SoBEO Rants...

...with Rachel Willis-Henry about Parent Advocacy & Losing Friends (Ep. 6)

An episode of SoBEO Rants...

This podcast series delves into the minds of some of the most influential Black leaders in Oakland (and beyond). When we let great minds just rant, they always leave a trail of gems in their wake. Enjoy.

State of Black Education - Oakland
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...with Rachel Willis-Henry about Parent Advocacy & Losing Friends (Ep. 6)
In this episode, Rachel rants about her work advocating for parent choice and what has led her to that work. She reminisces on her time growing up in Oakland and her love for this city. She also discusses how Black kids deserve better. Take a listen. 
July 24, 2019
...with Kennan Scott about There Being Too Many Adult Issues Interfering with Education in Oakland (Ep. 5)
Kennan Scott is a mover and shaker on the Oakland education scene. In this rant, Kennan had a lot to say about adult issues infringing on our ability to actually educate Black and Brown kids well here in Oakland. He shares his plans for what he wants to do that would impact students in a positive way.
June 30, 2019
...with Amber Childress, about Just Letting Kids be Kids
In this episode, we spend time with Alameda County Board of Education Trustee, Amber Childress as she rants about the need to let children be children and not forcing them to grow up too soon. Take a listen, leave a comment, and share.  You can reach Amber on Twitter: @AmberLChildress and Facebook: Trustee Amber Childress You can email us at
June 23, 2019
...with Marquis Evans about High Expectations for Students, Teachers, and Improving Outcomes Together
In this episode, Mr. Marquis Evans, 6th and 7th grade Social Studies teacher at Kipp Bridge rants about how to get parents and teachers to partner together better in service of students. He also discusses how he holds his students to a higher standard and how it irks him to see people outside the Black culture lowering standards for Black students. It was a great conversation. Intro Music: T.I. - Go Get It Outro Music: Jalani - Cameron Crazies
April 18, 2019
...with Selena Wilson, EOYDC, about the Pressures of Perfectionism (Ep. 2)
In this episode, Ms. Selena Wilson rants about how the quest for perfection harms Black students. It was a really insightful conversation from an organization that is doing amazing work.  To learn more about the East Oakland Youth Development Center, go to  Intro Music: I Got 5 On It (Jordan Peele Remix), The Luniz Outro Music: Redbone, Childish Gambino Follow SoBEO on Twitter: @SoBEOakland
April 9, 2019
...About Being a Black Female Leader in Oakland (Ep. 1)
In our first episode ever we are joined by SoBEO co-founder and Oakland School Board Director, Jumoke Hinton-Hodge. In her rant, she touches on Black girls not getting enough love in education debates, being in directly in the fire to ensure Black kids get educated, and what lead her to this work. Hope you enjoy.  Underbed music: Miss Mary J. Blige Twitter: @sobeoakland
February 20, 2019
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