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Social Sofrito!

Social Sofrito!

By Social Sofrito!
This is not your average social media podcast. This show mixes conversations around poetry, music, storytelling, art, culture and brand building. These conversations highlight creators that can inspire our audience to create a stronger foundation for their brands, helping them build relationships that transcend social platforms into real-life communities. Hosted by George Torres, a digital nomad with a passion for tech, travel, speaking, teaching & community building in the Latino / LatinX community. Learn more
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The holidays are coming... the biggest gift you can give is doing your part in keeping your friends and family safe. I am extremely proud to collaborate with the New York City Test & Trace Corps in the fight against COVID-19. It's time for all of us to get tested for COVID-19, and often, even if you don't have symptoms. Remember, you can have the virus with no symptoms and still spread it to your grandmother or another family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a co-worker. The COVID-19 test is easy, safe, confidential and at no cost to you. If you test positive, the Corps will provide support to help you separate safely at home or at a free hotel where you will receive services like daily meals, Internet, laundry and medical assistance. To find a testing center, visit or call 212-COVID19. #partner #GetTested #FightCOVIDNYC #NYC #COVID #COVID19
November 30, 2020
A conversation with Señor Edison!
Meet the future of LatinX Edutainment, Señor Edison who is becoming quite the name on Tik Tok.
May 16, 2020
A Little Awareness: A Conversation With Suset Laboy.
SUSET LABOY is an Ivy League educated Public Relations maven in the NYC arts circle, who recently shook things up in life by QUITTING HER HUSTLE to become a voice in the mindfulness space. With her new project called, “ A LITTLE AWARENESS”, she creates space for ambitious women whose enthusiasm has led them to success, but also burnout. Suset hopes to help them get a little awareness into how to find a better balance in their lives. BUSY IS A 4-LETTER WORD. Looking to dig yourself out of overwhelm with something more than another “woo-hoo!” self-help book? Sign up below and you'll receive a 3-minute tip to stop the burnout every day for the next 5 days. Get ready to breathe easy again just 180 seconds from now! Sign up now at Show Note: In the interview, we briefly mentioned a book named, "A People’s History of Psychoanalysis: From Freud to Liberation Psychology (Psychoanalytic Studies: Clinical, Social, and Cultural Contexts)", by Daniel Jose Gaztambide.  You can buy this book on my Amazon Hot Lists Page -
February 20, 2020
Salsa Dancing Changed My Life!
I want to share a critical part of my health journey and how I succeeded by embracing Salsa Dancing. This episode is dedicated to Piri Thomas, a Nuyorican author that impacted my life and continues to inspire me to share our culture. I have included audio of his final performance where he pays tribute to Pedro Pietri by reciting Puerto Rican Obituary. This would also be his last performance of his lifetime. Negrito, we love you and remember you always. (Audio from a recording by ToastGrl)
February 3, 2020
My Three Words For 2020
I ditched making New Years resolutions around 6 years ago and adopted Chris Brogan’s My Three Word practice. Today I decided to share this with you no matter when you decide to start.
January 10, 2020
Let Me Re-Introduce Myself
Social Sofrito! is the newest of a long line of cultural properties owned by Sofrito Media Group. I thought it would be interesting to give you the backstory. Please connect with me with your ideas, show topics, guest suggestions and more.  This podcast is hosted / produced by George Torres from Sofrito Media Group and supported by Anchor.FM Email me at
January 29, 2019
My Grandmother Taught Me Everything I know About Social Media.
I simply wanted to introduce myself and my new exciting podcast. Come and get to know me.
January 14, 2019