24: Moron Levels

An episode of Deprecated

By Kai, Malin, Zach
This podcast is (usually) a casual conversation about tech, Apple, programming, and sometimes unrelated topics and a good excuse to drink another cup of coffee.

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25: Core Backdoor
We moved our Podcast to a new host. If you see this you should probably resubscribe on App review prompts, Canadian Internet, Kai got a new mouse, and the Apple Watch can finally take ECG readings (if you're in the U.S.). Our main topics this week are Australia's Assistance and Access Bill 2018 (RIP encryption), and what makes a good meetup community. Come for the talks, stay for the people!
December 17, 2018
24: Moron Levels
This week we have a few mini-topics including our attention while listening to podcasts, the English language, accents, and pronunciation, as well as family plan pricing and subscriptions. 

Our main topic is our podcast setup. We talk about the hardware, software, and everything in between that we use to publish each episode of the show! Misc Marco’s Podcasting Microphones Mega-Review Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) Feedback iTunes Twitter Mastodon
December 5, 2018
23: None of It Matters
The Accidental Sport Podcast returns, followed by a discussion on search engines and privacy, and analytics in apps. Which search engine should be the default on iOS? Our main topic this week is Twitter - is every Tweet just a shout into the void? Finally, join us for our picks – which include some developer tools and trick for developers. In the post show we discuss Siri Shortcuts and customising Siri with the ability we each want individually, and wrap up by talking about air quality, dust, and bushfires. Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) Feedback iTunes Twitter Mastodon
November 28, 2018
22: Backup Your Family
Our main topic this week is all about our data backup solutions. We also learn what an “Instagram Menu” is, discuss tipping culture and sales tax, give an exciting emoji update, and talk about do not disturb and how we think it could be improved as a feature. Our post-show is an hour-long discussion about the first two seasons of NBC’s The Good Place. Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) Feedback iTunes Twitter Mastodon
November 21, 2018
21: Don't Fool Yourself
Kai has a number of new computers in front of him, we discuss bad Australian Internet, mobile roaming, take a crash course in cricket pitch curation, test our coffee-identification ability, and finally discuss the all-important topic of productivity on iOS vs. macOS. Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) Feedback iTunes Twitter Mastodon
November 14, 2018
20: My Week Has Been Tough
Join us for the final results of our second not-a-draft and discussions about nit-picky iOS 12 and macOS Mojave observations, TV shows, iMac purchase decision making, and our new “The Stuff We Like List Thing” segment. Misc “Hide” FaceTime notification during call killall -kill FaceTimeNotificationCenterService in Terminal Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) Feedback iTunes Twitter Mastodon
November 7, 2018
19: A Dream World of iMacs
Join us for a discussion about Apple's October special event. New computers, product marketing vs engineering, Lana Del Rey, swearing on stage, and the all-important result of the draft-not-a-draft! Prediction Results Table Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter)
November 1, 2018
18: Legit but Brutal
Join us this week for our predictions ahead of the 2018 Apple October Special Event. Our Predictions Table Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter)
October 23, 2018
17: Fried Monkey
This week we talk about cloud storage, Google’s “Made By Google 2018” event, Elon Musk, and some podcast housekeeping. Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) Topic References pCloud signup Made By Google 2018 Elon Musk interview with Joe Rogan The List (retired) Final order
October 16, 2018
16: Mixed Feelings About Shortcuts
This week we talk about our social media habits, and go in-depth on Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12. Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) The List Additions None Re-Ordered The List
October 10, 2018
15: Are You Sure You're Not Imagining That?
Some of us updated to macOS Mojave, Kai’s got a working Apple Watch Series 4, and we talk for a while about “Marzipan” (or project sneak-peak) apps and the future of software on the Mac. Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) The List Additions None Ordered The List
October 4, 2018
14: Naming Stuff Is Hard
We’ve all taken delivery of a new Apple Watch, so we discuss that for a while, followed by the first impressions of iPhone XS. Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) The List Additions None Ordered The List
September 25, 2018
13: I'm Broken
Apple Special Event (September 12, 2018) post-event discussion. Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) The List Additions None Ordered The List
September 14, 2018
12: Not a Draft
Join us ahead of the 2018 September Apple Special Event for our predictions about all things iPhone, Apple Watch, and maybe some other things. Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) The List Additions None Ordered The List
September 11, 2018
11: Aluminium
Invites have been sent out for the Apple Event on 12th September (or the 13th if you live on the other side of the world). Join us to discuss the leaked pictures of the iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4. Hosts Kai (Mastodon/Twitter) Malin (Mastodon/Twitter) Zach (Mastodon/Twitter) The List Additions Malin: Procreate (App Store) Kai: Astro (App Store) Zach: Pocket Weather (Shiftyjelly) Ordered The List
September 6, 2018
10: Don't Talk to Them
Join us this week to talk about Apple hardware and software delays, a Mastodon 101, and our podcast listening habits. The List Additions Malin: One Button Travel (App Store) Kai: Soulver (App Store) Zach: Thunderly (App Store) Ordered The List
August 29, 2018
9: Bar Analogy
This week begins with some follow-up about Zach’s talk at Cocoaheads. Minimal homework was also completed as we tried Twist and Microsoft Teams. Zach is horrified to learn that Kai and Malin store git repositories in online sync systems, and we speculate about when Apple might announce the next iPhone(s). The main topic this week is Twitter alternatives - the things we’ve tried, and the things we like. As always, we wrap up by adding another three apps to our list. The List Additions Malin: Time There (App Store) Kai: holedown (App Store) Zach: Notability (App Store) Ordered The List
August 22, 2018
8: Existential Crisis
This week's extremely short show begins with Zach having realised it's likely that the iPhone will again grow in 2018, and then we move into an exploration of different podcast clients. 

Our main topics this week are talking at meetups and conferences, followed by a discussion about the Twitter API changes and what this means for the Twitter community.
August 15, 2018
7: Mars Event
We've got a few mini-topics this week - an emoji update, a story about f.lux, and Google Docs autocorrect. We've got two main topics: our expectations for Apple's September event, followed by a discussion about the removal of the App Store affiliate program. We end by discussing three apps and their place on our app list.
August 12, 2018
6: I Call It Homework
Kai has finally installed the iOS 12 beta, the new MacBook Pros no longer throttles under load, Atlassian and Slack are sitting in a tree, and apparantly Kai likes lists.
August 4, 2018
5: I Don't Think It's Cheating the System
This week we talk about everything from buying a new Mac, to what cloud storage to use, a whole bunch about emoji, Apple Watch move streaks, and finally MacBook Pro thermal throttling.
July 30, 2018
4: App Store 10th Anniversary
Join us this week to talk about the newly announced 2018 update to the MacBook Pro line, as well as discussion about the 10th anniversary of the App Store.
July 28, 2018
3: Home Automation
Today's main "So" is Home Automation. Zach just got some Phillips Hue bulbs, but Malin and Kai are already home automation experts. A brief detour is taken to discuss the Australian launch of Amazon Prime, followed by a comparison of smart home speakers and assistants. Kai and Malin then share their exciting Saturday night plan to revive a Mac mini. Your hosts are all on the Siri Shortcuts app beta, so they take a moment to discuss this and the future of Siri.
July 26, 2018
2: iOS 12 & watchOS 5 betas
Join us this week to talk about the iOS 12 and watchOS 5 betas.
July 25, 2018
1: We're Making a Podcast
This is the first episode of So Cast. We're in the Apple Podcast Studio at WWDC 2018 and talk about podcasting & our WWDC experience.
July 21, 2018
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