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Welcome to's podcast! helps emerging founders and athletes leverage peer collaboration and social capital to launch and grow impactful ventures. We'll feature personal stories and business journeys of mission-driven founders from the community who are committed to growing social and environmental focused companies that are solving the core issues in our local communities. As a listener, you will have the luxury of using the stories, perspectives, tips, and industry knowledge of our guests as a business growth resource for your own projects and mission.
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Spotify team conversation - Year Review
What a year it has been for us...all of us. This is just us chatting with each other after one of our last meetings for the year, join in, and take a sneak peak into our process. We're still growing, still learning, and still creating. Join us online at 
December 31, 2020
A Legacy of Service: Our conversation with the 2020 Young Floridian Award recipient!
It is always a treat to witness emerging founders from our community shine bright and step into their purpose.  However, in this episode, we're in a full celebratory mode in honor of G.C Murray II, Esq. 's accomplishments as he was recently selected as the 2020 Young Floridian of the Year by the Bod Graham Center for Public Service! As a champion for change, G.C is no stranger to hard work and has a passion for creating a path for others.   G.C. Murray II, Esq., DPL is a nationally recognized lawyer, leader, and lobbyist who has received numerous awards for his legal acumen and his philanthropy. He focuses on all aspects of nonprofit management including Federal and State compliance, organizational leadership, and high-level fundraising. He is an experienced lobbyist involved in canvassing and helping direct nearly $75M in political giving to candidates and PCs. Special Counsel for one of the premier plaintiff trial lawyer associations in the United States.  Connect with G.C. Murray II, Esq.  Visit us online
November 25, 2020
Discussing the 5 C's of Credit for Founders with Shenique B. Nigelbush
About a year ago, our host had the pleasure of attending a workshop which was hosted by Shenique B. Nigelbush and her team from TD Bank. The workshop was so insightful, that our host, Emmanuel, who was launching's website at the time, chose to write a recap blog about it from his notes. We had a chance to catch up with Shenique as we have just shared the article with our community through the release of the 3rd issue of our community publication: The Social Times.  In this episode, we discussed Shenique's passion for working with founders, how to approach credit building as a business owner, and some tips to help you secure the bag from your local bank!  Visit us online at 
November 24, 2020
Social Innovation 2.0: More Equity for Athletes!
Athletes have long been considered some of the most philanthropic stakeholders in our communities for decades. As we witness the rise of social entrepreneurship and the future of technology, there has never been a better time for athletes to take ownership of the social and environmental issues that affect their communities the most. Join us as we share the stories and experiences of former athletes who are leading amazing social ventures and how anyone can get in the game. You may connect with our guests from this episode by clicking on their name below: Taj Dashaun Morgan Jones Kate Botterbrodt  Niara Perry  Emmanuel Miot Visit us online at 
November 19, 2020
Meet Morgan Jones, Founder of the Vision Box
Morgan is a visionary who is passionate about showing others how to find their path and organizing their vision. She is a former professional athlete and current social entrepreneur who has hosted sold-out events and been featured on CBS, ABC, Essence Magazine. In this episode, we'll ding into her story a little bit more to learn about her passion, story, and goals for the future as she's on a mission to grow a purposeful venture that will impact the lives of many.  Connect with Morgan Jones. Visit her website here:  Visit us online on
November 18, 2020