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Ep 7: Bloodline and Asian doctor

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Ep 7: Bloodline and Asian doctor
In thid epusode, Sofa King and Maple discuss Bloodline, Asian doctors in Hollywood, CBC podcast recommendation and more
April 13, 2018
Ep 5 : Murdering a Podcast
Sofa King and Maple discuss cultural representation on movies "Isle of Dogs", "Ghost in a shell", "Outsider", "Last Samurai", and "Lost in Translation".
April 8, 2018
Practice #2
Sofa king and Maple practice more and talk about podcasting, My Favourite Murder, and Japanese culture
March 28, 2018
MC Escher mic test
Husband dropping the dope beats
March 28, 2018
Sofa King & Maple Pilot
Sofa King & Maple pilot
March 25, 2018
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