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Somewhat Mobile

Somewhat Mobile

By Adam Blacker
We discuss the latest in the mobile app economy... and really anything else that comes to mind
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How Applike Group is positioning itself in an uncertain future for mobile

Somewhat Mobile

Launching a fintech app - Till's plans to teach teens about money
We usually only hear about an app after it's reached the top of the App Store. But what comes before that? To learn more about launching and marketing an app, we spoke with Till Financial Co-founder, Taylor Burton, to get his first-hand experience. Taylor shares Till's approach to revenue generation, marketing, benchmarking, and his dislike for a certain type of pizza.
July 28, 2021
How Too Good to Go is eliminating food waste through strategic app marketing
Too Good to Go is proving that some of the world’s most pressing problems can be addressed through mobile. Their food-waste fighting app has received millions of downloads in just the past year and is rapidly expanding worldwide. Too Good to Go's Head of Marketing Claire Oliverson joins us on this episode to share how the business balances mission with generating revenue, and what other cause-driven app marketers can do to reach potential users. As we wrap up the show, Claire points us to the best jelly doughnut in NYC and Adam betrays his family in a game of Underrated/Overrated.
June 29, 2021
What is the creator economy? A discussion with Kaya Yurieff
"The creator economy" is a phrase you're likely seeing a lot lately, but what exactly is it? Kaya Yurieff, a reporter for The Information who pens a newsletter on this very subject, came on the show to explain what the creator economy is, how these creators are making money, the battle for talent that major platforms like TikTok and YouTube are engaged and more. To cap off the show, we get Kaya's take on a few fast growing platforms in an under the radar pocket of the creator economy that Apptopia's data picked up on.
June 15, 2021
How Garena's Free Fire keeps players happy and engagement high
Adam and Madeline sit down with Harold Teo, Producer of Sea Group's flagship game, Free Fire. Free Fire is one of the most downloaded games globally over the past three years and according to Apptopia estimates, has the highest level of engagement of the top mobile battle royale games. In addition to some good local food talk at the end, Teo explains how his team makes the game so accessible to a geographically diverse player base and the level of community engagement that goes on behind the scenes.
May 05, 2021
How mobile game development borrows from hip hop's remix culture
This week in a fun interview with Christoph Sachsenhausen, Managing Director at hypercasual gaming publisher Sunday, we discuss the ideation process of coming up with the next hit mobile game. Christoph wants you to know that even though everyone has a lot of ideas for a mobile game, it's actually really hard to make a game that is loved by million of people. Make sure you have some thick skin and come listen to what happens to games when they don't work out.
April 20, 2021
How Applike Group is positioning itself in an uncertain future for mobile
Adam and Madeline sit down with Applike Group CEO, Jonas Thiemann to discuss how its three subsidiaries - an ad network, a gaming publisher and a discovery platform - work together in positioning for the future. Jonas explains the advantages of ad networks having their own supply of inventory while warning publishers not to rely too much on big adtechs because they could build products competitive to your own. With the future of mobile advertising and user acquisition uncertain, come for the industry insight, but stay for the schnauzer talk.
April 08, 2021
Making the complicated, simple - how Stash opens the world of investing to anyone with $5 to spare
Investing in the public markets has become mainstream and apps like Stash are at the center of it. Listen in as Sudev Balakrishnan, chief product officer at Stash, explains how he creates a mobile app product that takes the complex world of investing and makes it accessible to everyone.
March 25, 2021
Making omnichannel real - Advice from Belk, the fastest growing brick n' mortar retailer app in the US
Matt Hudson, Senior Mobile Delivery Manager at Belk, is a treasure trove of actionable ideas for all of you brick n' mortar retailers thinking about starting a mobile app or trying to jumpstart growth for your mobile app. From understanding who your specific mobile customers are, the checkout process, the connection the app has to other channels, and Matt's weakness for snacks, we cover it all.
February 24, 2021
What marketers get wrong about branding - Lessons from Klarna's CMO
Fresh off Klarna's first Super Bowl commercial, we sit down with David Sandstrom, Chief Marketing Officer at Klarna, to discuss the thinking behind their advertisement, the role its mobile app plays in the company's mission, and all of the increased competition in the 'Buy Now, Pay Later' fintech space.
February 17, 2021
SM_28: What is Glu mobile cooking up next?
Adam and Madeline are joined by Glu Mobile’ SVP of Business Dev, Corporate Dev, and Advertising, Chris Akhavan. He reviews how Glu's prototypical games have changed over the years and the incredible role that acquisitions have played in the company's success. Chris teases upcoming games to be released this year and dishes on who he is as a gamer. We also talk influencers and in-game communications, give it a listen!
January 14, 2021
SM_27: Electronic Arts reinvigorates its mobile division
Adam and Madeline are joined by Electronic Arts’ Senior Director of Mobile Marketing & Growth, Jayne Peressini. She shares her journey into mobile gaming and what she’s doing to shake up the space.
December 10, 2020
SM_26: A regrettable asparagus color sweatsuit
This week the crew is joined by the brew, more specifically the writer of Morning Brew's Retail newsletter, Halie LeSavage. We discuss which retailers' apps are on Halie's phone and what threshold has to be met for someone to download a retailer's mobile app. We also delve into early holiday trends, how to best execute on marketing pushes, and the oddest item Halie has ordered since the pandemic started.
November 11, 2020
SM_25: Keeping it casual
Adam & Madeline are joined by Boombit's VP of Publishing, Jon Hook. Jon explains to Adam that Idle games are not in fact worthless creations before giving his take on the future of hypercasual games. He also explains the myth of hybridcasual games, how Boombit's publishing strategy differs from its competitors, and shares advice for devs looking to have their game published. Craving more? Sign up for our Friday morning newsletter -
October 06, 2020
SM_24: Mulan did great for Disney+, not good enough
Adam & Madeline get planetary before diving into Disney+ and its performance results in light of Mulan's $29.99 release. Stick around for a game of 3 of a kind and try to guess the answers! Craving more? Sign up for our Friday morning newsletter -
September 21, 2020
Is Hinge designed to be deleted?
Adam & Madeline set out to answer the ultimate question for app data geeks: is Hinge designed to be deleted like they advertise? Adam shares the answer, plus gives a complete rundown of the dating app market. Then our hosts test their app knowledge, and their friendship, in a never-before-played game. Craving more? Sign up for our Friday morning newsletter -
September 10, 2020
SM_22: Moving on out
Senior Publishing Manager, Erwann Thébault of Homa Games joins Adam and Madeline [11:11] to talk about their hypercasual games business model and what makes a great hypercasual game. Erwann even teases that there may be some non-gaming app launches from Homa coming soon. We also discuss Zillow leading a growing group of real estate apps amid today's hot real estate market. Craving more? Sign up for our Friday morning newsletter -
August 25, 2020
We're back
Adam and Madeline are back and will be bringing you a podcast (and video podcast) twice a month. Might up it to once a week in time. On this episode we go over TikTok competitors and what their reviews all have in common. We also touch on news surrounding Disney's digital kingdom. Craving more? Sign up for our Friday morning newsletter -
August 12, 2020
The current that won't take you under
We're joined by Adam Hadi, VP of Marketing at Current, a fast-growing mobile bank. Adam's goes over his non-traditional background as it relates to banking and dives into who Current's user base is. We then learn how his team is able to acquire these users and the role push notifications play in Current's mobile app. Craving more? Sign up for our weekly Friday morning newsletter here -
August 06, 2020
Let's make a deal
We’re discussing the latest news in mobile: Amazon Prime Video and Apple strike an in-app purchase deal, Facebook’s latest experimental apps, IGTV and fishing apps are on the rise! We also explain why Rick and Morty is the most powerful piece of content for Adult Swim's mobile app. Here’s the rundown:Introduction. [1:33] Mobile News Review. [9:18] This week on Apptopia. [22:47] In or Out. Craving more? Sign up for our weekly Friday morning newsletter here -
April 16, 2020
Offer it up and let it go
We’re discussing the latest news in mobile, talking app store fragmentation with Matthew Hughes of The Register, and diving into the latest trends we're seeing in Apptopia data. Here’s the rundown:Introduction. [1:59] Mobile News Review. [7:51] Consumer tech and mobile reporter Matthew Hughes of The Register joins us. [36:10] This week at Apptopia. [50:05] In or Out.Craving more? Sign up for our weekly Friday morning newsletter here -
March 26, 2020
Binge the trends
We’re discussing the latest news in mobile, having a nice chat with Matt Hawes from Liftoff about mobile ad creatives, talking food delivery and more. Here’s the rundown: Introduction. [1:19] Mobile News Review. [24:21] Matt Hawes from Liftoff joins us. [36:28] In or Out. [44:45] This week on Apptopia. Craving more? Sign up for our weekly Friday morning newsletter here -
March 12, 2020
Is it abstract art or just a wheel?
Adam and Madeline discuss the latest news in mobile news, including Amazon GO launching its first full size grocery store. InMobi's Adam Sweet joins the show [22:38] to tell us about the users behind C2C apps and share his opinion on delivery french fries.
February 28, 2020
Will Twitter buy Vine (Byte) again?
Adam and Madeline discuss the latest news in mobile news, including the launch of Byte and Pinterest’s new augmented reality feature for makeup brands. We talk Walmart beating Amazon in mobile, discuss whether Popeye’s copied Beyonce or vice versa and more! Here's the rundown:-Introduction -[1:01] Mobile News Review -[12:40] This week on Apptopia -[23:07] In or Out Craving more? Sign up for our weekly Friday morning newsletter here -
January 30, 2020
We're not dating, we're just hanging out
On the very first episode of Somewhat Mobile, Adam and Jonathan talk about dating app strategy and more. Also, find out what Adam said to his mom when he thought he was texting his girlfriend.
December 25, 2018