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Ecommerce Conversations with Karen Locker

Ecommerce Conversations with Karen Locker

By Karen Locker
Solutions 4 Ecommerce with Karen Locker - A Team of Ecommerce Experts Helping Businesses Build, Run, and Grow On Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and Walmart.
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Amazon Seller Updates: Stripping html, Storage Limits by ASIN, Melting Temp Change, and Pesticide Listing Restrictions
In this episode of Conversations with Karen there are quite a few updates on Amazon that sellers need to be aware of. The platform will soon be stripping html from listings deadline is now, enforcement of the listing style guide effecting listings and in some cases causing them to become suppressed, the new melting temperature change is affecting many, storage limits by ASIN, and the latest round of the Amazon pesticide bot terrorizing sellers of things like shoes and shower curtains. Karen covers all of this, what it means to you as a seller on the Amazon platform and what you can do. Tune in and subscribe.
June 16, 2021
When should you build your own ecommerce site or use an ecommerce platform like eBay or Amazon?
We have all heard it: You must have your own website. In this episode of Conversations with Karen, we take a deep dive into when having your own website is imperative and the pros and cons of using your own site versus ecommerce platforms like eBay or Amazon.
May 18, 2021
Conversations with Karen: Correcting Amazon Stranded Listings
There was a time when you could simply recreate the listing and like magic your item was back in the Amazon catalog. Not so easy any more to correct or even know that you have stranded listings on Amazon. Listen in as ecommerce expert, Karen Locker, tells you the why behind stranded Amazon listings and how to correct them.
April 13, 2021
When is eBay the right ecommerce channel for you?
Choosing the right channel for your ecommerce business is crucial to your success. In order to determine if eBay is a good fit, there is much to consider. Karen takes you through the decision making process in this episode of Conversations with Karen.
December 28, 2020
Conversations with Karen: What makes your Ecommerce biz different? What is the differentiator?
With so many choices for buyers, how do you differentiate yourself from the crowd?
November 30, 2020
Conversations with Karen: Amazon Pesticides Warnings and Holiday Season Amazon FBA
Karen Locker shares how Amazon is sending pesticide listings notices to sellers with ASIN's having 'microbial' in their item descriptions and what you can do about it. Also, the holiday shopping season is upon us, how is Covid-19 affecting the FBA product check in process for sellers? All this and more in this episode of Conversations with Karen.  You can leave Karen a voice message and she will answer your burning ecommerce questions in the next episode of Conversations with Karen.
October 26, 2020