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Dark Traveller

Dark Traveller

William Head on Stage prison theatre company (or WHoS) and SNAFU Society of Unexpected Spectacles co-produced Canada’s first podcast series created during the pandemic by a team of incarcerated artists, Dark Traveller.
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Episode 3 of Dark Traveller is a real dive behind the scenes of creating this radio play, including BLOOPERS!  You hear about Blueberry Point, a refuge in reality and in our minds, about how improvising can feel scary and what it was like performing in past WHoS prison plays. You'll also hear interviews with the cast of artists incarcerated inside of William Head Institution. Dark Traveller is a salute to the mysterious, the mystical, the darkness in the night sky. Travel well, one and all.
June 13, 2021
The Sequel
Episode 2 of Dark Traveller is a variety show that the team created from scratch. You will hear "Inventors Inventions Today," an improvised time-machine sales pitch and "Circle of Life," a homemade sequel to "Northern Lights" (featured in Ep. 1). You will also hear poetry, creative writing and interviews with the cast of artists who are incarcerated inside of William Head Institution.
June 05, 2021
The Play
Episode 1 features the team performing the radio play The Northern Lights, a radio play is set in the 1940s, in the tundra. Researcher buddies Norman and Paul think they can invent a time machine: the Hypercucambulator. In a remote cabin up North, they marvel at the sky-paintings of the Northern Lights as they test out their machine, honestly, not expecting all that much, when an unexpected visitor brings a scientific discovery greater than they had bargained for. This news blows apart everything they thought they knew about the North -- and what sub-zero really means. Their audio recorder captures it all in this science-fiction radio play originally written in 1949 by Wyllis Cooper.
May 31, 2021