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Sons of CPAs

Sons of CPAs

By Scott Scarano
The premier practice management podcast for tax and accounting firms. Join us for some fun and oftentimes colorful conversations about the accounting and tax industry. We are all the sons (and daughters) of CPAs, questioning the current state of the accounting and tax industry with the next generation of professionals leading this space.
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The Accounting Game (feat. Chris Williams, CEO)
Accounting High (aka Sons of CPAs Podcast) Season 3 Episode 4 | Recorded February 22, 2022 Guest: Chris Williams, CEO of System Six Hosts: Nikole Mackenzie, CPA & Scott Scarano, EA Sponsor: Karbon - visit to learn more Today, Scott and Niks are joined by Chris Williams, Owner/CEO of System Six, a 100%-remote outsourced accounting services firm. Before System Six, Chris served as an advisor to and investor in medium-large sized businesses. He’s worked for several fast growing companies, and holds a business degree from Stanford. 2 - Chris = Cool (surprise engagements, running the media circuit, hitting the links ...) Shout out to DWYT, Kenji Kuramoto 7 - How Chris’s finance background led to acquiring System Six Shoutout to Jeremy Allen 11 - Numbers talk – revenue, and cashflow, and EBITDA, oh my! 15 - Why cloud accounting is so hot right now 17 - The System Six biz model 18 - Opportunity in operations issues 22 - Why it’s okay to lose clients 24 - Chris is living his best life and he's wearing 10 different hats! 26 - Learning curves inside System Six 29 - Talking profit share, work/life balance, and staff shuffling 32 - Cash v. Accrual v. Tax – the pain-point discussion Shoutout to Tallyfor, Peter Wen and Michael Ly 37 - Should you switch to Karbon? Shoutout to Karbon 41 - All about cybersecurity – email, system backups, passwords, insurance, etc. Shout out to AWS, QBO, Azure 47 - Client conversions – should you, or shouldn’t you? Shoutout to Xero, Gusto, and Google 49 - Tech Tool Talk 51 - Grading clients – the red flags 53 - Chris’s parting words of wisdom Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a review! Connect with Chris: LinkedIn: System Six:
August 08, 2022
#NiksTips on (re)Pricing
Accounting High (aka Sons of CPAs Podcast)  Season 3 Episode 3 | Recorded May 31, 2022 In this episode, your hosts Scott and Niks discuss repricing hows, whats, whens, and whys. Curious how other firms do it? Is your repricing strategy working? What value-added services do you think your clients would love? Come join us as we find out more about how we can reprice our services and make the whole process easier for your firm and your clients Thank you to our wonderful sponsor, LiveFlow... get 20% off for 3 months with promo code SONS at checkout, go to 2 - Once you price, your job has just started Shoutout to OnPay, Katelyn Hockmeyer 3 - Pricing: the switch from hourly to fixed-fee billing 4 - (re)Pricing our fees to our clients as their business grows (and our firms too) Shoutout to Brandon Hall, Jason Staats, CPA, MBA 6  - Niks shares how her firm handles repricing Shoutout to Ashley Carroll 11 - How can we identify our clients and customize our service to their needs Shoutout to James Ashford 15 - Keeping things slow, steady, and natural Shoutout to Christopher Leon 17 - Repricing woes with our clients 18 - Even if you’re not charging more, you should still be adding more value over time Shoutout to Karbon, Ron Baker, Blake Oliver, CPA 22 - Will time tracking be a thing of the past due to Subscription-based billing? 26 - So either they're worried that they made too much or that they didn't make enough and they're shy. It's never just “here's my fucking numbers” 28 - It’s easier to sell to your existing clients than it is to get new clients 31 - If they could manage the relationship and they can manage the no's and yes's, and they understand the value that they’re bringing, that’s not chaotic at all Shoutout to Jeff Phillips, Shane Mason, and AJ 36 - Scott and Niks discuss pricing your clients based on a percentage of their revenue. Scaling with your clients as they grow Shoutout to Ferrari, TheraNest, TherapyNotes, Xero, QuickBooks 38 - The influence of influencers Shoutout to Jody Grunden 43 - How do you pick your niche? Shoutout to Growbots, Madeline Reeves, Fearless Foundry 46 - You always know you’re going to get taken care of whenever you use a client’s services 49 - Niks and Scott share their firm's MRR... and their one-off compliance work is just icing on the cake Shoutout to Anisha Harjani, Kenji Kuramoto 54 - Stay tuned for more AccountingHigh content. Peace out!
August 04, 2022
The Unique ERC (feat. Randall J. Crabtree, CPA)
Season 03 Episode 02 | Recorded February 21, 2022 Guest: Randall J. Crabtree, CPA (as per his CPA Certificate, but we're still not sure if "Jack" is spelled out, or if they just have the J) Hosts: Scott Scarano and Jason Ackerman, CPA, CFP, CGMA With us today is the Co-Founder and Partner of Tri-Merit, Randy Crabtree, who specializes in R&D Tax Credits, Cost Segregation, 179D, and 45LR. Also, host at The Unique CPA, a show where they go beyond compliance into forging new pathways of delivering value to clients, diversifying your revenue streams, and leading-edge management techniques and styles Today we get to hear about how going into niches and specialties make your firm better, or does it? Find out more as you listen and you’ll surely pick up a thing or two on how to best play on your strengths whether it’s on your personality or your skills. 2 Riches in R&D Niches: Randy shares how they started going deep into the niches they specialize in Shoutout to Andrew Lane 5 Don’t try to make yourself something you’re not 6 Ti-Merit’s transition from percentage-fees to fixed-fees but value-based 8 Holy cow! There's a big opportunity for taxpayers to save money with this, or put money back into businesses 10 Did you tweet your Waze drives? Cause Scott did, unintentionally... yikes! Shoutout to Waze, Twitter 11 #TaxTwitter 13 Having too much fun to realize if you’re working too much or too little 16 I wouldn't be surprised when $17MM is $35MM in just a couple of years Shoutout to Nicholas Pantaleo, CPA 19 Back at it again to the numbers game with Randy 20 Does your wife call you Randall? Do your parents call you Randall? 22 Randy on selling R&D study and Cost Seg: I never sell anything so I don't have a pitch. What I do is educate 23 Going deep into the R&D tax credit 30 Randy’s path into living the best life Shoutout to John Garret, Earmark 36 The Unique CPA podcast: How it started 39 Oh how the tables have turned: Jason on the numbers game this time! 40 Jumping from the generalist to the specialist 44 Randy’s best piece of advice? Don’t force a square peg into a round hole Shoutout to Joshua Lance, CPA, CGMA 46 Token Tax *wink wink* 49 Reaching for the stars Shoutout to Ron Baker 50 Aaaaaaaand that’s a wrap! Make sure you’re subscribed to this garde art piece of a podcast, Sons of CPAs/Accounting High
August 01, 2022
Atomic Habits for Accountants, Pt. 1: The Fundamentals | #FreshBookReports @ Accounting High
#FreshBookReports @ Accounting High (the miniseries) - Episode 1 | Recorded March 4, 2022 Sponsored by Freshbooks Please welcome our newest faculty member at Accounting High, Twyla Verhelst, CPA  Twyla is the distinguished director of the Accountant Channel and leader of the FreshBooks Accounting Partner Program. She supports and empowers other accounting professionals as they help small businesses flourish. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear. Whether you’ve read the book or you haven’t, this series of episodes will definitely open you up as to why it has been a favorite among our peers. Hosted by Scott Scarano, we get to hear from him and Twyla about how it impacted them in their practice and life, in general. Atomic Habits for Accountants Part 1 of 3 2 This is a fresh take on a fresh book Shoutout Freshbooks 3 The accounting profession is full of people who are constantly looking for opportunities to improve and we’re no different Shoutout James Clear 6 I believe that you get what you need from a book at the time you read it, and some books are worthy of reading multiple times, for those books you are often rewarded in different ways each time you’re readying them. 8 Scott's dilemma, he's either all in on something or I'm all out of it, never in the middle 12 Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become 13 Systems and goals: If you’re focusing on the systems and processes then you’re more likely to achieve your goals. 16 You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems 21 When habits become automatic you may start to see some BIG shifts in your life, but it’s a buildup of A LOT of the LITTLE things Shoutout Eminem & Michael Jordan 23 Automatic and Automation: How they impact your profitability 26 Habits reduce cognitive load and free up mental capacity by making the fundamentals of life easier, you can create the mental space needed for free thinking and creativity 29 If you don't have to make a choice, you have a much better time with all of the other things, especially the big things 31 Self-talk: How it can help you become the person you want to be 34 When everybody becomes your friend, then you learn so much more 37 Becoming the person that you want to be, starts with changing the person that you are 38 Let’s hear how the Feedback Loop worked for Scott and his firm 40 Twyla talks about her Video Per Day Experiment #vpdexperiment 42 Scott and Twyla wrap up the first part of this miniseries, stay tuned for the next episode!
July 27, 2022
#NiksTips on Promotions
NiksTips on Promotions, as in when do you promote your employees? and the systems around that... Thank you to our wonderful sponsor, LiveFlow... get 20% off for 3 months with promo code SONS at checkout, go to Co-Host; Nikole Mackenzie, CPA.  Niks helps agency owners save money, increase revenue, stay compliant, save time, eliminate stress, and ultimately give them the freedom to scale their recurring revenue businesses to a multimillion $ exit. What makes a good manager? What can and should you do if you want to be promoted? What are business owners factoring in when considering a promotion? Today, Scott and Niks give us a peek at how, as firm owners, they go through the process of promoting staff. 6 Let’s hear from Niks the use cases of LiveFlow at her firm and how it has helped them automate their work processes Big shoutout to LiveFlow 9 Sons of CPAs are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get Shoutout to numbers grrrrrl 10 Start small but start big at the same time. Niks explains what this is about and how she goes about applying this in her firm Shoutout to 15Five 12 It’s really important for team members to know where they stand and to know where they need to go 15 Scott and Niks share their views on sharing your (financial) numbers (as a business) with your team Shoutout to Ashley Carroll 17 Scott and Niks question if salary should be based on employee location and how this is changing/adapting as more companies embrace remote work 19 Promotions based on tenure? 24 We discuss how business owners view promotions. What should we consider when promoting our staff? 27 Bring in people that are better than you 29 Promotions: Is it about the money or the title? 32 Scott shares insights on how staff accountability is handled at his firm Shoutout to Chris Leon, Matthew Meyer, Karbon 37 Net profit sharing vs Gross profit sharing Shoutout to Nick Sinclair, TOA Global 39 Salary being state-normalized to world-normalized Shoutout to Chad Davis 44 Communication, transparency, and metrics. What’s being factored in a promotion? 47 The nice part about having these salary ranges or just one salary for this position is you don't have to make those emotional decisions 50 The grass is always going to be greener on the other side 51 Did you know you can earn CPEs by listening to this podcast? check out Earmark Shoutout to Earmark
July 25, 2022
Making Accounting Scalable (feat. Matthew May, CPA)
Season 2 Episode 24 | Recorded February 18, 2022 Today, we’ve got Eminem x 2 ... no, wait, M&Ms...and we’re going to let Matthew translate all things crypto, the Kenji plague, and his journey from employee to Tech CPA. Matthew May, CPA joined Acuity to translate accounting for entrepreneurs.  He does this by helping navigate tax and accounting rules and speaking entrepreneur, not an accountant; now, most people want to chat him up about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Matthew also likes to volunteer in the Georgia technology community and serves on the board of the Atlanta Technology Angels. He’s also got a seat on the Venture Atlanta Advisory Board. Marcus Mire, our honorable repeat co-host, is an entrepreneurial CPA helping clients become more efficient using cloud accounting and proactive tax planning at his firm, MireGroup CPAs. 1 Eminem envy? 3 Matthew’s Before Shoutout Arthur Andersen, EY, Austin, Atlanta, and Kenji Kuramoto 5 Kenji and Matthew take over the world Shoutout Acuity, stupid multiples, and the Baylor Bears 7 Old v. New – which way works better in accounting? 9 On being the Fall Guy Shoutout KPMG, Deloitte, and EisnerAmper 11 Building the product that serves the underserved 13 Best part of escaping the Big Four 15 Building the change-management muscle Shoutout Tupac, Black Sabbath, Bowie, and anyone else who sings about change 17 Talking equity, profit sharing, and employee ownership models Shoutout Catching Clouds, Patti and Scott Scharf, and Lisa Gilreath, Acuity’s COO 21 80 years of marriage, the rules of drinking, and abstinence? 24 A tropical token story ... Shoutout BBI, St. Thomas, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ivy Rose, and Blue Ivy 27 From the sidelines – Matthew’s crypto expertise, and why he doesn’t play Shoutout AICPA Engage, Xerocon San Diego, and Consensus 33 NFTs – what are they, really? Shoutout Budweiser, Drink While You Think, and Andy Warhol 38 Matthew’s killer stablecoin idea Shoutout U.S. Treasury, Tether 40 Name your price – what would entice Matthew to sell Acuity? Shoutout VerifyIQ, Super Bowl ads, and angel investing 43 Tech + CPA + Entrepreneur Shoutout Cherry Bekaert, Entrepreneurs' Organization 46 AAAlliteration Shoutout all the A-words, Ackerman (the Jason variety), and acronyms 48 Eggs, kegs, dope-ass tailgating, and bonding Shoutout Coley and JW 52 One is the loneliest number in entrepreneurism Shoutout EMINƎM, Proof, Matthew Meyer, AccountingWEB San Diego, XPAC (the Xero Partners Advisory Council), Scott’s imaginary publicist, the very real Gaynor Hardy, and Drip Blue Dream Matthew May, Founder, VP Sales and Marketing, Acuity LinkedIn: Twitter: Website: Podcast: Marcus Mire, CPA Website: Twitter: Podcast:
July 20, 2022
A Refreshing Chat w/ Chad Davis @ Accounting High
here's a BONUS chat with Chad Davis... and a preview of what to expect from Accounting High (School) Welcome to Accounting High! In this episode, we get to know more about the whats and whys of Podcasting from Scott and Chad. They share and scrutinize the ideas of how their episodes of AutomationTown and Sons of CPAs (Accounting High) come to life. Hear how authenticity reflects on the product and why talking to people that are smarter than you is the smart thing to do 1 We all have to graduate middle school sometime, and the Sons are evolving.  Evolution is what Accounting High is all about, the evolution of the accounting profession and making room for the next generation.  Accounting High is the new school High School, but our listeners know that it's also a nod to getting high. I think in four years we'll be a bit more grown-up/mature and graduate... then we’ll change the name to "Accounting U" Shoutout to Yeti, Shure, Jason Staats 2 Let’s hear from Chad what was the driving force behind starting their podcast (AutomationTown) Shoutout to Paul O’Mara 4 You gotta be comfortable with doing some shitty stuff at first Shoutout to Zapier, Make (formerly Integromat) 6 Authenticity is hard to come by but it shows on what you’re producing Shoutout to Blake Oliver 9 This is for fun and something you can throw on while you’re at a barbeque Shoutout to Ignition 13 Chad hopes to reach people in positions that kind of hate the monotomous part of their jobs and they can take some inspiration from the actions that occur 17 People don’t agree with the way Chad sells accounting services, but he has a great relationship with the clients that come on board Shoutout to Xero 22 Podcasts: How can we market them to mainstream operations people? Shoutout to Expensify 24 Let’s find out what goes through Scott’s mind as he thinks about the future of Podcasting Shoutout to Nikole Mackenzie, Michael Ly, Jason Ackerman, Ron Baker, Peloton 29 What will differentiate Accounting High from Sons of CPAs Shoutout to Relay
July 17, 2022
Intentional by Nature (feat. Chad Davis, CPA)
Season 2 Episode 23 | Recorded February 7, 2022 Guest: Chad Davis, CPA the Co-Founder of LiveCA and Co-Host of AutomationTown  Hosts: Zachary Call and Scott Scarano Sponsor: Dark Horse CPAs - Listen in as we pick Chad’s brain, as there's no shortage of great information up there. How to be intentional and naturally solve problems. Manage a team of over 100ppl.  Chad lives in an RV w/ his wife and two kids, down by the river.  + what the hell is NO-CODE!? 3 Chad shares how he co-founded LiveCA with Josh Zweig back in 2013. ***Shoutout Josh Zweig, Xero, Will Lopez, and Freshbooks*** 5 Tech & Tax: Chad is the Tech as Josh is the Tax ***Shoutout Johnny McEvoy, Bill Kimball, Herschel Co., Peter Wen, Ryan Lazanis, and Jason Staats*** 9 How Xero has been a bridge that connected all of us in this community. ***Shoutout Maria Phillips, Slack, Dave MacPherson, Donut app*** 13 Chad opens up about how the firm evolves as they add more team members  ***Shoutout Baalkis Hassan, Tyler Bradley*** 19 How a 6-week trip turned into 4-years(and counting) on the road ***Shoutout Scout’s Barbershop, Kenji Kuramoto*** 23 Try traveling with your toilet, it’s insane! It’s so good! ***Shoutout*** 29 Hiring process: Giving people a chance to test us out is more important than us testing them out ***Shoutout Teach:able, Videoask by Typeform, Trakstar,, Belay*** 38 Zachary asks Chad if they give potential clients the “try before you buy” experience ***Shoutout Bubble, Emily Spanik*** 44 NO-CODE and how Chad and Co were able to create their own tools  ***Shoutout Twilio, Make (formerly Integromat), Stripe, Realize, Alex Oxford and TaxValet*** 52 Changing the way we think about employee compensation 53 Being in the New Mexico Desert in an RV... we're getting a Breaking Bad vibe ***Shoutout Ignition, Relay, Fiverr***
July 13, 2022
#NiksTips on PTO
PTO stands for Paid Time Off this is #NiksTips Bonus, Scott Scarano & Nikole Mackenzie take on choice topics (that start with the letter P) as it relates to running their professional accounting firms.  Today's topic is PTO, where we discuss PTO and policies at our accounting firm. I don't know if it's cheating that we're doing an acronym for today's topic, just using the letter P as the P-word, but I guess now we're opening up the door to P-acronyms... We both have Unlimited PTO at our accounting firms.  What's your PTO policy? But, for now, let's scope back out, Why this topic? Why PTO? Niks selected this topic today because recently she's been getting back into doing client work and she hasn't done client work in a long time. And so she's starting to feel the burn of what the team feels when they take any time off.  Niks went on vacation for just one day and started to get text messages from clients and realized, "oh gosh, we don't have a system for when someone takes time off, I'm sure that when our team goes on vacation, they're getting text messages from clients, we're always so embedded in our client's business, and there's always payroll that needs to be run and invoicing and cashflow issues, how hard it must be for everyone to go on vacation or checkout. It's really challenging."  So how do we structure a healthy PTO policy for our teams that doesn't disrupt the day-to-day needs and challenges of the business? What technology do we use? What are our processes so that we can actually allow our team to go on vacation, so we have this unlimited PTO policy, and we're trying to encourage people to go on vacation, but they're not going on vacation... how do we solve this?
July 11, 2022
Le Marie Tree, Oui! (feat. Marie Phillips, CPA)
Season 2 Episode 22 | Recorded February 7, 2022 Marie Phillips was named the Top 50 Women in Accounting by Ignition and is a cloud accounting industry leader. With over a decade of experience in accounting services, she provides process efficiency consultation for her clients to automate their businesses and personal lives better. She started Connected Accounting to be able to help more entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals. Currently, her practice services: • Professional service firms (legal, wealth management, marketing, etc.) • Consumer product brands (manufacturing, e-Commerce) • Real estate management companies (commercial, multi-family units) • Franchises (hospitality, fitness) Additionally, she supports early-stage entrepreneurs in building the foundation of their businesses while offering an accountability partner throughout their growth. Through this work, she helped multiple clients transform their businesses from zero income to profitability. Marie’s entrepreneurship mindset came from launching Gursey Schneider LLP’s client accounting services’ (CAS) practice where she helped increase CAS revenue by minimum 40% each year and develop a team of 5. With her team, she serviced professional service firms, real estate, film production, family offices and high-net worth clients. Before her accounting consultant work, Marie was a financial analyst managing the profit and loss statements for two global brands: Forever 21, Inc. and PepsiCo. At Forever 21, she managed the consolidation of profit and loss statements of 550 stores worldwide. At PepsiCo, she led the national consolidation of the profit and loss statement and analysis of product lines. Marie's passion is rooted in her commitment to helping people reach their personal and professional goals — particularly within financial and accounting empowerment. Through this passion, she coaches people using accountability and strategic, organizational routines to help them visualize and plan their path to consistent success. She leverages technology and her organizational methods to help others save time by streamlining accounting processes and other time-consuming tasks. An avid learner and self-development enthusiast, Marie attends several conferences annually: Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins, DFK International Conferences on how to be a better leader (based on Patrick Lencioni’s books), meditation retreats, and of course accounting conferences — including her favorite, Xerocon.
July 08, 2022
#CAShCrew | Creating Flexible Infrastructures
Hello, and welcome to our special bonus #CAShCrew series on Sons of CPAs with your host, Scott Scarano  Today we're talking about creating flexible infrastructures in your accounting firm, with a very special guest Marie Phillips, CPA of Connected Accounting ...  gotta have some buoyancy in your accounting firms The Ca$hCrew is connected with community, comradery, collaboration, and culture.... today's episode is brought to you by the letter C  
July 04, 2022
Acqui-hiring Accounting Avengers (feat. The GrowthLab FaaS)
Another special BONUS featuring some of our great friends at THE GrowthLab FaaS Today we're pleased to be joined by Heather Satterly, CPA and Steven Byler. Heather is the newly appointed CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) of The GrowthLab and co-host of the Appy Hour; Heather is also the Founder of Satterley Training & Consulting LLC, a firm dedicated to helping accounting professionals gain the skills and confidence to explore and adopt new accounting technology. Also the founder of Satterley Accounting Services, a bookkeeping, and tax firm located in Rhode Island, providing clients order, simplicity, and clarity in their financials. As well as the Co-Host of The 'Appy Hour with Liz and Heather, a bi-monthly webinar series dedicated to educating accounting professionals about the latest trends in accounting technology and automation techniques.  Steven Byler is the President & Co-Founder of The GrowthLab, a Finance-as-a-Service (FaaS) company that serves Founders and Management Teams with Financial Planning, Accounting, and CFO support. GrowthLab specializes in helping startups, emerging growth companies, and companies in turnaround mode by providing leadership and execution with their financial management, accounting, and strategic planning functions. 
July 01, 2022
ESPN: Entertainment & Sports Pros Niche (feat. Tate Henshaw, CFP)
Season 2 Episode 21 | Recorded January 31, 2022 Today we're pleased to present you Mr. Tate Henshaw, CFP, who has run point on projects for Grammy winners, TV personalities, and NBA All-Stars. He's even been named as one of the top 40 accountants under 40 in the nation and one of the top 50 cloud accountants in North America. While he's enjoyed bringing confidence and consistency to his clients, his true passions lie in three areas: faith, family and music. We learn how Tate went from employee (team) to employer (coach), and talk about the hardest, most difficult, but best decision Tate’s made so far and where he and Arc Business Management go from here. 1 All about Tate, mostly since the middle of the pandemic, anyway ... ***Shout out to Xero*** 2 Going straight for the steak – Tate’s firm’s pricing and biz models – specializing in serving music, entertainment, and professional sports 7 The communication non-gap 10 The model client for Tate’s firm 12 Why the athletes, influencers, and stars need financial assistance of the accounting kind 15 Relationship building by extracting deers from lakes ... 19 The Four Qs – gross revenue, employee count, gross margin, and year-end analysis 22 How did Tate make the jump? ***Shout out to Lorne Clark, and Polay, Clark, and  Co.*** 24 Rooms with elephants 26 The hardest, most difficult, best decision Tate made 29 Woulda-coulda-shouldas and other learning from starting a firm ***Shout out to Liz Mason*** 32 From coworker to boss – how it changes a relationship 35 Marketing Etiquette 101 – Permissions ***Shout out to Blake Griffin, XPAC, Edward Norton, Eric Church, Zach Galifianakis, Chris Farley*** 38 ARC’s big picture view ***Shout out to Richard Branson, Venus Williams, Paris Hilton*** 41 All about the best swag and the deductibility of breast implants ***Shout out to Chesty Love*** 44 Tate’s parting advice – bet on yourself, and keep your employees happy Find Tate here: Website: Twitter: Tate’s personal Twitter: LinkedIn:
June 27, 2022
#NiksTips+ on Partying
Accounting Conference Season 2022 is in full force, and our hosts are certainly well qualified in that arena, as of early June our hosts have been to a combined total of 18 different accounting conferences... aka partying  Thank you to our wonderful sponsor, LiveFlow, and get 20% off for 3 months with promo code SONS Check em out at  Life is just one big party, if you approach it with style and grace…  Today we’re pleased to participate in this podcast with our pal Kenji Kuramoto in another plus version of NiksTips  Shout out to Ryan Lazanis and Heather Smith  There’s a silent majority of people out there that don’t particularly like conferences and we’re here to shine some light on the benefits of going to some of these events, especially with XeroCon 2022 on the horizon in NOLA  Shout out to Earmark and Blake Oliver Shout out to Shelly Lingor, Will Lopez, Jamie Shulman and Jamie McDonald Shout out to Amanda Aguillard and Dave Emmerman  NiksTips When you sign up for a conference create a “burner” email  Shout out to Josh Lance at Ignition and Twyla Verhelst at FreshBooks  Shout out to Justin Hatch at Reach Reporting and Will Lopez at Gusto and Scott Scharf and Patti Scharf, Keri Gohman, Steve Vamos, Matthew May, Nicole Davis, Jason Ackerman, Greg Kyte  Check out shout out to David Leary  Thank you listeners for making it this far. We appreciate you.  Please leave us a review Apple Podcasts because 60% of you are listening on Apple. So please go on there and write something. And I promise you, I will read it. if you want Nikole to read it, she will, or if you want Kenji to read it, he'll come on another “Plus” one…and you can say any single thing you want. We will say it on air. (Only if you leave a five star, if you leave a four star review we’re going to leave a few words off)  Thank you listeners we love you.  And tap 5 stars if you’re on Spotify!
June 25, 2022
The Ambivert (feat. Greg Kyte, CPA)
Season 2 Episode 20 | Recorded January 24, 2022 thank you to our supporters this week!  On today’s episode, Scott and Zach tackle the tough subjects, such as staying sober, dressing up, touching knees, Mormon mentioning, subtle jabs, and more with the very special self-proclaimed cartoonist, MC, CPE presenter, standup comedian, comptroller, podcast host, fry-sauce connoisseur, and master of all thing CPE comedy Greg Kyte. *A little tongue-twisting talk on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, choirs, and context *On being the son of a wool-monger and grandson of a Boeing financial forecaster, and Greg’s angelic childhood demeanor *How Greg made it from middle-school math teacher to CPA by way of a summer job and standup *Resolving Scott’s need for attention... without chopsticks *About Greg’s work ethic, and integrity and what really drives him – the fear of failure *Living life as an ambivert *The art of cartooning *Greg’s history of podcasting *Pricing shaming *Investment strategy turned life plan: 85% security, 15% crapshoots *Barbells, Speedos, and tigers – oh my! *Freedom and Free CPE with Oh My Fraud! (Now with 11 episodes to hear!) *Fry sauce matters – two parts mayo, one part ketchup, catsup, or however you spell it where you live ... Check out Greg’s toons: Listen to Oh My Fraud: Talk to Greg: Get your UT Fry Sauce merch here: A Thrivecast discussion on perfecting niches: The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder Shout out to that church with all the words, that choir that got renamed, that place that makes The Dude’s cardigan, Pendleton, The Journal of Accountancy, monkey bars, Oprah, Men at Work, The Police, all the children of the ‘80s, Gusto, teleprompters, Oh My Fraud!, Venn diagrams, Gary Larson, Scott Adams, Dilbert, Caleb Newquist, The Far Side, Going Concern, Rubik Yeriazarian and RuBook Creative, EY, Divvy, the law of attraction, Jason Blumer, Thrivecast, Tom Hood, Accounting Today, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Sam's No. 3
June 10, 2022
#NiksTips on Projects
thank you to our supporters this week, Amaka, the gold standard in accounting automation and integrations, visit Do you take on projects at your accounting firm? most accounting firms i talk to nowadays don't really want to take on projects... tbh, we're kind of scared of projects. Sometimes I'm so scared to price them. I'm scared that they're going to be the wrong project and take too much time. And then it's all everybody's talking about at the firm is this client with this big project and we're still not done with it, and it's been seven months... So let's define a project. when I say people don't want to take on projects, what am I referring to? I think of a project as something that is not going to be recurring or unlikely to be recurring.... So for example, someone comes to you and they want to sell their business and they need three or five years of financials recreate it and then possibly help them through due diligence. And then they're gone so huge spike in work, but potentially if you price it right, you can make a lot of money...
June 01, 2022
Numbers and Love Letters (feat. Shane Mason, CPA/PFS, CFP, CPWA)
Season 2 Episode 19 | Recorded January 24, 2022 In this episode, Jason and Scott are joined by Shane Mason, CPA/PFS, CFP®, CPWA® to talk about mustaches, method acting, and the mastery of the myriad letters behind his name. * The obsession with credentials * Shane’s accounting adventure – from education to letter collecting * Nish? Neetch? Nitching? Niched? (We still aren’t sure) * Moving from PwC to NY via sailboat * Racing towards a self-sustaining business * On being necessary * Why investment advising intimidates * Behavior = ROI * Sampling workflows – what worked, what didn’t * Pricing – how Brooklyn FI makes it work (hint: no tracking time) * Navigating the market crapshoot * One time on a podcast ... Shane met AJ * Why firing sucks but why it can be a necessity * On using LinkedIn Recruiter * Why Brooklyn FI fired clients * Scott says lead with your knees, no ... Niche! * The hard question – defining FI * Circling around the “Net” question * Tooth Fairy economics * Evaluating and managing PITA margins * Brooklyn FI’s build of equity compensation analysis software * Looking ahead * Shane’s advice – partner power Visit Shane here: Check out The Liquidity Event podcast a listen here: Shout outs: Ole Miss, Clemson, Mississippi, faceless porn stars, Brooklyn FI, PwC Austin, Mason Tax, Jetpack Workflow, TaxDome, Karbon, Jason+, Ackerman+, Apple, Tate Henshaw, Palantir, Moneysplained, Lacerte, Charlotte, The Outsourced Accountant, Ignition, Traction, XY Planning Network, Ryan Lazanis, Future Firm, and all you other fabulous people we failed to mention!
May 29, 2022
#NiksTips on Perfectionism
thank you LiveFlow, visit and get 20% off for 3 months with promo code SONS Niks breaks down perfectionism in an accounting firm... Perfectionism is often defined as the need to be or appear to be perfect, even to believe that it's possible to achieve perfection. It is typically viewed as a positive trait rather than a flaw. People may use the term healthy perfectionism to describe or justify perfectionist behavior. if you're a perfectionist, I don't think that you should run a business when I think of perfectionism, I also think of delegation because people who are perfectionists can't delegate, but I see you as the ultimate delegator because you basically have somebody else running your business I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist, but I'd like things done, right. If I know. If it doesn't get done, right. It's going to create problems later. I'm a big fan of a one-way workflow know your weaknesses, know your strengths. but then also, you know, while you're doing something always know that there's room for improvement and that you don't already have something that is perfect. Expect your systems to always need to be improved upon. this way you leave room for margin of error and for improvement
May 25, 2022
Ignition [Remix] (feat. Guy Pearson, CEO)
Season 2 Episode 18 | Recorded January 21, 2022 Today, we’re talking about the Artist Formerly Known as π (PI) … Guy Pearson, CEO of Ignition, about all the personal and professional goings-on in his world – marriage, funding rounds, rebranding, moving, and achieving a puppy, and what's ahead for Ignition.   Visit Ignition:  Connect with Guy:  What's on the menu:   Haircuts – or the lack thereof  Why the rebranding?  Anatomy of a firm – Karbon is the skeleton; Ignition is the heart; the blood is Xero and Gusto; the fingers are Digits; the eyes are LivePlan...  How Ignition helps firms move toward advisory  No more “P” swag ...  Ignition – The professional-services Airbnb  The Canadian component  Integrations – Xero, Gusto, Karbon, and more  GoProposal v. Ignition = More Feature Updates?  On being an extroverted introvert, and extroverted entrepreneur  Guy’s growing pains * No Fyre Festivals here!  All about the Series C, other funding rounds, and cleaning house  Uniforms of choice – Shorts, T-shirts, and Hawaiian shirts  The real reason for Ignition – People  Round pegs, square holes, and staying true  Annihilating scope creep and sticker shock  What Guy misses about running a firm  Reading: The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations  Shout out to Ignition, Michael Ly, Josh Lance, Blake Oliver, Talbot Sayer, John Lennon, Eddie Vedder, Ignition’s design and marketing teams, Gusto, Thomson Reuters, Intuit, Xero, Zapier, James Ashford, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Tiger Global, EVP, LivePlan, Jirav and all who we appreciate but may have failed to mention here! 
May 23, 2022
Hard Numbers | The Sons Year-In-Review
BONUS to Season 2 Episode 17  Thanks to our sponsor, BooksTime! Visit We’ve got a bonus ep today – Happy One-Year-iversary to Sons of CPAs! Today, we’re going to review our firms to see what went right, wrong, or other, and what we’re going to change. this is the first solo "Scott + Ackerman" episode since Season 1 Episode 1 ... get ready for some time shits  * Defining our firms’ successes * Hard numbers for Scarano  * Scott’s fear of decisions and making them * Stepping away from the day-to-day * Being an artist trapped in an accountant’s body * When to prune the growth mindset * Jason is hesitantly happy with where his firm is at * The main focus is client service/satisfaction * Factoring opportunity costs – mundane tasks v. upping services * Hard numbers for Ackerman  * The cadence of meetings * The aftermath of COVID on firm culture * How BNA is encouraging non-mandatory team building * Jason’s personal goal is delegation * Processes for consistency rather than efficiency * Can people be managed? * Scott’s goal – Let it go Don’t forget to check out Earmark CPE ( to get free CPE credit for listening to podcasts like this one! Shout Outs: Chris Leon, Matthew Meyer, and the rest of Scott's Padgett team, Jason’s Dad, Lorin, and the rest of Ackerman's BNA team, Xero, Ron Baker, Timeshits, LivePlan and anyone else we mentioned but forgot to mention here!
May 18, 2022
The Art & Soul of Accounting (feat. Ron Baker, CPA)
Season 2 Episode 17 | Recorded January 17, 2022 this episode is sponsored by Xero. beautiful business. The Sons are honored and privileged to have THE Ron Baker on our podcast today. Scott can now drop his mic and slowly back away. Getting into the “spirit” of things, Ron talks about the real soul of enterprise, the spiritual v. physical, why timesheets are not useful, how Ron found his footing in the CPA world, and his grand unifying theory of everything. * The four defenses of timesheets – except for “The Lord doesn’t want me to throw them out ...” * CPAs are just historians with really shitty memories. * Better measures – turnaround time, keeping promises, HSDs, the NPS and value gaps * The three KPIs of every major airline in the world, except North Korea’s * Why Ron thinks airlines have gone too far with their nickel-and-diming * The awesomeness of being first in line * How CPA firms can be better pricers * How to replace timesheets * Flipping the script – measure the customer * Relationships aren’t efficient – they either grow or die * To be innovative is the antithesis of efficiency * The sin of running a firm at full capacity * The birth of fixed pricing c. 1989 * Scientism (not related to Scientology ...) * Why are futurists charlatans? * Refining your client-selection criteria * Riches are in the nitches, bitches! * Satisficing – the art of doing “good enough” * Next time – subscriptions! Check out Ron’s latest tome: Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms Listen to The Soul of Enterprise - Shoutouts – Thomas Sowell, George Gilder, and “The Spirit of Enterprise,” Joshua Bell, Benjamin Franklin, Toyota, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Coincident indicators, FedEx, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Reginald Heber Smith, Google stuff, all of it, Kabuki, McDonald’s uniforms, Hydras, Socrates, Columbo, Paul Kennedy, and O'Byrne and Kennedy, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Pisenti & Brinker, Sparky, Ed Kless, Harvard Business Review, all the non-Zuckerberg, non-Bezos, and non-Branson types, Jody Padar, and everyone else we forgot to mention! Time Shits -
May 15, 2022
The Unique CPA Presents - The Vaporware Show (feat. Scott Scarano, EA)
BONUS - Rebroadcast of Episode 65 of The Unique CPA ...and it is “pure vaporware” Randy and Scott have a great time talking about everything under the sun, from beer and other methods of “relaxation,” to one of the key tenets of The Unique CPA: The changing face of public accounting, which also happens to be a heavy focus of this show. Check out The Unique CPA Podcast at About the Guest Scott Scarano is the Owner and President of Padgett Business Services of Raleigh-Durham. He founded the Sons of CPAs podcast in 2021. Scott’s “Why” is empowering all growth-minded entrepreneurs in his reach to thrive and prosper by approaching problems from a different perspective and analyzing solutions. Scott earned his B.B.A. in Accounting from Campbell University, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Upon graduation, he spent several years working as a staff accountant at local CPA firms in Durham, NC, when Scott discovered his passion for working with small businesses. He is a licensed Enrolled Agent and a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Meet the Host Randy Crabtree, CPA co-founder and partner of Tri-Merit Specialty Tax Professionals, is a widely followed author, lecturer and podcast host for the accounting profession.  Schaumberg, Illinois-based Tri-Merit is a niche professional services firm that specializes in helping CPAs and their clients benefit from R&D tax credits, cost segregation, the energy efficient commercial buildings deduction (179D), the energy efficient home credit (45L) and the employee retention credit (ERC).  Prior to joining Tri-Merit, Crabtree was managing partner of a CPA firm in the greater Chicago area. He has more than 30 years of public accounting and tax consulting experience in a wide variety of industries, and has worked closely with top executives to help them optimize their tax planning strategies. all the shout outs Randy Crabtree, Nikole Mackenzie, John Garrett, Josh Lance, Kristen Keats, Terrell Turner, Blake Oliver, Jason Ackerman, Xero, Liz Mason, High Rock, Lil Wayne, GKUA, Byron Patrick, Botkeeper, Padgett, Jeff Phillips, Amanda Aguillard, Ignition, GoProposal, James Ashford, Ron Baker, Mike Michalowicz, Jody Grunden, Acuity, Matthew May, Kenji Kuramoto, Scott Scharf, Patti Scharf Important Links Sons of CPAs on Apple and Spotify Scott Scarano on Twitter Scott Scarano on LinkedIn
May 13, 2022
#NiksTips on Products (feat. LiveFlow) get 20% off for 3 months with promo code SONS welcome to the first of many in our Product series… this isn’t an ad, maybe you can call it an infomercial… but we call it #NiksTips on Products shout out to all our AVPs (app vendor partners)
May 06, 2022
#StaatSnacks | The Jason.CPA Experience
You bring the snacks; Jason’s got the Staats ... and the experience to talk about creativity, community, and life in the CPA world. Over the past some years, In addition to YouTube stardom, Jason has been a staff accountant, tax preparer, principal at Brenner & Company LLP, and is a member of the Gusto Partner Advisory Council. ... there's a post-easter egg at the 45min mark #CPAliens In today’s ep, we’re talking: *#TaxTwitter – what it is, and why it’s a hit (hint: community) – and Jason’s takeaway: you’ll always have more to gain by sharing your knowledge than by sitting on it. *The History of Jason – from one-man garage accountant to finding his people and growing a community that blows the doors off the old ‘what’s mine is mine’ mindset. *Jason’s creative process behind his Jason.CPA YouTube magic. Does he really want to move beyond his own little corner of the accounting world? *On book writings – Jason’s focused on writing what he knows. Working title: A Field Manual to Navigating Legacy Accountants. *scott scarano, ea 🥶😈 search for the real meaning of “Why,” and his platform. Maybe it’s rap? He’s got the title – #CPAliens. *Jason’s words of wisdom on the socials: -      Define what you want to get out of it -      Find your community by adding value to other peoples’ conversations *Firm Goals -      Reduce the number of clients -      Maintain profitability with fewer clients by raising prices -      Step away from the partner-led model -      Team-first approach *Building the Bench Accounting partnership. Why Bench over other options? Short answer: Long-haul reliability *Jason throws tools – Scribe, Airtable v. Excel? All the shout outs: Earmark, Blake Oliver, CPA #TaxTwitter, Intuit, Intuit Mailchimp, Drew Carrick FloQast Zapier, Sandwich, Adam Lisagor, ElectroNeek, Donna Bordeaux,, ❤️🖤💚Nayo Carter-Gray, EA MBA Sandy Johns #100DaysOfNoCode, Xero, Relay Financial, PandaDoc, Simon Sinek Realize Accountant Community YouTube Channel
April 30, 2022
The Model Cloud Accounting Firm (feat. Jody Grunden, CPA)
Season 2 Episode 16 | Recorded January 10, 2022  Today we’ll learn about Jody Grunden’s CPA journey and how his firm went from $0 in 2002 to $9 million plus in 2022. By taking the non-traditional route in accounting – combining vision and integration to form a biz model that really, really works - Summit CPA Group is a shining example what TO do!  shout out to our sponsors this week; Xero and Gusto's People Advisory Accelerator, go to and type in the code sons100 for $349 off Meet Jody: LinkedIn:  Jody is not the son of a CPA, but he’s the first person in his family to go to college.  Why Summit CPA Group is different:  Dress code  Killing overtime for the entire team  eradicating the hourly billing model  Figuring out what the clients want  Why forecasting is key – go forward, not back  Defining the why and when of meetings – forecasting, pipeline, rev-rec, and the floater  How the fixed-fee model nearly tanked Summit  Why Summit CPA Group has no accounts receivable  Form and function – explaining the Summit “pods” and their processes  The Wow factor – not charging more for unexpected issues, such as PPP  Setting, managing, and exceeding expectations – just do it!  The Summit CPA niche – creative agencies over $1m in revenue  What’s the next step in the evolution?  The 2FA (or 3) of scaling pricing – revenue, employee count, and industry  Giving clients the Carvana experience  Why soft skills matter at Summit  Talking compensation  What did Jody learn while he was growing the practice?  Figuring out your pricing model is the #1 priority  Making the Summit model the new normal  Check out Summit’s free CPE webinars here: or get the Virtual CFO Playbook here:  Why Summit used cartoons to set themselves apart  Shout-out to Indiana University, Darren Root, and Rootworks, Crowe, BKD, Summit CPA Group, Adam Hale, Netflix, The Summit City (Fort Wayne, IN), DCPA
April 24, 2022
#NiksTips on Productivity
shout out to EMINƎM One of Niks Core Values at Momentum is GSD, Get Shit Done. Core Values defined, are a set of fundamental beliefs, ideals or practices that inform how you conduct your life, both personally and professionally. Businesses can also have and maintain core values. These can help an organization determine how to allocate resources, make important decisions and grow. sometimes you're so involved in to what you do on a day-to-day basis that you don't realize that over the years you've actually created pretty good systems we encourage you and your team to meet your clients once a month and you can reduce the amount of email clutter back and forth, force them to have meetings with you “Forced to Face your Finances on Focus Fridays” Productivity Tip, in client meetings always notes, and always have action items shout out to Loom, get comfortable with video and asynchronously sending information via video vs sending emails… there is more context and it’s more efficient and effective form of communication … shout out to Earmark, Blake and Zach Frank NiksTips #1 Asynchronous Communication Tools that we use; Google Calendar, Google Docs, Loom, HubSpot, Karbon, DialPad, Slack, 15five, TypeForm, Calendly, Notion NiksTips #2 Manage External Communication and get your clients to meet you “where you’re at” and use the same tools that your firm is using and EVERYONE will be more productive NiksTips #3 “Avoid learning while you’re working” have a core app stack so you don’t have to always learn something new with each client - find contractors or specialists for complex work NiksTips #4 “Find Repeatable Shortcuts” such as making rules in Xero, email templates for common answers, and using folders in your google chrome browser NiksTips #5 “leverage resources and push down work” like using VA and interns. Find an intern to pull your bank statements, if you could pay someone $15 an hour and it takes them 10 hours, like $150 a month… might be cheaper than that RPA you’re trying to build NiksTips #6 “meeting and meeting cadence and agenda” NiksTips #7 “manage your energy” niks is a really good napper, she can take great 12min naps… and a great way to be productive is just don’t answer your phone, don’t even work with your phone in the same room shout out to Zuni and Michael Ly
April 19, 2022
Melissa McCarthy for Accounting Professionals (feat. Dawn Brolin, CPA)
Season 2 Episode 15 | Recorded January 3, 2022   Dawn Brolin, a self-proclaimed number-splatter expert, has a heart of gold, but she’s also the hammer. She’s about providing the most effective service possible. If clients won’t hold up their end of the bargain, she’s not afraid to fire them.   • Dawn's penned two books, The Designated Motivator and The Designated Motivator for Accountants   • What’s nice v. kind?   • Shout out to all you New Englanders! We love you! We really do! We will not F*&% with you!   • What’s the difference between an accountant and a sex worker on TikTok? Go ahead, guess ..!   • Future goals – succession planning. Dawn’s planning on nine more years, and her tech stack is the key to her exit!   • Why firms should definitely have a PIA fee   • Competition v. Collaboration  What’s most important is the way clients treat her, and her staff.   You can use your established processes to A) get the information you need, but also B) to figure out which clients have their shit together.   Pricing – what works best for you and your firm? Dawn, Scott and Jason talk about the pain points, and best practices for pricing your services.   Also, we’ll talk about how Dawn took some negative assessments of herself and used them to fuel her talent and even appearance. What do you do when someone tells you that you won’t ever be able to do something? You do it! What do you do when someone hands you personal “feedback”? First of all, be YOU. Then, take what’s useful from that feedback, and make it your own! The most amazing things happen when you take off the reins and run!   Dawn also shares how babysitting staff annihilates her soul and who you need to find to make everything run smoothly. You need runners – the people who are going to keep up with you, the people who want to learn, and the people who aren’t afraid to help you!   Measuring success, to Dawn, is about getting the work done. It means having the time to live a real-life, and not be tied to that to work 24/7.  She follows a lot of the principles from Mike Michalowicz’s book, “Profit First” and shares a bit of useful information on your own money methodology.   App and other special shout outs: Ignition, Ron Saharyan, Profit First Professionals- It's your business. Shouldn't your profit come first? Anderson Brolin & Coba CPAs, LLC Lacerte Software Corporation, 🚀  Liz Mason, Dawn’s website –, Gaynor Hardy (Meilke), MS, CBC, CTC Charisma Ink, abuser-friendly Intuit QuickBooks, Ron Baker, Relay Financial, Joseph Scarano, FloQast Studios, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans CLO bullet-proof vests, Hazmat suits, body bags, Rick and Morty, Lil Wayne, Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katherine Heigl, Knocked Up, and Waze 
April 10, 2022
#NiksTips on Productization
Productization definition from Investopedia: The process of developing or altering a process idea, skill or service to make it marketable for sale to the public. Productized services can also be packaged and offered as subscription-based services. shout out to our sponsor this week, Gusto to learn more about Productizing Advisory, check out Gusto’s people advisory training and get certified at and type in the code SONS100 at checkout to receive $349 off your training!! the Acronym we’re using to Productize Advisory today is CPA C for Cadence P for Process A for Agenda the steps to productize your services: Step #1, find a recurring problem or need that you're constantly seeing from your customers. Step #2 develop a solution to the problem Step #3 create a system that is repeatable and can be taught to others Step #4 train others on the system Step #5 deliver the services, get feedback, and continue to improve. Fixed fee pricing and how that's now becoming more normal for our industry has forced us to productize our services when someone's paying for something, you have to deliver a set of services each month. Cadence is one of the most important parts of productization, and there's gotta be an agenda, and there has to be a system and an approval process that can be taught shout out to GrowthLab, Dan Gertrudes, Steven Bylar, Heather Satterly, Korey shout out to LivePlan for productizing the delivery of forecasting shout out to all the Excel Jockey’s and Peter Wen and TallyFor shout out to Niks, Kenji, Josh Lance, and Michael Ly, and of course your teacher Jacklyn Anku shout out to EO and Scaling Up and Verne Harnish and EOS and Traction and Geno Wickman
April 05, 2022
It’s Always Sunny in Maryland (feat. Byron Patrick, CPA)
Season 2 Episode 14 | Recorded January 3, 2022 Shout out to our sponsors; and Botkeeper Alright, alright, alright ... This week, we’re talking to the Matthew McConaughey of Accounting, it's Byron Patrick, CPA. Byron’s career started with a cool-ass high-school accounting teacher shout out to HeimLantz CPA, F. Carter Heim and Thomas J. Lantz Byron has branded himself, literally, with a CPA tattoo You can’t talk about the Maryland Association of CPAs without talking about Tom Hood, and the AICPA, and Kimberly Ellison-Taylor and Anoop N. Mehta, CPA, CGMA Shout out to all of our listeners in Washington, VA ... we love you. Hiring TIP – It’s not the question; it’s the person answering it! The benefits of hanging out in the hallway (or being an industry rat) Simplified Innovations was the Citrix partner of the year; as Byron puts it, a Great f&%king company, but bad biz partner decision Woulda, shoulda, coulda – the things Byron would do differently with a second chance... and The Botkeeper experience, Shout out to Jody Padar, and Enrico Palmerino! and all the rest of the apps and people shout outs; Scott Scharf, Spark Hire, CCH ProSystem, Lacerte, QuickBooks, Right Networks, Brannon Poe, Liz Mason, Xero, Relay, Pilot,, Expensify, FloQast Studios, PBC, Twyla Verhelst, Ed Mendlowitz, Gusto, FieldGuide, Jin Chang, and Marc Montpas
April 04, 2022
#NiksTips on Positioning
shout out to our sponsors this week: Xero ... the Sons of CPAs love Xero, if you couldn't tell Gusto’s People Advisory Training… go to and enter Code Sons100 at checkout and you’ll get $349 off and some CPE! in this episode, we talk about positioning yourself and your accounting firm in the market #NiksTips for a good Positioning Statement identifying who you want to work with, who do you help? what makes you different, how you can help those clients, what pain points you’re solving, what is the emotional payoff for the customer shout outs: EarmarkCPE, cloud accounting podcast, Blake Oliver and David Leary,, Jason Ackerman,,, Jason Staats ... and stay tuned for some #StaatSnacks and #CPAliens
March 30, 2022
It's All Love at Work at Home and on #TaxTwitter (feat. @wifemomCPA100 & JW Davis)
Season 2 Episode 13 | Recorded December 31, 2021 shout out to our sponsors Botkeeper is giving away a free year of bookkeeping, up to $20k, enter for a chance to win here! … check it out for a shot at $100 this week we have on the power couple, Nicole Davis, CPA and J W Davis ... founders of Butler-Davis Tax & Accounting, LLC based out of Atlanta, GA   In this episode we talk about:  • the dynamics and logistics of successfully living and working with your spouse  • balancing a digital presence with 5 kids  • the hard numbers  • different ways to approach growth at your accounting firm  • chess   Advice for Spouses working together from J W Davis "my suggestion would be to define your roles. So that way there is no confusion on who does what...and don't sweat the small know, we're around each other all the gotta just have fun, play with each other. We joke a lot... you just got to enjoy each other's company."    shout out to NABA INC. shout out to Andrew Argue, CPA shout out to Scott Scharf and Patti Scharf shout out to Accounting Salon  shout out to 🔥 Michael Ly shout out to Gusto, ADP, QuickBooks Company
March 27, 2022
#5minLy | The Not-To-Do List
shout out to our newest sponsor LiveFlow, get 20% off your first 3 months with code SONS at Botkeeper is giving away a free year of bookkeeping, up to $20k, enter for a chance to win here! #5minLy where Michael Ly and Scott Scarano discuss running their modern accounting firms with some some choice topics from Karbon Magazine  this week's article
March 25, 2022
#NiksTips+ on Partners Pt. 2
Recorded on 2.22.22 …Happy TwosDay! Today we’re talking about Tech Partners… “I'm just pleased to participate in this podcast production pertaining to particular peculiarities of partnership.” Kenji people shout outs: Kenji, Niks, Scott, Joel Lacayo, Pat Perez, Michael Ly, Rod Drury, Matthew, tech partner shout outs: Xero, Relay, QuickBooks, CollBox, Gusto, ADP, Digits, Drizly
March 23, 2022
The Evolution of the Profession... It’s Our Turn (feat. Jeff Wilson II, CPA)
Sons of CPAs Podcast Season 2 Episode 12 | Recorded December 27, 2021 Botkeeper is giving away a free year of bookkeeping, up to $20k, enter for a chance to win here! shout out to our newest sponsor LiveFlow, let’s count all the pop culture references in this episode that's really about the business of running an accounting firm: Drew Carrick aka The Rapping CPA aka The Character, Snoop Dogg, Suge Knight, Death Row Records, Puff Daddy, Andre 3000 and OutKast , Lil Baby, Game of Thrones and the Dothraki, Marvel, J. Cole, Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, Jay-Z, R. Kelly, Big Boi, Drake, Nas, Tupac shout out to N. Carter aka Nayo Carter, “Nayo’s a Superstar” from humble beginnings to CPA to prisons to CEO with almost a million-dollar mindset shout out to Ian Vacin south’s got something to say, put some south in your mouth represent Southeast Asia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisana, and Mississippi what do Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Jay-Z, James Prince, TI all have in common? they’re all having lunch with Jeff Wilson one day…
March 21, 2022
#NiksTips+ on Partners Pt 1
Sons of CPAs Podcast Bonus Drop, #NiksTips+ on Partners Pt 1 Botkeeper is giving away a free year of bookkeeping, up to $20k, enter for a chance to win here! The Valentines Threesome feat. Nikole Mackenzie, CPA, scott scarano, ea 🥶😈 & Kenji Kuramoto “the best partnerships are when both sides feel like they got the better end of the deal” - K²  Kenji Kuramoto, CEO of Acuity CFO Online Bookkeeping Accounting and Business Tax talks to us about running a $11M Firm with a partner, and running it like a true company Kenji’s words of wisdom on partners: as an entrepreneur you have to ask yourself, do you work better alone or with others? are you a team player or the solitary leader? when you’re going into business with friends, find someone that complements your weaknesses and reinforces your strengths titles are external facing, we run things as a team, but titles are important for those that are outside of the organization and how they perceive our roles than they do to us accounting is a profession that lends itself to money-making opportunities  you’ve gotta include more long-term planning to make sure all partners are in alignment and on the same page then we go into how SalesForce, AirTable and Process Street are all being integrated into Acuity with their newly formed partnership/alliance with Catching Clouds, Patti Scharf and Scott Scharf shout out to Spanx and Sara Blakely … the youngest self-made female Billionaire… that’s just baller
March 15, 2022
LinkedIn’s Cutest Accountant (feat. Michael Eckstein, EA)
Season 2 Episode 11 | Recorded December 20, 2021 LinkedIn’s Cutest Accountant (feat. Michael Eckstein, EA) subscribe to Michael's newsletter here: shout out to our sponsors this week: Clockwork and Xero Zachary Call, CPA’s only takeaways this episode: “some things just stick” “roll with it” scott scarano, ea 🥶😈’s takeaways this episode: “when you’re a one-person-show you have to pick and choose what you are doing very carefully” “don’t take on tax work that you know you can’t do” “a 1041 tax return should be 3x the amount you charge for a 1040” “let’s fight some people over reasonable S corp comp” Michael’s takeaways this episode: “live your dreams” “don’t commit tax fraud” “have a good christmas” “don’t wait for Jewish Hell” “late fees don’t fix cashflow” and Michael’s religious rant at the hour mark… Jews figured out to make drinking a good deed and we don’t have hell, and everyone else screwed that up for us
March 14, 2022
#NiksTips on Proposals
…Proposal Softwares to be more specific Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Nikole “Niks” Mackenzie and Scott Scarano share a small but useful piece of practical advice as it relates to running their professional accounting firms. This episode is brought to you by the letter P… today we’re going to discuss delivering Proposals for your accounting firm and the Proposal Platforms that we’re both on, Ignition and GoProposal here are the 5 Things that we look for in proposal software: Pricing Packages Processes Payments People shout out to James Ashford and the team at Ignition
March 09, 2022
Reach from Milk to Meat (feat. Justin Hatch, CEO)
Jason's a big boy now, he recorded and edited this episode all by himself while Scott was out having some fun with his fellow CPAs at the Digital CPA in Nashville. ... but Jason didn't leave us any show notes, so you'll have to listen to the actual episode to hear more about Mr. Justin Hatch, the Queen's Scout! Shout out to our sponsors this week: Clockwork and Xero Seeya next week
March 07, 2022
#NiksTips on Pods
Season 2 Episode 9 Bonus Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Nikole “Niks” Mackenzie and Scott Scarano share a small but useful piece of practical advice as it relates to running their professional accounting firms. This episode is brought to you by the letter P… these bonus episodes are deep dives into topics that start with the letter P, and it’s a little different than our regular episodes Pods are how you structure your team in terms of how you deliver your services to your clients.  Shout out to Niks … and her regular guest Episode on Sons of CPAs podcast shout out to Josh Lance at Lance CPA Group who introduced me to the pod concept years ago shout out to Ron Baker and the Soul of Enterprise podcast… efficiency is the enemy of effectiveness shout out to Shane Mason at BrooklynFI and the Liquidity Event podcast… and for not tracking time! shout out to Jody Grunden and the Modern CPA Success Show podcast… we've had some great episodes with pretty large firms that are doing this successfully, $10 million firms that have pod structure that are, very successful at it. And they're adding data analysts, and different people to a pod structure to enhance it and to make it stronger and to make the client relationship stronger and also increased profitability.
March 01, 2022
Real Life in the Accounting Profession (feat. Rita Keller)
Sons of CPAs Podcast Season 2 Episode 9 | Recorded November 22, 2021 Real Life in the Accounting Profession (feat. Rita Keller) Shout out to our sponsors this week: Xero and Gusto Some of Rita's Wonderful Quotes: “I blog about CPA firm management, I've blogged every business day for nearly 17 years. The content out there is, and then I've got it, you know, by category.” “our partners, I think did it the right way. They let us manage the firm. And they took care of clients.” “I think that's right too many cooks in the kitchen, I always say. if you're going to have a managing partner, give him some power, and that's basically how we grew.” “We opened an office cold, which I do not recommend, never opened an office cold, cause it takes a long time to build up your visibility and your reputation.” “I don't know how many headaches I see with billing and collection, which to me that's a foundational issue that shouldn't be, nobody should be worrying about that.” “I think smaller firms like yours, what I've seen over the years are much more progressive than the larger firms” “you have to build that brand is what I tell my clients that on the college campus and in the community, you know, you want that brand to attract clients and who attracts employees.” “you should show your clients by example, how to run a good business. When it comes to billing collection, all that sort of stuff. They look to you to set the example and to tell them, but a lot of CPAs don't clearly define the expectation for clients. They just want to keep them happy.” shout out to: Gary Shamin, Mark Rosenberg, Chris Frederiksen, August Aquila, Allan Koltin, Gary Adamson, Jody Padar, and Shayna Chapman
February 27, 2022
#NiksTips on Podcasts Pt. 2
2day is Twosday 2.22.22 happy 2sday, brought to you by the number 2 ... we present 2 you, part 2 of #NiksTips on Podcasts Sons of CPAs Podcast bonus episode drop feat. Nikole Mackenzie, CPA and scott scarano, ea 🥶😈 shout out to all the co-hosts Jason Ackerman, CPA, CFP®, CGMA 🔥 Michael Ly and Zachary Call, CPA mini show notes: 2 if you want to see the Pop! Cover Art that corresponds to the episode you’re listening to, check it out on Spotify Podcasts 3 Sons of CPAs title explained again… 4 finding balance in all our lives with a little bit of weed 6 Atomic Habits and The Bible both come highly recommended by Scott's clients and prospects 7 stay tuned for CPAliens 9 language isn’t always a barrier with people 10 a how-to-guide on podcasts… at least a start 11 a list of filler words that Descript will search for… “but you know” “hm” “I guess” “I mean” “I suppose” “kind of” “like” “mmm” “or something” “right” “so” “sort of” “uh” “um” “well” “you know” “you know what i mean” “you see” and repeated words 13 the difference between kind and nice 15 don’t lie to people ...podcasts are truth serums 16 Podcasts to check out Make it Count w/ Marcus A. Mire, CPA and Summit CPA Group of 3 podcasts w/ Jody Grunden, CPA 18 Scott's not high enough to indulge in the metaverse talk today
February 22, 2022
A Balanced Futurist (feat. Donnamaree Ryder, CEO)
Season 2 Episode 8 | Recorded November 15, 2021 A Balanced Futurist (feat. Donnamaree Ryder, CEO) "everyone can look back, but the actual Magic is when you're able to look forward and start to forecast what things might look like in your business" Donnamaree Ryder And a very special thank you to our Sponsors this week: Gusto & Xero
February 20, 2022
#NiksTips on Podcasts Pt. 1
Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Nikole “Niks” Mackenzie and Scott Scarano share a small but useful piece of practical advice as it relates to running their professional accounting firms. This episode is brought to you by the letter P this one's a 2 parter... on Podcasts 3 shout out to AICPA Engage, best conference of the year 2021 5 Marcus Mire, Make it Count Podcast 9 Ryan Lazanis, Future Firm Podcast 11 Xero’s What Led You Here w/ Steve Vamos Podcast 12 how has the podcast enabled you to move the industry forward? 13 David Barrett, Expensify big ass Table Podcast 15 Gusto’s Caleb Newquist and Greg Kyte’s Oh My Fraud! Podcast 18 the Process to Producing this Podcast 19 Cloud Accounting Podcast, David Leary & Blake Oliver 20 The Scallion Pancake, Jason Ackerman’s food Podcast 22 Cover Art explained, shout out to Scarano, Ackerman, Niks, LySki and Zachary
February 17, 2022
&... Why's Asymptote (feat. John Garrett)
Sons of CPAs Podcast | Season 2 Episode 7 | &… Why’s Asymptote (feat. John Garrett) Author of What’s Your And | | Recorded November 8, 2021 Shout out to our sponsors this week: Xero and Gusto Zachary’s Takeaways Water cooler talk is not enough. You must go deeper with your team. Your people are far more important than your clients. Harness the energy within everyone and bring it into the organization and allow it to cultivate. People, clients, and staff love honesty. 85% of what makes up a person's life, we pretend is not there. We remember people by their “And” We do all of these things. We talk about our Ands to build connections and help us feel good about life and experience satisfaction and joy. Don't be a micromanager. We are all grown adults. Breathe in happy. Scott’s Takeaways 8% of people don’t have hobbies apparently your "And" and your "Why" can’t intersect Ben’s “And” is Jerry or ice cream? there are a lot of accountants that are really good at accounting but not great at running a business the No. 1 indicator of your success is your people you gotta be honest with yourself before you can bring out honesty in others all we really want in life is human connections the only people who care what phone you have are  people shout outs: Simon Sinek “search your soul and find your why” Jay Leno “makes you feel like you’re part of the group” Mark Winburn “breath in happy” Rebecca Berneck “breaking motorcycle land speed records” Matthew Heggem “the dance of business” Tony Nitti “mountain backing and extreme skiing and surfing” Rumba Bwerinofa-Petrozello “karaoke in Berlin” Dawn Brolin “NCAA champion in softball” Lorilyn Wilson “NCAA champion in softball” Ben Westbrook “a degree in opera” Steven Pressfield “The War of Art”
February 14, 2022
#NiksTips on Processes
Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Nikole “Niks” Mackenzie and Scott Scarano share a small but useful piece of practical advice as it relates to running their professional accounting firms. This episode is brought to you by the letter P we do not rise to the level of our goals.   we fall to the level of our systems and processes. #NiksTips on Processes
February 10, 2022
The Evolution of Finance…as a Service (feat. Dan Gertrudes, CEO)
Season 2 Episode 6 | The Evolution of Finance…as a Service (feat. Dan Gertrudes, CEO) | Co-Founder of GrowthLab FaaS | | Recorded November 8, 2021 Shout out to our sponsors this week: Gusto's People Advisory and Karbon “I didn’t fail out of the school of hard knocks, I’m still getting schooled in that school, it’s a hard knock life that we live…that’s the moral of this story” 0-10min Figuring shit out at the ripe age of 38 Attributing equal parts luck and intention to our situations What’s your tolerance to risk when investing in yourself We as Americans have to keep up with ourselves and everyone around us as we fill the holes in our souls with more stuff…in the Economy built on Credit Dan’s higher education journey of 3 schools to obtain 1 diploma 10-20min Finance as a Function. “[Dan] If I were you, I would probably never take on another bookkeeping business [at GrowthLab] unless they were an FP&A customer” - Ian @ Karbon The hardest thing to sell to small businesses is Planning… it’s intangible, it’s hard to put a bookend on it This notion of billable hours is nonsense, my challenge is how do we productize FP&A? We need to stop having this ‘backward v forwards’ thinking conversation… planning is so back in vogue right now “If accountants, CPAs, accounting firms can figure out this FP and a function, just like we all did 20 years ago with the cloud accounting. We're just going to become more of that trusted advisor. Like everybody talks about being the trusted advisor, but you're not a trusted advisor. If you're not on a cadence like if you're only talking to your customer once or twice a year, that's not a trusted advisor.” DG “… and then I came across guys like Michael Ly, also not a CPA… and one of the first people I met that looked and felt a little bit more like us” DG 20-30min “there are only two ways to make money, you leverage capital or you leverage people…we’re in the business of leveraging people” DG Step 1 Technology and Leveraging our FP&A Function… shout out to Jirav Step 2 Cadence and Implementing our FP&A Function… shout out to Karbon Step 3 People and Executing our FP&A Function… shout out to our people at GrowthLab “one thing that has kept me real is knowing that [people] leave Friday afternoon and you just don’t know if they’re coming back on Monday” DG 30-40min “There needs to be continuity between each of the value streams…you need to replicate bookkeeping, accounting and FP&A…there needs to be a flow of information from left to right” “my number one job as a people manager is to de-risk the people factor in what we do, which sounds totally counter-intuitive to everything we probably just talked to prior to this” DG “I think you could argue that what you've done is you've created the processes first, before the pillar of people.” S² The 3 Pillars of GrowthLab: Cadence, Rigor, and Team 40-50min “if your margins aren’t great it’s either a pricing problem or a cost problem… or you’re just paying your people too much” DG “The hourly billable model puts the onus on managing your gross margins on the customer. Fixed price, the onus is back on you as the vendor. And that's the challenge and it's very uncomfortable. It's an uncomfortable place for business owners or managers of accounting firms” DG “We have to get uncomfortable sometimes to grow, right? A lot of growth comes from being uncomfortable and, for us to grow as an industry …we're all the change agents [in an industry fraught with money and inertia]” S²
February 06, 2022
#NiksTips on Payroll
Sons of CPAs bonus episode where Niks and Scott share a small, but useful piece of practical advice as it relates to running their professional accounting firms.  Today we're talking about Payroll with, Ms. Nikole Mackenzie of Momentum Accounting.  let's talk about payroll...  
February 03, 2022
Shameless Edutainment (feat. Michael Kravshik, CPA and CA)
Sons of CPAs Podcast S02E05 | Shameless Edutainment (feat. Michael Kravshik, CPA and CA) | Co-Founder of LumiQ | | Recorded November 1, 2021 Shout out to our sponsors this week: Botkeeper and Reach Reporting Some Notes: the amalgamation of CA CMA and CGA in Canada (sup Brian Clare) impressive vs. weird vs. unique CPAs, Jews, doctors, lawyers, and auditors financial auditors and tax auditors “you need financial statements to be free of material misstatement” MK a cow and a bag of onions as a recurring expense for a uranium mine the word versatile was tattooed on Scott’s arm (was) a Master’s Degree in counter-terrorism, not Japanese History (sup Peter Wen) Japan vs NYC cultures - equally great with food, not so much with manners “history is the only thing that actually happened” MK “only fools learn from their own mistakes, the wise learn from the mistakes of others” OVB electromyography as it relates to the ŌURA Ring and its “BS technology” per Dr MK the impetus to LumiQ (sup Adam Bercovici) is Luminary a worthy word to get tattooed on your arm? “people don’t actively look for work until they’re extremely miserable in their job” MK lessons learned through all of the early iterations of LumiQ that eventually led to CPE and CPD for accountants through podcasting and an easy to use mobile platform do you remember when HQ Trivia game was all the rage 3 years ago? the importance of pivoting and emotionally letting go of sunk costs after dedicating a lot of time and money towards an idea that ultimately doesn’t pan out having a vision and seeing a path towards something much more meaningful in the midst of chaos “i hope that we have created a slightly better world for accountants” MK “a lot of times school can ruin learning and i felt like we can make learning fun and interesting…when we launched our tagline was enjoy CPE” MK two key components to LumiQ Ease of Use: an entire app ecosystem (Android, iOS, Web) with builtin quizzing, docs, and content Edutainment: content that is actually entertaining and educational “what’s in-between the ears of very successful professionals is a lot more valuable than what’s in-between the covers of textbooks” MK shout out to some guests that have been featured on LumiQ Allen Shim, CFA | CFO of Slack Russ Jones | former CFO of Shopify Ken Goldman | former CFO Yahoo! Rob Krolik | former CFO Yelp William Tunstall-Pedoe | the creator of Amazon Alexa Jim Balsille | co-founder of RIM, Blackberry "the creative constraints that Ethics courses pose...a lot of times the way ethics is taught is very black and white, but what’s really interesting about Ethics are the gray areas, that’s what makes it a compelling and difficult and challenging topic" MK if you listen to a one-hour course at 2x speed, do you get half an hour of CPE or an hour? is Blake Oliver of EarmarkCPE your Arch-Rival? is there anyone else that does what you guys do? Edutainment: media designed to educate through entertainment. if you could tattoo one word on your arm, what would it be? “Shamelessness is the key to running a startup, you just gotta forget what other people are telling you... and make waves. how do you get guests on a podcast? how do you make an impression on people? it’s by doing things that other people won’t do” MK “Welcome to Winnipeg, we were born here, what’s your excuse?” The Simpsons
January 30, 2022
#NiksTips on Priorities
#NiksTips on Priorities… Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Nikole “Niks” Mackenzie and Scott Scarano share a small but useful piece of practical advice as it relates to running their professional accounting firms. This episode is brought to you by the letter P Maslow’s Hierarchy of an Accounting Firm ***shout out to Mike Michalowicz and his book Fix This Next*** Physiological Needs = Sales & Cashflow Safety & Security = Delivery Products/Services & People Love & Belonging = Systems & Processes Self-Esteem = Client Impact & Focus Self-Actualization = Brand & Legacy to get really existential the number one priority is us as owners put your mask on first then tend to others so it’s the owner, the team, then the clients the importance of peers and colleagues and communities putting a priority on positive socialization we see technology companies lose their perspective and forget about their core product by prioritizing new features over strengthening their core product work on your core! eat right, sleep right, and work on your core the number one priority is taking care of yourself eat. move. sleep. the fundamentals. that’s what matters most in a business. because when all else fails, at least you can fall back on that… and you won’t actually fall if you’ve tied your shoelaces
January 27, 2022
The Intersection of a Tax Tech Transformation (feat. Peter Wen, CEO)
Sons of CPAs Podcast | Season 2 Episode 4 The Intersection of a Tax Tech Transformation (feat. Peter Wen, CEO) Peter Wen, CEO | Tallyfor Shout out to our sponsors this week: Relay Financial and TaxBandits in some ways #accounting is a past-oriented field, and #finance is the cousin looking towards the future... "I look to the past to learn and I look to the future to earn" What does it mean to be a change agent? When are we going to get a really good cloud tax product? What do you think was the biggest mistake that Xero made in the time you were there? What was the impetus to leave Xero and start Tallyfor? What are some of the biggest hesitation to going to a Tallyfor product? mention of #hackathons and #KiwiIncubators more shout outs to Xero, Gusto, Eileen Adao, Ian Vacin, Michael Masilunas
January 24, 2022
#NiksTips on Planning
NiksTips on Planning… Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Nikole “Niks” Mackenzie and Scott Scarano share a small but useful piece of practical advice as it relates to running their professional accounting firms.  This episode is brought to you by the letter P planning, properly, piece, practical, professional, put, power, problem, per, part, projected, pipeline, projection, processes, particular, project, portfolio, payroll, probably, personality, pleasant, paperwork, planner, process, putting, psychiatrist, plastic, psychiatry, practice, poster, picking, perfect, poking, passion, proceeded, piece, procedure, people, practical, paper, progress, perfectly, picked, poor, phrase, partner, pretty, person, plus
January 19, 2022
The Savior is Synonymous with Finance and Operations (feat. Fady Hawatmeh, CEO)
Sons of CPAs Podcast Season 2 Episode 3 The Savior is Synonymous with Finance and Operations (feat. Fady Hawatmeh, CEO) Shout out to our sponsors this week: TaxBandits and Reach Reporting 5 having that entrepreneurial spirit at the ripe age of 12 6 what did you learn working for Boeing that you can take to the smaller business market? what KPIs was Boeing interested in? 8 how did you decide you wanted to start an outsourced CFO firm? 9 the rewards and results of being the only finance person in a room full of entrepreneurs 17 id you create a financial plan for yourself at your 8 person firm? 18 don’t be the bottleneck at your firm 21 how did you exit the firm that you built to start an app? 22 you can never focus on and grow two companies at once 24 our business is like a watch, all the gears have to be in sync and properly functioning. 24 one of the most important parts of any business survival is cashflow projections 25 we all have ideas to create a mobile app, and you actually did did you go about making Clockwork? 26 on working with Intuit and ensuring Clockwork was baked 100% through before launching the company 27 what's the best advice someone gave you over the past three years? 32 what do you tell firms that want to start providing advisory services? ***shout out to Edward Mendlowitz and Withum*** 35 on employee buy-in and understanding the difference between finance and accounting and a FP&A products vs other Forecasting and Reporting tools 37 what's the size of the client that is an ideal fit for FP&A services? 40 what's the next step for Clockwork? ***shout out to HubSpot*** 42 SHOTS FIRED!!! ***shout out to Jirav*** 47 it's not as hard as you think it is to sell advisory and scale your practice - from Fady's Wisdom Corner
January 17, 2022
#NiksTips on People
Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Nikole “Niks” Mackenzie and Scott Scarano share a small but useful piece of practical advice as it relates to running their professional accounting firms. Using words that start with the letter P. I don’t know why the letter P, but that’s what today’s episode is brought to you by…
January 16, 2022
Verticals 2.0... is it Neesh or Nitch? (feat. Marissa Jones-Logistis)
Sons of CPAs Podcast Season 2 Episode 2: Verticals 2.0... is it Neesh or Nitch? (feat. Marissa Jones founder of Logistis and Logistis for Designers aka the Queen of Vertical Domination) link in the comments | Recorded October 11, 2021 Shout out to our sponsors this week: TaxBandits and Relay Financial in this episode, Marissa Jones and Scott Scarano 🥶 talk about... running modern accounting firms industry verticals #influencers for #accountants prioritizing #sleeping, #eating, and #exercising... over #work mental health breaks and finding time for self-healing being #unplugged and social media Scott Scarano 🥶 complaining about email “in a service-based firm you balance your desires with the needs of clients and the team” niches or verticals for interior designers fetty “verticals should be something you’re interested in too” an appreciation for the arts the crypto rabbit hole… and the second vertical what about logistis for creatives? periodic seat swaps communities for accountants shout out to #TaxTwitter and Karbon Community doing drugs and Big Sur, shout out to the #RedHotChiliPeppers
January 10, 2022
#NiksTips on Profitability
#NiksTips on Profitability S02E01 Bonus #NiksTips defined: Sons of CPAs bonus episode, where Nikole "Niks" Mackenzie and Scott Scarano share a small but useful piece of practical advice as it relates to running their professional accounting firms  on topics that start with the letter P  today's session includes a discussion on the following... physical office v remote outsourcing pricing automation shout out to engineers data analysts shout out to Reach Reporting APIs tracking time office hours kids v cats investing in your business EOS, shout out to Gino Wickman owner’s freedom @scott’s actual profit % core problems money's most intrinsic value is that it gives us the ability to have control over our time - Morgan Housel The Psychology of Money
January 06, 2022
PPP2: Processes, Profitability, and People (feat. Scott Scharf, CTO)
PPP2: Processes, Profitability, and People (feat. Scott Scharf, CTO) Episode #34 | Recorded October 6, 2021 Shout out to our sponsors this week: TaxBandits and Reach Reporting it was announced on August, 4th 2021 that Catching Clouds would be merging with Acuity ...shout out to Kenji Kuramoto, Matthew May, and Lisa Gilreath 5 the journey of Catching Clouds and Patti Scharf's BlackBerry ***shout out to Douglas Sleeter*** 6 Catching Clouds first client was an Amazon Seller, shout out to A2X 7 Scott Scharf's Steps to Success • pick your niche • pick your tech stack & focus your marketing • get your systems in place • determine the value props and value discussion • determine your pricing models • find your integrator (or visionary, depending on what you are) • focusing and going where your clients are 10 The fundamental lesson learned is being able to say no 11 Scaling up and growing, year 1: only two hires, year 2: hiring 9 people! ***shout out to Jeff Phillips and Accountingfly*** 19 take an extended vacation to find out where your business isn’t resilient, how will it run without you? 21 The structure of Catching Clouds 24 Letting smart humans to smart human things and giving them room to do that 30 At what point did you decide to start only taking on clients that were more than $1M in revenues? 37 Business owners need people with an accountant mindset to provide some structure, standardization, and systems 46 On RPAs… and what’s going to be automated at Acuity in the future 49 Do you have a favorite book? 52 Zachary Call, CPA key takeaways from this episode • walls will always be hit, but there are always options • there’s riches in the niches • say no so that you can say yes • be a place where talent wants to works • fire quicker to make your business healthier • take time off to see what’s wrong with your business • getting processes right will lead to long-term success • the humans are here to validate, ensure accuracy and translate the figures • accounting is a dirty job, recession-proof, and it’s not sexy
January 03, 2022
#NiksTips on Pricing
#NiksTips on Pricing Bonus to Episode #33 The who, what, where, when, and how of Pricing Scott: In the sales process who are you selling to? Niks: we need to be clear on who is your audience when pricing… Scott: Are we pricing the services or are we pricing the customer? Niks: we need to know what services we’re providing, we need to have a scope/baseline of the services provided and prices associated with services so we’re not negotiating price with the client but negotiating service offerings Scott: if you’re pricing products to be profitable then you’re not pricing the client, be firm on your price and make sure your prices are profitable. Niks: value pricing can be very subjective…if we're really busy and our pipelines really hot, our prices go up… Scott: should we do free trials or they should give them a free month so they can figure out the best way to price it? Niks: clients don't usually balk at the onboarding fee because they know it's a one-time thing. Scott: I think that you can agree that we are not pricing commodities…but, customers come to us thinking it's a product that they can get anywhere… do we have to change their mindset on the products we’re selling? Niks: I think there are some firms that are commodity and they priced that way and that's their business model. They just want to acquire as many customers as possible at a low price, but they also don't do very much. Scott: the best prospects that come to us are at that inflection point where they're in pain, when you work at a hospital and somebody is in pain, that's your patient right there… Niks: the hardest part is when you get a new business owner that doesn't know what they don't know yet, and you're trying to describe the value of what we do. Scott: how can you set yourself apart to make that price seem more palatable? The Momentum Sales Process: we spend an hour with the client just asking them all the questions. And then we asked for financial data, either access to their QuickBooks or Xero and then after that, we have another conversation with them, or we go through the scope, which is basically our diagnosis of what we think that they need. Based on everything we talked about. And then we can talk about things in the financials, which to your point about saving them money or pointing out things that they could do better. Scott: I think that they made up their mind when they found your firm more or less. Niks: I'm going to disagree with you on that…
December 28, 2021
Great KPIs…Time, Money, and Happiness (feat. Brannon Poe, CPA)
Great KPIs…Time, Money, and Happiness (feat. Brannon Poe, CPA) Episode #033 Brannon Poe, CPA | Founder Poe Group Advisors Charleston, SC 2 working with toxic fathers and sons ***shout out to our sponsor TaxBandits*** 7 how did you get started selling CPA practices ***shout out to Howard Holmes*** 10 Scott philosophizes on being his own boss and letting go… 11 starting a business vs scaling a business 12 do you really want to let go of the work? there’s no shame in doing highly specialized quality work… basically, before you go changing everything, ask yourself do you want to scale or not? 13 a firm owner’s systematic approach to scaling 14 abdicating vs delegating 15 setting up a process for hiring 16 email management and breaking down a process to delegate emails 18 the steps to making a great process at the firm 19 what are the potential buyers looking for when purchasing an Accounting Firm? 20 what does freedom mean to you? 21 from finding and pricing really good clients to finding and keeping really good teams 22 fighting perfection in your firm and not holding yourself back 25 being buoyant and prepared to make another mistake and fighting our perfectionistic tendencies 26 the market is HOT for cloud based firms… cloud up! 27 in an industry fraught with money and inertia 29 explain how a CPA firm is valued 31 if you wanna buy a CPA firm SBA has some great 10-year acquisition loans 32 if you’re going to sell your practice in 3 years, what are the things you should do to increase the value of your firm? 34 small firms get focused, look at your service lines and profit margins… let’s all stop chasing top line only 35 the importance of getting the pricing figured out in your practice ***shout out to our sponsor Relay Financial*** 39 so why did you start Accounting Practice Academy? ***shout out to*** 40 how I wrote this: Accountant’s Flight Plan 43 launching Accounting Practice Academy at the height of the pandemic ***shout out to Ian Brennan*** 45 we should be teaching our teams the bigger picture on how to run an accounting practice 46 you’ve given us a lot of advice here, sum it all up into one thing… 47 the Poe Prophesy… a diamond shaped firm 48 teaching Ackerman how to value his work and price it appropriately ***shout out to EO*** 50 I don’t think we realize how many of our clients are operating in the dark… we need to spend more time helping them understand their numbers, more conversations with clients, and more client interaction… and charging appropriately for this highly valued work! 51 Brannon has a free book called The Unplugged Vacation go to www/ …and shout out to the accountant's flight plan podcast… I don’t know why we didn’t talk about this once, on our podcast… maybe next time we have Brannon on
December 27, 2021
#NiksTips | The Future of CPE (feat. Blake Oliver, CPA)
#NiksTips | The Future of CPE (feat. Blake Oliver, CPA) Bonus to Episode #32 5 it is a buyers market for traditional firms for sure… imagine owning a firm and doing 1,400 individual tax returns and only charging $300 each… the question for a future episodes is, how do you raise your prices? 6 let’s face it, it’s not as easy to delegate sales as it is to delegate the work… 7 half the sales process is just making sure there’s a good chemistry between you and the client… 11 What are all the reasons clients actually need good clean financials? file tax return, manage the business, investors, the bank, line of credit…and I want to sell my business 14 I think we all need to find Peace…financially… so it’s a lot easier to adjust your living expenses to fit your budget than to try and make more money 15 being an accountant is safe, don’t ya think? 16 it’s like time right… work expands to fill the time… if you have a lot of money, your expenses expand to fill that money 17 So Earmark app we can listen to podcasts and get CPE… ***shout out to Earmark and LumiQ*** 20 This new world of CPE is exciting… 21 The Earmark Goal is the fix CPE, because CPE is broken 23 Blake’s Kids .org
December 23, 2021
Sons of CPAs... Powered by Relay (feat. Yoseph West)
Sons of CPAs… Powered by Relay (feat. Yoseph West) Recorded October 4, 2021 Episode #32 Yoseph West | CEO and Co-Founder of Relay Financial Toronto, CA ***shout out to our sponsor TaxBandits*** 4 Some cool things about Toronto besides it’s a hub for accounting tech 5 how did you get into the accounting space? 7 learning how critical the back office function of a business truly is 9 what’s the biggest thing you learned when growing your first startup to 70,000 users and selling to Wave? 10 lessons on bonds and friendships and leaving Wave on the path to working for HubDoc 12 the cloud ghost town of 2014… and early HubDoc days ***shout out to Deborah*** 15 some light RPA talk… but not really 17 being at HubDoc right before their acquisition by Xero ***shout out to the Jamie Shulman and Jamie McDonald aka the Jamies*** 19 the Genesis of… Relay Financial, let’s be the bank ***shout out to Evernote and Notion*** 20 the challenges of small business banking and how the big banks really struggle with software 24 starting with the customer, and controlling the banking process from top to bottom 25 on the need for a FinTech banking charter ***shout out to Stripe, Square, and Evolve Bank and Trust*** 26 what problems does Relay solve?  28 Accountants love that Relay has partner portals, a direct reliable bank feed, and sending across rich transition data ***shout out to QBO, Xero, Plaid, Yodlee*** 29 that all sounds great, but how do I sell that to my clients? We need to focus the conversation on solving the clients pain points, not on switching banks 31 fun fact: most small businesses have 2.63 banking relationships ***shout out to Nikole Mackenzie aka Niks*** ***shout out to our sponsor Relay Financial*** 37 SMB lending relationships with banks 40 whose the Rick and whose the Morty on this podcast? 41 accounting firms aren’t spending enough time on security in their playbook… ***shout out to Rewind and Practice Protect*** 43 where do you see Relay going in the next 5 years? 44 in what space would a Relay acquisition make sense? ***shout out to Sasan Goodarzi*** 46 what are some of the team culture ideas that you’ve learned along the way that you want to implement at Relay? ***shout out to the Relay Team*** 47 some lessons to learn from the HubDoc days and values to share were empathy, integrity, transparency, and just having a fun culture 48 as a CEO what are you doing to make sure that culture is embodied by your team at Relay? 51 the future of work is a Hybrid model and flexibility 55 it’s the snacks and little things that people really love about an office 56 going from 3 employees at Relay to 50 to 100 by end of next year!
December 20, 2021
#PadgettChiefs | Capacity and Creating a Cadence for Communication (feat. Jeff & Amanda)
#PadgettChiefs | Capacity and Creating a Cadence for Communication (feat. Jeff & Amanda) Bonus to Episode #29  Recorded on November 17, 2021 at the Padgett Tax Conference … it’s Scott’s Birthday 🥳 2 one thing that I'm hearing consistently is we are too busy and we can't hire enough help. When the owner is the primary producer, the owner can't really run the business or work in the business. And so. How do we build capacity? 4 technology creates more capacity for us. 5 some people try to build their firms or build themselves up for somebody else or what they think they should be doing. At the core, it starts with, what do I want? 6 can a small, independent firm that does a lot of tax returns have capacity and a life? 8 setting priorities and letting the little stuff slide 9 to create more capacity you have to first delegate and create processes, set priorities, have patience, and proper planning 10 start with one thing, the lowest hanging fruit 13 find somebody that's done it already to help guide you through that process because anything that you're going to go through, somebody else's already gone through 14 how do you create more capacity for your team? You can’t just keep throwing more people at problems… 15 office hours, time blocking, and the hyperactive hive mind… we need to structure our internal processes and communications 20 Jeff’s secret sauce… outsourcing his email processing! the benefits of having a virtual executive assistant (aka a secretary) 25 removing the sense of urgency in your life requires deliberation and a cadence for communication 26 in hindsight, there are never any real surprises in a business… surface level problems appear to be surprising in the moment, but looking back we all saw them coming from a mile away 27 there are things we can delete from our lives that will create capacity for the things that really matter… remove the pacifiers for our minds, take a look at the things you do to escape
December 18, 2021
Pricing Psychology 101: The Value Menu (feat. Mark Wickersham)
Pricing Psychology 101: The Value Menu (feat. Mark Wickersham)  Episode #29  Recorded September 27, 2021  Mark Wickersham | Most Sought After Profit Improvement Expert, Value Pricing Expert, Professional Speaker, and Author 2 Portugal’s non-habitual resident's rules (NHR) scheme allowed Mark to save on 10 years of taxation 4 the COVID mindset shift that we may (or may not) have gone through 6 from one accident to another, Mark’s accidental entry into the accounting profession 14 what were the things you swore you wouldn’t do when you started your own accounting firm? 16 tell us about your pivot from running an accounting firm to consulting accounting firms? ***shout out to Steve Pipe, Paul Dunn, and Ron Baker*** 21 what were the biggest mistakes you made when you first started your accounting firm? 23 from pricing mistakes to hiring mistakes, to being obsessed with top-line over profit 25 when you compete on price you win poor quality clients 25 if you don’t give the price upfront then you can’t get paid upfront 29 before we go further with value pricing, how do you go about changing your firm to a fixed pricing model? if I change the price for my existing clients, will I lose them all? 30 the Pareto Principle and 20% 39 Value Pricing 2.0 40 the pricing journey and taking things one step at a time… 41 fixed pricing is all about having a process for assessing the scope 42 the things we do to add more value are often the easiest things to deliver 46 tell us about Effective Pricing 47 one of the most powerful principles of pricing psychology is anchoring 50 what’s the idea timeframe between an initial call and the pricing call? 52 What’s one piece of advice you would give to accountants today that are starting this pricing journey? #accounting #mindset Mark's Social Media Links LinkedIn: LinkedIn Author Page: Twitter YouTube: Facebook: Instagram
December 13, 2021
#NiksTips | The Future of Banking (feat. Blake Oliver, CPA)
#NiksTips | The Future of Banking (feat. 👂 Blake Oliver, CPA, CPA and Nikole Mackenzie, CPA) Sons of CPAs Bonus to Episode #28 5 the difference between Relay Financial and Wells Fargo is Relay Financial lets you create as many checking accounts as you want, Wells Fargo opens them up without your consent 6 the pains and perceived costs of moving bank accounts is so high that we don’t do anything ***shout out to Caleb Newquist and Greg Kyte, CPA of the Oh My Fraud Podcast*** 9 for businesses that need to spin out different accounts really easily, that’s where the killer app is for Relay ***shout out to Mike Michalowicz and Profit First Professionals- It's your business. Shouldn't your profit come first?*** 11 if you worked with a small sub-set of contractors, or co-hosts, you could setup Relay accounts for them ***shout out to Jason Ackerman, CPA, CFP®, CGMA and TaxBandits*** 14 Business owners like rewards, how can Relay get them rewards? 15 Nikole Mackenzie, CPA’s Relay Wish List 18 a Simpsons and Twilight Zone break… 19 Niches and implementing new platforms at your firm… *** shout out to Xero***
December 12, 2021
The EntreCPA... Weaving Together Tech + Tax (feat. Sam McCraw, CPA, MAC)
Episode #28 Sam McCraw, CPA, MAC | Tax Director - CFO Timonier, Wealth Beyond Financial™ | Winston-Salem, NC Recorded  August 30, 2021  3 tell us about your dad, who retired at 48 years old…  4 tell us about being in the security forces for the US air force…  7 why did you go into accounting after leaving the air force?  14 tell us about the billing, marketing and service offerings at Timonier  ***shout out to our sponsor this week, Practice Ignition***  22 tell us about working as a tax analyst for Intuit…  30 the Xero v Intuit QuickBooks debate continues… but, not really  34 what would you say to a firm that’s thinking about adding wealth management?  35 it’s like adding a passive revenue stream to your accounting practice…  ***shout out to our sponsor this week, Reach Reporting***  39 when you started at Timonier, Wealth Beyond Financial™, what were the first things you changed?  40 A lesson on #ChangeManagement done right, from a fellow #ChangeAgent  42 how do you prioritize doing 230 tax returns, by yourself?  44 after the tech stack, what’s the next thing that you know you need to change?  46 getting a lot of self-actualization by maintaining a stand-alone CPA firm on the side, with the entrepreneurial spirit… so why not go out completely on your own?  47 as a sole tax practitioner, how do you get your training and do you have a support network?  49 what’s something you miss from being at Scott Scarano 🥶’s firm?  50 and another argument for tracking time at an accounting firm…  51 you’ve worked in all these different industries, give our listeners some advice if they’re going to go out on their own…
December 05, 2021
#AccountingEvolutions | Future Change is Always Present (feat. Ian Vacin of House Karbon)
Please subscribe to the Sons of CPAs on your favorite podcast player, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! #AccountingEvolutions | Future Change is Always Present (feat. Ian Vacin) BONUS to episode #27 Recorded Tuesday, November 16 @ Padgett FOCUS 2021 in Atlanta, GA - the epicenter of the tax epidemic Hello and welcome, we are all the Sons of CPAs, join us this week from the epicenter of the tax epidemic, with another special guest Ian Vacin recorded in person in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 ... today we're talking about the evolution of accounting, and it gets deep… here are some quotes from the episode how do we look introspectively and figure out how we're going to do things differently going forward? why would we impose change on ourselves or on our firm? California seems to have a lot of the change. Well, the change curve kind of starts there when it comes to tech and other things. How about tax? a lot of conversations I'm having start with, “I want to sell my practice”, OR “I want to buy books of business” the reason why we got where we were two years ago to where we are today was because of the backs of the accounting profession. Helping support psychologically, financially, all different efforts to be able to create the programs, to get people the support they needed. So we got to experience how much we, as accountants, have a lot more strength to withstand anything that could be thrown at us because we have a stoic mindset, we know that it could be worse. So my current present, I can choose and I have more power over the decisions. there's a lot out there that are looking to buy. So I think the frequency of buyers has increased because it's like a gold rush, they see the value... I think that the buyer's market can be a smaller firm and you can also play in that market. But if you do it, you better have gotten your house in order and the foundation needs to be there. You have to increase your margins. The problem has been consistent for the last 20 years. It's very hard to get talent. You're dealing with a situation where the talent growth has 0.4% - 0.6%. increased growth year over year on talent. I've noticed that too with my conversations are a lot different these days. it's a different, level of understanding on both parties. I've always had my head in the clouds, so to speak and that's been hard to relate. A lot of people have gone through another level of maturity, even at an older age, with different level of understanding and empathy. and people still let their egos get in the way…but that’s a story for another day, Cheers. Please subscribe to the Sons of CPAs on your favorite podcast player, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts!
December 04, 2021
The Fresh Princess (feat. Twyla Verhelst, CPA)
The Fresh Princess…in the Cloud since 2003 (feat. Twyla Verhelst, CPA) Episode #27 Twyla Verhelst, CPA | Founder of Helm and Head of Accounting Community at FreshBooks and the founder of the Women in Accounting Hub - Calgary, Alberta Canada Recorded September 7, 2021 ***shout out to our sponsor Tallyfor*** ***shout out to our sponsor Practice Ignition*** 2 outlets through COVID ***shout out to Acuity CFO Online Bookkeeping Accounting and Business Tax and Drink While You Think*** 6 USA vs Canada, the North American race to STOP using checks 9 Where Accounting and Technology collide… 11 Becoming a Software Entrepreneur Accountant… ***shout out to our sponsor Tallyfor*** 17 Twyla’s first Ethics/Integrity TEST 18 Starting, growing, and selling businesses… 19 The Birth of Helm | Cash Flow App… 20 The Birth of the Fresh Princess aka Head of Accounting Relationships at FreshBooks 25 Twyla, what’s your North Star? 27 Ackerman’s FreshBooks story ***shout out to Mike McDerment*** ***shout out to our sponsor Practice Ignition*** 33 FreshBooks was ahead of it’s time… in the cloud since 2003 35 There’s room for a 3rd player in the Cloud Accounting GL space… 41 Creating a client experience that your client can’t live without 46 Setting our clients up for success 48 Staying in your lane and widening the shoulders… 50 Why is there so much accounting tech coming straight outta Canada? 53 Stepping away from your firm and going deeper in the software biz to become closer to the Accounting Community 59 Give us one piece of advice to share with accounting firm owners… ***shout out to Kenji Kuramoto*** ***shout out to all women in accounting***
November 30, 2021
#2021ThanksgivingSpecial | The Sons of CPAs are Thankful for...
The Sons of CPAs Thanksgiving Special 2021 Thank You…Jason Ackerman Thank You…Liz Mason Thank You…Michael Ly Thank You…Zachary Call Thank You…Will Lopez Thank You…Jason Staats Thank You…Joshua Lance Thank You…Jeff Phillips Thank You…Marcus Mire Thank You…Donna Bordeaux Thank You…Nikole Mackenzie Thank You…Kenji Kuramoto Thank You…Dave Emmerman Thank You…Stephanie Holt Thank You…Blake Oliver Thank You…Lorilyn Wilson Thank You…Amanda Aguillard Thank You…Kathy Gregory Thank You…Kristen Keats Thank You…Ian Vacin Thank You…Brian Clare Thank You…Guy Pearson Thank You…Roger Harris Thank You…Chris Farrell Thank You…Dave Olsen Thank You…Nayo Carter-Gray Thank You…Twyla Verhelst Thank You…Samuel McCraw Thank You…Mark Wickersham Thank You…Yoseph West Thank You…Brannon Poe Thank You…Scott Scharf Thank You…Marissa Jones Thank You…Fady Hawatmeh Thank You…Peter Wen Thank You…Michael Kravshik Thank You…Daniel Gertrudes Thank You…John Garrett Thank You…Donnamarie Ryder Thank You…Rita Keller Thank You…Justin Hatch Thank You…Byron Patrick Thank You…Michael Eckstein Thank You…Dawn Brolin Thank You…Jody Grunden Thank You…Shane Mason Thank You…Greg Kyte Thank You…Tate Henshaw Thank You…Marie Phillips Thank You…Caleb Newquist Thank You… to all our sponsors and to all our listeners!!!! (Subscribe and leave us a review on Podcast…should you feel so inspired)
November 25, 2021
#ChangeAgents | The Champion of Change
Hello and welcome, we are all the Sons of CPAs, join us this week with another special co-host, Marcus Mire, CPA recorded in person in Lafayette, Louisana on Friday, November 19, 2021 ... today we're talking about Change Management in an accounting firm, here are some takeaways: the pain of the present needs to be more powerful than the pain of change.  you have to be continually reminded of that big picture reverting back to the comfort of what's familiar don't make any changes in a cavalier way what is your intended outcome of the change and be very clear on it time? Is it money? Is it freedom? Is it growth? you might have to backpedal, you might have to start back at square one sunk costs are the enemy in a world where our minds change over time to make change happen, you got to champion it accept the reality of change and move on Things are going to change around you and you've got no control over that. That's where you got to pivot your current mindset and shift. And th that's another story for another day...Cheers  
November 22, 2021
The Elephant in the Room (feat. Nayo Carter-Gray, EA)
The Elephant in the Room (feat. Nayo Carter-Gray, EA) Episode #26 ❤️🖤💚Nayo Carter-Gray, EA MBA  | Founder of 1st Step Accounting Baltimore, MD Recorded August 30, 2021 6 Does the CPA matter to clients anymore? 9 from the summer job in high school to filing your own taxes and getting refunds #SideHustleStories… Nayo - High School doing friends 1040-EZ in high school for $25 a pop Scott - High School selling CDs for $25 a pop Scott - Middle School doing friends book reports for $10 a pop Nayo - MaryKay to Slumber Parties, adult toys and lingerie for ladies… 12 getting an MBA in IT and passions for cyber security ***shout out to LastPass and Cashapp*** 14 Internship at a black accounting firm in Baltimore during college 15 Healthcare accounting for 10 years ***shout out to Shoeboxed and Square*** 15 Paperless from the jump 16 A Side Hustle is A Side Effect of growing up, not too rich… 17 multilevel marketing aka mini-franchises 21 the strategies of selling sex toys and making $750 an hour 22 to run a successful business you need to make sure you have scalable processes… ***shout out to 1st Step Accounting: We make Accounting a little less Taxing for Small Business Owners*** 23 breaking down complex topics into simplified processes and formulas 24 Do you have any employees at 1st Step Accounting? ***shout out to*** 24 Outsourcing Email 25 How do you keep all the multiple hats of running a business on your head? ***shout out to the Passion Planner and Nifty and the Pomodo Technique*** 26 TimeBlock and STOP trying to multitask, because it doesn’t work ***shout out to our sponsor Reach Reporting*** 27 What Makes your firm different from other firms? ***shout out to Cognito Forms*** 28 Where do you feel you’re at with 1st Step in your journey? 38 tell us a little bit about Steps to Success… ***shout out to Intuit QuickBooks and Xero*** ***shout out to Amanda Aguillard CPA CISD and Cathy Iconis, CPA*** 41 QuickBooks vs Xero is also Blue vs Green… speaking of colors…let’s talk diversity in accounting… 44 The first Intuit Black Accountants Meetup of 2019 45 It Starts with a Voice then you become The Hero 47 Unfortunately, it might take a generation “melting away” before we see some real change… 48 Take an internal bias test… once you understand who you are and what makes you tick, then you can really understand how you show up in the world 54 What are some of the barriers for black accountants to become licensed CPAs? 56 working hard and putting yourself through college as a teen mom 59 what’s the biggest piece of advice you can give other accountants? ***shout out to our sponsor Practice Ignition***
November 22, 2021
Determined. Agile. Vision. Evolve. (feat. Dave Olsen, CPA)
Episode #25 Determined. Agile. Vision. Evolve. (feat. Dave Olsen, CPA) recorded 8/23/2021 Dave Olsen, CPA | CEO Nimbl & Nimbl Staffing South Jordan, UT 2 from Brigham Young University accounting to information systems to programming to EY 5 the CFO of a 5 person startup isn’t a full-time job 7 Are you a multitasker or an entrepreneur? 9 from India to the Philippines in 2012… ***shout out to Cathy Tio at Nimbl Staffing*** 10 Putting your business pants on in 2017… ***shout out to Patti Scharf, CPA*** 13 The birth of Tanalytics… the death of Tanalytics… ***shout out to Jason Staats, CPA, MBA*** 15 Where did the name Nimbl come from? 18 Your brand should be a reflection of you…according to Scott Scarano 🥶 ***shout out to our sponsor Practice Ignition*** 21 What brings you the most joy? 23 Reverse engineering, kinda like our friends at Acuity CFO Online Bookkeeping Accounting and Business Tax? ***shout out to Matthew May & Kenji Kuramoto*** 24 To Scale by leveraging your own experiences through your team ***Get your Nimbl Staffing on today at*** 25 Rebranding, a worthy $10k investment! ***shout out to Reed Hill*** 27 Let’s hear about your app-stack… ***shout out to Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto,, Asana, Front*** 29 Let’s talk about A World Without Email, and our buddy Cal Newport… 30 Let’s teach our clients how to work with us…from the start 31 Two hour response times… YIKES!! ***shout out to Jason Fried at Basecamp*** 36 Is your tech-stack scalable? Will it still work if you double or triple in size? ***shout out to our sponsor Reach Reporting*** 39 So Dave, what does the future hold for Dave Olsen and Nimbl? 40 CFO work and building financials models in Google Sheets vs any platforms… 42 Dave’s current focus: Growth and Scaling and Team Training ***shout out to Kenji Kuramoto & Matthew May, again*** ***shout out to Scott’s mom, he’s trying not to curse now*** 46 Zachary’s philosophy: Hire with your gut, fire quickly. 47 Let’s talk about the Book of Mormon… and the great outdoors of Utah 51 Living and working through COVID ***shout out to Amanda Aguillard CPA CISD & ▪David Leary▪*** ***shout out to Bronco Mendenhall***
November 14, 2021
#20minLy | Lost Loved Employees, Good Grief
Hello and welcome. We are all the Sons of CPAs. Join us with this week's #20minLy or Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Michael Ly and Scott Scarano discuss some choice topics on running their respective modern accounting firms. Today's Topic: Losing key employees that your team loves, and techniques or ways of planning for and grieving for lost employees in general...
November 09, 2021
Looking Back to the Future (feat. Chris Farrell, CPA/CEO)
Looking Back to the Future (feat. Chris Farrell, CPA/CEO) recorded 8/16/2021 Chris Farrell, CPA | CEO San Francisco, CA 1 Tell us about how you got started in the accounting industry… 3 Tell us about your dad’s embezzlement scandals… 5 Tell us about the coolest thing that happened at USC Santa Barbara… ***shout out to our sponsor Reach Reporting*** 12 Tell us about transitioning from accounting to tech… ***shout out to Oracle & Stratacomm*** 13 Tell us about the first jump, when you left Arthur Andersen… 16 Tell us about Liscio… 23 How did your accounting background help you with a startup? ***shout out to René Lacerte*** ***shout out to, Paycycle & Lacerte*** 24 Tell us about not having a CPA for the first couple years… 27 Tell us about some times that you regret not having a good advisor early on… 31 Accountants can be the bridge between the past and the future ***shout out to our sponsor Practice Ignition*** 37 Who is at the table with the entrepreneur? 39 Give us the Liscio sales pitch… 45 Where do you see Liscio in 5 years? 47 Ackerman’s screen is frozen… 52 To the next phase of consolidation with our apps… Please leave us a review and subscribe, that would be super dope!
November 07, 2021
#5minL² | Experimentation w/ Notification Depreciation
#5minL² | Experimentation w/ Notification Depreciation Episode 01 LEADERSHIP LESSONS | INDUSTRY TRENDS | CLIENT EXPERIENCE  Hello and welcome. We are all the Sons of CPAs. Join us with this week's #5minL²  with your hosts Chris Farrell and Scott Scarano. #5minL²  defined: 1.  derived from our #5minLy bonus episodes BUT with another sub-co-host this time on Leadership Lessons or L²  2.  Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Chris Farrell and Scott Scarano discuss some choice articles from Liscio Newsletter 
November 03, 2021
PPP: A President’s Personal Priorities (feat. Roger Harris, EA)
Episode #23 HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2021 PPP: A President’s Personal Priorities (feat. Roger Harris, EA) recorded 8/2/2021 Roger Harris, EA | President of Padgett Business Services Athens, GA ***shout out to our 1st PAID sponsor Reach Reporting*** 5 I will not play golf if I don’t need a cooler to keep the beer cold 6 After you’ve found your career, did you really need your CPA? 10 Don’t question Mr. Padgett, or he will fire you! 12 The principles of marketing to clients haven’t changed in 50 years 13 How did you go from the paperboy to running Padgett? 15 What’s the biggest change from when you started 40 years ago? 16 Has it been a struggle to get a lot of the older Padgett offices to change their mindset? 17 We have to stop getting paid for what we do, and start getting paid for what we know. 18 Our value is not looking backward, but looking forward 21 It’s easier to keep you out of trouble than to get you out of trouble 24 Serving on the IRS Advisory Council for 4 years 25 The IRS is one of the biggest Social Welfare programs in the world ***shout out to Charles O. Rossotti*** 29 The IRS might get worse before it gets better. 30 Roger, at what point are you going to roll up your sleeves and fix the IRS? ***shout out to our 2nd PAID sponsor Tallyfor*** 35 How many real IRS audits have any of you been through? 36 Intent and ignorance have the same effect on the tax system 41 At the end of the day every checker player can become a king 43 The biggest mistake we make as professionals is we don’t set priorities 46 Do not spend $5 of my money looking for $1 of someone else’s 47 Everything has to be judged on the priorities you set and materiality 48 What do you look for in a new Padgett Franchisee? 49 Tell us some old client stories 52 Set family and personal priorities and stick to them ***shout out to Jeff Phillips*** ***shout out to Amanda Aguillard***
October 30, 2021
#5minLy | The Color Yellow
Sons of CPAs Episode 22 Bonus 10.26.2021 #5minLy | The Color Yellow Episode 11 LEADERSHIP | RECRUITING #5minLy defined: Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Michael Ly and Scott Scarano discuss some choice topics from Karbon Magazine about running their modern accounting firms.
October 26, 2021
π’s Logic Accounting Brain (feat. Guy Pearson, CEO)
Episode #22  π’s Logic Accounting Brain (feat. Guy Pearson, CEO)  recorded 8/2/2021  Guy Pearson, CEO | Chief Ignitioneer | Head Janitor  Practice Ignition | Sydney, Australia  2 Trading Places and the Crescendo of Agricultural Economics  3 Being older than your father ever was  6 Aussie Rules IPA, Institute of Public Accountants  8 Do you want $20 in the bank or $20,000 at the end of the year?  ***shout out to Xero, Skype, Google Suite, Dropbox***  ***shout out to Receipt Bank, Fathom, and Spotlight***  11 An online ledger with an API, Bank Feeds, Single Ledger… god bless Xero  13 If you’ve traveled around the world, you probably bumped into an Australian  18 THE BIRTH OF… Interactive Accounting P/L  21 THE BIRTH OF… My Financial Solutions  22 THE BIRTH OF… My PIR (Property Investment Report)  26 Not doing any day-to-day work in your firm after 3 years!  ***shout out to Josh Lance***  28 Firm Ignition, Group Ignition, and Practice Ignition  30 THE BIRTH OF… Practice Ignition  ***shout out to Stuart McLeod***  ***shout out to Matt Allen***  35 When will everyone see the logic of running monthly retainers?  ***shout out to Steph Hinds, Head Ninja @ Growthwize***  ***shout out to Rod Drury***  37 The 3 F’s  39 A Global Mindset from Day One  ***shout out to Brendan Allen***  ***shout out to Tom Maxwell***  ***shout out to Don Miller***  ***shout out to Tiger Global***  ***shout out to Relay, Xero, Dext, Hubdoc, QuickBooks***  ***shout out to Karbon***  ***SPECIAL shout out to the Practice Ignition Team***  49 Smarter Together, Better Together  50 It’s the End of the Beginning… 
October 25, 2021
Blueprint 2: The Amalgamation (feat. Brian Clare, CPA)
Blueprint 2: The Amalgamation (feat. Brian Clare, CPA) recorded 8/2/2021 Brian Clare, CPA, CMA | Blueprint Accounting Entrepreneur | Cloud Technologist | Automation Specialist ***shout out to Chrisio at Liscio*** ***shout out to Ian at Karbon*** ***shout out to Ackerman at BNA*** ***shout out to Oracle, SAP, NetSuite, QBO, Xero, and Freshbooks*** 3 there’s gotta be another cloud accounting GL platform to compete w/ Xero and QB… ***I guess…shout out to Sage*** ***shout out to Michael LySki*** 7 Partnership breakups, makeups, mergers, acquisitions, and amalgamations! 8 CA = Chartered Accountant, similar to CPA in the US 8 CMA = Certified Management Accountant 8 CGA = Certified General Accountant ***shout out to Scott Armstrong*** ***shout out to Richard Aprio Kopelman, CPA/CEO*** ***shout out to Jay-Z*** 10 What’s in a name? 11 What’s your firm's primary focus? 12 What’s your philosophy on time? 16 How many employees do you have? ***shout out to Scott Scharf, CTO*** 17 What are your revenue goals? ***shout out to Christopher Leon, EA*** 19 Do you still do sales at your firm? 23 What happens when pricing services come up with your bookkeepers or accountants? 23 Why do we accept that a client will get mad about the price? 26 What’s your current philosophy on Change Management? ***shout out to Accounting Salon*** ***shout out to Amanda Aguillard, CPA*** ***shout out to Kenji Kuramoto, CEO at Acuity*** ***shout out to Liz Mason, CPA at High Rock*** 28 A world buried by email 29 Time Blocking 30 How do we find time to do the things we used to before firms and families? 32 What did we do before iPhones and Social Media? 34 How do you do your SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures? ***shout out to Loom and Scribe*** ***shout out to Microsoft Teams*** 36 How do you guys handle digital security? ***shout out to Webroot*** 39 Do you have an email philosophy? ***shout out to Liscio*** ***shout out to Nayo Carter-Gray, EA, and*** 46 Let’s talk about the Accounting Automations Workflows podcast! ***shout out to Heather Satterley, CPA*** ***shout out to Jay-Z***
October 16, 2021
#5minLy | Shiny Happy Hybrid Teams
Sons of CPAs Episode 20 Bonus HAPPY TAX EXTENSION DEADLINE 2021!!! 10.15.2021 #5minLy | Shiny Happy Hybrid Teams Episode 10 LEADERSHIP | DISTRIBUTED TEAMS | WORKING REMOTELY #5minLy defined: Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Michael Ly and Scott Scarano discuss some choice topics from Karbon Magainze about running their modern accounting firms. Bonus Music Video!
October 15, 2021
Prioritizing Work, Relationships, and Finance in your Accounting Firm (feat. Ian Vacin, CCO)
Episode #20  Prioritizing Work, Relationships, and Finance in your Accounting Firm (feat. Ian Vacin, CCO)  recorded 7/19/2021  Ian Vacin, CCO |  Chief Bottle Washer, Chief Janitorial Service, and Chief Customer Officer  3 The three Karbon KPIs are Sales, NPS, and Net Dollar Retention (NDR) plus two others, Platform and Innovation  ***shout out to Tim Donohoue***  7 THE BIRTH OF… Triage  12 THE BIRTH OF… Ian Vacin  ***shout out to Stuart McLeod***  ***shout out to John Freeman***  16 THE BIRTH OF… Karbon  18 The bridge between Billing and Time for larger firms  20 Accountant’s Stool is made up of 3 Pillars: Work, Relationships, and Finance  26 Why Ian is worried about the future of the profession…  30 COVID could have been the shock to the system that we needed, for better or worse…  34 Stuart the Optimist, Ian the Realist, and John the Pessimist  ***shout out to Rod Drury***  ***shout out to Ali Grigg***  ***shout out to Ross Jenkins***  ***shout out to Jeff Phillips***  ***shout out to Amanda Aguillard***  ***shout out to Roger Harris***  41 Karbon as good stewards for the Accounting Community  ***shout out to Chris Farrell***  45 Ian’s realization on how Karbon is such a game-changer in his own life… 
October 10, 2021
Fantastic Ms. Fox (feat. Kristen Keats, CPA)
Episode #19 Fantastic Ms. Fox (feat. Kristen & Kelsey Keats, CPA) recorded 7/12/2021 Kristen Keats, CPA | @kristenkeatscpa Sherwood, OR | Hello and welcome. We are the Sons of CPAs. Join us as we question the current state of the accounting and tax industry with the next generation of professionals leading this space, we are the change agents in an industry fraught with money and inertia. Let's begin The Sons of CPAs with your hosts, Zachary Call and Scott Scarano. ***shout out to Kelsey*** ***shout out to Shea*** ***shout out to Martin*** ***shout out to Twyla*** ***shout out to LySki***
October 04, 2021
#5minLy | Customer Service is Where We Win
Sons of CPAs Episode 18 Bonus  #5minLy | Customer Service is Where We Win  Episode 09  PERFORMANCE | SERVICE  #5minLy defined:  Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Michael Ly and Scott Scarano discuss some choice topics about running their modern accounting firms. 
September 29, 2021
Monetizing Advisory as a Product (feat. Kathy Gregory)
Episode #18 Monetizing Advisory as a Product (feat. Kathy Gregory) recorded 7/6/2021 Kathy Gregory | @KathyGregory1 | Eugene, OR Hello and welcome. We are the Sons of CPAs. Join us as we question the current state of the accounting and tax industry with the next generation of professionals leading this space, we are the change agents in an industry fraught with money and inertia. Let's begin The Sons of CPAs with your hosts, Jason Ackerman and Scott Scarano. 4 The kismet of Kathy finding Palo Alto Software ***shout out to Tim Berry*** 9 Define Management Accounting 10 How do I monetize advisory? 14 Kathy, we have a lawsuit… 18 Time should not be tracked to set prices… 19 What do you think accounting firms are doing wrong? 22 How do we service our clients the best? 27 What do small businesses want from an Advisor? ***shout out to Sabrina Parsons*** ***shout out to Mark Wickersham*** ***shout out to Ron Baker*** ***shout out to Ian Vacin*** ***shout out to David Cristello*** 32 Kathy, what’s your relationship with your accountant? 36 Selling predictability 39 Monetizing opportunities 40 Selling without selling 45 Give a firm or an accountant one piece of advice they can take away from this…
September 26, 2021
#5minLy | HR Services or People Advisory?
Sons of CPAs Episode 17 Bonus #5minLy | HR Services or People Advisory? Episode 08 BENEFITS | CONSULTING | ADVISORY Hello and welcome. We are all the Sons of CPAs. Join us with this week's #5minLy with your hosts Michael Ly and Scott Scarano. #5minLy defined: Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Michael Ly and Scott Scarano discuss some choice articles from #LizMasonContent.
September 24, 2021
Our Fairy CPAmother (feat. Amanda Aguillard, CPA)
Episode #17  Our Fairy CPAmother (feat. Amanda Aguillard, CPA)  recorded 6/28/2021  Amanda Aguillard, CPA | @AguillardAcct  Aguillard Accounting | Elefant Training | Accounting Salon | Padgett’s COO | Xero: A Comprehensive Guide  Hello and welcome. We are the Sons of CPAs. Join us as we question the current state of the accounting and tax industry with the next generation of professionals leading this space, we are the change agents in an industry fraught with money and inertia. Let's begin The Sons of CPAs with your hosts, Jason Ackerman and Scott Scarano. 12 THE BIRTH OF…Aguillard Accounting ***shout out to Monica*** 14 THE BIRTH OF…Elefant Training 22 THE BIRTH OF… Padgett’s COO ***shout out to Roger Harris*** 26 THE BIRTH OF… The Xero Book ***shout out to Gretchen Rubin*** ***shout out to Rod Drury*** 33 THE BIRTH OF… Accounting Salon ***shout out to Doug Sleeter*** ***shout out to Clayton Oates*** ***shout out to Rachel Fisch*** ***shout out to David Leary*** ***shout out to Heather Satterley*** ***shout out to Jay Kimelman*** ***shout out to Liz Mason*** ***shout out to Jim Jones*** ***shout out to Blake*** 41 THE BIRTH OF… SalonV
September 18, 2021
#5minLy | The Uniqueness of Subscriptions
Sons of CPAs Episode 16 Bonus  #5minLy | The Uniqueness of Subscriptions  Episode 07  PERFORMANCE | PRICING  Hello and welcome. We are all the Sons of CPAs. Join us with this week's #5minLy with your hosts Michael Ly and Scott Scarano.  #5minLy defined:  Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Michael Ly and Scott Scarano discuss some choice articles from Saasable Content.
September 16, 2021
Big Dick Energy (feat. Lorilyn Wilson, CPA)
Episode #16 Big Dick Energy (feat. Lorilyn Wilson) recorded 6/21/2021 Lorilyn Wilson, CPA | @Lorilynwilson Hello and welcome. We are the Sons of CPAs. Join us as we question the current state of the accounting and tax industry with the next generation of professionals leading this space, we are the change agents in an industry fraught with money and inertia.  12 Oluko  = enterprise asynchronous learning platform 17 Advisors, CFOs, CPAs unite 19 Look Ahead… 22 Are you living your best life? 25 Stress triggers 27 Seasonal depression is a real thing 29 You have to take time for yourself 31 An outgoing introvert 35 Can we talk about digital assets? 37 What's a bot? 41 Build a lifestyle firm to realize your own dreams
September 12, 2021
#5minLy | Client Success Teams
#5minLy | Client Success Teams Episode 06 GROWTH | EFFICIENCY Hello and welcome. We are all the Sons of CPAs. Join us with this weeks #5minLy with your hosts Michael Ly and Scott Scarano. #5minLy defined: 1.  A period of time equal to about a twelfth of an hour, sometimes an eighth... 2.  Sons of CPAs Bonus episodes where Michael Ly and Scott Scarano discuss some choice articles from Karbon Magazine
September 09, 2021
The Podfather (feat. Blake Oliver, CPA)
Episode #15 The Podfather (feat. Blake Oliver, CPA) recorded 6/14/2021 Blake Oliver, Founder of The Cloud Accounting Podcast Hello and welcome. We are the Sons of CPAs. Join us as we question the current state of the accounting and tax industry with the next generation of professionals leading this space, we are the change agents in an industry fraught with money and inertia. Let's begin The Sons of CPAs with your hosts, Jason Ackerman and Scott Scarano. 2 the Cello and Money and growing up in a Gentile bubble 36 larger CPA firms are giant pyramid schemes 38 what’s a product marketer? 40 ExpensiCon 3.0 on Mars 41 an almost fully automated engagement for $1k/mo 42 software companies are so weird 46 Dude SCOTT! for the love of God, let him SPEAK! 47 the next generation of firm owners 50 tips for better podcasting 1.0 ok Blake, did you track TIME? 1.3 will tax software ever be on the cloud? 1.4 will HubDoc ever be inside of Xero? 1.5 Blake’s side project, EarMark! 1.8 CPAs creating their own CPE courses for podcasts! 1.11 the best stuff in our profession is professionals talking to professionals 1.13 shout out to Rod Drury for creating Blake, a Greek God
September 06, 2021
#5minLy | Back on Slack
Sons of CPAs Episode 14 Bonus #5minLy | Back on Slack Episode 05 WORK-LIFE | WORKING REMOTELY Hello and welcome. We are all the Sons of CPAs. Join us with this week's #5minLy with your hosts Michael Ly and Scott Scarano. #5minLy defined: 1.  A period of time equal to about a twelfth of an hour, sometimes an eighth... 2.  This week Michael Ly and Scott Scarano discuss a choice article from Karbon Magazine 
September 03, 2021
Kicking PITAss and Taking Names (feat. Stephanie Holt)
Episode #14 Kicking PITAs and Taking Names (feat. Stephanie Holt) recorded 6/14/2021 Stephanie Holt, Head Guru  Cloud Accounting & Consulting 1 Ackerman’s hoity-toity food blog 2 why’d you go the bookkeeper route and not the tax route? 3 people helping people 5 working in the deep south with good ol boys is exhausting 6 marginalized change agents 8 finding losses in the gains 10 transparency and accountability 11 the key to breaking bad habits 14 getting snowballed by some ex’s 18 break to pay the kids tutor 19 how do you go about firing a client? 21 do you rate your clients and give out PITA factors? ***shout out to Ed at Tax 1099*** 23 not firing clients…raising prices 26 working with the Steady Eddies 28 setting expectations and the roadmap to success
September 01, 2021
Propagating our Problems as Practitioners (feat. David Emmerman, EA)
Episode #13  recorded on May 24, 2021 “FOMO Dave” Emmerman, EA  Hello and welcome. We are the Sons of CPAs. Join us as we question the current state of the accounting and tax industry with the next generation of professionals leading this space, we are the change agents in an industry fraught with money and inertia. Let's begin The Sons of CPAs with your hosts, Jason Ackerman and Scott Scarano.  4 Both Dave’s parents had practices!  5 should out to the year-old Newfoundland puppy, Sophie!  8 The challenges with buying 14 practices in 9 years!  9 topping out at 1,000 returns per partner! That’s insane…  13 providing value through conversations  15 underpricing individual tax returns = undercutting ourselves as an industry  19 Dave’s Doc Brown Moment!  24 The art of getting Team buy-in  25 flying from NY to SF, Dave's first visit to the Xero office  ***shout out to Frankie***  27 Finding Your Vertical  30 from 80/20 Tax/Accounting to a 50/50 split!  33 An industry that is ripe for change and making an impact as an ambassador for change  ***shout out to Ben Richmond***  35 leaving the rat race to actualize your real potential  36 selling off your practice  37 commanding a higher valuation by being tech-forward  41 what do you think is holding Xero back in the US?  ***shout out to Xero (here’s another free one)***  44 brand recognition  48 propagating problems  52 don’t sell benefits to accountants  53 the US market is now the #1 focus for the Xero product team  54 working at Xero and Dave’s favorite tax season 
August 28, 2021
#5minLy | The Voice of the Heroes + the Coach
#5minLy | The Voice of the Heroes + the Coach Episode 04   GROWTH | STRATEGY | PERFORMANCE Hello and welcome. We are all the Sons of CPAs. Join us with this week's #5minLy with Michael Ly where we feature an article of our choice from Karbon Magazine with your hosts Michael Ly and Scott Scarano.
August 25, 2021
Reverse Engineering your Firm (feat. Kenji Kuramoto, CEO)
Episode #12   Reverse Engineering your Firm (feat. Kenji Kuramoto, CEO)  recorded 5/17/2021 Kenji+ Kuramoto, CPA Hello and welcome. We are all the Sons of CPAs. Join us as we question the current state of the accounting and tax industry with the next generation of professionals leading this space, we are all the change agents in an industry fraught with money and inertia. Let's begin The Sons of CPAs with your hosts, Jason Ackerman and Scott Scarano. 1 big time CEO here, holy triple digits! 2 Arthur Anderson 4 Big public accounting experience 8 You have to want to play that game to get to Partner 10 backing into things as an entrepreneur 13 people hire you because they like you? 14 are you smart or are you nice? ***shout out to Josh Lance*** 17 CRYPTO 18 it’s fun to find some Niches ***shout out to Will Lopez*** 25 CFO World vs Tax World 27 billing Time and Hours ***shout out to Liz Mason*** 35 Working in the pricing matrix 36 how do you tell a client they’re not a good fit? 39 what’s one mistake you made at Acuity? 40 Growing fast and losing money 41 Customer Success and Customer Retention ***shout out to Delighted*** ***shout out to SalesForce*** 45 going after the ScaleFactor team, post bust 47 shout out to the 18 official Acuity TechStack Partners
August 22, 2021
#5minLy | Work-life Harmony
#5minLy | Work-life Harmony Episode 03  1.  A period of time equal to about a twelfth of an hour, sometimes an eighth... 2.  Michael Ly and Scott Scarano discuss a choice article from Karbon Magazine
August 19, 2021
Beyond Building Momentum (feat. Nikole Mackenzie, CPA)
Episode #11 Beyond Building Momentum (feat. Nikole Mackenzie, CPA) recorded 5/10/2021 Nikole Mackenzie, CPA Hello and welcome. We are the Sons of CPAs. Join us as we question the current state of the accounting and tax industry with the next generation of professionals leading this space, we are the change agents in an industry fraught with money and inertia. Let's begin The Sons of CPAs with your hosts, Jason Ackerman and Scott Scarano. 0 2 the parallels of sports and business 3 shout out to Tammy 4 as a woman, tackling another woman 5 picking up golf during COVID 7 working with an NFL player who was paying $400k in accounting fees! ***NOT sponsor slot*** (kidding, ***NOT sponsor slot*** (kidding, Go Proposal?) 11 working with no scope 20 shout out to the Momentum Team  25 what’s the ultimate goal for Momentum? 27 shout out to Will Lopez 29 why do you think it’s important that the team has excess capacity? 32 what do you use to measure scope? ***NOT sponsor slot*** (what’s up, Practice Ignition?) 34 TIME 37 remember Xero’s payroll module? 39 when does a client need to hire Momentum? 41 Momentum’s ideal client! ***NOT sponsor slot*** (shout out to QuickBooks Desktop, JUST KIDDING) 42 leverage technology to automate what we do 43 the problems with the family business 44 shout out to Marcus 45 do you get an ROI on the time spent on LinkedIn? 46 ProVisors  50 what piece of technology is missing in the accounting space? 52 creating recurring revenue through automation
August 15, 2021
#5minLy | The Cult of Personality
#5minLy | The Cult of Personality Episode 02 "#5minLy defined" 1.  A period of time equal to about a twelfth of an hour, sometimes an eighth... 2.  Michael Ly and Scott Scarano discuss a choice article from Karbon Magazine
August 13, 2021
Paperless since 1999 - The Oracle, Queen, Wizard, and Trailblazer (feat. Donna Bordeaux, CPA)
Episode #10 Paperless since 1999 - The Oracle, Queen, Wizard, and Trailblazer (feat. Donna Bordeaux, CPA) recorded 5/5/2021 Donna Bordeaux, CPA Hello and welcome. We are the Sons of CPAs. Join us as we question the current state of the accounting and tax industry with the next generation of professionals leading this space, we are the change agents in an industry fraught with money and inertia. Let's begin The Sons of CPAs with your hosts, Jason Ackerman and Scott Scarano. We could have called this, the children of CPAs, but that kind of sounds like a horror movie. 3 **sponsor slot** (sup? Xero) 4 paperless in 1999 6 outsourcing in 2005 8 develop or document a process 9 clients want results 10 falling into a Niche market Pottery Studios 12 Niche #2 Campgrounds! 18 Pricing your Niche clients 18 Marketing your Niche clients 20 using client’s Tax Waste to justify your Prices 21 Advisory clients vs DIY clients 24 focused 100% on MRR 25 the future, Automation of routine tasks 28 automating the sales process 30 TAX 31 **sponsor slot** (sup? LivePlan) 32 Cash registers and Calculators 33 Numbers and Technology 35 a business you can work ON not IN 37 don’t work with anyone you can’t provide value to 39 World Domination 42 Changing your Firm Name 44 The Trailblazers 45 shout out to Marjorie in Texas 48 being the Queen in the Chess of Life 50 King and Queen CPA firms
August 07, 2021
#5minLy | The Onboarding Passport
#5minLy | The Onboarding Passport Episode 01 "5minLy defined" noun a period of time equal to about a twelfth of an hour -
August 05, 2021
Total Control Accounting (feat. Marcus Mire, CPA)
Episode #9 Total Control Accounting (feat. Marcus Mire, CPA) recorded April 14, 2021 Marcus Mire, CPA 5 shout out to Stephanie Mire 5 shout out to Tyler Warner 14 **sponsor slot** (just kidding, Practice Ignition) 19 **sponsor slot** (just kidding, Practice Ignition) 21 shout out to Quentin, John, and Stephanie 26 shout out to Niks 26 shout out to Acuity 30 shout out to Zachary Call 39 shout out to Cal Newport 40 Ackerman thinks he figured out the cause of COVID-19 43 TIME 50 the birth of Total Control Accounting, shout out to Tyler 55 shout out to Stephanie 55 **sponsor slot** (just kidding, Gusto) 55 **sponsor slot** (just kidding, Xero)
August 03, 2021
FlyAccounting and Padgett (feat. Jeff Phillips, CEO)
Episode #8 FlyAccounting and Padgett (feat. Jeff Phillips, CEO) recorded April 7, 2021 Twitter @jeffphillips_ twitter @accountingfly 1 son of an EA 3 Baylor’s 2021 National Champion 5 shout out to Bruce Phillips (no relation) 6 grinding it out with AccountingFly 8 the biggest challenges for firms today 9 product-market fit 11 leadership during a crisis 13 managing people remotely 14 obsessed with systems and systems of systems 17 **sponsor slot** (just kidding, AccountingFly) 20 I’m going to hire someone that’s going to live in an RV for a month 22 Padgett: making the franchise model in accounting work 27 what’s your vision for Padgett? 28 how do you get Baby Boomers to modernize? 30 the partnership model in accounting today 32 we do talk about TIME a lot 34 tracking time as a leading indicator 36 the problem with working at the big 4 38 owning Going Concern 42 if you’re making tons of money, why do you need to change? 45 generational talent suppression 48 $150 tax returns!? 50 **sponsor slot** (just kidding, AICPA) 50 **sponsor slot** (just kidding, Thompson Reuters) 52 the current technology stack
July 26, 2021
Lance Ignition is the Future of Tax and CAS (feat. Josh Lance, CPA)
Joshua Lance, CPA - recorded on March 24, 2021 (honorary son of a CPA) Founder of and Table HR Head of Accounting at Adjunct Faculty at & twitter @lancejd1 1 a firm, a group, and a practice 2 introverts and jerks 5 do the opposite - 9 your firm vertical or niche or niché 10 creating a client community 13 standardizing processes 15 restructuring your 18 person firm 20 stop giving away free advice 21 identifying advisory accountants and compliance tax preparers 24 team titles 25 introverted visionaries and extroverted integrators 26 community, clients, consultants, and careers 27 **sponsor slot** (just kidding, practice ignition) 30 getting your processes in order 32 put your money where your mouth is 34 TIME 35 tracking time as a leading indicator 36 time as a capacity planning metric 41 getting rid of time and bringing it back 45 how to make an Ackerman quit your firm 47 time is a crutch 49 lab rats and the rat race and employees 51 **sponsor slot** (just kidding, Xero) 52 **sponsor slot** (just kidding, Karbon) 53 Lotus + Accelo + Trello = Karbon
July 19, 2021
Tax to Books to RPAs to Scorecarding, Oh my! (feat. Jason Staats, CPA)
Brenner CPA - Realize - Jason Staats, CPA - Sons of CPAs - (845) 535-1099
July 12, 2021
The Impetus to People Advisory (feat. Will Lopez)
Happy 4th of July!! (845) 535-1099
July 04, 2021
Do you do $125 Tax Returns? (feat. Zachary Call, CPA)
The Titular Episode and The Third Son  |  Zachary Call, CPA of Call, Weaver, & House CPAs  |  Since 1969, WCH has been helping businesses and families in Salt Lake City and around the United States fulfill their dreams and achieve their fullest potential.  Website   -  Meet the Sons of CPAs -  Jason Ackerman, CPA -  Scott Scarano, EA -  contact info: Sons of CPAs | 9708 Dayton Ct. | Raleigh, NC 27617 -  thank you to D.J.S. 11:11 for the beautiful intro music;
June 27, 2021
Asian Intelligence (feat. Michael Ly)
The Michael Ly -  Reconciled - -  2018 USA Firm of the Future - -  Palm Pilots - -  Predictable Revenue - -  Meet the Sons of CPAs -  Jason Ackerman, CPA -  Scott Scarano, EA -  contact info: Sons of CPAs | 9708 Dayton Ct. | Raleigh, NC 27617
June 21, 2021
Two and a Half Jews (feat. Liz Mason, CPA)
Meet Our Teams! -  Liz Mason, CPA -  Jason Ackerman, CPA -  Scott Scarano, EA -  contact info: Sons of CPAs | 9708 Dayton Ct. | Raleigh, NC 27617
June 15, 2021
Values, Culture, and Teams
OUR TEAMS:  Jason Ackerman, CPA Scott Scarano, EA thank you to D.J.S. 11:11 for the intro music; contact info: Sons of CPAs 9708 Dayton Ct Raleigh, NC  27617
June 09, 2021