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Solo 2.0

Solo 2.0

By Ryan Burch and Jess Suchan
Solo 2.0 is a podcast by two sisters, Rye Burch and Jess Suchan, working in the health and wellness industry in L.A.

Each week, we’ll bring you inspiration, education and insightful conversation from guests with diverse backgrounds and unique life experiences! We’ll also discuss our own ups and down within our health and careers, and will bring on our mom, hormone health educator candace burch, for round table discussions on health and wellness.

Our mission is to provide the support and motivation necessary to step into that 2.0 version of you!
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From Crash Dieter to Body Acceptance Activist; Carmen Rene Talks: Loving Our Bodies at Any Size, Living with Lymphedema & her “Eat the Cake Too” Movement!

Solo 2.0

Mastering Your Metabolism with Nutrisense Dietician, Jillian Ceasrine: How to Eat, Exercise and Manage Stress to Balance Blood Sugar and Support Sustainable Weight Loss.
This week the sisters are bringing you "part 2" on their blood sugar balance series, this time featuring a conversation with Registered Dietician and Nutritionist, Jillian Ceasrine (Dietician for Nutrisense). In this episode they cover: -Defining blood sugar, metabolism + insulin  -Factors that impact metabolism + dysregulated glucose  -Benefits of using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) -Optimal ranges for blood glucose (via testing) -Factors that increase blood glucose levels (foods/exercise/sleep/stress) + how it can vary depending on the person and fluctuating lifestyle factors -Jess’s observations from wearing the CGM - reactions to her meals -Food timing + food combining tips for blood sugar balance (without obsessing or stressing!) -Macro guidelines -Tips for increasing insulin sensitivity -The alcohol / blood sugar connection -Tips for traveling to be able to enjoy a balanced life without restriction! RESOURCES Listen to part 1 of our blood sugar balance conversation HERE CONNECT WITH NUTRISENSE Learn more about using a CGM monitor and working with a Nutrisense dietician HERE (use code JESS30 for $30 off your CGM) CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess 
July 31, 2022
Fertility Conversations: Part 1. Rye + Jess Answer the Q: “Are you Planning to Have Kids?,” and Thoughts on (Potentially) Becoming Parents, PLUS Reaction to Roe V Wade.
Rye + Jess sit down for a SOLO conversation around the topic of FERTILITY, specifically answering the question: "Are You Planning to Have Kids?" This is a part 1 conversation to a 2 part series on fertility. This conversation covers Rye + Jess's free flowing thoughts about having kids, including: Sharing comments from our community - women who have struggled with infertility or unsure about having kids   Examining the fertility "clock" that women often feel they are racing against Addressing pressure from family and/or society to have kids in order to have a "full life" How our jobs, financial concerns + partners have played a role in our current thoughts and plans around having kids Thoughts on egg freezing  Shifting our mindset and releasing "control" over what may happen in the future Exploring the topic of infertility - what women go through  Our admiration for moms in general Why everyone is not fit to be a parents PLUS Rye shares a bonus intro before the episode, to address the recent overturning of Roe V. Wade. CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
July 12, 2022
Why Does Blood Sugar Balance Matter? Real Talk w/ Metabolism Mentor, Austin McGuffie: Impact of Blood Sugar on Metabolic Health, Weight Loss Tips & Benefits of Wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor!
In this episode, Jess sits down with Austin McGuffie aka the “Metabolism Mentor” to chat all things blood sugar balance and why we should care about it! Austin & Jess cover: Austin’s story being a personal trainer & how the focus with his clients shifted over the years to be more education based What it means to be metabolically healthy and unhealthy and what one can do it improve their metabolism Why blood sugar balance is a crucial part of overall health + how to manage it without restriction The main factors that impact blood sugar balance (nutrition, sleep, stress, etc) and lifestyle changes to make to support How to eat to balance blood sugar and when and how to eat higher carb meals The benefits of wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) devise and how it can support your health and weight loss goals && much more! CONNECT WITH AUSTIN @metabolismmentor on Instagram Metabolism Mentor on YouTube Check out Levels Continuous Glucose Monitor HERE Check out Nutrisense Continuous Glucose Monitor HERE and use code JESS30 for $30 off your first month + free dietician CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
June 21, 2022
Breaking Free from Codependent Thinking, Perfectionism and People Pleasing w/ Victoria Albina, NP, Certified Life Coach, Breathwork Guide and Host of the “Feminist Wellness” Podcast.
This week Rye + Jess chat with Victoria Albina (NP), Certified Life Coach, Breathwork Guide and Host of the “Feminist Wellness” Podcast.  Victoria has a passion for helping women realize that they are their own best healers, so they can break free from codependency, perfectionism and people-pleasing and reclaim their joy! She holds a Masters degree in Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health and a BA in Latin American Studies from Oberlin College. Victoria has been working in health and wellness for over 20 years and lives on occupied Munsee Lenape territory in New York’s Hudson Valley. In this episode we cover: -Codependent thinking (what that means and how it can go beyond your typical "toxic" relationships) -How codependency feeds into perfectionism and people pleasing  -Rye's specific struggles with perfectionism + Victoria's techniques for breaking through control and fear related to perfectionist thinking -An overview of the vagus nervous system + how to know which state you're in -Somatic practices to bring you into a more calm state of mind and being  -What’s at root of people pleasing and holding onto friendships or relationships that may no longer be serving you -How to properly communicate to friends or acquaintances when there's an issue or need for space  + Rye + Jess share some personal experiences about friendships that have been hard to let go... STAY TUNED for a part 2 with Victoria later this Summer - where we'll dive more into the health impacts of codependent / people pleasing thought patterns (i.e. gut health, adrenal health and more!). CONNECT WITH VICTORIA  VictoriaAlbina.Com Podcast: "Feminist Wellness Podcast" BONUS: check out her free meditations just for YOU: @VictoriaAlbinaWellness (Instagram) CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
June 07, 2022
The Ups + Downs of Entrepreneurship in the Health + Wellness Industry. Intro w/ Rye (sharing some REALNESS); Interview w/ Top Female Founder, Krista Berlincourt, CEO / Co-Founder of Kensho Health
Today is an episode focused on the realness of becoming an entrepreneur / building a brand in the health + wellness space. Ryan shares some REALNESS in the intro, pulling back the curtain a bit to share what it's been like building Your Hormone Balance over the past 4+ years...SPOILER: It's not been easy!!  Our guest is Krista, Co-Founder of Kenshō Health. We dig deep into her journey from multi passionate student from Eugene, to the start of an extremely successful career before she even graduated college! Like most entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space, Krista experienced her own major health struggles, which really became a turning point in her life and ultimately led to the birth of Kensho health- which started as a high-touch service providing patients with personalized provider recommendations in the functional / integrative care space, based on symptoms and health goals. But based on user feedback, extensive research, and bringing on Classpass's former CEO Michael Wolf as an advisor, Kenshō decided to move into the Health Coaching space. Kenshō now offers a proprietary health coaching program that pairs members with elite certified Kenshō Health Coaches to drive awareness around health goals, put these goals into action, and hold them accountable along the way.  **SPECIAL OFFER FOR SOLO LISTENERS**:  HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST MONTH OF KENSHO FREE: 1. Visit  2. Click "Join Now" + fill out the form details etc.  3. Enter promo code SOLO2POD at the checkout screen to get your first month of membership totally free! CONNECT WITH KENSHO HEALTH @kenshohealth CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
May 21, 2022
Getting Rid of Bloat & Reducing Stress Naturally w/ Arrae Founder, Siff Haider! PLUS The Importance of Advocating for Yourself & Daily Non-Negotiable for Self Care w/ a Busy Schedule!
This week, the sisters have an insightful conversation with Siff Haider, Founder of Arrae, one of our favorite wellness brands! In this conversation they cover:  - Siff's story struggling with immune health issues, how she advocated for herself to get to the root & the role that natural remedies played in her healing! - The origin story behind the creation of her wellness brand/ herbal supplements, Arrae and what it's like working with her husband - The star ingredients in both the Arrae Bloat & Arrae Calm supplements to help alleviate bloating at meals and reduce stress naturally! - Key reasons you may be experiencing bloat + how to use lifestyle, food and herbal supplements to get to the root and find relief - Some of the biggest lessons Siff has learned starting and hosting The Dream Bigger Podcast  - Her non-negotiable for self-care and managing her time as a business owner.. without overwhelm! & so much more! CONNECT WITH SIFF & ARRAE Follow Siff on Instagram @siffhaider  Follow Arrae on Instagram Shop Arrae Bloat & Calm Supplements: Listen to The Dream Bigger Podcast  Listen to our mom's episode: The Link Between Weight and Hormones, The Impact Of Birth Control On The Body and Estrogen Dominance with Hormone Expert, Candace Burch HERE CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
May 04, 2022
Why Diets DON’T Work But Real Food DOES w/ Food Activist, Courtney Swan of Realfoodology! How to Read Labels & Shop on a Budget, Dirty Food Industry Secrets & the Truth Behind Faux Meats & Oat Milk!
In this episode, Jess interviews Real Food Activist, Courtney Swan of Realfoodology!  They discuss:  - How Courtney's passion for REAL food and exposing the dirty secrets of the food industry was ignited! How she made the transition from a career in the music industry to growing her online platform, Instagram and podcast!  - Why diets don't work longterm and the importance of "bio-individuality" and becoming our own health advocates  - What it means to "eat honestly" and figure out what works for you + why prioritizing REAL foods is so important - How to navigate the grocery store, read labels and shop organic on a budget + tips for feeding a whole family without meal prepping all day on Sunday!  - The corruption/ secrets behind the food industry and why shopping local and knowing WHERE your food is coming from is key - The scary truth behind "faux meats" like the Beyond Meat Burger & why they're doing more harm than good (for your body, animals & the environment) - Thoughts on oat milk, non-dairy "cheeses" and other "healthy" alternatives! - Courtney's brand new immune supplement, the benefits & where to find it  && much more!  CONNECT WITH COURTNEY Follow her on instagram @realfoodology Listen to her podcast Realfoodology HERE Listen to her episode "Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese" HERE Listen to her episode "The Cheesy Gordita Crunch" HERE Listen to her episode "Eating Meat IS Healthy, Sustainable and Ethical with Diana Rodgers" HERE Shop her NEW 2X4 Nutrition Real Defense Immune Supplement HERE Visit her website  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
April 19, 2022
Why you NEED Algae in your Life! A Review of the Mind Blowing Health + Beauty Benefits of Spirulina + Chlorella with Algae Expert, Catharine Arnstein (Founder of EnergyBits).
In this episode, Ryan + Jess are joined by Algae expert/ QUEEN, Catharine Arnstein, founder of Energy Bits. Catharine is extremely experienced and passionate about the world of algae and bringing education about this superfood to the masses! The health and beauty benefits of algae are far ranging and we guarantee you'll want to incorporate this into your life after receiving this education. Make sure to use code BODYBLISS for 20% off any EnergyBits algae products HERE. Topics covered include: -The catalyst for Catharine becoming an algae expert -Who can have algae + how much can be consumed (spoiler: everyone!) -Most nutrient dense food in the world (3 x the amount of protein as steak) -Micro vs macro algae -The difference between spirulina + chlorella -Dosage suggestions for Energy Bits: 5-10 tablets per day (allow 15 mins for satiety benefits)  -Why quality matters when seeking out algae -Algae benefits for your mitochondria -Algae benefits for gut issues -Why it's not more mainstream in the US -Overview of all vitamins + minerals found in algae -Tryptophan benefits (also found in algae) -K2 benefits (also found in algae) -Catharine's experience on Shark Tank! + SO MUCH MORE! CONNECT WITH ENERGYBITS Shop EnergyBits: @energybits on Instagram, Pinterest + Facebook @beautybits on Instagram Articles:  Why algae is a FOOD not a supplement Improve Wellness with algae How to take your bits CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
April 01, 2022
Getting to the Root of Migraine Headaches: Hormonal Causes & Top Triggers, Natural Steps for Relief & Jess Shares Her Migraine Story!
In this episode, Rye interviews Jess on her long history with headaches and migraines! We also provide many common triggers & steps to take to find relief naturally.   We cover:  -Jess's story with headaches and migraines, dating back to childhood and reaching their peak in her 20's in tandem with a stressful job -How she got to the root of her migraines, after becoming frustrated with the Western Medicine (prescription drug) approach  -The top hormonal related root causes for headaches and migraines + other common triggers (dietary, lifestyle, stress etc) -The main natural healers & helpers that worked for Jess and many other migraine sufferers  -Jess's recent resurgence of migraines and how her triggers differed this time around + what she's been doing to heal naturally (including testing her hormones in saliva via our family business @yourhormonebalance) && so much more!  RESOURCES YHB Blog by Jess about the hormonal connection to migraines here YHB Blog post on safely transitioning off hormonal birth control here Learn more about hormone testing & rebalancing here (Use code BALANCEANDBLISS for $50 off any package) Body Bliss Latte Blends Use code BALANCE10 for 10% off here "Heal Your Headache" book here Soothe Supplement BLISS5 for 5% off here Ultima Electrolytes use code BODYBLISS20 for 20% off here CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
March 14, 2022
Ditching Health “Perfectionism” in Favor of Happiness, & Looking Back at the CRAZIEST Fad Diets We’ve Tried!
In this solo sister chat, we’re sharing our most insane dieting experience (i.e. the master cleanse) PLUS a passionate conversation on ditching health perfectionism including a look at what “tuning in” to your body really means! Spoiler alert: avocados may not be healthy for everyone, fads aren’t sustainable and you don’t need to live in a bubble without wifi or sweet treats to be healthy, balance your hormones and live life to the fullest. Tune in and make sure to screenshot the episode and share in IG stories, tagging @solo2.0podcast with the craziest diet you’ve ever tried! RESOURCES Click HERE to learn more & sign up for our 6 week “Hormones in Harmony” course with code BLISS20 for $20 off Click HERE to download Jess’s “Sexy 6” formula for building a hormone balancing meal without restriction CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
February 24, 2022
Why We Should Give an F About our Liver (& Love Up on it) w/ Integrative Hormone Health Practitioner, Maddie Miles. Diet + Lifestyle Factors to Improve Detoxification & Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance
The Peace. Love. Hormones. QUEEN, Maddie Miles is back on the pod and this time we are chatting all things liver health! In this episode you’ll learn: >> What exactly is the liver and why should you give an F about it >> How liver health supports menstrual and hormone health >> Signs/ symptoms your liver needs support/ TLC >> Dietary and lifestyle factors that negatively impact liver function >> Breaking down Phase 1 & Phase 2 liver detoxification and how to support through food & lifestyle >> The benefits of a functional medicine liver detox  && so much more! CONNECT WITH MADDIE Follow on IG @themaddiemiles Maddie’s Website: Maddie’s “Soothe” Herbal Supplement here (Use code BALANCE5 for a discount) Peace Love Hormones Podcast here Download her new App  Our first episode with Maddie (hear more about her story + how to track your cycle)  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
February 08, 2022
How to Track Your Cycle, Detect Ovulation and Support your Body with “Gentle Nutrition,” W/ Women’s Health Dietitian, Valerie Agyeman. PLUS Why Eating ENOUGH is Key for Hormone Balance!
In this episode, Jess chats with special guest Valerie Agyeman, Women’s Health Dietitian and Nutrition Media Expert, Podcast Host and Founder of Flourish Heights. With her women’s health nutrition practice, digital platform and community, Valerie helps women nourish a healthy relationship with food and empowers them to build confidence in their bodies and overall health! In this episode, the ladies discuss: >> Valerie’s story to becoming a dietician & her passion supporting women and their unique bodies >> What tracking your cycle can tell you about your body, your symptoms and overall health >> How to track your cycle & favorite apps >> Why ovulation is so important & how can you tell when you’re ovulating (hint: app's only give a prediction) >> Nourishing foods for hormone support (including carbs!) and why eating ENOUGH is key >> How to focus on nutrition without obsession or restriction && more! RESOURCES Clue app  My Flo  Natural Cycles  CONNECT WITH VALERIE Instagram @flourshheights 1-1 Nutrition Counseling Website: The Flourish Heights Podcast  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
January 26, 2022
2022 REFLECTIONS || Jess + Rye Share: “What Feels Good + What Needs Work" (HEALTH / RELATIONSHIPS / CAREER / SELF DEVELOPMENT)
In this season 3 premiere, Jess + Rye are back with a NEW intro and a new direction for the podcast (specifically focusing on health + hormone balance)! In this minisode, they are walking through their favorite journaling exercise: the practice of asking yourself "WHAT FEELS GOOD" and "WHAT NEEDS WORK?" This is something you can do daily / weekly / monthly / yearly - in different categories, such as Health, Career, Relationships, Personal Development.  Tune in to hear Rye + Jess reflect on what's felt good in 2021 (in each of these categories) and what needs works in 2022!  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess Work with us @yourhormonebalance
January 11, 2022
Enhance your AM+ PM rituals with Les Alfred; PLUS: R+J share their BEST + WORST habits lately, including their habit ‘goals’ for 2022
In this FINAL episode of 2021, hosts Rye & Jess kick things off with a fun intro, sharing their BEST + WORST habits lately & one big goal they’d like to focus on in 2022. Then stick around for an important chat between Jess & Les Alfred on self-care non-negotiables for hormone balance and optimal health. Les is the host of the Balanced Black Girl Podcast, yoga & meditation teacher and community builder.  Want to hear her whole story? You can go back to our first interview with Les where she shares her story in March of 2020! In this episode, Les shares: -How she rebalanced her hormones (working with our family biz, Your Hormone Balance) -AM & PM rituals she loves -Stress management tips & how to avoid overwhelm -Thoughts on caffeine (particularly coffee) -Insights into best exercise for balance (yoga vs. high intensity) && more! CONNECT WITH LES Website: @balancedles @balancedblackgirlpodcast Les’ podcast episode on setting boundaries to protect your energy here CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess Work with us @yourhormonebalance
December 21, 2021
Best Exercise for Hormone Balance PLUS: Why Overexercising Can Do More Harm Than Good + How to Sync Your Workouts With Your Menstrual Cycle!
Jess and Rye are back with an information packed episode on best forms of exercise for HORMONE BALANCE! This information comes from their unique perspective working with hundreds of women dealing with hormone imbalances over the last several years, coupled with in-depth research. In this episode, they cover: >>Examples of clients whose exercise habits impacted their hormone levels and their symptoms Case studies of clients who chose more rest and restorative exercise > HIGH intensity exercise >>Impact of different kinds of exercise on hormone levels >>Ways to arrange your exercise routine to support hormone balance >> THE 3 MAIN TYPES OF EXERCISE to focus on (including suggested # of days per week and length per session): Restorative Strength training cardio / HIIT / fat burning >> Best exercise for the different phases of your cycle >> R+ J’s favorite exercise routines RN **DISCLAIMER** Rye and Jess are not fitness professionals. All education shared is based on their professional experience in the hormone health and nutrition industry. Working with a trainer or fitness professional is always encouraged to ensure proper form. RESOURCES RESTORATIVE / CORTISOL BALANCING EXERCISE: @shonaVertue (yoga + mobility) The Core Expert App by @JessicaSchatz Yoga by Adriene on YouTube STRENGTH TRAINING: (Search for routines for women + watch the videos to learn how to do the movements) CARDIO / HIIT: @lovesweatfitness @popsugarfitness (youTube) Juice + Toya (YouTube) CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
November 30, 2021
How to Avoid the “Binge + Restrict” Mentality Over the Holidays.PLUS Rye + Jess Answer Audience Q's on: Preparing For Big Meals, Handling Stress Eating+Drinking and Difficult Family Dynamics.
This week Rye + Jess are back with a solo episode to help you break FREE from the binge + restrict mentality that can take hold around the holidays (or really any time where the stress is high + the food and drinks are plentiful!). In this episode they discuss: ✔️Our past experiences around Thanksgiving (when the entire family was on a diet 😅) ✔️Jess's past restrictive eating habits VS. where’s she at now ✔️How to deal with stress eating in anticipation of gatherings ✔️How to handle pot luck dinners without overdoing it / feeling sick ✔️Creating solid habits + routines to avoid the binge + restrict cycle ✔️Tips for dealing with alcohol overload (including supplements + swap outs)! RESOURCES DISCUSSED: Sexy 6 Formula link to download free PDF here Vive Organic Immunity Boost here AMASS hard seltzer here June Shine hard kombucha here Lakanto Monkfruit simple syrup here use code BLISS for 15% OFF Ultima electrolytes here BODYBLISS20 for 20% off CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
November 17, 2021
Twin Sisters, Entrepreneurs + “Endo Warriors” Cath + Lar Talk: Overcoming Endometriosis / Painful Periods and Founding “Semaine Health” (Products for PMS + Period Support).
Today we are sharing our interview with Catherine Lee and Lauren Lee-Crane - twin sisters, entrepreneurs and endometriosis warriors! Cath + Lar started Semaine Health to address period pain with plant-based, science-backed supplements. They are driven by the desire to empower other women who have experienced pain and discomfort, looking for answers rather than being dismissed or told their symptoms are "normal." With Cath’s background in economic development and Lar’s in art direction and graphic design, they never thought they would be entrepreneurs, but they always knew they would work together someday. They currently live in Atlanta and work together every day at the Semaine headquarters with Lar's husband, Matt, and their rescue dog, Toby. Follow them at @semainehealth and @asiancajuns. During this episode you’ll hear about Cath + Lar’s upbringing, as well as how they found out they had endometriosis, the long + arduous process of getting diagnosed for endometriosis…and how they came to found Semaine health, which now includes 2 star products that help with PMS and period support.  If you want to give their products a try, visit and use our code YOURHORMONEBALANCE20 for 20% off! CONNECT WITH SEMAINE HEALTH Website: @semainehealth  @asiancajuns CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
November 02, 2021
Seed Cycling 101: Tips for Relieving PMS, Improving Digestion & Regulating Hormones w/ Replenished Roots Founder, Alex Petrowski!
In this Seed Cycling 101 episode, Jess is having a chat with Alex Petrowski, founder of Replenished Roots!   >>You’ll learn about this amazing tool for hormone balance, which can be used for support at every stage in a woman's life!  >>How to incorporate the daily practice of seed cycling into your rituals, when to rotate your seeds and how to cycle with the moon if you don't have a period! >>The breakdown of the specific nutrient profile of each of the 4 seeds (flax, pumpkin, sesame & sunflower), why they need to be ground & consumed daily for best results & how they help target and relieve symptoms of imbalance! >>Alex's story rebalancing her hormones through seed cycling & her business (@replenishedroots) which makes this practice SUPER simple and sustainable! && lots more!  CONNECT WITH ALEX Alex on Instagram @replenishedroots Alex’s seed cycling blend website Use code BODYBLISSBYJESS10 for 10% off your seed cycling blends CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
October 20, 2021
The Hormonal Link to Sugar & Carb Cravings + How to Relieve Them Naturally & Without Deprivation (Solo episode w/ Rye & Jess)!
In this solo episode, hosts Rye & Jess answer the question: could you be hardwired to crave sugar + carbs?  In this episode we cover:  -Why sugar is so addicting & the hormonal connection to those intense sugar/carb cravings! -What is insulin resistance and the importance of balancing blood sugars + how to use Jess's Sexy 6 Formula to build a hormone balancing meal (without restriction)!  -The importance of eating ENOUGH food and why restriction can cause more harm than good, worsening cravings & throwing off hormones! -The link between adrenal imbalances and how stress plays a major role in cravings + replacement behaviors to soothe cravings & provide longterm relief -Why getting your hormones tested (which we offer via our family business, Your Hormone Balance) can be such a game changer at getting to the root! -Jess's new line of organic, sugar free latte blends & why they are an amazing swap to have in your pantry for cravings! && so much more!  RESOURCES Shop @yourhormonebalance biggest sale of the year starting MONDAY, 10/4 (only for 72 hours)! Hormone test kit packages here Shop @bodyblissbyjess’s line of detoxifying + energizing (0 sugar!) latte blends + use code“BALANCE10” for 10% off here Download @bodyblissbyjess’s FREE “Sexy 6” guide to creating a hormone balancing (i.e. blood sugar balancing + cortisol balancing) meal here Get @bodyblissbyjess’s “Sexy Swaps + Recipe Guide” & use code YHB10 for $10 off here Check out @itsjoyalife, our favorite line of high quality, adaptogenic blends. Use code “YHB15 for 15% off” here Check out Mary Ruth Organics for high quality supplements, including adaptogenic liquid tinctures. Use code “MARYRUTH” for 15% off your first order of $23.95+ CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
October 05, 2021
Optimal Eating Habits for Hormone Balance in the AM (Including Thoughts on Caffeine + Intermittent Fasting). PLUS Life Updates from Rye + Jess (Why we Took a Podcast Break!)
Rye + Jess are popping in to share life updates (including WHY they had to take a short break from podcasting) and a new episode filled with tips for optimal eating in the AM to support hormone balance, including:  >> A look at caffeine and its impact on our adrenal health (@bodyblissbyjess shares her fav swap outs + mindset tips) >> Detailed insights on intermittent fasting and the impact it can have on female hormones!  >> Jess's SEXY 6 formula for building a hormone balancing meal. (Click here to also download her sexy 6 formula: RESOURCES: Shop YHB's Hormone Test Kit + Rebalancing Guide Packages (use code "SOLO21" for $50 off) Shop Jess’s Latte Blends HERE (use code “BALANCE10” for 10% off)  Shop Jess’s Sexy Swaps + Recipe Guide HERE (use code YHB10 for $10 off) BRANDS/PRODUCTS MENTIONED: JOYA: Adaptogen powder (use code YHB15 for 15% off) Bitchin sauce (almond based spread which is great for wraps, eggs; we love chipotle + original flavors) Catalina crunch (keto cereal) "Amazing grass” chocolate greens (for your veggie serving!) CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
September 14, 2021
Improve Your Menstrual Health & Learn to Cycle Sync w/ “Peace, Love, Hormones” Founder, Maddie Miles. PLUS: Tips for Transitioning off Hormonal Birth Control!
In this episode, Jess takes the reigns solo with our amazing guest, Maddie Miles, founder of Peace, Love, Hormones! In this episode, they discuss:  >> Maddie’s health story (battling depression and anxiety and overcoming an eating disorder) >>Her experience being put on hormonal birth control + other pharmaceutical drugs for without anyone investing in getting to the root + WHY she decided to transition of the pill & how it drastically improved her life >>Tips for women who are interested in considering coming off the pill >>How the cycle syncing method can help women get in touch with the 4 phases of their menstrual cycle to balance hormones and support their bodies naturally! CONNECT WITH MADDIE Maddie’s Website: Maddie’s “Soothe” Herbal Supplement: Peace Love Hormones Podcast: Hormone Harmony E-Book: CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
July 12, 2021
So you Want to Lose Weight? Jess Suchan Shares 10 Tips for a Sustainable (“Un-Diet”) Approach to Weight Loss; PLUS Rye + Jess Discuss their Experiences as "Weight Loss Consultants" in their early 20s.
This week cohosts (and sisters) Rye + Jess are going SOLO on a HOT topic that is often the subject of debate....WEIGHT LOSS! As a Holistic Health Coach and former yo-yo dieter, Jess has first-hand experience learning to break free from restrictive eating, and specializes in helping her clients lose weight sustainably (**not with diets, extreme exercise or obsessive food tracking or scales**) and is sharing her top 10 tips in today's episode. The conversation starts with a discussion around HOW to set successful weight loss goals - and Rye + Jess share a bit of their personal experiences with weight loss and body confidence over the years. They also dive into their unique experiences working as 'weight loss consultants' in their early 20s, and how the diet mentality + intense pressure of the job really impacted their psyche and changed the trajectory of Jess's life + career! **TUNE IN to hear Jess's top 10 tips for sustainable weight loss** RESOURCES See more from Jess on her website:  Shop Jess's Energizing + Detoxifying Latte Blends HERE  (use code “BLISS10” for 10% off) Check out Jess's Sexy Swaps + Recipe Guide (use code “YHB10” for $10 off) CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
June 29, 2021
Divorce, Breast Cancer, Falling in Love + Coming Out w/ Lianne Saffer, Best-Selling Author: "Please Don't Send Me Flowers"
We’re sitting down for an honest conversation w/ Lianne Saffer, author of a recent favorite read, “Please Don’t Send Me Flowers!”   In this conversation we cover: -Lianne’s decade long toxic relationship with the father of her children & how she finally broke free! -How she met her current wife + what it was like coming out to her family + community (she’s a spin instructor in PDX)! -The moment she discovered the lump on her breast + how her life changed when she received a cancer diagnosis -The reality of living with breast cancer + what no one tells you about the side effects & mental and emotional toll -What NOT to say to friend/family member with cancer + how to be REALLY be there for them -Why being your own advocate in relationships, life & healthcare is SO important! && so much more! CONNECT WITH LIANNE  Follow Lianne on Instagram @liannesaffer Grab a copy of her book "Please Don't Buy Me Flowers" here  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
June 14, 2021
The Keys to Better Sleep w/ “The Sleep Doctor," Meredith Broderick: Examining the Physical + Mental Factors Behind Sleep Disturbances & Difficulty Sleeping
The sleep struggle can be REAL! In this week’s episode with “The Sleep Doctor” Meredith Broderick, we get the breakdown on sleep myth’s and truths plus: -WHY sleep is SO crucial for overall health and longevity (i.e. sleep better, live longer) -The power that your mindset and limiting beliefs have on your ability to sleep well & how to flip the script -How caffeine, alcohol & sugar impact quality of sleep + the importance of a balanced approach -How to form better sleep habits & break old ones -Why more supplements + expensive gadgets for sleep are not always the answer -What it looks like to work with a sleep specialist like Meredith + why she takes a holistic approach focusing on getting to the root via natural practices vs prescribing prescription sleep aids! Rye also shares her long history with sleep issues (and how our Dad’s history of insomnia influenced her) + some of the key action steps she took to get to sleep faster and sleep deeper! CONNECT WITH DR. MEREDITH Follow Meredith on Instagram @sleepdoctormer Book a free informational call w/ Dr. Meredith: Travel Dohm sleep machine (rohm): Beam CBD: use discount code SOLOPODCAST for 15% off (we love Dream powder) Mayflower CBD sleep soft gels with melatonin. Use code BLISS for 20% off): CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
May 31, 2021
The Secrets to Happiness in our Relationships (10+ Years w/our Partners). PLUS Learn your LOVE language! (SOLO EPISODE).
As a follow up to last week’s episode with Relationship Expert, Spicy Mari, Jess + Rye are back with a SOLO episode, sharing the secrets to happiness in their relationships (Jess has been with her husband for over 10 years and Ryan with her fiancé for over 11). In this episode they cover: > How to figure out your LOVE LANGUAGE (an overview of the 5 love languages w/ examples from their relationships) TAKE THE QUIZ HERE: > Key lessons from different points in their relationships, including When they first started dating Mid way / about the 5 year point Current day- finding confidence in the uniqueness of our relationships ** Make sure to tune into the Spicy Mari episode (PART I of this month's Relationship Series) CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
May 18, 2021
SPICE UP your LOVE LIFE w/ Matchmaker + Relationship Expert Spicy Mari! Communication + Mindset Strategies for Relationship Success! PLUS Jess's Shares her Experience Dating a Narcissist.
Single? Taken? Looking to improve your communication when dating OR in a relationship?...Then THIS episode is for you! This week, Jess + Rye bring on Spicy Mari, Magnetic Matchmaker & Relationship Expert and founder of The Spicy Life!  The episode begins with Jess opening up about a toxic relationship from her past, and how it changed the trajectory of her love life...then the sister's call in Spicy Mari to dive into: How she became a matchmaker / her mission What a “purpose mate” means Communication strategies to get through major life changes Strategies for passive aggressive people Her 'SPICY tip jar' exercise How to have productive, difficult conversations Love languages: getting clear on what you expect The 411 on her SPICY fundamentals Scarcity vs. abundance mindset when dating Low vibrating vs. high vibrating thoughts Building confidence before a date Evaluating ‘deal breakers’ Mourning the loss of a relationship / moving on Overcoming 'App fatigue' Ways to get back out there IRL How her husband supports the Spicy Life How to spot a narcissist  SIGN UP FOR: Spicy's 6 week SPICY course  (attract your purpose mate + get $500 off with code “GETSPICY500”) RESOURCES: Follow @SpicyMari on instagram Episodes to check out on the Spicy Life Podcast: More on Narcissists: Spicy + her husband: CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
May 04, 2021
Hormones Part 2: Adrenal Health! How to Manage Cortisol (stress) Hormones w/ our mom, Candace Burch, Hormone Health Educator and Founder of Your Hormone Balance!
In our last episode we shared our individual stories rebalancing our hormones and thought it would be helpful to dive deeper into the connection between stress & hormone imbalances! And since it's #stressawarenessmonth, there's no better time than the present to reflect on the stressors in our life and the potential imbalances they could be contributing to! In this episode you'll walk away with: -An understanding of the connection between cortisol "stress" hormone & the adrenals + root causes behind adrenal imbalances -The importance of cortisol,  why it's not ALL bad & what a cortisol test (via saliva collection) can tell you about your health + hormones -Nutrition, lifestyle & supplement tips to support your adrenals + get back to living the life you deserve (including how overexercising and undereating can cause more harm than good)! -Stress management tips and what we are currently doing to stay calm! Check the show notes for a special discount for listeners on our hormone test kits + be sure to let us know your takeaways in the comments below! PROMOCODES: Your Hormone Balance: Use code"BALANCEANDBLISS" - for $100 off any at home testing + rebalancing package here **Use Code "SOLOPODCAST" for $20 off Jess's 'Sexy Swaps + Recipe Guide' PREVIOUS EPISODE: Listen to "How we Rebalanced our Hormones, Naturally w/ Rye+Jess" here HORMONE BALANCING FOOD/ADAPTOGEN RESOURCES: Check out Thrive Market & get a FREE gift (up to $24 value), when you purchase a Thrive Market membership here Check out Imperfect Produce & Get $10 off your first box here Skin Deep Database Mary Ruth Organics (we love the Ginseng Vitality Blend) 15% Off Your First Order $23.95+ with code MARYRUTH CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
April 20, 2021
How we Rebalanced our Hormones, Naturally (w/Rye+Jess). Insights on: Birth Control, Diet, Exercise, Stress, Toxins, Supplements + MORE!
In this SOLO episode, Rye + Jess are share their personal experiences with hormone imbalance, including when & HOW they learned to rebalance their hormones naturally! IN THIS CONVERSATION THEY DISCUSS: -The experience of growing up w/ a Hormone Health Educator mom -Their early experiences with synthetic birth control  -Transitioning off synthetic birth control, exploring non hormonal options  -Their hormone imbalance ‘turning point’ (experiencing symptoms such as irregular cycles, low energy, low libido, insomnia, anxiety + more) -What testing their hormones in saliva revealed  -Specific diet + lifestyle + supplement steps they took to rebalance (including a look @ Jess's 'Sexy Swaps + Recipe Guide' for finding healthy swap outs) -Best hormone testing to consider   -More about Your Hormone Balance (their family business) - which provides hormone health education + resources to jump start your hormone rebalancing journey PROMOCODES: Your Hormone Balance: Use code"BALANCEANDBLISS" - for $100 off any at home testing + rebalancing package  **Use Code "SOLOPODCAST" for $20 off Jess's 'Sexy Swaps + Recipe Guide'  BIRTH CONTROL/ CYCLE RESOURCES: Listen to "Hormones 101" w/ Candace Burch Listen to "Know Your Cycle" w/ Le'nise Brothers  Check out Natural Cycles (FDA approved birth control app)   Check out My Flo App  HORMONE BALANCING FOOD RESOURCES: Check out Thrive Market & get a FREE gift (up to $24 value), when you purchase a Thrive Market membership!  Check out Imperfect Produce  HORMONE REBALANCING RESOURCES Find a functional medicine doctor: Read our blog on Synthetic vs. Bio-identical Hormones CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
April 06, 2021
How to Improve Body Image & Break Free from Restrictive Habits w/ Eating Psychology Expert, Tessie Tracy PLUS Jess Shares her Battles with Body Image & Tools She Used to Heal!  
Jess goes at it solo w/ our guest, Eating Psychology Expert, Tessie Tracy! In the intro Jess discusses her struggles with body image over the years & how a toxic relationship in college played a major role PLUS some of the steps she took to break free from negativity and feel more confident in her own skin.  She then calls up Tessie for a conversation on body image acceptance and how to find “food freedom.”   They discuss: >>Tessie’s background as an athlete and cheerleader + how her binge and emotional eating patterns developed >>Why she got into body building & how the toxicity and restriction impacted her body image & ability to enjoy life >>How she finally broke free from restriction and some of the empowering steps she took + guides her clients in to find freedom >>Steps she guides her clients through to lose weight in a balanced way while also learning how to eat intuitively >>The ways past traumas contribute to our habits around food & how to rewrite your body story! If you want support improving the relationship you have with food & your body, this episode is for you!  CONNECT WITH TESSIE  @tessietracy on Instagram  Tessie’s website H.A.P.I.E. Girl Goal Guide Tessie's Banana Pancake Recipe (her favorite "sexy swap"):  INGREDIENTS: 1 ripe banana 1 egg and 1 egg white 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1 tsp granulated monkfruit sweetener (optional) 1/4 to 1/2 cup organic gluten-free oats (amount depends on desired thickness) 1/4 cup almond flour (could be in place of or mixed half and half with oats) Dash or 2 of cinnamon 1/4 cup nut milk, oat milk or coconut milk (optional) DIRECTIONS: 1. Mix all ingredients in a blender and blend thoroughly 2. If too thick, add a splash of oat milk, almond milk or coconut milk. If too soupy, add more oats and/or almond flour 3. Cook batter like a regular pancake 4. Enjoy with 1-2 tbs organic maple syrup and fresh berries! CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
March 22, 2021
Overcoming Insecurities & Building a Strong Sense of Self w/ “Girl Powerful Project” Founders (+ Sisters): Tedi & Sonya Serge. PLUS R+J Share Confidence Struggles Growing Up.
We couldn't think of a more perfect episode to release on International Women's Day- a conversation centered around overcoming insecurities + boosting confidence + self worth!  What we cover in this conversation: We start the episode sharing some of our personal experiences dealing with low self-esteem and bullying growing up, as well the tools we’ve used to improve our self confidence and body image over the years. We then call Tedi + Sonya to learn more about their Girl Powerful Project work, and how they help young girls develop a strong sense of self (in a time where depression & suicide rates are skyrocketing among tweens)! We discuss the importance of affirmations, mantras, journaling, mental health, social media boundaries, mentorship and independent thinking — which are relevant topics and tools for women of all ages looking to improve their state of mind. Join us for a sister hang that will leave you feeling empowered!  CONNECT WITH GIRL POWERFUL  @girlpowerfulproject on Instagram Girl powerful shop (affirmation deck, journal) here Follow Tedi on IG here Follow Sonya on IG here CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
March 09, 2021
How to Build a Career Path you Love + Leave Toxic Jobs and Habits Behind; Interview w/ India Williams of Rooted Woman.
This week R&J are sharing their past career experiences -- specifically instances when they 'lost themselves' in their jobs and developed toxic habits + health issues that forced them to revaluate their life path. Then they call India Williams, founder of "Rooted Woman" - a non toxic, eco-conscious vegan nail polish line. India is also a practicing lawyer, self care maven and wellness advocate. During the conversation w/ India they discuss: How extreme stress at her law firm led to a health crisis that forced her to take time off  The key habits she developed to heal her body from burnout and related health issues How she learned how to 'sleep again' after years of insufficient sleep The "aha" moment that led to Rooted Woman  What "Radical Self Care" means  Breaking the stigma of self care  How she builds the biz while still working as a lawyer Her favorite daily routines / rituals How to determine core values CONNECT WITH INDIA @Rootedwoman on Instagram Shop Rooted Woman Non Toxic, Hand Batched Nail Care  Register for Rooted Woman University (holistic self-empowerment courses) CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
February 23, 2021
Managing Stress & Avoiding Burn Out– w/ JOYÀ Founder Ruth Elnekave. Best Adaptogens & Lifestyle Adjustments to Heal the Body from Chronic Stress
This our second episode in the new format where we “phone a friend” (i.e. an expert) for chat about a topic we think many of you will relate to! The first part of our episode is a solo catch up where we share specific life experiences related to the topic we’re diving into- in this case STRESS. We’ve both had several jobs that brought us to the brink of burnout and became the catalyst for a slew of health issues which we touch on in the intro.  We then dial in Ruth Elnekave, former Lawyer and current founder of the wellness brand JOYÀ, a line of adaptogenic blends to promote optimal wellness! You’ll learn some of the steps Ruth took to bounce back after a stressful career path that left her with severe adrenal exhaustion + how & why adaptogenic herbs can help lessen the effects of stress in the moment and over time PLUS ways to incorporate them easily into your daily routine!  CONNECT WITH RUTH AND JOYÀ Find JOYÀ on Instagram @thejoyalife Use code BODYBLISS15 for 15% off at Learn more about Adaptogens via JOYÀ's Ingredient Intel  Get idea for how to incorporate JOYÀ into your routine via the blog  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
February 09, 2021
Money Mindset Chats w/ Morgan Blackman of Holistic Bucks PLUS Rye + Jess Share how their Upbringing Impacted their Personal Relationships w/Money
This episode is all about REWRITING your personal story around money (especially when it is NOT serving you!). In this episode, the sisters chat with Morgan Blackman, founder of Holistic Bucks, who helps millennial women confidently build up their savings, invest and build wealth! In the intro to this episode, Rye and Jess share HOW their upbringing impacted each of their relationships with $ (hint: one was a super saver, one was a spender). Then they call in Morgan to get into the theme of the episode: Improving our Money through Mindset, Rituals & Habits Morgan's advice for rewriting your personal story with money Releasing limited beliefs around $ Improving mindset Creating 'SMART' goals Paying yourself first CONNECT WITH MORGAN Download her FREE eBook "Mastering Your Money Mindset" + find her website HERE Follow Morgan on instagram @HolisticBucks  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
January 26, 2021
HOW to Eat Smarter (The Hidden Truth of the Calorie) and Achieve Results without Obsession or Restriction with Author and "Model Health Show" Host, Shawn Stevenson. PLUS: His Unique Path to Success!
Join the sisters with today's guest Shawn Stevenson for a mind-blowing episode on the hidden truth behind the calorie! Shawn is the best-selling author of Sleep Smarter, author of the brand new book Eat Smarter and the creator & host of the #1 Health Podcast in the U.S., the Model Health Show! In this episode, we discuss: -The insane health crisis Shawn went through when he was younger, how he healed and the reason WHY he became so passionate about the work he does helping people improve their diets, optimize their sleep and really get after the 2.0 versions of themselves so they can live life to the fullest! -The hidden truth behind the calorie & how the misconstrued science of calories has contributed to our growing diet struggles -Healthier, clinically proven ways we can see results in our bodies that will last long term -5 things that actually control what calories do in your body -A ton of nuggets straight from Eat Smarter so you can get a sneak peek into the kind of amazing tools you'll walk away with when you get the book! && so much more! RESOURCES: Follow Shawn on Instagram @shawnmodel Buy Shawn's New Book Eat Smarter via Listen to The Model Health Show HERE CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
January 14, 2021
Solo Season Finale || WHAT WE’RE FIRED UP ABOUT: OUR FAV NUTRITION / DIET + EXERCISE + RELATIONSHIP hacks + habits (inspired by our guests), PLUS some #2020 rants and reflections!
In their final episode of the year, Jess and Rye are reflecting on their favorite moments and take aways from their interviews this year, and going deep into the habits and daily practices they are loving in life right now They also share reflections and rants about #2020, including some of the social and political issues that have them charged up right now, and ways we can all be a part of the solution! PLUS Jess gives Rye a little “on air coaching” regarding some goals she has been struggling to achieve! CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
December 15, 2020
Natural Approaches to Boosting your Immune System, Managing Stress, Improving Sleep and MORE w/ Shawn Manske of Wishgarden Herbs!
This week, the sisters are having a much needed conversation with Naturopathic Doctor, Shawn Manske who is an educator and accounts manager for Wishgarden Herbs!  With the holidays in full force, we’re facing a lot of internal and external challenges and stress is at an all time high. And with stress and seasonal changes comes health battles like sleep problems, a weakened immune system, anxiety and depression and gut imbalances which is WHY we’re so grateful to be sharing this conversation with you now! In this episode we discuss: -What it looks like to work with a naturopathic doctor and how it’s different than working with a primary care doctor -The importance of taking an interest in yourself & your health and putting aside the time to understand WHY making changes is important -The 6 foundational principles that make up naturopathic medicine -The best way to use herbs and tinctures to optimize health and how to incorporate them easily into your daily routines & rituals -The history of @wishgardenherbs and how it’s different than anything else you’ll find on the shelves -Wishgarden formulations for different health challenges and ailments -Simple tips & tools we can all use to live a happier and healthier life! RESOURCES Follow Wishgarden Herbs on Instagram here Reach out to shawn at Use code SOLOPODCAST for 20% off at (GREAT for holiday gifts!) CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
December 01, 2020
A Conversation About "Radical Belonging" & Authenticity w/ Best-Selling Author, Dr. Lindo Bacon: Fostering a World Where ALL Bodies are Accepted!
This week we got to sit down with best-selling Author, Speaker & Scientist, Dr. Lindo Bacon!  In this episode we discuss: - Lindo's upbringing as a girl who didn't connect with the idea of femininity (even though that's what their parents wanted for them)! -The touching story that led to legally changing their name to Lindo - Why referring to someone with the proper personal pronoun is so important - How marginalized communities are treated because they don't fit into their assigned gender and why this needs to change ASAP -A conversation around why it's easier to be your authentic self when the outside world tells you it has value -Why representation in society is KEY and the importance of getting to know people with viewpoints and experiences outside of your own! - Lindo's personal experience struggling with body acceptance and the cultural expectations of what we should look like  & much more! While you listen to this episode, we encourage you to reflect on some of the cultural messages you received growing up and how they impacted your own life or maybe even the way you treated others because of it!  RESOURCES Order your copy of Radical Belonging HERE Lindo's Instagram @lindobacon CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
November 16, 2020
Know Your Cycle! How to Eat, Move and Live in Alignment w/Your Cycle with Nutritionist + Period/Hormone Specialist Le’Nise Brothers of “@EatLoveMove” and the “Period Story Pod”
This week the sisters are thrilled to be sharing an education packed, eye opening episode that goes deep into the world of periods with Le’Nise Brothers: registered nutritionist, mBANT, mCHNC, specialising in women’s health, hormones and the menstrual cycle, yoga teacher and host of the Period Story podcast! Le’Nise works with women who want to get control of sugar cravings, mood swings and hormonal acne, bloating and headaches, as well as increase their energy levels. This conversation includes a discussion of: >> Her period story, the experiences that led her to the work she does today >> Misconceptions around periods / cycle health >> Whether or not periods and period pain can be hereditary >> Factors that contribute to more painful cycles >> Why some women have bad PMS instead of bad period pain and visa versa >> Her stance on hormonal birth control >> An analysis of the 4 phases of our cycles IN DEPTH (when they occur and how to eat/move and live your life in alignment w/the phases of your cycle) >>how to really tune in to your body and feel the changes that are happening, to get to a place where you know when you are ovulating >> Reasons for ovulation disruption or missing periods >> Best ways to track your cycle AND SO MUCH MORE! RESOURCES: Le’nise Brothers on Instagram: @Eatlovemove Sign up for the EAT LOVE MOVE Newsletter HERE CONNECT WITH US:
October 30, 2020
How to Make Healthy Eating Easy (w/ a Focus on Real Whole Foods) with Health Coach, Author and Podcaster, Maria Marlowe!
In this episode, Jess and Rye are joined by health coach, author & podcaster - Maria Marlowe, who breaks down the basics of healthy eating with an emphasis on real whole foods! MORE ABOUT MARIA: Maria helps busy women improve their health, reach their ideal weight, and clear up their acne by tailoring their diet to their unique body. She is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Since opening her private practice in NYC in 2013, she has coached hundreds of people—from moms to business executives to celebrities—on how to improve their health by improving their diet. She is the creator of the science-backed, doctor-approved Healthy by Marlowe Nutrition + cooking courses on her site,, author of the Dr. Oz featured book, The Real Food Grocery Guide and host of the 5-star rated Happier & Healthier Podcast. Her work and recipes have been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Dr. Oz, InStyle, and more! IN THIS EPISODE, THEY DISCUSS: > The "AHA" moment that led  Maria to enroll in nutrition school > Her philosophy on diets /bio-individuality > How she landed on plant based whole food as her personal favorite way of eating, and the basis for many of her programs > More about her Real Food Grocery Guide - including the specific advice she gives for finding the best quality meat, dairy, fish, vegetables, fruit -- including the importance of knowing the difference between pasture raised and grass fed and WILD....AND being on the look out for green washing when it comes to reading labels! > How to build a plate w/ the proper nutrients > Her advice for healthy snacking and meal prepping > Tips for cooking food with flavor, using simple ingredients  and maximizing the use of herbs > The difference between American + European standards when it comes to what is allowed in our foods >  AND her thoughts on indulging during the holidays ! RESOURCES: Maria's Website Maria Marlowe on Instagram CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
October 17, 2020
Catching up With Your Hosts Jess and Rye! Highs and Lows, a Big Move, Tough Conversations & Self-care Routines and Rituals!
This week, Rye and Jess are  FINALLY catching up on the pod (and in real life)!  Join your hosts as we chat everything from:  - The highs and lows of staying at home - Rye’s big move - Tough conversations with friends - Jess’s skincare routine and rituals and reallocating spending habits! - And lots more!  Grab a cocktail, coffee or ice tea and come hang out with us!  RESOURCES  Race MVMT  October 70 Mile Movement Challenge + ”Active Allyship” 4 week course options ..... Awaken / Activate / Alliance  The Golden Secrets use code GOLDENBLISS for 10% off!  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
October 04, 2020
Holistic Chef and Food Stylist “Liv Hungry” Shares her Journey on Master Chef, Overcoming Disordered Eating and Learning to Cook, Love and Live Intuitively.
This week the girls are chatting with their good friend, Olivia Crouppen; holistic chef, food stylist and culinary producer. Liv views food as an expression of culture and believes that the way we eat and communicate about food relates to how we view and communicate with ourselves. With a passion for mindful eating, Olivia strives to break the rules of dogmatic dietary restrictions while cooking without any gluten, dairy or refined sugar.  In this conversation we cover: Olivia's experience making it to 7th place on Master Chef, including what she REALLY thinks of Gordon Ramsay Her experience overcoming restrictive eating and learning to eat intuitively How her upbringing and early life experiences inspired her early careers in fashion, cooking and eventually food styling How she climbed out of dark periods in her early 20's  Her current philosophy around cooking and eating How she has healed her relationship with food How to eat intuitively / mindfully Tips for getting inspired and motivated in the kitchen CONNECT WITH OLIVIA Instagram @livhungry Website: CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
September 12, 2020
VOTE BABY, VOTE with WEHO City Council Candidate John Erickson: Talking WHY our Voice Matters, How to Become an Activist for the First Time and Ways to Advocate for Change While Avoiding Burnout!
Today we invite West Hollywood City Council Candidate, John Erickson to the podcast to help us all understand WHY it's so incredibly important that we get out to the polls this fall. John is extremely passionate about the work he's doing to create a ripple effect of change on both local and national levels and a wealth of knowledge and resources that you're going to want to listen up and take notes for! In this episode we talk about: - John's upbringing in a small conservative town and how he became comfortable speaking out for his beliefs and showing up authentically as an openly gay man - His experience as an all-american volleyball player in college & how being the victim of a hate crime only strengthened his work within the LGBTQ community -How to become an activist even if you’ve never taken an interest in politics before & why it’s never too late to take a stand! - Some of the key issues John is fighting for in his campaign (including renter's rights, homelessness and COVID-19 response)! - The importance of voting in leaders with integrity -The game changing impact you can have on the world when you choose the issues you really want to advocate for -How to avoid overwhelm and burnout when it comes to putting in "the work" AND Why it's key that we all take time to recharge for the revolution! RESOURCES Get Involved/Learn/Support Women’s March Los Angeles Unique Women’s Coalition Jane Elliot (speaker activist) Bambi Salsato (Trans Latina Coalition) Stonewall Democratic Club Organizations Black Women for Wellness Planned Parenthood Books Giovanni's Room The Color of Law Documentaries I Am Not Your Negro (Netflix) CONNECT WITH JOHN ERICKSON Instagram and Twitter @jerickson85 Facebook John Erickson  Support his campaign: CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
August 28, 2020
Exploring Impact VS intention with @RACEMVMT founder, Nicole Miller. PLUS: Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable Conversations, Analyzing ‘Allyship’ & what it Means to be Actively Anti-Racist.
This week Jess and Rye share a special episode with Nicole Miller: founder of @racemvmt –a platform founded on the principles that in order to create sustainable transformation in our communities (removing cultural, racial and economic disparities) we must change the way we approach the world by changing the way we move in this world. We must analyze all definitions of the word “movement” and apply it to ourselves.  The goals of @racemvmt: - Create space for diverse communities to move together and unite the Black community & its allies to dismantle systemic racism - Integrate resources to move minds and bring focus to everyday wellness This conversation includes a look at: How Nicole went from idea to execution, launching @racemvmt in 17 days (following the death of George Floyd) The idea of impact vs intention Why it is so hard to talk about race // confronting our unconscious bias’s around race The importance of holding ourselves accountable to be better than the society we grew up in What being an ally means to Nicole  What performance allyship means and looks like What anti-racism should involve Advice for having tough, uncomfortable conversations What’s next for Nicole and Racemvmt MORE ABOUT NICOLE & RACEMVMT @nicolehmiller Nicole Miller is a proud Black woman and in 2020 she felt more inspired and required than ever before to use her platform, her voice, her experiences to shed light on suppressed, but very prevalent aspects of her own life. She has felt the pain of not being heard. Of being torn down and criticized. But she has a voice and chose to use it. To take a stand, to uplift, to build and to educate! To “do the work” required to address racial injustice and create sustainable transformation in our communities.  As such she created a platform called RACEMVMT and in just a few weeks, she manifested dreams she didn’t know imaginable, and brought to life a call to action with almost 1,000 active participants that requires all of us to support in order to grow. Nicole was raised in Denver, Colorado but moved around starting as an early teen. These diverse experiences contribute to her fundamental belief that racial justice is intricately intertwined with the balance of mindfulness, and desire to educate and be more informed than the society in which you may have grown up in. Her journey into wellness and diversity inclusion began with an adventurous spirit and an insatiable desire to connect- physically/mental/emotionally to self and those around her. Her fearless spirit allowed her to cultivate relationships in several circles and understand more thoroughly the impact and benefits of mindful movement. Through coaching and training, she found immense joy in empowering clients to find their strength and confidence to reach beyond their comfort zone, making progress every time they step in the room. However, she often found that Black and underserved communities were not included in these spaces or conversations surrounding wellness, health and fitness. As Nicole began to delve into the lack of diversity and inclusion within the wellness space, she became even more passionate about education and awareness for the diversity gap. This sparked an even greater purpose- to see change she needed to create change… and so RACEMVMT was born. The time is now to come together in solidarity. The time to be actively anti-racist and move away from selective ignorance. The time to do the work in creating sustainable transformation within our communities for our future generations. Sometimes the hardest thing, and the right thing are the same thing.
August 15, 2020
How to Achieve Glowing Skin From the Inside Out! The "Spa Doctor," Trevor Cates Talks: Getting to the Root of Skin Issues, Top Trigger Foods for Breakouts & How to Develop a Self-Care Skincare Routine
This week, we’re having a virtual chat with skin guru Dr. Trevor Cates who has been a naturopathic physician for 20 years and knows a thing or two about graceful aging, glowing skin and how to get to the root of skin breakouts and disturbances! In this episode we cover: *Where the name “The Spa Doctor” originated *Why she calls our skin a “magic mirror” *Dr. Cates 5 skin types! *Proper nutrition for skin issues and the top trigger foods to limit (hint: sugar is #1) *The 10 foods she has people eliminate in her 2 week program + why dairy is top of the list! *The major impact that stress can have on your skin & what to do about it! *How to create an effective skincare routine in 4 steps or less! *Her favorite and least favorite skin trends right now & why she’s not into fads! && a lot more! CONNECT WITH DR. CATES Dr. Cates on Instagram: @thespadr  Take the Skin Quiz Clean Skin from Within Book (iwith 2 week program) The Spa Doctor Skin Products The Spa Doctor Supplements CONNECT WITH US: Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
July 31, 2020
From Bachelor Finale to Founder of “No Better You” - Special Education Teacher Vanessa Grimaldi Talks: Mental Health, Moving on After Breakup and Founding a Purpose Driven Business
In this week's episode, Jess and Rye are chatting with Vanessa Grimaldi who many of you may know from the Bachelor - because not only was she a fan favorite but she ended up getting engaged to Nick Viall in the season finale of 2017. If you don't know what happened after that final rose, you'll have to tune into the episode to find out! Vanessa is a Special Education teacher who created the "No Better You" foundation in 2017, aiming to help schools in Montreal take better care of students in Inclusive Education programs.  In this episode we discuss: Her early life and career - the path to becoming a special education teacher Life on and AFTER the Bachelor  Moving on after a public break up  Her daily routines / productivity / confidence tips Process of founding "No Better You" and her mission with this work CONNECT WITH VANESSA: @VanessaGrimaldi30 @NoBetterYou No Better You - Website CONNECT WITH US: Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
July 18, 2020
Examining Racial Profiling, Implicit Bias & Police Brutality with Haitian-American Actor Herve Clermont. PLUS How We Can Act to Impact Change.
In this week’s episode we’re having an important conversation with our friend Herve Clermont who is an actor, voiceover artist, host, husband and father to two adorable twin girls! In this episode we discuss: Herve's upbringing and what it was like being raised by Haitan parents in the US His experience being unfairly racially profiled by police The civil unrest in our country, current events surrounding the protests & rioting, the recent killings of George Floyd and previous killings of Tamir Rice and Eric Garner The history of police brutality and what defunding police really means The implicit biases black people face every day, the importance of having difficult conversations with friends and family and what it means to be anti-racist CONNECT WITH HERVE Instagram here  WATCH HIS SHOWS Ruthless Stream on BET here Snowfall on FX here  CONNECT WITH US: Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
June 26, 2020
How to Overcome Financial Fears in Times of Economic Uncertainty with "Money Expert" and Economist, Danetha Doe!
Today, Jess and Ryan are sharing their second interview with their favorite "money expert," Danetha Doe, who is a Jamaican-Ghanaian American entrepreneur, journalist, economist, manifestation teacher and the creator of Money & Mimosas.  PLEASE NOTE: this conversation was recorded several weeks before the death of George Floyd and subsequent global protests against racism and police  the interview is based on "overcoming financial fears and stress" related to Covid-19 (but J &R provide an update in the INTRO to address the current #BLM movement and overall state of the world). Since recording this conversation, Danetha has shifted her mindset and messaging to focus more on white privilege and the impact it has had on the socio-economic disparities between white and black people in America. The girls share an important message from Danetha in the intro to the episode. CONNECT WITH DANETHA: Money & Mimosas Danetha on IG @DanethaDoe Join Danetha's Money Makers Program (re-opening 6/19) CONNECT WITH US: Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
June 12, 2020
From Humble Beginnings to Founding the Get Loved Up Community & Yoga School, Koya Webb Talks: Healing Trauma Through Mindfulness Practices, Healthy Habits on a Budget & Working Past Limiting Beliefs!
In this week's interview, Jess and Rye get cozy (pre-quarantine) with Koya Webb who is a wellness visionary, author of Let Your Fears Make You Fierce, and founder of Get Loved Up, a conscious community that practices daily self-care and makes healthy living a priority to promote healing, social justice, spiritual connection. Koya shares her passion for dramatically decreasing the number of people who suffer from chronic diseases associated with a stressful lifestyle, unhealthy diet, and self-defeating habits through self-care, plant-based nutrition, and community education. In this episode we discuss: *Koya's upbringing in Humboldt, Tennessee and what it was like living in a trailer with her parents and siblings *Why she believes that finding track and field saved her life and the role that movement can play in moving emotions and energy through us *What she means when she says "fear is feedback" and "communication over cancelling" *How to turn limiting beliefs into affirmations to find the best version of yourself * Koya's experience being bullied when she was younger and how she's worked through childhood wounds via communication, breathwork and hypnotherapy * Why she decided to go plant-based and how it improved her health and why she believes eating with joy is so important to find balance with food * How to eat a nutritious diet affordably and why it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to be well * Koya's Get Loved Up University and yoga school - how it’s grown over time and her philosophy around movement and finding exercise you love + So much more! RESOURCES Koya's Website here Koya's Instagram here  Join Koya's Daily 100 Challenge here  Get Loved Up Yoga Teacher Training here Get Loved Up Podcast  Get Loved Up Protein Powder CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
May 23, 2020
Celebrating the ‘Art of Cooking’ w/ Internationally Trained Chef, 'Bondi Harvest' Restauranteur, TV Host & Cookbook Author: Guy Turland. Learn the Keys to his Success + His Top Cooking Tips for You!
This week Jess and Ryan celebrate the ‘art of cooking’ with Guy Turland: the man behind the successful "Bondi Harvest" brand, restaurant and cookbook! Guy has had a very successful career doing what he loves (cooking!) and gets to travel the world doing it...Tune in to hear how he made it happen! In this Ryan + Jess discuss: - How Guy went from starting his first restaurant @ 21 in Bondi, Australia, to opening 2 successful 'Bondi Harvest' restaurants in Los Angeles  - What it takes to make it as a chef - The top challenges he’s faced in opening a restaurant - What it’s been like being on camera as a host and some of the most memorable moments from his traveling cooking show - And finally we get into some of his favorite meals and recipes, and he breaks down the best seasonal ingredients to look for right now ++ R + J talk about how the restaurant and bar industry has been affected by the pandemic and share information about the "Frontline Foods" charity, which gives to restaurants and hospitals with one donation! RESOURCES: Guy on Instagram: @chef_guy_turland Bondi Harvest: @bondiharvest Visit Bondi Harvest in Culver City (Platform) - Currently Open for Take Out! CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
May 08, 2020
Evolving as an Entrepreneur While Keeping Vibrations High w/ Heidi Stevens, Women’s Empowerment Speaker, Mentor, Host & Founder of The Feminine Collective
Today we're having a conversation with Heidi Stevens who is a speaker, mentor and host of women empowerment events and online experiences. She’s the founder of the Feminine Collective and Soul of Business Podcast. Heidi has mentored hundreds of women through her programs, and inspired thousands through her online platforms. The mission of The Feminine Collective is to inspire the modern women to expand their consciousness, deepen in their connection to self and others and experience more freedom, alignment and overflow in their lives. In this episode we discuss: *Jess’s experience working with Heidi via her group coaching program and private business coaching sessions. How Heidi helped her to step into her confidence as a coach, charge the rates she was worthy of and find her ideal clients. *Heidi’s journey from working in real estate which was a male dominated industry and how burnout and a health crisis ignited a desire to go on her personal & spiritual development journey *What it means to give yourself permission to prosper - the importance of following your intuition, taking inspired action, putting the blinders on, showing up authentically to co-create a life and business better than you think is possible. *Her degree in spiritual psychology and how it led her to discover what it meant to be more in her feminine and eventually start her passion based business coaching entrepreneurial women * Why consuming low vibrational food and content can have an impact on your productivity and confidence levels *How to align with your business model and rates so you can feel confident in what you’re offering * PLUS Some of her favorite client testimonials! RESOURCES Heidi’s Website Heidi’s Instagram  The Feminine Collective here  Heidi’s Podcast on iTunes  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
April 24, 2020
From Miss Mo. USA to Making Headlines on Reality TV—Bayleigh Dayton Talks: Modeling Culture, Mental Health, Pageantry, Sexual Assault Awareness and Handling Life Altering Experiences on Big Brother!
Hold onto your seats for a value packed conversation with Bayleigh Dayton: model, TV personality, and the first African American woman to win Miss Missouri USA (17'). In 2018, Bayleigh landed a spot on CBS's Big Brother Season 20 and most recently made her debut on "The Challenge" (MTV Season 35) with her husband,  which airs Wednesdays at 7/8 central on MTV.  Jess and Rye cover a lot of topics with Bayleigh in this conversation, including:  Her upbringing and mental health journey Her mission to be a light in a dark place for others Her experience with sexual assault as a young woman and her decision to make sexual assault awareness her platform on Miss USA Staying strong and confident despite negativity within modeling culture Her experience competing on Miss USA Visualization techniques to create the life of your dreams Pivoting to Reality TV: finding love & drama on Big Brother Overcoming pregnancy & miscarriage  Handling the haters / negativity online  ++ SO MUCH MORE RESOURCES Bayleigh on Instagram @bayydayy Bayleigh on YouTube "Bayleigh Daily" CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
April 17, 2020
Mini Solo Episode + Nutrition Series Part III: Breaking Down The Keto Diet w/ Dr. Jockers, Doctor of Natural Medicine. PLUS Rye & Jess Share Quarantine Updates
In rounding out the last episode of our nutrition series we're talking all things Keto PLUS we kick things off with a mini solo episode where we share what's been challenging & what positive lessons we've learned since going into quarantine! Because we know there are a lot of faux "experts" and misinformation, we were really excited to bring on Dr. Jockers who is a doctor of natural medicine, functional nutritionist, corrective care chiropractor and Ketogenic diet expert. He owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia and runs one of the most popular natural health websites, which has gotten over 1 million monthly visitors! In this episode we discuss: *How Dr. Jockers got into the field of natural medicine and why his work with clients is different than most primary care physicians and more focused on getting to the root of issue and then finding natural ways to bring the body back into homeostasis. * His own health struggle with IBS and inflammation and how intermittent fasting and a low carb helped him get his health & his life back! * What the high fat, low carb ketogenic approach is all about and how to transition into ketosis safely and effectively the first time * The long list of health benefits of the ketogenic diet and what a day in the life eating this way looks like * Why eating quickly and on-the-go is problematic for your digestive health  * Dr. Jockers top tips for getting deep, restorative sleep  * The top 3 supplements he recommends everyone take and why PLUS what he's is really excited about in his business and life! RESOURCES Dr. Jocker's Website Dr. Jocker's on Instagram @drjockers Keto Mojo- blood ketone meter Primal Kitchen Foods - keto friendly dressings, dips, mayos, etc US Wellness Meats- order grass-fed meats Swanwick blue light blocking glasses Nordic Naturals Fish Oil Microbiome Labs MegaSporeBiotic  CONNECT WITH US  Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Follow Rye on Instagram @ryeburch and Jess @bodyblissbyjess
April 10, 2020
Nutrition Series Part II: How to Follow a Whole-Food, Plant Based Lifestyle and the Benefits for your Gut, Immune System, Hormones, Environment, and More!
This week J+R chat with James and Dahlia Marin, the dynamic dietician duo behind the platform "Married to Health" - a website, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook offering advice on following a whole food, plant based diet. Dahlia and James are also the founders of "Your Gut Connection," a hub for all things healing to the gut and the soil! As part of "Your Gut Connection" they have developed a Plant-Based SIBO + IBS Relief program designed in conjunction w/ board certified gastroenterologist Dr Angie Sadeghi. As Holistic Registered Dietitians James & Dahlia are passionate about making the world a healthier place. They incorporate their practices into every facet of their lives to make themselves physically, mentally, spiritually and environmentally healthy. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: > James & Dahlia's individual journeys to health, including fighting obesity at a young age > How they met in undergrad and ultimately teamed up to create "Married to Health" > What Holistic Medical Nutrition Therapy means, how they pull from both western and eastern medicine to help clients > Their process of going plant based, including the benefits they experienced > How to thrive on a whole food, plant based diet > The importance of avoiding being a "fast food vegan" to really reap the health benefits of a plant based diet > Thoughts on protein and how to get the best sources while on a plant based diet > How their "plant based" gut health program works, in comparison to the traditional FodMap diet approach > General tips for building up your immune system and reducing stress during this pandemic ++ PLUS many more health and nutrition tips that we cant wait for you to hear! RESOURCES James & Dahlia on Instagram @MarriedtoHealth @Your Gut Connection @angie.sadeghi CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
April 02, 2020
Nutrition Series, Part I: Understanding the ‘Wild Diet’ with Abel James, “Fat Burning Man” Podcast Host & Best Selling Author!
Today, we’re kicking things off with Abel James who is the host of the award-winning Fat-Burning Man Show, creator of the New York Time’s Bestselling book, The Wild Diet and celebrity coach starring on ABC's Hit Primetime show, My Diet Is Better Than Yours! He also just launched his new book of humor, Designer Babies Still Get Scabies which is already a #1 International Bestseller in 7+ countries! In this episode we learn about: Abel’s early upbringing and how his mom influenced his work in holistic health and alternative healing How being an athlete and following to old “carb loading” advice + prescription pills made him sluggish, inflamed & overweight The turning point that changed his life- learning to not fear fats, focusing on REAL foods, time restricted eating and exercising less The catalyst that led him to want to help others and the creation of his own podcast and brand, The Fat Burning Man The Wild Diet explained- what it is and how it’s different from keto and paleo How to build a balanced “wild diet” style meal, sample meals AND how to source responsible meats and produce His experience as a celebrity coach on ABC’s “My Diet is Better Than Yours!” His opinions on veganism & how to find a diet that works for you Why he’s taken multiple social media breaks despite having a large following Tips & tricks for reducing stress and consuming less! What he’s most excited about in his business & life right now RESOURCES Abel on Instagram here The Wild Diet Book here Designer Babies Still Get Scabies blog, podcast Butcher Box for clean meat delivery  Primal Kitchen Foods Supplement brands: Wild Superfoods  Thorne  Designs for Health  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
March 25, 2020
Staying Positive in a Pandemic w/ Rye & Jess! (Our Initial Reactions to the Crisis and Advice for: Maintaining Healthy Habits from Home, Connecting with Self, Staying Entertained and Helping Others)!
In times of crisis, it's easy to let fear consume us and we can begin losing control over our time, energy and focus. That's why Rye & Jess teamed up to acknowledge the fears around this pandemic, and encourage listeners to focus on what they can control and what they can do to take advantage of time at home, outside of your usual routine. It's time to look inward, get resourceful, get creative, and seek ways to connect and support one another during this unique time of 'social distancing,' loss and fear. Please check SOLO instagram @SOLO2.0PODCAST for tags to the brands, businesses and products mentioned during this podcast (check "highlights" and recent posts). Many resources shared below as well.  DURING THIS CONVERSATION, RYE AND JESS DISCUSS: Processing this pandemic, when they each realized the severity and got real about it How they are mentally preparing for the next few months Time management tips  Work from home tips Ways to maintain healthy habits & a healthy mindset Best ways to move from home  Ways to connect with your self, practice self care and develop new interests Favorite entertainment, books and resources Ways to boost your immune system Ways to support local businesses that are still open Ways to give back to those in need  ++ Look out for a special nutrition and health focused series over next 2 weeks! RESOURCES FITNESS: @rachelrecharged -- recharge method and meditation sessions @dejariley -- dance outside the box on @popsugarfitness on YouTube @LoveSweatFitness -- Instagram, youtube and app all workouts can be done from home @craigjohnsjr -- personal training @trainingmate -- online portal and all proceeds go to keeping their employees paid @vinniesalemnofitness -- live Instagram HIIT and strength workouts HEALTH / STRESS MANAGEMENT @RootedBeings -- take all of their meditation classes via Zoom @yourhormonebalance -- use code "BALANCEANDBLISS" for $100 off any hormone testing package  @bodyblissbyjess -- reach out for free 20 min discovery call and code BLISS for 50% off sugar cleanse @coupleslearn -- couples counseling with Dr Sarah Schweitz @iamcarlaromo -- dating & relationship coach @chefmeganmitch -- posting easy recipes @stayandvibe (Hae Lee)-- virtual reiki healer & certification @taylerlayne -- human design readings @jessegolden -- 14 Days of Positive Vibes via newsletter BRANDS/ BUSINESSES / PRODUCTS @beautybarchocolate -- sugar-free chocolate use code Solo2.0podcast for 20% off @imperfectfoods -- (DM us for discount code) produce and food delivery @instacart grocery delivery -- DM us for $10 discount code) @yaymaker -- virtual paint nights @grovecollaborative -- non-toxic house and beauty wares @postmates -- offering delivery discounts to support local restaurants CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
March 18, 2020
From a Career in Finance & Fitness, to Host of the Popular “Balanced Black Girl” Podcast; Les Alfred talks: Life Transitions, Inclusivity in Wellness, Building Confidence and Developing a Healthy Mind
This week the sisters sit down with Les Alfred, founder of the popular “Balanced Black Girl” podcast, a lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting diversity in the wellness space. During this conversation, Les gets real about the many career transitions she had to make, in order to find her purpose and carve her own unique path to success! They also discuss: Les’ upbringing / early experiences as a perfectionist and over achiever Graduating into a recession and pivoting in the financial industry Getting into the fitness industry as a personal trainer Creating her popular blog “The Balanced Berry” in 2014 and its evolution through the years Deciding to move away from fitness / health and take a break from the blog The process of starting a podcast What inclusivity in wellness means How she developed confidence / how she avoids the comparison game Importance of keeping relationships strong Lessons from her grandmothers – who both recently passed away RESOURCES: Les on Instagram @balancedles  “The Balanced Black Girl” Podcast @balancedblackgirlpodcast  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
March 13, 2020
What to Know About Gut Health w/ Dr Bryant Esquejo, ND; PLUS Ryan Shares the Ups and Downs of her Personal Gut Health Journey– including Tips and Tricks for Symptom Relief.
This episode is ALL about gut health, starting with a foreword by Ryan, who shares the ups and downs of her personal gut health journey – including the doctors, testing and processes she’s followed to find relief from persistent, frustrating symptoms of IBS, Candida and SIBO over the last 6 years. PLUS she shares her favorite tips and tricks for soothing symptoms related to gut dysfunction. Then Jess and Rye get into an insightful conversation around gut health and functional medicine with Naturopathic Dr Bryant Esquejo, who shares: · Why he decided to become a naturopathic doctor despite originally planning to go the traditional route · The benefits of working with a functional doctor · Testing available for diff types of gut conditions · Type of diet suggested for SIBO as well as for candida · Probiotic suggestions · Hormone / stress / gut connection · Benefits of B12 injections · His favorite podcasts / resources for finding more information on gut health! RESOURCES Patsy Catsos “IBS Free at Last” (Book / blog / recipes)  Epicured - Fodmap delivery   Monash App (Fodmap app) Probiotic suggestions: Jarrow (refrigerated probiotic) Metagenics “Ultra flora IB” or “Ultra Flora” Probiotic MegasporeBiotic  Heal thyself by - Dr. Christian Gonzalez Dr Carrie Jones  Dr Jess MD  "Empowered autoimmune" "Great Plains" Bentonite Clay Magnesium (calm) FOLLOW & CONNECT WITH Dr Bryant Dr Bryant on Instagram @Dr.Bryant Dr Bryant's website CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
March 04, 2020
From Yo-Yo Dieter to “Love Sweat Fitness” Founder and YouTube Star, Katie Dunlop Talks: Losing Weight and Finding Self- Love, her Fitness and Nutrition Philosophies and How She Grew LSF!
This week, we’re sitting down with Katie Dunlop, certified personal trainer and creator of Love Sweat Fitness, a health and fitness community that inspires women around the world to find their happy & healthy body! The LSF YouTube channel has over 23 million views and 430,000+ subscribers and Katie is constantly providing free and accessible content through her social channels and a number of amazing and supportive programs she’s created. In this interview we learn about: *Katie’s upbringing, her early influences and how her weight loss journey led her to discovering her passion for teaching *The steps she took to improve the relationship she had with her body & what changes really helped her to make progress *Where the idea for Love Sweat Fitness came from and how her social media account grew into an online community of over 750,000 women *How she met her husband and business partner, Ryan Dunlop and what it’s like managing a team together *Her daily routine, the kinds of meals she eats in a day and what she thinks about the keto diet *Her philosophy around fitness and the types of workouts she loves to teach and share through LSF e-books and the app *Some of the amazing testimonials she’s received from the women in her community & what’s she most excited about right now! RESOURCES Download the LSF app here Check out all of her programs here FOLLOW & CONNECT WITH KATIE Katie on Instagram @lovesweatfitness Katie’s website Katie on YouTube  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
February 26, 2020
Hormones 101 w/ Hormone Health Educator Candace Burch: Understanding Master Hormones, Common Imbalances and How to Get Back in Balance Naturally
Our mom, Hormone Health Educator Candace Burch is back in the states after four months in England and we're sitting down with her to get the rundown on... you guessed it... hormones! This topic can feel overwhelming and confusing so we wanted to break it down in a simple, informative and fun way! Here's what we cover: * What is a hormone? * Metaphors to help us understand what it means to have a hormone imbalance * Defining the main sex, adrenal and androgen hormones * Diving into specific imbalances and symptoms & steps to take to get back in balance naturally (high/low testosterone, adrenal fatigue, estrogen dominance) * Negative effects of over-exercising * Xeno "fake" estrogens: How they throw your hormones out of whack * The impact of hormonal birth control & natural alternatives * How to test your hormones via saliva + why it's more accurate than blood RESOURCES Your Hormone Balance Saliva Test Kit + Consultation Packages HERE Use code BALANCEANDBLISS for $100 off any package! Finding Harmony with Your Hormones worksheet. Email for your FREE copy! Alisa Vitti Woman Code Dr Jolene Brighten Beyond the Pill  Aviva Room MD Sara Gottfried- The Hormone Cure  Julia Ross- The Mood Cure  Natural Cycles app Four Sigmatic- mushroom elixirs, coffees, hot chocolates Aviva Romm Uplift tincture  Vital Proteins collagen matcha  Beam CBD Dream Powder Use SOLOPODCAST for 15% off FOLLOW & CONNECT WITH YOUR HORMONE BALANCE Website  Instagram @yourhormonebalance CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
February 19, 2020
How to Find your Match and Prepare for a First Date with the Founder of “Three Day Rule Matchmaking,” Talia Goldstein. PLUS: How Matchmaking Works and Keeping an Open Mind When it Comes to Dating!
Celebrating this week of LOVE with founder of Three Day Rule Matchmaking, Talia Goldstein! Talia has always had a natural talent for pairing even the most unlikely of couples into successful relationships and we learn about her journey from working as a TV producer to eventually quitting her job to host popular singles events and personalized matchmaking services. Three Day Rule Matchmaking was officially created in 2013, allowing Talia to turn her lifelong hobby of matchmaking into a thriving business! In this episode we also discuss: *What it’s like to work with a professional Matchmaker *The types of questions 3 Day Rule Matchmaking asks their clients in order to find them the perfect match *What the whole process is like from start to finish and some of her favorite client success stories! *Talia’s opinion on dating apps and which ones she recommends *Tips for being yourself on a first date *If your serious about finding your person, why you might need to treat it like a full-time job! FOLLOW & CONNECT WITH TALIA Talia on Instagram  Three Day Rule Matchmaking on Instagram Three Day Rule website Sign-up for Matchmaking service here CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
February 12, 2020
Catch up w/ Rye & Jess: Life Updates, Daily Routines (Likes and Dislikes), Healthy Tips, Tricks and Resources!
Rye & Jess are rolling solo this week, sharing some life/podcast/biz updates as well as healthy tips and resources they’re loving right now! In this episode they cover: ⁃ Jess experience as new pup mom ⁃ Reaction to Kobe’s death, life in perspective ⁃ Progress on our goals (set from our last solo ep on journaling) ⁃ Podcast updates / things upcoming ⁃ Business updates - your hormone balance and body bliss by Jess ⁃ Personal routines and fav snacks/ grocery Resources mentioned: Adrena uplift by Aviva Romm Smart sweets Kalumi Bar  Simple mills almond crackers Trader Joe’s "coconut whipped cream" Vital Proteins Hot cocoa collagen Coco bakes sourdough bread Beauty bar CBD chocolate "Dream" powder w/ CBD by Beam  Pact cotton underware “Maybe you should talk to someone” book  Money date checklist by Danetha Doe Shows to watch: Aaron Hernandez Documentary (Netflix) History of Hip Hop (Netflix) CNN - History of the 2000's, 90s, 80s, 70's, etc. (Netflix) Curb your Enthusiasm (HBO) 90 Day Fiancé (TLC) This Is Us (ABC) Central Park 5 (Netflix) Parks and Rec (Netflix) CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
February 06, 2020
From Dating Naked on National TV to Beating Shazam with Jami Foxx, Christina Porcelli Talks: Overcoming Depression, Manifesting Money & Believing In Yourself!
Today, we’re catching up with Christina “Wee Wee” Porcelli who is an author, reality show contestant and game show winner! She’s a Brooklyn native and former singer/songwriter and dancer who now lives in Nashville, TN. In this episode we talk about: * Christina's early music career * The process of being cast for the Dating Naked reality show on VH1 * How she pulled herself out of depression after the show aired and the self- love journey that followed * Competing with her husband on the National TV game show, Beat Shazam with Jami Foxx * The role that manifestation has played in her life and why she believes it really works! * The road to writing her book & what she's most excited about today RESOURCES Sarah Karges 30 Days Self-Love  Esther Hicks The Teachings of Abraham Matthew Kelly Resisting Happiness  Grammarly for editing books FOLLOW & CONNECT WITH CHRISTINA Christina's Instagram @christinaweewee F*ck Them All Big and Small on amazon Newyorker of Nashville Podcast on itunes CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
January 29, 2020
Lessons from a 17 Year Old Environmentalist + Animal Rights Activist; Hannah Testa Talks: Plastic Pollution, Climate Change and Saving the Planet, One Step at a Time!
This week the sisters are joined by Hannah Testa, a dynamic 17 year old environmentalist, animal rights activist and honor student who has been “fighting for the planet and its future” since the age of 4! Hannah has presented to thousands of adults and children across the world - as well as big businesses and governments on the local, state, and international level. She has used her influence to work with governmental leaders and business executives to develop more sustainable practices, influencing restaurants to reduce their plastic footprint, and partnering with politicians to propose legislation to protect Mother Earth. During this conversation we discuss: · How her activism was sparked at the age of 4 · Her journey to founding “Hannah 4 Change” at the age of 10 · Her work and activism around protecting endangered species (esp. rhinos & elephants) · How she got comfortable speaking to large groups; advice for public speaking · Handling criticism related to being an outspoken, young activist, vegan and woman of color · Why we should care about plastic pollution and climate change and how we can individually make a difference · How she balances activism with being a high school student! FOLLOW & CONNECT WITH HANNAH @hannah4change  Resources on plastic pollution: Adopt an elephant or rhino: CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
January 23, 2020
Don’t Run From This Conversation: Why It’s Important to Talk about Racism and Bias with Diversity and Inclusion Coach, Bianca Wilson
This week's conversation with Bianca Wilson of Say Space is not only raw and real but it's NEEDED. Bianca is passionate about opening up "uncomfortable" conversations around race and does so in a way that is shifting the landscape and creating tangible, impactful CHANGE. In this episode we talk about: *Bianca's early upbringing and the life experiences that sparked activism in her! * Why the race relations classes she took in college changed her perspective of the world * How her company "Say Space" was born and the work she and her partner are doing to create an intentional space for transformative conversations around the blindspots within corporate companies and organizations. * Breaking down Say Space's three pillars around psychological safety (Curiosity Authenticity Responsibility) *The major reasons people have blocks around talking about race and how/why it's important to open up these conversations with friends, family and loved ones * The exclusivity of the wellness space (especially in LA) and what we can do to make it more inclusive and accessible. Why AWARENESS is key! *Why curiosity is SO important and how avoiding conversations around race (in hopes of not saying "the wrong thing") can actually be more harmful than helpful RESOURCES READ: White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism — by Robin DiAngelo Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication – by Oren Jay Sofer It Didn't Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle — by Mark Wolynn WATCH: How To Overcome Our Bias - Walk Boldly Towards Them (TED Talk) The Mask You Live In (Documentary) LISTEN: Good Ancestor (Podcast) Code Switch (NPR) (Podcast) CONNECT WITH BIANCA AND SAY SPACE LinkedIN Say Space Bianca's Instagram @emotionalfreedomcoach CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
January 15, 2020
From “High on Life” YouTube Success to International Photographer/Videographer, Justis Cooper Talks: Tips for Travel, Overcoming Tragedy, Navigating Negativity and Making a Difference in the World.
This week the sisters are sharing their conversation with Justis Cooper: international photographer, videographer, visual storyteller, and one of the creative minds and personalities behind the Travel Brand High On Life - which is wildly popular on YouTube with over 600K subscribers and a million+ followers on Instagram. In this conversation, Justis shares: How he developed the travel bug early on, and how joining the Canadian Coast Guard allowed him to begin traveling the world What he learned from his first Solo trip to Thailand “High on life:” how it came to be so popular, what their early videos were like, how his role and skill set developed on the team How he was able to make $ while traveling the world with High on Life Working through grief after losing 3 of his best friends in a tragic accident Advice for communicating with a friend or loved one who has lost someone His personal journey of discovering his true self and purpose after tragedy How High on Life received backlash and bullying as a result of an incident in 2016; how that impacted him and influenced their anti-bullying campaign Advice for becoming more environmentally aware, reducing your carbon footprint, and helping make the world a happier, healthier place Tips for sleeping on the plane and overcoming anxiety around flying His mission and vision for the future PLUS: Rye & Jess share their fav travel hacks in the intro to this episode!  (Most items mentioned below- check our instagram @solo2.0podcast for more resources!) RESOURCES: SOLO Travel Tips for Women  Trtl neck pillow (blender on the go) Artisana coconut butter packets  Vital Proteins matcha collagen  Four Sigmatic use code shroombliss for 10% off  Lakanto Monkfruit Liquid Sweetner  Beauty Bar Chocolate Use code SOLO2.0PODCAST for 20% off!  Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars   Atlas Protein Bars Ultima Electrolytes
January 10, 2020
How to Create a Healthy Money Mindset with Money Expert Danetha Doe; Plus: How She Turned a Tough Transition into a Thriving Business, Tips for Spending/Saving + How to Plan a "Money Date!"
Rye + Jess kick off 2020 with a conversation around money with personal finance expert and Money + Mimosas founder, Danetha Doe! The beginning of a new year is a great time to focus on creating healthier routines and establishing better habits around spending and saving. So if the word “finances” makes you cringe, this episode is for you! Danetha has a magical way of taking away the dread and intimidation around money talk and turning it into something fun! In this episode, Danetha shares: * Her personal journey from graduating during the recession of 2008 to stepping into her power as an entrepreneur and rewriting her personal money story to be able to create a strong "aura" around money *Where the concept for Money and Mimosas came from and what makes her approach to financial education different *Why she believes that your net-worth is directly tied to your self-worth and some of her favorite money mindset mantras *The "money date" concept she created- what it is and how it can help you approach your finances in a more fun and realistic way *Advice she would give to couples to have more open and honest dialogues around money *Common financial terms related to investing and saving that are helpful to know *Her experience as a host on Ashton Kutcher’s “From Broke” reality series and some of her favorite success stories *Apps to use for investing, credit cards that offer the best rewards, and other tips for saving money! RESOURCES Elivest- investment by women for women Betterment- investment tool Southwest Credit Card (companion pass benefits) CONNECT WITH DANETHA Danetha’s Website here Sign-up for Danetha’s newsletter and get your “money date” check-list here Watch “Going from Broke” on and stream for free here CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
January 04, 2020
Guided Exercise w/ Rye and Jess: Reflection + Intention Setting + Moving to Action. (Steps to Making Progress w/your 2020 Goals!).
This week’s episode is a guided exercise by Rye and Jess focused on individual reflection, intention setting, and overcoming challenges to help us each look inward, get connected with ourselves and create action steps to help us achieve our goals going into 2020! We encourage having a pen and paper for this one, so you can track your responses as you listen along! Steps you will go through in this episode: REFLECTION: Zero’ing in on relationships, success and health, you’ll come up with a goal to focus on in each category What feels good? What needs work? INTENTION SETTING: Understanding how to set a clear intention rooted in positivity CREATING ACTION STEPS: Learning to attach an action step to each intention in order to make progress in that area OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Preparing yourself for challenges that may pop up / considering ways to overcome them CREATIVITY OVER CONSUMPTION We end with a challenge: consider reducing your consumption of media in favor of creating space for creativity We end with a giveaway with - to enter, take a screen shot of this episode and tag us on your Instagram stories @solo2.0podcast. Mention your biggest takeaway from the episode for a bonus entry. Winner will be announced Wednesday, January 1st on Instagram. RESOURCES: DM us at @Solo2.0podcast to request the SOLO reflection + projection journal exercise CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
December 24, 2019
How to Develop a Meditation Practice that Fits Your Personality, with “Rooted Beings” Founders Erica Galia and Chelsey Scaffidi. PLUS: Ways to Give Back and Make an Impact in the World!
This episode provides an inspiring, eye opening conversation with Chelsey Scaffidi and Erica Galia, founders of Rooted Beings, a restorative wellness and meditation studio in Manhattan Beach described “as a place to become grounded and consciously connect to your human nature. A place to be rooted in who you are, where you want to take your life and help you stand firm in your being.” In this episode, Erica begins by leading us in a beautiful meditation (as they do before all classes), then Chelsey and Erica help us understand the value of meditation on a deeper level – including the various types of meditation that exist, along with tools, tips and resources for increasing mindfulness and developing a meditative practice that works for you (because as they say, it is not ‘one size fits all’ and meditation does not need to look any one way!). They also touch on how to make an impact in the world, as Chelsey recently returned from building a well in Africa, on behalf of Rooted Beings, with the Thirst Project. In this episode we also discuss:  • The different layers of their mission, including accessibility, community, and helping people find a meditation practice that fits their personality • How they formed Rooted Beings and how their original visions and ideas have evolved and expanded  • How meditation transformed Erica’s life, reduced her anxiety and allowed her to tap into her elevated potential  • Erica’s favorite meditation mantras • The moment Chelsey realized she needed to set boundaries in her life as a busy attorney, leading her to develop skills and interests in yoga, meditation, and ultimately join forces with Erica to create Rooted Beings • Meditation apps they recommend  • What a sound bath is, including benefits • What crystals are, how they can be implemented in a meditation practice  • Ways to create your own meditation event + community • How they worked with Thirst Project to build a well, and how it immediately changes the lives of the citizens in that village  • Ways to give back that don’t cost money and how to find a cause you care about • What they are excited about in the future, including a Rooted Beings app! PLUS: Rye & Jess share their favorite mindfulness practices in the intro to this episode, and Jess explains the concept of “Mindful Meals" and challenges us all to aim for 1 mindful meal per day. Resources: Erica's fav books on meditation: "The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself" by Michael A. Singer  "How to Meditate" by Pema Chodron CONNECT WITH ROOTED BEINGS Rootedbeings on Instagram: @rootedbeings // (^^Sign up for their newsletter!) Erica on Instagram: @EricaRachelK Chelsey on Instagram: @Cziegs CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on @SOLO2.0PODCAST Jessica Suchan on Instagram @BODYBLISSBYJESS Ryan Burch on Instagram @RYEBURCH
December 20, 2019
From Crash Dieter to Body Acceptance Activist; Carmen Rene Talks: Loving Our Bodies at Any Size, Living with Lymphedema & her “Eat the Cake Too” Movement!
This week, Rye and Jess had a really powerful conversation with Model, Speaker and Body Acceptance Activist, Carmen Rene. Carmen has a thriving, engaged community of followers on Instagram, through her account - "eatthecaketoo" where she shares insightful, thought-provoking captions, along with unfiltered, un-airbrushed photos, celebrating her curves, rolls and every bit of cellulite..encouraging others to be kind themselves, embrace and accept their bodies as they - in all their beauty! Carmen also shares a lot of realness, recipes, plus size fashion tips and more on her YouTube channel, which she plans to ramp up even more in 2020! In this episode we talk about: The moment when she realized that something was “wrong” with her body size and how it almost became the catalyst for her journey to becoming a body positive activist Her experience going to weight watchers from the 6th grade on and how she finally broke free from the diet culture and decided to focus on how foods make her feel instead of if they would help her lose weight The sexy photoshoot that was the jump off point for her Eat the Cake Too movement on Instagram and how she highlighted all areas of her body to communicate the message that your body is beautiful no matter what your size Carmen’s experience living with lymphedema and how it’s impacted her confidence, her modeling career and her message The misconception that being fat is unhealthy and why our health cannot be measured on a scale What body acceptance means to her and how she’s gotten to a place where she fully and unapologetically embraces her body in real life and on social media The support she’s received from her partner and how he’s helped her to fully embrace her body PLUS What Carmen is really looking forward to sharing more of in 2020! Resources: Carmen Rene on Instagram @eathecaketoo  Carmen Rene on YouTube  Carmen’s Inspirations on Instagram Tess Holiday @tessholliday  Paul Fishman @paulfishman  Brianna McDonnell @_the_b_word_  CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram
December 17, 2019
What it Takes to Make it as a Florist + the Truth About the Floral Industry with Botanical Innovator, Rose Stafford. PLUS: Tips for Making an Arrangement.
This week, Rye and Jess have a really fun conversation with their hilarious bestie and floral ninja / spatial designer, Rosemary Stafford. She has a knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and designs floral arrangements for weddings and events, is fully invested in the farming process via Vibrant Valley Farms, partners with the Instagram influencer duo The Gay Beards and is the official florist for Ted Ex in Portland, Oregon. In this episode we talk about: What little Rose was like and how she discovered her love for the world of botanicals How she got her feet wet in the industry and some of the first jobs and connections she made to gain real world experience What it's really like to be a florist in a competitive industry and some of the highs and lows of owning her own business The truth behind the floral industry-- why it's important to source and support local florists, how Trader Joe's flowers are so cheap and similarities between the food and the floral industry Tips and tricks for making your own bouquet (just in time for the holidays!) and how to create arrangements that last more than just a few days! PLUS some of the things she's most excited about in her business!  We had so much fun learning more about our friend Rose’s botanical journey and can’t wait to hear what you think of the episode! And if you like what you hear, please be sure to subscribe, rate & review as your support really does help us to keep these conversations coming!  Resources Rosemary’s website  Rosemary on Instagram Gay Beards on Instagram Vibrant Valley Farms  Jess & Rose’s promo video the first day they met CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram
December 13, 2019
From Bachelor Fame to Outspoken Podcast Host; Therapist Taylor Nolan Talks: Overcoming Depression, Cyber Bullying, Sexual Freedom, Masturbation and Setting Boundaries.
This week the sisters sit down with Taylor Nolan, a Psychotherapist who appeared on ABC’s The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Because of her portrayal on the show, Taylor received harsh criticism and cyber bullying--resulting in a nasty depression that took a lot of personal work and therapy for her to overcome. Today, Taylor is open about her struggles and uses her voice and her platform to speak openly about taboo topics like mental health and sexuality, sharing thought provoking interviews every week on her popular podcast “Let’s Talk About It!" Taylor received her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University and practices as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington state. Taylor is smart, bold and beautiful and shares some unconventional opinions and lots of wisdom in this episode, including: Her upbringing: experiencing racism, moving around a lot, dealing with loss Why she ultimately decided to go to school to become a therapist and what drew her into the work of wanting to help people What prompted her to apply for the Bachelor, as well as return to the show (Bachelor in Paradise) after receiving backlash from the first The depression that she experienced as a result of the show and how she pulled herself out of it How she deals with cyber bullying and responds to negativity What kinds of people can benefit from therapy and breaking down stigmas around it, especially when it comes to what a therapist should "look or act like" Why she started the "Let's Talk About It" Podcast, and some of her favorite topics to dissect and demystify including sexuality, toxic monogamy and female masturbation The difference between boundaries and ultimatums What she's super excited about in her business and love life right now! PLUS jess opens up about her sexuality / relationship to her body in the intro to the episode, and Rye shares resources and tips for having an open mind around taboo topics and exercising understanding for those with different views or lifestyles. Resources Taylor on Instagram @TayMocha Let's Talk About It - Taylor Nolan's Podcast ** Resources Ryan referenced in this episode: Legal Sex Worker, Alice Little on The Skinny Confidential Podcast Aubrey Marcus "Open Relationship" guide The Deuce on HBO CONNECT WITH US Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram
December 10, 2019
How to Step into Your Power, Break Free from Expectations and Speak your Truth with Self Love Guru, Paul Fishman!
This week, the solo 2.0 sisters are having a lively conversation with self-love coach and "you do you" activist, Paul Fishman! Paul offers courses, coaching services and a variety of resources and tools to help people learn how to define their individuality, find practical ways to love themselves and become more self aware. Paul's own self love journey included a 75lb weight loss, coming out to his friends and family, getting out of 75K of debt and breaking free from the need to constantly people please. It wasn't until he reached rock bottom that he knew he had to drastically change his circumstances and completely overhauled his life and his habits for a new beginning and a road to self-love! In this episode we talk about: * Paul's online course The Self-love Diet and how he works with clients to help them break through blocks around worthiness and feelings of guilt for putting themselves first * The themes that often come up for people that go through his programs and breakthroughs they have experienced * The fundamentals of a self love practice * What it means to "communicate with compassion" * Working through fear, moving through shame and trauma and releasing expectations * His 4 part P A U L strategy for self love * The importance of investing in ourselves and stepping into your own self-worth * How he has built a successful business around self love, including being open about recent challenges and blocks that he is working through! Rye and Jess also share one of their favorite forms of self-love before the episode! Resources Paul Fishman on Instagram  Paul's podcast, The Road to Self-Love  Paul's website w/ his courses PaulFishman.Love  Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram
December 07, 2019
From Overcoming a Rare Cancer Diagnosis & Losing 50lbs to Cohosting the Courageous Wellness Podcast; Aly French and Erica Stein Talk: Buddhism, Stress Management, Nutrition and Wellness Accessibility
This week, Rye and Jess sit down with fellow LA podcasters and best friends, Aly French and Erica Stein of the Courageous Wellness podcast. Erica is a director, producer, writer, and wellness enthusiast whose health journey began after a 50 pound weight loss that propelled her onto the road to self-love. While Aly is a performing artist, talent manager and host, whose work has taken her around the world. As a performer, Aly was always interested in how to fuel her body properly, but it wasn't until she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that her wellness journey was truly ignited and her passion for nutrition took on an entirely new meaning! Today, both Aly and Erica are certified holistic health coaches via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and come together on their podcast to share real health & wellness journeys from guests with courageous stories like their own!  In this episode we talk about: How Erica and Aly met through their Buddhist practice and the origins of the religion Erica's experience growing up Buddhist, and how chanting is a form of daily self-care (+ she chants on air) Aly’s religious evolution from Catholic home to joining Christian groups in college, to forging her own path through Buddhism The power of community to support us through difficult times Aly's life as a performing artist and how her cancer diagnosis at 29 impacted her life and her relationship with mind, body and spirit! Erica's weight loss journey and the steps she took to love herself from the inside out, after years of body dysmorphia and emotional eating The powerful mantra that sparked Erica’s healing journey How they balance multiple jobs with the podcast Their mission to help others get healthy and happy and make access to food and wellness more accessible in this country What they're both excited about in their personal and professional lives and what's next for Courageous Wellness! PLUS Jess & Rye share their top stress-busting tips and techniques in the intro to the episode! Resources Courageous Wellness on Instagram Erica Stein Freedman on Instagram Aly French on Instagram Women Erica and Aly admire: Kelly Leveque Danika Brysha Resources Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram
December 03, 2019
How to “Switch to Safer,” Non Toxic Products with Clean Living Consultant, Lauren Breiding. Why it’s Important, How to Find Products you Can Trust and Understanding the ‘Big 3’ to Avoid.
This week Rye and Jess bring on their good friend, Lauren Breiding, Clean Living Consultant and founder of Detox Me Tuesday for an educational episode focused on chemicals and toxins in our personal products: what you need to look out for, why it matters, and how to gradually switch your products to those with safer ingredients. Lauren currently works with Beauty Counter (a clean beauty and skincare company with over 150 products made without chemicals, adhering to the highest standards of safety), and has been researching ways to live a cleaner, safer life for over four years through using safer products on her body and in her home. Her goal is to empower others through education so they can be in charge of the products they are using in their own homes... In this episode Lauren shares: What it means to be a "clean living consultant" Her "why" for getting into this How her focus has shifted as a new mom, and how she helps other moms prepare the home for a baby Why it’s important for people to avoid toxic products - what it means to reduce the toxic load on your system US regulations VS European regulations Green washing - how companies get away with marketing products as non toxic Environmental working group: what it is, the mission behind it Finding all natural brands you trust  Quality VS performance with natural products .. how to find products that work well Good natural deodorants (especially for sensitive people!) The big 3 ingredients to avoid How individuals can use their voice to make a difference  PLUS Jess and Rye share their favorite non toxic skincare and makeup products. They also show Lauren some (non "clean" products) they had around the home, and she breaks down the "good" and "bad" ingredients to look for Resources Lauren's Instagram @laurenbreiding Lauren's blog / clean living tips:  Environmental Working Group (great resource for finding non toxic products. You can look up products you use and see their rating!) Resources Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram
November 30, 2019
Getting to the Root of our Behavior to Change our Habits with Behavioral Health Advisor, Kelley Hoag of Root to Rise Health.
Just in time for the holidays, Rye and Jess sit down with Kelley Hoag, Behavioral Health Advisor and founder of Root to Rise Health. Kelley breaks down effective ways to make positive changes to our health and habits, centered around looking at the “function of a behavior” aka why we are engaging in a behavior to begin with. Before they get into the interview, Jess kicks off the episode sharing insights from an NPR article about changing habits, and challenges us all to ‘move’ our body in a new way this holiday season! Ryan shares her key takeaways from a documentary she recently watched called “The Great Hack,” about the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which ultimately examines the fact that companies are using our online behavior – what we look at, what we buy, how we interact – to sell us things and sway our behavior. During this interview, Kelley shares: How she got into this field When she decided to shift her focus to health/wellness The challenges she experienced going through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), And she used her behavioral analysis skills to heal herself from over- obsession w/nutrition      and over exercising Her philosophy about changing habits with self respect and self worth How she works with clients to help them change their habits We even get into some live coaching; Ryan shares her struggle to get in a regular meditation practice, and Kelley helps her shift her mindset around that Resources Kelley on Instagram @RootToRiseHealth Kelley’s Website(where she offers free discovery calls!) Kelly Leveque (a resource Kelley trusts for health insights/advice) Resources Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram
November 26, 2019
CBD 101: Breaking it Down with Beam Co-Founder & Athlete Matt Lombardi—Uses, Benefits & Misconceptions!
In this episode, we dive into all things CBD with Beam’s Co-Founder, Matt Lombardi. Beam is a 100% THC-free, organic CBD lifestyle brand created by Matt and Kevin Moran, two best friends on a mission to empower people to push their limits and pursue their passions by improving their physical and mental state. With their backgrounds in hockey and crossfit, they wanted to create a natural remedy that would reduce their inflammation and ease pain while still meeting their personal wellness standards—natural, non-toxic, and high-performing! We talk about: How Matt and Kevin met, their previous career and athletic backgrounds and mutual love for fitness and wellness! Tips for how to start a business from the ground up and not get discouraged by the bumps along the way How to keep moving forward and stay focused in an “over-saturated” market Why they started experimenting with CBD and the benefits they discovered for inflammation, sleep quality and Kevin’s chronic migraines CBD 101: What is CBD, the difference between TCH and TCH-free CBD, the current legalities Common CBD misconceptions and stigmas laid out and broken down What makes Beam different from all the other brands on the shelves? Understanding labels, why lab testing is important and what questions to ask when choosing your next CBD product Tips for finding your personal CBD “sweet spot” The most common Beam testimonials What Matt and Kevin are most excited about and their upcoming documentary! We talk about: @beam @Mattlombardi24 Use code SOLOPODCAST for 15% off at Resources Shoot us an email! Send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram
November 22, 2019
Rye and Jess Share: Behind the Scenes of the Podcast, Our Early Upbringing, Career Journeys and Relationships!
It’s time for another SOLO episode with your hosts, Rye and Jess! After releasing 13 episodes and recording almost 20, the sisters thought it would be a good time to check back in and share some updates, as well as open up about their upbringing, careers and relationships. (realizing that they have only shared bits and pieces in different episodes so far!). In this episode they discuss: · The behind the scenes of the podcast process since launching 1 month ago · Frustrations w/ social media · The challenge of being 100% themselves · Details about their upbringing, how moving several times impacted their personality · Interests and passions that developed at an early age · Ryan’s take on working and saving $, and the main career experiences that himpacted where she is today · Jess’s early career experiences, including her first job after moving to LA—with a high end craft cocktail event company · Secret to success w/ their significant others ++ challenges too · Goals for the podcast in 2020! Resources Got ideas for guests in 2020? Shoot us an email! Or send us a DM! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram
November 19, 2019
From Corporate Job to Podcast Sensation; Krista Williams Talks: Building Almost30, Finding her Voice, Being Open, Spirituality, Tips for Growing a Biz. (PLUS the History of Our Friendship)!
This week Ry and Jess sit down with their friend Krista Williams, co-host of the Almost 30 Podcast and creator of Hundred Blog which stands for “keep it one hundred” (her life motto). The Almost 30 Podcast is a top-rated lifestyle podcast, brand, and community hosted by Krista and her best friend, Lindsey Simcik. With over 12 million downloads, the podcast has reached people in more than 150 countries & their events have attracted more than 2,000 attendees. In this episode, Krista talks about her journey from blogging before it was mainstream, what it took to grow a podcast from the ground up and all of the jobs she had to juggle to make it happen! In this episode, we also discuss: Ry & Krista’s experience meeting in the blogging world and supporting one another through their ups and downs! Why Krista always felt like something was missing from fashion blogging & how podcasting filled the need she had to go deeper How she and Lindsey met, started the Almost 30 Podcast and began recording 3 years ago. The process of recording for over 6 months in a spare room until they finally decided to bring on their first guests Krista’s decision to quit her corporate job and the massive growth that happened with the podcast once she was all-in! PLUS the importance of your money mindset and how to think strategically and prepare before making a major career change How to find your voice, be vulnerable and remain true to who you are The Almost 30 Nation-- a community which consists of almost 15K private Facebook group subscribers + 80 subgroups. The vulnerable conversations that happen within these groups and the support and friendships that have been created online and via meet-ups and events across the country. How to navigate negative comments & feedback and deal with the comparison game. The power of hiring and delegating in growing a business + some of Krista’s favorite business tips & tools Her spiritual practice and her experience going through Reiki training What’s she’s most excited about in her life & business! RESOURCES Krista’s instagram @itskrista  Almost 30 Podcast on iTunes @almost30podcast Krista’s Instagram Inspo: @Jenna Kutcher  Business Management Tools: Slack  Streak  Connect with us! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram Email us:
November 15, 2019
What to Know About Reiki With Hae Lee, And How She Discovered Her Altruistic Gifts At A Young Age. PLUS Ry And Jess Share Their Recent Experiences Exploring Their Spirituality
This week Ry and Jess open up about their spirituality, including having their first Reiki sessions with Hae Lee, who joins the podcast to educate listeners all about this Eastern healing modality! Hae’s mission as a healer is to hold a safe space for people to heal, release and let go of whatever is no longer serving them, and she does this through a combination of yoga, visual meditation, breath work, Reiki, medicine reading and ear acupuncture! Hae discovered her gifts at an early age, regularly hearing voices from spirits and angels and getting approached by strangers and psychics around the world, encouraging her to embrace her gift. In this episode, Hae shares her decision to leave her corporate job to become a full time Reiki healer, and how she approaches her work and her sessions to help people release tension from stress, anxiety and trauma. In this episode we also discuss: The circumstances around leaving her corporate job to become a Reiki healer Her grandmother’s gifts Why people may be skeptical of Reiki What Reiki is, what “Universal Light Force Energy” means How Reiki training works and why people get certified Chakras- what they stand for, colors associated How Reiki speeds up the healing process Jess and Ry's experience getting a session with Hae / key take aways How Hae structures her Reiki sessions How virtual Reiki works What to do when your chakras are closed Common client needs (who seems to gravitate towards Reiki the most) How she found her current space in Malibu Resources Hae on Instagram @StayandVibe Sign up for her Reiki Training, Sat. Jan 25 – Venice, CA Book a Reiki Session @ Calamigos Ranch Resort, Malibu, CA Book a virtual Reiki Session **Use code “solo” for 10% off virtual or in person services** Connect with us! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram Email us:
November 12, 2019
From Pop Singer to Movement and Meditation Instructor; Rachel McClusky Talks: Sobriety at 15, Body Acceptance, Group Fitness Culture and Starting Her Event Biz "Recharged Wellness Co."
In this week’s episode, Jess & Ry sit down with their good friend, ultimate fitness and movement pro, Rachel McClusky of Rachel Recharged. Rachel is NASM certified, Manager of Talent & Training at Box Union and the creator of Recharge Wellness Co., hosting wellness events and retreats across the country. Rachel grew up with a family fully-immersed in the music industry and was a singer/songwriter from the ages of 11-19 until she had a change of heart that led her to pursue a career in group fitness instead! Today, Rachel is passionate about creating experiences through movement and will soon be debuting her "Recharge Method:" a cathartic movement experience that blends meditation movement and breath work to make you feel comfortable and confident using your voice and your body! In this episode Rachel also discusses: * Her one-of-a-kind moving meditation and how she opens the space for people to move emotions through their body in a group setting * How to take the pressure and guilt away from a meditation practice and why it looks differently for everyone *  Being 10 years sober and what it was like to enter into a treatment center for drugs, alcohol & an eating disorder at just 15 years old * The comparison game when it comes to career and body image and how she stays grounded and rooted in who she is * Her journey to body acceptance and removing the pressures to look a certain way as a fitness instructor in LA. * Why she believes fitness should be about being strong, having a release & an experience, and not about fitting into a certain or “accepted” body type * How she went from never boxing a day in her life to becoming a Box Union Coach for over 1.5 years! * Creating a more positive space within a group of women, rather than bonding over negative self-talk * Her favorite daily mantras and affirmations * How she recharges behind the scenes & how self-care can be as simple as getting back to the basics and creating space for yourself PLUS quick fire questions: her personal mission, her Instagram inspiration, favorite health trend and what she’s most excited about this year! *** During the intro to this episode, Ryan and Jess talk about the importance of positive mantras for body confidence & the importance of moving your body in ways that you love in order to create a positive relationship with exercise! *** Resources: Rachel on Instagram @rachelrecharged  Rachel’s website - stay tuned for her Recharge Method class launching in January of next year! Box Union (find Rachel’s schedule posts in her Instagram stories every week as well)  @chinaealexander (Rachel’s Instagram Inspiration)  @gabbybernstein (Rachel’s Instagram Inspiration)
November 08, 2019
From Training for the Olympics to Health and Fitness Entrepreneur; Darby Jackson Talks: Battling an Eating Disorder, Advocacy and Developing Confidence in a Male Dominated Industry!
This week the sisters are joined by go-getter extraordinaire, Darby Jackson— a former athlete turned entrepreneur with a history of standing up for what she believes in and diving headfirst into challenges to achieve success. Darby grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and started her first business at just 6 years old! At 10 years old, Darby began training for the Olympics in Water Polo and was a top recruit at Berkley, making the National Team.  After losing a close friend to cancer and battling an eating disorder out of college, Darby found her calling in the health and wellness industry, first becoming a health and wellness consultant, then co-founding “Apres," one of the first plant-based, ready-to-drink protein beverage companies to hit the market--shaking up industry standards! In this episode, Darby also discusses: · Her first jobs out of college  · Protesting her water polo coach at Berkeley · The psychological impact of leaving Water Polo and seeking greater ‘purpose’ · Joining a sorority and developing an eating disorder · Raising millions of dollars for lung cancer in her late friend’s honor, appearing on MSNBC · Building her own health consulting business, regularly appearing on local TV · Her daily confidence-building routine · The process of rebuilding a healthier body image and mindset around food and fitness · Her favorite healing modalities · The process of launching Apres and creating a formula that set it apart · How she prepared to pitch Venture Capitalists, often as the only woman in the room · The struggle in the hustle of entrepreneurship · Strengthening her adrenals, focusing on hormone balance, redefining true “wellness” for herself Note: Darby has parted ways with Apres since we recorded this interview. She is taking much needed time for rest and recovery and meditating on her next step!  ** Resources: Darby on Instagram Boss Babes (Darby’s Podcast Inspiration) Aubrey Marcus (Darby’s Podcast Inspiration) ** During the intro to this episode, Ryan and Jess talk about preparation as a key to overcoming fear and anxiety and becoming more confident for big presentations Connect with us and let us know what you think of the podcast! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram Email us:
November 05, 2019
Introducing Our Mom: Hormone Health Educator, Candace Burch! From Growing Up in the 50s and 60s to Discovering Her Dream Career and Advocating for Safe, Natural Approaches to Health Care.
This week, Jess and Ry sit down with their mom, Hormone Health Educator, Candace Burch, M.A., founder of Your Hormone Balance. Candace earned her masters in Health Education in 1979, and has had a 30+ year career in health and wellness, always advocating for safe, natural approaches to health care and disease prevention. She continues to spread awareness about the importance of natural hormone balance: speaking at events, on podcasts and consulting with women every day, helping them relieve symptoms, prevent disease and improve their quality of life. In this episode, Candace shares her experience growing up in the 50’s, moving from Chicago to Beverly Hills at a young age, and overcoming allergies and adrenal issues. Candace talks about the lack of awareness around nutrition when she was growing up and how her health and self confidence was influenced by her upbringing. Candace also shares how she became fascinated with hormones and health, and the skiing injury that ultimately lead to her decision to pursue a Masters Degree in Health Education. They also discuss: · Candace’s 17 day juice fast while living on a health farm in the 70s · Founding A.H.H.A “Aspen Holistic Health Association” after college · Her earliest career experiences out of college in radio and for a local news station · Her reaction to birth control when it was first introduced · The vexed topic of birth control and non hormonal options · The impact of protein and diet on ovulation / healthy cycles · Candace’s experience going through peri-menopause while Ry and Jess were very young · Her work as Director of Education for one of the nations largest hormone testing labs · How she finds meaning and purpose through her work with Your Hormone Balance today · Why saliva is her preferred hormone testing method and how she works with clients to detect and correct imbalances · PLUS quick fire questions: her personal mission, her favorite health trend and what she’s most excited about this year! Connect with us! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram Email us:
November 01, 2019
From Winning the Super Bowl to Success in Hollywood— Spencer Paysinger Shares the Real Story Behind “All American,” a Hit TV Show Inspired By His Life In South Central and Attending Bev Hills High
This week the sisters sit down with Spencer Paysinger, a former professional football player turned Consulting Producer on the hit CW drama “All American,” which is loosely based on his life growing up in South Central LA and commuting to Beverly Hills High School to play football. Spencer talks about his early upbringing, as well as what it was like to play college football at University of Oregon, and the ups and down of spending seven seasons as a linebacker in the NFL (including winning a Super Bowl in his first season with the New York Giants in 2011). Despite his success in Football, Spencer dreamed of achieving more, and cultivated a mindset early on to develop skills and interests off the field that would allow him to thrive in all aspects of his life. In this episode Spencer also discusses: What it was like to commute from South Central every day and be surrounded by extreme wealth and privilege at Beverly Hills High The distinction of football as a “job” VS a “career” The experience of being a collegiate athlete: juggling daily practice, homework, exams, friends and finances His thoughts on the Pay for Play bill recently passed in California The early life experiences and mentorships  that helped him achieve success outside of football His experience in the NFL, winning the Superbowl then changing teams The process of writing and selling through the script (for All American) His relationship with the stars of the show How his community has responded to the portrayal of South Central in the show His non profit work with KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) – accessible education for low income communities His other entrepreneurial ventures including film-making and hospitality His family life and goals for the future! +++ Rye and Jess also share their tips for finding mentors and seeking out new skills, interests or career path (in the intro to the episode). Resources Watch Season 2 of All American on the CW, new episodes Mondays @ 8pm (Season 1 also on Netflix!) KIPP – Knowledge is Power Connect with us! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram Email us:
October 29, 2019
How to Spot Red Flags and Create Healthier Relationships. Author + Relationship Coach Carla Romo Discusses: Trauma, Toxic Behavior, Effective Forms of Communication, and the Truth About Self Love.
Jess and Ry sit down with Carla Romo, certified dating & relationship coach, author, and speaker. Carla helps women who feel stuck and stagnant build purpose and confidence in their break-ups, dating life and relationships. Growing up, Carla experienced domestic abuse and entered into several toxic relationships, but was able to come out the other side with strength, positivity and a very clear sense of her purpose here on help others build healthier relationships in all areas of their lives. In this episode Carla discusses: · The secret sauce to relationships · Spotting red flags in relationships · The impact of codependency and narcissism in a relationship · Avoiding the “fixer” mentality · Learning to be happy outside of a controlling relationship · The truth about “self love” and the WORK it takes · Her views on “self care” · How to find love outside of dating apps · Trust after infidelity · Her experience with domestic abuse, how she changed her mindset from “victim” to “survivor” · Her of toxic relationships and what she learned · How she met her current boyfriend, and how they handled long distance for over a year · The process of writing her book · What to expect in her new book, Contagious Love +++ Rye and Jess also share their own dating / relationship advice, including: Creating unique and memorable experiences with your partner with an "activities list" Learning how to communicate through disagreements and life transitions Resources I am Carla Romo Website (to order her book!) I am Carla Romo Instagram If you leave a review this week, make sure to include either your IG handle or your first name and last initial, because we will choose 1 reviewer to send Carla's new book: Contagious Love! (And will announce the selected listener by sharing a screenshot of the review on our Instagram next Wed, 10/30. So DM us if you see your name & review!). Connect with us! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram Email us:
October 25, 2019
How to Maintain Healthy Habits Throughout the Holidays: Jess and Rye Share Strategies Around Eating, Drinking, Relationships, Time Management, Stress and Self Care During the Busiest Time of Year.
For many people, the holidays are chock full of events, get togethers, over consumption, and/or being out of your routine--which can lead to feelings of guilt, anxiety, or just feeling really run down. In this episode, the sisters provide their top strategies for maintaining healthy habits throughout the holidays, while also being kind to yourself and enjoying the season! In this episode, Jess and Ryan discuss: Avoiding the "all or nothing" mentality around the holidays "Scripting your setbacks” - which is a concept Jess often uses with clients to help them plan out their response to stressful or challenging situations (food / drinking / relationships) Journaling tips to keep your mind right during busier times How to create a routine outside of your routine - such as when you’re traveling The importance of incorporating some movement during busy times Setting boundaries to help manage your time and prioritize self care PLUS mindset tips for busting through toxic self talk and avoiding the binge and restrict trap that so many of us can fall into during the holidays. Resources: Chomps jerky Blender jet Laird superfood Four sigmatic Omica sweetener Lakanto liquid sweetener Smart sweets Liv Hungry Beauty Bar Chocolate Be Well by Kelly Freezer Fudge If you liked this episode, let us know by rating, reviewing and subscribing! And remember: if you leave a review this week, make sure to include your first name and last initial, because we will choose 1 listener to send a bundle of Wish Garden Herbs tinctures and teas! Connect with us! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram Email us:
October 22, 2019
From 19 Years in Fashion and Total Burnout, to the Creation of “Beauty Bar Chocolate”— Candice Puthawala Talks: Healing from Chronic Stress, Entrepreneurship, Discovering Her Voice and Manifestation.
Candice Puthawala, founder of the sugar free, adaptogenic "Beauty Bar Chocolate," shares her 19 year journey working in the fashion industry with her young daughter in tow. Candice describes the moment her body began to shut down as a result of chronic stress and toxic work conditions—ultimately leading to 3 autoimmune diagnoses, which shifted her life in a completely new direction. This new path allowed her to go deep and re-connect with her innermost self, embrace her intuition and turn her natural skills and interests into a beautiful (and delicious!) new wellness product! In this episode Candice also discusses: ⁃ Her experience going to Fashion School (FIDM) as a very young single mom ⁃ How she stayed true to her values / morals in the cut-throat fashion industry ⁃ Getting her own storefront and becoming successful ⁃ Dealing with low esteem ⁃ Her advice for meditation, and her formula for manifestation, including “letters to the universe” ⁃ Finding her voice through meditation, public speaking classes, therapy & integrative medicine ⁃ Going to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy to find a new career path ⁃ Realizing her purpose; combining fashion and wellness to create Beauty Bar Chocolate! ⁃ The benefits of adaptogens and cacao (both in the formula of her bar) ⁃ Her skin care secrets! Resources Beauty Bar Chocolate – Get 20% off w/ code: SOLO2.0PODCAST Candice Puthawala on Instagram Beauty Bar Chocolate on Instagram Institute for Integrative Nutrition Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy Skin Te (sparkling collagen tea)  Connect with us! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram Email us:
October 18, 2019
Do You Know What’s In Your Wine? Understanding Clean Wine: What Labels To Look For, What Ingredients To Avoid — with Andrea LeClair, Scout And Cellar Clean Crafted Wine Consultant
This week, the sisters sit down with clean crafted wine consultant and full time paramedic, Andrea LeClair, who has developed a passion for educating people about clean wine after becoming a consultant for clean wine club company, Scout and Cellar. Andrea wants to help people understand what’s really in their wine bottles and how to find cleaner alternatives (without chemicals, additives or added sugar!)  that actually fit into a healthy lifestyle. In this episode we discuss: · What bio dynamic, organic, natural and sustainable labels mean · Why the labeling around wine is so confusing · Why there are a lack of regulations in the wine industry · What sulfates & tannins are, how they impact us · Understanding Mega Purple and Round Up · How much sugar is in wine VS clean, organic wine · More about the female founder (and former attorney) behind Scout and Cellar · How Scout and Cellar lab tests to detect chemicals and additives and what their guidelines are for “clean wine”  · Why clean wine is growing in popularity · How winemakers manipulate wine to impact taste / cover up imperfections Resources: Scout and Cellar Andrea LeClair on Instagram The Wine Bible Connect with us! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram Email us:
October 15, 2019
From Ballerina and Model to Bottling Her “Golden Secret” —Jesse Golden Talks about Thriving with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Entrepreneurship, and the Healing Power of Mindfulness and Positivity
Jess and Rye sit down with Jesse Golden: a devoted mother, Holistic Health Practitioner, author, yoga teacher, model, and founder of The Golden Secrets (a line of chemical free perfumes) In this episode Jesse talks about her upbringing as a ballerina, her career as a professional model and what is was like to be diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at 29 years old. As a ballerina she was taught to ignore pain but when she was faced with this debilitating disease she had to learn to listen to her body which is when her life really shifted. In this episode Jesse also shares: Her background as a ballet dancer Why she struggled to fully embrace her career as a model Being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis as a young mom Her experience going from a life centered around movement to becoming bed-ridden and why she now sees it as a blessing The creation of her personal formulated products The Golden Secrets The powerful impact of affirmations and mantras in healing & retraining the bran to think positively The importance of bringing mindfulness into everything you do RESOURCES Dr Zach Bush  Louise Hayes, "You Can Heal Your Life" The Golden Secrets  The Golden Secrets to Optimal Health Book Connect with us! Solo 2.0 Podcast on Instagram Jessica Suchan on Instagram Ryan Burch on Instagram Email us:
October 14, 2019
From Professional Dancer To Pop Sugar Fitness And Boxing Instructor—Deja Riley Talks About The Struggle To “Make It,” Confidence, And Taking Risks To Find Purpose!
In this episode the sisters sit down with Deja Riley: boxing instructor and movement coach, host of Dance Fit Sugar on @popsugarfitness and the creator of #DanceOutofTheBox which combines shadowboxing and dance in a rhythmic cardio workout! During this conversation, Deja gets real about her experience moving to LA to make it as a professional dancer, juggling multiple jobs, struggling to pay rent in a small apartment with her 2 sisters – eventually booking gigs for stars like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Trey Songz, Katie Perry, JLo and more. She discusses the toll of this physically and emotionally tough career, what it did to her confidence and the moment she decided it was time to leave her “dream career” behind in favor of a more purposeful path—one that is now perfectly aligned with who she is and how she wants to live! In this episode, Deja also shares: The ups and downs of her 10+ years as a dancer The wisdom and support provided by her family and husband, which shaped her work ethic & helped her stay strong despite intense periods of stress Her top strategies for mental strength and focus Her favorite mantras & methods of self-care Tips for finding exercise you love Tips for fitness fashion + advice for dancing in heels! Her work today with pop sugar and the creation of her own dance fitness routine Plus: quick fire questions! Her personal mission, favorite inspiring IG account & what she’s excited about this year! Resources: Deja’s Instagram: @dejariley Deja’s Website: Dance Fit Sugar on Pop Sugar Deja’s “IG account to follow:” Mike Posner Solo 2.0 Instagram: @solo2.0podcast Email us! Jess’s Instagram: @bodyblissbyjess Ryan’s Instagram: @ryeburch Your Hormone Balance website @yourhormonebalance
October 11, 2019
Introductory Episode: Meet Jess & Rye! Who we are, what we do & why we started a podcast. PLUS+ Icebreaker questions!
Welcome to the Solo 2.0 Podcast hosted by sisters, Jess Suchan and Ryan Burch. In this first episode, Jess opens up about her history with yo-yo dieting and how this experience (coupled with stressful jobs and debilitating migraines) became the catalyst for quitting her corporate job to become a holistic health coach. Ryan introduces guests to the family business Your Hormone Balance which she founded with their mom, Hormone Health Educator, Candace Burch. She also discusses her passion project SOLO ( which is an empowerment guide for women that will be relaunching soon. SOLO 2.0 is an empowerment podcast around topics of personal development where the sisters aim to create a supportive community, bringing on guests to discuss all things health, wellness, hormones, spirituality, career and relationships. The ladies will be using their investigative reporting backgrounds to bring light to new topics, dive deeper into popular trends and tease out specific tips & tricks from their guests. Each month, guests will hear inspiring stories from a variety of guests, lively round table discussions with their mom focusing on specific hormone related issues and solo episodes where they’ll provide actionable advice and tangible tips from their own life experiences! They also talk about: -The behind the scenes of starting the podcast -What types of guests they will be interviewing -Jess & Ryan answer some fun personal questions so you can get to know their backgrounds / connection to these topics -Jess leaving her stressful career to become a health coach -Healthy & unhealthy habits from growing up -Ryan’s experience with SIBO & gut issues -Jess’s take on mantras & affirmations -Ryan’s baseline tips for a healthy lifestyle -Jess’s mindfulness & motivation tips Resources: Instagram:  @bodyblissbyjess  @ryeburch  @yourhormonebalance @solo2.0podcast  Learn more:  Your Hormone Balance  Body Bliss by Jess
October 06, 2019