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Smoke After Dark

Smoke After Dark

By Preston Olson
A gritty True Crime Podcast focusing on unexplained murders, paranormal reported mysteries, and sinister plot twists from the dark side.
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Legend of Mexico's Ghost Bus

Smoke After Dark

Legend of Mexico's Ghost Bus

Smoke After Dark

Legend of Mexico's Ghost Bus
Telling the tale of The Legend of Mexico's Ghost Bus in (Mexican Folklore). This is a reversion of the original story with my own added elements. Making the story narrator friendly and providing greater context. The sources cited below inspired the production of this podcast. This podcast uses material from the "Ghost Bus" article on Legends of the Multi-Universe Wiki at Fandom and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. SOURCE CREDIT: CREDIT: for sound effects. #Paranormal #UrbanLegends #Ghosts 
December 22, 2020
Charles Walton Murder Case
Sharing the gruesome details of the Charles Walton murder case and discussing the mystery it remains to this day. CREDIT: and Author Dr. Abner Mality for catching my eye with this story. CREDIT: White Dragon CREDIT: WIKI CREDIT: HistoricMysteries Sound effects CREDIT:  The sources cited helped inspire this podcast. 'z54xqt5e'
October 20, 2020