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A P*ssy Podcast.

Audio only from the original #CoochieContent by FAIRY GLOW MOTHER.
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This week me and @bmluse (who you may know from The Nod and other podcasts) wax nostalgic about vagina styles of the early 2000s, student loan debt cancellation, and my dream podcast guests. Important update: you can now watch all episodes at  JOIN THE SNATCH PACK by following @snatchandgab on Twitter and Instagram. Wanna be on the show? Email Tip $65 or more to pay for my next client's wax :)
February 26, 2021
Happy Valentine's Day Snatch Pack! Important update: you can now watch all episodes at The audio version is getting popular, figured it was smarter to keep things consistent. This week it's a minisode where I answer a listener question about what women do to prep for date nights and what goes through our minds when we get a wax. Join us next week for a new guest. Tip $65 or more to pay for my next client's wax. Join the Snatch Pack online @snatchandgab. :)
February 19, 2021
This week I showcase a different sugaring method which is not one I'd ever recommend using in-studio but it is more helpful for those attempting to sugar themselves at home. But as an esthetician, it's not the best sugaring method. Please don't attempt this in your studio if you want to keep clients! I'm joined by good friend @Donwill and we talk about manscaping and esthetician rap names. This wax was rated "nice, moisturized, and... elegant" by Donwill but head over to the OnlyFans to rate for yourself!  And here's a testimonial from the model featured in this week's video: "Hi Hadiyah! At our appointment you asked me to let you know how the hair grew back and I’m happy to report at 4 weeks out the hair has grown back very sparse. The hair is also very even. I’ve been making sure to exfoliate and there are hardly any ingrowns. Wanted to thank you again!" Book your appointments at WATCH this podcast in 4K at TIP $65 or more to pay more my next client's wax! JOIN the Snatch Pack by following @snatchandgab everywhere!
February 9, 2021
Sweet Sticky Thang
Welcome to #SnatchAndGab! In our first episode, marketing strategist Charne (@88nae88) joins us to discuss sugaring and dick appointments. Thanks to our sugar model for being such a champ! Watch this episode in full 4K over on OnlyFans at JOIN THE SNATCH PACK! @snatchandgab on IG/Twitter @fairyglowmother (me) on IG/Twitter
February 3, 2021
Welcome to Snatch & Gab, a p*ssy podcast! If you're reading this, that means you're listening to this podcast and missing out on all of the good stuff which is the VIDEO. You can watch this episode and every other episode exclusively on OnlyFans at This is the introduction. Tune in for the very first official episode next week! Subscribe to the OnlyFans right now to watch older episodes. Find the podcast on Instagram and Twitter @snatchandgab.
January 26, 2021