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Nyla Naseer: So what do I know?

Nyla Naseer: So what do I know?

By Nyla Naseer
So What Do I Know? is a podcast independently produced and presented by Nyla Naseer. It is an observational, conversational, occasionally slightly satirical podcast covering what people do in their work and outside it, comparing reality with cliches whilst sometimes drifting into how psychology, economics and technology shape our world.

SWDIK features conversations with Nyla’s eclectic group of acquaintances including walkers, professionals, hustlers, academics, creatives and executives.

A little bit curious, a little bit clever, always revealing. Challenge your stereotypes and tune in!
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No gain without pain? Starting a podcast...

Nyla Naseer: So what do I know?

Leaders don't need traditional leadership experience
We are used to recruiting based on leadership experience and looking for evidence from previous roles. Given the variable success of this strategy, should we be looking at a completely fresh approach? What about thinking about behaviour rather than background? As part of looking for radical solutions to sticky problems, Nyla talks about the potential to appoint based on behaviour in non-traditional contexts (in other words not via work). This could bring diversity and raw talent to senior levels of organisations.
August 17, 2022
No gain without pain? Starting a podcast...
Nyla shares the awkward revival of her podcast: So What do I Know? From being indecisive to being crap at social media and a first guest who really wants to talk; a few short days has brought a whirlwind of emotion and learning.
July 17, 2022
So What do I Know? The intro.
Nyla Naseer introduces SWIDIK - The podcast exploring work, people and what matters to us right now. Join Nyla in future episodes as she talks to her eclectic range of guests, or muses about what makes us tick at work and out of it. So What do I Know is an independently produced podcast presenting a range of views that you might find surprising and certainly not conforming to any stereotype. Tune in!
July 14, 2022