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Sober Ventures | Addiction | Recovery | Entrepreneurship | Alcoholism | Sobriety | Business

Sober Ventures | Addiction | Recovery | Entrepreneurship | Alcoholism | Sobriety | Business

By Will Bradwell
Sober Ventures is for anyone in recovery from substance or alcohol abuse. We feature stories of inspiring entrepreneurs and individuals making wonderful things happen in their life and for others in their sobriety. We are listener powered, so if you'd like to share your story, just send an email to and we'll get your story out to the world. We are all stronger in this together.
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9: Update with Will
Episode Summary It’s been a busy few months, and haven’t been able to get any new episodes recorded, but I at least wanted to reach out and touch base about what’s been happening, and see how we can keep this podcast going to bring value to you. One thought is to share about the projects I’m working on in hopes that it inspires you to either create a project of your own, or want to share about what you have going on. In this episode, I talk about my ongoing learning process and how I’m not engaged in building Messenger Bots, and how it seems like a pretty good side hustle since the technology is so new, and is really fun to work with, and could be a good boost for small business owners. If you want to check out this pet project of mine, you can get started at Let me know what you think of this episode, and what would make for good content for future shows until I can get more guests on the line. :) And of course, if you’d like to be on the show, jump over to Thanks!
November 27, 2017
8: Sober Divas Movement
Episode Summary Shiba P. is the founder and curator for the Sober Divas Movement, a project built to highlight and foster SELF-ACTUALIZATION in artistic & gifted women in recovery. She shares her story of being a well-off IT professional and the journey alcohol took her on, dropping her in a homeless shelter. By starting to pursue her personal passions instead of a profession, she has regained and restarted her life, now focused on helping others in recovery rediscover their passions. Her story is definitely inspirational and you’ll be sure to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it with her. Her personality shines through our conversation, and will inspire you to look inside yourself and see what else you can do when you stop letting fear stand in your way and just go out and try something new or pursue an old passion again.
November 6, 2017
7: Never Alone Threads with Alex and Zule
Alex and Zule are fellow Miami natives with a passion for fashion and creating exciting sober events to bring the community together. Check them out at!
October 30, 2017
6: Bloomin Ash with Ashley Longmire
Today’s episode features Ashley Longmire of Serenity Web Solutions. She’s been sober since May 6th, 2015. Her journey of recovery has brought her through many struggles including divorce, a custody battle and losing her business that she had helped build. But she continues to charge on and shares her story along the way. I first found her writing through the Sober Together Facebook group, and could tell she has a big heart for helping others through her words and her work. In our discussion, we talk about her history in drinking, what got her to take a second look at her habits, and what she’s discovered in sobriety. She shares lots of resources that helped her along the way, and what she does now to maintain her recovery.
October 23, 2017
5: Gerald Rhodes
Episode Summary Gerald is a biking and skiing enthusiast and sobriety coach in Boulder, Colorado. In our talk, Gerald shares his journey from being stuck in a difficult, unhealthy situation, wasting too many hours a day watching tv and drinking and letting his life pass him by. After getting a DUI in 2015, he took a long hard look at his life and circumstances he found himself in and decided something needed to be done. He left an unhealthy relationship and living situation, cut out the TV and alcohol, and got to work on himself. He started a blog focused on making healthy decisions and got into speaking and then sobriety coaching. Top Takeaways Cutting out drinking and watching TV can save dozens of hours a week that can be used much more effectively to better the world and yourself Focus on what you really want and stack habits to get you there Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who encourage your personal growth References Gerald relayed several resources that he watches or listens to often that have helped him along his journey. Some of his favorite sources for motivation online include: NTS Motivation Day Behind Motivation Les Brown Eric Thomas Gary Vaynerchuck Tony Robbins He also cited several books that influenced him. These include: Think and Grow Rich The Miracle Morning
October 16, 2017
4: Revived Recovery with Joseph Mitsch
Episode Summary Joseph is running Revived Recovery and has large ambitions in bringing a positive influence to recovery networking. In our talk, Joseph discusses his battle with alcohol and substance abuse and just how bad it had to get before he could get better. His story is very powerful and inspirational and I think you’re going to pull out a lot of positive messages from what he’s gone through. He’s taken his experiences and turned them into a way to reach out to others and help those struggling to get into a healthier situation. "Anything can be accomplished when you are able to find the strength to remove the weakness of temptation from your life" Conversation Takeaways Trust yourself and give yourself forgiveness Talk to others. Helping them will also help yourself. See the good in everything. Like the stones that he polishes, the addict has potential within themselves if you choose to see it. Keep up with Joseph’s journey See his jewelry at Support Step by Step Staffing at
October 9, 2017
3: Sober Voyager with Jesse Hawkins
Episode Summary Jesse is sobriety advocate with large ambitions from Louisville, Kentucky. He is the founder and creator of Sober Voyager and the SV Foundation, a company dedicated to spreading awareness and hope to addicts and their loved ones across the country with the guiding principles being to Help, Remember, Inspire, and Encourage. In our talk, he discusses his journey into sobriety, how he developed the idea for Sober Voyager, and where he’s taking it from here. If resonate with goals of seeing the world, you’re going to love what he’s got going on. Conversation Takeaways Set goals and reward yourself for achieving them. Escape into reality instead of into alcohol and drugs Use what’s in your toolbox to stay sober, including accountability and confidence Follow along with Jesse’s Journey Read his blog at Support his foundation at
October 1, 2017
1: Sober Evolution with Austin Cooper
Episode Summary Austin is the creator of Sober Evolution. His journey into recovery led him to create a clothing brand to promote awareness of drug and alcohol addiction and inspire recovery. He recently moved to Florida and now also runs a lab services company helping rehab facilities with their needs while continuing to inspire others through his Instagram page and website. Conversation Takeaways Just because you’re doing something, doesn’t mean it’s what’s right for you It’s never too late to start over Spreading awareness, even through the smallest of things, can make a huge impact on someone Reading = Growth. Downloading other people’s ideas and wisdom into your brain with books is an awesome shortcut in life References Austin is an avid reader and wholeheartedly endorsed the following books that have helped him in shifting his mindset and encouraging his personal growth. These are affiliate links, so a small part of the regular sale price goes to support this page. The Four Agreements Think and Grow Rich The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness Venture Information You can see all of Austin’s work regarding Sober Evolution at He sells tee-shirts, mugs, bracelets, and even social media training about how he grew his Instagram audience so large organically.
October 1, 2017
0: Introduction to Sober Ventures
Welcome to Sober Ventures, a podcast that brings together inspiring entrepreneurs combining the worlds of recovery and business. My name is Will Bradwell, and I will be your host. So pick up your favorite zero-proof beverage, turn up the volume, and let’s get down to business. Today’s episode is numero zero. This is a quick little intro to the podcast to let you know what to expect to hear down the line, and a little bit about myself. -– After nearly a decade of drinking and doing drugs, I got sober in November of 2015. Podcasts were instrumental in my recovery, and having voices like Paul of Recovery Elevator, Shane of That Sober Guy, and the team behind the Recovered Podcast, helped me be able to quit and stay sober from that moment on. All of my previous attempts at sobriety never lasted beyond 2 weeks, so I knew that these daily doses of audio were a key to a successful sober life. After almost a year sober, I got the idea for what’s now become this podcast. I started an Instagram account, @soberventures, to be a contact point for those people in recovery that are also running businesses. I grew up in an entrepreneurial home, and after graduating college in 2007, I returned home to operate our tropical fish farm in Miami, Florida. In this time, I got to experience first-hand how easy it is to fall into bad habits when you don’t have a boss or manager keeping you honest. While I now have a full-time position working for a local hospital, I can appreciate even more the challenge to stay sober while self-employed. So when I would hear stories of people running businesses while maintaining their sobriety on other podcasts, I wanted to learn more from them. After I started the page, I created the Sober Ventures Summit in March of this year, where I got to talk to some of the biggest names in the sobriety community on Instagram, hear how they’ve made it all happen, and their journeys that led them to this path. Some of the first episodes you’ll hear here are taken from that Summit. -– After releasing these conversations, and realizing that there are so many more stories out there from people across the country just getting started in their sober life, with many of them having a lot of time freed up from quitting drinking and doing drugs, I knew the next step would be to build a podcast as a platform for all these inspirational individuals to share their stories with each other and build a community around it. Our episodes will focus on our guests, their histories of drug or alcohol use, how they got into recovery, and how they’ve built their business while balancing the added stress of maintaining their sobriety. The goal is to provide a helpful and hopeful dose of experience every week that will inspire you to stay on your own path of recovery and to give you insights that will help you in business and in life. So stay tuned (in other words, please subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app) and join our private community on Facebook, The Sober Venture Club to stay in touch in between episodes and to ask advice from others going through the same journey as yourself. -– I look forward to being of service through this podcast, and if you have any questions or thoughts on how I can make this better or more helpful, email me anytime at Thanks for listening, and I hope you join me again next time on Sober Ventures.
September 27, 2017