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The Humanitarian Effect

The Humanitarian Effect

By Socially Immersed
Breaking down crimes against humanity, giving voice to scholars, and inspiring selfless acts. We will guide you in developing your inner Humanitarian.
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From Homeless to Expert
Paul Asplund may have one of the coolest stories ever. Once homeless, Paul was able to bounce back and gain direction over his life. Though he has recovered many years ago, Paul does not feel that he has truly lived until more recent years. Why may that be? Listen to find out. Paul covers a manifold of topics from compassion to strategy in the homeless arena. Let us know in the comments the favorite thing covered. Let us know who you want to see on the podcast next!  Keep up with Paul Asplund​​  Follow Socially Immersed   @sociallyimmersed IG/FB/PINTEREST  @socially_immersed TIK TOK
February 12, 2021
Travel like a Native
Do you travel for the gram or do you travel to have immersive experiences? Is it difficult to find the time to travel due to other responsibilities? Are you worried about safety? Today we have Keelan and Jean dropping gems on how you can travel like a native in other countries. Both males have many countries under their belt, and Jean is currently living abroad. Hit the play button to catch the various resources you can download / apply for so you can begin traveling post COVID! Let us know who you want to see on the podcast next! Don’t forget to check out: Workaway CouchSurfing Epik EF Jet Program Working Holiday Visa Keelan Wilson @kee.double.e IG Jean-Yves @elgorditonegrito IG
January 22, 2021
Diversity in Literature- An interview
 A step into fighting current day Public Education is amplifying the authors of color in literature today. Have you realized that nearly all the books you have read were written by whites? This isn't a point to cause division, but instead lead to recognition.  If you have one group of people not only writing the curriculum, the textbooks, but the leisure books as well, how can all the possibilities in the world exist? Listen to Charlene Goddard and Jenny Delacruz get into their books, where they hope to see diversity in literature go, and more. You can find them on social media @cobbscreekpublishing @magnificentmacie . Head over to to purchase a book on our wish list for our next community library. 
November 13, 2020
What does Education breed? pt 2 The Aspiring Teacher
This week we are hearing the point of view from the aspiring teacher point of view. How was your high school experience? What would you change?
November 07, 2020
What does Education breed? pt 1
This three part series will bring up ideas around the long term effects of the public education system. On this episode you will hear interviews from three teachers expressing their opinions around popular questions that come up in regards to public education. 
October 30, 2020
I scream, You scream, We all scream for Change
Is 2020 really the worst year ever? Have you been distracted? Are you a internet couch activist? Do you want to know what you can do to help?  
October 23, 2020
Was Tupac on to something?
Tupac, may he Rest In Power, did an interview in 1994 where he dropped some gems that are still relevant today. Listen into this episode to see if we consider them gems. Then, once the audio is over let us know if Tupac would be proud or not of Socially Immersed.  Please bear with us as we get our audio perfect. We have some great stuff coming so share share share! 
October 16, 2020
The Humanitarian Effect Trailer
Be back Thursday 10/15 at 830 EST for the very first episode. Visit our site Let us know what and who you want to see on the Podcast!
October 02, 2020