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The Social Marketer

The Social Marketer

By Rochelle Vassell
If you’re wondering why you aren’t converting your audience on social media, or maybe you’ve tried influencer marketing, ran a few ads, and aren’t sure why theres no return on investment, you’re in the right place. This is The Social Marketer Podcast, where we help small businesses through the trenches that is social media and running a business online. Stay tuned for tips, tricks and stories from experts, influencers/content creators and other business owners. Listen in every second Friday for new episodes. Hosted by Rochelle Vassell

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Episode 2: Life as a Tik Tok influencer W/Julia Grandoni

The Social Marketer

Episode 4: Building a Wellness Brand with Monique Aldridge
In this episode, Rochelle talks with Monique about how she started her Wellness brand and how she manages it alone from making content to making the products. ----- Monique is the founder and owner of abloom bodycare LLC, an all-natural, vegan, handmade and cruelty-free brand. 
August 27, 2021
Episode 3: Brione Wishart on Creating meaningful Partnerships and Building Multiple Businesses on Social Media
In this episode, I talk with Brione about his business journey and experiences running multiple businesses, and forming great partnerships and collaborations. Note, I know I promised our episodes would be less than an hour but there was just so much info here! Brione Wishart is a Toronto-based film director, producer, Award-Winning Designer, and founder of ARTLEE Creative Agency. His work stems from a love of Cinema, Music, and Storytelling. Known for his ability to create visually engaging content and beautifully crafted work that captures something real and authentic in every subject, Brione's talent for cinematic storytelling is evident in all of his work. His work includes a wide variety of clients such as Nike, Porsche, Samsung, Le Germain Hotels, Bacardi, Huawei, Hard Rock Casino + Hotel, Merry Jane, Capital One, BMW, Hasbro, and The Alzheimers Society.
August 14, 2021
Episode 2: Life as a Tik Tok influencer W/Julia Grandoni
My guest is Julia Grandoni, Tik Tok influencer with over 300k Followers. She talks about the life of an influencer and collaborating with small businesses. She has become known on Tik Tok through her love of comedy. She has Social Media skills that can't be learned overnight, but she shares a bit about what she's done and how to grow your following.
July 25, 2021
Intro to Social Media Marketing "Finding your audience on Social Media"
Welcome to The Social Media Marketer Podcast.  Today is short but sweet, I am talking about the "set up" of this podcast and introducing our first topic.  "Finding your audience on social media." Topics:  - The set up - Building your Persona - Tips on finding Persona pain points For more marketing insights follow us on Instagram @thekreativehouse or visit us at
March 11, 2021