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Songwriter Trysts

Songwriter Trysts

By Rae Leigh
Songwriter Trysts is an intimate space where artists from all over the world gather to discuss the love of songwriting. Writing songs and the journey that one makes into this ancient art form is powerful stuff. Songwriters have something to say and this is a space to delve deeper into their songs, where they come from, and what they are creating & why?
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#16 Briana Dinsdale

Songwriter Trysts

#202 Sister2Sister
The amazing Sydney songwriting and singing Pop duo Sharon and Christine Muskat form 'Sister2Sister', Just releasing their first single 'Nothing's Gonna Bring Us Down Now' since their #3 ARIA charting single 'Sister' in 1999 and subsiquence Album in 2000. Touring with the 90's hit boy band FIVE around Australia at the end of the year they have decided to release some more origional music. These inspirational business women and artists along with having children and building a family have build an incredible singing school in Sydney and want to inspire their children and students to not let fear hold them back from chasing their dreams and having fun. All the shows this November here: Connect with Sister2Sister: Website Instagram Spotify YouTube Facebook TikTok
September 22, 2022
#201 Matt Scullion
Matt Scullion has a chat with Rae Leigh about the journey as a songwriter from Austraia sitting in a ute witha broken casset player to living in Nashville chasing the dream of full time songwriter, to falling in love, coming home and working with iconic australian artists such as Lee Kerhnagan and many more having over 22 #1 Hits in australia and many more cuts, including Cold Chisel,  along with recording and releasing his own music.  Connect with Matt: Website Facebook Instagram Youtube
September 09, 2022
#200 Sodajerker
Rae Leigh chats to the amazing team Sodajerker from Liverpool. Founded by Simon Barber and Brian O'Connor Sodajerker is a podcast on songwriting featuring interviews with some of the most successful songwriters in the world. Seems only fitting that this podcast which inspired us to start Songwriter Trysts and helped us shape what we do was by these guys and we are so excited to share this podcast chat between the three hosts to share the positives and oppertunities that have come from this platform of connecting and creating online community for songwriters from all over the world. Connect with Sodajerker: Website Facebook Spotify Instagram Twitter Apple Podcasts
August 28, 2022
#199 Casey McQuillen
Whether touring extensively across the U.S. and Europe, gaining a loyal fan base from the millions who watched her as a powerhouse vocalist on Season 13 of American Idol, appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show, or having her most recent single played on CMT, MTV, and Sirius XM ‘The Pulse,’ Casey as accomplished so much in her short career. On the touring front, Casey has headlined her own sold out shows in New York and Boston. She’s also supported incredible acts like James Morisson, Stephen Kellogg, Kate Voegele, Tyler Hilton, Eric Hutchison, Clark Beckham, David Ryan Harris, and Nick Howard. The songsmith has organically accumulated tens of thousands of followers on social media and millions of views and streams of her music online, largely because her songs are authentic, intimate and relatable. Additionally, Casey has performed her anti-bullying concert series at over one hundred middle and high schools for over 40,000 students.  The “You Matter” Tour was recognized by the UN Foundation and was recently featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Casey recently release her debut album Skinny which includes the hit single ‘In & Out’, a duet with Jon McLaughlin, which found its way into several major playlists, being spotlighted by the likes of Apple Music and Amazon Music, as well featured on MTV and CMT, and Sirius XM ‘The Pulse’. Connect to Casey: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify YouTube
August 18, 2022
#198 Imogen Clark
Singer songwriter Imogen Clark joins Rae Leigh in a conversation about co-writing, touring, covid lockdowns in Australia and how her one year gap year turned into a 10 year long music lifestyle. ”Imogen Clark may not have tailored her record to this era but her vibrant, bracing songs –kind of like a dip in a cold September sea – might just be one of the things to carry usthrough it.” - Divya Venkataraman, Sydney Morning Herald “A rock gem from Imogen Clark. Her voice is incredible… I just love how raw that one is.” -Karla Ranby, Triple J Imogen Clark is an AIR Award nominated indie artist from Western Sydney. Her musicranges from intimate to arena-ready, rock anthems with the soul of a confessional singer-songwriter. She is currently halfway through her mammoth 100 Shows in 100 Days tour.  An artist who regularly performed 75+ shows in a year, Imogen has barely managed 20 over the last two. Even that number is a testament to her determination to do the only thing that for her makes life worth living – coming together with other people to put her heart on her sleeve and exhaust herself physically and emotionally making music that will move people. “I don’t know who I am when I can’t do this,” she says. “It’s not just a job, it’s what makes me feel alive. That connection with an audience of strangers, where you don’t know somebody but you know they feel how you feel, and with the people on stage bringing these songs to life with you, my life feels empty without it, so it’s time to make up for lost time”. The shows have also allowed Imogen to road test new material, including cathartic belter ‘Nonchalant’, which she headed into the studio to record between shows after the song became a standout live favourite. Connect with Imogen: Website Intagram  Facebook Twitter Spotify Youtube
August 05, 2022
#197 Hear Your Song
Rae Leigh chats with Dan Rubins and Sofia Campoamor from American based charity 'Hear Your Song' opening up about the healing work they are doing with children who are sturggling with illnes and complex needs and how the power of this work is impacting the kids and volenteers in a positive way.  Hear Your Song, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers children and teens with serious illnesses and complex health needs to make their voices heard through collaborative songwriting. Kids living with significant health challenges need the chance to show the world — and sometimes to hear for themselves, too — that they are more than their diagnoses. In live, collaborative songwriting sessions, Hear Your Song volunteers work with children and teens to guide them through the process of writing their own song lyrics. Using the kid songwriter’s ideas for musical style, melody, instrumentation, and tempo, volunteer composers and musicians then set those words to music and record the song to be heard, celebrated, and shared. Hear Your Song partners with pediatric hospitals, camps, schools, and other nonprofit programs that serve kids experiencing serious illnesses and complex health needs. Hear Your Song’s volunteers collaborate with kids through campus-based chapters and at the organization’s national level. All of our programs are available to our families and partner organizations free of charge. Connect with Hear Your Song HERE
July 28, 2022
#196 Duncan Toombs
When Duncan recorded Rae Leighs music video 'Find A Better Day' in 2020 Duncan talked about wanting to get back into recording and releasing his own music. Now in 2022 he has done just that with the help of his friends he released his first single 'Run' and has many more and an album to come. In this chat they go through some of the challenges Duncan overcame to get to this point.  Duncan John Toombs (born on June 14th, 1977) is an Australian based singer-songwriter, musician and video director.   Known widely for his incredible guitar work & creative film making, the release of Duncan’s debut album - STEEL ON STEEL has the entire Australian country scene waiting in anticipation.  It features 12 original songs about his life, his family and love. With inspiration grounded from his long-time love of Country Music, Duncan’s songs are woven with tones ranging from Jackson Brown to Zac Brown. This album is a sure bet to exceed everyone's expectations. Connect with Duncan: Website Facebook Spotify YouTube Instagram
July 21, 2022
#195 Emily Hatton
Awarded TSA New Songwriter of the year Emily Hatton, is a Melbourne-born country singer-songwriter, who brings fire and an energy to her performances that few emerging artists can replicate. Seamlessly blending country and pop stylings, her energetic presence delivers catchy hooks coupled with authentic, personal stories. Hatton is a dedicated songwriter with great emotional range. She crafts her music from places of strength to vulnerability, but all the time with heartfelt, true-to-life experience woven in to complete the storytelling. Connect with Emily:  Instagram Facebook Website TikTok YouTube Twitter
July 15, 2022
#194 Luke O'Shea
Multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Luke O'Shea chats with Rae Leigh about his journey as a teacher and songwriter. After many years on the road and working in the Australian music industry he calls Australia the great filtering system for artists because it's just so hard, you have done it because you can't do anything else. Connect with Luke: Website Facebook Instragram Spotify YouTube
June 30, 2022
#193 Briannah Grace
Queensland singer-songwriter Briannah Grace is stepping into an anticipated new venture inspired during the crazy changes caused by Covid-19. ‘If I Had To Guess’ is a catchy, fun, and upbeat urban cowgirl pop song. It is a sassy take on the heartache and denial everyone faces while getting over someone you still miss. Rae Leigh sits down for a live chat in the Gold Coast studio to talk about her new path with the origioanl work and what inspires her. We were suprised at what we found out about this inspirational women and artist. Briannah spent 2020 kicking huge goals, that launched her in the award-winning sibling duo as half of ‘Oh Harlow’, who in 2020 won the Queensland Music Award for ‘Country Song of the Year’, starred in the Top 24 on X Factor 2016, performed at Woodford Folk Festival, Groundwater Country Music Festival and Gympie Music Muster four years in a row. Oh Harlow’s debut single ‘Give It A Miss’ hit the charts at #3 on The Music Network Australian Country Airplay Charts, #1 on the iTunes Country Singles Chart and the sisters performed around Australia and toured internationally to Japan. Taking with her the hard work and determination that it took to create that success, this short but mighty go-getter has spent the pandemic songwriting, learning guitar, photography and building a community while live-streaming her music on the online platform ‘Twitch’ when not performing due to the pandemic. After six years of touring, songwriting and performing in her duo, Briannah Grace is fronting her own debut single ‘If I Had To Guess’, recorded at Brisbane’s Red Engine Recording Studio, and produced by Andrew Cochrane. To co-incide with the single release, Briannah Grace will be performing at Gympie Music Muster in August. Connect with Briannah: Facebook Twitter YouTube Spotify Instagram Twitch
June 23, 2022
#192 Matthew Donlevy
This is a special episode with publishing expert Matt Donlevy from Cooking Vinyl Publishing Australia, we talk all about publishing and why it’s so integral to a successful songwriting career. Another aspect of the songwriting world with many different hats over a lifetime career in Sydney. Some of their artists include: Alphawolf, Emily Barker, Ceres, Eliza & the delusionals, Emma Donovan & the Putbacks, Fanny Lumsden, Gravemind, High Tension & lots more.  Connect with Matt: Website Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Buy me a coffee and support the podcast HERE
June 16, 2022
#191 Lloyd M Clarke
Award winning Australian Songwriter Lloyd M Clarke Joins Rae Leigh in a catch up episode after their first podcast was lost to the mysterious world of technology. Both from East Gippsland country Victoria they share a love for Australian country music, history and the importnatce for mental health. In this podcast we discuss his love of Australian history story telling and the war.  Connect with Lloyd: Website YouTube Spotify Facebook
June 09, 2022
#190 Jimmy Watts
Jimmy Watts, synical or realist, this artist pushes the boundries of thought in spirit and conspiracy. Rae Leigh and Jimmy go deep into the history of why and where these beliefs and ideas come from and why he loves diving into these ideals. With an incredible Tom Waits vocal style and entertaining energy and history of touring, writing and releasing music in Australia he shares some wisdoms he has picked up along the way.  Watts is a soulful grass-roots rocker and troubadour with a uniquely raw sound and a passion for performing live.  A one of a kind gentleman of the road and a journeyman through and through. Fixated on pushing the boundaries of his craft and forever evolving his sound, he has grown to be one of Australia’s most unique and memorable entertainers. Watts is intense and at home on the boards; delivering performances with great furious energy, tremendous heart, and heaps of spontaneity. His guitar playing style is a furious assault on the beaten and bloodied bodies of his acoustics, slides and electrics. Gravely, smoke filled vocals and roaring harmonicas only add insult to their injuries. Professional Dunce at Chumscrubber at King at Connect with Jimmy: Website Facebook YouTube SoundCloud Twitter Instagram
June 02, 2022
#189 Nancy Deckant
Nashvilles beating heart are the songwriters that are drawn to her and Nancy describes her desires to live in Nashville became very clear to her in 2013. She made the journey to the beautifyl music capitol of the world and realised all around her that even though everyone was there, peoeple were still struggling to connect and network in the magical city. CEO and founder of Discover Sooner an online community of songwriting professionals and songwriters was put together to connect publishers, artist, songwriters and everyone inbetween to help fast track the meeting process and create more oppertunities for people to work together.  Check out the online community of Discover Sooner here: Connect with Nancy: Website SoundCloud Facebook YouTube LinkedIn
June 01, 2022
#188 Eva Grace
Haunted by relentless retrospection and emotional turmoil, Eva Grace details how relationships can wreak havoc on the soul in her single, “still cry sometimes.” Lyrical despair and melodic euphoria are woven together as Eva Grace purges the remnants of love lost.  “This song is about the feeling of being with a person who was never there for you in the way you needed," says the alt-pop expressionist. "Whether they're out of your life or not, it’s okay to still feel betrayed by this person. The lingering emotions of past pain are valid, but that doesn’t make them any less painful.” Eva Grace’s velvety vocals and electro-pop production create a mystical yet mainstream track that solidifies her status as a pop-essential. After all, DMÜ described the inexplicable entertainer as "one of the most promising alt-pop artists around." Contact Eva:  Instagram TikTok Facebook Twitter YouTube
May 19, 2022
#187 Jay Seeney
Jay Seeney is 2022 Golden Guitar winner music video producer of the year and an incredible singer songwriter in his own right. We dive deeper into the value of music videos to releasing a song and the do's and don'ts on music video production. In just three short years, Seeney has filmed with the best in the Australian country music business; Lee Kernaghan, The Wolfe Brothers (Ep 100), Travis Collins, Jasmine Rae, Luke O'Shea, Lyn Bowtell (Ep 53), Ashleigh Dallas, Andrew Swift (Ep 30), Troy Kemp, Drew McAlister, Benn Gunn, Matt Cornell (Ep 110) and Mike Carr are just A FEW names that demand the best the industry has to offer. Connect with Jay: Website Youtube Instagram Facebook
May 12, 2022
#186 Michael Tinholme
Michael and Rae chat about his incredible journey of discovery and the process of developing a catalogue and his inspiration from Ray Charles and his ability to explore all genres of music as an artist and a songwriter.  The critically acclaimed true musical legend Michael Tinholme. Having worked alongside collaborators of Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Quincy Jones, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney (to name a few) Michael is more than ready to take centre stage.  Whether on his emotive originals, lovingly crafted renditions of jazz classics, or his Christmas album quite like no other, Tinholme’s velvety voice ties together a rich texture of world class jazz/blues stylings. It comes with good reason that there is such passion and truth to Michael’s work. brings his stylings to his latest album Singled Out. A 13-track journey soaked in Tinholme’s smooth and sophisticated jazzy stylings, backed by genre giants performing at their best. Having battled a particularly difficult upbringing, Michael found himself doing odd jobs here and there before rediscovering music later in life and finding his true calling. Michael’s inspiring story takes him from moments of serious despair to performing alongside the world’s most renowned musicians in an unbelievable tale like no other. Connect with Michael: Website Spotify YouTube Twitter Facebook Instagram
May 05, 2022
#185 Presley Tennant
NASHVILLE, TN  –  Presley Tennant wagers her queen-of-hearts in new single “Gamble On You,” releasing March 25. With powerhouse vocals that reflect her fearless personality, all bets are off as the 19-year-old songstress shows strength and courage in delivery and lyricism.  "'Gamble On You' expresses the feeling in the beginning of a relationship of uncertainty of where things will lead, trying to basically read their mind to figure out if it was going to end up good or go no where." says Tennant. "The song has a very sultry feel that I think matches the same thoughts as one may be feeling in that moment in time." Written solely by Presley Tennant, "Gamble On You" is the first release the young artist feels she had the largest influence in – from lyrics to melody and even music video concept and directing.  check out "Gamble On You" now on Spotify and Apple Music:  Connect with Presley Tennant: Website Instagram  Spotify  Facebook Twitter YouTube
April 28, 2022
#184 Hanson
Zac from the band Hanson joins Rae on a Songwriter Trysts intimate podcast with a personal account of their band, how and why they had the achievements they did from such a young age, how they have evolved and what amazing people they have had the chance to work with. Now with a cool new Hanson album which in a way is a compile of three separate EP's one from each brother where each of them wrote 5 songs and will release them all together.  Fatherhood, life, music industry, faith and lockdown are just some of the topics that come up during this chat about their new music. Hanson are releasing their album RED GREEN BLUE with a world tour, they are a 3 x Grammy Award-nominated pop-rock trio selling over 16 million albums and performed concerts to over 3 million fans. Get prepared for the greatness of their music to hit your playlists really soon. Single featured in the podcast  'Write You A Song' Connect with Hanson: Website Spotify YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter Tour dates
April 13, 2022
#183 Jared Walker
Jared Walker is an up and coming singer songwriter, following the inspiration from his father and passion for all music but country music holds a special part in his heart. We love his single 'Down On The River' and his deep country style voice. Down on the River is an upbeat tune, written and performed by Jared Walker. The song was produced by Tune Designer in Georgia, and is a toe tapper with a 90's feel good vibe. If you've ever been down south and spent time fishing, you can likely relate to the feeling this one gives. It was written after several summers of almost nothing but river days and boating. The best way to get to know Jared, would be to listen to his latest single-"Down on the River"as it is a true display of who he is as an artist and a person. He has big plans for the future not only in his life performance, but in collaboration as well. Jared has several potential singles, and is currently working hard to hit the charts.Until then, this one is "Rockin" Connect with Jared: YouTube Facebook Spotify
April 06, 2022
#182 Jason Davis
In this episode Jason Davis opens up about his experience as a songwriter and how he got a #1 Billboard charting song before he even realised that it was something maybe he should look at.  Through a traumatic childhood and finding music as a way of expressing himself he is now passionate as a music manager helping develop artists into realising their full artistic potential. If you're looking for a record deal or management Jason gives some great advice for aspiring artists here. Jason Davis has spent his entire two decade career in the music industry and worked with many worldwide stars, including Boyz ll Men, Sugar Ray, P. Diddy, Alabama, Lonestar, Dolly Parton, among many others. Davis is an entertainment industry executive with a broad range of titles including award winning songwriter, award winning author, independent record label president, executive TV producer, entertainment consultant, former Senior VP of A&R for Dolly Parton's management company CTK management and a serial entrepreneur. He has also secured record deal offers with CEO's from the largest music companies in the world, including Capitol Records, Sony, Interscope, Island / Def Jam, Epic, Atlantic, RCA, and J Records. Traveling between New York, London, Los Angeles, Miami and Nashville, he built a reputation working with the top songwriters, producers, and recording artists in the entertainment industry on a global level.  Over the span of his career, he has not only pioneered new approaches to the signing and development of some of the world most successful recording artists and songwriters but he has consistently championed innovative business models and partnerships with a wide range of companies around the world. His career began as a songwriter when he was discovered by Grant Cunningham, the former VP of A&R for Sparrow Records. Davis went on to write a #1 Billboard hit, received several ASCAP songwriting and publishing awards, and was nominated for a Latin music award. Davis has also co-founded other cutting edge entertainment companies such as Radar Label Group (Jimmy Eat World, Plain White T's, Neon Trees, The Unlikely Candidates), One One 7, Noble Management, and Awaken Records. He is also co-president and partner of booking agency Higher Level Agency.  Connect with Jason:  Noble Management  One One 7 Higher Level Agency  Enjoying the podcast? buy Rae Leigh and the team a coffee and help keep the program going for future songwriters here:
March 31, 2022
#181 Corey Pryor & Ariell Alexis
Corey Pryor & Ariell Alexis are a father daughter special double episode as we hear how the teacher becomes the student and vice verser. Corey shares his success story with Grammy nominated Christina pop band The Newsboys in the 90's and Ariell talks about living in Nashville as a child and having entertainers as parents who inspired her own modern way of performing and producing.  These two have so much to share and to give and its great to have this dynamic in a conversation around songwriting and the music industry from America and in Australia.  Connect with Corey: Spotify Website Facebook Instagram  Connect with Ariell: Facebook Spotify
March 24, 2022
#180 Colin Buchanan
Celebrating episode 180 with a child meeting her hero, Colin shares his amazing journey with Rae as they discover his journey inspired her's and the creative circle of inspirations continues.  Born in Dublin in 1964, Colin Buchanan is a storyteller to a generation. On the release of his 1991 debut album, Galahs In The Gidgee, the Sydney Morning Herald declared him, “...simply the best singer-songwriter to emerge on the Australian Country scene in the last decade.” Three decades later, Buchanan has more than lived up to early expectations, building a diverse and successful career across the media. He is a nine times Golden Guitar winner, both as an artist in his own right and as collaborator with the cream of Australian country music, penning hit songs for the likes of Slim Dusty, Troy Cassar-Daley, Adam Harvey, Beccy Cole, Amber Lawrence and a host of others. Colin’s most substantial single contribution as co-writer remains his work with Lee Kernaghan. Colin has a remarkable 30 songwriting credits on Kernaghan’s 2022 Greatest Hits release, “Lee Kernaghan:3 Decades Of Hits.” With a long-awaited country album set for release in 2022, Colin Buchanan returns to his roots with a collection of remarkable songs inspired by the people, places and stories of everyday Australia. Connect with Colin: Website Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube Spotify
March 17, 2022
#179 Josh Simons
Josh Simons is the CEO and co-founder of Vampr, the world’s largest and most active social-professional network for musicians (often dubbed the “LinkedIn for creatives”). Recognised by Fast Company as one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2022, Vampr is home to over one million users, and active in every country on the planet. The music startup has helped fledgling musicians broker over 7 million connections worldwide. Vampr offers a free solutio