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Smile. This Is Light Work

Smile. This Is Light Work

By Natalie Louise Fox
All the questions you want answered about spirituality, psychic development and ascension.
Host Natalie Louise Fox is on a mission to cut through the noise and the nonsense to bring you the very best information from the most authentic experts on the planet. Subscribe today so that you can access this wisdom and bring out your most fulfilled, spiritually aligned self.
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How To See Angels And Ascended Masters with Carly Faye
In this episode of the Smile. This Is Light Work Podcast, I get to chat to psychic healer Carly Faye about how you can start to see angels and ascended masters.  What do angels look like and how can you start to connect with angels?  Carly talks you through how you can begin to recognise them, offers you three examples of angels to connect with if you're going through a spiritual awakening and gives you a beautiful guided meditation so that you can start to feel their energy. Carly also gives you advice on how to recognise certain ascended masters.    To connect with Carly, please visit:   "I tune into all aspects of my clients, body mind and spirit, going into the deepest core of the issue. This is done with the help of the spiritual realm, your guides and angels will assist me in clearing anything that is holding you back, giving you gentle guidance to navigate you on your path. During a healing session I use many methods of healing including Reiki, spiritual and angelic healing. I psychically tune in and read the energy of you and those in your life sending healing to the energies brought into a session. This can include clearing past lives, cutting cords and releasing any lower energies that have become attached. All of this is done with deepest compassion. Connecting people to their guides and angels is very important to me. I want people to understand that they are never alone, there is a host of helpers in spirit waiting to be invited in to help and steer you in the best direction in your life for the evolution of your soul." Carly Faye.   Podcast available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Anchor, YouTube and many more - Just search 'Smile. This Is Light Work' or head to my website for more info.  
September 22, 2020
Steve Nobel - Ascend 2 Interview
What is a starseed? Why is everyone suddenly using the term 5D and is it really possible to exist in multiple dimensions? Here's the second part of my interview with ascension teacher Steve Nobel, recorded last autumn(2019)  Steve is a true wayshower and has spent the last few years creating an incredible body of work teaching these concepts and guiding people through this new shift in consciousness.  Find Steve Nobel online here:
September 16, 2020
Connection In A Crisis with Jo Warwick
First recorded in March 2020. We've been plunged into a global crisis and people's attention is shifting from money, success and assets to community, compassion and connection.   We are being forced to distance ourselves and isolate and this is actually causing a lot of people to question and redefine their relationships with other people, their roles within their communities and how they invest in personal relationships.   Today, I welcome on Love Psychologist, Relationship Expert and Author of The Big Book Of Love, Jo Warwick to share some of her expertise.    For more than 15 years Jo Warwick has literally helped thousands of men and women around the world to not only understand the truth of love and how it actually works, take back control in love, feel secure and confident and discover the genuine power of love within them to become attractive and successful in healthy relationships filed with love.   To grab your FREE copy of Jo's ebook on the 10 Best Ways To Create A Healthy Love Relationship and the opportunity to get yourself the special 2020 2nd Edition of The Big Book Of Love, click here: Jo Warwick on Facebook: htps://
September 16, 2020
How To Activate Your Gifts with Nicola Russell
Nicola Russell; Quantum Energy and Sound Healer discusses how you can activate your gifts and embrace your spiritual nature.  Nicola is an incredible lady, full of profound wisdom and a true embodiment of her higher self. She has lots of experience helping individuals who are 'waking up' and allowing their gifts to manifest into their reality.   Listen to this interview where she discusses:   How to access your spiritual gifts  Multidimensional existence  Light Language  Transfiguration  Waking up to your spiritual nature  How her life has changed since accepting and developing her spirituality   To connect with Nicola for healing or mentorship please head over to:  If you are looking for resources to help you develop your gifts and abilities, please see her new resource StarSeed You: Interview by Natalie Louise Fox:
September 2, 2020
How To Navigate Collective Energy with Marlene Cronin
Today I was very blessed to be able to chat with the fabulous Marlene Cronin about collective energy; the good and the bad, how we feel it and what tools are available to stop us becoming overwhelmed.   Marlene has a very beautiful and powerful energy, so much so that my eyes were streaming for most of this interview and for about an hour afterwards!    I hope you find her insights on collective energy as helpful as I have.  Marlene is a psychic medium and light language healing channel. To find out more about Marlene, please head over to her website:  Or you can follow her on Instagram: @thespiritseer
September 1, 2020
How Spirit Can Help You with Julian Jenkins Psychic Medium
I went up to Glastonbury to meet Julian Jenkins, a well-respected teacher in the field of mediumship and psychic development. Julian is author of the book From A Burden To A Blessing, which reflects on the many twists and turns his spiritual path has taken. His online courses and YouTube channel reach thousands of people all over the world, helping them to develop their psychic abilities and lead happy and more balanced lives.  I wanted to ask him how his connection with spirit has helped him become successful.  In this interview we talked about: - God - Spirituality and Spiritualism - Trusting the information you receive from spirit - Ghosts! - What your spirit guides want for you - How to be 'normal' and spiritual - How he is being guided to create The Whel Foundation, a centre to help people reconnect to themselves. To find out more about Julian's courses and personal mentorship, buy his book or support the fantastic Whel Foundation please visit:  Interview by Natalie Louise Fox
September 1, 2020
Coronavirus: Consciously Choosing Between Love & Fear with Suzanne Postings
First recorded in March 2020. We are at a turning point in history. Do we make the choice of love or do we make the choice of fear? Listen to multidimensional channel and healer Suzanne Postings talk about what’s going on right now and how we can be empowered to direct our own future. Suzanne Postings is a multidimensional channel and energy healer. She guides and supports you on your journey to awakening; helping you release old karmic energy and allowing more joy, love and abundance into your life. To find out more about Suzanne’s work or book an appointment to work with her privately, please head over to where you can also download her free Multi-Dimensional Power Retrieval Transmission.
September 1, 2020