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23: Crisis Precedes Transformation | Dr. Dan Engle

An episode of Ebb & Flow

By Solomon Ezra Berezin
Ebb & Flow inspires persistence and determination during the rhythmical patterns of decline and regrowth in life. Each episode, I bring on inspiring and influential voices who are here to help us stand strong and walk through the ebb moments of life and propel us to the peak of our health - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually- so we can live our life in the flow, individually and collectively. This includes strategies, habits, routines, focus tricks, and questions we can use to live our best life in order to maximize our service to others.
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Ebb & Flow inspires persistence and determination during the rhythmical patterns of decline and regrowth in life. Each episode, I bring on inspiring and influential voices who are here to help us stand strong and walk through the ebb moments of life and propel us to the peak of our health - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually- so we can live our life in the flow, individually and collectively. This includes strategies, habits, routines, focus tricks, and questions we can use to live our best life in order to maximize our service to others.

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43: Find & Own Your Voice | Sahar Paz
Links: https://www.instagram.com/saharpaz/?hl=en https://www.ownyourvoice.org  http://www.saharpaz.com/ https://findyourvoice.lpages.co/intro-course/ Show Notes: Sahar's Background Cognitive behavior and emotional intelligence Our brain needs pen on paper journaling Streams of consciousness. When you're so aware and analytical, you got to get out of your head Black and white bob -  think all or nothing What Sahar means by one's voice Our brain mapping happens 2x: when we're 7 and then again at 16 Listen to the voice that is most authentic to you How to constructively listen to oneself Feelings won't lie. Finding all the voices and understanding which one is yours; you'll feel it on a gut level. What was happening to you in your first 7 years? Your teenage years? What was your identity? Is it true      to who you are today? Are there some patterns that need unlearning? Listening What feelings are you wanting to feel? On your way to that feeling, what are you trying out? What do you think you 'should' be doing? The feeling is the target and the activities are what make that feeling true for me Meditation and Affirmations The moment after affirmations and the positive side of negative emotions Pay attention to what your voice is disagreeing  Pessimism prepares you; Sadness shows you you poor love into details; Anger shows you how important something is to you Process emotions, otherwise we get stuck What is the purpose of this emotion? Acceptance happens by acknowledging, seeing the positive side, repetition and compassion. It's not being a victim Granular with goals and affirmations "I will" to let brain know I am in action now Don't get caught up in narrative of rebuttal Listening - an act of self awareness. self regulation - regulating what you're going to act on. Named all the voices and decide what to do with them. Listening gives you a choice. Sahar's morning preparation - breathing, smiling, grounding Sahar's gift : What you say can impact the world
November 5, 2019
42: Building a Relationship with our Pets & What we can learn from them | Anna Bartosik
Show Notes: Anna's Background  WOOF conference Question the things that we do. Why do we do the things we do? Behavior is the study of 1 More behavioral variety within 1 breed than 2 separate breeds How we can use what we learn from animals with humans What to know before getting a dog Environment Dog's sense of smell - When they smell its like they’re reading the news or on Facebook Reinforcement and Rewards Punishment can only modify behavior, it can't teach Teach an alternative that's more reinforcing than the previous habit Learning curve and extinction curve Focus on what you or the dog do want, not what you don't want Rate of reinforcement Common myths about animals Training opportunities Anna is receiving  Woofs & Purrs https://www.woofsandpurrs.co.uk @Woofsandpurrsuk on IG Building a relationship with our pets and not just have her there to make us feel good, but to treat her as another being.
October 29, 2019
41: Keys to Health and the The Art of Coaching | Luka Hocevar
Luka Hocevar Show Notes: 1. Growing up and influence basketball had What virtues sports, if done right, can build in us How he got into coaching while playing ball overseas How Vigorground Fitness came to be Where the thirst/drive for knowledge starts 2. Behavior psychology 5% of our brain is conscious, 95% is subconscious Creating Inner Space How meditation can help you take space Controlling your emotions Your belief system creates your attitude and your attitude drives your behaviors When helping someone, you start where they're at Trip over their own truth Being able to give a client subtle messages, so they can increase their own awareness Benefits of sleep Don’t get information for information sake, but to solve a problem Meditation 3. How to train subconscious - emotion and repetition Long term memory is made from information x emotion How long are you reacting to a trigger Keys to training: Movement, nutrition, recovery, mindset Bathtub analogy for life 4. Art of coaching Leadership starts with you Use questions “motivationally interviewing “ Adaptability intelligence Behavioral changes How confident are you in making this change (scale of 1-10)? Anxiety is your excitement - The Big Leap epsisode with Dr. Gay Hendricks Learn to teach Learning and being curious and thirstyfor life Twinkle in the eye Links: IG @lukahocevar  http://vigorgroundfitness.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/HocevarPerformance https://themodelhealthshow.com/luka-hocevar/
October 23, 2019
40: Keys to Study and Productivity Reading | Dr. Lev Goldentouch
Show Notes: We choose how we respond to the "digital overload" Cost efficiency analysis Define goals, then divide milestones, and allow information to correlate. General tips on using shorter sentences taught through presentation Married into learning faster - Anna was already teaching speed reading and memory techniques Best way is to learn with Anna Goldentouch Mental palaces for memory Productivity reading Slow vs fast reading Different reading material Reading methods Skimming, scanning, speed reading, slow reading (poetry), with or without sub-vocalization How his family teaches their kids Advice to young adults and kids Links: https://www.amazon.com/Lev-Goldentouch/e/B00VKUR5B6 http://www.keytostudy.com/category/goldentouch-keytostudy-main/
October 15, 2019
39: Merging Positive Psychology with Jewish Spiritual Teachings | Rabbi Laibl Wolf
On today's episode Rabbi Wolf : 1. Rabbi Wolf's background and introduction to jewish spirituality, positive psychology, and more. His dream of sharing with people the merging of positive psychology with Jewish spiritual teachings 2. The expansion of our heart and keeping the body healthy Eastern practices may well be important to understand body. In Judaism, the approach to wellness and healing is not just the technology of      the body, but also the aptitudes of the soul to be able to express through the soul and body, so it uses the Sefirot 3. The Rebbe's influence on his life  Story of the Rebbe giving a discourse and before giving it transcending worlds Superhuman and ephemeral aspects The Rebbe knew your destiny and your soul 4.  Jewish teachings on free will  We can overcome all three Primary influences that psychology maintains - genes, environment and culture, and modeling from parents/home environment Jewish teachings that our genes do not dictate our life. We have 100% free will to be able to override our genetic predisposition. We can become whoever we choose to become 5.  The 10 sefirot  3 are expressed in the mind 7 are expressed through emotions We have this model as a analogue of the cosmos as a whole - it flows through every aspect of      creation The human is only the finite projection of the sefirot Nonlinear and central executive default mode networks 6. The 4 worlds we live in and can we know if were in the others and meditation The realm were in consciously is one of time and space. The higher realms have no time nor space Praying - enunciating energies as sounds and the sounds are containers for the flow of our mind and emotion. It's the way our neshama (soul), expresses how it gets carried through all the realms through the ein sof. Meditation (to become familiar with) common denominator is focus 7. Meditation Functions and the 71 different 'families' of souls  8. Each of our unique gift to contribute to the world Links and resources:  https://www.spiritgrowjosefkrysscenter.org contact Rabbi at spiritgrow@laiblwolf.com 
October 2, 2019
38: How I let go and followed what was calling me | My story with ITN
At the beginning of August I was on The Institute of Transformational Nutrition's IG live talking with one of the success coaches, Kylee. It was an honor to be highlighted as one of their student success stories just as I was finishing up the certification, which I fully finished in 2 days after the call. The coaches there played a great role in supporting me as I was just starting out with the certification, I even had one of them, Mindy, as a previous guest on my podcast. It was really meaningful to speak with them months later after making the leap to take the course and now finishing it up. I wanted to share it with you today not to promote the certification or tell anyone anything, but to share a story in my life where I really struggled. I truly felt scared about making a decision that would change the way I look at life and the direction I would take my life. I hope by listening to how I went from letting go of what I truly felt no longer served me, to following what I knew was calling me you can connect with what's calling you. We all connect at a point of struggle and listening to myself was one. Now, one year later of taking that jump I truly feel more in tune with my inner voice. If you'd like to checkout more details of this story on ITN's student success blog and a link to a blog I wrote on empowerment: https://blog.transformationalnutrition.com/solomon-berezin/ https://blog.transformationalnutrition.com/inner-voice/
September 24, 2019
37: There's a Community out there for you | Kami Huyse
Show Notes Kami's background and how she loves to help businesses connect with customers, community building The things you're doing today are going to impact what happens to you in 24-48 months  Story of Rabbi Akiva noticing a trickle of water hitting a rock  You haven't failed if you learned something Why are you on an online group or on social media. Go there for a purpose Present on social media but not On social media Be clear what your voice and purpose is Groups on Facebook Set a timer - Be Focused based on Pomodoro technique Structure to your day - Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt 3 main focus points for a week and a day Self control through ritualism 90 day year Todd Herman Open up tabs for what to do the night before Chrome folders on bookmark Best Self Co my link for 15% off Toby add on - Drag tabs into folders on a  desktop Communities that convert Podcast Smartsocialsecrets.com How to spin content Anything about online community building Measuring results, mindset, write plan over those categories about 6 months worth of content in 2 hours Be somebody that people know what you do, who you are Influence 20 people - you really want to be close with Single-mindedly start to help them, get to know them, to actually build a relationship 1000 true fans that each would pay $200 a year is enough to make a living video about Kevin Kelly True fan vs fan Advice to college graduates wanting to connect Go givers and go getters More you give more you get but don't give just to get that's easy to spot  Go to Social media breakfast 2nd Friday of every month at 8:30 am at Alice Blue Social media breakfast Kami's gift: you matter and that the thing you're doing is something only you can do. You have a community that's waiting for you.
September 10, 2019
36: Learn anything, do anything, be anything | Jonathan Levi
Background and what spurted Jonathan's personal development journey and optimizing different aspects of his life Serendipitous moment of meeting the Goldentouch's "When the student is ready the teacher presents himself" Career Israel internship where Lev Goldentouch was working How shabbat is more important now than ever Getting to the essence of Shabbat Really resting Blocking off time with family Naval Ravikant - depression  takes a lot of isolation. Its impossible to be depressed if you don’t have      the space and isolation to stew in your own thoughts Best thing we can do to recover is get around other people How he sets up priorities and processes to where he's able to be in the flow more often Crucial results to accomplish per week Eisenhower decision matrix  Work on important but not  urgent - health, planning ahead, strategic thinking, rest and relaxation How much of my day am I  spending in each of these quadrants? Wheel of life, quality of things I'm doing? Jonathan's daily routine and how journaling helps track  progress and what works for you Top 5 things guests have shared with him about becoming superhuman Self-love and learning that I can do more to grow myself if I do that from a place of love How to learn, unlearn, and relearn Invest in how your ability and fluency in learning skillset Superhuman squad or the only skill that matters Links:  http://superhumanacademy.com subscription program: https://superhumanacademy.com/squad Instagram: http://instagram.com/entreprenewer/ YouTube: http://jle.vi/youtube Book:   http://superhumanacademy.com/book
September 3, 2019
35: Online fitness training, Social Media, and following your Passions | Ash Porto
 My guest today is a fellow recent college graduate Ash Porto. She is currently an online fitness trainer with a popular IG page and soon to be personal trainer who over the past year went quit her job to follow what she really is passionate about. On this episode, we talk about Ash's background and how she got started with fitness and her popular IG page, the pros and cons of social media, the importance of questions, and some more quick tips like her simple and healthy mug cake recipe. I hope you enjoy this episode and check out what she's up to and how she's sharing her gifts!  Links:  https://www.ashporto.com/  @ashporto on IG  Ash Porto on YT
July 24, 2019
34: The Big Leap, Upper Limit Problems, and Discovering your Personal Genius | Dr. Gay Hendricks
Show Notes: Background and what spurted Dr. Hendrick's interest in psychology and personal development The Big  Leap, which is about 2 things:  How to overcome the Upper Limit problem: our tendency to sabotage ourselves when we get to a certain point How to discover your own personal genius  Why we need to learn how to  handle upper limit problems The ways an ULP can show up -  arguments, accidents, illness, worry thoughts  The 7 step process of transforming a worry into something positive in The Big Leap Interrupt the negative thought pattern  Influence compared to control The Joy of Genius We're not really in control of our thoughts. Most of us are trying to control our thoughts ineffectively, when what we need to do is let go and implant a better quality thought. How Gay manifested a perfect relationship with his "Absolute Yesses" and said to the Universe "he'll never settle for less" Think of a thought like a balloon attached to a string and the sting is attached to some emotion. You notice it and get underneath that and feel it in your body. Rather than changing it from the level of the mind, go down the string to what it's attached to. Most are attached to anger, sadness, fear. Permission to feel the emotion. How to embody and feel your emotions. Integrity with ourselves and being able to express them  "Fear is excitement without the breath" - Fritz Perls Peace of mind can only be attained through total participation. wholebody/wholehearted acceptance of it Dr. Hendrick's moment of awakening when he was 24 that led him to "do whatever it takes to feel [bliss] all the time" How Gay met Ramdas and whathe told Gay : "don't worry something will come to you" How can I get ____ ? And instead of answering it, celebrate the question How can I express my true genius in such a way that it brings rewards to me and everyone around me? What is it I most love to do? What do I do that when I'm doing it I lose track of time? Own time rather than be the victim of time. "Life is what's going on while you're making other plans." Journey from head to heart Wonder! Breath. Move. Love Gay's USM and morning routine       The organic process of life Doing more of what you most love to do. In your 20s your job is to experiment, in your 30s your job is to really find what you love to do, your 40s is about building your life, 50s and 60s are about coming into full integrity Gay's gift to open up to your true genius. You're there when you have a full body sensation of serene delight.
July 16, 2019
33: Space Exploration, Self Exploration, & asking the right Questions | Dr. John Charles
  Show notes: John's Background A search for more information       Johns work may not have been fun but it was gratifying What initially interested John in spaceflight How much human drama is involved in spaceflight intellectually and emotionally Published decisions are the result of negotiation and argument Process of discovering lunar module  Logic prevailed in spaceflight  Wanting to see the behind the scenes work Progressively more responsible positions Being able to ask the right questions to Discern true answers With knowledge comes responsibility to understand, differentiate what knowledge really means  Develop critical thinking skills to understand the wonderful bounty of knowledge  Ability to ask immensely simple questions, like Einstein Initial questions to ask oneself about something: Do I know anything about this topic? Does what I'm hearing make sense based on what I know? How do I find out what the reality is, so I can make an accurate judgement about this information? Trial and error in regard to the situation. How can I generalize from the experience? John's Highlights over the years  How John sustained the drive  The fire in the belly of working with NASA Weightlessness  The next big thing? The Moon? Mars? Each stage gives you lessons to make the next stage successful  What drives us to explore? Space exploration and Self exploration  The Blue Marble, Earth rise credited with starting the environmental movement. They went to the Moon and they discovered the Earth The further you go out the more you can see what's inside  "The farther back you look, the farther forward you are likely to see" - Winston Churchill Advice to his younger self: Patience, Preparation, and Persistence but only if you're interested in something because then you make your own lucky breaks Luckiness implies you have prepared for what comes your way, Study really hard but study what you're interested in. What am I interested in ? And how much?  Try different things and see what interests you, and see what sticks. The thing you think about a lot      are the ones you ought to be doing . John's gift to share: Know thyself. What could be better than doing something that's fun and      gratifying and knowing the world is a better place because of it. 
July 2, 2019
32: CBD & Setting up an Active Lifestyle | Howard Bowens III
Back on the show is Howard Bowens, @bodybybowens:  Our first episode https://www.solomonezra.com/podcast/episode/551f0e5e/harnessing-a-holistic-lifestyle-with-howard-bowens-iii CBD https://wellvibesorganic.com/ The Endocannabinoid system  Similar to coffee, using it as a situational thing. You don't want to be dependent on CBD Supports an active lifestyle  THC is known to increase anxiety in people who don't have much experience with it How he sets up a workout or lifestyle plan for clients  Understanding where you are physically in your life Consistency, mobility, and work capacity  Doing a variety of things to understand limitations  What is it going to take for you to build consistency with working out? To feel challenged at the end of their workout, not over-stressed  Taking into account to someone's daily state  Getting in tune with your body. The goal is to live an active lifestyle that builds resiliency, not      to crush your body to the absolute limit  What is your purpose for  wanting to live a healthy lifestyle? Short term goals will give you short term results  Scheduling you're training means making it a priority In your work, what produces the highest ratio of abundance and satisfaction to amount for time spent? (even if you only spend 10 seconds or a few minutes of it, an idea or a deeper connection may spring forth that leads to huge value). Advice for anyone wanting to  get into training: start with a bodyweight program that is diverse in different movement patterns. It gives a truer connection with one's body. It can expose a weakness in a typically non dangerous way. Be in tune with the movements you're doing  Online programs: Onnit 6, Viking Ninja bodyweight @vknja 
June 25, 2019
31: Health & Wellness is available to us at our fingertips & Craniosacral Therapy | Ady Burgida
To contact Ady Burgida: info@kavanaspa.com 7137038796 4003 Bellaire Blvd Houston In this episode you'll learn about: Background  Kavana Spa for past 20 years Started massaging since she was 9 Self-discovery through breath work  Hyperthyroidism - chemicals in your body that are making you feel anxious Breath work and meditation to manage symptoms  How powerful the mind is when it comes to bodily functions, moods, and motion Everything we feed our mind from the food we eat, the breaths we take, and the thoughts we have, all      of that enhances the way we feel emotionally, spiritually and how connected we feel to the world Story of how she discovered these practices Separation from what's going on inside self and the self Breath work to visualization  Re-educate sleep patterns Siddhartha book of Buddha  Health and wellness is available to all of us at our fingertips  So many solutions are within us and/or right in our backyards A painter's palette analogy for a healer's tools The fascia system  Craniosacral therapy works with the nervous system  Craniosacral therapy approach to massage  What happens in a CST session Lessons Ady has learned - be gentle, listen to one's own wisdom and voice, we're all on a journey, and to be kind Tools to develop listening to one's self. Be mindful when you feel something  Ady's gift of loving touch and allowing people to realize that they are perfect and wonderful within themselves.
June 18, 2019
30: Curiosity and Community | Ozeal
Links: https://www.thinkozeal.com/about/ https://sivers.org/ https://worlddominationsummit.com/ Follow him @thinkozeal on SM  Show notes: Ozeal's background growing up Music and dance  Community building and leadership No Permission Needed Podcast to inspire creatives Over 10,000 downloads a month! Owning your purpose and curiosity  Coke only sold 25 bottles in first year… This is a marathon Patience and enjoying the process. Forget about analytics for the beginning. Go in with a sense of curiosity  Discussion about Derek Sivers       "Hell Yea!" or "No" In the beginning you say yes to a lot! Building a community: empathy and listening  Nothing beats live, in-person meet ups  Everyday you're going to do something that moves you forward Show up and put in the work Fearless "Here I am!" Accountability groups help during down times. We all need coaches to help with rough spots Advice to young people Prioritize your schedule  Ozeal's gift to give back.
June 4, 2019
29: Candid Conversations and Planting Seeds | Unprocessed Jess
  On today's episode, my guest Jess Brassington and I talk about: Links and Resources: https://unprocessedjess.com http://nakedtalkwithunprocessedjess.libsyn.com/ IG  @unprocessedjess Intro to Jess Primary foods We're meant to thrive and live abundantly  Wanting to share what you learn with others Her Intention behind wanting to help others Planting seeds  3rd time hearing things … maybe I should listen and apply now Inspire women who lost themselves in motherhood or career Podcast to make a bigger impact, more intimate, easy to consume First episode is sex and sleep She has a series of episodes called "Love your Labia" Topics that people are struggling with but not talking about and approaching it with a holistic      approach Candid conversations  Removing toxins and chemicals was an initial step on the journey Living life less processed in all areas of life Take time for self  Stretching and breathing Passion test: Is my day in aligned with      ___? (being a better steward of my time and money, spending time with      family) Brings attention to something that we know we shouldn’t be doing, those things will come to mind, if      it's not aligned with her passion. Or it'll give affirmation that what she's doing is right Bed time routines - stretch  or foam roll What are three things I did today?  If there's something on her mind, she'll make herself write them down to get it out of her head Now is your life. Think about what you want      to do. What does success look like to you. How do you want to spend your day? Key advice: The things you're doing every day are going to build and will affect you. Show gratitude and      surround self with others who can support you. Go into relationships for the right reasons. Don’t rush things  Jess' Gift: Her voice 
May 28, 2019
28: Our Bodies Were Made to be Self-Healing | Dr. Stuart Marmorstein
On today's episode, Dr. Stuart Marmorstein and I talk about: https://head2foot.net or call   713-955-4009  Show notes: Background  Unconventional chiropractic work Applied kinesiology- muscle testing to see what's going on in someone's body  Body-mind system  A persons mindset can be altered with right words  Transpersonal psychology  Our bodies are made be self regulating and self healing, we just need to get the blocks out of the way blocks can be thoughts, food, pathogens, chemicals, etc.  22 bones in the skull move throughout life Cubicle-life  Competition and pressure stressors can cause muscle tension and many chemical changes in a person  Brain is connected to the body through nerves. All the branches of those nerve roots go throughout  the body. Influential factors that led Dr. Marmorstein to learn the methods he teaches today. Innate intelligence, not just intuition. The ability of the body to find its own internal balance and regulate itself throughout life. Beliefs to adopt: we deserve to enjoy our lives ,treat each other well, better to be more aware in here and now than absorbed in multi-tasking and not paying attention in anything. Find something you're passionate about, something that makes a difference. The more you teach the more your learn. Connect with other people.  It's good to find someone who can listen to you and someone you can listen to, so we don’t become isolated.  Go far a walk a day  Clarity center for a peer counseling network Dr. Marmorstein's gift to share his technique to other professionals to help their clients - Neuro non-forceful methods
May 21, 2019
27: Working Out & Working In | Kyle Kingsbury
 On today's episode you'll hear Kyle Kingsbury and I talk about: https://www.instagram.com/kingsbu/?hl=en  @kingsbu https://www.onnit.com/ https://www.onnit.com/podcast/ Kyle's  Background and how  Mixed martial arts gave him human element to sports The root of all addiction is trauma “ Gabor Mate (shopping, tv, a form of escape) “The difference between psychedelics and religion is having a direct experience with the divine” - Dennis McKenna  Zero depression leaving fighting because of new mindset of trust, faith, and belief. Trust that just need to follow passions and dreams and everything would sort itself out.  How Kyle got to work for Onnit and become the Director of Human Optimization Optimization is not about making life easier, it’s about knowing how to tackle the challenges ahead of you and welcoming those challenges. Working out is energy expending, working in is energy building. (Breath work, charging self up with O2) shifting from sympathetic to PS (calm, rest) We all have shit to sort through. We’re constantly in Ebb & Flow. Hopefully we can make stress more acute.  Flow state: Timeless act of being 100% in the now. How you hack that is doing something you love. And showing up as best self. More you’re playing and enjoying, it’s easier to hack flow Being present is how to hack flow. Be here NOW. Tips and habits  A good question to ask self daily: W.I.N - What's Important Now? Kyle's Gift to share: Play Links and Resources:  Sleep”by Nick littlehale     Why we sleep by Matthew Walker Stealing fire by Steven Kotler How to eat, move, and be healthy Paul Chek.  Wired to eat Becoming a supple leopard A new earth by Eckhart Tolle  Atomic habits by James Clear Own the day Own your life  by Aubrey Marcus   “Art of Breath” devoted to every type of breath Science of mindfulness Jason Segel
May 14, 2019
26: Novel Training and what training matters most for you | Coach John Wolf
On today's episode Coach John Wolf and I talk about:  John Wolf (@coachjohnwolf) and Onnit : https://www.onnit.com/academy/meet-john-wolf/  https://www.onnit.com/ Life's about constantly shifting your focus towards what matters most at that time More than strength, but enduring strength. Your ability to endure and still call a strength in times of less than ideal circumstances Its largely about listening to your self. You can defer all the decision making. You can't do that selectively when you choose a coach. Make a choice and then you can defer. What's great about that is that you chose. You made an educated choice. Studies are going to say what they're designed to say most of the time. Take studies with an n=1, you. Create time and space to assess your training and you as a human being.  Doesn't matter to what studies say, it matters how you respond to the practice If you're chasing  what's cool you're missing the boat. It total human optimization - you're the human.  Taking studies with a grain of salt and filtered through your own lens  In the future, Onnit may have a program similar to a create your own program Onnit 6 is a more holistic approach to training. novel stimuli. If you do the same thing for 6 months you're not adapting. It doesn't mean you do everything different all the time for the sake of novelty, but we can find new ways to compliment the original goal. We are sometimes too focused on muscle. There are a variety of tissue that need to work harmoniously for our body to function well. The human experience is largely an emotional one and perception is reality. Trust through meaningful communication Psychology trumps physiology Daily rituals and starting with intention Smile everyday - everything is about perception. All about the attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for the opportunity to overcome the challenge. It's not going to change whether or not the reality is there, but it's going to change your experience in that reality. The sooner you can make a perception shift, the better. Let's fail forward and fail fast Forgiveness  How can I apply what it is I am choosing to take in today? John's Gift: Big, Energetic, Actual HUGS
May 7, 2019
25: Brain SPECT Scans for Learning and Trauma | Dr. Jay Faber
  Show notes: (unfortunately Dr. Faber's mic broke off at some times) A little background about Dr. Faber Passionate about Integrative health because even with brain scans and vitamins some people just don’t      get better How the body can effect the brain Intro into brain SPECT scans  How brain scans can help with lifestyle interventions 7 supplements that support the whole cortex - Dr. Amen has them all in 1 capsule Dr. Faber's FREE book Escape: Rehab your brain to stay out of the legal system Dr. Faber recognized a high % of prisoners suffer from some type of mental illness  Zero Limits with Dr. Joe Vitale: True story of a therapist  who helped heal an entire ward of mentally ill criminals by using    The brain increases insight Gratitude and brain rehabilitation  Amen clinics has 150,000  brain scans Best habits to implement,  even with not having a brain scan Habits like taking vitamins and supplements in morning and evening Mind changing meditations  Getting on high quality multi-vitamins Green juice vs multi-vitamin. Check the back to make sure getting same nutrients Brain friendly exercises like Ping Pong help with the cerebellum  Gray matter of frontal lobes - focus, learning, executive function - shrinks with playing video games for more than an hour a day The movie Screenagers   https://reasons.screenagers.com/#videosHO'OPONOPONO Quality of games played like      quality of food you eat Bony pony ranch foundation https://bonyponyranch.org/meet-us/  Journaling favorite quotes and notes from books - Lifebook "Adversity causes most to break, others…to break records"  Habits he wishes he started at 22 - reading personal leadership books and journaling Questions he asks himself to make sure his daily behaviors align with his deepest values  Left Brain journal where he talks a page with Dragon dictate. Be careful that you don’t get negativity      because you don't want to ask what you're not doing, you want to lift yourself up. Right Brain Journal - use      mind maps like on One Note. Creative journaling rather than analytical How am I doing on this? From what I've read, what are the concrete things I need to do to take this to      the next level? Is what I am doing moving me towards a better version of my life? Jay's gift for us to be inspired - become something you never thought you could become! 
May 1, 2019
24: A NuVision for Health | Dr. Gwen Foster
Gwen Foster is a Hanna Kroeger practitioner, certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist, Certified Biofeedback Technician and Personal Coach.  Other modalities include Reiki, Matrix Energetics, SRT, EFT, and ECR.  Gwen received her Bachelor of Natural Health Studies with Highest Honors from Clayton College of Natural Health in 2003. Her website is http://nuvisionusa.com/ Today's topics: her background and how you got into naturopathic medicine What is NuVision and how does it help you identify blocks and imbalances in clients? 1. My results and how it works based on resonances  2. What goes into the machine and how does it work? 3. How can it be used to help recover from injuries or illnesses? It is a cooperative component with healing but it does not diagnosis   “Nu|Vision visualizes resonances between these holographic tokens, resulting in analytical insights. A Swiss psychologist named Carl Gustav Jung coined the word “synchronicity” to describe the experience of events that are apparently casually unrelated, yet occur together in a meaningful manner.  Synchronistic events reveal an underlying pattern, a conceptual framework that encompasses, but is larger than any of the systems that display the synchronicity. Following discussions with both Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli, Carl Jung believed that there were parallels between synchronicity and aspects of relativity theory and quantum mechanics.  Synchronicity is perceived as being a law of attraction in a higher-dimensional space, but is actually caused by convergence in the lower-dimensional reference system.” · This machine, based on resonances from my blood type, my name, where I was born, and the hospital I was born in revealed that I need healing with friends, healing, and integrating shadow cells… And really revealed some personal stuff that has been going on in my life over the past couple years.  What all does it reveal because it also offered nutritional options for me? · Polarity (division) issue  · It showed that I resonated with weak muscles in my neck and shoulders, so she connected me with holistic chiropractor Dr. Marmostein, I emailed him, a busy dr, and the next day he called me, got me in, and in 1 visit helped me reduce some lingering symptoms · What all can these results help someone looking to make some changes do?  · What is C60 and why might it be better taken than other supplements? o I started using it On December 30 and just got to the bottom of the bottle. I did not research extensively, but found that after a week or 2 I was feeling a bit more energized and more control of the lingering symptoms from the concussion. o Studies show: The effects of C60-olive oil solutions in an experimental model of CCl4 intoxication in rat strongly suggest that the effect on lifespan is mainly due to the attenuation of age-associated increases in oxidative stress.  o Antioxidant qualities o C60 is one of the top 5 antioxidants you should be taking · WebMD defines them as substances that “protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. Many experts believe this damage is a factor in the development of blood vessel disease (atherosclerosis), cancer, and other conditions.” Gwen's advice to her 22 year old self and her gift to share with the world.
April 23, 2019
23: Crisis Precedes Transformation | Dr. Dan Engle
Dr. Engle is board certified in psychiatry and neurology, and he owns a clinical practice that combines functional medicine, integrative psychiatry,  neuro-cognitive restoration, and peak performance methods. He is the author of the Concussion Repair Manual (launched October 17, 2017), which has been very helpful in offering natural and technological recovery methods and techniques. He was on the first episodes of my favorite leaders – Aubrey Marcus and Onnit, Tim Ferris, Calvin Banister 1.  Story of his breaking of the cosmic egg at same age I did (21) and where the origins of cosmic egg comes from  “Not till we are lost… do we begin to find ourselves.” – Henry David Thoreau  I loved what he said about it on Adventures in Brain Injuryand, “It is a releasing of what we thought we knew and opening up to what can now be perceived with new, fresh eyes.” How can I see myself in the world differently? How can I release my programming and back into my child-like curiosity? 2. The biggest challenges are our biggest teachers. “Crisis precedes Transformation” 3. Head injuries even more so, because if the brain is off, everything else is off. Takes us into Hero’s Journey. a. Hard for us to organize our life and objectively see if the things we do for healing are working or not, memory, attention, concentration, sleep. b. If we orient it as a potential healing force, we can develop ourselves even more! 4. “We must let go of the life we planned so as to accept the one that’s waiting for us” Joseph Campbell  5. The psychological and physical symptoms from concussions a. An invisible challenge. We need to own what happened and our own process. b. Ownership: Know how to engage the brain in therapeutic rehabilitative exercises and the technologies that support neuroplasticity and synaptogenesis 6. Rekindle faith that healing is possible and put practices into action  7. Alleviating lingering symptoms  a. The same technologies that heal the brain are the same ones that optimize the brain Follow Dr. Engle on his website https://drdanengle.com or on IG @drdanengle
April 16, 2019
Episode 22: A Jew and a Catholic Record a Podcast | Austin Quick @the.basic.catholic
 A Jew and a catholic start recording a podcast... Or something like that.  This one goes out to my friends and family at the Catholic University of Dallas where yes I was the only Jew!  My friend Austin aka the @the.basic.catholic on IG reached out to me over the summer about one of my pictures from my trip to Israel and we have been connected since about Judaism, Catholicism, religions, and love(!).  It was nice to connect with him, hear his story, and learn more about the catholic religion! On today's episode, Austin and I discuss the following:  He's #basic because he likes coffee shops, apple products, and Ray Bans so his friends called him #basic The page started as a personal page 3 years ago and and really started growing in the past 9 months He Started asking powerful catholic leaders to do a video with him Now the page is "bigger than him" Story of how he got around many top leaders like Cardinal Sarah – head of divine worship, church liturgy and Cardinal Raymond Burke What drew him to the catholic faith - Austin’s story If Jesus was alive today, would he be using IG? Soon to be website: thebasiccatholic.nyc  How he Developed a catholic view of beauty We all have our own share of struggles and start from somewhere Combining unity church teachings with the whole world view of unity Gift from the Austin and the Church’s gift of love, joy, and excitement Definition of Love – be with G-d  Thank you for tuning in to the show! 
March 6, 2019
Episode 21: Value Determination & Aligning with Highest Self | KirBeBetter
 “When your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, you can achieve whatever you want in life!”  On today's show, Kirby Chenkin and I talk about: Wim Hoff Breathing Kirbe and I went to school in Dallas and connected at a local Chabad Fitness and Wellness movement How eastern healing methods compliment with Torah and Judaism  A lot of originates from the Torah Inspiration behind KirBeBetter brand Tip of Tuesday’s  Aligning with truest version of self What are your most important values?  Kirbe’s top values are health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement. Out of which he started Kirbebetter. Where the name KirBeBetter comes from. The KBB are the initials of his grandmother who passed from Alzheimer’s A percentage of all proceeds that are generated from the KirBeBetter movement will go to support Alzheimer’s disease. The spark that led him to determine his values and eliminate what was not important to who he was destined to be. Having a growth mindset, but also being content with where you are right now. Meditation helps him balance of future-focused and presently satisfied  “Blissfully dissatisfied” by Ed Mylett A Rabbi at Chabad at Crown Heights 770 told Kirby – No matter what you achieve in life or how successful you are, whether you’re 90 years old you have to always feel like you’re just a baby with your achievements. In your mind you have to think like you’re just a kid with how much you have achieved. And, Human potential is infinite. Great people like the Rebbe or Albert Einstein have proven that if you align with your highest values and do what you love, that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Vipassana meditation 10 day retreat he went to in Dallas to get away from distractions and disconnect. Technique is to observe things as they are and not reacting. When you react, you release chemicals in the brain that cause you to tense up. Kirbe’s gift to the world – stop waiting on going after your dreams. You have all the potential inside yourself. See ya at the top! Keep up with Kirby at https://www.kirbebetter.com/about/ Or on Social networks at @Kirbebetter Link: Demartini institute https://drdemartini.com/values-determination/
February 27, 2019
Episode 20: Gifts from my Gamut of Guests
Here are 19 Gifts to fill up your week from the previous 19 episodes: Episode: 1. Intro to The Gamut of Solomon Berezin a. I introduce the theme of my show to having meaningful conversations with people doing things in and of itself, not as a means to an end. In addition, working hard towards worthy goals and enjoying the process there. 2. Morning Routines & Mindfulness with Tamir Goodman a. We learned from Tamir by overcoming challenges you reach true happiness. 3. The Power of Names with Rabbi Schmukler a. There is a tiny prophecy when we name children 4. Seeing the Process with Reggie Rusk a. Being around someone who will push you; a mentor 5. Gratitude in all situations a. “When you express gratitude for beautiful moments in life, you make open the way for these moments to repeat themselves and grow in terms of their magnitude” Vishen Lakhiani 6. Wholeness and Intentions with Dr. Laura Munoz a. Ask Questions. Questions are opportunities to address concerns 7. Avenues for Joy and Peace with Mr. Frankie Willson a. Operate through eternal gifts – Joy, wisdom, love. b. 3 words to use less – just, only, and trying. c. Own your actions 8. What Jew wanna do with yo life with Amy Kritzer a. Things can change very fast. Step away and come back re-inspired. 9. Harnessing a Holistic Lifestyle with Howard Bowens a. The hardest points give the most encouragement. Faith and Hope are important. 10. Consistency in all things we do with Keith Spencer a. Walk away to the next level feeling at peace b. Living our lives in the zone of being consistent as our best self c. Can’t give what you don’t have yourself 11. Pathways to Success with Julian Placino a. Center your life around G-d first. Find the intersection with what you naturally do well, what you enjoy doing, and what helps other people. Once you find that, you will never have to “work” for the rest of your life. 12. Creating a Meaningful Life through the lens of Content with Becky Bordo a. Gratitude is circuitry, not complacency. 13. The Health Benefits of Shabbat with Rabbi Schmukler a. Spiritual connection of Shabbat 14. Bringing More Awareness to our Bodies with Jeneesa Jackson a. The body naturally wants to heal itself, and she’s getting rid of the things preventing that 15. Storytelling and Laughter with Alex Onaindia  a. Laugh a little bit! 16. Astronomy & Consciousness with Dr. Richard Olenick  a. 5 tips for graduates/young adults. Record your grandparents and really Listen to people 17. ITN Health Coach with Mindy Touzani a. Help people learn different options of healing.  18. Healing the World 1 conversation at a time with Ezra Mitchel a. Commit to the Journey! Learning to walk through the mud. Live life for you and face all your fears. b. Your fears are where you should move towards 19. Why you should unplug with Tanya Shevitz from Reboot a. Giving people back the power over their lives. Ted Talk Link: https://www.ted.com/talks/drew_dudley_everyday_leadership?language=en&utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare
February 20, 2019
Episode 19: Why You Should Unplug | Tanya Schevitz from Reboot
Ever struggle with taking the time to unplug from your phone? I got a solution for you that you can join in on.  March 1-2,  2019 is the #DayofUnplugging Reboot is an incubator of Jewish arts and culture. It is an innovative non-profit that challenges what Jewish is. They reimagine Jewish traditions and rituals for the 21st century to help people create their own Jewish life.  What the National Day of Unplugging in? How Dan Rollman started the Sabbath Manifesto. Resting starts with putting away our technology Celebrities like Katy Katie Couric, Ariana Huffington, and Richard Branson are practicing #unplugging Power of Unplugging, time to rest. We all crave, but it’s hard to do. We have to consciously make this decision. The 10 Principles of the Sabbath Manifesto (link at bottom)  Take them and apply them in a way that fits you. Tanya tries to implement in daily with her family for an unplugged dinner to rest and reconnect.  Why it’s also important to consistently unplug.  Her Tea Time she implements to reclaim connection – like a quick game, a puzzle, or conversation. How kids really crave connection with their parents. It’s so easy to just let others work on their phones, so we need to really make an effort to connect. Tips for those who’d like to disconnect to connect: 1. State things in an I way not a you way 2. Bring it up in a conversation  3. Take responsibility  How to start a group for the day of unplugging Come up with things to do because if you don’t prepare yourself you’ll feel lonely, have FOMO. For example, if you plan a hike or a painting class with friends you can choose to unplug together in advance. Phantom Phone feeling we all have where we feel like our phone is vibrating in our pants when we don’t have it on us. Cell-phone sleeping bags to physically put phones away. Studies behind why having phones out, even if not used, distracts the conversation. “A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” – Tim Ferriss What do you Unplug for_______ This campaign is to get people to think about all the things they can do when they unplug. There are a ton of things we love to do unplugged, but we just don’t always think about it. What do you enjoy doing without your device?  Tanya and The Sabbath Movement’s Gift to give people back their time, bodies, and connections. In other words, the power to take our lives back and be mindful of our use of technology. A way for more people who didn’t think they could do Shabbat to observe Shabbat. Follow @rebootjewish Links: https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/its-time-unplug https://www.nationaldayofunplugging.com http://www.rebooters.net/ 
February 13, 2019
Episode 18 Healing the world 1 conversation at a time with Ezra Mitchell from Mindvalley
Welcome to the show!!  My Favorite quotes from the episode: · “Our possibility is only limited by what we believe ourselves, not anything or anyone else”  · “I can have $2 in my bank, but I can still have an abundant mindset” or “I could have $1 million and have a scarcity mindset” · Your current situation is changing every second. Rather than stewing on what I don’t have, change focus of attention to what you are creating in this world and where you’re moving towards. Here’s a little bit about what we talk about today. Unfortunately, I could not fit the whole show notes: · How Ezra started his personal journey with $3000 and a belief that he’s going to make it work · The serendipitous events that led him to his role at Mindvalley · Limiting beliefs we were conditioned to have and how to change them · How we were raised by an unconscious society and we must not ignore our emotions · Abundance mindset · What it’s like working at Mindvalley and with Vishen Lakhiani · Self-love and healing · Being committed to your journey and aware of omens  Links: Ezra’s personal website: http://ezramitchell.com/ Ezra’s Mindvalley Video Cover Letter https://youtu.be/h1zV37MqUaI Mindvalley’s website: https://www.mindvalley.com/
February 6, 2019
Episode 17: ITN Nutrition Certification with Mindy Touzani
 Well Hello There! You're in tune for a treat as I talk to Mindy Touzani about being a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. Here's what we talk about in today's episode: Mindy’s Background Story: Health coach was never something she thought about She was in Sales & Marketing roles for years  Got into health and wellness from own health struggles  Her struggles led her to her first wellness career, which was educating doctors and their patients about nutrition and functional medicine Most doctors only had about an 1 hour of health and nutrition classes  How she found Cynthia Garcia and ITN  CTNC program covered exactly what she wanted because it covers the science, psychology, and spirituality of nutrition  When she started it was first for her own self empowerment to understand her health  After she was applying what she was learning and where she was working and sharing the information she slowly decided being a health coach is what she wanted to do. What is a health coach? She has been a health coach since 2017. As an ITN health coach Mindy helps solve the root problem of clients, such as the emotion behind what and why we eat what we eat.  Transformational Trauma technique The brain doesn’t know the difference between real and perceived stress.  Take all aspects of what’s going on in someone’s life with the nutrition to help others as a whole A brief difference between an ITN health coach and an RD or Nutritionist A productive way to get through the work if you’re taking the certification  Getting an Accountability partner  Check out her website: https://mindytouzani.com/ Follow her on IG and FB @mindytouzani 
January 30, 2019
Episode 16: Astronomy, Consciousness, and Listening with Dr. Olenick
Ya wanna meet someone outta this world? Say hello to my college Astronomy Professor, Dr. Richard Olenick. Also, spring classes are starting up today so if you are taking Astronomy, or any of Dr. O's classes, maybe you can get extra credit for listening. Here's what we talk about today: How can astronomy help us with our daily life?  Do we matter in the universe? What would happen if we were gone? His conclusion: we may be inconsequential to the universe because it’s so big, and, for example, we have no control how planets move, but the thing was that we are not insignificant because we have minds that can grasp this stuff. Humans are so amazing, that we have found out so much. Never Give Up! You do have something there, our mind. We should work with it, develop our mind, be as rational as we can. That’s how we are important (in a sense).  Rational in a sense of understanding things. Search not just in a surface level, but curiosity. Imagination is more powerful than logic. Do you think to notice other beings and things is to look further outward, or just raise our consciousness? “To see a world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand And eternity in an hour” - William Blake Latest theory is that theres a parallel universe that has time going backwards (woahhhh) The real definition of time is an instant A piece of advice to someone getting into astronomy and/or increasing consciousness:  Read books like, “A brief history of time,” “Dragons egg”  Get a telescope or go to an observatory  Best places to go are around 30 miles from the city… Generally away from large cities Aurora lights in Alaska or Iceland!  spaceweather.com has pictures of auroras  Blue marble experiment [19 min] December 28, 1968 was the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8 which went around the moon.  In terms of raising consciousness, we should all be friends in a way, we are all one.  We are caregivers of earth, not the owners Drake equation that predicts the probability of intelligent life elsewhere. Surprisingly, it predicted that the chance we are alone in the galaxy ranges from 56-86 % that we are alone. In the whole universe, it was more like 29-56% that we are alone.  Could earth be the center in the whole universe? Yes and no because everything came out of the center, we are all one. It came out of energy. There is no center for the universe How is it that he channels the passion to class everyday?  Reading something new about it everyday, being a life long learner. To be curious and keep looking into things. Reflecting on things more gets him going! He wants others to explore these things and find out what they’re passionate about. How old do you feel mentally inside?  How to avoid burnout? [30 min]  To do something different. We all like to grow, see change. Frees the mind to not think!  What would you recommend someone recently out of college? Buy an alarm clock to be on time.  Record your grandparents. Have them talk about their childhood. Don’t give up hope about finding your passion Don’t be so hard or critical on yourself. Step away and focus on the good things. What is his gift to share with the world ?  Always listen to everyone, because you can learn something from everyone, even someone you didn’t think you could. Be observant and listen to people, you can get insights to things you didn’t think was possible.  Listen to people when they’re in front of you. Email him olenick@udallas.edu for more!
January 23, 2019
Episode 15: Storytelling and Laughter with Alex Onaindia
Haaaaave ya met Alex Onaindia. Well, I have and here's what I gotta tell ya about him. Alex is the VP of Communications for Revolving Mind Media. Based in Miami, Alexander has developed strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies and global start-ups, marquee media, professional athletes, social media influencers and non-profit organizations through innovative marketing and communications campaigns. Alexander has had clients featured on national media outlets including ESPN, Good Morning America, O, The Oprah Magazine, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, The Today Show and The Wall Street Journal. LinkedIn: Alexander Onaindia and IG as @alexonaindia Here's what we talk about: FSU Alum where he studied Sports Mgmt  Communications  PR and Communications route from Internship What drew him to PR and Communications  Wanting to be a story teller The story is the individuals making change. One’s that wouldn’t normally get out there. Revolving Mind Media event with Jaylon Smith, Lonestar Toyota, iCryo, and Boys & Girls Club  How Alex and RMM got all these people featured. Highlighting everyone involved. Alex’s unique storytelling and making sure it is conveyed in that special way  Finding out who someone really is, what interests you, what do you want to be involved in, etc.  Value of in-person connections  Shifting to mobile experience  What is it that lights Alex up  To be one of the best in PR and adding additional skills that will then help the companies and individuals he’s working with. What motivates him is the desire to grow and learn, that if you don’t stay up to date, you will get left behind.  Thirst for knowledge - to help in many different areas and PR is a strong suit Loves to give back to any organizations with kids  A new question I tried to formulate. Focusing on what good we did do, not what didn’t happen Appreciating the moments and opportunities Suggestions to recent college graduates:  Working in some field exposed to a bunch of businesses  Network and Connect with people  Golden Era of being able to reach any person and do business with people all around the world “IF today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” - Steve Jobs Alex’s Gift of Laughter and being friendly; Smile and pass it on.  Prime 112 in Miami when I bring on a big PR client  Links  revolvingmindmedia.com 
January 16, 2019
Episode 14: Bringing More Awareness to our Bodies with Jeneesa Jackson
I was on a Massage-high during this recording.  “The real purpose of giving a massage is to foster more depth of feeling for one another in order to bring out the love that often lies buried beneath the pain of everyday suffering.” -Robert Calvert Welcome Jeneesa! Here's what we talk about today: Jeneesa helped me with recovering and feeling good Healing people through massage How’d she get into it [1:30] Top massage school in Utah craniosacral, kinesiology, energy-healing modalities She specializes in [3:10] Structural integration  - child of rolfing. Focuses on Alignment of the body. Wherever the tissue is short you want to stretch it out  because that’s pulling the body to one side or forward. Also focuses on facial planes.  Energy work she intuitively incorporates How in-tune does someone need to be to acknowledge they are tight? [5:40] One of purposes of massage therapy is that it creates awareness in the body. The body naturally wants to heal itself and her job is to get rid of the things in the body that want to stop that. Our bodies are our best teachers, they give us our signs. Why holistic practices are very important. Let ourselves to feel what we feel. If we hold on to stresses it will build up into our tissues. That’s why massage helps heal on an emotional and spiritual level because when we work out physically whatever’s hurting in our muscle tissues, we are also releasing something we held on to and have not let go of. On a maintenance, everyone could use a 90 minute massage a month Cronic issues would be best 1-2x a week Bob Hope from the Price is Right got one every day and he lived to around 90! On a scientific level it stimulates your lymphatic system, which is what detoxes toxins. One reason why she loves cupping massages. Helps with skeletal system. If muscles around the skeletal system are tight, they are pulling the bones out of place, so its good to loosen those up so you can stay in alignment. Our fascias produce our bodies natural anti-inflammatory chemical, so stripping the fascia back into place can help release this. Benefits of essential oils during massage: She uses depending on how people feel. Peppermint for headaches and uplifting with energy Eucalyptus opens sinus  Frankincense is a negative energy cleanser Lime is a cleanser and uplifting and refreshing ‘Love’ blend sweet orange, ying yang, bergamot, amarice  Spearmint and eucalyptus lotion, grape-seed oil is a natural skin tightener and has many vitamins.  What she learned on her a 3 month abroad trip!  Healers must take care of themselves because it can effect the people they work with.  Her gift she wishes to share with the world is: She likes to give hope and faith that we can overcome pain and enjoy our life and be happy. Not to give up because we will  always be on a rollercoaster, if you keep fighting for happiness you can see the light! Seek after help so we can all serve each other! @jeneesa_jackson on IG jeneesajackson@hotmail.com
January 9, 2019
Episode 13: Health Benefits of Shabbat Rest
Taking time to disconnect from our technology is relevant now more than ever! That's why today I share a conversation with Rabbi Schmukler about Shabbat, its origins, its health benefits, its components, and more! origins and health benefits and why today it is more necessary than ever Origins [5min] Idea that G-d created the world and Torah starts with 6 days of creation and 7th day for rest Why start with that story?  > Purpose is not to fill in our curiosity about how things came about but to teach us We are here for a purpose Gift of Shabbat  Yes 6 days of working but reason is to rest on 7th ME: How do we decide what is allowed on Shabbat? Rabbi: In ancient times people wouldn’t farm. Shabbat has 2 components = Shamor (to keep) and Zahor (to remember) 10 Commandments is shown 2x in the Torah, once mentioning Shamor and the other Zahor Sages teach that both are essential Through things we do and don’t do we connect with source Anything we want to achieve consists of things we do and don’t do in order to achieve it and make it meaningful dieting, career, marriage, etc. Key Components to Shabbat - how does somebody start observing? > Practical advice start with your entry point… the place most attractive place for you > For example, A Friday night meal, lighting candles, make a blessing over wine and bread > Spiritual properties.  Start with an entry point and expand from there WeWork video Adam Neuman https://youtu.be/-4vTTmUByfk       >Had trouble with his ego >his rabbi suggested he observe Shabbat Why is it that by taking this day for rest that we can connect ? > Shabbat is so multi layered > Its more than taking a day off. Once you bite into it, it doesn’t matter what’s happening in your week, but when it comes and you stop working > There’s something bigger than you that you commit to. It creates a genuine island of calm and quiet Whatever you were doing is not a life-threatening emergency, which is why if it is life threatening you SHOULD take care of it…It’s actually permitted on shabbat You’re out of news, tech, etc and instead are into family, self, friends, spirituality, community  That’s a spirit of shabbat in a simple way Studies that show Having the time to reflect and how to improve and get closer to family [16 min] Taking a step away can promote Creativity Mind get’s clearer and refreshed Its a GIFT not an obligation [17:50]  Spiritual Connection [19:30] > Big opening allows a certain sunlight (your soul) to shine through A few health benefits of powering down from an article I read Stillness and quiet of shabbat From a jewish mystical perspective in a nutshell  > 6 spiritual attributes of the soul that 6 days represent > 7th receives what the 6 produce or radiate Why is it more important now than ever [23:40] >People once thought that it was hard when we had to physically labor so hard > Now that we can sit on the couch and not have to, things are easier, etc. we think ‘who needs it’ HOWEVER, this shows difference of divine and human wisdom > Divine wisdom is always applicable, it’s eternal for any time > Shabbat provided rest for the laborer > Now that our idea of labor changed (we can work from our phone)… the eternal rules still apply today - to technology for example > On avg we look at our phones 6x a minute! Routine/ Set up for Shabbat [26:20] Shabbat is experienced on multiple levels - observing on each of multiple levels - body, mind, soul Body - bigger meals with family, resting, physically enjoyable things,  Mind
January 4, 2019
Episode 12: Creating a Meaningful Life through the lens of Content with Becky Bordo
Meet my friend Becky! She's a really cool gal and we have an even cooler story for how we became friends lol. Today we talk about: Hanukkah miracles. Favorite time of the year. She get’s wonderful insights, experiences, etc. to be who she needs to be The magical story of us meeting each other Meeting in Jerusalem as people who met on IG - - what are the odds Changing perspectives with understanding how the universe works - belief  Need real life experiences to cement wisdom  Deep in Jewy things... connecting with the reason of things American birthright documentary - Link below About Interfaith marriage  Arrive at truth only when we do something about it for ourself Becky’s past with performing, communications, broadcast journalism, structure to creating [10 min] Never know who’s going to come in your world to support you! [ 9 min] How I came across Becky’s work [12:30] and the crazy story of how I ran into her in Jerusalem’s market  We don’t miss out on opportunities…if it’s meant to be it’ll come back around [14:45] Acknowledging steadiness of what you have accomplished. Gratitude is circuitry. Higher energy rather than looking at what you didn’t do [15:30] Clarity on what it is we want elements of things in a job or intention resistance gut feeling is very important to look at  Mind is limited, emotional body taps into much more intelligence People used to hold vegetables to feel if they were good or bad based on if their arm became strong or weak [18:50] Our body has an intelligence to know what is right Don’t need to analyze or know exactly where it comes from (yet) but acknowledging that it’s there.  Doing value rundown We mentioned the Tanya and how Ego tries to fool us that it is our G-dly soul [21:50] Live the questions, don’t chase the answers (I heard this from Deepak Chopra) We all want to connect with something deeper [24:00] Smart Talks show with Becky and Rabbi Zalman   His father started: Jews For Judaism “Founded in 1985, Jews for Judaism was created as a response to religious coercion targeting Jews for conversion, and to strengthen and preserve Jewish identity through education and counseling.”  Content elevates and how Becky wants us to create [26:40] Questions as to why we have social media but are so disconnected My terrible Californians accent [29:00]  Becky on the J-date commercial 4 years ago or so [29:10] If ever there was a role she has to get how she connected well with the director Mike Bernstein (on SNL) The irony of how she’s the face of J-date and then her sister gets engaged to a non-jew The Gift Becky cares to share with the world [32:00] Looking back into childhood to see what has always been with us. Creating her story/content and helping others create their content Finding a way to help produce content and actionable next steps To bring exciting, moving forward energy Make good stuff, good moments, good friendships, and a meaningful life through the lens of content in some way Links for the show: American Birthright : http://americanbirthrightfilm.com Jews for Judaism:  https://jewsforjudaism.org/about/ Social:  @beckytbordo or beckytbord
January 2, 2019
Episode 11: Pathways to Success with Julian Placino
I believe some of our goal setting is mistaken. While we are taught to go for goals that focus on money and career, there are better goals that speak to our hearts, that come from within. My guest today emulates this idea. Rather than setting the goal of earning x amount of $ selling real estate, he asked himself “what would it look like if I was to create something that I truly loved and didn’t worry about making money?” By asking ourselves this question I believe we open ourselves up to more opportunities and to what really excites us. Look at your life like a smoothie and the combination of fruits and veggies make up the smoothie of the life that is you. Blended together is a unique individual product only created by you with all the things you’re interested in. As a multipotentialite, your combination becomes your specialty. This is why I call Julian Placino is a multipotentialite I met Julian while helping out at a Young leaders for Education event last year at SMU. Currently he is a senior recruiting and staffing professional paid keynote speaker recruiting lead for bottle rocket studios - a premier mobile developer in the world training entrepreneur where he offers professional development sales and recruiters in the staffing industry and the host of the Pathways to success podcast, where he interviews various leaders on their journeys to success A couple highlights on today’s episode: If you center your life around G-d first everything flows into place. What you naturally do well, what you enjoy doing, and what helps other people Find someone that is doing what he wanted to do Go try something in that field, talk to others in that field, take 1 step at a time towards something you love. How to relax
December 18, 2018
Consistency in all that we do with Keith Spencer
Here's what you will hear on episode # 10 with Keith Spencer: Knowing when it's time to move on Walking away feeling at peace A sense of being here for something greater Bigger than the game - player development is bigger than what we do in the gym, drills... it's the conversations we have the film breakdown, all the combination of things that make us better overall What is it about basketball that we love so much? Competition and helping others Create and be an artist How Keith never wanted to be a coach... but he sees the game in a way coaches see the game Approaching life to live in the zone Holding him accountable to the work he had to put in The process to get closer to those dreams Kingdom Performance's mission is not just to recruit the best players but to invest in kids to help them attain what they want to attain Where the birth of Kingdom performance started The vision came to him with basics of the program How he was willing to do stuff for free to learn Consistency - Can you commit to something long-term and provide that consistency every day Be consistent in all that we do. Be great every day Thanks so much for listening. It really means a lot.
December 12, 2018
Harnessing a holistic lifestyle with Howard Bowens III
When I got truly honest with myself and asked myself what it is about basketball that I really am passionate about, the answer I received was about the flow and being in the zone. Rather than just in the game, but in life. I became aware that the training from basketball was so intense that my body and mind became intense. I was very ENTHUSIASTIC (I know I said reluctant lol) when Howard Bowens described a similar experience he had with Football. It was from his own self-awareness that the training he was doing was making him intense. He realized that it was affecting him and so he made a remarkable change to get into holistic training and lifestyle. Today, Howard Bowens helps his clients, who are also his closest friends, harness their own healthy and happy lifestyles. If you are interested in cultivating a healthier lifestyle and connect with your spirituality through a healthy lifestyle, listening to Howard Bowens might offer some help. It was a pleasure for me to be able to reach out to him and quickly hear back. As I shift my focus to what really lights my a** with passion, he offered some great stepping stones for me to take. And if you are in Chicago, send him a DM!
December 5, 2018
What Jew wanna do with yo life
Before Halloween 2017, I had the crazy idea to be an everything bagel with lox. When I looked online to find if anyone had done it before I stumbled among What Jew Wanna Eat . com and a picture of Amy Kritzer in the same costume...exactly as I had imagined. What did I do? Well of course, with the help of my girlfriend at the time, we got the supplies and made my costume DUH Then, as we all do, I posted a picture of me with my Jewish bagel costume on the IG the Following Day Amy Kritzer commented on my photo and reposted my post... this was my first time experiencing that well-known people were in communication with me. I reached out to Amy about my own blog and kippah company that I would like to create and she has been very helpful ever since. With Hanukkah just around the corner... even closer MAN I reached out to Amy to see how she became the creative person behind whatjewwannaeat.com! Amy kritzer is the founder of What Jew Wanna Eat an online website with all things jewish and cool because being Jewish is COOL. She is also the author of Sweet Noshings a cook book with new twists on traditional jewish desserts. HEY MOM you still need to make me the chocolate peanut butter babka!! She has appeared on several web features and mentions indluding the NY Times, Wall street journal, NPR, Soulcycle and domino and more. Check out her article THE BEST SHAKSHUKA RECIPES from March 2017! In addition to whatjewwannaeat.com she has also recently become the owner of moderntribe.com your quick shop of Jewish things in modern designs. If you're like my family... or any other jewish family that procrastinates... you can still shop on the site for great Hanukkah gifts like my Yamaclaus kipaah.... or a Dog Yarmukle and Tallis... or even THE KIPPAH a $36,000 Diamond Yarmulke... WOW Or a shirt with Jew Chainz Anyways... I reached out to Amy to discuss how she made the jump from her corporate job to putting full focus on her blog and company, in addition to getting ready for Hanukkah. In this episode, you will catch me repeating the word NICE and asking Amy relevant questions I have been pondering in my life that I hope offer questions or answers to you as well. What really helped me out is that at minute 15 she mentioned that things change very quickly and she got to a point right before her book deal that she nearly went back to her corporate job... then the following week she got an offer! One key takeaway is to step away and then come back to work when things are not working, getting inspired by stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something different than you normally would. I really hope you enjoy this episode as you get ready for Hanukkah starting the night of December 2! Thanks to Amy, my family now only has 7 gifts to get me ;)
November 28, 2018
Avenues for Joy and Peace with Frankie Wilson
Benjamin Disraeli said, "Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. This quote brings me to our guest today, Mr. Frankie Wilson. Frankie Wilson is not defined by the titles he has but by the intention he lives by, which fuels him to take action. He lives with the purpose of giving off joy, peace, and wisdom. I believe it is living by this intention that he is able to be a successful businessman, radio host, speaker, and philanthropist. On today's episode Frankie and I talk about: - A Ph.D. in cognitive behavioral psychology Frankie is currently in - Understanding fears - what it means to stop the bleeding vs healing a wound - certain trigger points to fears - How purpose lies in character and intention - Frankie's intention of giving off joy, peace, and wisdom - The Giving Project and types of charity - His radio show Inside Gospel - Eliminating ego and enhancing love - the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling - How Frankie channels the passion he brings - Frankie's gift to the world Thank you all for listening! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!
November 14, 2018
Wholeness and Intentions with Dr. Laura Munoz
Allowing oneself to be different in a healthy and respectable way is so important. And being able to learn about oneself along with learning about technical information can really help bring out one's true personality. With most of our youth being in school, teachers roles in our lives can really help mold us into the people we want to be. That's why I am so excited to share Dr. Laura Munoz with you. She is one of my favorite teachers at the University of Dallas and we sat down to talk about how she channels her passion and energy into teaching Marketing & Sales. We also touch on how she implements techniques with teaching, emotional intelligence, setting intentions rather than goals, and more. I hope this inspires you to channel your passion into your day, allow yourself to be you, and pass on a meaningful conversation! Peace out!
November 7, 2018
Gratitude in all situations
What can you be grateful for in the situation you’re in right now? Where are you placing your attention: on the thoughts in your head, or the beauty around you? Hint: there’s always beauty you just got to look.
October 23, 2018
Seeing the Process with Reggie Rusk
No better scene than talking with my long time trainer and mentor, and previous NFL player now trainer, Reggie Rusk while he trains our future. In this episode, we discuss many important topics worth diving into. Hope you enjoy.
October 19, 2018
Pre-Shabbat Podcast #1: The Power of Names
Having trouble finding your strengths? Perhaps your name could help give you a hint! Rabbi Schmukler and I sit for a lesson about the power of names and what your name could tell you about your life! L’chaim!
October 19, 2018
Morning Routines & MIndfulness with Tamir Goodman
This past summer I sat down with the "Jewish Jordan" Tamir Goodman to talk about his mission in life and how he lives based on that. He shared some great insights from basketball, Judaism, and life that we can all use for guidance.
October 16, 2018
Introduction to the Gamut of Solomon
Embrace the journey that we live
October 15, 2018
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