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Solent Sessions

Solent Sessions

By Solent NHS Trust
Welcome to the Solent Sessions podcast brought to you by Solent NHS Trust. This is the show where we explore our minds, chat about lived experiences and hear the powerful stories of real people living real lives. In the episodes to come, our hosts Dan Winter-Bates and Emily Munns, will take you through those real, raw and sometimes difficult conversations to help raise awareness in the world of wellbeing.
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Words of wellness
Perhaps what we’ve learnt over the past year is; the best source of inspiration and support comes from those around us. In today’s episode we discuss how speaking openly about what we are feeling and sharing our own ‘words of wellness’ can have a huge impact in peoples lives. We find out from Dr Joseph Bagley, Head of Operations for Primary Care, and Gregory White, Director of Drop the Mask Productions CIC, what they do to support their own wellbeing, as well as their recommendations to you.
February 26, 2021
A path to better health
In this episode, we discuss the ways in which you can pave your way to ‘better health’ with Wellbeing Practitioner, Hetty Thompson. Hetty helps us delve into the world of diet, hydration and healthy lifestyle choices that we can easily wave into our daily lives. Hetty also speaks about the benefits this will have on not only our bodies, but our mental wellbeing too.
February 19, 2021
After a year of change and uncertainty, finding new ways to introduce self kindness into our daily lives might just be what we all need. But, how can we shift a negative mindset and begin to view ourselves in a more positive light? How can we treat ourselves with more warmth and compassion? And most importantly, why? These are all questions we explore in today’s chat with Business Psychologist and Coach, Hazel Anderson-Turner.
February 12, 2021
Introducing the Solent Sessions podcast and our hosts Dan and Emily.
February 10, 2021