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Social in 5

Social in 5

By Hayley Hilton
A real talk podcast answering small businesses biggest questions about social media marketing.

Join Hayley Hilton - a Social Media Strategist - as she breaks down social media marketing into bite-sized lessons and practical actions in a way anyone can understand.
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E5: how to get over the fear of putting yourself out there

Social in 5

E13: this simple, but powerful tip will transform your captions
Today, I want to share a SIMPLE but POWERFUL tip that will help you quickly transform the copy you write for your business. It’s a subtle shift in your focus, but the results you’ll produce when you apply this copywriting technique can be dramatic.  Want bite-sized social media marketing lessons, ideas and tips served to your inbox once a week? Sign up for the Social in 5 Newsletter
September 22, 2021
E12: stuck for what to post? here are 10 content ideas
I’m pretty sure we can all relate to feeling stuck with what to post to our social media. 🙋‍♀️ We all go through times when we’re feeling super inspired, and then we go through times when we’re just not feeling it at ALL. So today I want to share with you 10 ideas for content that you can note down and come back to on those days where you find yourself staring at that blank caption with a blinking cursor staring back at you with no idea what to write.
September 15, 2021
E11: the 5 biggest mistakes
Are they all quick and easy to fix? Uh no. Are they worth it? Hell yes. You’ll feel at ease knowing that you have a roadmap to follow. The feeling of having ideas flow. Not feeling lost or overwhelmed. Confidence. Clarity. Get bite-sized social media lessons served to your inbox:
September 6, 2021
E10: what channels should I be using?
I want to talk to you about a BIG part of your social media strategy - which is choosing the right channels for you and your business. Because there are SO many to choose from, and everyone, including your neighbors kid’s friend, will tell you ALL the things you should be doing, ALL the channels you need to be on, and ALL the tips & tricks you just have to try - “Oh. My. god. What do you mean you're not on Tik Tok??” - it’s only natural you’re going to be left feeling a little unsure. Or if you are trying to do it all, then you might be feeling a little frazzled. There are only so many hours and coffees we can consume in the day. So, where do you start? I’m going to walk you the 5 steps to choosing your social channels. *You’ll need a notebook, pen, comfy pants and an iced oat milk latte (the last two are not a must, but I can highly recommend).
September 2, 2021
E9: how to define your dream customer?
One of the biggest marketing mistakes a business owner can make is not getting crystal clear on who your ideal customer or client is. Because as the good ol' saying goes: if you try to create content for everyone, you will end up resonating with no one. Your message will become diluted, unclear and irrelevant - meaning that you are going to get lost in a sea of sameness. So - in today's episode I'm going to walk you through guiding questions and tools that will help you find your tribe.
August 24, 2021
E8: please don't do this.
"Does the way I'm showing up on social support my future self?" Oftentimes we can get so discouraged by the current results that we get detracted from the BIGGER goal. If you find yourself getting caught up in the day to day of vanity metrics, then this episode is for you.
July 31, 2021
E7: how to create killer facebook ads
Fernando Samara is Global Client Partner at Facebook and Strategy Wizard who has helped some of the most loved brands in the world earn attention and scale their impact. He’s a good friend who I used to work closely with in the Ad Agency and I’m so grateful to have him on here. We talk about how to create stand out Ads across the Facebook and Instagram platforms (jargon breakdown: you might also hear us refer to these as “surfaces”). Grab your free Instagram Checklist:
July 13, 2021
E6: how to use instagram dms to drive more sales
In 2021, if DMs have fallen under your radar, you are missing out on leads and sales, because DM’s aka the direct messaging feature on Instagram is one of the most powerful places to connect deeper with your community. It’s a space where you can get to know your followers better, answer any questions or hesitations they might have….and when they are ready, to turn them into clients and customers. This all goes down in the DMs with the right words and a little consumer psychology. Got a question? Send me a DM @hiltonhayley
July 8, 2021
E5: how to get over the fear of putting yourself out there
I’ve been working in social media for a long time now, and I have seen clients who have their social media strategy. They know all the tactics and tangible steps they need to build their brand online, but then there is ONE thing that is going to make or break it for them. And the one thing that determines if they are successful or not is their mindset.
June 29, 2021
E4: the instagram highlights strategy (you never knew you needed)
Today we're diving into the nitty gritty of Instagram Highlights, one of the most valuable, but also most underrated features of Instagram. We talk about how you can use them strategically for your business to help turn visitors into followers, extend the life of the stories you worked so hard to create, and help drive new leads for your business.
June 20, 2021
E3: how to map out a years worth of content in one day
I know you guys are juggling a million things, and social media is just ONE of them. You don't have time to waste, thinking about what to post. So in this episode, I help you get smart about content.  Let's connect on Insta: @hiltonhayley
June 14, 2021
E2: how to nail your brand voice
Almost every touchpoint we have with our customers involves our brand voice, and if we haven't done the work to really NAIL that voice then we're missing out on the biggest opportunity to connect with our audience. In this episode I share 5 tips to help you craft a stand out brand that will win over the hearts and minds of your people.  Here's link to 3 of my favourite brand examples who are killing it: Oatly  Frank Bod Girlfriend Collective Grab your FREE Instagram Checklist here: And hit that 'subscribe' button so you don't miss an episode, or have to search for this podcast again.
June 7, 2021
E1: two reasons why your social media strategy isn't working
I’m sure we’ve ALL heard the success stories about businesses that have made crazy sales thanks to Instagram. And maybe you feel like, you’re over here, putting in all the time and effort into your social media marketing, but you’re not seeing those leads and sales come raining in. You're starting to feel like you might be missing something. I hear this a lot. And in this episode we're diving into the TRUTH behind those success stories, and the two things that might be holding you back. Grab your free Instagram Checklist:
May 30, 2021
E0: what is social in 5?
What the heck is Social in 5, and who am I? In this episode, we'll dive into the reason behind why I've started this podcast, and what you can expect from future episodes - out every week. Grab your Free Instagram Checklist here: And hit that 'subscribe' button so you don't miss an episode, or have to search for this podcast again.
May 30, 2021