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Songwriter Trysts

Songwriter Trysts

By Rae Leigh
Songwriter Trysts is an intimate space where artists gather to discuss the love of songwriting. Writing songs and the journey that one makes into this ancient art form is powerful stuff. Songwriters have something to say and this is a space to delve deeper into their songs, where they come from and what they are creating.
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#65 Clint Wilson

Songwriter Trysts

#98 Mae Muller
Mae Muller UK singer songwriter bringing her heart and soul into her art strongly supported by her parents, "Dad never misses a show" says Mae in the podcast. She is focusing on her and dedicated to building her life and dreams and encourages others to make sure you have your own life and don't give too much of yourself away because at the end of the day you are all you have. She speaks with such strength and passion and her music is inspired heavily by Rihanna who she would love to co-write with sometime. Muller  is still only 21, but she describes herself as a “late bloomer,” having  only penned her first song two years ago. That track, “Close,” remains  on her SoundCloud to this day, a symbol of where she has come from and a  reminder of the raw emotion she puts into each of her relatable pop  bangers. Putting that song online, alongside short Rihanna & Frank  Ocean covers on Instagram, helped Mae get her first music industry  attention. Fast forward through a whirlwind 18 month period and she’s  released two EPs and has formed the sound of a versatile young artist  who speaks directly to and for her generation. Music  for Mae begun when growing up in Kentish Town, North London, where it  was always a part of her life but not necessarily as a career path. “The  music was something I was always interested in and loved, but I didn't  go to music school or anything. I did it for fun. I've always enjoyed  creative writing, but I only started writing song 18 months ago.” she  recalls of her younger days. In fact, working behind her local bar  convinced her to pursue music further. “I had a few shitty jobs and  worked in a pub. When I was at the pub I kept thinking, 'I don't know  what I'm doing.' I uploaded a song that I'd written to Soundcloud and  that is when it all started. It was very quick.” Those early days remain  a constant influence though: “North London shaped me as a person and as  an artist. Every time I feel my accent slipping I have to cut it out  immediately.” Connect with Mae: Website Facebook Instagram Spotify YouTube Twitter
April 15, 2021
#97 Chloé Caroline
Chloé Caroline has been singing and songwriting since 6 years old on the beach of LA California, she studied at Belmont in Nashville on Music Row. Inspired by the amazing Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton she would love to co-write with them one day. She shares her obsession with Harry Styles and his voice and music. Chloé Caroline’s music and artistry radiates a warm, authentic, SoCal vibe with a subliminal message for people to live their truth and spread their light so we can better connect and understand each other. Her ultimate goal: for nobody to ever feel alone. Her sound's intentional combination of real and synthetic instruments and nods to the past and present, lends her to being a timeless breath of fresh air for the future of pop music. She is both an old soul yet ahead of her time. A prolific writer, Chloé combines the vocal influences of Stevie Nicks/Amy Winehouse/Avril Lavigne with the pop and writing sensibility of Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes. She uses bitingly honest lyrics and storytelling influenced from the highs and lows of her personal life and the world around her to strike a chord and connect to a universal audience. Connect with Chloé: Website YouTube Facebook Spotify Instagram Twitter TikTok
April 11, 2021
#96 Carrington MacDuffie
Far-reaching influences of a musical New York childhood weave through Carrington MacDuffie’s catchy, unusual songwriting and voice, and stand out in her new releases and upcoming EP I'm The One.album, Previous releases include the LP Kiss Make Better, recorded in Nashville, and promoted by a recent 2-month tour through Europe and the UK; and Rock Me to Mars (2017), Crush on You (2016), and Only an Angel (2014), all recorded in Austin, Texas. An award-winning voice actor as well as singer and lively performer, Carrington has voiced biographies of Joni Mitchell, Pussy Riot, and Jack Kerouac, and plays the part of a shamanic Scottish dwarf in the video game “World of Warcraft.”  Her musical sound and style have been compared to BORNS, and described as a cross between Annie Lenox and Lucinda Williams. About her newest music, Road Dog magazine says "It can be difficult to take so many different styles and genre influences and meld them into a bottle, however, that is a testament to MacDuffie's true talent and the transitions seamlessly join together for pure genius" Connect with Carrington: Website Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube Spotify 
April 8, 2021
#95 Chelsea Berman
Chelsea Berman hails from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. She started performing at the age of 8, and from the beginning her determination to become a professional singer-songwriter became apparent. At the tender age of 22, she has now grown into an accomplished recording artist. The start of 2021 saw Berman release her newest EP 'Can You Just Not' which quickly rose to the #1 spot on the iTunes Country chart, and was chosen as the featured album on ABC Country.  The EP features co-writes with Australian and Nashville songwriters including Phil Barton and Jason Duke, and was produced by Rod McCormack. Given her talent, age and drive to succeed, there is little doubt that we will all be hearing a lot about this unique talent in the future! Connect with Chelsea: Website Facebook Instagram Spotify YouTube
April 6, 2021
#94 Rhian Bristol
After being accepted into 11 different arts colleges all over America, Rhian struggled with accepting that she was good enough to be an artist. She went through some serious bullying as a kid in school and speaking with her in this podcast you can hear the wisdom and emotional maturity that she has developed clearly through working through these events. She has a beautiful voice and multi instrumentalist along with performing and writing with her little sister.  She simply states in this podcast that her wish for the world is that we "breed more kindness"  Southern California born and raised, Rhian  Bristol sings, writes music, plays piano, ukulele, bass, and guitar and  is open to learning any instrument you put in her hands; however, by far  her favourite thing to do is perform because it gives her the  opportunity to share her experiences and move people. A consummate  performer at a young age,  Rhian has a stunning ability to channel her  feelings, joys and challenges into her music. Musician Peggy Lebo calls Rhian, “An incredibly dynamic, expressive performer who moves audiences to tears”. Rhian began her musical life at the age of  3, armed with an ABBA CD, Barbie microphone and mirrored closet door.   Since then, she has known what she has wanted to do.  Be a musician.    Writing her first song at age 9, she continued to learn more and more  about her craft and use her life’s experiences to fuel her passion for  musical expression.  While in high school, she earned multiple  recording arts awards and, at the age of 16, the national Quincy Jones  Musicianship Award.  She has performed in local venues all over  San Diego including The Roxy Restaurant, Tower 13, Aztec Brewing, Queen  Bee’s, Encinitas Street Fair, UNIV, La Costa Coffee and the San Diego  County Fair. Recognized by the San Diego Union Tribune and 92024 Magazine for her music and songwriting, Rhian's original song, “A War That Can’t Be Won” about civil rights  activist Juliette Hampton Morgan gained nationwide attention.  92024  magazine noted, “Rhian [has] combined her passion for music with  her desire to help people heal in a way that has reached far beyond the  scope of a class assignment.” Often asked what her favourite style of music  is, Rhian answers, “I love all genres of music. I believe that all  music is a form of expression so who am I to judge whether that  expression is good or bad. So I listen to every kind of music I can  access.” Rhian attends the California Institute of  the Arts, earning her BFA in Music and VoiceArts Performance while  she continues to write and perform both original music and covers and  The National Anthem whenever she can.  Experience her power of  storytelling, her connection to her audience and the emotion of her  music in person.  To contact Rhian for live performances or to perform The National Anthem, please use the contact form. Connect with Rhian: Website Instagram Facebook YouTube Spotify SoundCloud
April 4, 2021
#93 Geniie Boy
This episode I chat to Alisha Todd, half of the new Gold Coast indie-pop duo, Geniie Boy. They have been two years in the making and have now joined forces to release their debut single, Fool’s Play, out 5 February. Alisha shares with us her travelling adventures and playing music in Ibiza as an amazing experience. A collaboration between singer-songwriter, Alisha Todd, and award-winning producer and multi-instrumentalist, Scott French, these seasoned musicians are creating ear worms with hooks, beats and harmonies that will keep you humming happily for days. “I met Scotty when I came home and we instantly started working together on our solo projects. We realised we share a vision to make music that is honest and uplifting and that our individual processes in songwriting and in the studio perfectly complement each other.” Hailing from the regional Queensland town, Gympie, this first single, Fool’s Play is about Alisha visiting her hometown and childhood friend after being away for so long. “I came home to find my friend at a crossroads in life and it reminded me of myself a few years ago. This song is basically about one of the things only an old bestie can say to you... ‘stop being a fool, fool!’” Produced by French in his commercial studio, Lovestreet Studios, this is the first glimpse from Geniie Boy’s debut EP, which is slated for release in 2021. Connect with Alisha: YouTube Instagram Facebook
April 1, 2021
#92 Caitlin Quisenberry
Coined "Nashville's Newest Darling" by Hype Magazine, Caitlin Quisenberry is full speed ahead as she quickly moves up the ranks of country music. Undoubtedly, Quisenberry is blessed with one of the most exciting and fresh voices in country music today. She may be new to the Nashville music scene, but Quisenberry is no stranger to the public eye. She has been singing and performing for more than a decade. At 14 years old, she worked with Grammy-winning producer Robert Cutarella on a four-song EP. The following year, she auditioned for American Idol, where she nabbed a Golden Ticket and was pushed through to Hollywood. In 2013, the vocalist was crowned Miss Colorado Outstanding Teen after singing to a sold-out audience at Denver's Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Quisenberry then decided to attend Pepperdine University, where she graduated with a degree in Philosophy, an emphasis in Vocal Performance and a certificate in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine Law School. Rae Leigh and Caitlin have a fun chat about the life of new artist and the process of "branding" finding "your sound" writing a song, co-writing and how amazing opportunities can come up and sometimes doors close too and that you just have to be persistent and keep going.  Currently, the red-headed vocalist is enjoying success she has had thus far, and is working on a new project set to release in 2021. Connect with Caitlin: Website Facebook Spotify Instagram Twitter YouTube
March 30, 2021
#91 Bryce Sainty
Australian Singer Songwriter Bryce Sainty recently released some fun dance and road trip style upbeat singles which is easy listening and lots of fun. He talks about how he got into the industry and how important it has been for him to build a team of amazing people around him to allow him to focus on his art. We discuss the common debate of the time around singles and albums and what the current music industry is transforming into.  Connect with Bryce: Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Spotify
March 28, 2021
#90 Melody Moko
Country singer songwriter Melody Moko from Brisbane is a mummy of three, we had this chat just a few weeks before her third child was born and we are sending massive congratulations to her and her family for welcoming the new addition to her family. Rae Leigh and Melody had a great chat connecting over both being mums in the music industry and how it’s okay to be a working musician mother and that we are driven by our children and want to show them that you can live a life doing what you love. Rae and Melody talk about Postnatal depression and the challenges of social stigma and mental health when being a mother, Melody asker her husband who is also a musician “does anyone ever ask you ‘Where are your kids?’ When you’re at a show? And he said, No” The equality for women in the music industry especially country music is only just starting to even out but the social pressures and judgments can be hard to bat against. Rae and Melody ask you to join them in their podcast where that talk about songwriting and following your dreams while being a mother and the challenges we face in those moments. Connect with Melody: Website Facebook Spotify Instagram YouTube Twitter
March 25, 2021
#89 Blake Dantier
In this podcast chat with Singer songwriter Blake Dantier we have a good laugh and chat about country music, the music industry, being an independent artist, his musical experience and journey with releasing music as an artist even though his true passion sits in songwriting of all genres. Engaged to previous podcast guest Cass Hopetoun, Rae Leigh and Blake have a fun catch up and get the story from the other side.  If Alan Jackson knocked back a cold one with Chris Stapleton you might get a taste for what Blake Dantier is about... The Blue Mountains based songwriter cleverly blends his love of traditional country with today’s contemporary and alternative sounds. His honest and quirky approach to song writing struck a chord with country radio in 2020; his two singles  – “Ash & Dust” and “I’d Do It Again” – both spending 9 weeks on the Music Network’s national airplay chart. If you’re wondering where on earth this guy came from, let’s go back to Jamison Private Hospital in ’94… ok maybe not that far… Blake’s music career began in his teens. He fronted various high school bands who played the odd pub gig here and there, before moving on to study audio at uni. It was around this time his eyes were opened to the vast world of country music. He formed the imaginatively named, “Blake Dantier Band”, and played around Sydney for a few years, while constantly immersing himself in Country’s rich history. A few talent comps and awards later, he decided to take the plunge and release his music independently. Connect with Blake: Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Spotify
March 23, 2021
Speaking with Birdee Bow from BSQUARED MGMT as a friend of Songwriter Trysts covers all the topics that people in the music industry need to know as independent artists. It can be hard to know who to trust and what to do next and these guys just want to help and support artist in their journey with such big hearts and such a strong team we are proud to be able to call them friends and help support what they are doing and share some of the things we learnt about them also.  Connect with BSQUARED MGMT: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter
March 22, 2021
#88 Maya Zita
Singer Songwriter and model Maya Zita is an upcoming Toronto pop artist. Originally a trained classical musician, the singer plans to bring a fresh alternative sound to the pop music industry. In this podcast we talk about the challenges she has faced with collaborating, her inspiration songwriting process and how she found confidence in being accepted to an arts collage in Canada in high school and the transition that happened there.  Connect with Maya: Spotify Instagram YouTube SoundCloud
March 21, 2021
#87 Riva Taylor
In this podcast with super star singer songwriter Riva Talyor from the United Kingdom (UK) we hear about her journey from being one of BMI's youngest artist to ever be signed, what it was like as a child superstar and how she grew and matured into the generous and professional artist we are speaking to. She is such an advocate and has a big heart for the arts, just as we are, and she supports artist all over the UK through projects and initiatives that we discuss in the podcast.  Riva released her latest single ‘If I Could Ever Stop Loving You’ has just made the Radio 2 Playlist  Out Now - Listen Here  Singer-songwriter Riva Taylor has released her latest single If I Could Ever Stop Loving You, the self-penned new track is her first since the launch of her debut album This Woman’s Heart .1 in March 2020, which has achieved over 1.2 million streams to date.   These days Riva is an advocate for emerging female talent in the arts. Her two-years running sell-out Writing Round series at London's Roundhouse, a songwriter's circle in collaboration with Nashville songwriter Jeff Cohen, led to the launch of TWH in 2020 - a community that supports and connects women in the arts. The first series of TWH exhibitions and events were due to launch this spring, but have been moved back to 2021 due to Covid. Connect with Riva:  Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube
March 18, 2021
#86 Harrison Rhys
15 year old singer songwriter from Portsmouth in the UK is confidently writing and sharing his art with professionalism and passion. Winning competitions, and hitting the charts locally he is surrounding himself by people who are teaching him and helping him present the best music he can. We have been dancing around to his music and you can too we have added it to our Songwriter Trysts playlist HERE Advice he was given at a careers day was to find what you love and make a job out of it... so that's what he is doing.  Connect with Harrison: YouTube Facebook Instagram Spotify Twitter
March 15, 2021
#85 Dina Preston Band
Dr. Dina and husband Don Ortiz speak to us about their amazing music career and experience travelling all over the world many times. They are also Speakers Authors & Workshop Moderators.  As global award-winning entrepreneurial leadership experts, Dina and Don bring a message of how to guide and lead SUCCESS in dynamic environments! The Dina Preston Band provides top-rated 5-star live music nationally and internationally for corporate and VIP events. They have performed in 43 countries and 26 world tours for the Department of Defense Armed Forces Overseas Shows, and the U.S. State Department’s global embassies. Located out of Phoenix, Arizona they also service Fortune 500 Companies in the Meeting and Events Industry in Scottsdale, Arizona New York, Dallas, Texas, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Orlando, Florida. Music Observer featured The Dina Preston Band in their Top 20 Artist for 2020. Led by Dina’s signature vocals, and Don Ortiz’s passionate lead guitar, their music is crafted around the band’s eclectic global experiences, providing a unique, but truly American sound. On the WEAA artist roster, CEO John Regna has coined them as the Most Famous Unfamous Band in the world.  Connect with Dr. Dina and husband Don Ortiz: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify YouTube
March 11, 2021
#84 Scott Southworth
Amazing to chat with Scott Southworth for the second time after connecting for episode #54 John Condrone which was also a great chat, we wanted to have a more in depth chat with Scott about his life and songwriting journey. Being in Nashville and working his way up from Radio advertising sales man to hit country songwriter and artist is a great journey to learn from. Also featured in this podcast are some of his newest songs which you can hear in full using the links below.  "I write songs. I like pie. I play Larrivee Guitars. I really like pie." - That's his version of a bio...lazy jacknut! Originally hailing from the great Pacific Northwest, Flaming Tortuga Records recording artist Scott is an award winning Nashville based performing singer/songwriter, a Top 40 charting recording artist in Europe and the creator/co-host of Radio/TV's "The Music Row Show". He performs in clubs, pubs, house concerts and festivals in Nashville, across the US and Europe, headlining Country Festivals in France, Germany, Norway and Spain. Scott is proud to be an endorsed Larrivee Guitar artist and Schertler Pickups/Amps Artist. He has released 5 solo songwriting projects. Since 2016, Scott has dropped 3 full length all original Traditional Country CD's: 2016 - "The Last Honky Tonk In Town", 2018 - "Hey Hillbilly Singer!" and 2020 "These Old Bones". All 3 CD's have won top reviews, accolades, awards and earned their spot on countless "Best Of Lists". Notables include "2018 Pure Country Album of the Year" by the Academy of Western Artists for "Hey Hillbilly Singer", 3 Time "Honky Tonker of the Month" from Country Music People Magazine and many others! Saving Country says: "If you don't like Scott Southworth, you don't like Country Music!" For booking House Concerts, Festivals and other venues, contact management: Connect with Scott: Website Facebook Instagram @sayhowdyscott Twitter Spotify ReverbNation YouTube
March 7, 2021
#83 Break Out The Crazy
Both Katya and Chris have toured Europe, America and Mexico singing background and/or dancing for numerous artists including Lalah Hathaway (Snarky Puppy), Jerry Rivera, Beyoncé, Obie Bermúdez, Don Omar, Thalia and Grammy Winner Alejandro Sanz. Writing together for about 7 years they continue to record and collaborate with numerous artists, release their own original music and create custom made music for several TV projects. Together they composed the jingle for a worldwide Samsung campaign, penned the carnival hit “Body Talk” for KES the band and composed the score for the Netflix comedy series “It’s Bruno”. They garnered much praise when they lent their voices to the song “Lejos De Ti” featured in the remake of the classic film Overboard. Chris Hierro & Katya Diaz have combined forces to create what can only be described as a kaleidoscope of sounds and vibes. Hence "Break Out The Crazy". They have now released songs ranging in styles from timeless love songs to tropical and pop/dance. As the chemistry grows so does their range of styles. With more releases soon to come Break out the Crazy hopes to always surprise and leave people wondering what will come next. Connect with Katya and Chris from Break Out The Crazy: Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter Spotify
March 5, 2021
At BennyGregs they strive to create something special. Whether it be music on your Friday and Sunday afternoon, a beautifully captured event via photograph or video, or your next gig as a musician, they are available to help you reach your greatest potential. If you are an artist ready to take the next step, the team at BennyGregs have an offer on hand to work with you to meet your ultimate goals as a performer.  From your promotional content needs, to finding gigging and performance opportunities, at  BennyGreg's they strive to set you up for the future. In this podcast we speak with the founder Benny and talk about his journey to where he is now, this inspirational, empowered young adult who is getting sh#t done! We had such a great chat and connected over common values of believing in music, art and lifting each other up in a collaborative and fun environment. The love and passion from this one person has inspired a whole community of people to work together for a common cause and it's beautiful to watch grow and we just want to team up with their vision and i'm sure after you hear this podcast chat you will too. Connect with Benny Gregs: Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Spotify Playlist 
March 3, 2021
#82 Dani Teveluwe
Dani Teveluwe is a local singer songwriter from the Gold Coast Australia, a Yoga teacher and also a school teacher. We spoke in this podcast about her journey into music and how she went from a Contiki tour in Europe to Yoga instructor and then teacher to starting to release and perform her own original songs as a songwriter and artist. Her debut single "Weight Off" is a fun and uplifting song and she goes into more details about where it comes from and what the story is behind it. A very secure attachment to herself and love and we had a very long chat which i was able to try and keep on point but I loved speaking with her and i hope you do too. For those of you that may be triggered we do talk about some deep topics around family and mental health. If you need help please seek it, its okay to not be okay and its always okay to seek help. Hear her single here: YouTube Connect with Dani here: Facebook Spotify Instagram YouTube
March 2, 2021
#81 Lily Grace
Lily Grace is a young, emerging singer–songwriter from the Gold Coast. She writes emotive, personal songs and performs from the heart. A finalist in the Toyota Battle of the Buskers at the 2019 Tamworth Country Music Festival, a graduate of the CMAA Junior Academy of Country Music and the Senior Winner of the Australian National Busking Championships in Stanthorpe last year, Lily Grace is a young girl going big places. With an incredible passion for songwriting, seamless guitar-playing and a mesmerising voice at only 15 years of age, Lily Grace is a sought-after talent across the Gold Coast and further afield. She’s booking gigs in a host of venues including restaurants, cafes, hotels, golf clubs, shopping centres, wine bars, and music festivals. She recently supported Tania Kernaghan and is looking forward to opening for James Blundell in March, and opening for Amber Lawrence and Catherine Britt on their Queensland tour. With a growing and enthusiastic fan following, the future of this young artist is shining bright. Connect with Lily: Facebook Instagram TikToc
February 28, 2021
#80 JD Shelburne
Country Artist JD Shelburne grew up on a tobacco farm in Taylorsville, Kentucky, a tiny town southeast of the Ohio River near Louisville, Kentucky. At age 19, he found a guitar after the death of his grandmother and began learning to play and sing on his own. His #1 video, “Church Pew Barstool” will be featured on his upcoming 2021 album. Shelburne has also debuted as the #1 trending artist on In this podcast he gives some great advice, shares some stories, frustrations and life lessons that he has learnt on his journey at a Nashville artist. Connect with JD Shelburne: Website Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Spotify
February 25, 2021
#79 Aesthetic
With comparisons to Blackbear, The Chainsmokers & Zedd with his melodic yet dancey pop, singer songwriter AESTHETIC made his debut with his first single “Happy Again” on New Years Eve 2017 with the intent to take 2018 by storm. The song was largely inspired by his personal dealings with depression with all money made benefitting the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. AESTHETIC, born Brandon Karasinski, had his first exposure to music listening to artists of the 90’s boy band movement. After picking up guitar at the age of 9, he played in various bands from the Lehigh Valley, PA area across a 10 year span, in which he recorded several singles and shared the stage with artists such as Our Last Night, Trace Cyrus and Set It Off. After taking some time off to rediscover his passion for making music, AESTHETIC was born. He connected with producer Austin Hull through the online Facebook group “MAKE POP MUSIC: Pop Producers and Songwriters” and recorded his debut single “Happy Again.” After much success with his debut, he released the tracks “Shadow Puppets” and "Milestones" in 2018. The following year AESTHETIC released "Hold Me Down" in fall 2019, "Good" in 2020. With the 5th release on the way, 2021 is shaping up to be AESTHETIC's biggest year yet. In this podcast he shares how his Grandfather raised him on Elvis, the Beatles and Frank Sinatra with his Dad giving him musical influences from the 70’s Led Zeppelin and Van Halen you can tell he is making his mark for his own generation's take on these along with a heavily influenced Star Wars fan! The positive vibes we get from his songs are grown from mental health and depression struggles that he has dealt with and raised money for charity that support people in depression and anxiety. Bring a voice and sharing from a place of vulnerability is a shining light for any of us who are struggling. He lets us know that you're not alone, you are beautiful and life is all about living a good life. Connect with Brandon - aka Aesthetic: Facebook Spotify YouTube Instagram Other Music Links
February 23, 2021
#78 Bec Lavelle
Bec Lavelle is an Australian singer-songwriter who is best known for her work in the Australian television drama, "McLeod's Daughters". The series produced a number of highly popular soundtrack albums featuring vocals by Lavelle. She has since released four solo albums - "Intimate Portrait", "Love & Bravery", "Kehr Wieder" and “IV” which was recently released in August of 2020. Bec has also contributed to a number of recent albums by iconic Australian artist, James Blundell, and has recorded a duet with Golden Guitar Award winner, Drew McAlister - "I Don't Fight Anymore" - for the compilation album, "30 Years of Pride - A Tribute to James Blundell" (2018). In 2019, Bec made the big move back home to Australia following 8 years based in Germany and is thrilled to be home. Bec´s Latest single “Sunny Came Home” , is already receiving amazing response from fans worldwide. A new initiative of Bec this year is running the "Road To Roma" Country Music Festival which is on the 6th and 7th of March 2021. Featuring Darlinghurst, Andrew Swift, Jayne Denham, Ben Ransom, Bec Lavelle, Angus Gill, Melody Moko and many more bring their award winning music to the City of Roma. Get tickets here Connect with Bec: Website Road To Roma Facebook YouTube Instagram Spotify
February 21, 2021
#77 Jade Holland
Jade Holland fell into music and calls it an “accident” and will do it for as long as it continues to be fun. Thanks to an open mic at the age of 11 and seeing a friend perform, she said to her mum “I’m going to do that”… From a small country town above Cairns, Australia, she has taken Australia by storm and never given up even when the world and family around her told her that you can’t earn a living making music. Loads of life experience and advice in this episode to be of value to anyone in the music industry. We talked about her fashion from her latest video which we from  Llani Creative - Artist, Designer and Educator, Claudia Williams divides her time between educating and creating with recyclables. Pop country singer/songwriter, Jade released her second album ‘Dream Wild’ last year to critical acclaim with the single ‘Drive Thru’ being streamed over one million times and, since then there has been no stopping her. Now her follow up single, ‘Do it Right’, due for International release on 29 October, is poised to eclipse the million mark. ‘Do it Right’ is not your standard love song. It’s a statement. It’s a call to action for men and women across the globe in relationships. ‘Do it Right’ mines the depths of Jade’s past heartbreaks while galvanising her determination not to waste years obsessing over a lost love. “Being able to take control of my own heartbreak made it easier for me to walk away.” Connect with Jade: Website Spotify Facebook Instagram YouTube
February 18, 2021
#76 Halle Kearns
Halle Kearns is an emerging artist quickly making a name for herself in  country music. As a songwriter, Halle differentiates herself through her conversational storytelling, melodic sensibilities, and authenticity.  As a performer, she has over 300 shows under her belt resulting in an undeniable ability to captivate her audiences and instantly connect them  to her passion for music. While  only being in Nashville for a year, Halle has already had the  opportunity to open up for legendary country acts such as Trace Adkins,  David Nail, Eli Young Band, William Michael Morgan, Tracy Lawrence, The  Oak Ridge Boys, Casey Donahew, and many more. Halle has also worked her  way into writing rooms with some of Nashville’s top songwriters and  producers. After spending over a year in Nashville working with these  creators, Halle discovered her voice, her style, and has a lot to say as  an artist. Halle’s  first project was heavily awaited by over 40,000 social media followers  and a dedicated hometown fan base that has been selling out her shows  years before a song was even released. Her first three singles have  received an immense amount of attention, collecting over 110 press  write-ups, and radio play all across the world. Her debut EP "Finally"  was set up beautifully for a sizeable release on December 11, 2020, and  has since gained over 500,000 streams. In this podcast we find out more about her songs, how she approaches this challenging industry and what she hopes to gain from sharing her music.  Connect with Halle: Website Facebook Spotify Instagram Twitter YouTube
February 16, 2021
#75 Paul DeMarco
Singer, songwriter, musician, teacher and producer Paul DeMarco seems to be able to do it all. In this podcast we talk about how he has turned his life into a space where he can be full time in the music industry and live his dream life, "they say if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life" says Paul as he describes how he has worked towards his lifestyle and used mental self-developmental tactics to help him achieve his goals.  One of the hardest things to find as an artist is a producer that gets your style of music and can bring them to life in the studio, Paul and Rae Leigh (Host) talk about communication and the best ways to get past this barrier.  Paul is from Anglesey in the North Wales part of the UK with over 25 years of experience performing, writing and recording music both as a solo performer and member of the group Gumshaw, the Ebenezer Chapter band project and Southern rock band Blackwater Lake. Performing live has led to him sharing the stage with a diverse range of artists, from Ed Sheeran's co-writer Amy Wadge to Jan Akkerman, and from Budgie to Henry Priestman from the Christians. As a multi instrumentalist, Paul shows his dedication to being the best musician he can by always growing and expanding, both in terms of performance and song writing, and as a producer. Equally happy with an acoustic or electric guitar, Paul found his voice through necessity, "When you write songs you want them to be heard, and that means singing them!" Co-writing with songwriters all over the world has only served to enhance Pauls song-writing and he always brings his best to every co-write. Having gigged for many years up and down the UK and on the continent, Paul can be seen entertaining the music lovers along the shores of Anglesey and North Wales, or wherever the call comes from, and streaming them live means that anyone in the world can catch a glimpse of even the remotest performance. The songs you will hear will show Paul’s passion for his music and his versatility in many genres but always serving the song and the lyric. Enjoy... Connect with Paul: Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Spotify
February 14, 2021
#74 Bree Jaxson
Bree Jackson mother, singer songwriter from Dallas Texas USA. Spending a lot of the time in the army and now getting back to her roots in music. Watching live music as a child seduced her into the life of singing, performing and being in the industry by getting the inside recording experience from a very young age. Connecting with Rae Leigh over being artist mothers and how this impacts our children growing up. She is an Independent American country music singer and songwriter from Baltimore, MD. Her music incorporates elements of rock, pop and Jazz within the country genre. Her first career single “Kryptonite” was released in December 2018 and she will be releasing her upcoming debut E.P “This is Me” in early 2021. While music is her passion and lifelong dream, Bree Jaxson has spent the last ten years serving in the United States Air Force. Her career started in the military by building bombs, rockets and missiles and has now stepped into the role as the Deputy Commander for Cyber Space Operations for the TXANG. Her experiences throughout life have taught her that music can help you get through anything and that is what she is hoping her fans will get out of her newest music releases. In December2020, Bree signed a distribution deal with Heart Songs Records. Connect with Bree Jaxson: Website Facebook Instagram Spotify 
February 11, 2021
#73 Melanie Meriney
Singer Songwriter Melanie Meriney from Nashville has a great chat on Songwriter Trysts Podcast about her journey and experiences in the music industry. Her songwriting tips and stories are great to hear. Some of her achievements so far include: Music videos in rotation on CMT, GAC, and Heartland Second place in Nashville's Emerging Star competition Signed a publishing deal with Dune Grass Music, Feb 2016 Song placement in highlight rotation during Root Sports channel Pittsburgh Pirates games Named one of AXS's "Artists to Watch" Mentioned in Billboard, Music Row Magazine, and Country Aircheck Connect with Melanie: Website Facebook Instagram Spotify YouTube 
February 9, 2021
#72 Bill Whyte
Nashville singer songwriter Bill Whyte was one of the writers on the 2021 Golden Guitar winning tracks "Finger Pickin' Good" by Kristy Cox featuring Tommy Emmanuel that won for "Best Bluegrass Recording of the Year". Bill’s song “Safe Haven” co-written with Jimmy Fortune, Syndi Perry and Hillary Scott is on the current “Love Remains” album by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family that won the Grammy Award in 2017 for Best Contemporary Christian Album. Through the years, Bill has performed with, Jeff Dunham, Heywood Banks, Larry the Cable Guy, Crystal Gayle, Little Big Town, Gary Morris and many others.  And in 2019 Bill signed an exclusive publishing deal with Billy Blue Publishing in Nashville. Connect with Bill Whyte: Website Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Spotify
February 7, 2021
#71 Bree Taylor
Bree Taylor is a singer songwriter from Toronto, Canada. She had a really in depth chat with Rae Leigh about; art, female empowerment, self love, bullying in school and the power of self compassion. These two songwriters have such similar stories and we get to view all the different opinions around being a female artist in the music industry and what is expected verses what is good for our humanity and mental health. This country pop singer-songwriter is a force to be reckoned with. She is known for powerful, honest lyrics and dynamic melodies that express a range of emotions that everyone can relate to. Being authentic in love and sharing a message of self love and compassion comes through in her music, featured in this podcast are her songs: Drive - Burning Bridges - Cry - Trigger warning with this podcast as we talk about bullying, body image, depression and abuse and how this had impacted mental health and art. Connect with Bree: Website Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter Spotify 
February 4, 2021
Crazy Women Country
Paula and Donna founded Crazy Women Country in 2020. In the realm of country music, women get a lot less radio airplay and support. These crazy country fans and writers wanted to start the conversations, encouraging us to keep requesting more women on the radio and helping women to share more of their music on their podcast and promote, encourage and uplift women in the country music industry. “How can you like something you’ve never heard” Brandy Clark Paula and Donna are both raving Brandy Clark fans and met through an online Brandy Clark fan club, with one of them in Florida and the other in Spain, these unlikely friends have connected over this passion and both working hard to deliver an important message to all women out there that whatever you do it's worth doing and they inspire us to support and encourage our sisters in life, music and art. Check out their website here Facebook Instagram Spotify Twitter
February 2, 2021
#70 James Blundell
James started his music career before Rae Leigh had even been conceived, He was named "best new talent" at the 1987 Country Music Awards of Australia, and in 1991 his Album "Hand it Down" won Best Country Album ARIA award.  He had a lot of success after releasing the hit song "Way Out West" in 1991, Australian country artists James Blundell and James Reyne recorded a version that became a huge hit in Australia the following year, peaking at number two on the ARIA Singles Chart. It was the highest-charting single for both singers. At the APRA Music Awards of 1992 the song won Country Song of the Year. On Spotify this song has had over 7.7 million streams - stream "Way Out West" here. James has had a whole life of experience in the music industry, "working and living on the land" and building a family of his own. In this podcast, we talk about his ups and downs, and the things that he, in this interview, thinks are the most important things in life and what it takes to be a great songwriter.  Still inspiring people all over the world with his charm and talents you will learn as much as Rae did in this chat along with feel inspired and encouraged in your own creative journey.  Connect with James: Website Facebook Spotify Instagram
January 31, 2021
#69 Catherine Britt
Catherine Britt In this podcast we are speaking about her latest album, her changes she has discovered becoming a mother of two little ones and how that’s impacted her songwriting, and that where we see some of the tracks coming from this experience. Relating to mothers all over the world and the 'Home Truths' behind the life of a mother. Singer Songwriter, mother, and passionate mentor in the music industry she has a new Album out "Home Truths" and it's sitting at the top of the charts in Australia. A well-loved Country artist who you are just going to fall in love with after hearing her heart through her music and in this chat. Connect with Catherine: Facebook Twitter Instagram @catherine_britt Spotify Website Youtube
January 28, 2021
#68 Ley Vara
Toronto-based r&b and soul emerging artist Ley Vara is excited to announce the release of her sixth single “Red Flag.” Written by Ley Vara and produced by Josh Polasz, from KYNGS,  “Red Flag” reflects on heartbreak and being cheated on. The lyrical  styling focuses on how there can be various “red flags” within a partner  that people often miss because they are in love. Ley Vara wants to inspire feelings of empowerment within her listeners by giving them a voice in a toxic relationship. In the past Ley Vara has worked with TJ Whitelaw, guitarist, music director and producer from Toronto, on her single “Bestmistake,” garnering over 200,000 streams on Spotify. Upon the release of “Red Flag,” Ley Vara is releasing the official music video on December 1 to bring her melodic vision to life.  Connect with Ley:  Spotify Apple Music Instagram YouTube
January 24, 2021
#67 Aimee Mayo
Grammy® nominee Aimee Mayo. Aimee is one of the few female writers to receive both BMI”s ‘Country Song of the Year’ and BMI’s ‘Country Songwriter of the Year,’ putting her in the elite company of Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift and she is the author of a compelling new memoir, TALKING TO THE SKY: A Memoir of Living Your Best Life in A Sh*t-Show Her songs have spent 26 weeks in the #1 spot on the Billboard charts, and albums featuring her songs have sold over 155 million units worldwide. She is primarily known for writing hits for artists such as Lonestar, Martina McBride, Sara Evans, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Adam Lambert, Kenny Chesney, Boyz II Men, Brad Paisley, Backstreet Boys, Billy Currington, Kellie Pickler and more.  She is such a strong women and during our podcast conversation she tells the story of how diary writing in her very first journal after her Dad shot himself was a saving grace and from then on became a way for her to process and cope through what she was going to endure in her life.  Her father was also a hit songwriter Danny Mayo and really showed her what was possible with music in the industry, she saw him winning awards to living homeless on the street struggling with mental health issues.  This podcast will be great for anyone wanting to get to know Aimee better and her journey through living with a father with mental illness and experiencing a domestically abusive relationship. It gets deep fast and I'm so grateful for her honestly and openness talking about such things that need to be talked about.  I highly recommend getting a copy of her book as she is such a beautiful writer and it really draws you in to her life and experiences with compassion and grace.  Connect with Aimee: Website Instagram Facebook Twitter Amazon
January 21, 2021
#66 Cass Hopetoun
2020 has been a breakthrough year for Cass Hopetoun.  In January she won the Tamworth Songwriter’s Association talent quest before releasing her debut single ‘Shots’ independently in March. In April she signed to Compass Bros Records. In May she opened for Casey Donovan at Australia's first ever pandemic drive-in concert, performed live on Channel 7's Sunrise and ‘Shots’ reached #4 on The Music Network Country Airplay Chart. In September Cass’s follow up single ‘Typical Bride’ peaked at #1 on that same chart. Typical Bride also hit the #1 spot on 2TM’s Top 20 and #3 on KIX Country’s Hottest 20 charts. Both singles were added to full rotation on CMC/CMT respectively and to Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Cass stumbled upon her talent for song when a friend “dragged her along to the choir” as a young student in Sydney’s Blue Mountains. She learned piano, took singing lessons and idolised Delta Goodrem but the song writing of Dolly Parton and Brandy Clark soon became her driving influences. Her latest single 'Fortune Teller' was produced by Matt Fell and recorded at his Love Hz Studios in Sydney. It was inspired by a 2019 trip to New Orleans. “I went to a fortune teller,” recalls Hopetoun, “and just knew I had to write about one. I wanted to capture the New Orleans vibe – all those jazzy and mysterious flavours that the streets of the French Quarter have to offer. The song evolved into being about people who they think they know what’s best for you. This is me telling them to mind their own business.” Cass’s debut album, produced by Matt Fell, will be released in 2021. Songs featured in this episode: Fortune Teller Shots Typical Bride Connect with Cass: Website Facebook Instagram Spotify YouTube
January 17, 2021
#65 Clint Wilson
Singer Songwriter, father, Podcast and Radio host Clint Wilson was on holidays with the family on the Gold Coast from Melbourne Australia and took some time out to come and chat with me on the show about his songwriting process and journey. We talk about how music and songwriting has been something that has changed and evolved for him and has been a way of self expression and healing through different relationship and life changes.  Clint has a wholistic country chill vibe that we look at with his writing and discuss deeper as to where it comes from for him. Clint also hosts a podcast with Andrew Swift, check it out here -  Featured songs in this podcast include: Family Tree   Nothin' to Lose The River Spoke to Me Dream You Were Leaving Connect with Clint: Website Facebook Instagram Spotify YouTube
January 14, 2021
#64 Ranella Ferrer
Ranella Ferrer is a powerhouse in the Filipino-American Entertainment Industry since she was only 13 years old. Ranella’s  professional background includes Grammy produced songs, commercial pop  singles, multiple appearances in live performances, tour collaborations,  and TV and Radio shows, making her one of the most-wanted Fil-Am  vocalists in America. Ranella sang the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2016 and has  sung for former President of the Philippines Fidel Ramos and known as  the Asian Queen of Soul in the R&B/Pop Culture opening up for Keysha  Cole, Stevie Wonder, Tyrese, B2K, and NEYO amongst others. In addition,  Celebrity Chronicles names Ranella the “Best  Female Vocalist” after her song on the soundtrack for the Wayan’s Bros  movie, The Dance Flick working with Dwayne Wayans Jr. Ranella’s pop style, fused with her love for R&B allows her to go back to her roots and vibe. Ranella Ferrer is a strong women who has struggled with her mental health and weight and now continuing to share her journey and inspire others through her music and life. Connect with Ranella:  Instagram Facebook
January 10, 2021
#63 Patrick Cornell
Singer Songwriter Patrick Cornell is featured on this podcast through a link up on Instagram but so glad we were able to connect because we got to talk about his musical life, influences and how he got to where he is today.  During this Covid Pandemic that we are all experiences Patrick talks about music being the healing thing that will get us all through everything we are facing.  With 15 years of classical and jazz training and inspiration from rock n' roll greats, the Dayton, OH native left the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music as a jazz/studio music major and moved to Los Angeles, California to start his professional music career as a studio/touring bass guitarist for hire. He performed various gigs on bass guitar with such notable artists as Dave Navarro (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses) and Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray). Cornell eventually migrated to Nashville and has gone through a transformation from a session bass player into a full-time songwriter, producer and solo artist. Taking direction from the Nashville’s songwriting community and culture, Cornell’s lyrics focus on telling a complete story. He writes from a reflective perspective with the intention of his story relating to a broad audience. If you ask him why and how he’s accomplished all he has, his response is simple: “It’s God-given.” He argues that none of what he’s accomplished has happened because of anything that he’s done on his own. Still, he’s done a lot. So what is he most proud of so far? “My hair,” he jokes. As Patrick focuses on the future, his goals are simple: release music and play shows. Join his email list and follow him on social media to stay updated on upcoming projects and shows. Connect with Patrick: Spotify  Facebook Instagram YouTube
January 7, 2021
#62 Kirstie Kraus
Kirstie Kraus came through last year asking for an interview and like I do with all artist applications I went straight to check out her music and first up found 'Silver' which is such a hot song and I love the female empowerment behind it which drew me in straight away, so glad to have had a chat with her which only made me a bigger fan of her work and I’m sure it will for you too. She’s thirsty for love and magic, for joy and sunshine. She’s thirsty for compassion and authenticity. And more than anything, she’s thirsty for anything that sets her soul on fire. Kirstie Kraus carries her thirst in her songwriting, in her live shows, and in her everyday connection with other kindred spirits. Nowhere is her appetite more quenched than on a stage in front of her fans, appropriately named “Thirsties”. Her confidence naturally shines under the bright lights, taking concert goers on a well-defined path of self-discovery and bliss. Her writing infuses her own transparent journey with others’ experiences to create sustainable lyrics and catchy melodies. The result is a perfect blend of country, funk, blues, and rock because with Kirstie, there are no boundaries. There’s only the process of “letting go” and letting the song tell you what it wants to be. Connect with Kirstie: Facebook Instagram Website Spotify YouTube Twitter
January 3, 2021
#61 Pete Marksteiner (Christmas Special)
Meet Pete Marksteiner A mid-life husband and dad, Pete describes himself as "a fairly average guy, blessed by an extraordinary family, leading a blissfully ordinary life." After 35 years of the Monday-Friday grind he, like many folks, started losing focus on the things that make all our lives wondrous and beautiful. As an avid songwriter and now first-time kids' book author, Pete's passion is making art, both musical and literary, that encourages smelling some roses every chance you get, and savouring life's very best moments. Pete was one of the first people to ever reach out to me to be apart of the songwriter trysts podcast when we started in August this year and his song and book 'Little Pink Kitty" really spoke to me and brought a tear to my eye. It was the perfect song and person to end the year on and hope that this Christmas you too can find a little Christmas Miracle of your own.  Little Pink Kitty story book can be purchased from Amazon HERE  Here is the link to the Little Pink Kitty Song  Connect with Pete: YouTube  Amazon  Facebook
December 23, 2020
#60 Bill O'Hanlon
Bill O’Hanlon is a songwriter who turned to psychotherapy then has come back to songwriting. After a long successful carrier as an author in self help books and psychology he has now professionally songwriting with multiple artist cuts and TV show sync deals. He has co-written books on songwriting with Marty Dodson and Clay Mills which you can find here. He has also had artists, Paul Demarco, Kings of the Earth, Kevin Herchen, Jennifer Mlott, Luke McQueen, Steel Ivory, 23rd Hour, Chris Ising Trio & Charlene McDearis Wentworth all release songs he is a writer on. Checkout this playlist with his songs on it on Spotify HERE. Songs we highlight in the podcast include:  Like a Ghost - Kings Of The Earth Wrong for Me - Kevin Herchen Christmas Time is Here - Chris Ising Trio Connect with Bill; Website Facebook Spotify Instagram LinkedIn  YouTube
December 21, 2020
#59 Jennifer Mlott
Jennifer Mlott is a multi-talented award-winning Singer, Songwriter and Choreographer from Indianapolis, Indiana. Jennifer is the 2019 International Singer Songwriters Association Rising Star of the Year & 2020 ISSA Vocalist of the Year. In Oct. 2019, 2018 & 2017, Jennifer won the Entertainer of the Year & Vocalist of the Year for the Kentucky Country Music Association. She also captured the 2018 North American Country Music International Association's, Video of the Year for her Single, Different Drummer. In 2019, Jennifer was awarded two World Songwriters Association Awards for her songwriting. Jen was a Finalist for the prestigious Nashville Universe Rising Star of the Year Award in 2018. She was Indie Star Radio's 2018 Female Artist of the Year & in December 2017, Jennifer won the Indie Artists Magazine, Humanitarian of the Year Award. Jennifer holds the record on the Fan Voted Charts for being the first Indie Artist to ever hold the #1 position. She held that position for 6 weeks being the first Indie Artist ever to do so. Jennifer is a member of BMI, ISSA, International Singer- Songwriters Association, Indie Collaborative and NACMAI, the North American Country Music Associations International and the Kentucky Country Music Association. Connect with Jennifer: Website Facebook Spotify Twitter Instagram  YouTube Amazon Sound Cloud Reverb Nation 
December 20, 2020
#58 Kevin Welch
Kevin’s songs have been covered by a long string of artists over the last 40 years, including Roger Miller, Waylon Jennings, Patty Loveless, The Judds, Bobby Bare, Ray Price, The Highwaymen (Willie, Waylon, Cash and Kristofferson), Linda Ronstadt, Solomon Burke, Garth Brooks, to name a few.  In 2018-19 Chris Stapleton recorded and released his song “Millionaire”, which stayed on the Billboard Chart for over 50 weeks and made it to #2 and had over 5.7 million views on YouTube.  Kevin came out from behind the curtain in 1990 and recorded two records for Warner/Reprise, Kevin Welch and Western Beat.  In the mid-90s he co-founded the Americana flagship indie label Dead Reckoning Records, and released Life Down Here On Earth, Beneath My Wheels, and Millionaire, which was cut in Denmark and Nashville with the band known then as The Danes.  Along with label partner Kieran Kane came 11/12/13: Live in Melbourne, and then three successive records with Kieran Kane and Fats Kaplin, You Can’t Save Everybody, Lost John Dean, and Kane Welch Kaplin.  The trio were nominated two years in a row for Best Group by the Americana Music Association. In 2008 he relocated to the Hill Country of Texas and made one record outside of the Dead Reckoning fold for his friend Jimmy LaFave, A Patch Of Blue Sky, and later, back to Dead Reckoning with the most recent, Dust Devil. He offers one on one songwriting sessions and workshops, to find out more about opportunities to learn from and work with Kevin, check out his website.  Connect with Kevin: Website Facebook Instagram Spotify YouTube
December 15, 2020
#57 Keppie Coutts
Keppie Coutts Is a well established songwriter and educator, recommended to the show by Pat Pattison she lives in Sydney and works with the online Berklee College of Music course, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney, Collarts in Melbourne, and River Road.  She has taught at the Australian Institute of Music been an Assistant Professor of Songwriting at the Berklee College of Music, as well as teaching at the The Songwriting School of Los Angeles. With all of this expertise in songwriting and a passion for sharing she lovingly has given up her time to share some key wisdoms that he has learnt along with advice she got from working with John Mayer and other industry professionals from all of the world in all different Genre's.   She also has her own music which she releases and performs and shares the deeper story behind where music really began with her after loosing a parent at a very young age, starting a Law degree and dropping out to chase after what she was supposed to be doing with her life.   She recommends people to find a community of songwriters to connect with and mentioned songwriting communities like 'I Heart Songwriting Club'  Connect With Keppie: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Spotify
December 13, 2020
#56 Katie Brooke
Katie Brooke is an Australian singer songwriter sweetheart with a magical sound and perspective on life. We talked about her journey with music, art and her difficulty when she was younger with the idea that there were "rules" that she felt she was being told she had to follow to build a career in music. She is a graduate of the Australian Academy of Country Music (AACM) in Tamworth and continued to work on her music as a young musician.  After taking some time out and working as a personal trainer she has made some big changes this year and jumped back into releasing music after a long time. Taking her power back and being the amazing artist she has always been. So proud to have her on the show and share her amazing gift with you.  Connect with Katie: Spotify Facebook Instagram 
December 10, 2020
Singer Songwriter ELEEA from the Gold Coast, Australia is presenting her new travel collection of music after a world of experience as a singer who started very young and a love for backpacking and travelling around the world she is inspired by life, music and travel. She has faced so many challenges and with wisdom picked herself up and learnt from every experience, the good and the bad. She describes how songwriting has been a way for her to processes her big emotions and used it as a therapy. Connect with ELEEA: Website Facebook YouTube Instagram Spotify 
December 8, 2020
#54 John Condrone
Todays episode of Songwriter Trysts has been done in honour of the life and music of songwriter John Condrone. His family have requested and organised for us to feature John and his music on this podcast to honour his life with the help from close friend and co-writer Scott Southworth who joins me in this podcast today. This man urges everyone through his life and music to "leave a little love in the world"  If anyone would like to support his family there is has been a go-fund me page set up HERE - Thanks to the people from Knoxville songwriter association for their quotes and stories from Johns life which are included in the podcast.  Find out more about John: Website Spotify  YouTube
December 7, 2020
#53 Lyn Bowtell
I'm joined to today by Australian singer songwriter and teacher Lyn Bowtell. "Finding that drive inside of you can be hard but enjoy the wins and remember that it’s okay to feel any way that you feel in the moment and that sometimes can come through in the song you write." Describes Lyn in this featured podcast. She wanted to be a singer forever and never really considered another option, it's what she wanted and has always done. We talk through her journey as a singer, songwriter and teacher along with check out some of her new collaborations and work.  She encourages us to "find the right people to share your songs with who can validate you and nurture your songwriting." “The more personal the more universal” was a great quote that she loves when writing songs.  Director of the country music academy which is going online for 2021 with country superstars.  Check out the online course here: Connect with Lyn: Website Facebook Instagram YouTube Spotify Twitter 
December 3, 2020
#52 Ainsley Costello
Ainsley Costello originally from Seattle just moved to Nashville at the age of 16 with her parents to pursue her music career just as the Covid 19 lockdown hit, hear how this pandemic has impacted Nashville and the arts through the eyes of this ambitious 16 year old girl and her family. Trying to be who she is but at 16 she is aware that she doesn’t know exactly who she is, Rae and Ainsley talk about how life changes over the years and that who you are keeps changing and they make a comparison of life to the old “choose your own adventure” games. She has a long list of artists she would like to write with but top of the list in the podcast was John Mayor. Connect with Ainsley. Website Facebook Instagram Spotify YouTube Twitter
December 2, 2020
#51 Jesse Slack
Jesse Slack Country Singer Songwriter from Canada Jesse says it felt like the options were sports or music growing up, his twin went towards sports and he got into playing guitar and singing, he would sit for hours, with his first guitar called “tiny boy” from the toy shop, and would learn Neil Young songs and at the age of 13 wrote his first song. Jesse says “it took me 27 years to work out you just have to be yourself, and don’t change for anyone” “If you wanna be successful and get there fast go on your own, if you wanna be successful and stay there forever go together” Jesse says and works a lot with his good friend, songwriter, Darrell Scott.  We also check out his new song 'Christmas Time With You' -   Connect with Jesse Website  Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter Spotify Apple Music
December 2, 2020
#50 Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn, independent singer songwriter from New York shares about her ups and downs building her music life, the heartbreak and with wins including sharing the bill with major country music talent, such as Keith Urban, Thompson Square, and Clint Black Lynn also went on tour with country music artist Jo Dee Messina This year she released a single called "It's Just Not Christmas" and shares the true meaning behind the song, it might just make you cry. Connect with Jessica: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Spotify ReverbNation 
November 27, 2020
#49 Collin Lillie
Collin Lillie, Scottish Australian from popular TV show the Voice, came and talked to us about his incredible journey with music, nature and relationships including parenting which is always a great inspiration for great songwriting.  Connect with Collin: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Apple Music Spotify
November 25, 2020
#48 Saint Barae
Singer Songwriter Saint Barae from Gold Coast QLD shares from the heart. In this podcast we talk about religion, sexuality and the way these aspects in life have impacted his journey as a songwriter. Connect with Saint Barae: Facebook Instagram Spotify YouTube Triple J
November 24, 2020
#47 Sarah Harralson
Singer Songwriter Sarah Harralson is a beautiful singer songwriter from Nashville Tennessee. With a career in music not just as a singer songwriter but in the business side of it too she has a wide understanding of the industry and creative songwriting. Hear about how by a mistake in identity ended up meeting some amazing opportunities. Sometimes having a common name like Sarah can be a blessing. Connect with Sarah: Website Twitter Facebook Instagram Spotify Soundcloud YouTube 
November 22, 2020
SAAKB an artist who sing's like an angel and writes from a place of love and humility, he is all about the music. In this talk we find out more about his musical experience, inspiration and future goals. If you want to learn more about this amazing artist make sure you tune into this podcast.  Connect with SAAKB:  Facebook Instagram Spotify Links
November 19, 2020
#45 Mary Haller
With one foot in Boston, one in Nashville, and roots in the Midwest, Mary Haller combines her musical background with her love of language in crafting songs aimed at the commercial country, pop and film/TV markets. Mary shares her stories of songwriting starting at the age of 40, nothing stopping her from following her passion for music and songwriting, Rae Leigh and Mary Haller met through a Marty Dodson introduction and co-wrote the new single "Find A Better Day" released on the 20th of November 2020 which is featured in the podcast. Even after writing the song together via e-mail this podcast is actually the first time the two co-writers have spoken, its great to hear how their first talk unfolds. Connect with Mary: Website Facebook
November 17, 2020
#44 Brad McCracken
Rapper and songwriter Brad McCracken also known as B.M.C, some amazing stories and collaborations with people from all over the world, using digital tools such as and Facebook. Get in contact with contact Brad: Facebook 
November 15, 2020
#43 Angus Gill
Angus Gill, ARIA nominated singer songwriter from Wauchope in New South Wales, a story teller, songwriter, producer and comedian, at age 22 is a self made independent artist, with amazing mentors and support he felt he had no other choice as it was the one thing he felt he was any good at. William Lane was a neighbour who helped bring him tune into the songwriter that he has become. Jim Haines was able to encourage and share the rules of songwriting. Adam Harvey gave encouragement to Angus at age 11 which was the point where he was able to cement the belief that he wanted to be a songwriter as a career. Playing on stage with Beccy Cole and Adam at such a young age being star struck and being able to realise what he wanted to do was a great gift and defining moment for him as an artist. Connect with Angus: Facebook Instagram Spotify Website
November 12, 2020
#42 Kevin Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan is a singer songwriter from New South Wales (NSW) Australia. He has had a long career in the police force and after leaving the force struggled with post traumatic syndrome disorder (PTSD) in which music has helped him through. His stories in his songs are compelling and hold a lot of truths for him and his journey.  Kevin is off on a tour around Australia with his family in the "Sully Van" where a modern day Vontrap family will perform and share their music with others.  In this podcast we learn more about his journey and some of the stories that inspire his songwriting. A father, long time public servant and husband, this man is following his dream and believe's he is an example of the fact that you're never "too old" to follow your passion.  Check out his latest single "Against The Tide" HERE Connect with Kevin here: Website Spotify Facebook Instagram @KevinSullosullivan YouTube
November 10, 2020
#41 Caitlyn Shadbolt
Caitlyn Shadbolt, singer songwriter from Gympie, Queensland, Australia, is having fun in 2020 with the release of her new Album Stages, Check out her 'In the making of' video from home on YouTube Here. She's a bright and bubbly country girl who likes to get dressed up sometimes too, never any good at sports she decided to make a go of singing and songwriting and in this podcast we learn more about her journey, where she has been and where she is going.  In 2014 she also was on X-Factor Australia, see her audition video here. Connect with Caitlyn: Website Facebook Instagram YouTube  Twitter  Bands in town I-tunes Spotify
November 8, 2020
#40 Pat Pattison
I'm so honoured to be featuring Pat Pattison on todays podcast. He is a professor at Berklee College of Music, where he teaches lyric writing and poetry. In addition to his four books—Songwriting without Boundaries, Writing Better Lyrics, The Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure, and The Essential Guide to Rhyming, —Pattison has developed five online courses for Berklee Online: three on lyric writing, one on poetry, and one on creative writing, all available through Berklee’s online college. He’s worked with hundreds of Grammy award winning songwriters including Gillian Welch and John Mayer with a passion for music and philosophy he has a lot of deep and insightful thoughts around music and songwriting. If your wanting to work on your songwriting at any level this podcast has something for everyone. In this podcast he blesses the listeners with a special gift... make sure you get your blessing on Songwriting and listen now! :) Featured topics from this podcast: Berklee College - Pat Pattison  Passenger | Let Her Go (Official Video) Anything Goes - Cole Porter John Mayer - Your Body Is A Wonderland The Unanswered Question 1973b YouTube  Berklee College - Songwriting Course  Get in contact with Pat: Website  Facebook  Pat's Store (books and more)
November 5, 2020
#39 Damien Johnson
Damien Johnson Is a curious, compassionate and talented singer songwriter! We had such a fun live chat for this podcast and talked about some serious topics around mental health but also about life in the music industry, relationships and following ones own truth. The story unfolds through the chat and Rae Leigh and Damien also co-wrote a song after their chat which they both had fun with. Get in contact with Damien: Facebook Triple J Instagram @damiencreates Spotify
November 1, 2020
#38 Christie Lamb
Christie Lamb has been described as ‘the full package’, a vibrant multi-instrumental and award-winning singer songwriter. Adding to her ever-growing mantle of awards, Christie was voted ‘CMC Female Artist of the Year 2018’ by Australian Country Music Fans. The talented songstress has also been the recipient of a Golden Guitar for ‘CMAA New Talent of the Year 2016’ and was also voted ‘CMC New Oz Artist of the Year 2015’ again by Country Music Fans. We had great fun talking on the podcast about performing, songwriting and the industry. She talks about how Covid 19 has impacted her this year along with having to be a Covid Bride and what that looked like. I was so honoured to be able to learn from her and hear more about what she is creative with her music. She's an amazing women and inspiration to artists all over Australia.  Get in contact with Christie: Website Facebook Spotify Instagram YouTube Twitter
October 29, 2020
#37 Michael Waugh
Michael Waugh is a Melbourne Singer Songwriter from East Gippsland Australia. Teaching music and mentoring young people is a passion of his along with the craft of songwriting. He has working with Shane Nicolson to produce and deliver top quality productions to his audience and touched the lives of many people by sharing his gifts with us.  He gives a profound new voice to the Australian experience. His insightful storytelling cuts to the heart of everyday life. It is honest, emotionally brave and compelling in its beauty. Connect with Michael: Website Facebook Instagram Spotify YouTube 
October 27, 2020
#36 Jody Friedman
Jody Aaron Friedman is a music supervisor, music producer, award-winning songwriter & music publisher. He is also the founder of, an online platform available for those interested in learning more about licensing their music. His career began working for CNN in Atlanta, NYC & California.   While working as an Audio Operator, he composed a theme song for the show “Nancy Grace” which was his foray into the world of Music Publishing. Since then, his company, HD Music Now, has grown become a well respected licensing & supervision company, licensing their catalog since 2008. Some of his music supervision & clearance projects include projects such as “Ugly Delicious“ (Netflix), “Breakfast Lunch Dinner” (Netflix), “Won’t You Be My Neighbor" (Focus Features), “Ingress: The Animation” (Netflix), “They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead” (Netflix), Fear Inc (Lone Suspect), “The Music Of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma & The Silk Road Ensemble (HBO + The Orchard) & more. Jody also writes & produces for trailers & ads through his company, Collaborate Music. Songs that he wrote & produced have been used in the trailer campaign for CBS’ “Picard”, ”The Handmaid's Tale”, the trailer for Eli Roth’s feature film, “Haunt”, in the tv shows such as Ray Donovan (Showtime), Victorious (Nickelodeon), Outcast (Cinemax) & many more. get in contact with Jody: Facebook Instagram @jody_friendman
October 25, 2020
#35 Gareth Leach
Melbourne-based Australian outlaw country singer-songwriter, Gareth Leach, has dropped his hard-hitting album Trigger, landing at #2 on the iTunes Country Albums chart and #4 overall/all-genres. Self-produced and engineered, Trigger is Gareth’s sophomore album, tackling tough subject matter, with introspective lyrics and a powerful vocal performance met with traditional folk and country instrumentation. In this podcast we talked about his family, Covid lockdown in  Melbourne with kids and the life of songwriting. The chat was revered a little on Rae Leigh but was an open and fun conversation. Hearing these two like minded souls connect and get to know each-other and talk about songwriting is entertaining and educational.  Contact Gareth here: Facebook Website Spotify Instagram @garethleachmusic YouTube  Twitter
October 22, 2020
#34 Ishan Merchant
17 yr old Singer Songwriter Ishan Merchant born in France and lives in Melbourne Australia has a beautiful unique voice and skill for writing beautiful songs and describing stories inspired by movies and other influences.  Rae Leigh came across his Instagram account and wanted to encourage and share his voice and skills with you. Ishan loves sport but after a back injury and a lot of time sitting around at home he discovered his love for music and songwriting.  He's also been blessed to have great supportive parents and mentors to help him on his journey. No matter who you are and what age you are you can continue to learn, grown and use the gifts you were given even when things don't go the way you thought.  He has an EP in the process of being finished and we look forward to seeing where he goes with it. To keep up to date with his music follow him on his Instagram page. To contact Ishan: Instagram @ishan.merchant YouTube  
October 20, 2020
#33 Ashley Taylor
Ashley Taylor Grew Up In Bakersfield, California. Thanks To Her Grandmother's CD Collection Mixed With The Rich Musical History Of Her Hometown & The “Bakersfield Sound”, Ashley’s Love Of Country Music Became Her Life’s Passion . She Received Her First Guitar At The Age Of Seventeen & Has Been Making Music Ever Since. However, It Wasn't Until A Friendship With Hit Songwriter Clay Mills (“Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It” By Darius Rucker) That Ashley Made The Life Changing Decision To Sell Everything She Owned, Jump On A Plane, And Move To Nashville, Tennessee. We had an amazing talk that was very open and vulnerable and how pain is an important part of life that helps us realise how strong we really are.  Get in contact with Ashley: Website Facebook Instagram @Ashleytaylorofficial YouTube  Twitter Spotify
October 18, 2020
#32 Jake Arthur
Jake Arthur is a singer-songwriter from central Massachusetts now located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has written for and played in numerous bands and pit orchestras throughout New England and the Midwest. His studio work includes a self-titled album with the Minneapolis folk-rock band Little Riddles and Rochester, NY band Saucy Jack. He is also a PhD student in music theory at the University of Michigan specialising in American popular music. In his shows, Jake covers a variety of artists, but his stage time has recently been devoted to original material as he prepares to record his first solo album in 2019. Inspired by artists such as John Hiatt, Randy Newman, and Tom Waits, Jake’s songs are marked by their lyricism and roots in American songwriting traditions. This Podcast features Don't Fence Me In [Song by Cole Porter] Jakes choice of artist he wants to co-write with if he could anyone in the world dead or alive.  Connect with Jake: Website: Instagram @jakearthurmusic Facebook Twitter
October 15, 2020
#31 Kylie Adams-Collier
Kylie Adams-Collier is a Kross Kut Records Artist and national radio host for Good Morning Country. Kylie has been supporting the Australian country music industry on the road and on the air for over thirty years. A multi- award winning songwriter, Kylie's inspiration for lyrics and music come from her time on the road. We lost the audio from the first part of the conversation however there was still enough of the chat to get some good stories in there. Thanks for understanding.  Kylie has recently driven over 65,000km touring regional country music festivals, scooping up awards and receiving a lot of radio airplay around Australia and overseas. She grew up in Bellingen in northern N'S.W before heading to Sydney to study art and play music. Contact Kylie here: Facebook Bandcamp Instagram @kylieadamscolliermusic
October 12, 2020
#30 Andrew Swift
Australian Country Singer Songwriter Andrew Swift - AKA SWIFTY had a chat with Rae Leigh about the 2020 year releases, challenges and also just his journey from punk rockers in Melbourne to Country music superstar and Golden Guitar winner in 2020. It was just the one thing he always wanted to do and talks about his problems with depression as a teenager and how music and songwriting got him through those dark moments in his life.  A must follow if you like a beautiful sexy deep country vocalist with soul in his music, here are his links. Youtube: Spotify: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @andrewswiftmusic Twitter:
October 8, 2020
#29 Mary Harrison
Singer Songwriter Mary Harrison wrote song's and learnt the way of music theory but in private and hidden away from the world until a local radio station put on a competition for someone with lyrics to have their song put to music by Human Nature! She won and went into the radio station met these people who encouraged her to keep writing and also forced her to tell her friends and family that she was a secret writer. I'm so glad this happened and that Mary has found her voice in a unique and still powerful way. With restrictions and challenges along the way she has continued to work on her passion and has so many great lessons to share in this episode.  Enjoy this chat we had together.  Facebook: Instagram @maryviharrison
October 7, 2020
#28 Susan Muranty
Susan Muranty is all about the sky. She is obsessed with stars of all kinds - actual, astrological and Hollywood old-style glamour. She adore's the colour blue and loves the curious fact that ... blue is the hottest flame. She lives on an island in Sydney, one of the most civilised places on earth, but roar up a mountain-high fire trail in a four-wheel drive every night just to get home. Her house is surrounded by wilderness but she is as passionate about fashion and beauty and art and food as she is about living with nature. Susan came to music through the medium of words - as a lyricist and a poet with a story to tell. Songwriting is magic to her and we discuss this in more detail  in the podcast.  Website: Youtube: Spotify: Instagram: @susanmuranty
October 5, 2020
#27 Adam Fitch
Adam Fitch is an alternative folk solo artist from Millburn, New Jersey. Over the years, his style has developed into its own unique blend of folk and soulful jazz. He has an eclectic array of experience playing with bands as a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist in genres such as progressive metal, hip hop, electronic music, soul, blues, and more. Lyrically, Fitch has a level of emotional transparency and depth that invites personal exploration and doesn't shy away from the harsh realities of being human. He draws lyrical influence from artists like Conor Oberst and Gregory Alan Isakov, while offering more jazzy and exploratory chord choices. Sometimes fun and sexy, sometimes loving and soft, and often raw and exposed, his songs always dig beneath the surface and offer listeners his open, honest self. His performances are highly intimate, with fans claiming that he "offers up his soul when he sings". This has created a small group of devoted fans during his young career. His other band, The Vegan Beats, will be releasing an LP in late 2020. He is currently based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Spotify: Instagram @adamfitchmusic  Youtube: Facebook:
October 4, 2020
#26 Josh King
Singer Songwriter from Gold Coast Australia Josh King is an up and coming artists who is amazingly smart and talented, even with Law as a possible option after school Josh new that music and songwriting was apart of who he was and had to dive into that passion and love for his art. He has a beautiful pop soft sound.  "Over this year you’re going to hear songs that came from pivotal moments for me. Yeah I fell in love. Yeah it didn’t work out. Yeah it hurt. Yeah that’s okay. I made a few songs." Josh King Spotify: Facebook: Instagram @joshkingmusic
October 1, 2020
#25 Karen E. Reynolds
Karen E. Reynolds Singer Songwriter from East Tennessee native, Award winning Singer Songwriter and Recording Artist, has appeared at premier venues, performance series' and high profile festivals such as Nashville's Bluebird Cafe, Atlanta's Eddie's Attic, The Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival, The Kent State Folk Festival, The Mississippi Songwriters Festival, Bristol Rhythm and Roots, The Cape Fear Folk Festival, The Nashville Songwriters Festival, The National Shrimp Festival, The Down Home, Rhythm n Blooms Festival, The Square Room, The Dogwood Arts Festival, Douglas Corner, The Fleur de Lis Acoustic Series, The Listening Room, Charles & Myrtles, The Pine Ridge House Concert Series, and the cherished Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame, just to name a few, all while sharing the stage with some of the best in the music industry and in front of tens of thousands. With a style that is described as, "Americana Heart & Southern Soul", and often compared by the media to the likes of Mary Chapin-Carpenter, James Taylor, Carole King and Linda Ronstadt, Karen has been coined as, "a consummate performer who can command any audience", and with varying descriptions, calling her “hearty voiced” one moment and claiming her to have the “voice of an angel” the next. A reporter once stated that Karen is a songwriter who will "go for the emotional jugular, every time" and it is true. You will not leave a Karen E. Reynolds concert unmoved. She will reach your hearts, every time. Check out her website: You can contact Karen at Facebook: Twitter: Reverbnation: Youtube:
September 30, 2020
#24 Eev Ferreira - August River Band
After a huge year for Brisbane's August River Band, releasing singles "Crazy" and "In My Arms", the band are releasing "Mr Sky", the feature track from their forthcoming debut album Thank You Pain. August River Band will be celebrating the release of the album at The Tivoli on Friday October 2nd, supported by Colin Lillie & HAM!  Eev Ferreira sat with Rae Leigh to discuss the experiences and life behind August River Band, how they came to being and where they are heading. Get to know Eve in a more intimate way and learn from his creative life experiences as a songwriter.   Facebook: Spotify: Triple J Unearthed: Instagram: @augustriverband
September 27, 2020
#23 Daniel Spirovski
Daniel Spirovski is a producer, teacher, musician and songwriter. He works on production, artist development and higher education with music at JMC Academy check out his website and enjoy the wisdoms in this podcast.
September 24, 2020
LÂLKA is an amazing visual and audio engineer, producer, singer songwriter and realist. Rae Leigh had an amazing chat about the realism of the music industry and shows that even if you have to break the mould of what is expected that you can push through if your being true to who you are and you know what you want and why you're doing it.   Check out LÂLKA and her "bubblegum pop" music below.  Facebook: Instagram @lalkamusic Youtube Spotify Subscribe to keep up to date with her online e-mails here >>>
September 23, 2020
#21 Zeek Power
Singer Songwriter Zeek Power from Queensland Australia, has the voice of an angel and songwriting gifts that he shares on YouTube, Spotify, Apple music, in live performances and recently in 2019 on the Australian serious of 'The Voice'. Rae Leigh and Zeek had a quick meet before this podcast recording but didn't really know each other so as the podcast unfolds they learn more about each other and find common ground over growing up in the pentecostal church in Australia in the 90's and 2000's and the music they were exposed for example DC Talk which Zeek shows off his skills from the Jesus Freak Album. A fun chat about character, songwriting and people. They hope you enjoy it as much as they did.  Spotify: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: @zeekpower
September 21, 2020
#20 Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes
Golden-guitar winning trio Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes grew up in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, but quickly gravitated to the thriving inner-city music scene. Rae Leigh met Lachlan Bryan at the 2015 Winter singer songwriter retreat at the DAG Sheep Station in Tamworth where songwriters come together to learn, encourage, support and write with each other.  With mentors like Lachlan Bryan and his experience and success in the songwriting industry he has some insightful advice and stories to share in his Songwriter Trysts Podcast. checkout the band and their music below  Website: Spotify  Facebook: Instagram: @lachlanbryan 
September 17, 2020
#19 Harry J Hart
Harry J Hart Joined me at my place for a chat about his life as a teen singer songwriter and guitarist on the Gold Coast. Such a good chat, he really has moved all over the place just to be able to continue to pursue his passion including busking non stop to be able to pay for his artistic education. I saw him perform for the first time at the Home of the Arts (HOTA) workshop last year and kept running into him and his mum. They are everywhere and have more music coming and gigs so keep a watch out and support this very young talented and passionate artist. Webiste: Facebook: Instagram: @harryjhartmusic soundcloud & Spotify:
September 16, 2020
#18 Amber Lawrence
Singer Songwriter and mother Amber Lawrence has been releasing original country and kids country music for over 15 years and with over 100 songs released online on all major streaming services she has a huge amount of wisdoms and experience to share. From singing in a school play to now playing shows all over Australia she is passionate about her work and entertainment and if you follow her on any social media platform you are sure to see what I mean. I'm honoured to present this amazing strong women and songwriter to you, she is a shining example of; strength, authenticity and inspiration. Earlier this year she had some traumas that she bravely shares with us and how she got through her experience with grace and openness with her friends and family.   This Episode comes with a trigger warning for anyone who has experienced a miscarriage or loss of a child. For assistance on this topic I recommend reaching out to or Find Amber here: Spotify Facebook Instagram Website
September 15, 2020
#17 René Le Feuvre
René Le Feuvre Singer Songwriter in the Gold Coast, Australia. He grew up with skills in music and sports and was on his way to playing in the professional Australian Football League (AFL) when he reached a tipping point and had to make a decision to choose between music or his sport. In this podcast we discuss the journey he has been on to get to where he is and why he wants to fill the world with his cool rock alternative pop music and amazing charisma.  He has a star personality and a clear drive to success. His ability to connect with others in person and through social media is apparent and is reaching people more and more through the release of an EP later this year.  Follow on facebook Follow on instagram @renelefeuvre and check out his music here:
September 14, 2020
#16 Briana Dinsdale
16 year old, Singer songwriter on our 16th episode, Briana Dinsdale joined me live for a chat about her songwriting life and aspirations, we talked about her love for Taylor Swift, her idol, Keith Urban who she got to play on stage with at his Brisbane concert when she was only 13, and nailed it!(see YouTube video here >>> ) Her confidence and loving personality shines through and was such an honour to speak to someone leading her life with such direction so early on, which is evident to have such great support and role models from her parents, especially her dad Ken.  Briana won a grant this year and will be releasing her debut album later this year and i'm super excited to see more from her. She played one of her songs live for me on the Songwriter Trysts Facebook page so check that out here >>> Follow Briana on facebook here >>> and on Instagram @Brianadinsdaleofficial  Youtube Channel:
September 13, 2020
#15 Graham Ashton
Graham Ashton, also lovingly known as Asho is a singer songwriter and has also worked in the music industry along side artist such as Robbie Williams, Powderfinger, The Living End, Paul Kelly, The Go-Betweens and Mumford & Sons. He also was the Executive Programmer for BIGSOUND one of the worlds largest music industry events. He has so much experience and passion in his life when it comes to music, songwriting and also artist development. We had a great chat about how this man lived and amazing life in the music industry and has been able to achieve so much. In 2010 Asho became apart of Footstomp Music which is a music services company specialising in artist, project and event management, label services and artist development. To find out more about this super amazing artist support team check out their website check out his Band The Shambolics on facebook  Find Footstomp Music on facebook and instragram @footstompmusic Sound Cloud link There is an write up about the new single on 
September 10, 2020
#14 Kristy James
Kristy James is an Australian singer songwriter and now independent artist mentor and coach. is her new online mentorship program to help other artists based on real life experiences and mistakes.  We had a great talk about the do's and don'ts of the industry and how it can be challenging for new artists and songwriters who are just starting out.  To hear her music or find out more go to her website Find her on instagram @kristyjamesmusic and facebook
September 7, 2020
#13 Eric Dodd
Eric Dodd is a singer songwriter from Nashville. We met through a SongTown retreat in Nashville October 2019 and got to co-write a song 'Dancing on the Moon' with Les Hauge. In this podcast we spoke more about his journey how he writes and what his journey has been to date.  He has so many accomplishments and other than just getting a killer song while working with him I learnt a lot and wanted to share some of his wisdoms and amazing music with you guys too. If you haven't heard his voice... your missing out! It's a super sexy country style vocalist with some cheek and fun. I'm digging on his single 'Beer on the Bar' Check it out on Youtube. Get some more Eric Dodd in your life >>>>> Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube:
September 3, 2020
#12 Billie-Jo Porter
Say if Dixie Chicks, Jewel, Tom Petty, and Angus and Julia Stone were jamming at a party and you had to describe that sound - you would call it.... Billie-Jo Porter. Billie-Jo is a singer/songwriter who invites the listener to look for silver linings in the everyday. Growing up just outside of Australia’s Country Music Capital, Tamworth, much of her younger days were sound tracked by non-stop country music including Shania Twain, Tim McGraw and Willie Nelson. Now living on the North Coast of NSW, Billie-Jo Porter offers a unique sound by infusing a laid back beach lifestyle and her country roots. Facebook Instagram @billiejoportermusic Website  Check out her group Quasi Dada too, featured in this podcast. Spotify: 
August 31, 2020
#11 Alexis Naylor
Singer Songwriter Alexi Naylor from Perth Australia joined Rae Leigh in a Songwriter Tryst podcast talking about her journey with music, being in a band and then launching her first EP in 2019 as a solo artist. Find more information about her here - Follow Alexis on Instagram at @alexisnaylormusic Facebook here - Subscribe to her YouTube channel here - 
August 27, 2020
#10 Benny Allen
Singer Songwriter Benny Allen's first single from the album, Day One of Missing You, launched him into the Australian Country music world. An awesome Melbourne personality and honest authentic soul and father his music touches a cord for me and i'm honoured to have him on the songwriter podcast with me.  We met through Country Kickbacks online music festival during the first Australian Covid Lockdown in 2020 called 'Clothing Optional'. Check out our chat to find out what we got up to and to get to know more about Allen and where songwriting has shaped his life and the way he approaches the world.  Find him on instagram And Facebook at Also check out his website, support him by either merchandise sales or follow and streaming his music on Spotify or Apple music. for more amazing country updates and artists follow Country Kickbacks on Facebook here
August 25, 2020
#9 Lucy LeBlanc
Lucy LeBlanc is a Canadian songwriter, with a passion for music that ranges from folk songs to rock. Lyrics are her speciality and she has been involved in multiple co-writes with songwriters from Australia, the Netherlands, US and Canada. Lucy’s songs have been recorded by several indie artists, others are currently under consideration by major artists and for film and TV projects. She has mentored with and Pat Patterson  Here's three songs which she co-wrote featured in this episode.  1. 'Blame It On The Wine' - written with Renee Jonas, Marika Hallendy, Pawit Kelly and Lucy LeBlanc. Renee performing. Marika, Pawit, and Lucy are Canadian. 2. 'Growing Up' the latest single that she was a co-writer on. Written with Paul deMarco, and  Dave Stanley Daoust. Performed by Paul. Paul is an artist from Wales. Dave is a songwriter from Canada. 3. 'Steps" - a song that she wrote with Joanne Stacey and Dennis Keith Lambert. Both Joanne and her are Canadian. Dennis is an American. It was pitched to Tammy Renee and she recorded and released it; and named her album 'Steps' . Tammy is an artist from the US. She won female Single Of the Year for 'Steps'  at the International Singer Songwriter Association last year. Lucy has a Spotify playlist she would love you to follow HERE You can find Lucy LaBlanc on Facebook HERE and on Instagram HERE Lucy also won the American Songwriter magazine's lyric contest, check out the feature length article they did on her HERE
August 20, 2020
#8 Kent Tonscheck
Australian male Singer Songwriter Kent Tonscheck from Queensland shares his story of finding his voice, confidence and passion in music. From shy awkward school kid to young TV star vocal talent, his story of drive, determination and pure heart is an inspirational tale. His voice is of an angel and heart of pure gold, this young artist is still early in his career as a songwriter but continuing to find his sound and strive to be better in everything he does. Check out his music video "I'm Not Ready" on Youtube.  Find him on instagram HERE @kenttonscheck And on Facebook HERE  @kenttonscheckofficial  Or visit his website
August 17, 2020
#7 Dani Young
Dani Young is a Sydney singer-songwriter whose love of songwriting and journey to believing in herself is both inspirational and encouraging. "take the pressure off" says Dani in this podcast, talking about how she had such high expectations of herself initially it stopped her from even getting started with songwriting. She was able to work with experienced Songwriter Warren H Williams who has mentored her to where she is today.  Her latest single is out now called "Outback Lullaby"  Check out her instagram >>>HERE< Follow on Facebook also >>>
August 13, 2020
#6 Allan Caswell
Allan Caswell is the most recorded songwriter with well over 750 of his songs being released around the world by artists of the calibre of Cilla Black, Patti Page, The Irish Rovers, The Living End, Slim Dusty, Barry Humphries, Ricki May, James Blundell, Jasmine Rae, McAlister Kemp, The Wolfe Brothers, Lynne Hamilton, Rae Leigh among dozens of others. With over 50 years of songwriting experience, 8 golden guitar awards and a place in the galaxy of stars for country music, this is an extra jam packed episode with some of the best songwriting stories we can share with you. For his books on Songwriting go to his website and send him an e-mail. Follow on Facebook >>>> HERE < and on Spotify >>>>
August 11, 2020
#5 Virjilla Joyce
Virjilla Joyce a young mother and beautiful happy singer songwriter. Lives in Brisbane Australia and launched her first EP in 2019. She has a powerful voice and a strong message. After having her baby girl she struggled with post natal depression (PND) and found healing power in music. In this episode we discuss her journey to believing in herself and finding her songs. Her latest single has just been released "Lady in Red" the first song Virjilla ever wrote after the passing of her Aunty, the beautiful piano based emotional song will tug on the heart strings.  Find her on Facebook HERE follow on Spotify and for more about her and to support her journey please go to her website
August 6, 2020
#4 Cory Hargreaves
Singer-Songwriter Cory Hargreaves came to my attention through a friend and I honestly became a fan from the first youtube video for "CHICKEN PICKIN", it's a boot scootin' country rock track that you can dance away to and have a laugh and then even identify with the characters in this song. He has a good body of work that will keep you going all the way from Gold Coast to Geelong on the Australian east coast drive.  "i'm trying to work out if your a tragedy writer or a love writer" says one of his fans in the USA and it's stuck with him which we discuss in this episode.  His latest single "Shades Of Blue" is worth a look at too. Follow on Spotify to keep up to date with all his new releases. You can find Cory on his facebook page HERE
August 6, 2020
#3 Kaitlyn Thomas
Kaitlyn Thomas was just 12 years old when Beccy Cole declared to her audience, “There’s a star in the making right there”. Since then she has released two singles First Kiss & Could'a Should'a Would'a  Ambassador for Bully Zero an Anti-bullying organisation, in this podcast she talks about how going through bullying and having music and songwriting as an emotional outlet got her through those dark and lonely times at school. An inspirational story to all kids having a hard time with bullying at school. Follow Kaitlyn on Spotify or instagram @kaitlynthomasmusic
August 3, 2020
#2 Marty Dodson
American singer-songwriter/producer Marty Dodson has had songs recorded by artists such as Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney, George Strait, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Plain White T's, Saving Jane, Lonestar, Billy Currington, and Craig Morgan. His first #1 song, “Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right” spent two weeks at the top of the country charts and was the first #1 for Billy Currington as well. "It took several years of writing for free before I landed my first publishing deal with Kim Williams and Sony ATV in Nashville." Says Marty on his website.  Also a co-author on books "Song Building" and "The Songwriter's Guide to Mastering Co-Writing" He also is the co-founder of an online community for aspiring songwriters that regularly host songwriting workshops and retreats. 
August 3, 2020
#1 Rae Leigh & Renee Jonas
Feature length episode with the host Rae Leigh @raeleighaus and her first guest Renee Jonas @reneejonasmusic. These two artists met at the 2019 Singer Songwriter DAG retreat in Tamworth, Australia which was followed by a trip to Nashville, Tennessee in October 2019 to attend the songwriting retreat. Rae discusses the story behind her music and the reason for starting the 'Songwriter Trysts' podcast. She chats with Renee about her journey into songwriting you'll find that these two always have a lot of fun together and you will get to see why in this first episode of 'Songwriter Trysts' Featured Songs on this podcast include: Blame It on the Wine & My Man In Red - Renee Jonas All Of Me - Rae Leigh
August 3, 2020
August 3, 2020
August 3, 2020