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Sober is Dope!

Sober is Dope!

By POP Buchanan
The Sober is Dope Podcast highlights the transformative qualities of Recovery. I am your host, POP Buchanan. I am 8 years sober. Sobriety gave me back my life. I quit alcohol, cigarettes, negative thinking, improved my spirituality, and reversed pre-diabetes. Sobriety helped me to find true happiness and purpose. I transformed my health, mental health, and mindset. I am now at peace. This Podcast is about healing and redemption. I am fully recovered from the darkness of addiction. I aim to inspire others to find healing and hope through my story. Thanks be to God. Welcome to Sober is Dope!
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Down The Rabbit Hole with Kate Russell (A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction, and Recovery)

Sober is Dope!

Down The Rabbit Hole with Kate Russell (A Memoir of Abuse, Addiction, and Recovery)

Sober is Dope!

Podcast Topics Include: JOHN DAVIS, Awaken Your Inner Action Hero, Generational Alcoholism, Breaking Generational Addiction, Spirituality, Catholicism, Zen, Monks, Universal Truth, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Christ Consciousness, The Corporate Action Hero, The 5 F System, Recovery from Major Trauma, Spina bifida occulta, Spinal Cord Rehabilitation, Martial Arts, Sword Fighting, Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Be Water, Mental Flexibility, Parasympathetic Nervous System, Understanding the Fear Response, Mind over Matter, Prana, Chi Energy, Soul Energy, Living in One Conscious Moment, Buddha, Gandhi, Krishna, Moses, I AM, Amen, Creative Energy, Hacking the Fear Response, Climbing Mt. Sanai, How to Recognize You Are In Fear, How our Fight or Flight Response Judges Every Aspect of Our Lives, Using Breathing and Exhalation to Step Out of Fear, and more... John is a dynamic speaker, accomplished leader, and expert in managing people to peak performances during change. He has over 20 years of experience speaking for Fortune 500 clients and a broad swath of industries including healthcare, financial, insurance, retail, and the military, at hundreds of conferences, seminars, and retreats. Contact John: ( ) Inner Action Hero Apple Podcast ( ) “If you are looking for someone to speak to your team, ignite the embers of change in your organization, or simply build teamwork and foster confidence in your organization, then look no further than John C Davis, the Corporate Action Hero. I can't recommend him enough." ~ Michael Leone, Widget Financial John’s background in peak performances stems from his work as a fight director and stunt coordinator for stage and film as well as his work for the military. His ability to engage individuals, unite teams, and drive change was instrumental in increased profitability of three regional theme parks by more than 60% in under six months of his direction. During this time, John was also a professional comedian who brought his unique entertainments to bear for our military on six USO tours to the front lines of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Inspired by his work with the military, John felt he had to find deeper meaning in his work, and began focusing on helping others reach their chosen potentials. This new direction led him to become a college professor at Oberlin College in Ohio.  While teaching at Oberlin, John's fascination with personal development led him to study the neuroscience of performance. He developed peak performance protocols based upon the fight or flight response, called the “Five F Protocols.” Based upon the primal reactions of the fight or flight response, the “Five F Protocols” have proven over the years to drastically reduce learning curves and all but eliminate self defeating thoughts that hinder performance. If you need a dynamic, powerful, opening or closing Motivational Speaker who can inspire your audience to take immediate action, then John Davis, the Corporate Action Hero, is your speaker. You have worked hard to bring the best information, products, services, and training to your audience. Now challenge them to engage, discover, and implement the content you have brought. ​Using humor, physical demonstrations, and audience Interaction, John will have your audience on the edge of their seats, bouncing from each "AHA" moment to the next. Your audience will leave the program charged to achieve greater success in both their personal and professional lives.
May 6, 2021
Recovering with the “Media Maven”, Alysse Bryson (The Sober Curator, Sober.POP, Just 4/24)
Podcast Topics Include: Alysse Bryson, The Sober Curator, Just 4/24, SoberPOP Clubhouse, Alcohol Recovery, Drug Recovery, Mental Health, Pharmacotherapy, Narcotics Anonymous, Media, Meditation, Oculus, Comorbid Addiction, Outpatient Rehab, Seek Purpose Now, 12 Step Meetings, God, Covid 19, Cancer, Pandemic Paranoia, Woman’s Treatment Centers, Healing, Single Motherhood, YANA (Sober App), and Grief ....... Alysse Bryson Websites: ( ) ( ) @thesobercurator   @alysseinthecity ........... Just 4/24 Holiday Join us for the Just 4/24 live-a-thon Saturday April 24th from 1-4:30pm (PDT) 4-7:30pm (EDT) with special guest @popbuchanan @soberisdope Register here: ( ) ..... Alysse Bryson is a strong woman in recovery, an innovative media maven, marketing guru, and gal about town. She has a humorous outlook on life combined with a fierce determination to succeed. What’s her street cred? Previously, Alysse was the Publisher at Seattle Met magazine, Seattle’s largest lifestyle publication. What’s she up to now? Alysse currently serves as the Director of Business Development for KING 5, and is also known as the Director of Fun. This station in Seattle is the local NBC affiliate and is the largest TV station in the market. Alysse is a very active advocate for recovery. She just stepped off the board after six years from the Recovery Cafe and the Friends of the Recovery Cafe Network. She is now volunteering her time with the King County Recovery Coalition and the Washington Recovery Alliance. Alysse is proud of her Pacific Northwest roots and 14+ years of sobriety, one day at a time. She is a single mom to her adult son Jakob (he’s 24) and their two Boston Terriers Roxie and Bella. When she’s not stuck behind a computer screen, Alysse enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends and family. Alysse loves hunting for street art, and usually has a camera in her hand. Consuming content is what she does best! She loves books, podcasts, art projects and a good Netflix binge. Alysse is a gal on the go. When there isn’t a global pandemic, you can find her frequenting art museums, theatre, concerts, thrift-shopping, planning her next trip and checking out new restaurants. With her excellent taste and sense of style, when Alysse gives you a recommendation, you know you can trust it. She’s also been known to throw some of the best parties in Seattle.
April 23, 2021