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The Socially Awkward Podcast

The Socially Awkward Podcast

By The Socially Awkward Podcast
We bring you real-life stories and heartfelt experiences from one of Singapore’s lesser-known and more enigmatic communities. From teens to young adults, representing numerous countries, and from various backgrounds, join Emma for a lively and insightful journey into the unique life of homeschoolers in Singapore.
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A Filmmaker's Journey
Telling stories isn't difficult. Just ask Ee Hsien, whose first ever foray into the world of filmmaking and storytelling was through a simple six second Lego animation he created when he was just 11 years old. Since then he has gone on to create multiple stop motion videos, short films, and even a theatre production. Listen to him share about his self-taught journey into this wonderful world of filmmaking, how he creates meaningful characters, and perhaps most importantly, how he brings the community together through his creative endeavors. 
June 5, 2021
Embracing My Body
Many young people nowadays find themselves caught up in a never ending-cycle of trying to catch up to the latest fashion trends and beauty standards, set by runway models and Instagram influencers. But are we simply our physical appearance and clothing choice, or is there more to who we are as people? Rebecca and Dani talk about comments they've received about their bodies which led to insecurities, how they are overcoming these insecurities, and how we should see ourselves and others past our body and the things we wear. 
May 1, 2021
Can Homeschoolers Go To University?
In this episode, Zoe sheds light on her experience applying and being accepted to a Singapore university without an accredited transcript from a single school. Hear her talk about some of the fascinating products she's designed, how to create a strong transcript, and what question she asked that caused her interviewers to argue. 
April 3, 2021
Mom & Dad, Let's Hangout!!
Being busy with homework and projects, even homeschoolers don't get to connect with their parents that often. So how can teens take the initiative to connect more effectively with their parents? In this episode, Hannah and Rebecca chat about their relationships with their parents, discovering love languages, family bonding activities and more.
March 6, 2021
Single Pringles Talk About The Big L
SPOILER ALERT: relationships are more than just romance. In this episode, Rebecca and Emma talk about why relationships (with a partner, family member, or friend) can sour, red flags to look out for, the importance of boundaries, and how to repair your relationships before they fall apart. If you're looking at beginning a romantic relationship, the coaches have that base covered for you as well! Emma spills the tea on her deal-breaker character trait for having someone live with her, while Rebecca explains why you should be texting *that person* less.
February 6, 2021
Tea & Drama: The Socially Awkward Origins
To kick off 2021 the team takes stock of the past year of podcasting and producing! Hear about how Lego animals played a key role in the founding of the podcast, which two podcast members stayed walking distance apart for the past 4 years without knowing each other, and how "friendship osmosis" works. We also talk favourite episodes and moments, learning points and what the future may or may not look like for each one of us. If you've been one of our listeners from the start, we really want to thank you for being part of this journey with us, you're the reason why we do the things we do. Sending you finger hearts and encouragements as you kick start 2021 together with The Socially Awkward Podcast!
January 9, 2021
Watching Cloud Shadows
Change is scary, you're leaving the comfortable for the uncertain. But in that uncertainty, there is the promise of new beauty to discover and new lessons to be learnt. In her hosting debut, Rebecca speaks to Nehemiah about his move to the UK, why he initially was in denial about the move, and how he learnt to appreciate the small things despite the cold and the dark.
December 5, 2020
The Science Of Sound Wave Manipulation
Have you ever thought about planting ideas in people's heads through sound waves? This isn't Inception, it's real life and you do it every time you talk to someone! In this episode of The Socially Awkward Podcast, Emma speaks to Aaron about his passion for communication and how it has led to him wanting to learn linguistics. Aaron will also be revealing some very practical tips and tricks for anyone to become a better communicator, because who doesn't want to be able to effectively plant thoughts in people's heads?
November 7, 2020
I Am Actually Not Okay
Digging deep into her past, Bronwyn opens up to Emma and shares sincerely about her struggle with mental health, what caused it, and how the people around have been helping her get back up onto her feet. We eat well, exercise often, and visit the doctor to ensure our bodies are healthy and our mental health shouldn't be any different. Hence Bronwyn will also be sharing about the activities that have helped her to remain calm during periods of stress. It's okay to tell people around you that you are actually not okay, and so The Socially Awkward Podcast has created a handy guide that will contain more essential information about mental health, whether it's for yourself or so that you can help a loved one. This guide will be released on our Instagram page so keep a look out for it there! 
October 3, 2020
What JC Taught Me About Failure
Pressure. Keeping up with classmates around you. New environments. Ihsan and Emma talk about how being homeschooled prepared him for public school, and what making the transition to JC was like. Ihsan also breaks the stigma about being retained and opens up about how it has made him even stronger.
September 5, 2020
Dismounting The Pommel Horse
At one point in your life or another, you probably would have aspired to be a professional athlete; to stand under the lights, with a medal around your neck, and hear the crowds shouting your name. Ethan, a former national gymnast used to live that life; in this episode, he reveals the sacrifices and challenges behind the lights and the medals. Join Emma and Ethan to hear about how he coped with the mental stress, why he chose to leave competitive gymnastics, and how the new direction he is pursuing in life brings him meaning.
August 8, 2020
Faith, Family and Intentionality
Pollyanna's family turns heads. In Singapore where 1 or 2 children is the norm, Pollyanna's parents have a whopping 7 children! Despite being so big, they're still not exempt from the normal problems and situations that are common to most households, however they do have some pretty unique challenges of their own. Join Emma as she talks to Pollyanna about the dynamics between her siblings, self-care time, and the major role faith plays in their lives.
July 11, 2020
Where Are You From? Yes.
In this episode, Emma talks with Ethan a fellow third-culture kid, about their experiences growing up overseas and reintegrating back into Singapore society. Join them as they ramble on about everything from identity, dogs, and finding your place in community. 
June 13, 2020
Pandemic Productivity
In this episode of The Socially Awkward Podcast, Emma talks with John, homeschool alumni and producer of the podcast, about how you can stay productive even if you're working or studying from home. With their array of study techniques, useful resources, practical advice, and John's crackhead periodic table mnemonics, you'll find out how to dangle your own carrot and blaze through your day in no time. 
May 9, 2020
Learning Without Borders
In this episode of The Socially Awkward Podcast, Emma talks with Elizabeth who has lived in 4 countries on 3 continents about how she managed her education, the different sort of schooling environments she has been exposed to, and how learning is a mindset and a lifestyle. 
April 11, 2020
Leading Myself, Leading My Men
In this episode of The Socially Awkward Podcast, Emma talks with Shou En, formerly a sergeant in the Singapore Armed Forces, about his unique experience of going through Basic Military Training twice, how homeschooling prepared him to be a Sergeant, and the essential skills new enlistees need so they can survive and thrive. 
March 14, 2020
My Parent is my Principal
In this episode of The Socially Awkward Podcast, Emma talks with Weng Pheng and Serene, two homeschooling parents, about why they chose not to send their kids to mainstream school, how they're involved in their children's education, and why homeschooling is not as easy as it seems.
February 10, 2020
Relationships: A Dash of Intentionality
In this episode of The Socially Awkward Podcast, Emma chats with Dorothea Wong, the founder of Kallos about her homeschooling journey and her thoughts on friendship, love, and family. 
January 11, 2020