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Somewhere in America

Somewhere in America

By Somewhere in America
What's up you guys? Welcome to Somewhere in America, the show where we talk about life as it happens somewhere in America!!
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Amy Ward - Interview with a Tattoo Artist

Somewhere in America

Amy Ward - Interview with a Tattoo Artist

Somewhere in America

Kymbra - Certified Badass
On this episode of the podcast Lakota is joined by Kymbra Espinosa. Kymbra is a Law Enforcement officer and hunting guide as well as a dog mom. Kymbra brought along her cute new puppy Dollar to join the conversation. While some of the subjects were somewhat touchy, we navigated through the conversation best we could. We had a great time and I think you all will enjoy it.
February 11, 2020
Amy Ward - Interview with a Tattoo Artist
This episode of the podcast Lakota sits down with Amy Ward, local tattoo artist who did Lakota's first tattoo. They talk about Amy's story, how she became a tattoo artist, and many more things. Please enjoy the episode and share it with your friends!
February 1, 2020
The BMF Podcast
It's obvious we've got some fans of the UFC that listen to the podcast, so listen up to hear Lakota's take on the UFC 244 Fights that happened Sat. Nov. 2nd. And that's pretty much it. As uncomfortable as it is talking with another person on the microphone, its good to be able to carry on a conversation with myself for these times when Jaylan and I cant do it together. As always, share, subscribe, like, rate, do it all!!! Thanks for listening to this episode of the Somewhere In America Podcast
November 5, 2019
Lakota is a Stoner
Episode 18 of the podcast is available everywhere. The boys talked about everybody’s favorite plant, marijuana. We had some good audience submissions and marijuana got the short straw this week. The Guys also Officially started the discussion board segment of the podcast, so be sure to send in your favorite debate/vs Topics to hear us argue each other’s opinions. Also Bryant… Boom Roasted!!
October 28, 2019
Mermaids, Microphones, and More...
Episode 17 of the Podcast features a special guest. Ransom (Yes that is his name) joins Lakota on the Podcast to talk about government conspiracies, aliens, mermaids, ghosts, Bigfoot, and a few other legends and conspiracies that will be sure to get people thinking. Ransom is a friend of the Guys and has always generated interesting conversation, so it's no surprise he exceeded expectations on his first podcast. We will definitely have him back on to talk about the endless things he has an extensive knowledge of. Hope you all enjoy. Be sure to share this episode with your friends because it is a good one!
October 22, 2019
Spooky Season Sunday
On this episode of the podcast, the guys get into some debates between a few very interesting topics! Tune in for a good laugh and see if you agree with the boys! Jaylan and Lakota reveal their first podcast guest for the next episode! You don’t want to miss out! Thanks for your support, follow us on Instagram and send in your requests for topics! Help SIA keep the ball rolling and your interests on point!
October 14, 2019
Imma Make Ya Sista Cry
On this episode of the podcast Lakota and Jaylan jump in and get that shitter. Today, we go over all kinds of "shit". Do's and don't's of using the restroom, when and where it's ok to stop and do your business, and much more! Tune in and get a hell of a laugh out of this episode, it may even make ya sista cry! Don't forget to share the podcast with your compadres and leave us a review! Follow us on instagram (@somewhereinamericapodcast) and keep up with our hustle! ONWARD! 
October 7, 2019
Reality Check
In this episode the MEN discuss masculinity and how its on the decline in today's society and how femininity is on the rise, and its effects on today's youth. Please remember that these are our opinions, and we have nothing against anybody with opposing thoughts. Let us know how you like this topic, and give us your thoughts on the subject. As always, share us and leave us a rating. Thanks for listening!
September 30, 2019
Too Many Mules
In this episode Lakota and Jaylan get into the history of the Moscow Mule. They break out the ingredients on set and make the drink. Jaylan gets into his elk hunt with a client from Utah while Lakota jumps into some memories from his adolescence and much more! Follow us on Instagram and BE SURE to send in your topics and or videos on what you would like us to debate, discuss etc., you can find our contact info on Instagram or DM us! Thank you for listening!
September 23, 2019
Podcast by the Campfire
Episode 12 of Somewhere In America comes to you From Elk Camp 2019! Lakota and his dad, Joel, had a good conversation about the happenings over the past week and also got some good clips and stories from Cousin David and Uncle Aug who joined us all the way from Nebraska! Enjoy and leave a rating!
September 10, 2019
Max is a B*tch
Jaylan unfortunately couldn't be here for this episode of the podcast so Lakota had to hold down the fort. Lakota talks about a new drink he tried, driving a motorcycle to work every day, and why his co-worker "Max" is a B*tch. Enjoy! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram, share us with your friends, and leave a rating/review on Apple Podcasts.
August 23, 2019
We're Rolling Jerome
After nearly three weeks, Episode 10 of the podcast is finally out. Jaylan and Lakota have a great conversation about Jaylan starting jiu-jitsu and how transgender athletes are ruining sports for the rest of us. We also got a new intro song courtesy of @soundbyjose Look him up and let us know how you like it. Don't forget to review, subscribe, share, etc. You can hear a brand new episode every week right here "Somewhere In America"
August 22, 2019
Heated Debate
This episode Jaylan and Lakota get into a heated debate over a personal preference while "taking care of business", tune in to find out if you're with Jaylan or Lakota over the topic! Lakota brings up a hilarious flashback story from his childhood and Jaylan expresses how memory is so precise at times! Thanks for listening everyone, check out our Instagram page (Somewhere In America - and go vote on the HEATED DEBATE! Send in your own SIA stories, topics, guest requests, anything you want to hear and most importantly your FEEDBACK! 
July 25, 2019
Guest Room Studio
Jaylan and Lakota keep their "Humble Beginnings" slogan going as they move and set up the studio in the guest room this episode! The guys get into their hilarious stories about their plan for life after high school and how those plans dramatically changed for the better. Jaylan gets into his first time flying in an airplane and Lakota gives us the song of the week! Their new instagram page is up and going, not much content yet but its main purpose is to interact with the fans and give them a place to give ideas, their own "Somewhere In America" story, feedback and things they want to hear so check it out and give it a follow! ( Somewhere In America.
July 20, 2019
Coffee & Conversation
Jaylan and Lakota sit down for an early morning podcast accompanied by great iced coffee. In this episode the guys get into their opinions of the Area 51 raid, UFC 239 and many others topics! They also bring in some interesting facts on a few things that happened on this day "Somewhere In America". This is the first episode the guys set up the video camera so keep an eye out for the YouTube link, thanks for listening folks! Enjoy!
July 14, 2019
Money Moves
In this episode of Somewhere In America, the guys discuss Lakota buying a new house, Jaylans interest in American Physicist Bob Lazar and his UFO experience and much more! Jaylan makes a deal with the fans at the end of this episode, tune in and listen to find out! Thank you for joining us on Episode 6 of Somewhere In America. 
July 7, 2019
Fight Night Recap
Jaylan and Lakota sit down to talk about the crazy fights from UFC 238, and Jaylan gains interest in joining Lakota for BJJ classes. Thanks for listening everybody, hope you enjoy!
June 14, 2019
Free Bet Blackjack
On this episode of the podcast, we talk about Lakota's upcoming Jiu-Jitsu tournament, Trey's newfound enjoyment of free bet Blackjack, and Jaylan's excitement for the rut this fall. Thanks so much for listening, drop a review, leave us some feedback, share with your friends, and keep coming back for more!
June 7, 2019
New Addition
In this episode we are joined by Trey Yates. We had a great conversation about Game of Thrones, hunting in Hawaii, bacon elevators and more! Enjoy and please leave a review!! Until next time!
May 24, 2019
Titties & Beer
Thanks so much for the support on Episode 1, but Episode 2 is here! We are so excited to be doing this. Don't let the title scare you off, we actually get into some pretty deep conversation in this one. Very good stuff. Thanks for sticking around. Please share and leave comments or reviews if you have anything you wish to say. Also a big development, we are now available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and many more platforms. Apple Podcasts is coming soon. Thanks so much guys, Enjoy! 
May 17, 2019
So It's going to eat us now or what?
What's up, and welcome to the first episode of the podcast! We are so glad you are here. This episode is sort of a feeling out process of the way our podcast is going to go. We don't have much of a structure to this first episode, just a couple of buddies having a good ol' conversation. Thanks again for listening, be sure to share, like, comment, review, etc. as much as you feel is necessary. Huge thanks to Anchor for making this possible! Stay tuned and catch us on our next episode of Somewhere In America!
May 14, 2019