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Smiling Conscious Traveller

Smiling Conscious Traveller

By Otmar Braunecker
Smile, breathe and be present that's what it's all about. Explore together with me the world and its miracles through the focused lens of your conscious presence.
With this podcast, the "Smiling Conscious Traveller", I want to change the world. My intention is to show you how to find love, peace, and freedom. I will invite great personalities from all around the world. Come with me on the journey of your lifetime.

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How to have genuine relationships with people and animals, and live a life full of energy (with Owen Fox)
My guest today is Owen Fox from Ireland. Let me introduce him to you with his own words: Hi, my name is Owen fox. I'm a unique human and Divine Being just like you. My passion and purpose is to live a life of innate freedom which is our natural right, and of holistic wellbeing and high frequency, getting and making the most out of life, living from my authentic Self and Heart, and helping others do the same. This involves healing, empowerment, self-love and self-care, reprogramming and seeing/living the truth, letting go of what limits and blocks us, especially our perceptions, beliefs, unhealthy holistic habits and choices, and learning to connect more with Nature and our True Divine Self and intuition.  This also involves genuine deep honesty with ourselves as our "ego" or programming will want to defend, justify and argue with this!!! Ha. I'm also on my surface very humorous, silly, light-hearted and a nature-loving outdoors type of person. I've been told I wear my heart on my sleeve, and what you see is what you get. I'm simple like a cat that way, I don't pretend or wear facades. I'm just like anyone else and don't pretend to be better or special as I know we ALL are special.  I deeply adore and cherish all of nature, both Mother Earth Gaia herself, and all her elements and Beings, animals, plants, insects and humans also. The sun is my strongest element connection and I've even been told I'm a Sun Being in a multidimensional self. I can't say how much I love and feel so close to animals and I even love insects! I'm very outward to other humans and love to play and engage in life in the moment. Deep down I am very "serious"/focused about my spirituality which means my energy, my evolution and my overall consciousness and where I am at in life and if and how I am being honest with myself and others, as well as where I can improve. Living a life of causing as little harm to other people, animals or Gaia is deeply important to me. A life of integrity.  My work strongly also involves what some people call shadow work, or working with our pain body, basically facing and feeling and learning about our "dark" parts, such as heavy emotions and recovering from serious things like childhood trauma, severe abuse or neglect etc and how that still affects us in our life, relationships and health today.  I'm all about happiness and joy too and having good quality friends who uplift, nurture and support, the same with a relationship, and developing a deep-down connection with all of life. Feeling connected and part of is where my greatest joy comes from. Delicious energy sharing and energy exchange with other people and beings and nature.  Anyways, that's just off the top of my head! Wishing you a beautiful day and please feel welcome to join in and ask any questions freely 💗  Sincerely Owen This is where you can find information about what Owen is doing: YouTube
September 23, 2020
How to find your inner peace and get a balance in your life (with Martin Glanert)
Martin Glanert is a psychologist (MSc) and entrepreneur. He became known in 2010 with his programme "Netrepreneurs". Together with his wife and two children he lives in India and the Black Forest. Martin Glanert has specialised in the implementation of scalable business models in the field of eLearning. As the founder of WLWP, he is also significantly involved in the development of the eLearning platform Since 2016 he has been intensively involved in the topic "habits". Among other things, he has created a 30-day programme for the rapid learning of habits, which is based on scientifically proven studies. Let me start with a quote from Martin’s profile on Xing, a German business network like LinkedIn: "You're not hearing what you want to hear from me." Together we prioritize energy and presence in your everyday life. Better business, better partnership, better family life. Get in contact with Martin:
September 23, 2020
How to become an Amazon best selling author, and why we need a media platform for Africa (with Jamaal Ali)
My guest today is Jamaal Ali from Cincinnati, Ohio in the United States. Jamaal describes himself as a son, father and grandfather. He is also an Amazon best selling author, keynote speaker, success coach and podcaster. He describes how he became an Amazon best selling author and keynote speaker and why is transforming his podcast into a media platform for Africa. Here are the possibilities to get in contact with Jamaal: Twitter:  Instagram:   YouTube: Facebook:
August 28, 2020
Social Entrepreneurship: How to create Personal Freedom and Global Impact while focusing on Sustainable Change (with Samantha H. Flatman)
My guest today is Samantha H. Flatman from Canada. Samantha is a Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Hub4Change, an organization which supports aspiring ChangeMakers to create Personal Freedom and Global impact. Having struggled to fully empower herself and to create her own social enterprise for more than a decade, Samantha is passionate about connecting others with communities, mentorship, step-by-step skills training and proven systems for realizing their own vision for change. The New Era of Freedom Workshop: Recordings available free until August 31, 2020 Facebook: Instagram: @samantha.h.flatman How to start your own social enterprise:
August 23, 2020
How you can live a life in freedom right now (with Brian D. Ridgway)
What's going on in your life and what's going on in the world is not separate. It is the same. And when you notice what's going on in the world. And you say: "What can one person do? I don't want it this way. I prefer it that way. What can I do?" Notice that up until now you often stop short of that question. Today, right now you don't have to, you can respond differently than you ever have. You can respond differently than you have ever responded, today. You can take a deep breath. Your kids are doing something, and you can scream at them. You can hit them. You can tell them how stupid they are. Or you can take a deep breath. And you can say: "Is this going to bring about what I want?" You can look out at the news about vaccines, and masks, and you can get pissed off and furious, and try to escape from it. Or you can say: "What response could I bring that would bring about more of what I want? What could I choose to respond with? If I breathe deeply enough, and I become present enough. I realise I was actually free the entire time. I am free to respond, no matter how it looks." Brian D. Ridgway is a #1 International Bestselling author and founder of Level 5 Mentoring, known by tens of thousands of readers and clients in 84 countries as “The Spellbreaker”. He helps people to go beyond solving their problems into what he calls Dissolving The Illusion of Problems – using a transformational approach he calls “Spellbreaking”. People who experience Spellbreaks report everything from epiphanies and breakthroughs to literal miracles. Spellbreaking dissolves the frozen energies trapped in our mental, emotional and physical bodies simultaneously, creating instant, deep, lasting transformation – and is the key reason Brian is in demand with a rapidly growing global audience. Get his free book here: And join us in the Facebook Group: If you want to work with Brian, go and check it out here: And last, but not least Brian's FB fan page:
August 22, 2020
How we can dissolve Human Trafficking by focusing on Self-Care (with Eszter Minor)
Eszter Minor. Native Hungarian lived in the US for 27 years. She spent almost two decades in the "self-help" world, first as a student and later as a "facilitator"/speaker and coach. A couple of years ago, she walked away from what seemed at the time a whirlpool of ideas without the experience of what she "believed" about life, growth, and coaching. Without even knowing she started to unlearn a lifetime of habits, beliefs, thoughts, paradigms and started to dive into the emotional part of life, which up until that time she believed was a "dangerous" hole to look into. The past couple of years she focused on re-learning to just Be; to Be present and through this focus, she remembered the freedom, peace, joy, and adventure she so desperately was "trying to figure out" all those years. Since she surrendered and begun to be more present and conscious of her choices, thoughts, and actions, she noticed a huge desire for travel, adventure, curiosity, and freedom, not only in herself but in her world too. So now, regardless of what the seemingly outside world says possible, she lives a very minimalistic life, travelling and being with people on a new level, as she is being with herself on a whole new level. Today as she travels and creates new relationships she lives, stands, and speaks for freedom and self-care, while she focuses on dissolving human trafficking through love, safety, and transparency. She is working on creating a brand new platform where people can come together and experience freedom through celebrating diversity and are reminded that they are safe to Be their own truth!”
August 16, 2020
Be in touch with your inner creator (with Rania Odaymat)
My guest today is Rania Odaymat from Ghana. Let me introduce her to you, with her own words: “I am The grain and the field The drop and the wave A thought made manifest A crack in the whole Of all that is dark And all that is bright I am not Mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, partner... Human explorer Seeker Learner Creator Collaborator" She works as an artist, a creative coach, an art curator, and sometimes as a stylist and creative director. This is her podcast "Creative In Accra"
August 16, 2020
Go your own path (with Hartmut Schumacher)
With his newly created podcast “GO YOUR OWN PATH”, Hartmut Schumacher wants to encourage people to go new ways, and what is essential to do it, and what it means to do it. For instance, changing the perception, and facing fear and go through fear. You can listen to Hartmut's podcast here:
August 09, 2020
Step into a body beyond your physical body, and question reality as you believed it to be (with Silvan Harper)
Silvan Harper: "My first experience beyond this physical experience was when I took a large dose of LSD and stepped into a body beyond my physical body. After this, I started to question reality as I believed it to be." The majority of his life, Silvan Harper would have labelled himself an athlete and now he is leaving behind his belief of who he is as he explores the infinite possibilities in life.
August 09, 2020
Ready or not, here I come, says Life (with Lesley Gewin)
My guest today is Lesley Gewin from Australia. Lesley is an ordinary country girl born of the land in Tasmania, Australia, 66 years ago. She has an inner drive and mission where she has taken an impossible life and made it possible: A tragic existence found magic, and human disorder found order. After 47 years in service as a medical professional and overseas volunteer, she is now retired, living in the quantum field, happily ever after, moment by moment, day by day. She says, she has done it all, been it all, and given it all away ... “ but there is more … Here you can get in contact with Lesley, or get a copy of her book "Hide 'n Seek":
August 02, 2020
How to communicate in the best possible way without language (with Jodie Houlden)
My guest today is Jodie Houlden from the United Kingdom. Jodie has a background teaching in further and higher education. Her academic studies have centred around human behaviour and communication more specifically in social sciences and linguistics. Her passion has been to study ‘Positive Human Potential’ from a range of perspectives. After many years of research, and many mind-blowing insights, she has created training and coaching through her program “GET SET”, as her contribution to the Human Potential Movement, and the push for Full Disclosure. Please check out Jodie's training and coaching programs:
August 01, 2020
Introduction Smiling Conscious Traveller Podcast
Smile, breath and be present that's what it's all about. Explore together with me the world and its miracles through the focused lens of your conscious presence. With this podcast, the "Smiling Conscious Traveller", I want to change the world. My intention is to show you how to find love, peace, and freedom. I will invite great personalities from all around the world. Come with me on the journey of your lifetime.
July 09, 2020