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Solitary Cubbyhole

Solitary Cubbyhole

By Roki B
I'm Roki B, an anime and video game fan. On here it will be a splattering on anime, videogames with drops of other things in this little cubbyhole of mine.
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Solitary Cubbyhole

A sleeping nightmare - a horror narration
Hey everyone, this is my first attempt at horror narration - unsure and excited as to how it will turn out. Inspired by youtubers like Lazy Masquerade, Mr nightmare. I thought I'll give it a try. I'd like to thank Blu for giving me the opportunity to read out their horror story.  You can check out Blu blog: So Random Blu – My Thoughts and Ideas  #horrornarration #horror
October 30, 2021
First Watch: Super Cub
Hey everyone, this is a read to my super cub first watch. I enjoyed watching this slow paced, slice of life show. Supercub follows Koguma a lonely high school girl with nothing - at first, but slowly thanks to her getting a super cub, her very world changes. Little by little this lonely girl finds her place in the world, thanks to her Friend Reiko and that little bike called a super cub.  To read the blog post on super cub:
August 24, 2021
Future Q & A with me
Hey everyone, just a quick little podcast. It's been a while, anyway I thought I'll do a Q&A. These questions are predefined, as I don't think many will bother asking me any questions on social media etc. I don't have a time scale as to when I'll put up my Q&A, somewhere in the future. So, keep yours ears out!!. Till then, thanks folks.  Anime blog:  Solitary Cubbyhole – Scribbling about anime and other nonsense ( Twitter: Roki B 🌵 (@Solitarycubbyh) / Twitter
August 16, 2021
First impression: The saint's magic power is omnipotent
After a long break from my podcast, I'm back. For this episode, I do a read from my blog post The saint's magic power is omnipotent, with a few little bits of thoughts (and stuttering) thrown in. To read the blog post: The saint’s magic power is omnipotent kind of reminds me of a beautiful world – Solitary Cubbyhole  You can also catch me on twitter @Solitarycubbyh  
June 19, 2021
A very short rambling introduction
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Hey everyone, Roki B here. As this will be my introduction to this podcast channel, it won't be too long to bore you. Just a tad taste of who I am. As I'm still new to the whole podcasting, I'll improve over time. Also, there isn't a set schedule, so there is a strong possibility of long periods of where there are no podcasts. But anyway, hope the rambling intro is something.  To find in other places, check them here:  Blog: Secluded Observation  Twitter: @Roastedbloop
January 05, 2021