRT - Best SEO Strategies For Your Website with Victor Terekhovskyi - SmileRealTalks PODCAST
Today's Topic: Best SEO Strategies For Your Website with Victor Terekhovskyi - SmileRealTalks PODCAST. What You'll Learn: 1. What SEO really means. 2. The Purpose of using keywords in SEO. 3. Functions of Spiders, Robots and Crawlers on a website in determining it's level in the search engine. 4. What Black Hat and White Hat SEO really means and its effect. 5. How to know if your SEO is really working and how to track it. 6. Search Engine competition and what to focus on when optimizing a website. 7. How often a website audit should be done. 8. WordPress, Squarespace or Programmed Website - SEO varying strategies. 9. Victor's favorite SEO blogs. 10. Latest SEO updates from Victor. Watch on YouTube: Click Here to Watch On YouTube. For more Podcasts: Click Here For More Amazing Podcasts.
February 27, 2020
Ep8 SRT - Grow Your YouTube Like J Franco.
Today's Topic: Ep8 SRT - Grow Your YouTube Like J Franco.  What You Will  Learn:  1. Why you should use YouTube over other video platforms.  2. What you need to build a fast-growing channel in terms of types of equipment and information.  3. Secret marketing strategies used by J Franco.  4. How to market your videos and earn from YouTube.  5. Finding your motivation and building on it.  LINKS & MORE INFO.:  Watch On YouTube: Click Here to Watch. SRT Podcast link: Click Here for More Amazing Podcasts. Full Access to the Social Boss School: Click Here to Enroll to the Boss School. TOOLS: Vid IQ | Tube Buddy and more mentioned in the Podcast.
February 27, 2020
Ep7 SRT - How to Build an Online Business with Marie Mason - SmileRealTalks PODCAST
Today's Topic: How to Build an Online Business with Marie Mason. Marie Mason is the founder of Liberty Virtual Solutions. As a business and administrative professional, Marie has coordinated projects for several Chief Executive Officers. Marie has years of teaching experience - teaching young children. She also brings years of experience working with a well-known direct marketing company to the agency. What You Will  Learn: 1. What an Online Business clearly means. 2. Some clear examples of online businesses.  3. Steps on setting up your online business. 4. Getting your first client and how to keep it all clear and consistently coming. 5. Methods of getting on new clients. 6. Tools you can use to boost your online business. 7. Marie's Top 3 non-negotiables that have so worked for her and you can apply too. 8. The one book that Marie recommends to Tribe - Smile Real Talks. "It's good to have dreams and goals, but it's useless to have all these without Action" - Marie Mason. - LINKS & MORE INFO.: Recommended Book: Who are You Really and What Do You Want? Paperback – February 1, 2017, by Shad Helmstetter Marie Mason's WorkBook: Click Here. TOOLS: Time Tracker | Asana | Trello | Bitrix24 HubSpot University. - A site with online training and certificates.
December 30, 2019
Ep6 SRT- The 3 V's To Successful Speaking with Anna Perdriau - Smile Real Talks PODCAST
Today's Topic: The 3 V's To Successful Speaking with Anna Perdriau - Smile Real Talks PODCAST After sitting through (and delivering!) that one too many boring presentation while working in government, Anna realised something was missing.  She set out on a mission to find out how to engage with an audience, and have more FUN! Anna is the author of Speaking to Hearts and Minds; Public Speaking to Engage and Energise your Audience. Join Anna on her worldwide Mission... That when it comes to public speaking: Let’s ban boring and have FUN! What You'll Learn: 1. The meaning of public speaking. 2. Anna's driving factor to becoming a Public Speaker. 3. How to overcome public speaking constraints as a Presenter. 4. Sustaining your public speaking passion as Anna shares her experience. 5. Accent reduction and how to apply it. 6. Difference between men and women body language when speaking. 7. How to know if you are a boring speaker or a lively and engaging one. 8. Time management in speaking and getting your point across. 9. Anna's spectacular experience in public speaking. 10. Humor management in any presentation. 11. Ways of making public speaking profitable. Links: Discover Yourself, Grow and Transform Your World with... Smile Real Talks.
September 3, 2019
Ep5 SRT- Turn Your Business Ideas Into A Selling Book with Danni Blechner - Smile Real Talks PODCAST
Today's Topic: Turn Your Business Ideas Into A Selling Book with Danni Blechner. Daniella Blechner is Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing, Bestselling Author and Book Journey Mentor who is passionate about inspiring and empowering authors to transform their stories, messages and powerful journeys into books of impact and influence. What You Will Learn: 1. The real meaning of publishing and the story behind why she got into publishing. 2. Common mistakes made by Writers and how to best avoid them. 3. How to help those that see reading as a challenge. 4. Challenges in the publishing industry and how to overcome them. 5. How to purely turn your ideas into a selling book. 6. How to be consistent and authentic in creating your content. 7. Publishing on the internet and steps to be taken. 8. Piracy and how to practically reduce it. 9. Steps needed to write, publish and launch a book. 10. How she was able to write and turn her business ideas into a selling book. Links: Discover Yourself, Grow and Transform Your World with... Smile Real Talks.
September 3, 2019
Ep4 SRT- Keys To Developing Your Epic Self with Isabelle Thye - Smile Real Talks PODCAST
Today's Topic: Keys To Developing Your Epic Self with Isabelle Thye - Smile Real Talks PODCAST Isabelle is an Author, a Writer and Storyteller. What You Will Learn: 1. Explanation of the word epic self in practical sense. 2. How to develop your epic self in steps. 3. Why we you should or want to build your epic self. 4. Should there be a standard procedure to developing your epic self? 5. Challenges before developing your epic self. 6. Overcoming the noise of the head and pillars that helped her. 7. Isabelle's most inspiring story about developing her epic self. 8. How she built her inspiration around growing her business and being a Writer. 9. Building her client and how she grew her business. 10. Her career and her passion balance and selling of here company. 11. Her source of inspiration. 12. Her worst experience in developing her epic self. Discover Yourself, Grow and Transform Your World with... Smile Real Talks.
September 3, 2019
Ep3 SRT- 3 Steps To Taking Your Website To The Next Level with Keshia White Smile Real Talks
Today's Topic: 3 Steps To Taking Your Website To The Next Level with Keshia White - Smile Real Talks Keshia M. White is a Website and Brand Designer for Entrepreneurs and content creators. She started designing websites in 2014, after starting a lifestyle blog and discovering that she was more interested in designing her website than blogging. Her passion for web design and online marketing led her to become a Website & Brand Designer who helps clients to not only create websites that are aesthetically pleasing, but that help them to better market their businesses. She even used her expertise as a Small Business Consultant at Infusionsoft, helping numerous business owners to improve their online marketing strategies and grow their business. Now, Keshia is working full time on web design and branding projects, to help her clients build websites that can act as the extra employees they never knew they needed, bringing in more leads, allowing them to sell their products with less effort and more. What You Will Learn: 1. The meaning of webdesign and the difference from web development. 2. General mistakes businesses, bloggers and general site owners make when trying to build their website. 3. The standard range of pricing and what you need to know about the ROI. 4. Web design process that can help you and the managing of multiple clients. 5. What your site builder or designer should do for you on after your website is built. 6. Do you have the right to be given the raw files and hundred percent access to your website? 7.  The 3 steps to take your website to the next level. 8. The non-negotiable in Keshia's business. Links: 3 Steps To Taking Your Website To The Next Level. Find out more about Keshia's web design and brand design services. Discover Yourself, Grow and Transform Your World with... Smile Real Talks.
September 3, 2019
Ep2 SRT- Use Webinar To Build A Six-Figure Income Online with Dekeshia C Williams
Ep2 SRT- Use Webinar To Build A Six-Figure Income Online with Dekesha C Williams your virtual COO. DeKesha Williams, known as the Virtual COO, Business Strategist and Leadership Development Trainer, is the CEO of Vizions Enterprise. Vizions Enterprise helps clients with business expansion and infrastructure development. Driven by a sincere desire to inspire, motivate and educate entrepreneurs way to implement systems and processes to increase profitability; Ms. Williams is committed to leading her clients towards success. Ms. Williams leverages over 20 years of experience in retail management to help other entrepreneurs develop practical business strategies that include: solutions to increase profitability, strategies to increase foot traffic, brand development and more. What you will learn: 1. Meaning of webinar. 2. What really makes webinar special compared to other mediums. 3. How long a webinar should last. 4. How often a webinar should be posted. 5. Best day and time for webinars. 6. Tools needed to have a productive webinar. 7. Choosing the “face” or “voice” of the webinar. 8. Suggested best platforms for webinar. 9. Organizing what you are going to teach. 10. Investing into webinar and the ROI. 11. How much to charge for your webinars. Discover Yourself, Grow and Transform Your World with... Smile Real Talks.
September 2, 2019
Ep1 SRT- How To Use Instagram For Your Business with J Franco
Ep1 SRT- How To Use Instagram For Your Business. What is Instagram and how can this be used for business? Building your brand. Brand awareness. E-commerce. Creating Influence. Information resource for consumers. All you need to know about Influencer marketing and how businesses can apply it. Setting Instagram business goals. Strategies for generating leads on Instagram. SEO and it's relationship with Instagram. Tools used for Instagram and the reason. Relevant metrics for tracking ROI on Instagram. Dealing with negative comments or a brand reputation crisis on Instagram and other social media channels. How to check and stay on top of the latest updates, innovations, and new changes to Instagram. Best methods to identifying what competitors are doing in social media. Suggested social media strategy you can use for your business and personal Instagram and why. Smile Real Talks... Get Ready To Discover Yourself, Grow and Transform Your World with Smile Real Talks.
September 1, 2019